“The only thing that I ask is don’t let this get back to Nicole or Daniel.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Monte
Nominees: Indy and Alyssa Taylor and Nicole
POV Players: Alyssa, Indy, Monte, Terrance, Joe, Kyle and Daniel (Michael is the host)
POV Winner: Daniel & Kyle
Veto Ceremony: Daniel used the power of veto. Taylor and Nicole are nominated.
Havenots: Turner & Jasmine

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Nicole & Taylor

7:15pm Bedroom – Daniel is studying the house counting things as well as studying the days / events of the season.

7:21pm Bedroom – Indy and Nicole.
Nicole – If I get HOH, you will never see the block. Jasmine will never see the block. If Kyle and Daniel get HOH, he is going strong after them. If I get HOH, I am going strong after them. Indy – just be careful (she motions that someone might be in the other room and hear her talking). Nicole – I’m done talking. I am done. That’s why I am only trying to hang out with Daniel because everyone knows we hangout. For me the best thing about today is that tomorrow is the eviction. So I have now had a conversation with everyone and I don’t need to talk to anyone else. I am very happy that we have become closer. They’re going to try very hard tomorrow to try and flip the vote. They’re going to try to do to me what they did to Ameerah. Indy – I don’t think so. Nicole – lets hope that they don’t. I’ll talk to you later tonight. They hug and Nicole leaves. Indy – as we say in Portuguese “a água batendo no vagabundo” – the water hitting the bum bum. When you think everything is good.. surprise!

7:52pm Outside the HOH room – Daniel and Nicole.
Nicole – Okay, I am done talking to everybody. I need to figure out a way to talk to Jasmine without anyone seeing her. Daniel – why? Nicole – Because Monte told me that ___ is watching everything I do. Daniel – who cares! Nicole – I know. But I am trying to separate. Daniel – All I am going to do is touch base with Indy, Alyssa.. Nicole – no more Indy. I’ve over loaded her brain. Daniel – again? She needs a break.

8:55pm Bedroom – Monte and Jasmine.
Jasmine – if it came down to a split how would you feel? Monte – I want her out. Jasmine – no, how would you feel with the people that didn’t? Like obviously if you want me to vote her out, I will. But what if some people still vote Taylor out? Because that is going to literally split the house. And then everyone going to start f**king lying! Monte – yeah, then its going to get very ugly. If you can get all three of you (Indy, Jasmine & Alyssa) all comfortable to veto her out.. Jasmine – its not going to be a problem. Monte – then its not going to be a split vote. The only thing that I ask is don’t let this get back to Nicole or Daniel. Because the worst thing that will happen is.. Jasmine – so do you think that I should just wait to tell Alyssa? Monte – you can tell her tonight or whatever have you. Jasmine – if this happens obviously you can’t play in the next HOH so you wouldn’t be able to protect me but do you think If Joseph or Terrance. Monte – they’re not coming after you. Jasmine – okay. Monte – 100%! Jasmine – I don’t mind doing this but I just want to make sure I’m secure. Monte – next week you are not going home. The only way that would happen is if its out of my hands, if its out of Joe and Terrance’s hands. I don’t need to see you or Turner on the block. Big Brother switches the feeds.

9:18pm Bedroom – Alyssa, Indy and Jasmine.
Jasmine – they have a goal. They want Nicole out and they want Daniel next. Indy – if Taylor stays she is going to pick us. (Join their Festie Bestie group) Alyssa – I was thinking about that, it means that she can’t come for us. And she’s a competitor so we’re safe. But two we’re the easiest f**king target to put on the block now. Jasmine – well I don’t know what to tell you. I have no idea what to do. Alyssa – Nicole is telling me that we’re seen as a trio and that everyone wants us out. Indy – don’t listen to whatever she is telling you. We don’t need to think about her now. We need to think about if Taylor stays .. she is going to f**k with this game. Alyssa – well she wants Daniel. Jasmine – I will tell you what Monte told me but you better not say a word when he talks to you. He basically said that the house is voting Nicole out and that if he gets a split vote he is voting Nicole out. And then they’re coming for Daniel .. and whoever is on the wrong side of the house is who they’re coming for next. That’s what he said. Or we could vote for Nicole to stay and if it doesn’t work out we could just lie. Alyssa – no we can’t, I can’t lie. I suck at lying. I literally can’t lie. Jasmine – girl you’re on big brother. Alyssa – I know. Indy – if she doesn’t go home now .. she (Taylor) is going to win this f**king game. She can not stay and come with both of us. That is going to f**k us up. Alyssa – and then if Daniel knows and we went against him .. he is going to put us up. Jasmine – he’s going to put everyone on the block, everyone’s going on the block! We need to choose what the f**k we’re going to do. Brittany joins them. Indy – I am listening to my gut and my intuition is telling me .. if the whole house goes (and votes out Nicole).. I will still keep true to myself (and vote out Taylor) … I can be the next. Brittany – we have each others back but we don’t have to vote together. We can vote differently. This week I want to vote where most people are voting because I am conflicted. And I don’t hold it against you if you vote a different way. How ever they fall out is how they fall out. Most people in the house seem like they want Nicole out.

