Big Brother Canada Spoilers Instant EVICTION and Live Feed Aftermath

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV ?
POV Used POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary and Topaz
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)


Some info from the Show today

Right After Topaz wins the HOH competition she is brought into the HOH Room where she is suppose to nominate two people. Arisa says she has 5 minutes to nominate 2 people for eviction. Little does she know that the other houseguests are downstairs watching it.

Topaz is talking to herself as she paces says “The house probably wants Talla out”

If I nominate Aj and Andrew I want Andrew out not AJ… .. Essentially she lays out her entire game for the other players to listen in on it.. Gary and Emmett both say it’s not fair… Topaz also says if Andrew uses the POV she’ll put up a strong player to backdoor

It’s really worth watching this episode.. They destroyed Topaz’ game but sure mixed the house up..

** NO VETO **

Emmett votes to Evict AJ
Gary votes to Evict Andrew
Peter Votes to Evict AJ
Talla votes to Evict Andrew
Alec votes to Evict AJ
Jillian votes to Evict AJ

AJ Evicted … When he’s talking to Arisa he mentions how unfair that was to Topaz.
Alec’s and Topaz really did break up..


HOH Competition is questions.. Andrew wins it .. Talla comes in second place. It came down to a tie breaker.

Andrew was also granted another special power.. he got to choose the next four Have nots..

Andrew: “I’m going to pick Emmett.. because he’s just going to use his pass .. so better get rid of that right now” (Emmett had a slop pass)
Have Nots – Peter, Gary, Topaz, Emmett (Peter volunteers and Andrew picks Gary because he hasn’t been on it yet..
Gary starts crying.. runs off the HOH set.. turns into a major breakdown. (Really hated the feeds were blocked for so long A lot went down)

In the HOH room Andrew tells Gary that Topaz is going up and is his target.. He says if Andrew or Gary use the POV they will play it and he’ll backdoor someone..


10:00pm Feeds are Still cut…

10:06pm Hot tub Room Talla and Alec

Talla is talking about someone being acting like they are in isolation. She doesn’t understand why people act that way because every week someone will be on the block.

Talla asks her if he misses Topaz. Alec says no, “I feel a little more relieved.. you know When you are in a bad relationship”

They joke around about Topaz thinking that Talla stole her man.. They head back in..

(Video uploading)


10:12pm Jillian and Talla Talla talking about Gary and Topaz making themselves isolated (BTW Talla says OMG FAIL about every 90 seconds)
Jillian just wished Thursday would come.
Jillian wants to do something for April fools tomorrow some type of prank. Jillian thinks they should wait up on the stairs and pour Water and Flower on the guys.. Talla proposes they pour cold water on them in the shower.. (How about open Alec’s shower stall 😉 )

Andrew joins them and is in on the April fools event. Andrew says the Veto Ceremony is Tomorrow
Andrew: “I know what I’ll do .. HEY .. I know a really good April fools.. the veto probably tomorrow.. I’ll just tell them both I will use it one them.. ”


10:30pm Gary and Topaz Stooges war room

Gary: “Just weird how one of these people are going to vote one if us out”
Topaz: “I can’t even look at him” (Alec)
Gary: “Every single person in this house makes me sick”
Gary: “Andrew is mega making me sick.. just how he’s walking around like he’s teh big kid on campus.. “
Gary: “Talla is annoying as fu*** just because her uncle is in teh house and likes to rub her Va*** all day (HUH?) .. she thinks she can yap all she wants because she’s safe this week.. Alec is just beign a bro.. Peter is just silent and is going to be silent until final 2.. Emmett and Jillian are happy in their Showmance… there has just been too much drama for them to be the target..“
Topaz: “They don’t know that they will be the target next week.. “

Sounds like Gary and Topaz think that Topaz is the target.
GAry: “I want to put up Alec and PEter.. “ Their plan is for Gary to get close to Emmett and Jillian. Jillian is really annoying Gary but he still has to play nice to her.

