Cass “Oh I’m just reading this because Jared said my family is very disappointed in me.”

POV Holder: Brothers Next POV April 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Cassandra’s Dad Next HOH: April 28th
Original Nominations: Brothers and Niki
Current Nominations: Jared and Nikki
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy
Have Nots Family members decided no have nots

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track, read our alliance help guide.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-28 07-38-09-049
10:40am HOH room – Cass is reading her letter and looking at her HOH photos for the last time. She tells Nikki that she’s sad to let this stuff go. Nikki asks is there nothing you can keep? Cass says no. Cass says Oh I’m just reading this because Jared said my family is very disappointed in me. “We all love watching you on TV, you look so beautiful and we’re so very proud of you. Just be yourself! Nikki says well there you go! Cass says “Play with integrity but most of all have fun!” Nikki says exactly. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-28 08-26-23-023
The feeds switch to Jared and Nick studying days/comps. Jared tells Kelsey that he is going to have another talk with Joel and tell him he was going to take him to final 3. Kelsey tells Jared she doesn’t think he will believe it. You have to make it believable. Kelsey tells Jared to tell Joel with you in the house, you’re target before him. Kelsey and Jared feel they’ve played a great game. Jared calls Nikki and Cass fake and two faced. Kelsey says calling someone out on their sh*t is catty… its being real. Kelsey and Jared start arguing about her wanting to tell Joel that he’s sh*tty at competitions. Kelsey says my angle is that you shouldn’t be afraid of people who are good at competitions. Kelsey says I’m done talking about it. Jared says you can go talk to him but you don’t put people down. Kelsey says its not putting people down.. its his reality. Its how you use the people who are good at competitions. You’re making me feel like its the stupidest idea in the world. You do that every time I come to you with an idea. Jared says he’s sorry. Kelsey says its fine. Jared says its never fine, when its fine.

11:30am Big Brother blocks the feeds…

12:45pm Still blocked..

4:25pm Still blocked… the live feeds will be blocked until after tonight’s Double Eviction episode is over.

Watch the Big Brother Canada 4 Live Feeds anywhere in the world with HideMyAss VPN.

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Haha Kelsey says Joel is bad at competitions yet he has won an HOH, Kelsey what have you won?
I hope she says that to him and then he wins the DE HOH and sends her packing just because she said that haha


please dont save this idiot BB!!!


I love Cass more and more!!! Winnipeg would be more disappointed if she didn’t nominate and get rid of Jared. Please BB gods let anybody but Kelsey and the brothers win HOH tonight!!!!


Interesting that Kelsey wants to tell Joel that he is shitty at competitions yet when the brothers were HOH and they told Kelsey that she was shitty at competitions she was highly offended. Kelsey can dish it out, but cannot take it. I am so fucking tired of her and Jared. I bet they are fine outside of BBCAN but in the house they are the two biggest douchebags this season and maybe of all BBCAN seasons.


Jared ‘Marble Mouth’ and Kelsey ‘Mean Girl’, the douche duo make me sick. Anyone else playing the game..’how dare they!’…you’re either with us or against us…They can’t seem to understand the game. Very painful to watch them and the brothers. Not a great season to be sure.


Kelsey is the biggest hypocrite. The first time her and Raul were on the block, all week she said she didn’t want to be in the house and wanted to go home. Now she is trying to use that against Nikki! She should just stop talking at this point, it’s so painful.


They are all mean girls, NOT just kelsey. stop with that BS. Nikki has said the most ignorant things of all the girls and that includes everything maddy has ever said.


I really don’t understand Kelsey at all, was she just a plant in the house to ensure Jared gets further? It’s like she doesn’t even care about her own game, just Jared’s. With him gone, then she’s no longer a threat and can go further, maybe even try a secret girls alliance with Cass/Nikki since she’d have a better chance against them in final 3…but instead she’s hell bent on getting the boys further, whether it’s Jared or the brothers. I like the Cass/Joel alliance, they’re playing the game.


Kelsey and Jared never even applied to be in the game. They were recruited and are likely getting paid something just for showing up. Producers obviously wanted to keep them to get their money’s worth, but the fact that both of them never watched the game before is clealry showing and is ruining this season.


