Big Brother Canada 3 Houseguest Twitter/Instagram Roundup

The 16 Big Brother Canada 3 houseguests are now released here are their twitter accounts. Their intro videos came out in three batches Here, Here and Here. There’s also some interesting haristyles from Jonny on his Google+ page. The internet seems full of Brittnee images from her modeling but nothing for Patrica.
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Brittnee Blair

Instagram = @miss_curvy_b
linkedin =
Twitter = @miss_curvy_B
Other news in the Media
Curvy model of the month
Ford models
Fashion to figure video =

Bobby Hlad


Sarah Hanlon

Twitter = @shanlolz

Zach Oleynik

Twitter = @ZachOleynik17
Football for Regina cougars = (Just check it out for the hair)
Instagram = @ZachOleynik17
Throws some dirt at Peter (BBCAN1)

Ashleigh Wood


Jordan Parhar

Twitter = @jordanparhar
Twitter account for his:
Dad @Mister_P_1968
Mother @gparhar68
Sister @emmaajayde

Sindy Nguyen

Twitter = @SindywithanS

Pilar Nemer


Graig Merritt

Twitter = @maremoney13

Naeha Sareen

Twitter = @naehasareen
Chocolate company

Willow MacDonald


Johnny Colatruglio

Twitter = @jcolatruglio
Google+ (Click for the hair… or lack of) +Johnny Colatruglio

Kevin Martin

Twitter = @KevinMartin987

Patricia “Risha” Denner


Godfrey Mangwiza

Bruno Ielo

Twitter = @BBCan3Bruno (Family account)

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