POV Holder: >? Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 11 2013 11pm
11pm The Big Brother Live Feeds return to the Emmett, Jillian, Andrew and Talla are in the kitchen. Peter is no where to be seen. Andrew sounds annoyed he tells Talla to shut up. Andrew says that he was surprised that Alec wasn’t given a twist to save him. Jillian says that she was worried about that all day. They talk about how Alec’s speech was a prick move. Andrew say he is a selfish guy! Emmett says I guarantee they didn’t think they would walk out one after another. Jillian says that was the fakest relationship ever! Emmett says that Alec’s speech was pretty disrespectful to Peter. Andrew says that he though Alec was going to get all choked up. Jillian says that just show that he has no emotion. Talla says Yeah real shady. Talla says her stats look gorgeous .. the Detroit red wings would love me! Talla asks when do you (Jillian) think you will get your HOH room? Emmett and Andrew head to the bathroom. Emmett explains to Andrew that Talla asked him why he put her up and he told her that he had 10 seconds to decide and he knew Andrew would vote to keep her. Emmett says that he couldn’t say that he wanted to keep Peter safe, cuz I didn’t want him coming after me. Andrew says what if she is smart enough to realize if he had won he could have used it on Topaz and I would have gone up. They decide not to talk about game right now. Andrew says I am fine with that. They head out to the kitchen. Andrew says I am ready to take off this shirt is everyone ready to see a beached whale! Talla asks when will you (Jillian) get your HOH room.

Big Brother Canada April 11 2013 1110pm


11:18PM Jillian and Andrew

Jillian saying that Talla is freaking out about going up as the pawn. Their target is Peter but if he wins POV Talla goes home.
Jillian: “She’s begging me to put you up.. I told her LISTEN we’re going to talk it over as a team figure it all out”


11:21pm HotTub Andrew and Emmett

Andrew tells him about Talla freaking out about going up as the pawn. Andrew points out how it really doesn’t matter who goes up against Pete. If he wins POV either Talla or Andrew are going home.
Andrew: ‘Heres the reality of it even if Jillian doesn’t put me up and peter wins I have to go up anyways.. Peter votes for Talla you vote for me and Jillian makes the decision”

Emmett: “Honestly if she didn’t want to be a pawn she should have won a few competitions”

Andrew: “Dude I can’t believe he (peter) called that a physical competition (POV).. it was about as physical as opening a bag of chips.. “

Andrew: “OH my god I’m so happy Alec is gone.. “
Emmett: “this was our biggest hurdle and we’ve got through it” Emmett being pretty confident about their position says this was best case scenario for them Jillian wins HOH, Emmett wins HOH then Jillian winning HOH again.

Andrew starts to play down Peters POV wins says that the one he won was much more physical than peters.

Andrew :”Oh my God I’m so happy Alec is gone.. I liked the guy but… ”
Emmett: “Watch out Peter will be back soon”
Andrew: “I don’t care”

Andrew is worried about Peter winning the POV..

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SUPER BORING!!!!!!!!!!

VP - Operations



Do you say that when you watch baseball as well?
No, you don’t watch baseball, because producers can’t step in and make it “exciting” for you.
The game goes hoe the game goes, if you think it’s boring, you shouldn’t be watching.
It’s not boring to me.


best case bring back AJ, no Shield, bring back 3 stooges


Andrew – “Let’s not talk game right now.”
Goes out to the hot tub with Emmett and talks game lol




Goodbye Shield.. Well maybe. Alex could come back… I’m sure whoever comes back from the jury house will be given immunity from the next thursday


I can’t stand Jillian…think I’m done with this show….its not worth the time anymore…all the interesting people are gone.

golden girl

true, only jillian or andrew could take out emmet. hope andrew can split them up, he’s been working jillian early on


I understand what you mean, but it always gets boring toward the end. The bigger problem to me is yet another GD POWERSHIFT. Unbelievable. If anyone other than AJ comes back, I’ll be so bummed.