9:48pm Bathroom – Kyle – should we kiss when we vote to evict and then we’re in the hallway .. and then we kiss? Should we or no? Alyssa – yes. Kyle – Is that too much? Alyssa – no. Kyle – I feel like that might be too much. That would be so nerve-racking like our families will be watching. I regret saying that. Alyssa – our families already know.

10:13pm Bedroom – Indy and Nicole.
Nicole – I want you to know that you are safe in this house and you have to understand that they’re paying a game and it is not personal. It is not a personal attack towards you but they know that they can get away with certain things and it is a game and I need you to remember that because if they’re going to play.. we have to play harder.. and the only way we’re going to win is if we stick together. It sucks and I had to say this to Kyle, I love them. Indy – stop talking to everyone. Nicole – I have to campaign. I am done campaigning. Indy – just talk to your 6 people and that is it. Make sure you only talk to your 6 people because I think people are overwhelmed. Nicole – here is the problem. I’ve only spoken to them one and the reason why it looks like I’m talking to them more is because she’s (Taylor) not speaking to them. She is sending other people to do the talking for her. And one of the things that Monte has been saying all week is that I’m paranoid. So he is trying to put in their head that I’m making all these issues. Indy – I am only giving you my advice.. only talk to your 6 people. Nicole – it is very scary to know that this girl (Taylor) might stay here and that I might go home… but they are trying to flip the house. Indy – even saying that to Turner was a big mistake. Nicole – I had to because I said something to Monte and I wanted it to get back to Jasmine. Indy – I am overwhelmed. Nicole – I know but this is what the game is .. you have to lie and tell them what they want to hear. Indy – you have my vote. You don’t need to worry about me. Talk to the 5 again in the morning. Nicole – do you think Kyle is flipping? Indy – I don’t know.

10:38pm Kitchen – Daniel, Terrance and Nicole.
Nicole – so what they’re doing to Indy is making her feel very uncomfortable right now. They’re making Indy feel super uncomfortable. They have basically told her that I am setting paranoia in the house. And Indy is literally telling me to stop talking to people. Daniel – then stop talking to people. Nicole – I have. And then she is like just make sure you have your people solid that they’re going to keep you. She said I am voting to keep you. Don’t worry. Daniel – okay leave Kyle alone right now. Let me talk to him. Nicole – well here is the thing I’ve pretty much told him everything. So I either shot myself in the foot.. or its working. Daniel – same. Nicole – so if there is a mole within the mix .. it is probably Kyle. Daniel – yeah. Nicole – if he has Kyle.. that means Kyle is really good at playing dumb. You (Daniel) just have to get HOH and protect Terrance.. that’s all you can do. Daniel – yeah.

12:03am HOH room – Alyssa and Kyle.
Kyle – Taylor is not a threat at all. She is not a competition threat. Like anyone next to her is going to look like more of a threat than she is. So having Taylor up there too is a good thing. Like I don’t know? How do you feel about it? Alyssa – I would be fine with that. I honestly don’t trust her (Nicole) or Daniel at all. Well I mean Daniel more but I just think that Nicole is like why would she feel like don’t worry. I have your back but I’m going to tell everyone that I am gunning for you but then she is like I wouldn’t even put you up as a pawn. I just don’t trust her at all. So I am fine with that and I feel like Michael wanted to do that too. Kyle – From my perspective if you can build a good relationship with Michael and Brittany.. I hate to say it but I probably trust them the most in the house. Alyssa – he told me that .. he just trusts me and you. Kyle – as much information as you can give him.. like he is a vault. I’ve told him things this entire game and its never gotten back to me. He is the one person since day 1 that I trust completely. Moving forward I do want to work with you and I wand to you in this game. You have to trust me on that. Hopefully Daniel blows up and puts a bigger target on his back. I am even willing to go up as a pawn.

