Ian: “I hate to break it to you guys there creepier people than me watching the Live Feeds

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian did NOT use his veto power

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10:25pm Cam 1-3 Backyard
Everyone but Jenn are outside having fun.. (Don’t ask me who Jenn is)

Dan :”From top to bottom which cast was more enjoyable to be with.. 12 or 14 “
Britney: “12 without a question.. no offense guys”
Dan: “Really?”
Brittney list off all her friends in the house says all they did was laugh and have a good time.
Ian: “Why can’t you drink.. Sunday? “
Dan: “I’m a have nots”.. what did you say Sunday”
dan laughs..

They now begin the long process of dividing up the beer. Ian gets 6 beers, he tells them he doesn’t care if this is the last time he drinks all season he’ll give his beers up next week. Britney gets a bottle of win Ian gets 6 Beers.

Britney toasts Ian “Ian you are my Favorite”

They start talking about dates when Events in the house occurred. Britney laughs “At least I don’t have to sit around and try to remember these stupid dates”

Britney: “When I’m done this wine… I’m going into that pool”
Joe: “You are going like Wil”
Britney: “No.. I’m going in my bikini and I’m having the swim of my life”

Britney brings up how weird Ian was the first week..
Ian: “Those first few weeks in the house are so insignificant”
Britney: “Thats what I was trying to tell you guys”
Everyone starts joking around about Ian’s awkwardness. Britney brings up Ian creeping out the girls in the shower.

Ian: ‘I hate to break it to you guys if you are worried about me watching you in the shower.. there is a lot of guys creepier than me watching the feeds”

Frank: “All I know is you F****** Girls are a lot dirtier than the guy.. if I step on another razor guard I’M GOING TO FLIP MY F******** SCRIPT”
Ian: “And wasn’t it just JOJO that was the one riled up with me in the bathroom”

10:40pm Dan goes to check on Jenn. He tells her that Britney and Ian are drinking they have all the alcohol tonight. Jenn cannot stand Ian when he’s drinking. Jenn wonders if Britney has calmed down. Dan thinks she has but she’s drinking an entire bottle of wine so she’ll probably turn it up a bit tonight. Jenn doesn’t want to hear Britney talk any more about her being upset she’s nominated. Jenn thinks it’s bringing the entire house down.

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11:00pm Backyard Cam 1-2, 4

Britney goes and gets Jenn. In the bedroom she says her and Ian are getting tipsy Jenn should join them. Jenn: “Ohh great I wouldn’t miss that for the world.. lets go”. Back in the backyard Ian is talking that he demands to listen to some Matt and Kim (Daylight Video Link ) tomorrow morning becuase his HOH reign was so short. it would be “Very fitting”

(Lots of Cross talk going on)

Britney: “Ian When he came into this house there wasn’t a single hair on your N** S***K and now he leaves with a full B****”
Everyone is telling them to keep drinking.. every couple minutes one of them reminds them to take a sip of their drinks
Britney’s speech slurred tells them she’s glad to be in the presence of such good people. I will be happy if any of you win Big Brother 14.. You are all great people.
Ian: “I always said if sarah looks like the tattoo on his back he must have stock in viagra”
Frank: “No if she looks like the tattoo on his back he wouldn’t need Viagra”
(The response to both of these comments are mixed from Joe.. Ian is on his second beer and the giant tattoo on Joe’s back of his wife looks F***ked )

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Britney telling them all she loves them.. (She’s drunk) Ian is also getting drunk and cocky he starts bringing up how during the Big Brother 14 casting convention he overheard people in casting calling one of the cast members Carrot Top. Ian laughs says he didn’t think they meant Frank because when he saw Frank he thought Matthew Mcconaughey. (LOL)
(Crosstalk everywhere.. )
Ian: ‘Mike may not be in the Big Brother house right now but you know where he is now.. In Kara”