Of all the possible POWERSHIFTS, bringing someone back in the game is by far the worst. Why reward someone with a free week or two when they weren’t good enough at the game to get it right the first time? BBCAN is trending way, way down, IMO.


only thing that will be exticting about this week would be if jillian nominates peter and andrew and talla wins pov and saves peter and emmett is the only option to be put up and goes that would be awesome but unlikely tho, ugh why peter why did u not save topaz, i really do not like jiilan and emmett at all


yes .. and thank you … who wants to see peter staring at the walls planning his next big move .. wait his side kick is gone .. yes the one that thanked chev for being there for him .. what a SAP …. peter did say he has the best social game .. lmao @ that remark… hope its Gary that will come back …lol . that should glitter up the place… and send peter over the edge where he belongs…lol


effin jillian. hopefully gary (or topaz) is voted back in and gets her out! she is powertripping. id be much happier with gary emmett f2 or with andrew.


when I went to vote, Topaz wasn’t an option


i love andrew but if he lets peter win this pov he is gone they will keep talla over andrew so peter best bet is to win this POV … PETER IS JUST SILLY why didnt he just use the pov on topaz .. selfpresevation is one thing being stupid is just nomal for him ……


Excuse me! Peter is playing the game on a “different” level!! One of the worst HOH decision of any season any where Except for Janelle on BB usa. But it is almost as bad.

golden girl

andrew has had one of the best gameplays so far. pretty much playing on his own in the beginning. good competitor without being viewed as a major threat. awesome social game. made a secret alliance late in the game, still not really putting a huge target on his back. he deserves to be at least in final 3, hope he wins! also very decent man, entertaining and funny, not putting on an act like the ridiculous ‘shield’ players. why is he not getting credit for all this on the episodes? editing still portrays peter as a good player, which he clearly is not, he has been pretty lucky throughout the game plus overrates himself waaay too much. feeds draw totally different picture than the edited show.


Peter is an idiot for not using the POV.
Talla cannot win the game.
Andrew needs to smarten up and jump ship as soon as the POV is played.
Milkmance will win the game as long as the houseguests continue to ignore that they are the biggests threats.
What’s left of this house is going to be extremely boring. Please vote back Gary to pick up the pieces!

Say It Isn't So

Peter’s lack of judgement is baffling….. “for Liza”… are you flipping kidding me!!!!! Play the game fool! Live up to what you preach!


He actually said for Liza?


Peter’s pitiful excuse for not using the veto on Topaz was to avenge Lisa. The woman sleeping with Tom. Lisa not even in the game. Topaz, still in the game, was someone he could team up with. Make a deal with.More important, taking Topaz down would have forced Emmett to put up Andrew a close member of his tight alliance. Peter could have send Andrew to the juy house. His second best chance to get him out. duh


This show officially blows. Another week of hearing Jillian whine about not knowing who to put up, when everyone knows she’ll listen to whatever Emmett says just like the good lap dog she is. Bring Gary back Canada.


If they bring back aj….the three stooges could turn the whole game around! I love Jill, I also love Peter…but the 3 stooges getting back together could change everything!! I really like this season….I find most of these people interesting to watch. So many haters!


while id love aj for 3 stooges…..he cant win competitions id rather see gary who CAN win a comp and shake things up a bit

No more glitter

Honestly, I like Gary and all, but I got so sick of watching him sit around and call everyone else around him stupid hair because they wanted him out. That doesn’t make them stupid. It actually made them all quite smart to get rid of a threat.. If Gary comes back, he’ll have no one on his side. He would go home the next week. I’m voting aj, I hope some of you will do the same! I’m interested to see what would happen with the stooges!


Jillian and emmett is one of if not the strongest showmance in he history of big brother, you can’t hate on them for dominating challenges.


I’m curious does BBCAN have a runner up prize? or is just the $100,000 for the winner


i once heard andrew say runner up gets 20 000 but i dont know where he got this info from or if it was just wishful thinking… anyone else hear anything about second place prize? i also heard jillian say “only 2 people can win a cash prize” but im not sure if she meant alec’s 10 000$.


Whenever I see Peter in the diary room from now on, I’m going to flash my version of the shield sign- it’s the exact same thing with my arms crossed, except I stick up my middle fingers. I hate Peter for acting like he’s the best, then not saving Topaz and completely taking advantage of Emmett’s bad nominations.
In chess, if you see a big move with minimal fallout- take it. In Big Brother, if the HoH makes bad nominations and you have the opportunity to take advantage of it, DO IT.

