Shane wants to keep the 3 amigos a secret and Janelle Isn’t against plastic surgery “down there”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley and Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

3:11pm Cam 1-2 Britney and Janelle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Britney points out that Danielle has been acting really weird she hasn’t talked to her all day.
Britney saying that one night Dan pulled Danielle away and made her drink water. Britney: “t’s really weird.. she wasn’t even drunk” Janelle: “What’s a matter with him” Britney thinks he just doesn’t like seeing her get drunk in the house. Britney asks if Family dinners are now over. Janelle isn’t sure..

They start joking about Shane’s HOH basket being the worst one ever. Only thing in there was nuts, energy drinks and muscle milk.

Britney points our how much in love Frank with janelle. Janelle had a talk with Frank and he doesn’t make as many inappropriate comments. Janelle: “He said… Janelle you have a fit body and by fit I mean a sexy body” Britney says that Frank feels that Janelle is the perfect women, She’s tall, Strong and athletic. Janelle mentions her husband is going to kill him unless he stops
britney: “wasn’t that weird when he said he was going to buy you a dress.. OMG.. “

3:31pm Cam 2-3 Dan, Britney and Janelle
Janelle saying that she doesn’t think she will be going to Vegas, She’ll need to get a nanny.
Janelle: “There’s drinking there I don’t want someone falling on her”
Janelle says they will find out on Thursday what the twist will be. Britney points out that Janelle knows she could be here for the next 3 weeks but her and Dan could go home at any week.
Britney asks dan what he thinks will happen on Thursday.
Dan has stopped speculating on what will happen.
Britney: “Can I ask you a gross question.. have you looked at your Vag since you’ve had a baby”
Janelle: “No.. is it supposed to look different.. My husband hasn’t said anything.. I’m not against having plastic surgery down there” (poor dan)
Britney tells them a story about falling off a horse on her vagina, “I thought I broke my vag for good”
Janelle leaves.. dan starts asking Britney little questions. (his standard social game.. get the other person talking about themselves)
Boogie joins them and they start talking about High School football.

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3:47 Cam 1-2 Kitchen
Wil telling Joe that they need to approach Shane not as friends but as a game proposition,
Joe agrees says he’ll go up to Shane tonight and talk to him man on man and word it like a partnership.
Wil: “The four of us together we got the brains, we got the physical and we got the social it’s a much more diverse group”

Ashley says that the HOH competition on thursday will be endurance and Ashley and Wil have a good chance to win it.

Ashley is thinking they might want to start selling the idea of taking out Ian. Ashleys reasoning is the only person that has a chance to win an endurance competition other than Wil and Ashley is Ian. If they take Ian out this week Frank won’t win HOH next week and Janelle’s team will take Frank out. Ashley adds that they can pull that off they will run the house.
Janelle joins them.

Joe and Janelle tell the other two that by the pool today Frank called Janelle a whiny face. Joe: “that pissed me off… really dude.. “

Joe saying they should start whispering near Frank that Shane is putting him up. Janelle tells them no way. She wants Joe to be acting he’s going home. Janelle tells them about he season 6 alliance called the friendship that kicked her teams a$$. She Janelle tells them its very important that they stick together the nerd herd did and they won the final 2 spots.

4:04pm Cam 3-4
Shane is feeling that they are in a tough spot right now Danielle disagrees she thinks that Frank is Janelle’s target now.

Shane and Danielle both agree they need to keep the “3 amigos” secret from their coaches. He will talk to Frank tonight and make sure he hasn’t said anything to boogie.

Danielle says that Janelle is really getting on her nerves. Shane can’t stand her either he doesn’t trust her. Shane: ‘She’s so Fake”.. Danielle: ‘She’s all being sweet with Frank now.. are you kidding me”. Shane main priority is to make sure that Janelle doesn’t figure out that they are working together. He’s certain if she finds out she’ll put them up together.

Shane tells her he really wants to play down any showmance between them.. he doesn’t even think they should been seen whispering with each other. Danielle understands.

4:18pm Cam 1-2 HOH

Joe offers Shane everything. Joe: “Alright.. sorry to bother you.. I’m on a live line here”
Shane: “I want you to know nothing has been decided yet”
Joe: “I’m on my knees telling you we want the final 4 deal with you… Janelle is 100% on board with it”

Joe’s dream is to stay in this game a little longer, for his kids.. all he’s asking is if he uses the POV on Joe. Joe doesn’t care who Shane puts up as the replacement nominations.
Joe: ‘I’m willing to go with you 100% outside of my team.