Gary and Topaz joke about Alec and Talla getting close now that Topaz is gone.. Topaz calls Alec hooking up with Talla as a “Downgrade” Gary thinks it’s much bigger than just a downgrade. They talk about Talla’s skin and how the smoking is starting to take it’s toll.

Gary: “I want her to keep on smoking.. she’ll look wrinkled crusted and busted when she’s 30”
Topaz: “Why didn’t I nominate her.. “
Gary: “ Wouldn’t have to hear her barking.. .”
Topaz points out how Andrew is walking around like he’s the man.
Gary: “He’s walking around like King Kong with a small dong”

(Video Uploading)
10:30pm HOH Everyone else but Gary and Topaz

(I Think Andrew, Talla, Jillian, Peter and Alec got to see a movie)

(Video Uploading)

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What they did to Topaz (airing her thinking before making nominations) was torture to watch. She’s done.
Team Topaz&Gary.
I’m hoping one of them wins veto, and convinces Andrew to backdoor a stronger player!

taStan 7777

My first comment the trash Is production. I want Topaz gone! PERIOD in 14 seasons of BBuas I cannot not think of this happening. If I’m a forgetful idiot please help me out. This idea of airing her thoughts to the house I can NEVER see being used befiore!!! She sucks but it fundamentally changed her likely opportunity to win without notice!!! Pure freaking GARBAGE! But on a personal Level Andrew winning was like sex with an 18 year old cheerleader. I’m 53 and that’s never happening…. Sweet dreams(wet) are made of this!!! Then again Andrew isn’t slaying an 18 year old hotty! He might get a 60 year old three way but sadly I cannot! How do you get to 1st base again…. I’m constipated!!! 😛


What Time Zone are you in?


Nevermind – I remember now. So it’s 2 – 3 a.m.?


i love how BB screwed over Topaz. Serves her right for sleeping so much.


i have a funny feeling that pay back can be a biatch .. i do feel for Topaz tho .


if they expose a houseguests gameplay what’s the point of playing the game ? and what’s the difference between that and bringing back a player that was evicted and had a chance to speak to people from the real world ?

That was so annoying of the producers , and i’m pretty sure if she did not want to talk out loud they probably would have guided her to, that’s why they put the screen up for the other houseguests to see…

Andrew should have put up emmet and jillian because next week everyone will probably go after him .. also if The Shield and The secret Wedding were all still in the house they would go after each other next week and he would be safe ( that’s smart game play) .. I love how alec is acting like he never cared for Topaz .. i’m pretty sure at one point he was almost obsessed with her lol
The comic relief for this episode was gary crying over being a have not , that made my DAY lol this is why gary can’t leave the house.


The positive thing is all the hypocrites who loved when Tom was screwed over by production hates when it happens to one of their fav players. I hated Tom being screwed over, so I’m gonna enjoy this one…for the first time production’s bs didn’t make me angry. I don’t hate Topaz though (I wish they would have done to it Peter, but production loves him too much, even the gay moose thinks that goofball is “cute”), I’m just glad it wasn’t done to Jill or Em.


-They occasionally do bring back players
-/This was a new, never done before, and interesting twist
-They didn’t expose her game play, she chose to talk out loud about who she wanted gone, even Peter said he would have thought about it for 5 seconds and not spoke out loud about it. Not production fault she dumb
-No one is going after Andrew because Andrew and Gary will being battling it out for a while. Why would Andrew take out Emmet or Jillian when 1 is going to come at him hardcore and 1 could win veto and both are hardcore threats and have lots of intertwining allies. Andrew is closest with Alec and Peter the same guys Emmet is close with, Andrew and Emmet often talk game seriously and neither has ever talked about going for the other even behind the others back.
-Topax openly said she wanted Andrew gone, Gary is her best friend and voted with Talla to evict him, they are both besties, why the hell would he leave someone in the house who won hoh, put him up, tried to evict, and was 1 vote shy of evicting him. That is dumb game play, that is how Frank played and got evicted. If he puts up emmet and jill, then the entire house is after him. They are aligned with everyone,.
-also if emmet or jill won veto there was a chance they’d both be there and then he’d have 2 people coming at him + gary and topaz +the shield for not taking out topaz and gary and taking down their boy emmet.
-alex wwass all game play baby, that dirty black hoe got played for the piece of meat she is. He used her to get out aj, then dumped her lack the worthless sack she is. He was never in love with her, she was starting to catch on because he only showed her affection in public, so she had to go.
-I would like to see gary stay, topaz can go to jury and sleep forever.
-Now you topaz fans know how it felt when tom was gone by the ghetto twist. Had their been no twists suzette would a been gone, tom would have stayed, liza would have been evicted, and tom would probably still be around