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Around 1:15 AM or so it finally dawned on Cruel Chef that she is 100% going home.

Evil Elvis knows he is next and Indy and JasMEAN know they are after him.

Terrance is in the conversation but Alyssa isn’t really.

So I think before the vote the girls will try and get Alyssa to make it a 5-5 vote but she won’t budge and it will be 6-4. There is a chance they could flip to her side but it won’t matter anyways. I don’t see why JasMEAN would care that she voted against Taylor again when she has done it before.

The funniest thing is that Cruel Chef is so mad that she claims she will never watch Big Brother anymore.

Bye baby-girl. Nobody will miss you!


Can’t wait until she gets out & realizes what the former house guests think of her. She was calling out Tiffany tonight saying she was sorry – how she tried to follow in her shoes & played a similar game. BWAHHHHHHHHHHH

Little does she know Tiffany, Hannah Chaddah, Britini et el from last season have been disgusted by her, Evil Elvis, JasMean & Ignorant Indy.

She’s in for one rude awakening when she gets out of the house.

Even though they spent the first four weeks of this season being delusional – I can’t believe they are still buying their own hype about what excellent players they are.

He acts like he’s some big comp beast but meanwhile he had virtually nothing to do with that POV win that he kept claiming HE WON.

The way they continue to bash Taylor, Brittany, Michael & Turner is disturbing. These are mature adults who seemingly wanted to be on this show forever but they embarrassed themselves.

Terrance is close to reaching NOPE status for me too. He’s a 47-year-old father who has daughters & yet he’s contributed to hate speech about Taylor & even after everything she’s done to support him he’s trying to get her ousted tonight & continues to say despicable things about her. Sad there were so many negatives on this season – & it’s now CLEAR AS DAY who they are.


I am going to start calling Indy “Ignorant Indy” now lol. Praise you for gifting that to this community.

And yeah the evil members of this season are in for a wake up call. Paloma already got hers. Delusional hater.

The Couch 2.0 needs to hurry up and go asap too.


Yeah, this season I’ve been pulling out the monikers mostly for the negative crew although I’m wondering if we should find some sort of muffin reference to tie into Turner after last night lol.


Please add Terrence to the world of NOPES! I am appalled with him!


The way they continue to bash Taylor, Brittany, Michael & Turner is disturbing.”

Kumbaya, Kumbaya, Kumbaya, Kumbaya


I’m just so happy that Nic didn’t make it to jury. I want her to get her comeuppance now. Hopefully EE will be next. Such delusional a$$holes.




Indy & Nicole purposely went after Turner’s food, oat milk & ice cream knowing he has very specific dietary issues. And that was just supposed to be an “oh well” But someone eats half a f*cking muffin of JasBOOT’s and the sky is falling. No seriously?

That felt like Nicole jumped on the bandwagon too b/c she’s looking to rile things up & they blame Turner primarily for the beginning of the demise of what they are currently going through.

Some GOOD news of the day is Joe absolutely CLOCKED Terrance & the others jumped on to offer intel. Jasmine is also overplaying her hand b/c she’s ticked about the Taylor vote – & ditto for the green-eyed devil living inside Indy.

JasMean in particular is on EVERYONE’s radar. She’s milked that ankle injury for FAR too long & everyone KNOWS it. She made people wait on her hand & foot like they were servants & talks down to them for the littlest thing. Michael brought her out food & she snapped at him – where’s my napkin? Joe brought her glass out & she freaked b/c it wasn’t cleaned well enough – after she yelled at Joe he joked that he’d have to get management so he brought Alyssa out who washed the glass & yup she lit into her too.

Everyone has had it up to HERE & is fed up with her BS. Now that she’s no longer scooting around she’s also getting bossy about the game too. Even after telling Monte, she wanted to be in line with the votes & said she could get the girls she went to them & said we’ll just vote out Taylor & lie. The hatred toward Taylor TRUMPS all with Jasmine & Indy – make no mistake.

The girls reinforced their alliance again with Monte/Joe & Terrance but they are onto the fact that his little group needs to be fractured – QUICKLY.

Very early this AM – Joe was up in HOH with Monte & Taylor & they are uber worried that the other side is going to try to force Monte into a split vote to show his hand.

