Sabrina tells the girls that Allison was already going to sleep in Andrew’s bed last night.

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots

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BBCAN2-2014-03-14 08-14-22-034
11:10am The big brother Canada live feeds come back on – Ika, Sabrian, Rachelle and Neda are in the HOH room talking about how much they all love each other and how they all need to stick together. Ika says that she would never ever be angry and put you girls up on the block. Ika tells them that seriously this is our HOH. When a girl wins it is all of our HOH room. Sabrina says that she thinks next week will be a double eviction. They believe that Allison got voted in by Canada. They wonder if Allison will go with the guys or them. They think she’ll end up going with the guys. Sabrina tells them that Allison was already going to sleep in Andrew bed last night. Neda says okay we lost her.

In the kitchen Kenny and Andrew talk about how they need to say on good terms with Ika. Andrew and Sarah head into the storage room to talk – Andrew says that he will make it his mission to destroy Ika. Sarah and Andrew talk about how if he’s put up on the block they need to win the veto to keep him safe. They leave the storage room. The other house guests are sitting around eating breakfast and chatting about random things. Jon comes out of the diary room and tells everyone that they (production) wanted me to remind everyone that we can’t talk about people from home. Jon says it’s probably just me but I thought I would tell everyone. Allison holds up something with her name on it and says just so they know me name is spelled with two L’s .. I know its the first day for me so its not a big deal.

11:40am In the bedroom – Adel and Paul are talking about how they think this week they are in a pretty good position. Adel says the guys are sweating right now. Adel says any time you do something crazy it helps me. Adel says I think I am safe this week but you I don’t know. I am going to try and do everything I can though.

11:55am Up in the HOH room – Sabrina is talking to Ika. They talk about her nominations and Ika says that she will be putting up Adel and Paul. Sabrina says okay good because I can tell you that if you didn’t do that it would put a target on your back. Sabrina and Ika seem to be on the same page now. Heather joins them. Heather questions why someone would take a bath in the HOH room with all the cameras around. Ika tells her that people wear a bathing suit in the bathtub, you wouldn’t be naked. Heather says oh okay. Heather tells Ika and Sabrina that the others in the house think they fight a lot. Heather says that she tries to down play it.

BBCAN2-2014-03-14 08-57-35-500

12:20pm – 12:45pm Jon heads into the HOH room to talk to Ika. Ika tells him that he is not going up and that she hopes he know that he’s good with her. JOn tells her that he has back and that this is her HOH and she should do what’s best for her. They leave the HOH room and Arlie stops Ika to talk to her. They head into the HOH room and talk. She tells him that he isn’t going up on the block and that he’s safe. Arlie says that he thought he was but that it’s nice to hear it. Adel comes in and Arlie jokes that Ika should put Adel up on the block. Ika tells Adel that she’ll talk to him after. Adel leaves. Arle asks who Ika is thinking of putting up. Ika says last week the plan was to put up Paul and Adel. I don’t trust Paul because of everything that happened and the racist comment. Ika tells Arlie that Paul was throwing Arlie’s name out there. Arlie talks to Ika about how trust is earned by actions not words and if I can reciprocate and give you any information at any time I will. Ika talks about how Paul is the bad seed and that is who she wants to go this week. Arlie keeps down playing how smart he is and how he doesnt really know that game that well. Ika tells Arlie that she talks to the girls and the guys and she has never, ever, ever heard his name come up as someone anyone wants gone.

BBCAN2-2014-03-14 09-25-12-825

12:50pm – 1:45pmIn the kitchen – Andrew cuts his thumb on a knife while doing the dishes in the sink. He gets it wrapped up but the blood is still visible. The cameras switch to the conversation of Adel and Ika in the HOH room. Ika tells Adel how she can’t trust Paul because of how he threw Adel under the bus and you’re in an alliance together. Ika says if he can do that to you, just imagine what he would do to me.

1:50pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds..

2:20pm – 2:40pm The feeds are still blocked…

3:30pm Something Top Secret is going down right now ..

4pm Still blocked..

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I think Ika needs to do what she wants and put up the strong players! Sabrina is a snake and will only screw her over in the end.


Ika I had hope you would do something but if she puts up Adel and Paul, then I hope she is the next one to be evicted solely due to her stupidity.


