Michael WON HOH! “If I hadn’t gotten it, Kyle would have had it.” Joe “And Daniel would have been safe.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

8:58pm The live feeds return from the live eviction / HOH competition.

Kitchen – All the house guests are standing around chatting about the HOH competition.
Michael – I don’t know what to do with myself now. Indy – don’t worry you’re about to get very busy!

Outside the Storage Room – Michael, Joe and Brittany.
Joe congratulates Michael and hugs him. Joe – I love you guys! I am so happy! Now we get to see a picture of Hayden and Steven… then we’ll figure this all out. Michael – I heard 16 seconds. Joe – me and you looked at each other and I swear in my heart I was like its up to you Michael. I swear I was saying that. I don’t know if you could see my eye’s that’s why I fist bumped you first and then I fist bumped everyone else. Brittany – I legit started crying when they announced your name. Joe – you guys are amazing. That is so crazy! Enjoy it! I cannot believe what a turn this game has taken. Take it in. Michael – If I hadn’t gotten it, Kyle would have had it. Joe – yeah, and Daniel would have been safe. Brittany – yeah! Joe – yeah we all have to meet up again now. Joe – I wish there was more time before noms. Michael – I get why they do it so that the final noms have more time to campaign. Joe – I still kind of feel bad for him (Daniel). The only problem with how he is behaving is he is not attributing any fault. Nicole literally stood there and said I will now play an honest integrity game… meaning I wasn’t. Joe leaves. Brittany and Michael head into the other bedroom. Michael and Brittany celebrate. Michael – and you’re safe for the week and we don’t have to be havenots. Brittany – I know. When I saw this one (HOH comp) I was like Sarah Beth won it last year. Its anybody’s! Michael – I thought the exact same thing thinking Sarah Beth won it doing the safe route but Derrek X won it doing it the fast way and he fell two times… If I can just do it the fast way I can get it. Brittany – I can’t wait to see it! oh my god Michael you did it! And now we’re both safe!! Michael – and I hope this is the last one before Jury. We might be in Jury. Brittany – we might be!! Michael – not that we’re going to be in the jury house.

Michael – I want to run it by you real quick! My thoughts are Daniel .. and either put up .. see if the guys (Joe, Monte, Terrance) are okay going up because if Daniel gets picked I want Monte and Joseph competing against him because I know if its anything physical I know they can beat him. Brittany – yeah. Michael – and I think all of us mentally (can beat Daniel) if its a mental comp. Or the alternative would be Turner and Jasmine as pawns because Turner put us up. The pitch to the group would be if Jasmine can’t play and Daniel & Kyle get picked it would us versus them. Brittany – I am good with any of those plans. Michael – and if sh*t hits the fan and the three of them stay up… as much as I hate it Terrance would be a vote for Monte, Joseph and Jasmine… moving forward before he would be a vote for us. Brittany – Terrance and Jasmine were trying to get a last minute flip last night. Michael – I wouldn’t want to put up Indy and Alyssa because they would have our backs. Brittany – absolutely. Michael – and I am not putting up Taylor for a forth time. Are you okay if I pitch that to the group? Brittany – I am perfectly happy with both of those. Michael – the order that I would want out is Daniel and then Terrance. Brittany – its going to be so good. Its going to be a huge week. Michael – and now Taylor is the only eligible person (to be havenot) and she is with Indy and Alyssa. I don’t want Daniel and Kyle to be the havenots because Daniel is upstairs .. I would rather the guys (Terrance, Joe and Monte) take it because Terrance goes to be early. If he (Daniel) is down here he is going to be watching who is up there… it doesn’t really matter. Brittany – and he is by himself now.