In BB8, Zach won the PoV. If he used it, by default, Daniele would have been nominated under Evel Dick’s HoH reign, and potentially been evicted. Zach didn’t use the veto, therefore he got himself a ticket to the jury house in future weeks. That was a bad move, and so is what Peter did.


Peter has a ticket to Jury House regardless of if he used POV or not


Bring Gary back! He’ll bring some much needed entertainment to the house!! and hopefully he can take down Emmett and Jillian.

Auntie Awa

Your comment and strategy is the smartest thing I had read so far – you should consider applying for the next BBC – I’d certainly cheer for you – you know this game — go for it.


so when does the returning player come back into the house again


Game will be so much more interesting if Alec returns next week


You know what would be awesome? If Jillian put up Talla and Peter, and Andrew wins POV, Andrew takes off one of the nominees, and Jillian will be forced to put up Emmett! I pray to God that this works out like that.


And then Andrew + saved nominee vote out Emmett!


HAHA, love it! Andrew can’t seriously be thinking that sticking with Emmett & Jillian is going to work out in his favor.


Gary needs to come back, he is the only one smart enough to get rid of jill and emmet…jill needs to go .


I think everything to say about Peter has already been said but I don’t know what kind of deal Emmett offered him. He HAS to be smart enough to have known that he is the odd man out. Honestly….you can’t talk a big game in the DR and then when it comes down to it chicken out on making a move that actually HELPS you in the game. Topaz had a better read on everyone else than he does. In the show she said something about Andrew, Talla and Jemmett being in an alliance and Peter said “maybe”. Sigh, I had such high hopes for Peter.


I think their target maybe Talla, not Peter. If Peter was totally against Emmett and Jillian, he would have used the veto on Topaz….and Emmett and Andrew have been kinda rude to Talla lately…..


Thinking about it, I think you might be right.
Emmett probably made Peter a legit F4 deal (E/J were talking at one point about taking Peter over Talla to F4 weren’t they?) which is why he didn’t use his POV to save Topaz. Peter still should have used his POV to save Topaz though… he must realize that the only people he could have beaten in F2 are Topaz and Talla. I’d be very surprised if won sitting beside Emmett, Jillian or Andrew.


That would be perfect. Seems weird if this conversation happened that we don’t know about it but both Emmet and Jillian said they would rather have Peter than Talla a week or so ago. If Emmet and Peter did make this deal then Big Brother would know about it, it was probably on one of the cameras not shown. If Talla goes and they bring back Alec, it is a new game.


Bring back Gary!!
Seriously just imagine how entertaining Talla and Gary would be if he comes back into the house. Like c’mon hate him or love him he made the show. Also, The shield ruined not only their own game by voting to keep Andrew, but they also ruined Gary and Topaz’s game for no logical reason. Then Alec gets put on the block and throws the veto. Sorry, I don’t see them as smart game players at all and I certainly don’t think Alec deserves another chance to be in the game. Plus Aj is so boring. He wouldn’t win and he isn’t entertainment at all! Gary would stir the house!!!


Maybe this is your. First time seeing a flamboyant gay. Gary was boring and I don’t think he really stirred the house he just threw tantrums and was annoying to watch, especially on live feeds. BRING BACK ALEC OR AJ


The person who gets voted back into the game better say this :

“I’m back bitches! The Milkmance better grab a life vest!”


How about I’m back Bitches: Milkmancer’s GRAB AN UDDER!


Alec is likely thinking: Right about now BB is building a monument for me the greatest player in history.

While Peter has his own daydream about how Dan and Dr Will call him to say “man you are the greatest social player ever”

The Shield what a joke!

I hope Topaz gets voted back in or at least gets more votes than Alec


I hate boring Jillian and Emmett. She is his lap dog and she is a liar. She does whatever Emmett wants and enough with their showmance. Like seriously. Obviously she isn’t married yet cuz she is immature and has no personality. I’ve never seen someone check herself out more times in the diary room hallway. Beauty is within. Not in your hair and makeup. God I hate them. I hope Alec comes back to get rid of the showmancers. And what’s up with Emmett’s rude comments at hoh. First Suzette and then talla. I hate jemmett team. Go home already


Lala looks in the mirror constantly. Plays with her hair all day long. And lets not forget Gary! He has a mirror attatched to his forhead! And when we talk about Liars both Gary and Aklec are way ahead of Jillbot for starters. Lying is part of the game. Get a grip there is no way to win without doing some of it.


