BBCAN2 Anick Gervais – “I’m a spirit having a human experience” “Something magical is happening in my body”


One of the 15 cast members of Big Brother Canada season 2 is Anick Gervais. She is a free spirited girl from Hanmer, Ontario – that claims she has severe ADHA (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) which you will agree after watching a couple of her psbyanick youtube videos. She also says that she is a “Breathairian”.

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Anick states:

“I don’t work out. I became a Breatharian ( a year ago and that definitely had a BIG nudge to where I am today. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned to let go of “guilt”. You are more than a human being you are a spirit having a human experience. Your body can handle SO MUCH MORE than you give it. Stop thinking you are aging and growing old! I’ve told my body I am 22 years old. I am not aging more than that. lol

I don’t work out… well.. I don’t spend any time at the Gym. I do a lot of stretching, kicking, moving and A LOT of dancing ( in my living room).”

Spirit Stretch- My work out:

Powering YOU Workshop with Anick Gervais:

My Dream by Anick Gervais:


Anick Gervais – @AnickGervais Twitter account has 4256 follower and is protected but she states: “Born to LOVE & HELP! Spiritual Coach, leader, motivator, entrepreneur. I am not just a human. I’m a spirit having a human experience. Also known as Anickdotes – sudbury, Canada”

On her Linkedin profile she states she’s a member of Toastmasters since 2012 which is a public speaking club. “Toastmasters is all about personal growth.An international organization dedicated to improve
your leadership, speaking abilities and so much more.”

MY STORY – The Short Version – A girl that has a lot to say.

One thing about me. I LOVE to talk, share, inspire, motivate, entertain and be silly. Born and raised in Hanmer, Ontario, also known as Sudbury. Move to Ottawa when I was 17 to attend Post Secondary School. Fell in LOVE with business, when I took the Marketing program at Algonquin College. Moved to Scotland when I was 20 for a year and discovered a different side of me. I then moved back to Sudbury started my advertising career with Quebecore. At 22, I was really annoyed of working for people and decided to work for my self. lol Self employed since I was 22, I sold pretty much anything you can think of. I love selling. Life took another hard turn late 23’s and got into what I call a “mini meltdown” I just didn’t know where I was going? I thought I grew up too fast. I didn’t know what was important to me, anymore. I felt lost. At the time I thought it was a depression, I now realizes it was a spiritual awakening. I started to meet wonderful people who helped me understand more about the world, about my self, about energy.
Read her full blog post: ANICKDOTES – MY STORY

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Haha, this makes me love her. I want to see her kicking while brushing her teeth in the house, LOL! BBCAN2 should be fun! 😀
Side note, why does BBCAN make the HGs look worse in their photos?!


This is starting top look like a goofy cast which for me is GREAT!

Agree about the houseguest pictures… blergh

Robert Gervais

Go girl go show them how a small town girl is all about


She claims to be a Breatharian how ever in her BBC video she said I quote “I bless my food”. Bretharians claim they can live only on the energy from sunlight and that food and possibly water are not necessary??

I did take time to look at her YouTube video she also states she doesn’t work out and in another video she shows us her work out routine.

She’s confusing me?


She is confusing you because this girl doesnt know if she is coming or going.
Im not even sure she has a brain.

I met her while she was selling soap and cleaners while wearing skimpy bikinis and hitting on men to sell. Pathetic excuse for a woman.


I Like Anick and I don’t think it was fair that Arisa revealed Anicks occupation during the live show. What if Anick didn’t want to reveal that to the other houseguests. I wish I wasn’t so serious and could be more relaxed like Anick!!

Nicole Malette Gervais

Dear Sudsbury…. You must be a wonderful spiritual being…. Must be so proud of talking trash about someone and not using your name… Awesome!!! Everything comes full circle…. It’s call Karma!!! Have yourself a great night!

Louisette Malette

I totally agree with you Nicole….that Lady Karma can be one mean B….h!!! What you do to people whether it is good or bad it will come back to you….big times….sometimes it might take awhile but Lady Karma is like an elephant….she doesn’t forget!!! just saying…and if anybody wants to leave an ugly message ….the least you can do is leave your name and if you can’t then don’t bother leaving any messages!!! as it’s not worth reading….it’s just like the person writing the message…..trash!!!!

Louisette Malette

To the Sudbury person that wrote this about Anick….

“I met her while she was selling soap and cleaners while wearing skimpy bikinis and hitting on men to sell. Pathetic excuse for a woman.”

That is so mean of you to write that!!! Anick is a wonderful and beautiful young lady. Don’t be so jealous of her as Anick worked really hard to get where she is….and by degrading her like you did tells me more about you eventhough I don’t know you but by your sick remark about Anick….you’re telling Canada more about yourself because don’t forget that when you point the finger at somebody …you’ve got three fingers pointing back at you which tells us more about you….and not in a good way.!!! Try it….if you’re intelligent enough to understand!!! just saying…