Shout out to whoever is going to attend tonight’s show! Please pay close attention to what Jared says to Arisa, then watch the tv show, and tell us all that BB cut out!
I’d really want to know what BB is trying so hard to hide with the Jared/Cass thing, and just how much production had to “convince” Nikki to stay time and time again. (pulling the fire alarm and opening the fire exit used to mean instant expulsion – here, it’s not even a penalty nomination vote)
Me merely writing this comment here is probably enough to cause a block of the live feeds! 😉


Kelsey is working up a huge stinky stress shit during her fight with Jared. I love nothing more than seeing them implode on their last day together… two stubborn, egotistical, jerks. They’re perfect for each other. I couldn’t help but laugh when Jared said that other players could have nothing bad to say about him because ‘there is nothing bad.’ He’s so full of himself.

BYE BYE JARED. Have fun in jury getting gummers from Maddy and Raul.


Bye Jared, I’m sorry I defended you early on. You are not a good guy, and more importantly not a good player.

Ariana Grande stinks!

I’m kinda sorry for Jared. Would have been better if Kelsey was in his situation right now… but above all I would LOVE to see The Douchebag Bros join Jared in the exit interview with Arisa Cox.


Omg jared is mad desperate if he’s telling Joel that he’ll take him to the Final 3. Lol. Wow dude just accept the inevitable. The only way he stays is if Tim flips i.e production interferes because if you want to win Jared has to go. It’s strategy not personal. Jared telling Cass her family is disappointed in her is 100%BS. Jared you don’t speak for another person’s family hust too damn arrogant! Bye Felicia!


LMAO …. bye bye Felicia


Where’s my comments about Jared needing to go home?


kelsey and jared really seem to have to clue how to play this game


like lets ask for his vote ..than insult him ……wait what ?!!


Im not sure if its been posted but does anyone know the link for a live stream of the episode tonight?


Thanks so much! 🙂

sunny dee

last night’s After Dark, Jared is saying ‘joel tells cassandra everything’,

later, he, kelsey and the brothers in various conversations saying ‘oh, we’ve got joel’s vote, for sure, he doesn’t have any of those others, no one is taking him, so we tell him we are taking him, and we’re good.”

I’m like, oh, hey, didn’t you all just talk about how joel tells cassandra everything? and that doesn’t make you think that he is close with cassandra and super unlikely to vote any way other than how cassandra would want him to vote?

the delusions are very strong in the brothers, phil is so super excited he finally got a pat on the head from Jared, he can’t see anything beyond that. jared doesn’t even remember, 3 days later, that Sarah won BB CAN 3, he’s that clueless about the game, why isn’t tim, a diehard BB fan, not more interested in making sure that Joel and Cassandra, who are also actual real fans, getting to the end with him? (and i don’t include nick for a reason, since phil has decided for nick what their game plan is. sure nick is on board and going along, but it isn’t like he ever really had a choice. which also makes me wonder, considering ramsey is not in jury and there will be an even number of voters, are the brothers expected to split to make it uneven? even if the internationals don’t get to vote, it still leaves an uneven number. but no real sign that anything else is going to happen like a canada vote


Never know. Depending on Ramsey’s situation, he could return for Jury since he was guaranteed a spot anyhow-or Canada votes.


Arisa already said that Ramsey can’t be part of the jury.


Ramsey is NOT returning this season. He isn’t even returning to join the jury. This was made clear by Arisa among other things.

So the turd order seems to be….
1) Timmy- Aussie turd
2) Cassie- douchebag turd
3) Nikki- crybaby turd
4) Joel- do nothing turd and bottom of the turd barrel

One of these turds floats to the end.


Wrong all the way around, some people are as delusional in here as dumb and dumber, and Kermit and ratatouille (Kelsey, reminds me of a rat for some reason). Those 4 are the only delusional floaters, with no ideas how the games played. You can get through BB for a little while floating and winning one or two competitions along the way, but your lack of knowledge and intelligence will eventually catch up to you and the witty, strategic players will take over which is what’s happening now. And I’m tired of people not realizing why Nikki’s there. We know she’s there for the entertainment and not for her Dr. Will strategies. If your that dense to think “she’s so horrible at competitions and just wines all the time.” Yes!!!! That’s why she’s there, to make us laugh. No ones saying she’s a mastermind. And if I have to hear the 8 year old bros talk about a Canadian winning again, I’m gonna puke, so ignorant, and unintelligent. Sound so immature. If there’s any non Canadians posting just know in no way do the idiot bros represent Canada, if anything the opposite.