I am really disappointed that this late in the game that production feel they have to bring someone back. If anyone then bring AJ but not the others. I could not stand to watch Alec again and Gary after the way he treated Talla he does not deserve to come back in.


ALEC or GARY needs to come back


Ever since Gary left I don’t even watch the show really. The boards are more interesting that BBCan. I hope he come backs with Zoe and Gerald in full force. Emmett needs to sweat a bit.


what a stupid move peter made..he could have taken topez off the block emmett would have been forced to play his hand jillian or andrew..peter and topaz would have controlled the vote…stupid move on peters part..liza will be so proud of you peter..i hope Gary comes back at least Gary will create some turmoil..will be a boring week with emmett and jillian sucking face again in the hoh while talla and andrew sit around and peter will be staring off into space thinking of the wonderful greatest play of the season .not using the power of veto pase please do not bring alec back..he does not deserve it ..can u imagine how that would go to his head…


Bring back Alec aka joe Jonas


I really like the idea of whoever is not nominated with Emmett wins the veto ne of the noms off so Emmett has to go up and they vote to evict Emmett….That would be interesting!! I really want AJ to come back…..I know Gary is more exciting in a lot of ways but Gary and Andrew don’t see eye to eye and I want Andrew to win. 🙂


Emmitt must have said something to Peter last week to make him believe they still have something. Little did Peter know that Emmitt is playing him just another person who will take him to the end. He knows it’s important to keep people in the game that will take you to the final two. As I see it, Emmitt has Jillian, Andrew and Peter who will take him to the F2. Can’t believe how lucky Andrew has been. Looking foward to Gary returning but believe it will be short term, who is he going to work with? Even if they give him immunity he may go the next week if he doesn’t win everything. But than again one week in the house can change. Would love to see Jillian go …. i’d like her because she is competitive but without Emmitt would have not made good decisions. We hate the way she stresses in the HOH position. Would love to witness her stress from being on the block. I don’t she will get jury votes, her word means nothing and I think they all know it’s her and Emmitte’s HOH.


I am puzzled why Peter didn’t use the POV to save Topaz…..this will be his downfall in the game…..he should have saved Topaz and align with her because he is still a target anyways.

I honestly think that Peter thought that he was going to win HOH (booo hooo). I want Gary back in the house to shake things up and make the rest of these houseguests scatter like wild flowers…..

If Alec does get voted back in the house for some strange reason, it is not necessarily a bad thing because only him will go up against “The Beast Coasters” and take them out…..although he made some stupid mistakes in the game, either he or Gary can shake up the house and inflict some major damage on the power house……

My guess is that this will be an easy and relaxed week for the houseguests…..Talla will go home….if not, Peter


darn. I was hoping that Alec would be evicted and Topaz would figure out a way to stick around. I also find it kind of hilarious that production totally screwed over Topaz’s game during her 5 minutes as HOH, and are now going to have a twist that was screwed over by that twist (Topaz or Gary). I’m not even going to consider AJ or Alec getting voted in. Alec left a villian and AJ was not memorable enough. There could be sympathy votes for Topaz, but I think most likely people will vote to bring Gary in. Yes, its not the best twist ever BUT, I do think that if Gary gets voted back in, he could say that the earlier production twist (instant eviction + Alec’s stupidity) is really what led him to be voted out. And I do like the remaining houseguests (minus Peter, his DR sessions are just too much), but the game is boring now. If there are no remaining twists, then Peter and Talla will be voted out and then it will be between Andrew, Emmett and Jillian. BORING. As much as another twist is just another reminder of how unfair this “competition” is, it would make up for Gary having been booted largely because of the previous twist.




Who should you bring back?

Honestly let’s take a serious look at my rankings from the WORST TO THE BEST OPTION:

TOPAZ: She is very deserving because her strategy was to sleep, it may have been a bad strategy to others, but that’s subjective. Next, she was royally screwed by her alliance. MAIN CON: She won’t really help the game, she has no alliances with the remaining members and would probably get evicted out of hate for BBC’s actions.

