Big Brother Canada 3 Meet the first 6 house guests **VIDEOS**

Today the first 6 cast member of Big Brother Canada 3 were released. Zach Oleynik, Brittnee Blair, Bobby Hlad, Sarah Hanlon, Ashleigh Wood and Jordan Parhar. Next batch of 5 will be released on Tuesday with another 5 on Wednesday. On Friday we get to see the house and maybe learn more about all theses twisto twists I’m sure they will be throwing at us.

Since every year I’m completely wrong with my first impression assessment. I’ll just say they all have potential to make for some exciting Live Feeds. What do you all think of the first 6? let us know in the comments.

To get an idea on how much fun this show is here are a list we complied of more memorable moments from the past 2 seasons

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15 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada 3 Meet the first 6 house guests **VIDEOS**

  1. Hey everyone i found a backup extension you can use if Hola doesn’t work, if you have Google Chrome you can download the extension called DotVPM and it will also unblock outside U.S. sites along with Global TV, but i would recommend uninstalling Hola before you try it otherwise your proxy server might get all screwed up. Just a tip for all comment me you want more info and i’ll try to comment back.

    1. I had to use dotvpn also, I just went in and disabled Hola instead of removing it. – I am hoping they get Hola working with Global by the 23rd. I was NOT allowed to post a link to hidemyass on Facebook, it was blocked. I did a bit of really quick digging and saw some bad reviews about security issues. Just putting that out there.

  2. Jordan is 21 yrs old…and been watching since BB2…that’s 14 yrs…OMG, who even remembers anything they did at 7 yrs old?, LOL…. i wanna see peeps in their 30’s & 40’s…

    Im Loving Brittnee so far from this group… Thanks for the videos Dawg… :-)

  3. Too many times I’m completely off the mark with the new cast. Actually almost 100% of the time I’ve been wrong with my early assessment so I’m going to give it a try with theses first 6.. LOL.

    I really hope that all 6 of theses players are wicked fun on the feeds.

    Brittnee – Is going to be the type of houseguest that is either loads of fun or a complete dud. My gut is telling me some good feeds will come from her.
    Jordan – Has a good chance of being a dud just like all the other players that say they are super genius masterminds.
    Zach – Might be a douche/dud but reading through his twitter fight with Peter (BBCAN1) sounds like he might have some moxy. Plus he’s the first player from Sask.
    Sarah – looks likes what happens if Christine and Nicole from BB16 mixed their genetic material together in a petri dish. I’m not sure how much feed fun she will be, though I do Dig her job.
    Ashleigh – Mostly indifferent, like her cause she’s a Albertan blonde
    Bobby – Mostly indifferent, Like him cause he’s a bro

    I find houseguests that don’t know much about the game give us the more entertaining feeds. They make mistakes which equates to interesting scenarios. Predictability and cautious gamplay kills seasons like it did on BB16.

        1. Sarah reminded me of Christine, but your comparison to a Nicole and Christine hybrid left me in stitches! ????????????

  4. here we go another season about to begin. I wanted to hate on these 6 cause I am tired of the younger crowd. I wanted a house full of 30 year olds (people that have more “experience” with people/life/ have children maybe), but so far some of these seem great.

    Britnee seems great but she wants to buy a house, go on a family vacation etc.. with 100K ??. . Maybe houses are cheaper in Alberta? Hope for her sake. LOL

    1. 30+ – 40+ PLEASE! That’s a huge demographic of fans they always leave out

      100K on the North Island will get you a downpayment for a decent starter place but it’s not really a hot bed for modeling jobs. 100K in vancouver will get you a coffee, 2 crosses of the Port Mann bridge and a box down by the river

  5. If Zach can drop bombs and throw out insults like he did to Peter, he’ll be my favourite. I really like someone who’s not afraid of stirring up shit for the sake of stirring up shit. Thats why i really liked Zach from the US season, he was way too hyper so he just let out his energy on tormenting people

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