Big Brother Canada 4 April 28 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Kelsey Next HOH: May 9th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, Nikki
Have Nots ?

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dawg and simon if tims win this who you like see him play in bb 18?


ya iknow allstar world where outsiderr arounf the world are pick like tim anf nikki where they won before right

Nikki Grahame

Can’t hear You, take that co*k out of your mouth!


Wow! I joked about the bros maybe being challenged a bit, but it’s for real. BBC f’d up. Not fair to the viewers,and as much as I cringe watching the brosk, it’s really not fair to them. BB must have psychiatrists and psychologists involved in recruiting. They shoulda been able to tell the bros have a mentality of a 7 year old , I hated them before cause they sound so ignorant , but BBC production does have some blame not putting players that have no intelligence. That’s the only reason I feel bad for the bros. Their just not bright people and they shouldn’t have been casted in the first place


I find Tim very apathetic.

If he wins he wins, if he loses he loses, no big deal, so phlegmatic.

His whole general attitude is – meh – and to me its a little boring as he just doesnt seem to care that much about this version of the game.

Its like he was booked to narrate in dr rather than play.


I think that’s an act Tim is putting on. I think he wants to win more than anything. And I actually think he deserves it. He’s smart and knows how to work this game.


fair enough, but for me i just dont get the vibe he really wants it as much as he should, but i suppose he is a very laid back personality


kelsey need tim and cass thren hope tim win pov then put paxs bros


Well, actually Joel would have to for suuure win POV and save either Tim/Cass so bros have no choice but to go up.


No way Kelsey knows she can only work with bros


kelsey wouldnt vote jared haha


Ummm, you do understand that the only reason Kelsey voted against Jared was to ensure the votes would not be a tie, therefore denying Cassandra the chance to cast the tiebreaking vote that would send Jared out. As promised yesterday, Joel went to Jared just before the show went live to confirm that he was not voting to keep him. Once Jared knew for sure the vote would be a tie, he and Kelsey decided they were not giving Cassandra the satisfaction of voting Jared out. So, if Cassandra manages to make final two, she will not be able to say she was responsible for getting Jared out – at least not technically. Yes, she put him on the block but it was Joel, Tim, and Kelsey who voted him out.

littering and littering and littering and smoking the reefer

so petty, its like boring jareds worst fear in all of the world is a cass tiebreaker speech against him – he cant stand that a female that he thought was weak was the one to get him out of the house – stupidly didnt try very hard at all to try to sway cass – went cowardly scared kamikaze instead of like a man with balls

looks like he is the jealous cuckold type – the only reason kelsey has been in the bros corner all season with jared wanting the bros out and kelsey getting her way and flirting with them daily knowing it annoys him is because kelsey will hook up with phil on finale night, maybe nick too, and jared gets to watch (kelsey said more than once she would sleep with phil)

leaving due to refusing to cut his girly hair knowing he was the most likely renom is laughable – he was staring final 5 and 100k in the face and chose his hair as more important

comparing him to emmett is a major insult to emmett


Well, at least Bros are entertaining and competitive. Now Kelsey will have to put the person with least chance to win veto and that’s gonna be 5050.

sunny dee

kelsey plays for revenge, not strategy. she isn’t going to do anything other than try to get cass or tim out and she will have the votes, no matter how it falls, because she is the tie breaker. altho, the brothers owe joel one, so maybe it will go another way. she will put up cass and tim tho, and it will remain on joel to win pov and take one of them down, to ensure th brothers are the only option.

i just don’t see any of that happening tho. i’d like to see the threak 3 get to final 4 at least. kelsey reminds me of the do nothing BBCAN 3 blonde whatever her name was (ashley?) who ended up winning her way to F3 with sarah and Godfrey, only reason she got there was win win win, after not winning anything or anything much.


I am wondering if Kelsey is still secretly working with Cass.


Of course Kelsey is going to play on revenge! Do you think she is going to nom the brothers because its strategically better for her???
Anyways, I would LOVE to see Joel win veto. He COULD choose to go with the status quo, and take Cass & Tim to F3..He is much more liked socially than Cass and Tim’s, plus their gameplay is almost interchangeable. They are likely to take each other to F2.
I think though, strategically, he could offer a F2 with Kelsey. (Anyone beside her WILL sweep the Jury, minus 2) PLUS, he would have a deadly speech, since he already evicted her once…
As well, he could simultaneously get the Bros to swear on their honor or some shit on national TV to promise to take him to F2. There would be no reason not to believe them; with all that falling on the sword routine. Plus, they think they are Canada’s heroes. Easy Manipulation.