GARY: The most exciting member of the jury house, and probably a physical threat to everyone. He would become target number one. MAIN CON: Alec would advise him to trust peter because that’s all who is left in the game, but Gary would probably find a way to get to Emmett and make a deal where he does Emmett’s dirty work and takes out Andrew or Peter. It all comes down to trust, and I know jillian doesn’t trust him, so Emmett more than likely won’t.

ALEC: He is definitely the most undeserving because he thought he could play the game smarter than everyone. His throwing of the POV was the last straw to me as to, you have to play your own game and not Dr. Will’s….His benefit would be that the shield would reunite and get revenge. MAIN CON: He may be a detriment to himself and find another way to “self evict” himself out of the house.

AJ: I think he easily is the best option to return because of the three stooges. Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY LOVES AN UNDERDOG. If AJ comes back the stooges will realign and knock out Jillian and Emmett if they can win a challenge. One more good thing is that I guarantee you that Peter would move over to the three stooges side because he knows he cannot win BBC against Emmett and Jillian. MAIN CON: AJ’s gameplay was the worst, he is NOT DESERVING, but at this stage of the game his insertion would cause the MOST PROBLEMS within the house.

MY VOTE IS AJ because of the stage of the house, if we were going for gameplay and excitement, I choose Gary or Alec.


Seriously Peter: You DON’T use the Veto REALLY??? Because Why? You think (after a week of trying to work with Jill/Emm & them not budging) you’ll be able to get them to keep you?

Come on.

What Peter SHOULD have done was take Topaz off the block which would have forced Emmett to put Andrew up & Topaz/Peter would’ve voted out Andrew. A VERY SMART MOVE b/c they would be getting rid of possibly the biggest threat at F2 to beat.

Then with Topaz’s long slender fingers she probably could’ve won HOH & put up Jemmett & they would have broken up the milk mance.

Obviously they don’t know about the twist but really in my opinion this was a really naive, stupid move by Peter.

I can only imagine he thought this would buy him favor with Andrew for saving his ass & Emmett/Jillian for not going against them but they are ALREADY saying it’s time for Peter to go.

I have to give Peter credit, he is able to operate from tunnel visions; his only allegiance is to Jemmett. He hasn’t once said wow Pete thanks I prob would’ve gone to jury if you didn’t do that. Peter probably hopes to get some return on investment from Andrew for his action but it’s unlikely as Andrew is only concerned about how he can beat both Emmett & Jillian in F3 now that he is recognizing Jill will likely win Part 1 & Emmett will likely win Part 2.

Normally I can’t stand twists but I have to say I’m looking forward to the likelihood Alec or Gary will return (likely Alec b/c of the drama) simply b/c the game has become too predictable. As much as I don’t mind anyone in the house I really like to see the battle especially when there is an underdog to root for.

Now Peter HAS to win POV to save his ass & maybe just maybe he’ll get Emmett to see Andrew would beat either of Jemmett in F2 & then vote him out. That’s when things could get really interesting if Alec returns & either he or Peter win the next HOH.

Bottom line IF Peter survives this week by winning POV (& he’ll have to in order to stay as much as Talla is annoying to the house) then he will either have his Shieldmance or Gary to work with next week. They’ll need to win HOH & then we can still have drama in the final weeks.


CORRECTION: The above is meant to say:

I have to give credit to ANDREW (not Peter)


In hindsight I actually think Topaz coming back into the game would be better:

1) Now that Talla sees what is going on with the Beastcoast she sees exactly where she sits which is at the bottom & I personally think her whole act is exactly that .. an act

2) Topaz really had a good vision of the game .. much better than anyone else as she saw Andrew as being a huge threat early & it turned out she was right

3) Topaz was the only one not in the Beast Coast Alliance to see it & even told Alec but he chose to ignore her as per usual

4) What happened to Topaz during her HOH was seriously the biggest breach ever in BB history. Can we even imagine ANY of the existing house guests recovering from a faux pas like that?

5) Add in how her own alliance turned on her (to their own detriment as it turned out) AND her showmance has yo-yo’d back & forth constantly depending on his view of her usefulness

And finally

6) Topaz would have NO PROBLEM putting up Jill, Emmett, Andrew or Peter.