11:33pm Britney and Dani
Britney tells her she needs to get Frank and Dan out. Danielle: “Frank first and Dan second”. She can trust Ian

Daniele: “I swear I trust ian.. I swear it”
Britney: “YOu know how much your friendship means to me.. you are the best thing I have ever met.. “
Britney: “Dan will cut your throat you know that”
Danielle: “He already did”
Britney: “You can win you can win.. “

11:42pm Cam 1-2 Britney jumps in the pool
Ian follows

11:43pm Cam 1-2 Pool Britney and Ian

Ian is slagging on Matt For evicting “Furniture”
Ian: “He evicted someone who’s a$$ is attached to the coach”
Britney and Ian share a good laugh. Ian adds that He took Furniture out with Ashley during the double eviction.
Ian says he’s glad he came
Britney: “Ian get Frank out.. F***** get him out”
Ian: “I promise I’m going for it”

(Sorry I can’t hear a thing in the pool.. This is the conversation I want to hear.. I think Ian is laying out his strategy. )
I think Britney is warning him about Dan saying he’s going to try and draw him in.

Watch it ALL on FlashBack: Pick the Day, Time and Camera View!

12:00AM Hottub Britney, Ian and Danielle

Ian does a shout out to some of his science dude.. “John and Graham how that Process Design going. “

12:08AM Britney is pretty drunk she goes inside with Danielle. Britney wants to go into the HOH room for a shower. Danielle says they have to ask Frank. Britney: “We have to ask frank…” Danielle: “Lets just go into our lair”
12:18AM Britney passes out

12:19AM Backyard hot tub Ian stands alone
Bikini image of Britney

12:30AM Cam 1-2 Ian drunk laying on the pool table
Ian: “I might not win and take that shit to the bank.. I’m not winning this shit.. I know how to play this f****g game.. I sent Mike F****ng Boogie home.. Good versus f******ng evil i’ll be on the same fu****ng team.. EVIL. “
Ian: “Frank will be there too but he will be on the good guys side.. he’s a good guy “
Ian: “Evil dick will be on that team to.. QUACK.. shouldn’t of happened that way”

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Brit and Ian.. keepin’ it classy.

Can’t wait for both of them to “Gets to Steppin.”



Songs kinda old, when is Britney gonna start drunk stripping?

The Real Jeff

Nice under boob shot of Brit. Her drunk stripping would be amazing! Its a shame Kara and Jojo got the boot so soon. I am sure they would have drunk stripped together.


Who here has not done the drunk “I love you guys” speech. Brit drunk is a riot. Doesn’t even bother me that I am stone cold sober.


It’s weird how Joe is more liked than ?/Me even though ?(Me) won something


If Jenn started yelling at everything, she’d be more liked.

shanes pink swim trunks

it would be epic if Bitt drunkenly said… oh NURE Danielle…

shanes pink swim trunks

Ooops Nurse


Drunk typing?

Pliney the Elder

I remember a long time ago, someone asking if there were cameras in the actual toilet stall. I thought that the answer was no.
But a few minutes ago, there was a camera shot directly over the toilet when Danielle was helping Brit get into her suit.
EEWWWW..Big brother that is disgusting.


They were in the shower :)


Shower first…and then they moved to the bathroom and the bathroom camera was used for about 5 seconds.


Is anyone else not hearing sound on Camera 4? Hmmm..


Nope can’t hear a thing either… :(


Yea that toilet cam will catch you if you bring contraband in via a charge in your ass. I would be tough to go a month and a half without some blow.


I always though the guys beatoff in there


I heard Brit tell someone that Boogie would put a towel over his head, making sort of a tent and he would beat off that way…on the toilet.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

LOL at Britney making fun of Frank for like 10 minutes to Danielle and Dan when Danielle and Dan were instrumental in putting her up and SHE is going home. She is such a “genius”, to use her words.