It would be tough, since Cass and Tim would expose him… But those 2 think they are lying all the time anyways… I think it’s worth a thought.

Worth a thought…


Don’t see how she is playing for revenge. She won’t beat Tim or Cass in F2 and there is no benefit to leaving an obvious trio(Joel/Tim/Cass) in the house. Plus if she gets the person out who got Jared out she’ll have something on her resume.


Kelsey chance of beating Tim/Joel/brothers in final 2 = 0%

Kelsey chance of beating Cass in final 2 as Cass is so disliked by certain jury members and is female = higher than 0%

@sunny dee

“Play for revenge”??
What do you expect her to nominate the bros and keep the freak show alliance all together?? How does that make any sense? Tim and cass are bigger threats than Joel. Obviously they should be noninated.
This is the dumbest comment I’ve ever seen its like blindness hate on someone for no reason.


Well Cass is pretty hyprocrite

When Loveita put her up she was so bitter.

And now when she betrayed and did the same thing to bros she’s like nothing and tell bros to respect her decision

Now Kelsey is up, will see what she can control


Apparently , Cass and Tim are bullies


Production for the win


Actually they can only impact with twist. After every DI is an endurance challenge so Kels will always have the adv


Honestly, I am not really pulling for anyone (don’t know if production can say the same), but just a couple of points. First off, for those who were saying Cassandra should have just left Tim on the block, I think with the brothers saying they wouldn’t put Joel up that she figured well then maybe they would put up Kelsey. I know, long shot, but so is self nominating. Secondly, I think Kelsey would be smart to try and put the two strongest from the Freak Show Alliance up, not necessarily the two she wants out, because then if they win they pull themselves off and another member goes up…I just don’t know who the weakest of the three are?


I really don’t care who wins either. I picked Mitch & Joel from the beginning. But i’d have to say Joel is the weakest out of the Freakshow. He’s only won 1 HOH and he had the help of Mitch. He’s bombed any phisical or mental competition (sure, he could have thrown them). That being said he’s played a good game as a floater/non-threat and i expect him still be here next week if he’s on the block with Tim or Cass.


Cass made a very rash decision to take tim down, it may cost her. Her F2 is with joel, he may now doubt her because she wanted to make everyone squirm. It didn’t matter if Tim was up unless you don’t trust joel. Why go that extra mile for Tim while planting any seed of doubt in Joel’s mind?


Would be cool to see a secret veto this week lol


they all need to get their shit together.

production decides

tim said that this would be rigged for the bros or kelsey to win, and it was. nikki went. but now kelsey is in charge, and the only way for this alliance most viewers are rooting for – freakshow – will remain in tact is if production ensures that joel wins veto and saves one of them from the block. that would force the bros on the block and they’d have the votes to send the bros to jury. i hope production either gives some twist or secret veto to them, or rigs this veto like they did the hoh. i dont want tim or cass out of the game.


The hoh was likely set up before the double eviction… Nikki would’ve also been good at endurance, tim and Joel probably didn’t do to badly either… This was NOT rigged – we haven’t seen an endurance challenge for quite some time either (and the bros wouldn’t be too good either I don’t think).
A secret veto at this point is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s final 5. What if the 2 people not nominated got the regular veto and the secret veto lol
You want production to throw this veto to freak show but also complain about production throwing hoh to Kelsey? If anything that is hypocritical.


This may get some thumbs down but I actually feel kind of bad for Jared. You can tell that he acts the way he does because he is really insecure.

Little Red Corvette

I don’t think hes “really insecure”. We all have our insecurities don’t we. I think he didn’t know how to play the game and didn’t understand the “butt kissing or friending people you don’t really like” part of it. I get that. I know it would be hard for me to do the butt kissing to, Esp when it was somebody who you find to be annoying or dumb and now you have to go play nice nice with some shit heel.
I think he’s okay. I didn’t mind him and people comparing him to Emmett was just stupid. Emmett knew the game and he was a real arrogant bully, he just did it with a smile. 🙂


Insecurity is the one thing in the world nobody should ever feel sorry for. Insecurity caused world war II as well as every other violent conflict in the history of mankind. Insecurity is the absolute poison of the world.