Ideally I do want to see one of the beast coast leave this week & I’d rather it was Andrew or Emmett b/c otherwise it won’t matter who comes back. Then I’d love to see Topaz finally get her HOH & put up Emmett & Jillian with a view to replace Jill with Peter. Then b/c of the bond they would have to vote out Emmett.

I honestly feel Topaz got screwed in the game by the house & production & I truly feel she had the best read on the house of the people who did not have power. It’s much easier when you have HOH (or the alliance of the HOH) to see the house more clearly b/c everyone runs to you with information. The trick is seeing the house clearly when you have no power or worse yet are on the block.

For my own personal pleasure I want Topaz to come back so she has a choice of the following Nomination speeches:

Jillian: I know your bond is gold but I seriously wanted to look you in the eye while I put you up & also let you see for the 1st time there really is something more difficult than being HOH… welcome to the block!

Emmett: You’ve had the strongest twosome & threesome in the house for weeks. You’ve played a relatively pure game through your skills as a puppeteer but now it’s time for you to truly feel what it’s like to have to compete against your number 1.

Peter: You had a want-mance with Liza so sent me packing instead of making a big play which would have shaken up the house. I believe your jealousy clouded your vision which could possibly explain your unusually large ego; you’ve had a BAD read of people’s motives for a long time so let me help you out: When you are in a true alliance you are loyal, when you break that alliance you lose trust. I return the favor of your blindness & lack of loyalty by putting you on the block so you can have a true sense of what its like to wonder if your alliance has your best interest at heart & whether they will save you or back stab you on eviction night. I encourage you to enjoy that lack of knowing like I did for 5 weeks.

But alas, production is likely to bring back Alec to work with Peter (assuming he can even save himself this week) or Gary just for the drama in the house. I encourage people to vote for Topaz (although I suspect BB Production will make the call) because of the 4 people in the jury she is the most deserving & is the only one who got screwed by production in the first place… THEY OWE HER.


Wow, this game has become really predictable (even with all the “Powershifts”), although Tom was kinda a prick, i wished he would have stayed longer, along with Gary and even Liza.
Ugh this season really doesn’t help our “boring” stereotype…
Cmon Canada, you could have done better.

Mike Piff

I told you all earlier today that a houseguest would be coming back, the days left to people ratio just didn’t make sense. Is it me or is Peter the stupidest FU*K to play the game. If Peter used the POV on Topaz it would have left either Andrew or Jill left to go on the block and we all know it would have been Andrew. Peter and Topaz could have voted Andrew out keeping Lala in the house. Peter then could have gone to Lala and Topaz and started an alliance telling Lala, Emmett thinks your annoying blah blah blah. He then could have gone to Emmett and Jill and told them he knew they were working with Andrew and he wanted to work with them and the only way he could do that was getting rid of Andrew.

Simon is it me was I the only person thinking this the second peter won the POV? I love Andrew and would have been choked if he went home but this would have been a brilliant move and shook up the house. What do you think Simon?


You aren’t the only one Mike, I was so excited when Peter won b/c I assumed he would do EXACTLY that & remove Topaz especially b/c Alec had a conversation with Peter telling him if he made it to F2 the worst person to sit beside would be Andrew.

What a stupid, stupid move.

As per my post above I now hope Canada (or Production more accurately) bring back Topaz b/c she was the one house guest they screwed & I’d love to see her win HOH & exact revenge on any of Jill, Emmett or Peter!


As we get closer to the end of the first Canadian Big Brother I find myself wondering how the jury will vote especially since many in the house appear to either respect someone who can lie low & stay out of harms way or in contrast go hard to win every comp.

Surely there is a happy medium but what will the jury ultimately respect?

Jillian has gone back on her word on so many occasions after uttering my word is my bond so I wonder if the house will see past this flaw & reward her for her dominance in HOH comps (3 to date). Also, she has not performed well on Q & A comps so I don’t think she can win part 3 of the final HOH unless she beats Emmett to get there.

Emmett can lay claim to orchestrating many evictions through his milk-mance & state even when he wasn’t HOH he ran it but will the jury respect this type of play? Will he get nailed for having a lot of alliances as well?