Ramsey is done, he wont be voting on the winner.. I don’t know why ppl think there is a chance he will get to be on jury. He has been out in the real world, his view is tainted. I’m not sure how they will handle the even number of people in the jury – they could have the brothers split then – canada vote or draw a name to who will not be voting, there are many options.


if there is instant eviction who goes home?


Just very disappointed in this show. Nikki should get a return flight home. Why you say? She’s not playing the game but riding on the coat tails of others. She’s nothing but a whining bitch.


yet how did sarah win?


Time to send the whining bitch home. ( Nikki ). She hasn’t played the game instead she is riding the coat tails of all. Bye Bye Nikki!!


yet look who whined and won last season


So Cass has started her pity party , really hope no one falls for it ! Of course Joel will but I would love to see Tim jump ship and vote to keep Jared , it would make for great tv to see Cass grovel after her week of hoh ! I have no real favourites in this years cast so I don’t really care who wins , however Cass is the most annoying to me and needs to go !


Agreed. Liked Nikki before but her sense of entitlement and her smug holier then the rest attitude is getting old. She’s not done anything but sit there and stuff her face and whine about things. A few funny tantrums does not make for a memorable or good BB player. This season has been one epic fail after another. Just imagine if Mitch, Dallas or Loveita were still in the game. Things would be interesting but intead they are BEYOND DULL & BORING.


they say crying doesnt win in big brother oops!


let throw out the instant eviction who goes ghome if does happen im going brothers or kelsey?


Funny how Kelsey said the other night, “my sister said everyone loves me”. Yeah, I would probably lie to you too if everybody actually despised me. Kelsey, you’re not Canada’s sweetheart nor is you girlfriend, Jared.
Actually, I was wondering all this time what people were keeping them around for. They’re both despicable and entitled people who are used to getting everything and when they don’t they take it extremely personal and end up hating you. Horrible players.


Canada votes Nikki in they should have know what they were doing. Nikki is a character and that is what she was voted in for. I’d love to meet her in person. A contract or something probably was signed and she said several times she didn’t think she’d make it this far. The house is responsible for keeping her in. Her value and one of the most important is that she is number. Be nice …. they are people.


from what i jyst jared lwft 3-1 tim and joel chopping block bros won hoh


Live feeders chat are saying that Jared was voted out. Second eviction, brothers won and put up Tim and Nikki and Nikki was voted out. Not sure if the information is accurate but they are saying they got it from Hamsterwatch.



Jared evicted 3-1 Kelsey voted against Jared!!

Nick won HOH for the brothers. Tim & Nikki nominated
Cass won POV and saved Tim. Joel went up as renomination.
Nikki voted out on her birthday.

Here at home

I don’t understand all the Nikki hate. She’s the perfect person to take to the end because no one will vote for her. It’s kind of refreshing/different to have a house guest who doesn’t care about winning and doesn’t seem to really understand (or care to understand) the game. t think she adds a comic element to the season. I’d rather have Nikki stay than Jared and Kelsey who have become so boring to watch.


Kelsey and the brothers are now in a tough position. One of them has to win hoh because it is basically three against two the freak show (Tim Cass and Joel) against the holier than thow we don’t lie, manipulate whine or malign Kelsey and dumb and dumber. Tim and Joel for the final and even though I am Aussie Joel has been the most level headed true to himself player and true to his word and I would like him to win. Having said that was most impressed with Tim talking Cass and Nikki down from imploding the other day. That’s the Tim we know and love.


pax easy get outt because soon 1 goes the other gotta follow him out the door!


It is sad that most of you are saying mean, things about house guests and BBCAN. Cut them some slack and keep to comments about how they play. Don’t be so judgemental. Just enjoy the show. If you don’t like the show or houseguests don’t waste your time. It is very unappropriate for Canada to read these mean horrible comments.
Thank you.