Big Brother Spoilers Have Not Results – Cod Fish and Candy Canes

POV Holder: Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 13 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 16 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Cod fish/Candy Canes Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Last Evicted Houseguest Janelle

Have nots get to eat Cod fish and candy canes..
Have nots are = Joe, Shane, Danielle, Britney
Ashley Did not play due to her back injury

3:14pm bathroom Britney, Dan, Boogie
Britney is pissed about someone screaming at them during the competition (Maybe joe). Boogie tells Britney it’s not the end of the world being a Have Nots “I mean Cod.. Joe probably knows how cook that a million different ways”.
3:20pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle Kitchen
Dan: “back to your home”
Danielle: “haha I know.. Have nots.. From the HOH to the Have nots”

3:25pm Cam 1-2 Danielle and Dan Bedroom Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!
Danielle says that Joe tore his clothes off towards Jenn like it was her fault and Started cussing.

Danielle: “I’ve had it I can’t even be nice to him”
Dan: “Be nice because he’s going to snap at him..”
Danielle: “Who Shane?”
Dan hints Wil.
Britney joins them, brings up more about Joe’s performance in the Have nots. Says that Joe ripped off his clothes and started yelling at the girls. The competition was very physical and some of the smaller girls struggled with it. Joe freaked out on everyone about it. (Eagle Eye against the house.. its the only way to make it fair for the house)
Britney: “How about you shut your mouth keep that breath in your lungs and use it to get your ass up the ramp.. Ya Joe life is hard.. I feel like i’m in the fricken army and he’s calling me to the front lines”
Danielle: “Go GO GO Danielle move your ass Danielle GO GO put your shoulders in the water.. Go HEad First.. GO GO GO Move your ASS.. this is the super bowl go go”

3:30pm HOH cam 1-2 Frank and Boogie

Boogie mentions how Joe going over the deep end today might work to their advantage. He’s obviously the girls target. Boogie is thinking maybe they should take wil out this week instead of Joe. Frank thinks Joe is the weakest player in the game both in competitions and social. He’s sure Joe won’t win any competitions. They are just worried if they bring Joe in and tell him he’s safe and not to talk to anyone he’ll start running around with lies and alliances again. Frank is going to talk to Joe and see what they can get from him. Boogie mentions that if they keep Joe safe this week they’ll probably be able to get a vote from him if they are on the block.

3:47pm Cam 1-2 HOH Wil and Frank
Wil apologizes to Frank for what he said earlier in the day. He promises to Frank that him and Ashley will not target Frank or Mike. (unfortunately Ashley can move right now so unless HOH is a sleeping or Gravity Bong building content she’s not winning)

Frank says because Joe is such a target in the house he kinda has to put him up. Frank doesn’t know how close Britney, Shane, Dan and Danielle are but if they are close and he puts one of them up then he has to deal with them being PIssed and targeting him next week. Wil cannot offer Frank numbers all he’s got is himself and AShley but Joe is real trouble in the house. Wil says that there are plenty of people who have been wanting to evict you up since week 1 and those people will not be nominated today. Frank reminds him that Boogie has been the only one in the house that has truly had Franks back in this game.

Frank: “Joe will be poison in the Jury with all his stories and Lies”
Wil says if he had won HOH he probably wouldn’t waste it on Joe so Wil is a bit worried all he wants from Frank is a heads up if he’s the target or not. Wil won’t be mad if he’s up as a pawn..

Wil: “I don’t trust Britney.. I don’t think she’s legit and I think she knew the coaches were coming back”

Wil gets up to leave tells him no hard feelings… “take it easy with nominations”

4:09pm Cam 3-4 Frank and Joe

In a nut shell Frank tells Joe he is going to be nominated but it doesn’t mean Joe is going home.. You need to act like you are going home but hopefully we can send another person out.
Frank: ‘As long as you keep your cool you are good… Don’t stir the pot”
Joe: “Alright”

(Powerhouse lives to poison again)

4:49pm Cam 1-2 HOH Quack pack and Silent 6 (Minus Dan) random chatter.. Frank says the nominations are in the next 30 minutes
Cam 3-4 powerhouse moment of Silence.