poor Topaz


Best episode of the season so far, Topaz getting screwed, damn production is evil , lol. And then Gary crying over slop, then Alec being so ruthless he really is playing the game. Now that’s some showmance breakup.


That was so unfair for Topaz, not fair at all!!!


I don’t really believe Gary was crying about the slop week he faces. I think after the HOH comp he knew that he and Topaz were screwed. Crying about the slop was letting his frustration about the whole series of shocking events come out. He knows his game is in trouble. I hate to see Gary leave…just find him so entertaining!

VP - Operations

Time for Canada to SAVE GARY!!! <3<3<3


I felt sick to my stomach during the whole Topaz/AJ thing. Cruel and unfair, but good TV drama. But again, did there really have to be a blackout during the best house drama so far? The few people who watch the feeds and read the blogs would have watched anyway to see how it unfolded.


they fucked topaz over royally, and by association gary. so annoyed with BB Canada lately

VP - Operations

obviously the greatest contributing reason to this is for commercial reasons, producers of the show want new subscribers for slice! they need to demonstrate that they have the ability to bring in viewers for their advertising partners. Gary being Canada’s favourite underdog, catches people’s attention and draws in viewers, and by tampering with his game through his closest ally – Topaz, is the best way to do it, now more people are concerned for his game and more likely to subscribe before the free preview ends today!


I can’t believe all of the complaints by people who had nothing to say when they screwed over Tom twice in a row (took away his POV, then banned his allies from HOH)…………….looks like some people can dish it out, but can’t take it. The majority of these people are Peter lovers (literally) anyway, so I can see why they act the way the do.


Can Gary use his special POV ticket on himself?


The ticket is not that powerful. My understanding is that he can only use it to replace one of the three player selections from the PoV competition (i.e., not the HoH or the two nominees).


It’s extremely power full inevicting someone not nominate. It’s backdoor 101 IF you have HOH on board


production is a joke, let the show take its course on its own.


Rex, I agree a million %. All HGs sign a form, allowing BB to basically do anything. But they can’t unfairly destroy a HGs entire game, just because Slice’s free preview is ending tonight, so this episode’s gotta be epic!!!!!!! Get over yourself! Amateurs! What BBCA Production did to Topaz is equivalent to allowing all the HGs to watch a person’s DR session. Taboo. (Of course someone’s gonna think/talk outloud, given just 5 minutes to make a huge decision. To me, Peter’s comment is an unfair “second guess.” He has *no* idea how he truly would’ve acted in that room, despite his words.)

Production doing certain “blatantly corrupt” things to the HGs in BB is simply “off limits.” This inept, hyped-up-on-caffeine BBCA Production team simply *cannot* cost a HG their one chance at 100K, for “extra drama,” and still be able to sleep at night. It crosses the line. Yes, it’s a game, but big $ is involved – and that’s real life. And they’ve now done it *twice.* Suzette was leaving, fair and square. But no! Thanks to some ill-advised, BBCA “Production Voodoo”, Aneal unfairly loses his chance at 100K instead. And what about AJ/Andrew? No chance at POV, for either one? Two people both can’t be up for a “backdoor!” In BB, that’s the same as finding someone guilty, without giving them a jury trial first. Unacceptable. Disgraceful. Our beloved BB franchise apparently has 4-year olds behind the wheel this season.