I totally agree.. thought she was strong and not a sheep.


Let’s stop giving Ika more credit than she deserves by saying were so disappointed, we thought she wasn’t a sheep- whatever. The fact is: past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour and if you look back to the past episodes you’ll see that she was always a sheep that enjoyed shunning the three stooges.
(Let’s just hope she proves me wrong)


Honestly I don;t know right now the guys don’t think ika is a threat if she tries and take out kenny or andrew and she doesn’t back door them one them more then likely will win pov and they still have the votes to save the other. I don’t think they will go after her next week i think more then likely they will go after one of the guys not in there allience like jon.

As for paul even though strategely he isn’t a strong player personally i agree with ika he is a bad seed what he said game move or not was discusting and a really dumb move. Did he actually watch this show last year because the final two were not the bad guys of the show they were the ones that stayed quiet until half way through then struck all he did was ruin his game and made all the hg want him out. The problem with paul is he was looking to far ahead nobody is thinking final two right now setting yourself up at this point as the bad guy will turn against you it has never worked for anyone his only saving grace last week is that kyle was a bigger threat.


Well Paul the “genius” has a strategy believe it or not. It’s try to be the most hated player in the house and everyone will want to take you F2. He’s a complete moron if he thinks that’s working. That strategy shouldn’t be employed until F4 ideally or F5/6. This guy is a complete idiot!

Paul’s character is not the worst in the house IMHO but he’s a pure douche!


he’s not a douch. He’s playing the game – he just doesn’t know how to play


If Ika got rid of Kenny or Andrew she would then become pretty powerful in my opinion.


It would be but it would come back to bite her next week if one of the remaining 4 win hoh right now they don’t see her as a threat and of all girls in the house she isn’t on there radar but if she puts them up the others will definetly go after her


Ika was giving us false hope last night. Does it really matter if she trusts Paul? They have a common enemy right now and she can turn the house around. The guys are going to put her up when they win next week regardless. I really hope she’s lying about targeting Paul, but probably not.


Personally paul is discusting but going after andrew and co could be risky right now they don’t see her as a threat and more then likely they will go after the guys that are not in the allience of five but if she takes them out she will go to the top of the list also she doesn’t know about the allience so she thinks it is just andew and kenny and she seems to be good with them. I don’t think they will target her because by her not targeting them they will think she is on there side if she is smart the girls should team up and just bide there time then take out andew but i highly doubt that will happen since they can’t get along longer then 10 sec.


Hallie Ika is on Brina’s list not to get to the jury house. Andrew and Kenny agree. No matter what Ika does she is going out likely next week with the double eviction(guessing) or the week after. Stick a fork in her she’s done regaurdless.

Not directed at you Hallie but what does anyone think that held out hope Ika would stir the pot? We have pretty typical BB here. Week 3 with a non dominant player she’s going to do what the house(1st 5) wants. What I fail to get is Brina’s influence which has been considerable IMO since Ika won HOH. Since the feeds started Ika has spoken poorly of Heather followed by Brina. Now she is taking her advice like they are best friends. She’ll get the knife square in the middle of her back!

I really hope I’m wrong but Ika will be a non factor the rest of her short season on BB Can 2 after today.


Everyone in the house is falling apart. None of them are equipped emotionally or with enough maturity to handle this game. The girls prove that by their non-stop, endless cycle of b*tch, gossip, back-stab, deny, apologize, and then reassure each other. It really is an endless cycle.

The guys prove this with peacock strutting and thrusting forth their macho bravado to prove their manliness.

NOBODY in this house has a respectable game that any other player in the world would deem worthy of mimicking. These guys are not thinking about threats or strategy. They’re going completely by who they like and who they don’t. How does getting Paul or Adel out benefit Ika? It doesn’t. Nobody likes them and they’re out eventually anyway. They don’t think to use them for their votes. Meanwhile, the threats skate on through to the finish line. These idiots deserve every bit of hardship and anguish they get.

Just once I’d like to see this game played completely in their 40’s and over.


Jack so funny you say that as I was just thinking before I read your post that the problem is that most of these HG’s are little more than kids. If you look at the older BBUS the HG’s that played the game well all had true life experience. I guess the network has to go with HG’s that fit into what they figure is their market demo. How bout “This year on BBCA Over 40 and Divorced – A Second Chance For Love…

Johhny (the European one!)