Taylor, Michael and Brittany celebrate Michael’s win. They talk about the win. Michael – I wanted to check with you two before the group.. .but obviously we know what is going to happen. Taylor – yes! Michael – I am going to backdoor Daniel so as far as pawns go it would be between Turner/ Jasmine or the three guys. If I put up the three guys, then I only put up guys this week which looks good (to the girls). I don’t want to put you up for a fourth time. Taylor – thank you! Michael – and a reason not to put up Turner and Jasmine is if Jasmine can’t play and Daniel and Kyle get picked to play ..its us versus them. Whereas if we have the three guys in there .. if its anything physical its over. Taylor – done! Michael – how do you feel about that. Taylor – yes. Michael – yeah I didn’t think I needed to sell you on that. Taylor – things are happening the way they were supposed to.

9:30pm Bedroom – Kyle and Monte
Kyle – are we thinking Daniel still? Monte – yeah I think he just made himself an obvious target. Kyle – do you think like a backdoor because me and him in a veto.. I don’t know. I guess Michael will have the final call. Monte – I am thinking the ideal pawn… Me and Joseph haven’t seen the block and Terrance… Jasmine and Turner haven’t seen the block. Kyle – Taylor would not be down. Monte – Taylor would definitely not be down. It all depends on how Michael feels. Kyle – yeah. I am down either way. Monte – I really don’t care .. like if he has to put us up on the block that is fine. Its just how would we talk Terrance off of the ledge? Kyle – yeah to make sure he has a right mind in it. We’ll chat with Michael. Monte – we just have to make sure you and Michael don’t win veto. Kyle – yeah, its just there’s so few groups now. Whatever Michael wants to do.

Bedroom – Kyle and Michael
Kyle – how are you feeling, I know its early. Michael – I definitely want to talk to Daniel and see where his head is at because obviously what happened today is a little concerning. If its not our best move I don’t want to cut off our options.. but you know with him throwing my name around. I am just interested to see what he is going to say. If that is the plan moving forward, I would want to ask Monte and Joseph how they feel about going up initially. I don’t want Turner and Jasmine up if Jasmine can’t play. And I think if I put up Indy .. she would murder me in my sleep. Kyle – yeah. We can run through the options. I am cool with whatever. I think Turner and Jasmine and if noms stayed the same just send her a$$ out. We can talk about it. Michael – I’ll just see where Daniel’s head is at. And I want to see what people say about Daniel. Kyle – I mean he is on an island.. he is alone.. I just wonder if people will view it as he is not a threat anymore. That’s why I am like if there’s an opportunity to get me out who is well liked and maybe more of a threat at that point. And more people might team up in the alliance to get me out. I don’t think it would happen, I just want to think about all possibilities.

10pm Bedroom – Turner and Michael.
Michael – do you want to talk to Monte and Joseph and see if they will volunteer (to be havenots)? Turner – sure. Michael – but that was the only thing I was thinking would it be a bad idea to put him up there? To be able to walk by (the HOH room). Turner – do you think it would be best to back door (Daniel)? Michael – I think that would be best. Turner – and then we could either put up… I would go up or Taylor .. I feel comfortable whatever we do. I am totally chilling. We could do me or Taylor .. but then I feel bad but I don’t really care. Michael – I don’t really want to put Taylor up again for a fourth time. Turner – It could be me .. I guess I would be the best option. Michael – I think that would be the best .. the most strategic thing.. We’ll talk about it.

10:30pm Bedroom – Indy and Alyssa.
Alyssa – I think we’re going to be safe this week. I don’t think we’re going to go up at all. That’s exciting. Indy – he promised me he wouldn’t put me up. Alyssa – me too. Indy – we need to be aware of what we say. Alyssa – yeah, say as little as possible is my goal. Survive this week and then win the next HOH… and then make some moves in that direction. My goal is to just say as little as possible to everybody this week. Stay away from Daniel .. and just ride that out. Indy – I will just be mostly in my room, read my bible and meditate. If they (Terrance, Joseph and Monte) are on the block .. I am not voting Joseph out. Alyssa – I wouldn’t vote Joseph out ..ever! I love him… BUT Monte ..we’ll talk about it when we get there.. And Joseph is going to be our new roomie.