Again, I love these HG choices, and I credit BBCA Production for that. But there are *many* new and interesting twists that BBCA Production can introduce, to increase drama a ton, while still being fair to all the HGs. Be creative! Work at it a little! Heck, I could send them 25 ideas, in a single e-mail, and I’m no great brain – just an average schmuck! And I’d feel the same outrage on this, no matter which HG was the victim, as Topaz was here, I promise you all.

Many thanks for listening to my rant, fellow OBB fans – you’re the best!


I consider Topaz a disgrace and a HOODRAT. That said production basically threw away ethics. Showing her “thinking| I use that very losely for a MORON) is absolutely unexceptable. Show Emmit listening to Gary/Alec agreeeing to backdoor Emmit1 The twist is BS on because Topaz( turd garbage) was sold out completely. I don’t have to like the woman to recognize the feed of her thinking was totally unfair garbage. If Gary was HOH they never throw the golden boy under the bus IMHO.

It#s sad that Topaz a hot target is where we are at. I doubt EmmitéJillian know Alec and Gary are gunning 4 them!

Best player as of TODAY…Jillian. Tomorrow is another day!


I’m with you Jim. It was disgraceful.


I agree with the Peter comment. He prolly would have gave away his whole game.
I don’t agree with giving Production credit for casting though. I highly doubt Robin has has anything to do with production other than choosing the houseguests…then she’s off to pick people for other shows.


Didn’t Gary win a slop pass from the piñata?? Why doesnt he use it??


Emmitt won the slop pass gary won a veto ticket but since he is nominated he is already playing


Queen b they didn’t save Andrew. They are using him to get rid of Topaz and or Gary.. Andrew’s target is Gary. But Peter and Alex want Topaz out…Then Peter and Alex will use Emmit or Jillian to get rid of Andrew. Andrew doesn’t get that he’s not going to win. He becomes just another jury vote by going after Topaz and Gary. Alex and Topaz have split up .. Now would be the time to make a big move and create an alliance with Topaz, Gary, Talla, and send the rest to jury.


Regardless why they saved Andrew, they saved him. You’re the viewer you know what people’s intentions are in the game but he doesn’t, he’s working with the knowledge he has, which is that they just saved him and he has 2 enemies who almost succeeded in getting him out. What’s he supposed to do, risk his game for those 2? Plus they took out his ally AJ so yes they deserve for him to come after them.

Look what making big moves did for Dani. It’s a gamble that doesn’t always pay out. It’s real easy to say make big moves but what if he does and it backfires?

Them wanting him out is a given. Everyone wants everyone out eventually and everyone’s using each other. So no surprise there.


Gary wants Andrew to make big moves. Let’s see…..uhmmmm, you and Topaz voted to evict him there’s no way he’ll be stupid enough to nominate people who just saved him thus incurring their wrath. If he had nominated Jill and Emmmett then he’d have them coming after him in addition to Gary and Topaz already.

He did what he had to do.


Exactly, nominating Topaz and Gary was the only move Andrew could make. It seems “big move” is the buzzword in the house and people need to stop using it. Andrew cannot make what is considered a “big move” without risking getting evicted next week.

As it stands Topaz and Gary already wanted Andrew out, so by him nominating them he is not making anymore new enemies. If he were to nominate Jill/Emmett or Alec/Peter then they too would be coming after him, along with Topaz and Gary. This is not the week for Andrew to make a “big move”, he needs to go with the house and take out Topaz or Gary. He is making the best move for his game right now by not painting a bigger target on his back.

That leaves him as only one persons target (whoever stays between Topaz/Gary). Andrew was not set up very well to make it to the end (even though I hope he does) from the start of the game, hes looking at coming 5th right now. By nominating Topaz and Gary and not making a “big move” he is ensuring that he doesn’t leave sooner than 5th.