5:00pm Cam 3-4 Wil and Jenn

Wil is feeling down he is sick of being a pawn and having no power in the game. He’s questioning why he even signed up in the first place. Jenn tries to make him feel better. Jenn: “between us I’ve kept it real 100% with you”
Wil mentions how strange it was that Ian was so against making Shane a haven not.
Jenn: “Why can’t we make Shane a Have Not?”
Jenn: “I think Ian is getting back into the game.. but I see him as having Frank and Boogs back”
Jenn is nervous about Ashley being so hurt.. She’s hoping Ashley is up for the POV tomorrow. (T!Ts is only running at 2/3 right now imagine what they can do with a full deck)

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My name is Gigi and I’m an addict…. I’ve checked this site 15 times today ALREADY!




you are at the right place then!

Karen S

LOL yes she is!


Welcome (as long as you are not a cat lady, sssh). This site is BB’s best kept secret.


Definitely not a “cat” lady… Thanks for all the love ya’ll.


Ain’t that the truth…


Yes, Mike gets it, take Wil out, and keep Joe around as collateral…

Big Brother Fan

So is Danielle mad at shane again?


Buh bye Wil. It’s been a fun summer but it’s time for you to go.

Joe… you’re saving yourself by being a big DB that people WANT to keep you around since you’re not guarantee to win the whole show.


Is anyone else out there rooting for Dan like I am? Also, does anyone think he has a chance to go far this time around?


I think Dan will go far! His social game is off the charts!


@Jimmy.I’m rooting for Dan.In my opinion,I think Dan has a chance into winning this game again,but his chances will go up,if he can find a way of talking Boogie into cutting Frank loose.I really want to see Dan win this game again.


I will merry dan if we where both not married lol so yes dan all the way even if I think it hard for him to make it this time


Am conflicted. Dan’s my favorite, then Britney who makes me laugh. Not happy that they brought vets into the game, but only newbie I like is Ian.


Britney–will get 4th or 5th place again at the rate she is going…


Dan is not playing as well as he did in BB10, but I think he has a good shot of going far…

Go Blue! Go Dan!

Dan is playing a different game but not bad. Dan likes to be lo key and in a secret alliance which did not work out that way. Dan had to suck up Boogie because Production saved Frank. The only way a large alliance works for Dan is if he has targets ahead of him in the alliance. They got Janielle out which was a target and now its him and Boogie as targets. This is production’s faults not Dan’s. If Frank was gone Dan would have a secret alliance with Boogie and one with the coaches. He would have chilled out and let Janielle and Boogie fight while he made friends with others, Hopefully Dan is working on Ian. I would be so mad at Ian if he rolled with Boogies as Franks second.


HUGH Dan fan! Go Dan FTW!

Team Dan

Dan is probably my all time favorite player so I obviously want him to win again. I think he can IF he survives this week and gets someone else to put Frank up and evict him sooner rather than later. If that happens then Boogie won’t hold Dan responsible and will be more willing to work with him.


@Go Blue! Go Dan!. I agree with you .Dan have to find a way to get Frank back doored or nominated and evicted,with out leaving any evidence for Boogie to know that he(Dan) had anything to do with it(not because Dan is scared of Boogie.But because it can only work if Boogie doesn’t know what’s going on).That is until both Dan&Boogie are in final 2.Then in Dan’s spceeh he can tell the jury and Boogie that he was the one who was responsible for Frank’s eviction.The jury will love that and it will add one more reason for the jury to vote for Dan to be the winner of this season.Go Dan! Lol.


Danielle… playing the victim! if you were doing what you were supposed to do, you probably wouldnt have gotten yelled at!


Wow! Where did you see the “Haves Have Nots” comp? I’d like to see it. (you obviously know that Danielle was NOT doing what she was suposed to instead of Joe being a jerk.)

Eric CA

I do not hate Danielle. I do have a lot of compassion for her.
I had my first concerns for her week one. She had the initial signs of a low self esteem. In regards to Kera. Had Kera remained in the house she would have been the first of the mean girls, in Danielle’s eyes.
Then the other signs began to manifest. It is rather evident that Danielle suffers from Body Dysmorphia. When she talked to Dan about her anorexia, it confirmed my early suspicions. I also believe that she has issues with Sex and Love Addiction. She is addicted to being a victim, or should I say addicted to the validation she receives from pity She chases after Shane and offers him physical intimacy as another way feeling worthy of love. Unfortunately, this manifests in rejection and therefore reinforces her need to gain validation from being a victim. She is probably undiagnosed for depression.

I think instead of being disgusted or annoyed with Danielle, show some compassion. My frustration is with Big Brother Production. I think before putting people in a situation like Big Brother they should have a better screening process. There have been many players in the past and Willie this season, that I have thought “Why on Earth would you put someone like that, in a house cut off from the rest of the world?”. In a bizarre way I guess watching people have breakdowns is all part of the entertainment value for AG.