That escalated quickly…


Missing Nikki on feeds …


On the other hand the microphones are having a well earned break


What exactly do you miss about Nikki in the feeds. Her sleeping? Her not in the room? Maybe it was all her excessive whining about nothing or maybe people looking at her. Good riddance to her. The poor jury house.

Chucky's Back

The fact that Cass won the veto is not the problem, its that she just made a deal with the brothers 1 second before saying don’t worry I wont use it. WE all understand why she used it BUT she didn’t make a deal with all of us. The brothers made a mistake and should have put her up but they didn’t. Cant blame her for trying to save her ass just like others do. I don’t know why she bothered though because she didn’t need to use that veto. Votes would have been the same and she could have kept her word. Now shes sulking and expecting Tim to sit in a room by himself because she’s the one who reneged on her deal.
Her cocky ass is eating a large portion of humble pie. Not a problem to get the people you want out, but you don’t have to be a raging bitch while doing it either. They might still be a vote in jury.


love the risk taking, its great entertainment, was a memorable moment

would have been all good had freakshow won hoh

can still be good if they win pov


Cass just needs to let Kelsey know that Kelsey wouldnt even be there had Cass not pushed for Raul to be the Maddy renom and that Cass was the only one other than Jared who voted for her to stay the first time she was on the block, and was one of the most vocal to vote her back in

Also more importantly should tell her in 20 north american seasons only twice has a female won against a male in final 2 and that was Jill aided by the Topaz vote error and Sarah who had alot of twists in her favor

If Kelsey uses her hoh to get revenge for Jared then she costs herself the game because she will be then against 3 males that would all for sure beat her

Its also clear the best chance of Kelsey winning is against Cass due to who is in jury, i dont think Kelsey will beat anyone in final 2, but against Cass she would at least have a better chance

Will be interesting to see how dumb Kelsey really is and to see if she chooses emotional over strategic or not

The remaining houseguests are underestimating just how much of an impact on the jury getting Jared out will make in favor of Cass…Mitch’s and Maddy’s eyes will light up, and it will be interesting to see just how much work Mitch puts in trying to sway people to vote for good gameplay with Jared going all out to try to get the jury to vote emotionally against someone like Cass or in favor of someone like Kelsey…in jury perhaps right now Jared and Mitch will fight to influence Raul…and Nikki and Maddy will vote with Mitch…if Tim/Joel are in jury then they, along with Nikki and Mitch and Maddy vote for Cass against Kelsey, and I think Cass would get the Canada vote as well

I think Cass beats both Kelsey and the brothers…she has played better overall and had more influence than Joel and won more comps than him but he is more liked so that could be close depending on what happens…she probably would lose to Tim just because he is Tim, but the anti international winning factor could make it closer, and i also think she has had a better strategic game than Tim

If after veto ceremony Tim is still on the block, the brothers, and if its a tie, Kelsey, would be dumb not to vote him out…but I think Joel might win veto, save Cass, and the brothers leave

No way does Kelsey deserve to win having already been evicted and also getting an entire week off as well as being poor on a strategic level

In a season of fiesty females props to Cass for being the last female standing in terms of the only female left to have not been evicted