People keep going on about making “big moves” but you don’t make a big move just for the sake of making a big move if it wont benefit you in some way. Andrew being a basically solo player in the house means he should not incite the wrath of Alec/Peter and Emmett/Jill this week.


Who the BLEEP is this closet BB geniusÉ You have the summary to this point flawless in my opinion. It isn#tt about favorite but how certain personal pkayer attributes fair longterm in the game.

As much as topaz got annoying I felt sorry for her BUT if she were a true fan of BB US she will recall they revealed diary clips to housemates in 2nd season I think and it turned everything around… Expect the unexpected and you may be prepared for anything that happens.


ughhh topaz should have gotten a real threat out but i dont blame her for saying what she was doing she didnt know so know one can blame her, hindsight is 20/20. this made me hate aec more i wish she nominated jillian and emmit, but andrew should have went after emitt and jillian like a big move person. my strategy would be to think ok so i see someone coming at me from the front their stabiing me in the front but who is stabbing me in the back that is the person i need out right now but he went with emotions. would have been awesome is talla won because she wasnt nomianted no ill will towards topaz other than losing an alliance member but she learnt some valuble game play from knowing everyone wants her out. ughh wish they went for a huge game player not the week players,but after this week i know some strong player will be targets, talla needs to win to slidify her saftey and andrews


feeds are back!


all i can say about tonights show is OMG … dang my blood pressure is still up .. got to give thumbs up for BB CANADA tho .. that was one awesome twist .. nasty and mean but awesome .. i sure dont want to be in either Gary`s or Topaz`s shoes … ouch ..


There’s a possibility that Talla might win a mental HOH one of these days.


She was really close. I think the other HGs are underestimating her (I certainly was). She almost had Jill beat in the endurance lumberjack comp too. I think she still has tricks up her sleeve.


What, there is going to be a MENTAL (Looney Tunes) Big Brother Canada, and Talla is staring in it?


Watch Alec be all up Andrew’s behind!


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I think it’s ridiculous that they manipulate the house to create all this drama while the feeds are blocked. It would’ve been like if Christopher Nolan had stuck his thumb over the camera lens just as DiCaprio spun that top at the end of Inception.

I would’ve gladly paid for the feeds in exchange for the ability to, you know, actually view them.



There’s no words to explain how angry I am. That is upright ridiculous.
It’s so obvious that’s where everything is going now- well maybe it wouldn’t have if they didn’t do the dumb instant eviction nonsense. Topaz was screwed, Gary is screwed, Talla is going to be screwed, Andrew will be screwed. Big Brother Canada is screwed LOL!


I guess Gary is Andrew’s real target then :/


OMG Topaz is so stupid! She should’ve just put up Emmett/Jillian and one of them would have went home for sure.. Wow, she got rid of AJ. Waste of HOH


She didn’t know it would be an instant eviction, AND she thought that she had the votes. Those two crucial factors prove she didn’t make a terrible move.


What about her running her mouth for no reason. Was that a terrible move? BB didn’t screw her, she did it on her own. I knew the noms were going to be AJ, Andrew, or Talla. She should have just spit it out. The noms were obvious.


Is this a joke? How was she supposed to know anyone else was able to hear her? I’m not even a Topaz fan and wonder what you are thinking. I’m sure she wouldn’t have said anything if she knew people were listening. It’s never been done before.


Topaz never should have talked aloud now her and Gary are going home for sure
I think Andrew though should make a better move because the others are just using him to get Topaz/Gary out and will easily drop him and Talla next
Big Brothers twist did really shake up the house !!!


I think Gary will live to fight another day. His veto competition is basically just Emmett and he wil use his Veto denial power to make sure Emmett doesn’t get to play. I can see Peter being back-doored as a replacement nom, but he won’t get evicted. The Shield will save him. Gary Or Topaz will go home with Talla being evicted right after. Andrews’ plan is a big move because he has Gary thinking Topaz is the target, but in actuality Gary is. And judging from Gary’s Have-Not meltdown its gonna be pretty easy to distract him from the game this week. Jillian is just coasting to her 100 thousand unless Peter wins HOH once they get to final 4.