11pm Bedroom – Turner and Monte
Turner – how are you doing after that whole fiasco? Monte – I am fine dude.. and hopefully I didn’t put a bigger target on myself. Turner – dude you did perfectly.. you were just like dude! Monte – at this point its like .. why are you (Daniel) doing this?! Turner – it would have better for him to just say nothing. Turner – for example POOCH left and I could have made a big deal about it. Monte – exactly!! And I don’t feel like I was in the wrong. Turner – of course bro! It was just such an inappropriate time. Monte – and its like what a child.. like things didn’t go the way I thought. .. let me yell out like you and Michael are trying to make it to the end. They talk about havenots. Monte – I think its better to put Daniel & Kyle as havenots. Turner agrees.

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Yay! I know they are thinking about backdooring Daniel, but I think they shouldn’t risk it and just start with him on the block, if he gets off then put Jasmine and Turner up and send Jasmine packing. I’m really hoping Daniel goes this week, and then the rest of the game will be awesome seeing which of the LOs make it to the end

Christime Ahrens

I dont like this season except turner and Monte. Something Bout Michael I dont like


Daniel winning would have been a more exciting week. Hopefully jasmine goes.

Julie Chen

Daniel winning HOH and sending Jasmine home would be worth it.

Christime Ahrens

I dont like Jasmine or Daniel. Terrance is two faced


Daniel is so vile, well most of them are vile and or unlikable, (and let’s not forget salty because his plans backfired), that I prefer him going home pre-jury. Actually BB might need to consider going back to the old format of a 7 person Jury or even a 5 person Jury. The first 2 people in jury of a 9 person jury doesn’t really know enough of exactly what is going on in the house because they’re out too early. Just a thought.

un autre nom

Hear me out for a second.
The fracture in the seven may come this week.
Let’s consider:
IF Michael gets Monte and Joe to volunteer.
IF Kyle or Daniel win veto and DON’T use it.
THAT means Monte, Joe and Terrance are on the block.
three noms. eight votes.
Let’s say Turner, Britt and Taylor stay loyal to the 7 and vote out Terrance.
What does Kyle do? If he doesn’t use the veto he’s already got Monte and Joe pissy.
The episode hinted it.


I was thinking the same thing – and wondered even if Kyle/Dan don’t win POV (it could be Michael/Britt or the girls).

I think much will depend on Dan’s talk to Michael which is where the snag comes – Daniel wants to desperately make jury (he has only $400 in his account don’t you know). but his constant to take out of the game has been Michael which is the part most difficult to justify keeping him.

un autre nom

Michael might partially believe Nic’s Greek Alliance conspiracy.
Dear Michael,
ever noticed Jas hasn’t once turned and faced Taylor in a group conversation?
She’s completely and literally turned her back on Taylor every time.
Yeah… they’re sorority sisters. Eyeroll.

Christime Ahrens

I dont care for Michael

No Name

So if Daniel is evicted and Kyle joins Turner/Jas that means Michael/Brit are the last duo.Does that mean something?


ya, it means this twist sucks


I asked this prior – there was something Julie said about the “last duo standing”. Which is likely to be Michael & Britt.

Factor in this is the last eviction presumably before jury (and what could be a double-eviction week).

I wonder if Britt/Michael would earn safety next week or some sort of advantage.


How much do you want to bet, Joe, Monte & Terrance the floater, they are going to come up with every excuse in the book to not go on the block.

I would not be surprised if the LO’s have issues this week. As for Daniel, I’m so over him, he needs to go this week before Jury. Guess he knows now, he & Nicole will not win this season as they had planned.

Just for good TV, it would have made the week more interesting if Daniel won the HOH. I really wanted to see if he would let his hate for Taylor consume him, or if he would have actually went after Monte and Joe, as he said the big guys in the house.

I kind of don’t think he would have, he does not have the backbone needed to make a move like that, most likely Taylor and Michael would have been on the block.

We will see if Monte, Joe and Terrance will trust the LO’s, and they don’t have an issue being the pawns. I don’t really see them being ok with Michael’s plan, watch them volunteer Taylor again, or Jasmine & Turner.