This actually works out really well for Kyle specifically who clearly now wants to ensure his group of Turner, Michael, & Britt are set up with the non-Leftovers but seemingly wants to bring along Alyssa. As noted, Monte/Joe have ties to Jasmine, Indy & Terrance while Kyle has Alyssa and these are the four votes they need to capture at least one from. Based on how attached Terrance was with Nic/Dan tonight as well as Jasmine they aren’t necessarily buying what he was selling.

Terrance made two below-the-belt comments about Taylor – (one to Joe about her being shady — b/c she gave him that intel to save him last week THAT REMEMBER – JOE GOT HER TO SAY & then made an underhanded comment to Monte about Taylor’s issues with Dan insinuating it was a “black girl thing” (WTF?).

Suffice to say they aren’t necessarily trusting Terrance even though he’s saying he’s 100 with them. But if you’re 100 percent with everyone – then who are you NOT with?

Joe is annoyed b/c he feels that group who are desperate to be aligned with them is trying to make Monte stand out by splitting a vote. It’s smart if they were to do it – but I also get his point. Indy/Jas/Terrance expect these guys to win all the comps & carry them through the game but when they need them for a simple vote they’re demonstrating they won’t do that simply gesture to have their backs.

I said there is good news, however, and that comes in the form of Ally who Joe has always pushed to go first of that quartet. She will vote out Nicole which is going to buy her some staying power within the group since they want to avoid that split vote. We’ll see how this gets spun b/c the reality is if they can rely on her to be there for them when the trio they thought was more entrenched won’t be it should propel them ahead of her on the hit list.

The emphasis will likely be on taking out Daniel, Jasmine, Terrance & Indy in succession to rid the house of the negativity & the players who just want to be carried to the end game.

If this quartet is earmarked at the top of the hit list it actually works in favor of Michael, Turner (two of my favs), Kyle, Britt & presumably also Taylor although she’s not necessarily in the group that Kyle wants to get deep in the game with. She is however tightly meshed with Britt/Michael & Turner is pretty close to her too.

Hopefully, the other three can get Kyle to understand having her vote will be essential to taking down Monte/Joe in order to get further in the game & I’m thinking that Britt & Taylor might be keen to have a trio of women go deep with the trio of males. I think Kyle’s fear of Taylor is that she’ll strike at him & Monte instead of Joe/Monte & he doesn’t want to be on the losing side of that coin. That’s where Michael is going to have to make him feel comfortable – And given he’s in five alliances with Mike it would behoove him to make it work just as he’s going to help Kyle keep Ally around longer.

Now – it’s not that I don’t like Monte – he seems like a nice enough guy & he ran a diplomatic HOH but what was with him CONSTANTLY wearing the blue HOH robe? He did nothing to nurture any of his relationships this week either.

I’m not as salty toward him as I was at season start for his part in the Taylor ostracizing & targeting but I don’t find him to be particularly strategic. It’s funny b/c everyone thinks it’s Joe that is the athlete & Monte the brains but I think Joe is the much more strategic of the two.

I’d prefer Joe stays longer than Monte (I just really like him & that quintet that hang out late nights laughing). So splitting the alpha males is on the docket just NOT quite yet. Let’s get Evil Elvis, Terrance (fed up with his flippity-floppity style & underhanded comments & JasMEAN, JasBOOT whatever we want to call her along with Indy OUT of the house first.

Then I think things could get really interesting as the remainder of the cast all have their strong points & with the four malcontents & negative Nancy’s gone it could make for a stellar finish to the season.

Overall, I was happy with the events of the day b/c Cruel Chef is down to hours in the house & some of the hamsters I find the least entertaining & the nastiest took a step up the hit chart today. All in all a great day!

And looking forward to an eviction that felt like it was overdue for weeks!

Team Taylor

Wow! These girls hate Taylor so much they’re willing to ruin their own game. That’s fine with me. I prefer getting one of them out next week anyway.

indy's gross mammeries

Will Nicole chef go home? The real questions ensue: will she hug Taylor on the way out the BB house or will she bear hug her into unconscious oblivion? Will she backstab Daniel for having put her up with a 7 inch kitchen knife? Will Julie Chen refuse to do an exit interview fearing ex-cop Nicole will take out her frustrations on her physically? Will Jasmine demand that Nicole stay so that she can keep her rosebud clean and pristine? Was Nicole forced to resign from the boys in blue due to anger issues and abuse of detainees? Will Taylor need a restraining order from crooked chef once the BB game is over?


I hope it’s Disgusting Daniel, Jealous JasMEAN, Tactless Terrance & Ignorant Indy in that order. Perhaps then the house can experience more of the good times that many of the Leftovers group has on a nightly basis.