OK, but if Suzette and Paul are representative of what would be cast in the house as “40s and over”, then I’m afraid nobody would watch.
I know those 2 terrible “players” are not typical 40+, but I’m afraid a typical 40+ doesn’t want to risk his/her reputation by going into the BB house, given what happened in BB15 and co.
I did think there are quite a few smart people in BBCA2, but I was really disappointed in most of them last night given how they lost control over a few beers.
I’m disappointed in Kenny, I thought he’d be one of those who’d remember he’s playing a game and just stop drinking in time, but nope. Andrew, Sabrina, I wasn’t surprised.
I do think Arlie is smart, and “playing dumb” seems a very appropriate strategy given how many dumb people are around and would just be frightened of having someone “not as dumb as me” around.

Johhny (the European one!)

I’m surprised Sabrina still isn’t Public Enemy N°1 given how aggressive she’s attacking even when the person is right in front of her. This girl is just such a trainwreck in every single aspect. She actually waits for Ika to win HOH to aggressively stir $hit around IKA! The whole Sabrina/IKA/Rachelle thing is so BAD for her own game, for successfully pretending to the girls that she’s IN the girls alliance. Still, she can’t help it and her “mouth diarrhea” continues.
And even more disappointing, Sabrina still seems to get her way in the end, IKA seems to still fall for it.


So Allison was already GOING to sleep with Andrew? Did she sleep with Andrew? So what Sabrina – he’s just not that into you. Did she, though?


Ika is an idiot.

Thank you OBB for the constant updates! Really informative and fun to read.


Ika = Idiot!


I hope Ika is just telling Sabrina what she wants to hear…it’s so frustrating watching people make weak moves year after year and wanting to keep the big threats around because they are afraid they will be bigger targets…well…if you get rid of one, one less will be gunning for you…if you get rid of none…4 will be going after you…furthermore, it’s going to be so easy for the big targets to get rid of you in the future, so you need to get rid of them FIRST!!!….before they have a chance to get rid of you…can’t anyone see that???…i rather go to the end with weaker players…


But remember the typical saying “I don’t want any blood on me” The problem is that I think most of these guys look at the last few years of shows and they think that is the way to play. When was the last time you saw an eviction that you were not sure which way it was going to go and not be 9-1 or 9-0…


I’m sorry…but that is exactly the problem…you HAVE TO get blood on your hands to win this game…if you don’t people won’t respect your game in the end and won’t vote for you to win…the thing is it’s a huge risk to target these people…it’s understandable, but you should be playing to win…not to get second place…big risk will get you big rewards…in a game like this, i rather take a risk and go after strong players than not make things happen…you shouldn’t wait for things to happen…if you do, you will risk waiting too long and you would lose your chance and you will be out the door…it’s a risky move, but you will gain more respect of you succeed plus you will be in better position in the game…you may also more people coming after you, but you will always have weaker players to compete against…i rather take the risk….


I said it yesterday IKA is a IDIOT ……. ika was talking to herself telling herself lastnight paul and adel isnt a threat but yet she wants them up ….. sabrina wants to many guys she is torn between KENNY ,,, ANDREW.. … …none of the girls are getting close to kenny or , andrew because sabrina throws a pissy fit … i want sabrina ,,kenny , andrew gone and i want ika gone for being stupid and not having a brian of her own ….. i dont have any favourites until people start making moves , moves for their game ….


Where is Neda? Neda and Ika have to use their brains right now. I thought Neda of all people would be smart enough to see the best and most obvious play here: Nominate Kendrew! That Neda/Ika conversation definitely gave me a high expectation…expect the unexpected I guess


How many days (usually) does HOH have before nominations? When will Ika have to choose? Thanks.