Talla: Is she really this ditzy? Surely someone who regularly watches government channels & throws out some pretty accurate knowledge (it’s rare but she does slip up) isn’t this clueless. I wonder if this whole thing with her has been an act & if she makes it to the end will she all of a sudden unveil a worldly, intelligent lady who played the whole house just to get to the end.

Andrew: He is honest, hard working, humorous & competitive BUT he has no heart or at least it appears that way. After Peter’s bonehead move Andrew wasn’t even thankful for the save; he immediately wants him gone. Will this hurt him in jury. Also; it’s hard to imagine he’ll make F2 w/o a shake up b/c Jill will dominate the endurance & Emmett would likely beat him in physical. Won’t the jury want to see his strategy to that end? Why would he align with 2 people he knew could beat him in the final comp & knew wouldn’t take him over each other?

Peter: Up until this past week (AND ESPECIALLY TONIGHT) I actually thought Peter had a great strategy & good perspective of the house but I’m lost after tonight by his move not to save Topaz. Has he been in the house so long he can’t see the big picture anymore? I still think he can win oddly enough b/c he hasn’t really pissed anyone off (other than Topaz) & if he manages to stay this week it will likely mean he won his 3rd consecutive POV. If he then manages to either win the next HOH or F4 HOH he’ll have the hardware to go along with his 2 or 3 POV’s & an HOH heading into the last comp so he does have more than his social/strategic game to bring to the table. NOW: depending on whether they bring back Alec the jury will want to know why he should win since they’ll claim he hid behind Alec & I suspect if he makes F2 it will also be with the aid of Alec. Though I imagine the jury would give Peter the win over Alec since they won’t want to reward the twist.

Unlikely they bring back AJ & he can’t win even over Talla

Alec is so hated by so many he would be playing for 2nd unless he sat beside Talla

Topaz: Also doubt production would bring her back but if she got there, she certainly would have a decent chance given her showmance, alliance & BB production ALL screwed her over. Plus Topaz literally has the best LOYALTY speech of anyone as she never turned her back on Gary, her showmance or her alliance. I suspect if (AND THAT’s a BIG IF) Production brought her back even Jill & Emmett would give Topaz their vote given they had to lie & back stab more than Topaz & they might be moved by her ability to see the game clearly & play with loyalty.

So bottom line: My opinion is either Andrew, Emmett, Peter or Topaz could win & possibly Jill. I put the greatest odds on Emmett or Peter winning depending on how the twist plays out this week & who wins POV. If production wants Peter to remain they’ll make sure it’s not a purely physical challenge or else Peter will be gone.

The only other way Peter stays if he doesn’t win POV is if Talla self implodes on the block OR Andrew wises up & recognizes if he doesn’t get rid of one of his East Coast buddies he won’t make F2 so he would need to win POV remove Peter & then vote out Emmett clearing the path to take Jill with him to F2.

Anyone else want to add their perspective?


Whoever goes out this week is getting the shaft due to the Powerswift. Kind of unfair this late into the competition.


The next HoH competition will be watching paint dry for 12 hours, Peter will obviously win, followed by a PoV competition where you pat yourself on the back while simultaneously congratulating yourself, he wins again, and proclaims himself the best player ever.


I’m tired of Andrew’s accent. He’s like the creepy old dude who shows up at a high school party. People who are 38 and single are generally alone for a reason. The longer the show continues, he says more offensive/bizarre things and acts like a loser trying to be cool with the “in” crowd. Not that anybody left in the house is cool. NOT hot for teacher, emo elastic band Peter, ditzy Talla from lala land and hockey haired hoser Emmett are boring. So boring. I’d rather watch the Jury House happenings than the predictable ending to this season.

Looking forward to more happening, self-righteous American BB this summer 🙂




This would have been the perfect opportunity to get Andrew out of the house, but no, Peter had to get all sappy and avenge Liza. Peter I like you and all, but stop day dreaming about Liza taking your virginity and play the game.

Alex W.

If Alec or Topaz come back I will be so mad!! Bring AJ back for Andrew!! Or GARY because he actually brings entertainment to the show!!


stop saying Alec looks like Joe Jonas. …..Joe Jonas is HOT! Alec is NOT!


bring AJ back? are you F serious? We don’t need someone that talks in the 3rd person back. I have enough watching ELMO FFS. lol