Because if they picked “perfect” people you would complain they were boring.

Eric CA

Frank is going to waste week on Wil or Joe. Double elimination is coming up. The smart move is Dan or Shane, this week.
If it is Double Elimination Frank would NOT be able to compete in the first one, as out going HoH. They would have to rely on Boogie for the win.
Physical Shane can beat Boogie and Mental Dan can beat Boogie.
Frank, Shane, Dan and Boogie. all of you have huge targets already. It is NOT too soon, your alliance is fragile and not on a good foundation, both sides have betrayed the alliance since week one. Frank especially needs to wake up.

Week One: Frank and Kera, saved by stupid Willie
Week Three: Frank and Joe, Frank was almost sent home, thank you Greed of the coaches and Poduction
Week Four: Frank and Wil, then Frank and Janelle: Saved by Danielle’s body dysmorphic disorder.

A cat has nine lives Frank, how many do you have left in the Big Brother House?

That’s it Simon, Franks Avatar should be Morris the Cat, he has 9 lives


I’m with you bright one. This crew is awfully dense. At this point, I’m thinking that only Frank or Boogie will be able to break the Frank/Boogie alliance. Danielle not only grates my nerves, I believe she is an awful player.


If Boggie&Frank plan on keeping their word to Dan,Britney,Danielle&Shane.Then I think they need to kick Wil out of the game this week.That will be best for Boogie&Dan’s game.I only care about Dan’s game.So,Wil needs to go.Who here is waiting on the time when the headline of one of these posts says,”Boogie tells Dan he wants to back door Frank.It’s you and me to the end.”Lol.That will never happen,but I will be happy if by some chance,it went down like that.Obviously Dan will win the game,and that’s all I care about.Lol.Go Dan!

Go Blue! Go Dan!

I hope the words come out of Boogies mouth but Boogie is afraid to roll with Dan without Frank in the game.


Wow, JW, I don’t think there’s any way possible the win would go Dan’s way at all against Boogie. Unless Dan brings something major he hasn’t yet, don’t think he’d stand a chance. Maybe if Dan got to the final two with Danielle after being down to his last team member week one he could be awarded a gold star as BB former coach of the season, but he’s still in the house only because team Boogie didn’t take him out week two by having his last team member evicted. Probably not pure charity, I suspect Boogie wanted the comradery a bit longer, possibly even any gamesmanship Dan might offer. Clearly, as coaches, Britney was pathetic, Dan wasn’t much better, and Janelle was disgusting. On the other hand, Frank was in serious jeopardy of eviction twice and stayed in the game, again thanks to Boogie. His third save was, of course, a production “twist” but with a major house flip orchestrated again by Boogie. The man’s got game and brings it. Now that they’re alliances instead of teams with coaches, Dan will probably win some competitions over Boogie but based on what has transpired and what’s anticipated, I can’t see Dan winning the game over Boogie in any way, shape or form, if they were to go to final two together.


I did not think Frank would stick to the Silent six but I am so glad he is .

Big Brother Fan

Never mind my other comment I read the post wrong:)

billy bob

bb should make a deal with ashley give her some money to go home and bring back janelle,that would be awsome,


LOL no, if they brought back anyone Kara would be the best choice to make Danielle insane, or more insane….. Janelle will do same as she did the past 3 weeks lie,float to whoever got power and lay out showing off her body for the cameras…. which is not bad i liked lookin at that phatass and tig ol bitties, but, we need major drama to breath life into this boring season, not the battle of overrated annoying vets which is Janelle Vs Boogie … the game needs drama, and there hasn’t been that much since Willie… overrated eye candy will bring nothing, as we saw for the past 3 weeks…


Love the POWERHOUSE alliance but obv I voted Dawg….


Didn’t Ashley mention early on that she smokes pot daily? She is probably hitting major withdrawl…hence the pain killers.
Danielle will be coming up with mysterious ailments soon to reshift the focus on her. Wow she drives me nuts. We should all contribute to Simon & Dawg’s “recovery fund” for having to listen to her all summer!
Boogie is actually starting to grow on me – I used to loathe him…


Don’t you think it would be better to WAIT until Danielle comes up with the “mystery illness” and THEN go off on her instead of showing how obsessed you are with her by having to mention her in every post.


u dont go thru withdrawl from. I know someone who smoked it for 10 yrs quit one day and
never went back its been 3 yrs since the last time he had a toke.