Since Allison knew Kenny before entering the house does this mean she knows that he is gay? If so she could stir up some drama between Kenny and Sabrina


Im pretty sure they know of eachother through mutual friends, but they dont know eachother at a personal level like that so she probably doesnt know


Well…i will love to see something that blow up in Kenny’s face…but i doubt she knows him that well…however, if she does know he is gay, do you even think she’ll say anything…i think she will be thinking about her game other than trying to hurt someone else’s epsecially Kenny’s…outing Kenny will probably not be good for her game unless she uses that as leverage to try to get into an alliance with the girls on the condition that Ika does decide she wants to get rid of Kenny this week (which is still possible since we have 6 days)…but the drama would be huge and i would love to see it…


I hope ika is lying when she says she’ll put up Paul and adel… Those are two people that can vote with her.. Put up Andrew and Sabrina and you force people to take a side.. Tell Sabrina she’s a pawn she’ll flip but then you’d either have the girls align to save Sabrina or stop all the drama by evicting her.

But that’s bold


Allison is disappointing me. Why is she just hanging out with the boys? Doesn’t she see that she is alienating the girls, especially Sabrina? Why isn’t she talking to Ika? Or Neda, Jon, anyone. Don’t let us down Allison! I thought you had game!

Johhny (the European one!)

I just saw the video of the Sabrina/IKA/Rachelle (hot mess of a) conversation in the Have Not Room. (thanks, Simon & Dawg, for the great service!)
After seeing this, I more than ever 100% agree with Allison’s approach to stick mainly with the guys.
She’s friendly enough with the girls, but the level of emotional commitment to TRY and keep on their good graces, while still having to face major backstabbing by them either way, just isn’t worth it.
I think Allison should stay away from that stupid catty drama, dealing with this just eats your brain cells faster than smoking crack!

Johhny (the European one!)

I’m surprised Sabrina still isn’t Public Enemy N°1 given how aggressive she’s attacking even when the person is right in front of her. This girl is just such a trainwreck in every single aspect. She actually waits for Ika to win HOH to aggressively stir $hit around IKA! The whole Sabrina/IKA/Rachelle thing is so BAD for her own game, for successfully pretending to the girls that she’s IN the girls alliance. Still, she can’t help it and her “mouth diarrhea” continues.
And even more disappointing, Sabrina still seems to get her way in the end, IKA seems to still fall for it.


I get that Ika doesn’t trust Paul, but is he a worthy target? As long as he is in the house, Paul will be an easy target to take out. If he is stupid enough to throw Adel under the bus, then nobody will ever work with him. Why not use him as a vote. Being scared that he might say the wrong thing to the wrong person is just dumb, because nobody believes anything Paul says. If she puts Adel and Paul up, Adel will go home because the testosterone brothers are more threatened by Adel than Paul. If she absolutely has to put Paul up, then Andrew should go up with him. She can say that he is a pawn, that she knows that Andrew has more than enough votes to stay, she needs to put up someone that is in no danger of going home. Then it depends on POV and what the house wants to do. Unfortunately, if Kenny wins POV, he would use it on Andrew and then both would be immune. The best move is to put up Kenny and Andrew, say that they are the strongest guys and give them both the chance at POV. If one of them comes off, Paul goes up. I hope Neda is able to convince IKA to make the big move. With either Andrew or Kenny gone, the whole 5 alliance is toast. Sabrina is going to get caught stirring everybody’s pots, and it should be pretty obvious that Allison would like to play with Kenny and Andrew, making them even stronger. If someone doesn’t strike now, this could be a very boring game.


For shame, Ika. For shame.

What a weak reason to put Paul and Adel up. Paul is useless. He’ll never win anything.

If this Nerd Herd makes it through this week I am going to be pissed. Time for a Twistos Twist.


Boy that Sabrina can really turn on the waterworks!!!! She is quite the actress!!

Johhny (the European one!)

My personal opinion: Sabrina is so blatantly obvious and not-subtle-at-all, so it reflects poorly on those who fall for it rather than deserving a compliment for her poor acting skills.
Sorry, I’m just so annoyed by her. I would HATE HATE HATE to be one of those in the house who fall for her BS, and later see the videos of how she fooled me. That would really need a psychologist to recuperate from, given how OBVIOUS it was.


(I posted this in the previous recap post but felt it really belonged here.)

I have a feeling that Ika isn’t as taken in by Sabrina as everyone thinks. I may be wrong but I sure hope I’m not. I feel that Ika is going along with Sabrina, agreeing with her but she still has her eye on getting Andrew, Kenny or Sabrina out. Ika said a few days ago that the strong people had to be taken out sooner than later and that big moves had to be made. I think she will be the one to make them but she isn’t letting on to those that are trying to twist her arm.