Joe is really full of crap like Daniel said earlier this week. Joe is already saying how he kind of feels sorry for Daniel being all by himself, Joe uses kindness for his advantage, but he thinks some people don’t see through that.

Watch I’m approach Daniel and let him know he’s there for him if he needs someone to talk with, Daniel already said he’s done with Joe earlier this week. Will he snap at Joe ? NOPE, Daniel only confronts those who he feels are weaker than him.

Also, last night watching the feeds, I think Joe is very selfish when it comes to making sure everyone has something to eat. Nicole had to move the muffins away from him, Joe ate 2 Muffins, he was going for a 3rd muffin, Nicole said no, let’s make sure everyone gets one.

Joe eats, and eats, does not think about making sure there is something left for the other people in the house, he just makes sure he is full. Kind of selfish Joe..


I don’t think Monte/Joe will have an issue being the initial noms but I DO think Kyle will try to shift the target onto Jasmine so he doesn’t have to go up. He’s already spiraling a bit which is crazy. At first I thought it was b/c he wanted the “never been nominated” checkmark for his resume – but now I’m wondering if it’s actual fear. I mean, there isn’t ANYONE in that house it would be safer for him to sit beside at this point in the game.


Kyle could very easily go home if he goes up. The pitch is that Daniel is on an island all by himself and is not as big of a threat anymore. If he could be paired up with someone else and be an asset to their game, they may decide to keep him.

The Beef

Daniel is by himself, but he’s also supplanted Taylor as the most disliked person in the house as well, by his actions and his words. You say he’s not a threat, but he’s a lead pipe cinch to go against the Leftover alliance should he win HOH, and while Kyle will eventually do that when the time is right, that time is not now. I also don’t see anybody trusting that clown enough to seriously consider teaming up with him (would you?) after all the sh*t he’s stirred up in the house, the lies he’s told to everyone, and just his general demeanor.

Now I’ve been wrong before, and things do sometimes turn on a dime in that house, but with Daniel, I just don’t see it happening. They’ve got four weeks of history to view on the guy, and a leopard can’t change it’s spots.


Yeah! He was already being an a$$hole but instead of accepting that it’s a game and he got played (albeit for good reason), he needs to put his big boy pants on (suck it up) and say kudos y’all, you got me! He could at least attempt to reset his game. Instead, he’s being such a bad sport, thinking he’s the victim. I think he is too full of rage and vengeance to reset and play a more strategic game.

He’s just a horrible person. I want him out now. Let him face the music. I don’t think he will receive the homecoming he expected.


Kyle just might be the first LO to go The flirty possibly showmance gave Kyle intel he used to benefit the LO. Now, I think he may have crossed the line, putting the showmance before the LO. I could be wrong. I haven’t been watching feeds. My new puppy has taken over my life. I’m exhausted and a bit late to the game.


You are so right about Joe. I said week 2 that he was selfish and kinda greedy. He’s been eating everything, he goes back for food 2 and 3 times before everyone has eaten. He’s the first one in a room to listen to everything. He never lets any of them finish talking and jumps in like it’s his idea. He reminds of Frankie Grande. I liked him at first but he’s grating on my nerves.

un autre nom

My read on the current situation:
Kyle: I’m totally good with anything… 30 seconds later… how about anyone but me on the block because i’m likeable.
Kyle again: We could get Taylor to be the pawn, she won’t mind.
Monte: not Taylor.
Joe to Turner: Alyssa or Dan have to go. Meaning Taylor and Kyle have to agree to be pawn.
Turner: i could do it…. hey scooter booter… any more muffins?
Michael: I don’t want Daniel as have not because he’ll lurk upstairs. I can’t make Indy a have not. Turner and Jasmine were just havenots… maybe the boys will volunteer.
Also Michael: I don’t want to put up Taylor at all, Turner and Jasmine in the veto are no match for Daniel and Kyle… maybe the boys will volunteer.

Here’s my take: Ain’t nobody volunteering for nothing. Half of them expect to use Taylor after being so understanding and vowing not to pawn her again. The other half don’t want to ever touch the block.