Unbelievable…Frank has been on the block 5 times and hasn’t really been in a bad mood at all…princess gets put up and all she does is bitch and complain and say she doesn’t deserve it.

And damn, her voice is annoying.


Umm, Frank and Boogie were acting pretty poor last week.


Oh ITA!! She acts like such a spoiled, big mouthed brat, I hope she leaves!!


Frank and Boogie acted like terrible sports when they were nominated.


“princess gets put up and all she does is bitch and complain and say she doesn’t deserve it.”

quite hilarious you mentioning that, because Boogie and Frank were acting like that last week, even worst a times, and let’s not forget Frank continued this up until after he won HOH, and Frank and Boogie fans were making excuses for them saying, “They Should act this way, they were screwed by their alliance, they’re honest, and decent, and whatever other bullshit they could think of to make up about them” YET when Britney act just a tad irrational in comparison to the way those two acted for almost 4 days, you say she’s bad? ROLMFAO


okay boogie and frank shouldnt have gone nuts over getting quacked but I mean if you were frank and n 1 night you see your closest ally evicted, someone you considered a good ally is revealved to be against you, then said ex ally tries to get you out fails and takes out your second closest ally, and you realize youre alone would you not be angry. Seriously them getting mad for being put up wasnt okay but they arent the onlyones who have been mad at this. Frank being mad that entire night had reason, you cant honestly say if that were you youd be cool and calm especially in a house that drives people nuts. Nobody in this game likes to be played, dfferent people different reactions. But to me being heated makes more sense than “jokingly” throwing containers of food on thhe ground like one ms. Haynes did

Zingbot Fan

Frank not in a bad mood??? Frankhole walks around with a turd in his mouth any time things are not going his way.


Ok, who thinks Brit and Ian will get so sheetfaced that they end up in bed together>>>>>? I think it could happen…


Nice changeup for Ian, instead of squeaking in the hammock he’s walking in circle and splashing in the pool.


I hate Ian. He is such a little dorky loser. His laugh is obnoxious. He wants to be cool soo bad. He is like a real life revenge of the nerds… only lamer….much lamer. haha


Let me guess, you were a star jock in HS but then you graduated, made a mess of your life and now the biggest geek from your old school is rich and married to a Russian model ten times hotter than that head cheerleader you sloppily fondled at the homecoming party years ago (yeah, the same girl your hitched to now because the star QB from a rival team knocked her up but she told you the baby is yours). I’d be bitter too.


“Frank has been on the block 5 times and hasn’t really been in a bad mood at all”
Not sure about that one did you just start watching the feeds?


That’s why Frank had every right to be in a bad mood most ot the time. This is the FIRST time Britney’s been put up, she hasn’t won one thing and she still thinks she has the right to complain and whine to everyone!! I can’t stand her!!!


hes also been in a spiritard, been lied to straight up by the entire house on multiple occasions, went 1 on 1 with willie leading to fruit loops being a part of the discussion, hes been busy . 5 times nominated, 3? 4? hoh’s, bunch of pov’s, lot of playing nice to people who have straight up tried to screw him over and over and over. then of course hes in a bad mood when they get rid of boogie early, that was indeed lame. he was no real threat to win the game, and should have been there for jury. I miss him already.


Bring Boogie back!


I disagree respectfully Simon. Frank was horrible this past week but understandably so. He was backstabbed and up with his main man Boogie. Before that I think he was grumpy but snapped out of it and played the game. I think that separates the good players from the best ones. The ability to rally when on the block. Evel had that knack. Will obviously. Dan as he just showed. And Frank now. Somehow that kid has 9 lives.

billy bob

frank acts like he played the best game ever,he should be evicted already if production didnt save his dumb ass with a bullshit reset,


The coaches pushed the button knowing the consequences.

Nicky Brand

Glad somebody remembers that. It’s double elimination for Frank, single elimination for everybody else. To make it fair, they should cancel Britney’s eviction this week. Somehow, I don’t think she’ll get the same tratment as Frank.