@Blah. Well,I’m sure your aware that everyone reacts to drugs differently.And there are probably some people who smoke pot and if they don’t have any or can’t get to any,will try to get a similar high like what people on here and on other sites are suggesting is what Ashley is doing.Obviously no one knows for sure.Their just giving their opinion on what’s been going on with Ashley.


It was JoJo that said she smoked pot daily, not Ashley.


Wil: “I don’t trust Britney.. I don’t think she’s legit and I think she knew the coaches were coming back”

Did he miss last season? The Vets are told certain things, and are given advantages in some comps as well as polls by production…


ill will how do you know this for a fact? this wouldnt be publc info are you just speculating?


just speculation, lots of suspicious things happened last season which led to a vet winning


ie “no proof” so it must be true. Like a true conspiracy theorist.


Yea production saving Rachel & Jordan with a bogus Pandora’s box was planned from the beginning…. it wasn’t saving the entertainment value of the show for the rest of the season…..


If it wasn’t for that Box, Rachel would’ve been evicted and jordan next the show would be BOOORING with Beacon man coming out with the big win… them making sure Rachel was safe was a good thing


Just because something appears to be rigged does not mean it was. Just because you suspect it doesn’t make it so. It could have been coincidence. I have seen evidence of Production setting up comps for specific players but not messing with evictions.

Britney got production to reveal to her that what happens in the house causes things to change as to what production does, but we do not know for sure when this happens. Just like you said. We can speculate, but we have no proof, therefore it is a theory and not fact.


Like the newest post on top!! Less scrolling time if you’ve already went thru the list before


These people don’t get it–Mike Boogie has been running the house the last 2 weeks..Frank would be another outcast in the game like Joe, if they got rid of Mike…

Ice Princess

Mike Boogie is a good social player and wants to prove he can win this game two times.


Contrary to popular belief, I think he wins again if he’s sitting next to a newbie, not a coach…


I hate to say this, but Boogie’s greatest ally in the Jury would be Dan. Dan would sway votes his way with that mist of his.

J terry

if joe wants to yell all the time he needs to go back on hells kitchen


Joe is a nutcase, more the reason to keep him around as cover…


Joe is a whack job…he’s not different he’s freaking weird as shit

Ice Princess

I am enjoying this moment. Yeah, keep Joe and get rid of Wil, a perfect set-up for Janelle’s return.


What type of candy can they eat?


candy canes


Team Tits is so screwed yo.

Silent 6…….Shhhhhhhhhhh!!!


Slient 6 alliance!Shhhhhhhh


Bye Wil lol…Mike and Frank are on to you…



Will is about to be DPed… best as that can go with him. Ashely is a pill freak. Britney is as lost as eva. Boogie is running shit. Shane is running from his stalker. Ian is figuring out where he belongs. Dan is laying low and waiting to pounce. Frank is being lead around like a poodle on Sundays. Danielle is obsessed with self. Jenn is reliving good ole days and oblivious to the game. Joe is just there and hoping no one ontices he cooks with genital-hands.

That about sums it up!!!!!!


Yea , pretty much

Go Blue! Go Dan!

I would add Boogie THINKS HE’S running shit but other thank that I totally agree…Danielle is Bat Shit Crazy!




Joe is on a Island, he has no one and is no way a threat to win anything, so if the Silent Six (Shhhhhhhh) are sticking together this week then Wil is the perfect target. He wants Dan and Boogie out and is the leader of TITS. If they get rid of Wil the Silent Six (Shhhhhhh) can cruise to the end no problem…


I guess I’m a little behind, but could someone please tell me who the QuackPack Alliance is and also why is Frank still wearing the cheerledader outfit


Thanx, Simon


Nomination Ceremony start yet?


Poor Britney, if she only had a clue. 

It’s  like she forgot how she got out the last time. This was her game to win in my opinion, but her biggest mistake was not convincing Danielle to not backdoor Janelle.  Jani was right, the jury won’t respect a woman’s gameplay if she’s sitting next to a man. So what does Britney do, align herself with a bunch of men. She doesn’t even have a F2 atm. Jani was the only person who would even consider taking her.  If Britney would’ve played her cards right she would have D/D/S and she would’ve had Jani. Jani would have Ashley/joe. So if she was    
Smart she would try to keep all those people around and then when it comes down to that point, have them take each other out. If she had a final 4 of herself/Ashley/Jani/Dani, she would’ve been golden. But as the great Chelsia  once said, Britney is going to be rode hard and out away wet.


