Big Brother Canada 3 Meet the FINAL 5 house guests **VIDEOS*

The Big Brother Canada 3 première is now less than a week away and the new cast of house guests are slowly being released. On Monday, we learned the identities of the first 6 house guests , yesterday we got to know another group of 5 new cast members and today we get to meet the final 5 house guests to enter the house. Read up on all the house guests full bios to get your first impression of the all new cast.

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Big Brother Canada 3 Meet the first 6 house guests **VIDEOS**

Today the first 6 cast member of Big Brother Canada 3 were released. Zach Oleynik, Brittnee Blair, Bobby Hlad, Sarah Hanlon, Ashleigh Wood and Jordan Parhar. Next batch of 5 will be released on Tuesday with another 5 on Wednesday. On Friday we get to see the house and maybe learn more about all theses twisto twists I’m sure they will be throwing at us.

Since every year I’m completely wrong with my first impression assessment. I’ll just say they all have potential to make for some exciting Live Feeds.

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MEET The Cast of Big Brother Canada Season 3!

As part of ET Canada’s special sneak peek they revealed 6 of the 16 new house guests for season 3 of Big Brother Canada! With the première only a week away we get a sneak peek at the cast to make our first impression. This season Big Brother Canada will air on the Global TV Network for the first time which will reach a broader audience than it did on the Slice Network. We can’t wait to see what types of crazy twists these new house guests will have to endure throughout the season as they fight for the $100,000 grand prize + $25,000 gift card to The Brick + $10,000 trip of a life time.

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