That was awesome television! Watching the complete breakdown of Topaz was hilarious and painful at the same time. Gary is so funny talking shit about Andrew being too weak to make a big move and take out a strong player.

don’t worry Gar Bear he’s on it. And that strong player would be you! Bye Bye glitter!


Glitter Stanhemmingdies good bye DONKEY. He had the perfect deal with Emmit the F***ed himself in the A4. Most HG are freaking overthinking everything


If Gary leaves the BB house will be freaking boring and I’m done. I don’t want to watch E & J making out the entire time. LAME! Gary is pretty much the only reason why I’m watching the show. I hope production pulls a twist on Wednesday night and gives Canada a vote to save a house guest. Or Andrew grow some balls and put up Peter.


I agree. Gary and Topaz (especially Gary) really make the show and feeds exciting. Their late night talks and craziness makes everything fun to watch. I don’t know who’ll keep it as fun if they leave.


OMG I hope no one will ever say again that production is biased in favour of Gary and Topaz. Topaz got royally screwed over by production… but then again, you could also argue that Tom and Liza got screwed over by production too (Canada Votes and Double Eviction). Although I am a big Topaz and Gary fan and I want them both of get through this week, I do admit that I’m glad that Alec has taken a position about Topaz. I honestly think this will help Alec become a big time villain on the show, at least to casual viewers. Of course, I’m totally biased! But I do think that on the show, Alec came across as especially cold hearted and calculated, while Topaz came across as realistically sad and frustrated with Alec, but also not ready to give up. I think casual viewers will appreciate that Topaz knows its a game and isn’t going to just give up. Also – I do think that it would be in Andrew’s best interest to put up a stronger player (Emmett, Peter, Jillian and Alec) and get Topaz and (or) Gary to promise to vote out one of the stronger players, if they win HOH. Sadly, I think Andrew is playing too emotionally, rather than realizing that he doesn’t want to go up against Peter and Alec towards the end of the game.


I don’t think it’s wise for Andrew to make more enemies in this HOH. He has to take out the immediate obvious threats, he can deal with Jillian and Emmett another time. Plus Gary is a strong player so if he goes…..oh well.
Yes he’s playing personally but it’s also strategic as well, getting out people that want him out the game. I mean he almost got evicted therefore he’s taking the necessary steps to ensure the same people don’t do it again. Imagine if he backdoors Jillian this week then next week Gary wins and still puts his a$$ up, how much of a fool will he feel then?
Get them out before they get you out, so to speak.


Andrew just stated his target is Gary, which is smart because it leaves Topaz in for people to go after next week. Not to mention Gary is a potential threat in competitions.


Sounds like either Andrew or Talla won POV and the plan is still to send Gary home.


Alec is really gross. It’s one thing to just say that the showmance is over, but to continuously bash her in the DR is really unnecessary, especially considering how there for him she was through what Tom did to him. As upsetting as it is, I feel like Andrew is finally starting to play the game and the way he’s targeting Gary is really smart. He’s definitely making a big move, but I keep saying this, if people leave Emmett in the house for so long, he will win the whole game. As gross as I think Alec is, I think him, Emmett or Andrew if he keeps making moves winning would be fair considering how they’ve played the game.


I’m so disgusted.


Have they played the new Veto? Andrew, Alec, Jillian and Talla are in the HOH and I heard Andrew say that Gary was really close to winning the veto, it almost sounds like Andrew won it. Andrew says that he doesn’t want Topaz to campaign and Andrew said I want Gary to go home this week.


Topaz getting screwed over reminds me of Dani from BB3 Usa. Homegirl had one of the best game in BB history (she and Jason’s secret alliance) until production messed her up BIG TIME.


Andrew won POV? Team Glitter is toast. If Topaz survives who does she have as an ally? If Gary survives, same question, who does he have?