Britney knows that Janelle was loyal to only Janelle. Week two Janelle had no use for Britney and treated her like shit. Janelle would never have taken Britney to F2 as she was more valuable as a sure vote in the Jury.

Janelle’s Jury would have been: Joe, Wil, Dan, Shane, Ian, Britney, Ashley. Sent there in that order. That way the final 4 would have been all women that she felt that she could beat and in a F2 with Jenn, no way she could loose. At least in her mind.

Britney learned this in the coaches meeting and had to be reminded of it.


Does anyone know why production is allowing Ashley to stay in the game,since she constantly(i don’t believe her.I think she’s one of those people that goes to the ER,and lies about being in pain in order to get drugs.She is the same person who can cry on cue)claims that she’s in pain?


Welcome Gigi


Thank goodness I am not alone in my addiction and thank goodness for this site……..always great info and comments…….by the way do all the people in the bb house get a stipend o 25k and then an additional 750 a week if they go to jury? Justcurious!!!!!


Thanks for the info……..but the players get something right………cause I keep hearing them mention now and again about a stipend……..that’s alot of tv time for no pay at all…… money for all that time………

Man Toys

Joe knows what he’s doing. Dont be surprised to see my boy Eagle Eye Joe ride this ship to port and walk away with 500k. He knows what he is doing and is playing the other house guests right into his plan. Throw the first couple weeks competition and come off as no threat. Cook for everyone as well and let everyone think he is just a normal guy who is older and cant win competitions but can contribute to the house as everyones personal cook. He knows what he is doing believe me. After this week Wil will be gone and when Joe finally lets out his inner tiger and wins HOH next week everyone will be so sorry for not letting Eagle into any alliances. They will be bowing down to Eagle Eye and shinning his shoes since all the power will in his hands. You dont think he didnt plan this out knowing next week will be a double eviction. EAGLE EYE IS ON HIGH ALERT AND HE’S COMING FOR THAT 500K


I guess family members do come here. Maybe a note from Joe’s wife, mom, dad? Keep hoping cause that would be amazing.


Simon, further to your idea about putting the new comments at the top of the page, when a page is full push that page to the back and keep the newer comments on the front page. Keeps people who check in often from having to scroll through the old comments. Just a thought…


ashley is faking big time. she did not want to be a have not. tomorrow she will be all better and doing yoga. everytime the heat is on her, her back “magicly” starts hurting. She took six pain pills the first night she is addict. she couldn’t wall this morning but she made it up to the HOH room by herself when her azz was on the line. she desevers an oscor for her performance


looks like TIT`S are going tits up ……


Quack pack is in the driver seat

Will goes home this week

All 5 of them are playing for the HOH

If one of them win I think they target Frank & Boogie


Has it been switched to trivia for nominations yet?


What if they have to remove Ashley from the game, is anyone in sequester, or would they just skip one of the double evictions?

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

with ashley being in so much pain and not being able to compete in the have not contest. She may not be able to play in the veto (if picked), I believe d-bag AG will step in on Thursday and remove Ashley from the game thus meaning Franks HOH will be useless and no else will leave. D-bag AG needs to keep Wil and Joe in the game to make it interesting.

Simon, please tell me AG didn’t get to you to put this twist of re-arranging the comment section? Are you going to be telling us to expect the unexpected on the boards??

Dae Yum Yum

i just feel getting Joe out is such a waste of an HOH! he can go anytime because he certainly isn’t going to win anything, unless of course Production interferes AGAIN! Put up Shane and Danielle! DO IT!


This may be the strangest season of BB ever! There area about 12 different alliances and I can’t keep them straight! I’ll never understand why anyone would ever believe anything that comes out of Boogie’s mouth! Frank has been nominated every single time he was eligible yet is still in the game!!!! It makes no sense!!! And one final thing about the coaches being able to reset the game……CBS clearly rigged it! Not America’s vote America was clearly going to vote to give them the chance. But by making it happen if only one coach hit it. To be fair it should have been all 4 needing to hit it in order to reset the game or let each coach choose for themselves.

Silent 6

Does anyone know if Dan and Bookie still have their secreat alliance. I havent seen them talking much, so I was a little bit confused?

quack-pack fan

Good suggestion for Frank’s avatar. Boogie’s avatar should be the Rumpelstiltskin character from most recent Shrek movie!!!


If everything goes to plan with either Wil or Joe going home then the Quack Pack (excluding Ian) will be in prime position to stab Boogie and Frank in the back :) GOOOOOOO QUACK PACK!


Who’s in the quack pack?