Big Brother Canada 3 Meet the FINAL 5 house guests **VIDEOS*

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The Big Brother Canada 3 première is now less than a week away and the new cast of house guests are slowly being released. On Monday, we learned the identities of the first 6 house guests , yesterday we got to know another group of 5 new cast members and today we get to meet the final 5 house guests to enter the house. Read up on all the house guests full bios to get your first impression of the all new cast.

ET Canada interview with the final 5 HGs:

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I am liking Pilar so far and that poker guy Kevin’s an idiot.


Why do you think Kevin is an idiot? He seems pretty good.


Kevin and Bruno seem like the smartest game players by far.


do the feeds start after the monday night or wednesday night ep? maybe wednesday after the first eviction? (along with after dark starting thurs morning march 26th at 3am)

im assuming houseguests entered today(wed 18th) and first eviction is wed 25th

with entrance, first hoh and noms on premiere monday episode, then first veto and veto ceremony shown wednesday in the first eviction episode


HGs are entering the House tomorrow. And the feeds should be turned on after the premier episode. So we get a whole day with whoever is evicted first, which is cool.

Also I hope the two episodes break down like you described and not how it was last year. That was a clusterf***


thanks for the info about the start/entrance date – thursday 19th march

a wednesday 27th may finale would make it a 70 day season

i still havent seen anywhere the confirmed feeds start date – will be after the monday or wednesday episode…the only reason i think it will start wednesday night is that after dark doesnt start until a few hours after the wednesday first eviction…they may want the veto and ceremony with no spoilers from the feeds for the first eviction episode wednesday night

also looks like the side show will be shot wednesday nights, but will air over 24 hours later

this year i dont want to see another first 5 scenario – all 16 should go in without an unfair advantage given where one small group gets the opportunity to make deals without the others catching them


I thought I saw somewhere offical that the feeds start after the Monday show. I can’t remember where but I’ll give it a good search.


i just saw that slice are listing after dark to start early wednesday morning 3am(i initially thought it would start thurs morning at 3am covering the hours after the first eviction)

so its likely feeds start monday night or tuesday rather than wednesday – im not sure why there is no confirmed time though

Kenneth Chow

So many contestants are seem like people from past seasons ….Pilar reminds me of Talla…and Sindy reminds me of Paola from US version…


I thought the same thing. Wish they would have put an older person in there to balance out the 41 year old. I hate when they only have 1


Considering over 40 fans make up more than 1/16 of the total fan base it’s disapointing when they don’t cast more.


O my goodness. Pilar is nothing like Talla (thank God)


Hmm the only one I really like here is Risha. But thats probably because i’m sarcastic too. Everyone else seems like they’re playing the camera too hard and come off fake. or is that just me?


Looks like the vault/war room is back for BBCAN3… Was kinda a flop last year




Just found out from shawmedia **Confirmed the Live feeds start on Monday at 9pm**


Thanks for the info Simon.


great, thanks for that


Not sure if I like Cindy yet..she seems like fun


war room? again? why 🙁 Last season was a flop but at least the houseguests had no idea.


it looks like Robyn Kass messed up bad on all the “Youngsters” on BBCan3… she’s been so good in the past Can BB’s…and why only put in one 41 yr old with all these 20’s HG’s… UGH !!!!… 🙁