another name

What i saw on feeds:
Phil admits Nick wanted to nominate Cass and Tim. Phil over ruled him. Phil made a deal with Cass. Cass broke the deal. Nick was mad at Phil. Hot tub cam 3 at 51:40:00 ish.
Tim and Cass talk about threekshow being with Nikki. Cass and Joel keep exchanging glances. Joel starts to flush. Kelsey pieces together it was with Joel. Kelsey tells Nick. Kelsey and Nick mention this about 51:30:00 ish in hot tub on cam 3 before going to hoh to discuss it on cam 1 51:40:00. Cass voice over in parts about how she hates everyone.
Cass is crying or fake crying (not sure) to Joel about how she’s getting attacked by everyone, and nobody is defending her and how she’s taking all the blame for her secret alliance. Joel is trying to talk her off the ledge and correct her attack first mentality. hot tub room 52:00:00 cam 3 and 4.
Phil and Nick talk in bathroom about having Kelsey taking them to final, thinking Joel will as well on cam 1 52:10:00
The brother do spin control to make their double eviction catastrophe into a good move in their minds. They delude themselves that everyone will take them to the final two. cam 4 half hour after cass cries.
Joel and Cass whisper about possible nominations, trying to get brothers nominated with Tim and how to spin Kelsey. Cass trying to get Joel to do all the smoothing with Kelsey for her. Phil finds them whispering. In pantry Phil asks Joel about what they were talking about. pink room followed by pantry 53:05:00 cam one.
Joel alone in hot tub area whispering about jury votes and alliances while drinking a beer. Trying to think of final five and four situations from season 3. Keeps whispering French connection as well as Jared and Kelsey. Seems to be worrying about Cass blowing up. cam switches to Tim sleeping. cam one and two. 53:25:00 or 53:35:00
Meanwhile on cam 4 Nick, Phil and Kelsey listen to music. 41:15:00 they discuss who to target. emotion says Cass evicted, logical side Tim evicted. Kelsey says Joel will stick with Cass no matter what. Kelsey reiterates how stupid Phil was to target Nikki and Tim instead of Cass and Tim. Don’t let Phil do any more thinking. brothers go to bed.
Returning to Joel alone 41:35:00 cam 4 in hot tub room. nodding off with beer moves to back yard after grabbing a chicken wing. still whispering while chewing on wing. Looking around at the pictures on the outside wall to figure out his moves and jury votes it’s safe to assume. Goodnight announcement come on. Joel scurries inside a couple more inaudible whispers.


Curious: When Topaz voted the wrong way by mistake the vote had to remain as it stood.

I’m curious then why the Bros were allowed to CHANGE their minds (after coercion from Ariza) about putting themselves on the block. Shouldn’t that been locked in as soon as they said it?


I’m wondering if she asked “are you sure” to buy her some time for production to let her know if it was even possible for an HOH to nominate themselves. Never been done and probably shocked her like the rest of us.


I’m wondering if she asked “are you sure” to buy her some time for production to let her know if it was even possible for an HOH to nominate themselves. Never been done and probably shocked her like the rest of us. And Topaz was different. She was told what to do and she physically locked in her vote.


When Topaz made her choice the name was already in the key box. If she wasn’t trying to be funny and have an “in your face moment” with Jillian, the idiot would have paid attention to what she was doing. Point being, the key was already laid.
No one was sitting in the seat yet when they were making their decision so why would it be a big deal for them to say “us, k no, Joel.” Obviously it has never been done before and I am sure Arissa was waiting to hear if it was okay for them to do that. I think when she got the “ok” she asked them “are you sure” that’s when they changed their minds, thank god how dumb would that have been.


So hard watching Cass tonight being a coward all night long. She made some strong moves but she brought things on herself also. Then she blames Tim for saving him. But at least Tim laid things all out for everyone to see in a some what of a subtle way by the jacuzzi and made sure he wasn’t going down with a sinking ship by himself and let the Brothers and Kelsey know Joel is also part of the Alliance. Smart move it buys himself some time to figure something out with Kelsey on his own. Even though Kelsey plays more on an emotional level rather than strategic Tim can change that in one conversation with her. We have seen him do that before with other players. The Brothers have nothing on Tim when it comes to that department. Plus Kelsey already is harping on them for making a deal with Cass during that POV during the double tonight. I don’t think for one minute Kelsey believes the Brothers will take her to F2 – I also don’t believe that she thinks they would keep her over Cass in F3. As much as Cass effed up tonight so did the Brothers. Kelsey is just better at hiding everything right now.

Chowder Head

Oh Boo friggin Hoo Cass. Goes to Joel to blubber because she knows he will listen and feel bad. I think its funny how now its Woes Me now yet she was smirking like the cat who swallowed the canary when she used that veto. She thought that was the best back stab ever and now she’s slobbering about it. Piss off honey. Through all her tears to Joel, love how she adds in “I wanted to make it to Final 4″… “I never get emotional in this house.” That’s because now your in jeopardy for reals you little biatch. I guess she’s waiting for Joel or Tim to blow up their games for her to have her “spot”.
Bye Bye Bye..


Go Kelsey!, You show the haters, your studying paid off!, Screw the Freakshow


what went on with tim and the bowling game?..cameras never showed him playing and from a distance it looked like he didn’t knock down not one bowling pin… surely he couldn’t have been that hopeless…and as if he wouldn’t have wanted HOH?