Shane's future Baby Mama

Some reason I get a feeling that house is gonna get interesting when Brit leaves.


Are you kidding me, it will be boring as ever. Dani whinning, Jen agreeing with everything, Frank, well frank is frank, Ian wondering aimlessly, Dan reading the Bible wondering who he can screw next, and Joe OMG!

Nicky Brand

Agreed, JoJo. Only Frank’s exit would dramatically change the dynamics of the house. Anybody else leaving won’t make that much of an impact. I actually think it will be much less interesting without Britney because she’s the funniest.


I cant wait to get into the DR and yell at everyone!

Team GB

I am surprised that people are disliking Ian. He was in only the QP alliance which he has been true to. He was even prepared to use his veto to save Dan if Brit or Shane won the veto competition. None of the won and Dan couldn’t even win to save himself. How can Ian be blamed for that? Ian had no alliance with Boogie and Frank. In fact they treated him as only good for a vote. He realiesed that he had no chance with them so he had no choice but to make an alliance that would give him a chance to win. He got vital information from Boobie and Frank to help his alliance. Danielle is doing exact same thing except that hers is more deadly. Some people see nothing wrong in what she is doing. I hope that Brit unravels their plan. That will be a master piece.

Relax peeps

Ian had no chance with any alliance. He knows that so all he cares about is tv time, and messing with everyone else’s game… Everyone feels bad for him so they give him a pass.

Relax peeps

He has been so desperately trying to be “evil”. It doesn’t work that way… It’s like he is only concerned with casting himself…either you are or you aren’t… There is no”wannabe Evil” category…big brother would cast that role to the hammock before you Ian…


Bull shite. Ian did nothing to help Dan even though Dan took the heat for him from Boogie and Frank. If the little guy had balls or was true to his alliance he would have repaid Dan by taking him off the block. Spineless weasel is what Ian is!


Ian is super delirious on the feeds.

“I’ve never been on the block” <—You're not a threat
"I sent Mike Boogie home"<— It was 5-2 not 4-3
"I'll be back on the evil side"<—-Not really
"I'll be on the same team with Boogie and Evil Dick"<—Did Ian just compare his evilness to those two?


He’ll be on team Little Man with Eric Stein.

quack-pack fan

Say what you will about Britney. I enjoy her a lot and think she is hella funny!! She almost figured out that Dani and Dan were working together all the time but just didn’t go far enough. All she would have to do is out Dani and Joe/Shane would change their vote. Too bad, I will miss her!


wacky Wednesday hasn’t started yet…anything can happen!

quack-pack fan

Say what you will about Britney – I happen to like her and think she is hella funny. I just wished she would have stayed with figuring out what Dan did at his ‘funeral’ and why he laid it out that way. She was very close to it but then became resolved that she was the one going out this week. If she knew about Dani being part of the deal with Frank then she would get Joe/Shane’s vote…

Anyone want to send a banner? DANI LYING


Huge Brit Fan

Danielles so jelous of Kara

I wish someone would send a banner that says NURSE Danielle is lying…. that would be too cool…


Yea Fank was a major asshat to everyone but Booger every time he’s been on the block. EAT AT THE POWERHOUSE E COLI SHACK!


I was lol’ing at Britt going on and on about Frank to Dan and Danielle when they were on the couches, I could tell just by looking at Dans face that he was laughing AT HER on the inside and out, at one point he let out a sigh, like, omg this is good tv right here, hahahahaa, could barely contain himself.

Relax peeps

Everyone annoys me about equally at this point…

If you aren’t lying, backstabbing, threatening, and scheming in this game right about now, then we don’t know who you are and should be voted out….