This group ^^^ are just vile, jealous, bitter hypocrites.


Wow I really wanted a 5-5 vote but these girls (and The Couch 2.0) have no balls.

I’m happy Cruel Chef is leaving (even in the 5-5 scenario) but it would have been better for them to at least nail down that Monte is a liar and clearly the house is divided.

They are going to be targeted either way so why go down so easy?


Kyle is so cringe right now, wtf man you’re an adult not a 14 kid with their first crush. I’m excited for Nicole to get the boot, the LO better not f this up. Daniel can go next, then I’m ready for some backstabbing with the LO. What’s crazy is Turner is quickly climbing up my list as one of my faves, which is nuts because I dismissed him so early when he was attached to Pooch. I’m liking Michael, Taylor, Turner, and Joe the most, we’ll see how things play out to see if they remain in my top.


ME TOO — if you’re interested I just wrote a post about him (one page back).

I was SO WRONG about him on my initial gut read. In fact, I’m a fan of the same four you noted (but I also like Britt even though she spirals at times). I hope she won’t be the demise of Michael though.

I really enjoy when the group you noted above & Kyle hangs out – they’ve produced two of the funniest scenes from BB in a long time. The first was them discussing JasBOOT scooting down the stairs & Michael said she looked like the Bernie Sanders meme (they all cracked up laughing) and the second occurred last night as Kyle zoned out while showering twirling his hair & they all cracked up again. Joe has one of the most infectious laughs ever.

You can find both videos on social media – the second one they dubbed in Careless Whisper (& an image of Kyle/Ally kissing – which he DEFINITELY was thinking about). Joe laughed so hard he was crying.

As much as I live for the game strategy- I also really enjoy these more organic moments when the hamsters are just hanging out & getting along. In a season, where there has been so much negativity that quintet always seems to have so much fun together.


I’ve seen both moments and they are hilarious! There was another funny clip going around early this morning with Taylor talking to Turner about Jasmine playing them and Turner goes, “I can totally see that, that’s why I ate her muffin” and Taylor starts cracking up. It had me laughing. I love that whole group too. I like Brittany as well, I just get nervous with her sometimes. Her one on one talks with Taylor have been great though, she’s a standup good person.

Keri Helen

Indy is really going to ride that Taylor hate train to the bitter end. She just cannot get off and I will never fully understand it.

un autre nom

The more Joseph pays attention to Taylor, the less Joseph pays attention to Indy.


Does she remind you of Theron’s version of The Evil Queen?

un autre nom

Actually, not really. She reminds me more of Bonham Carter’s Queen of Hearts.


What’s crazy to me is that these players are so blind with hatred – and for what? – that they’re literally destroying their game. And then, when they get out, they can’t even articulate WHY they detested her & when they try it’s just total BS like Paloma’s “apology.” The truth is I’ve never seen such a cruel, jealous, bullying group of WOMEN – not teenagers like they act – in my life. It’s stunning how much they lack self awareness & how hypocritical they are. And Terrance is a misogynist- he even made an anti-black woman comment against Taylor last night. But the award for most abhorrent HG – perhaps EVER? – goes to Nicole & Daniel. They’re a whole breed of ugly onto itself & are in for a helluva time when they get out. I hope some of these people watch the show & feeds and do some serious reflection and soul searching because they’ve got a choice where they can grow and change for the better or double down and let their bitterness continue to poison them. It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens with the group post-game.


Kumbaya Kumbaya..they should just all hold hands and sing Kumbaya all summer now that would be a great BB season, oh but then you wouldnt be able to write your hateful comments – DOH


You go in the house, I want to see what a perfect angel you would be. And when you are in the shower and Taylor asks you why do you look that way, in an arrogant tone, I wonder how you would react? I agree that the girls AND guys are overdoing it but that house is a pressure cooker. Some are just going along because they don’t want to be a target, and some are just better than hiding it than others.


Sometimes people are just mean. They started out that way. It’s who they are.


Indy said it herself, “if Taylor stays she’s going to win this game”, not much of a “hate train” but more like target the people that are the biggest threats to win the 750k. Welcome to BB this is the game, evict people who are threats to win.