Though many probably won’t agree, I do feel for Cass b/c she made all the moves she has made to protect the Freak Show.

She knew Jared was unlikely to target her but went after him anyway. She knew leaving Tim on the block would regain trust from the Bros and they still could have lost Nikki,. But she accomplished the goal of forcing the Bros to show Joel that Kelsey was their F2 not him AND she knew it would potentially steer Kelsey/Bros into
believing Joel was either with them or a floater. *Notably Nick said to Phil that it’s obvious Joel is with Tim/Cass funny how now they are saying “we were NEVER a part of the middle group”.

So, I was a bit disappointed in what Joel said to Nick: “I don’t know why she’s coming to me, her actions spoke… blah, blah, blah”. It wasn’t necessary to be that emphatic about it. Sure, I get its an individual game but now Cass is carrying all the blame/burden from moving the Freak Show ahead. And if the Bros truly know that’s the case then why call Cass all these names especially with their claims to having so much integrity.

Tim is already planting seeds. I’m sure they are all still aligned, but the boys could be a lot more
sympathetic to her.

Who knows depending on what happens this week (i.e. Cass remains on the block beside Tim after POV is played) she may go to Kelsey and tell her everything. Kelsey said she respected Cass for taking Tim off the block, so perhaps if presented with the middle ground intel Kelsey would then understand why things
occurred as they did.

Further Cass can still claim she never turned on Kelsey and the only reason she went for Jared was purely
game. Since Phil did run to Cass which ticked off Kels perhaps then she would understand the Bros were in fact playing both sides and started their HOH with the intention of putting up J/K.

If things get really bad then Cass has to get emotional with Kelsey and say this is so unfair I know Jared/you were going to take out Tim and didn’t b/c Joel wouldn’t. And she can say Kelsey you know you wanted either of Tim, Joel or the Bros out over Jared. I respect that, but I never called you out like you did me, I told you up front I had your back and I did. The entire house is calling me a liar but ALL of you have lied whereas I’m
getting burnt for being loyal by not outing all your games. It might serve to make Kelsey realize it’s better to take out one of the guys.

I hope it works out for The Freak Show and Cass makes it to F4 and wins HOH. At least then she’ll have safety. I also am crossing my fingers whichever one of the FS isn’t on the block wins POV so they all move ahead.

After the Bros almost putting themselves on the block tonight & being given a reprieve I really want to see them end up on the block.

We’ll see what happens, but in my mind (other than the showmances), Cass has demonstrated via her actions her loyalty more than anyone, so I’m hoping the BB Gods work in her favor.

Expecting Cass & Tim on the block and an OTEV POV which would likely come down to one of the boys
winning. What does everyone else think?

Sofa Damnit

Good on Joel and Tim for getting Cass to do their dirty work for them. She thinks a big move is going against your word. Meh that’s what she gets.


Well I did say not everyone would agree. And now it doesn’t matter b/c Tim just gave up the Freak Show &
purposely hemmed & hawed long enough so that when he was about to say Joel said Nikki instead which \
resulted in the FS being outed regardless. Well there you go people, many thought Cass would be the first one to blow them up, but nope it was our friendly Aussie Tim.

Not sure whether to be impressed by him shining the target on Cass/Joel or pissed he had zero loyalty after both Joel and Cass saved him in simultaneous weeks. Given how dumb the Bros are and how dialed in Kelsey is on Cass this will likely serve to take out Cass or Joel

I mean it is smart b/c he prob thinks Joel won’t try for POV to have to show his hand. That way Tim gets to work on the house ousting Cass. Or if by chance Cass wins POV (or again, Joel) so she comes down then he’ll use some crazy rationalization to tell the FS he did it to rile up the house to focus on him. Gotta hand it to him he’s smart.

I can’t even be mad at Tim b/c they ALL should have known better. .Then again, perhaps its the season, b/c normally I’d either be ticked off or sad. I’m neither. While I’d prefer to see one of Cass/Joel win esp over the Bros/Kelsey I’m not invested. Tim has played a strong game, they just never realized he’s only loyal to one
person: himself. If he wins (or makes F2) he deserves it!