If you are whining… Out

Playing innocent… Out

Flaming you’ve played a clean game… Out

Crying… Out

Constantly flipping…out

I could go on and on… But I think this covers about everyone…

At this point, the person that needs to go, is the one whose only priority is to put on a show for the cameras. The one who will do anything to get more tv time, he has no heart, no compassion, no desire for money, no desire to win. He wants to cement his name in quack pack history, and even quack packers could care less… He has told us all that he cares about being viewed as an evil guy. Great, no one likes or respects you. The house guests don’t vote him out because he is not a major threat. But he really eff’s everything up for everyone… Get Ian out so we can watch a decent game

Relax peeps

*claming not flaming… Sorry!


I think you mean CLAIMING, you fucking retard…..


Dat No Nice…


I agree. Ian has unwittingly screwed up Frank’s game, Britney’s game, Dan’s game, and in turn the members of their alliances: Boogie, Shane, Danielle. I mean, before Ian joined the “quack pack”, he was giving those magic eight ball answers that got Frank almost back door-ed. Which then put the heat on Frank and Boogie, who already had huge targets on them since before the coaches even entered the game. Frank and Boogie treated Ian like an annoying kid that was F-ing up their game, because that is what he is. They had a right to be frustrated with him. Ya he knows big brother facts and history and so on, but when it comes to actually playing the game, he doesn’t know shi. I’d say Frank gets the nod for an All-stars season, Ian I hope they pass on you, ya loser. Prediction this week: The hoh comp is swinging into those padded walls, to see who stays up the longest (a competition as a gift to Dan for providing a great show. Also, just happens to be one that he won on his season), Dan wins the hoh, puts up Ian (for the 1st time), and Ian flips out and stresses out to the point of blowing it in the veto (which will be geared toward him, something like arranging hoh wins and veto wins in order or something) then Ian goes home. But before he leaves, Frank tells him to “get to steppin”. Ian realizes he was a complete loser and bb fans did not like him near as much as he thought they would in his head.

Oh No You Didn't

I finally found my BB soulmate, thanks peeps, you covered it. I don’t really think he is heartless or compassionless, just utterly clueless.


Wil’s parodies of people in the house: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsTsasTgDrQ

Linebacker #53

Ian is like that kid who was bullied in high school & did homework for the jocks. I’d love to see Frank slap the shit out of him one good time.

Danielles so jelous of Kara

Wow i feel sorry for Shane hes a good looking guy I know he could hook up with Kara but im afraid Danelle will be this weird Stalking chck That willl Follow him everywhere


Brit is giving up just like she did the last time pathetic I swear why can’t she see what is clearly in front of her face. Oh yes that’s right she couldn’t see Last time not very smart Even if she didn’t have proof if she wanted to stay all she had to say to joe and Shane is look Danielle is going to run back to Dan she would have there votes. Now two days later she has done nothing to save herself I’m so disappointed in her, why come back to play if ur going to lay down and play dead like that


You r so right, Danielle is not crying or nothing, she just knows she has this in the bag. Anything can happen though, look what Dan came up with, and so far so good. But Brit has played everyone, and now she’s busted.


No one’s game has ever been dragged through the mud as much as Dan’s has been this season. First by Boogie and Frank, and then by all of the players who were loyal to them for an entire week. Then just by Frank, and now Britney is non stop spewing poison from her fucking mouth about the guy. Britney’s game consists of shit talking and floating. Dan has been the biggest player all summer his check list: Convinced Boogie to tell his team to vote out fucking JoJo over Danielle, which would have sent Dan packing as well. Formed the Quack Pack alliance, was totally his idea to bring in Ian. Backdoored Janelle, ultimately as leader of the alliance he controlled which way they went. Gave the okay to bring in Boogie and Frank for the Silent Six, while mainting some what of a final three deal with them along with a good relationship with Boogie. This kept him from being backdoored by Frank, and got Boogie to essentially throw the HOH. Absorbed all of their shit that whole week to build sympathy to fuel future deals, then got the hesitant Ian to put up Frank and Ashley. When he got backed into a corner and his alliance was fucking him, he pulled off a mega move. That should clear it up for anyone who thinks Britney’s gameplay is comparable to his. And for every move he has made she has been nothing but his little pawn.


