Big Brother Canada 3 SNEAK PEEK Three Night Event Starting March 16!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-03-04 14-30-47-055

Big Brother Canada is back March 23 on Global TV and ET Canada will have your exclusive sneak peek in the special 3 night event. They’ll be revealing all the larger than life personalities in the season that will bring the house down. Starting Monday March 16th on ET Canada! ET Canada sneak peek will air on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

This season the producers will undoubtedly be trying to top last season with bigger and better twists to shake up the season, so we can’t wait to learn more details.

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i dont understand this…it starts on 3/23 but on 3/16 we will have a What?…what is this 3 night sneak peek?…is this sneak on 3/16 to 3/18 ?, showing sneaks in each of the 3 nights?…im so Confused…?…


will most likely be one minute introduction interview clips of three or four houseguests a night. a first look at who will be competing.


It is a few minute part of ET Canada, for the next few nights.