POV has not been played. They are simply running scenarios and planning as though they win POV.


No I agree with Queen Bee, I heard them talking as well and I am pretty sure that Andrew won the Veto.

Shakira Stan

They haven’t played the POV yet, they’re even talking about in the hoh room. If Gary wind the POV, then Andrew will put someone as a pawn to send Topaz to jury house.

Production needs to pull amother twist this week so that we can save Glitter and bring back Topaz after her eviction. This would the best case scenario. I’m starting to miss Tom, Gary shouldn’t have evicted him. He wasn’t going after him anyway. Aneal revealed in his interview that his target has always been Emmett and he actually liked Gary and wished he could have worked with him. He should’ve asked Glitter to be in an alliance…. Regrets and regrets. I’m so done with BBCAN, they’re all fucking boring and annoying. Glitter is basically the only reason why I watch the feeds. I’m done, done, done. DONE.

I can’t wait for BBUSA this summer. Grodner is biased, but like BBCAN producer whatever his/her name is.


Queen Bee, I just noticed that Simon/Dawg has filled in Andrew’s name, as both the HOH and POV holder, in the OBB box at the top of the site, so you’re right, it must now be official. They probably just confirmed it, based on the live feed’s game talk.


i dont care if it wasnt a perfect relationship between topaz and alec . i just wanted it to be real . she wanted someone to be in her life part time and thats what she got, because real couples that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything thats designed to tear them apart and come out even stronger … most women are afraid of clowns but somehow still end up dating one …. people dont want to hear the truth because they dont want their illusions destroyed….she got what she deserve


You are a very odd person!!

Shakira Stan

Girl, what the fuck!! You need to take a nap like literally!!


I don’t understand why Alec continually bashes topaz its sooo uncalled for. Especially after all she’s done for him. I get that he’s annoyed with her but he’s relentless. And Talla the fucking instigator that she is can’t wait to get on alecs Dick.


Sounds like Andrew, Talla, Jill & ? went to the movie reward.


everyone isn’t going to like the same characters i cant discredit someones opinion because it doesnt appeal to me but gary being nominated i am so glad … i always here people say when you have power be merciful because u dont know when u have to come back down to the same people u kick around ….when gary was hoh he was full of himself him and topaz …. they would stay up all night bashing all the house guest especially gary he would name every single house guest and just went in like he was comedian or something ..yet he in the diary room saying andrew is playing it safe and he wont make a big move .. andrew made the best move for himself by nominating u and topaz hopefull i hope gary goes home because topaz already feels defeated and a outcast by alec….i have no respect for gary crying like a bitch because he’s on slop i want him gone without power gary is like a little baby see how quick his ego goes down i likie


Was Gary crying like a bitch because he was on slop or did they edit it to make it look that way.

Keep in mind its not only the houseguests that can be manipulated by big brother.


Since there was no break from when it happened and he better yet, since he specifically said it out of his own mouth…yes, he was crying over slop.


It was a low blow that BB pulled on Topaz but why did she feel the need to think out loud??? Secondly Gary is such a joke, throws a tantrum for being a have-not. So much for his social game lol. He says in the DR that Andrew is playing personal like Tom and being big headed but Gary did the EXACT same thing. So enjoy it Gary and I hope you are evicted LOL. Btw did anyone else hear Gary say he didn’t want to be a “pond” ROFL.

Shakira Stan

He knows that it is a “pawn”, but he likes saying “pond” instead because he’s one of a kind. What’s the deal?! Like girl, get a life. Toodles, OX.

#TeamGlitter 4EVER.


Gary needs to stick around for entertainment purposes. Like, seriously. I can’t watch the rest of them without Gary.


Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Nonsensical episode and twist. How about BBCAN stop doing twists cause its negatively impacting the show. You don’t have to do twists every freaking week. Don’t they know that voluntarily exposing someone’s game to other house guests is a very stupid move. They should already know what and what not to do from other Big brothers. I’m puzzled at the way BBCAN keeps exposing people’s game freely. Really stupid stuff from tonight’s episode.