I don’t remember Dan wanting Janelle out, From what I remember he wanted to go another way, and had no choice but to go with the house.


You are right. When Dani eventually wanted to put Jani on the block, he fought and convinced her not to. When they had their coaches meeting, he tried to find a compromise that would allow them to work together. He had no choice but to go with the house and evict.


Ian, Go F*ck yourself. You still being a badass! However, Frank will still kick your ass. Team Shank Yo!


This week is Britney
Next week is Ian & Dan
Week after is Joe & Jenn
Final 3:Danielle,Shane & Frank!


Ahhhh yea, one more nice Brit bikini swim before she goes. I’d run a train on that.


Alliances this season so far;

Unnamed Alliance – Team Janelle + Team Britney (Willie, Shane, JoJo, Wil, Joe, Ashley)
Team Diversity – Team Janelle + Team Mike (Wil, Jenn, Frank, Ashley, Ian, Joe)
Team Tits (Wil, Jenn, Ashley)
All Girl Alliance (Brit, Jenn, Ashley, Dani)
Chilltown 2.0 (Mike, Frank)
sQuad (Dan, Dani, Brit, Shane)
Quack Pack (sQuad +Ian)
Silent Six (sQuad + Chilltown 2.0)
Headhunters (sQuad + Joe)
Snack Pack (Mike, Frank, Jenn, Ashley, Ian)
Last Call Crew (Dan, Frank, Dani, Jenn)
Carrot Pack (Frank, Shane, Joe)


My favorite part of this week so far is that Dan went from Target #1 after this move to an after thought just by laying low. Frank has moved back to public enemy #1 in 24 hours. This house flips so much!


Britney is so drunk and so is IAn. what happens if they end up having sex. You know women get horny when their’ plastered.

That would be EPIC. IaN get’s out Boogie and sleeps with Brittney.


Our next episode of Aftermath Big Brother

(Storage Room:Frank & Shane)
Frank:Do you think Ian bought it of not trusting me?
Shane:Ian, yep he bought it. He probably being stupid that I roll with the quack pack & faked the whole thing. Beside, I’m not roll with the quack pack. I roll with the winners like us.
Frank:F*ck yeah! Ian will wet his pants next week and leaving Dan defenseless.
Shane:Really, I just want to F*ck with Joe but Dan is good.
Frank:How about this? You roll with Joe and I will roll with Dan. We will get rid each other allies. That way Dan & Joe don’t know we form the secret alliance & Final 2 deal.
Shane:Okay, How about Ian? What i’m going to do with him?
Frank:Put me & Ian up. I’ll win 2 PoV’s and takes myself off & you replace Dan. That way, Ian will leave next week.
Shane:Good plan. I will put you up, you win another pov and I’ll backdoor dan. Sound good the plan. Can Danielle involved.
Frank:Yeah, Get her here.

(Danielle comes to Storage Room)
Frank:Danielle,I got job for you.
Danielle:What is it?
Frank:Me & Shane would like you to put me & Dan up in double eviction. I’ll win 2 PoV. Shane will take care of Ian & You take care of Dan. That way, both will be leaving. Oh! You, me and Shane Final 3.
Danielle:Okay, I can handle it.

(Backyard:Joe Jenn Dan & Ian)
Joe (Angry):What the f*ck of Frank,Shane & Danielle takes so long? I’m eagle eye Joe damnit.
Jenn:Shut up Joe.
Dan:I hope Frank & I can work this out.
Joe:You & Frank. Me & Shane can work this out as well.
Ian:You guys are going to get rid of Frank. Because, we all are scare of Frank.

(Jury House:Ashley & Britney)
Ashley:I hope my main man Frank will destroy my former showmance Ian. I like muscular men who can protect me than Geeky nerd like Ian
Britney:What? I want Dan out! He screwed me.
Ashley:Really, okay.