Everybody has a role in the house. Taylor has been a big shield in the house and when she was down on her luck, they gave her safety and kept her around, so she could give her speech tonight. If she is to go up, so be it. She is not a victim and is playing for a chance to win 75k+

un autre nom

Remember the conversation where the guys in the alliance said we won’t pawn you again once we get out Nic? Same guys are saying pawn her.
Has nothing to do with victim.
Has everything to do with Alliance trust and loyalty.
In terms of social dynamics in Big Brother, if you don’t keep your word to your alliance members… you don’t have an alliance.
This is where i’m saying it’s problematic.


Expect the un-expected and trust no one. That’s the name of the game. People run their mouths in that house all day everyday making false and empty promises. At the end of the day, they will all use all the leverage they have to keep themselves safe. This alliance will collapse like every other big alliance in the history of the show; it’s a question of when…which is what’s making everyone anxious and nervous about being on the block.

The Beef

Just like The Cookout collapsed.
Just like Chilltown collapsed.
Just like Level 6 collapsed.
Just like The Brigade collapsed.
Just like The Quack Pack collapsed.
Just like The Renegades collapsed.
Just like The Hitmen collapsed.

The Leftovers may collapse, but not all alliances or even all big alliances collapse on Big Brother. One sure way to ensure they do is to lie to fellow alliance members DIRECTLY as AN points out. If you have no trust, you have no alliance, plain and simple.


In all 3 weeks the person who was on the block originally thought they were safe. Pooch ameerah and Nicole all assumed they were safe thanks to alliances they had built. It’s not crazy for Kyle to be wary of going on the block when that has been the case for the last 3 weeks. If he volunteered to go up next to Daniel then leftovers said this is the opportunity to take him out and took the shot everyone here would be talking about how dumb he was like they do when pooch and Nicole volunteered to go on block and got sent out. So he gets criticism for being wary of going on the block and he gets criticism if he volunteers and ends up being evicted. This is a fun game isn’t it


jasmine next please. so tired of her

un autre nom

Between Turner volunteering as tribute to lose his 187 pound muffin, and Joseph trying equally as hard to get Kyle or Alyssa on the block as Kyle is trying to stay off the block…
Yeah, winning week 5 HOH may not be as fun as Michael hoped.

Stats: If i remeber correctly, nobody to ever win 2nd veto or 5th HOH has ever won BBUS. Michael won both. and wore a black cat kittyshirt in the premiere. anybody wanna tell him?
Possible problems:

  • Why isn’t Michael protecting the alphamales? It’s almost like he’s on the girls’ side.
  • Why can’t we use Taylor as a pawn…. she’s always on the block.
  • What do you mean you want us to be Have nots and you want us to be pawns?

Here’s the thing.
HOH’s haven’t been picking the have nots. It’s either Britt or Turner and Jasmine’s problem. Let them worry about it.
Monte would be more down with pre-veto pawning than Joe, most likely. Joe and Kyle thing that isn’t acknowledged but exists.
Kyle will come up with one million reasons not to be on the block this week.
Michael does not have enough charisma within his alliance to run THIS week.


Micky and Beth (Holly) won a lot of comps.

un autre nom

I don’t know where that’s coming from in relation to my comment.
I’m not a big fan of season 21, so please don’t take this personally, I’m just giving my opinion, and not in any way attacking you.
Jackhole and Beth aren’t examples of anything to me.
The entirety of season 21 was one production rig after another, and done so noticeably that i called out exactly how they were going to manufacture a win for him at the beginning of week 2. I was a broken record about it. Right down to the psych rehab in the have not to attempt to fix his image that i called weeks before they did it.

in terms of the stats? that year it was Sam that won veto week 2 and Beth that won HOH week 5. Neither won Big Brother.


Nvm. I misread what you wrote.