At this point it’s not even a twist. It’s more like sabotage. So now Topaz is not only playing against the house guests she has to play against big brother.
Shameful regardless of who it happened to.
I vote to evict PRODUCTION!


To all you peeps who think BB set Topaz up to talk her face off in HOH eviction , they did not, she is always playing to the cameras, this time the cameras bit back. IMHO


gary did say if he was nominated this week again or a pawn he would go crazy i love it


OMG!!! I couldn’t stop laughing when Gary ran away crying when Andrew put him on slop. To Funny!


“like a kid in the store who didn’t get his frootloops.”

Shakira Stan

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS A BIG FAT TWIST IN THE AIR!!

Talla saw Gary and Topaz jumping happily after leaving the DR, of course BB was like “DON’T TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION”. The production is reading our comments y’all!! I’m so excited!!

Please, keep Glitter and Topaz.. Haters can seethe.


I hope that’s true!!

Dear Production,
You practically screwed over Topaz.
That was not one bit fair.
Please save team Topaz&Gary
Thankyou ;]
oh and btw no one wants to see a redo of BB12 with a dominating alliance get to the finals and then it be boring, so stop helping it happen.


You (Cooper) being the main person who was such a Suzette fan and loved when production screwed Tom mover. Now you’re mad that they screwed over one of your players? You can’t have it both ways.


Gary and Topaz bashing everyone in the house is so uncalled for. I was a Gary fan, but I am disgusted.


Simon, Shakira Stan’s post that Talla just saw Topaz and Gary leaving the DR “jumping for joy”, and then “Don’t Talk About Production!” is announced, has me *very* concerned. I’m developing “BBCA Production Phobia.” More interference ahead? Can you confirm that info? If true, it would have *massive* game implications. Makes me wonder if BBCA Production thought Andrew, not AJ, was a lock to be the “Instant Evictee.” Then, when Andrew stayed, and he wins both HOH/POV, and “Gary Glitter” is now a dead man walking in BBCA, Production totally freaks out. They know *everyone’s* afraid of Gary’s game. With Topaz on the block, the vote to evict Gary will be unanimous. Therefore, without still another “Production Life Raft”, the biggest personality in the house will go home Thursday. There’s *no” way Production will allow that to happen. How can they? Man, Production is making *so* many mistakes this season, they can’t even stay out of their *own* way, much less the HGs!


I’m so confused. Now Andrew is saying he does have veto…


Yes Andrew won the POV and tomorrow the POV ceremony will be held where he won’t use it.


Alec is so stupid! Does he not realize that the people he is screwing over will be the jury! So what if he makes it to the final two! Talla, Gary, Topaz, and Aj will probably not vote for him. And that’s 4 out of seven, he will not win if Gary or Topaz go home this week!


I don’t think it’s over for Topaz&Gary! I think Gary can remind Andrew about how he promised to take Gary off the block providing he won veto (and propose an alliance with Andrew, Talla, Gary, and Topaz). Gary can tell Andrew how Peter and Alec are going to get to the finals; perhaps convincing Andrew to backdoor one of the two threats. This would leave Andrew, Talla, Topaz, and Gary VS Emmett Jillian and either Alec or Peter (the person who stays).


I wouldn’t trust Gary, as far as I could throw him. Remember all the Bold Faced lies to Tom.


Topaz made a huge mistake by speaking aloud and there would have been a lot of house guests who would not have done that. It is a fine line when it comes to the twists, some work out amazingly and others cause an uproar. As much as I have enjoyed watching Gary this season, I would rather see him just go to jury now than watch production try anything they can to keep him in the house..Canada’s votes…Diamond vetos…veto tickets…It gets to be ridiculous. I can’t help but start to dislike house guests when I see production pushing for them to stay. Topaz might have got a little bit screwed by production but nothing compares to Aneal..