Tuned in the next episode of Aftermath Big Brother.


For those who are trashing Brit for being such a pain for being on the block, does anyone remember last week when Jenn got put up? She threatened to burn down the house. She was livid and she was up against Mike. How could she not know she was a pawn? Now all of a sudden she wins one comp and she is the greatest strategist of all time. Little does she know, using that veto was her downfall. Can’t wait to see her reaction when she is put up again. So it looks like there is going to be a fast forward and another double eviction because they don’t have enough time left before finale.It would appear that they could have avoided all this rush if they went through with the eviction the night of the reset.


Man you would think ian is going home with all his carrying on. The same guy that was just last week complaining about frank and boogies behaviour when up on the block. Brit gets put up and ian and her forget it’s game just like they’re alliance told mike and frank.

Pink Bikini

Danielle is such a traitor and a sucker for Dan’s game. She has no mind of her own. She shoudl have just cut ties with Dan and let him leave. She would have been fine without him and would have had the rest of the Quack Pack with her. And instead she turned on her best friend and the rest of her alliance just to keep Dan and work with their enemies. She would have been fine. I would love it if Britt and the rest of the QP figured out that Dani was in on Dan’s scheme and voted her out. How would Dan feel then? So stupid! I love Britt and I don’t think she deserves to leave. I wish there was some way I could tell her that Danielle’s tears are so fake and she’s responsible for the knife in Britts back.


Honestly, if the QP had to sit down and decide who should be sacrificed from their group, Brit and Ian would top the list. Dan is a master a lying low and manipulating people, Dani can win comps, Shane can win comps – Brit has spent the summer whining about missing her husband and how she sacrificed so much and has done nothing for her alliance, and Ian – he won one comp on his own – Pandora and had one handed to him. He has a piss poor social game and nearly cost Dan his game.

Cassandra Jackson

Frank won veto and HOH to stay in this game so props to him for that. He DID quite a bit of BITCHING when Mike Boogie and Ashley were voted out and when he was put on the block by Ian. He isn’t a saint by any mean. He’s playing a good game but taking a hit and not playing for HOH in the coming weeks could be rough.

Cassandra Jackson

Brit has the right to Bitch & complain. Her BFF in house is back-stabbing her. Danielle blew off her Final 2 deal w/Brit. Her alliance went to shit all b/c Dan was put on the block against Danielle. Not sure why Danielle is given so much weight in this game. She is a back-stabbing bitch who has been carried this entire game. She won her HOH only b/c 3 people let her win it (Brit,Ian,Wil). Probably not a good move on their part. You would think she would tell Dan she doesn’t want Brit on the block, but no she is too weak to stand up for anything. I don’t get why she has accepted the humiliation Dan put her through only to throw Brit under the bus. Good Job Danielle!

Cassandra Jackson

Jenn has one veto win and she is riding the hogg. It won’t last. Joe is useless. He needs to win something so he can join the game.
Ian can do better in this game if he would shut his mouth, win the comps and use his win to move up in the game. He needs to stop drinking b/c he can’t handle being intoxicated. Shane has ran cold for weeks now I’m wondering – What is his problem? All that working out isn’t paying off. He looks good but who cares if you aren’t winning in the game. Clearly he is whipped by Danielle. This guy can’t think for himself in this game. Really sad!
Danielle blew off her Final 2 deal with Brit, threw her under the bus. Great job Danielle!


Jenn says Britney’s bringing the house down because she’s been nominated. This is coming from the chick who went on a rampage when she was put up as a PAWN.

Cassandra Jackson

Dan using Frank to get Jenn take him off the block was awesome! This guy is good at paying the game. I doubt any of these players would give him the win for a 2nd time if he makes it to Final 2. His best move is to keep Ian/Joe around for Final 2.