The Beef

What exactly has Taylor done that makes you think she’s a threat to win? She’s been OTB 3 out of 4 weeks so far, has won exactly ZERO comps, and you can’t say her social game has been on point since she’s been the most unpopular player in the house the WHOLE FREAKING SEASON LONG! Now she might win America’s Favorite Player award due to sympathy at the way she’s been treated, but I don’t see any of the current players voting for her to win, unless something changes drastically in the house during the remainder of the game, which certainly could happen. But at this point, she’s not even in the top 5 of the most likely to garner even a single vote to win from any of the players still in the game, so no, not a threat to win.

Indy’s statement is based purely on her disdain for Taylor – nothing more nothing less.


What exactly has Taylor done that makes you think she’s a threat to win? “

there’s something called Reading Comprehension, look it up

The Beef

You wrote two “sentences”. The first states that Indy says Taylor is a threat to win, is NOT hating on Taylor and reiterates the need to remove the biggest threats to win. The second seems to be your own opinion, backing Indy’s, saying “Welcome to BB this is the game, evict people who are threats to win.”

Please tell me what you wrote that I missed or failed to comprehend? If you left something out where you meant to DISAGREE with Indy’s assessment of Taylor’s chances of winning, that’s on YOU and has nothing to do with my ability to effectively read and comprehend what you wrote. I am NOT however a mind reader, so if you don’t write or SAY it, I can’t possibly read or comprehend it. Don’t get mad at me for calling you out for saying Taylor is a threat to win when she’s not.

Just a viewer

Indy only hates Taylor because she can see that Joe likes Taylor and Indy is crushing hard on Joe. She told Joe that she hates it when she sees Joe talking to Taylor, it makes her very angry and not to do it again. Indy reminds me of a fatal attraction type female. She saw Joe checking Taylor out last week when she had on a bathing suit and Indy face looked like it wanted to explode. Jasmine and Alyssa are so guilty of being hateful that in their petty little minds, they have convinced themselves that Taylor wants to target them. This is what happens when insecure, petty women are around strong confident women. Taylor’s confidence intimidated them and they started acting like a bunch of a@#holes. Season 24 is a perfect example of why women alliances fall apart. Paloma, Jasmine, Ameerah, Alyssa, Indy and Nicole are perfect examples.


Totally makes sense about Indy’s hate for Taylor. What I mean by this is that Taylor is a naturally beautiful woman who doesn’t make her life entirely about appearance. Indy, on the other hand, is obsessed with appearances and image but is not naturally beautiful and needs lots of make up and extras to compensate.


As much as Ameerah & Alyssa were no saints & definitely contributed to the dogpile, I feel like they wouldn’t have gone to that place if they weren’t so many negative voices in the cast & particularly the other four women (Pal/Indy/Jas & Nicole).

I think it was Britt who disclosed it was Jasmine who IMMEDIATELY tagged Taylor on the first day. She was the reason it all started (not Paloma) although she jumped on the bandwagon quickly.

While I know she’s having copious memes made of her & being made fun of I actually thought Jas was pretty at the start of the season, but as it is in life a knockout can become one of the most unattractive people once their true character seeps through.

Maybe I’m wrong. But I bet you if Indy & Jas are among the next few exits Ally & Taylor will develop a friendship (there are already hints of it) & hopefully Britt will embrace that happening too. (She might be a little territorial or protective I worry after what she & Tay felt they went through this season).

As a woman, I find it disheartening there has never been a strong woman’s alliance that has dominated a season. I remember one season on Survivor there was an amazing group of women but it never works on BB. With showmances and the dynamics of the program maybe it’s not a feasible outcome. Last season I loved the Tiffany, Hannah & Claire relationship but it seems like any more than a trio of women is when things fall apart. Maybe one year we’ll get a cast that’ll deliver on that front.


LOL I can’t believe that 20 people liked that. You have no clue what exactly transpired in the house. Stop being so judgmental against the women, you have no idea what they are really like, only what you are shown. Taylor is not innocent in having bad behavior. Kids these days.


Is that you Paloma?????


LOL! You are doing the exact thing the girls did to Taylor, being judgmental when you don’t even know the whole story. How hypocritical can you be? It’s really quite sad. Actually, the petty little mind of Alyssa as you say has been very kind to Taylor and has said very little about her. I smell some jealousy going on.

un autre nom

Nic says if she is voted out she never had a chance. Ahem… actually…
Rewind to Nic and Daniel saying they HAVE to use the veto to put Nic and Taylor on the block because Monte said NOT to use the veto.
I think… uh… she had a chance. Oops.