I am worried about Allison though. In the War Room, she did say she had to align with the strong power and that was Andrew and Kenny. With Sabrina feeding her all the BS about Adel, Paul, Heather and others, I’m afraid she’s already lost and any advantage she had this past week was all for nothing………………..unless she too is like Ika and picking up information but not acting like she believes it all.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a good outcome for both.


At first I thought these folks would be a smart and exciting group. I guess I fell for the hype.

I hope Ika is fooling everyone. That would be awesome!

I hope Allison can stay safely out of the way of the dynamics already in motion.

It doesn’t have to be a season-long First5 steamroller.

Heal quickly Jon and pay close attention !


I don’t think she is, i don’t see why she would want to do that…but there are 6 days…i still have hope that Neda and Ika will have another talk and they will change their minds in the next 2-3 days…there is still time…


The feeds will be blocked for the majority of the time the next three days.


Argh, make that not be true!!!

Johhny (the European one!)

Do you mean more than the usual (nom ceremony, picking pov players, pov, pov ceremony)?
Are you expecting any more drunken rampages? 😉

Persian Princess

Does anyone know what Jon said to Rachelle? When he was laying in bed with Neda she called him out for saying something stupid to Rachelle when he was drinking and that his gf might be mad..


What did Kyle say to Rachelle last week? Last night on BBAD they were talking about what Kyle said to Rachelle was unforgivable. I missed all that and thought Kyle was a pretty cool guy. What did he say to her?

Persian Princess

He called Rachelle a whore


Also is Sabrina doing all this shit disturbing as strategic play or is she just crazy?


I think she is a crazy and insecure girl.


What kind of name is IKA anyway. And what is with all the “A” starting names this season? Enough already.


Something top secret is going on right now. 😛

Just helping keep everything updated….. no need to thank me guys! hehehe



A lot of people are saying Ika is stupid if she doesn’t put up kenny and andrwe because the first five is too powerful and coming after her. Spoiler alert, Ika doesn’t even know the first five exists. She doesn’t think she is a target for the two stronger players and I think Ika has a really good arguement for getting out Paul. ika can’t trust Paul at all he is worthless as an ally and Ika could easily promise Andrew and Kenny that if she keeps them safe and gets out Paul then they will keep her safe next time they win HOH. Thats definitely what I would do.

I think everyone needs to remember before we judge the HG’s game is that we know everything. We know all the alliances, we know who is loyal, we know who is lying, we know who is trying to win and who is throwing comps, we know game plans, we know deals, and other things that none of the houseguests could ever figure out. So take a breath and remember how annoying Paul is and think about how much time will open up in the shows if he is evicted. Plus if she nominates Adel and Paul there is always a backdoor.


Looks like black team lost Have Nots. Jon, Paul, and allison were on black team. Not sure who the fourth member on that team was tho.


If Paul and Adel go up, Adel goes home. Nobody sees Paul as a threat, they don’t like him, but without Adel, he has nothing. Last week the original plan was to get Paul out, and Kenny showed them that Kyle was a way bigger threat. Getting Paul or Adel out doesn’t help IKA’s game at all, but it does help Sabrina, Sarah, Andrew and Kenny. Actually, Sarah needs to have a think about where she stands in her alliance, because she is bottom of the pile. Andrew and Kenny are using her. If the girls managed to get together, Sarah would be at the bottom of that one too. Her only hope is to make a secret alliance with the people that are on the fringes of the two alliances and help flip the house.

The only move that makes sense for IKA’s game is to put up Kenny and Andrew. Both of them are strong threats to win the game and dominate challenges. Why leave them in? Even if one of them wins the POV, the other goes home. mission accomplished. If Andrew goes, it forces Sabrina and Kenny to realign. If Kenny goes, then Andrew is seriously weakened and whichever stays will be the biggest target in the house. If IKA handles it right, even if she ends up on the block, I think she could have the votes to stay, I don’t think Arlie, Adel or even Paul would vote her out, Neda wouldn’t and probably not Jon. It would force Sabrina to either shut up for a while or go batshit crazy. Hoping she buys a clue before nominations!