One thing: the Bros got it wrong, there may be a snake in the house but it’s an Australian Copperhead! lol


Lets be real here any of them in F2 with Kelsey will WIN !!! Kelsey will only have 2 votes Jared and Raul. Shes done NOTHING til tonight. Joel MUST win Veto and Bye Bros !!


agree 100%


Kelsey has done nothing? How do you figure? She survived the block how many times? She was the reason Jared made it this far. She is very social so im not sure what you’re saying.
I mean I know she hasn’t won the amount of things Joel has or has strategized as much as him and been as social. – Sarcasm. )
“She’s done nothing” pft shes done very well for being hated since day one!


Everyone keeps bypassing Joel and that’s their main mistake . He is running away with the game .


I have a few questions re BB rules, does the hoh HAVE TO listen to every house guest campaign as to why they should not be nominated (or a re nom)? For example could Kelsey refuse to listen to or engage in any conversation with Cass due to Kelsey being so butthurt her showmance got axed from the game by Cass?

Is the hoh permitted to refuse entry to any or all others in hoh room during their hoh week or is it deemed a common area like any other part of the house during non sleeping hours?

Also do all voters HAVE TO listen to each 2 nominated houseguests campaign to stay or is that up to each players decision?

What would production do if the brothers could not agree on a vote or nomination or their jury vote?

Was it a genuine mistake that Arissa said “are you sure” when the brothers wanted to nominate themselves? I thought the rules are you cant nom or re nom yourself


HOH doesn’t HAVE to do anything. It’s common courtesy to listen to everyone’s campaign, but if Kels wants to refuse to talk to Cass, she has every right to do so. As such, she is also allowed to kick people out of her room if she so wishes. Same goes for Veto holder and voters afterwards. They don’t HAVE to listen to specific campaigns.

Whoever’s turn it was to play HoH/POV that week likely has final say in who to vote out / nominate. As for jury vote, I have absolutely no clue. Good question.

Arisa was probably buying herself time to ask production about the rule, herself, as nothing like that has been done before.

Question regarding kelsey & nick hoh vid

how did the freakshow alliance get exposed?

another name

Before going to the hot tub room Tim tells everyone in the kitchen that Nikki had tried to make a deal with them, but they said it was too late in the game to be making deals.
Once in the hot tub room, discussion starts of past failed alliances in the house. Tim begins to talk about the threekshow. Says he shouldn’t say. Cass tells him to stop. Phil gets more insistent that he wants to know. Joel keeps saying we should all just be celebrating that we’re final five. Tim reveals the name. Brothers ask who the members were. Hemm and haw. He says Tim Cass and one more before including Nikki.
Kelsey comes out of d/r and joins the conversation as Joel and Cass are trading glances, Joel keeps trying to change the subject. Kelsey notices the glances and Joel’s discomfort. Nick notices something is up. Tim and Cass leave. as Joel and Phil are talking in tub, Kelsey says to Nick that the alliance exists, but she thinks they’ve lied about the membership. Nick says they’re on the same page. They leave to discuss it in the HOH.


Hilarious seeing Kelsey and brothers fuming that Cass outsmarted Phil with the veto deal during the hoh and Nikki leaving instead of one of the freakshow


I think the brothers will be 2 votes in jury in case of a tie




Are they not foreigners?

Ariana Grande stinks!

Yes they are, but after 63 days he could learn their names — there are only two of them. Rube is a rube is a rube…


Whats funny to me is cass crying. Wasn’t only a couple of days ago she was using her snarky bitch voice tellng tim jared was in the hoh room crying to her. Didn’t she and tim make fun of him for it? Kelsey has to know shes got to put tim/cass up…i thik joel would throw the veto so he doesn’t have to decide not to use it or who to use it on. The brothers move was stupid..should have been cass/tim – even kelsey said that. They iMO blew it when they started to get pissy with cass before she even had the chance to say what she was going to do with the POV. dumbest move of the game. then cass assured the brothers she wouldn’t use veto if she won it, when she did she showed everyone who is important to her..its not them..they know that now. im not sure who woud be best to get out..but i think it would be cass…brothers would have to win next hoh and get out tim…they don’t want him if F2 if they want to win. Tim is gong to blow up cass’ game..he already started that by saying..i know how she plays..figured it would be better to work with her then have against me…going to be fun watching tim/cass throw each-other under the bus all week. wonder how may more times cass will cry this week…really happy the 5 year old was voted out though..hate seeing people like her get dragged to the end .. now i just feel bad for everyone in the jury having to deal with her.