Kyle, who they were convinced was “special” a couple of hours ago… has to be the mole if there is one. They say this to Terrance who farts driving them away. Nervous stomach La-z-boy? I mean he ratted them out just a while ago when he realized his reclined floating ass was endangered. Daniel is still convinced Kyle is stupid, but if he doesn’t want to play the game Dan’s way, he doesn’t want to play with him. Sometimes i feel like Elvis is stunted at the age of a four year old.

Here’s the thing: what will Nic say when she gets online? We’ve heard her self congratulatory bullshit and her honor honesty integrity bullshit and her never said an unkind word bullshit… oh right, we don’t see everything on feeds is going to be her mantra BIG TIME. She’ll join up with Pooch and Paloma and they can do tiktoks together. Never once explaining what they DID say, just tilting at windmills at the things that people didn’t hear. It’s a special brand of whataboutism that can’t be confirmed, so go with that. Eyeroll.
Is she going to try to join the reality show contestant relocation program? Will she be Doris a line cook from Wheatland Wyoming?

I believe Indy is expecting Joseph to tell Monte to call off the target change so that she can get her way and Taylor can go home, while Terrance is misting Nic that of course she isn’t the target.
Nic is calling for group solidarity, saying no one person can make the decision…
remember when Nic and Ameerah told Monte Pooch was happening so he had no choice in the matter? That led to the group decision that Nic can go… and wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t insisted on going on the block post veto.
Terrance throws in a neener neener now you know how i felt last week. Should have said ‘and i used to be a forest park ranger or a candystriper in an asylum’ or some shit.
Again, I expect Terrance to tell everyone what they want to hear. He’s a floater’s floater.

Oh look. Scooter Booter Jabba can walk without her cane…. praise be it’s a miracle. Blink blink… or someone’s been milking for a week since Production gave her the boot and she kept using the scooter for sympathy.

So Nic, on the block, gave away Turner’s ice cream, used his oat milk, gave away his HOH food whle he’s a have not, told him he might go on the block if she wins HOH, promised him Sushi for when Have nots ended… and isn’t going to bother????? Ummm. There’s his goodbye message right there.


Nicole…Doris, a line cook in Wheatland Wyoming. LOL. You crack me up! I like to picture her as a school lunch lady. Wearing the dirty apron and stupid hair net while she sneers at the snotty pre-
teens that she has to serve…
I really hope she gets to steppin’ tonight!


She wasn’t going to make them food once she was on the block. Also, Nicole wasn’t the only one who infringed on his food. Others could have stopped it or asked permission

un autre nom

She’s the one who said ‘it’s some HOH’s food, who cares’ when asked if they should use it.


I was laughing this morning at Turner trying to decide if he should take some of that muffin that Jasmine was obsessing over last night and disappointed that he only took a spoonful


Cruel Chef and Evil Elvis literally said something like, ‘We tried but we had no power’…

Umm it’s in the name: POWER of Veto………..Evil Elvis won it this week, was warned not to use it and did so anyways which is why his best friend is getting backdoored!

Marcellas needs to slap him when he is evicted next week.

Pooch as well because they Pooched themselves worse than he did imo.


A tale of two super fans:

In the first week of the season, Evil Elvis pontificated on his game prowess & boldly stated he was a true super fan who intended to make a mark this season. In one of his very few & accurate reads, he immediately recognized Michael was also a super fan & would be his key competition so earmarked him as his biggest threat. Although, if we turn back to that first week, Michael essentially told him he was a super fan but EE didn’t sense the same fear about Michael (perhaps it was the cat shirt) as he did the alpha males (despite the fact he was taller than 6’3).

At least, not until Michael won that POV, the next POV, and yes – the next POV! Each time someone would suggest adding Michael to an alliance Evil bristled at the idea. He was furious to learn that Michael was part of Pal’s Pack (named after the girl he so desperately wants to bang) while he wasn’t.

And, it wasn’t just that Michael was a super fan or a comp beast – he was something EE could never be – EXTREMELY LIKEABLE – he exudes a gentleness of spirit, is an excellent listener, & never needs to be the loudest in the room – but if you’ve witnessed the recent quintet (Taylor, Joseph, Turner, Kyle & Michael) in the backyard discussing JasBoot scooting down the stairs all it takes is one line from him to own the moment & make his mark (she looked like that Bernie Sanders meme!)

Considering EE has exuded the most base of character traits this season & picked an equally despicable partner, it’s ironic on the eve of her demise she chose to use words like loyalty, integrity, and grace – NONE of which were qualities she displayed playing this game but the player who most closely resembles and embodies those qualities is MICHAEL! No wonder Evil Elvis has such a hatred for him & hard on to get him ousted from the game!