Janelle will take Wil everyone knows this.. if you really put this in perspective in less than 2 weeks people are going to fight because teams are going to start turning on each other

Joe saying that yesterday Frank was yelling at Janelle because she didn’t want to Backdoor Shane. Joe: “I’m a true kentucky boy my word is solid.. I would Take a bullet I would jump in front of a bus”

Joe says that Boogie has a much stronger team than Janelle If they can take Frank out Boogie is thru. Shane asks Joe if he would take out his own team. Joe says yes in 2 weeks he’ll take his team out. Joe saying that Boogie is untrustworthy because he had a deal with Janelle and turned his back on her. (Just like Janelle did week 1 to Shane’s team)

Shane says that Joe is in the same spot Shane was in last week but for Joe he has teammates. Joe: “You’ll never met a guy that can keep is silent like I can” Joe explains to Shane that soon the team will not matter, Coaches will not be able to save players they might be removed from the game all together.

4:40pm Living Room Danielle, AShley and Janelle

Britney saying that she’s realized that her and Shane are just friends and even then he doesn’t even really talk to her much. She adds that the kiss was just a kiss, nothing else. Janelle brings up that her and Shane will kiss again. Danielle doesn’t see that happening she doesn’t see him like that. Ashley and Janelle ask her if she knows what Shane will do with the Power of Veto. Danielle doesn’t have a clue says Shane hasn’t spoken with her at all today.

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45 thoughts on “Shane wants to keep the 3 amigos a secret and Janelle Isn’t against plastic surgery “down there”

  1. Danielle needs to get over shane,,,hes not into her like that he never was. Kinda feel sorry for her, she put that in her own head.

  2. I still don’t understand when you are playing for 500,000 taking Joe out? Sure, he is obnoxious but he is not a treat to anyone in this game. If he went final 2 with anayone they would beat him (Joe) he has a poor social game. So why not take out a strong player now and leave a week one in. Go Shane!

    1. I think it may be because he can’t play in HOH next week & knows he will be a target again. Plus knocking out 1 of Janelle’s is breaking a 3-vote alliance. He’s trying to find someone he can trust to assure his safety….it’s a crap shoot at this point. I’m nervous for him because I have no idea what I would do if I were him…this is probably a make or break decision for him.

  3. Without a doubt, Joe is an idiot. He should be on his knees grovelling, pleading for mercy, offering up his children, instead he makes a proposition that he is in no position to be making and with a history of flip flopping and shit disturbing to boot. It’s been said before, but he really is like a human version of Foghorn Leghorn. I laughed out loud when he was proposing the “deal” with Shane.

  4. joe screaming in the DR room
    Shut the fuck up big mouthed hillbilly
    Beeeech Mis Wil needs to wait for the trash truck to pick his uggggly ass up

    1. The DR must hate having to call Joe in with all that screaming! I just want him gone for that reason alone – LOL!!

  5. Shane can’t trust Frank as long as he remains up boogie’s A$$. Frank and Shane wud be a good team IF Frank will turn on boogie when coaches enter. The coaches will enter game. Bring back Kara and JoJo and 1 coach only. UGH! Boogie is one ugly looking and smug SOB

    1. poking fun at a guy who pokes fun at his own looks—-weak

      one has to wonder how beautiful you must be to be judging men this way.

    2. Don’t bet on it! Frank can trust Shane and Joe needs to go! The nomination will be a same! Janelle’s face will be priceless.

    1. Holy crap I know right? He’s so annoying, he thinks America will love him by doing that. Well I know Canada doesn’t ;]

    1. Love it – Big Brother Redneck Edition! Only that would be just awful – they’d all be fighting to be on slop! :)

      1. lol one of the partys could be a hoedown (watch out janelle) and when they are given booze it’s moonshine. Brit could go to the cement pond for a swim (or to wash her clothes) roseanne Barr is a celebrity guest MC and…
        You might be a redneck if…

        More than one living relative is named after a Southern Civil War general.

        You think the stock market has a fence around it.

        You think the O.J. trial was the big Sunkist and Minutemaid taste test.

        Your boat has not left the driveway in 15 years.

        Your coffee table used to be a telephone cable spool.

        You keep a can of Raid on the kitchen table.

        You’ve ever used a toilet seat as a picture frame.

        Your home has more miles on it than your car.

        Your Christmas tree is still up in February.

        You think that potted meat on a saltine is an hors d’ouvre.

        You hammer bottle caps into the frame of your front door to make it look nice.

        You own a homemade fur coat.

        Your wife can climb a tree faster than your cat.

        Your momma has “ammo” on her Christmas list.

