Big Brother Canada 3 Meet the NEXT 5 house guests **VIDEOS*


The Big Brother Canada 3 première is now less than a week away and the new cast of house guests are slowly being released. Yesterday we learned the identities of the first 6 house guests and today we get to know another group of 5 new cast members. The final group of 5 Big Brother Canada 3 house guests will be revealed at the same time again tomorrow.

Watch the videos of the first 6 house guests that were revealed yesterday. Tomorrow we’ll meet the final 5 house guests that will enter the house.

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Bruno, Godfrey, and Willow some early favorites.. maybe..


Hate Bruno already


I don’t see Godfrey lasting long… he’s going to play too hard too fast, but he should be entertaining to watch while he lasts, like a Devin Shepard (BB16) type.


Godfrey, marry me!


Can’t tell yet if Bruno will be one of my favs or I will hate his guts! LOL

strike one, he is from Ottawa. (JOKE…sorta)


Hey man, Ottawa is super pumped to finally have someone on BB! 😀


Every season there are 5 people who are there for the fame, 5 people who have no business being there and only four people who are even remotely know what is going on…. This is the most truth even spoken in a Big Brother interview by Godfrey


My First impressions of the next 5 houseguests. It’s going to be totally 100% wrong.

Godfrey – Hilarious intro video. Quit school to become a stripper.. bringing home stray cats, scared of snow. LOL. But like people have said in the comments he’s looking like the type to over play and get pegged as a physical BEAST.

Willow – Hopefully she’s as goofy as she is in the video. Could be the sleeper hit of the year season.

Bruno – I’m on the fence with him.. He might be awesome or a complete douche only time on the feeds will tell.

Craig – hmm.. don’t know. I see him jocking off out with some of the other bros’ and being a complete dud. Hope i’m wrong and he’s the next funny guy.

Neaha – I’m going to spell her name wrong until she gets evicted i know it.. She might be fun I can’t tell. I keep thinking back at how I really liked POWPOW in the beginning of BB16 only to find out she’s a bore along with the rest of the season. I hope Naeha breaks some hearts rallies the girls and drops drama bombs all day long. Only feed time will tell.


I met Craig last fall quickly in passing. He is very out going, and very much a Bro……I see him ending up like Andrew (season 2) or Tom (season 1) just before jury.


I expect Godfrey to be interesting. I feel half the cast describes themselves as “goofy”. I really just wish there would be more people here to play, not for the money, not for the twitter fame, just to show they’re the best. That and having all these young people is really annoying. some of the better players are NOT 20. I know if i went on the show right now as a ripe 20 year old i’d get my ass kicked because I’m a smug cocky asshole.


smug cocky assholes are needed for BBUSA.


No favs yet… I wait til the feeds start, because they act on these interviews and then crumble under pressure in the house.

But willow and bruno do stand out.