Kyle/Michael conversation after Michael won HOH:

“Kyle is campaigning hard to not go up as a pawn as he fears that Daniel is alone and will be viewed as no longer a target. Michael entertains the idea and says he will see what everyone says. Michael told Kyle either way it will be as a backdoor as he plans to see if the boys will volunteer to go up as a pawns as they don’t want Daniel/him to play in veto.

Michael says the reasoning is because he wants strong players competing against Daniel in case he is picked so that’s why he won’t go with Turner and Jasmine since Jasmine can’t compete and then its just Mike/Brit and them. As such, he rather the boys as pawns.

Kyle suggested Jasmine and Turner anyway but Michael already explained this and Kyle seems reluctant.

Kyle earlier mentioned that Taylor should be down to go back up on the block. Michael says he won’t promise anyone safety although earlier in a one on one conversation he promised Taylor she won’t go on the block.”


Kyle is very selfish and I am starting to dislike him again…

I mean sure nobody wants to be on the block but he literally said to Michael put up Taylor/Ignorant Indy/Alyssa which would be Taylor’s 4th time on the block and second after being a member of The Leftovers and that is so shady imo…

Monte/Joseph are seemingly fine being the initial nominees which is sorta surprising me but Turner is the most unfazed about it and I kinda respect that. Kyle should learn to not be so damn selfish because it is going to paint a target on him.

Kyle really should feel so good sitting next to Evil Elvis if The Leftovers’ plan to backdoor Evil Elvis works.

I mean clearly Alyssa isn’t going to vote against her piece of meat…Ignorant Indy dislikes Evil Elvis too since she is nervous around him and his pissy attitude (lol at the pot calling the kettle black…).

So at worst he would have to worry about securing JasMEAN and The Couch 2.0’s votes. And without them it would still be 7-2 with Evil Elvis joining Cruel Chef as pre-jury boots. 🙂

Sadly I can see a scenario where Kyle guns for the Veto should he and Evil Elvis get picked to play the Veto (and I suspect Production will want them to at least play to spice it up) which would mean that The Couch 2.0 or JasMEAN will go instead of Evil Elvis.

While I dislike both of them a lot they are nowhere near the level of threat to The Leftovers that Evil Elvis is so I would hope that the others in The Leftovers would see that as a major red flag and Selfish Kyle would become the top target for when it is the final 7 or more likely the final 10 since we all know someone is going to take a stab at the alliance before the useless players are all gone…


Kyle also said he wants to be the first one to take a shot at the 7. He is worried others may beat him to it.


So far the last 3 people evicted all thought they had the votes when going on the block so I think it’s excusable for Kyle to have pause about going up. Then if he does volunteer and rest of leftovers take the shot everyone here calls him an idiot for volunteering. No win situation for him


Okay soooo Kyle is starting to annoy me lol

un autre nom

No have nots this week.
Sideye. look back. Sideye the other way. look back.
mmm, so THAT’S the way they’re doing it?

Daniel hopes he’s not ostracized this week? oh Elvis. Maybe Taylor and Britt will show you all the places you can go to cry where nobody will notice. Actually they’d probably sit with him to be nice.
I’m still seeing little rumors of a double coming up. I’m not sure if it means next thursday or week 6. Endurance comp like the wall transitions them into jury phase with a double so the first 2 jurors leave at the same time? Possible.
The HOH results were apparently: Michael, then Kyle, then 4 seconds later Daniel. That’s why Daniel says technically second.
Terrance assumes he’s the new Nic to Elvis. Has to ask if he wins veto can he use it on Dan if Dan isn’t on the block. Recline La-z-boy…. recline.
Indy cam talked. those darn kids and i deserve it talk. She didn’t ask Jesus to bomb the house this time…. no thermonuclear Holy spirit invocations is a small step… but maybe a good one? Give it a day.
I’m not looking for an Amen here, but i’m sure Kylemom would agree… less with the showmance crap.
Kyle’s distrust for his own alliance is palpable. Compare Turner’s willingness to go on the block to Kyle’s fear the alliance he takes credit for creating will evict him. It’s really… something.


Need to get rid of that weird girl who talks through her teeth