  6. It is so unfair y’all. Just when I’m beginning to get much of the limelight, these coaches from the beaches try to outshine me with talks about their va-jay-jay. How do I compete with that y’all? Here I am, with my sexy bikini hoping to wake up Shane’s animal instincts and these blondes always try to upstage me.

    Worst of all y’all, it turns out I’m not pregnant. Well, not yet anyways. I’m sure production rigged the results of my pregnancy test. Everyone is so unfair (snort).

    Shane is getting too many distractions he forgets to kiss me again like I always knew he would. I know he has the hots for me y’all, and I can’t blame him, I’m the tiniest girl left in the house. (Well, if we don’t count Britney….and Ashley….and Jenn….. and Janelle, I’m the tiniest – but they don’t count because this is all about me).

    I hope Shane uses the power of Veto…..on me…..I don’t care y’all, I just want to make sure the camera will be pointed at me again when Shane gives me the POV necklace. That’s all, y’all.

  7. awww that was so sweet for booger to give the special ed student Ian 3 grand he did know the difference between 3 grand and 3 hundred brand right.

    1. Boogie is a tool. He is a multi millionaire. He should have given Ian 6K, Jenn 3K and kept the smallest amount. He is still the same old douchebag. I bet Jenn will remember this when he comes into the game.

      1. Welcome to the real world. The rich always want to get richer, its what drives most of them to become rich in the first place…

        1. Boogie took his 500,000 from allstars and started flipping houses and opened clubs. When you are a multi-millionaire you think you could give up 6 grand

        2. He owns multiple successful restaurants. He never needed the BB money, but he will always take what he can. 6 thousand is a lot of money for Ian, but for Boogie it’s lunch money. I hope Jenn flips on Boogie when he enters the game, otherwise he will use her until she’s of no use to him. He could have bought a lot of trust and goodwill if he wasn’t so greedy.

    2. if there was ever a comp designed for Janelle to win, that coaches comp is most certainly right up her alley.

      Loved Ashley’s comment, Janelle has a big azz an knows how to use it.

      Brittney please, I have no idea what Shane is going to do, just like your entie season you had no idea what was going on.

      voorhies, I can’t stop laughing at your special ed comment, nail on the head

  8. With as strong as Shane is in comps why not try and get frank out this week and not a weak player that would stand no chance against him. They still don’t know if the coaches are coming back and even if so …… Dan and Brit (as worthless as she is) would still have Shanes back along with a few others

  9. shane must not have watched BB shows ever especially boogers seasons He can keep his word all he wants to but we all know frank can’t and booger won’t

  10. After watching tonight’s episode I’m glad Frank in his diary session said he can trust Shane and he’s got his back. Now if he really means that that would make for an interesting game coz it ensures Shane has a strong ally, and when the coaches enter the game the two can get rid of Janelle before they take on each other. I think this is good for both their game, Janelle is after all gunning for those two. Working together will get them further than working apart.

  11. Well lets hope QueenBee but Boogie and also the strongest competitor (Frank) other than Shane would be a mistake to leave in the game at this point.

  12. I’ll try to keep this short. Shane IMO has made a good decision to team with Frank to go after the coaches.
    It’s 99.9% sure that the America’s Vote brings in the coaches and their option to compete.
    Now which coaches enter?
    Janelle? Yes, she expects to take her team on as an alliance.
    Britney? Too difficult to guess with her only having one good player and she said to Janelle she didn’t expect to be playing.
    Dan? Yes, that’s his best shot to win any money even if it is the 50K.
    Boogie? Yes, he is ready to alliance the Shane, Frank and Ian team to win some money.
    That’s just my thoughts. Hopefully Thurs will set this twist in motion.

  13. Okay Danielle is a starry eyed 12 year old comments can stop she agreed to leave him alone so let her be upset without making fun of her

  14. Watch Janelle in all her DR sessions she keeps her head cocked to the left. I bet she spent hours looking in the mirror for the best way to reduce her pig nose imprint to the camera.

    Keeping Frank is very smart for Shane dont know why peeps cant see this at this stage of the game.

  15. I think keeping Frank is smart because if he wasn’t there than Shane would immediately be the biggest target. With Frank in the house, people might just nominate them together and Shane can have a chance to fight out of any situation. I think Frank is trustworthy, I hope he doesn’t listen to Boogie. Boogie’s an ass.

  16. JasonVoorhies and Danielle’s orange dress–both hysterical comments!!!! Priceless!! I spit out my tea so hard it is running down my imac screen! Thank YOU!! Best comments all year!

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