In retrospect, the egomaniac turned out to be a bust, running a cowardly spineless HOH that was won based on his ability to put together a drum unit (um – the guy is in a band). While Michael had to keep fighting for his life & winning POVs.

Daniel has NEVER been in danger of going OTB or faced any true adversity until this week & yeah – we all saw how that worked out.

Turns out the one self-anointed super fan is more of a bully and while his favorite slight is to call the hamsters clowns, it seems like he might be catching his own reflection!

Meanwhile, the true super fan that the clown pegged showed us all what can be accomplished in a single week when you’re not on the block, fearful of going on the block, and have time to work your social magic.

THAT is how you play Big Brother & gain agency without drawing a bright spotlight to yourself while improving your position virtually everywhere in the house.

Brittany got the benefit of association w/o having to do anything other than being Michael’s main person.

In review, knowing he needed to make inroads with some of the non-Leftovers, Michael set about pulling in Indy to make her more comfortable with him. At first, it wasn’t going smoothly (but we’re talking about the wild card Indy here). Now, she’s fully on board.

Kyle then pitched a F4 with him/Britt & Turner which was precisely what Michael wanted to hear b/c he’s been stewing over how they would cut all the alpha males (read: Monte/Joe) from getting deep into the game.

Britt, Taylor & he also solidified their F3.

And sensing the increasing bonds between Kyle & Alyssa (and now knowing that Kyle was on the same page to cut out the alphas early) he put in work with Ally. Sensing all the drama today he jettisoned into a talk with Ally asking how she felt about potentially resurrecting part of the PP alliance with both stating it wouldn’t include Nicole. So in essence him, her & Kyle although he also tapped Monte I suspect that was him kicking the tires to get a read on her feelings about it.

Later, she & Kyle discussed the vote & she brought up Michael & how he trusts Kyle the most which he jumped on stating Michael was his most trusted ally & encouraged a four-some of them with Britt & Michael.

Monte, Joe & Turner all respect Michael, and other than Daniel there isn’t anyone in the house who dislikes him. I do think Terrance is cognizant of his position and I sense a bit of jealousy based on a few comments he’s made but no one will pay him any mind after his game got totally clocked today (fwiw – JOE once again called that one – spot on as he’d pointed out Terrance’s double-dipping earlier & now I think that might’ve been why Monte/Joe didn’t feed him much this week).

Entering this week, Kyle was the most insulated & protected player in the house, and while Michael/Brittany are the most exposed next week if Evil Elvis wins HOH I do think the Leftovers would put up a great fight to ensure their safety & even though he’s the most vulnerable of the LOs, ironically, I think he might be in close to the best position of the “true contenders”.

Kyle had wanted to win HOH to take out Terrance or Indy this coming week, but after tonight I think he’ll recognize the need for Daniel to go- particularly now that he’s so entrenched with Michael in FIVE different alliances (F2, F3 w/Brit, F4 w/Brit/Turner/F4 w/ Britt/Ally & The Leftovers!) & EE will be gunning for Michael in particular b/c he’ll be too spineless to take a shot at Monte/Joe.

As much as I adore Britt if they do end up OTB next week she’ll be the casualty but I can see an easy transition for Taylor to parachute into his primary partner slot. Let’s see what happens.

Moving forward – watch for him to forge tighter bonds with Turner, Ally, Indy & yes even Jasmine so he’s got more coverage in the non-Leftover areas of the house. Daniel & Terrance should be priority boots with one of Joe or Monte targeted at the first DE (he’ll want Joe but I actually think Monte might be the wiser cut).

All in all – it was one hell of a week for the Birthday Boy who turned 29 forged a couple of new end-game alliances, fostered new bonds, strengthened the ones he had, and did all this with nary a ripple of notice from the peanut gallery.

That we got to witness the demise of Cruel Chef & free fall of the clown Daniel was just icing on the cake!


Very well written. Props!


Wow, I really enjoyed your post.


Daniel still doing last minute campaigning to Terrence, Jasmine, and Indy at 3 am. Terrence is like an evil funhouse mirror. He is taking their emotional state and reflecting it back at them


As a quick addendum – perhaps the wild card TRULY IS THE WILD CARD – as Indy is now panicking & with Jasmine pushing she’s now gone to Monte requesting this alliance with him, Joseph, JasBOOT & Terrance.

To be honest, I think the deterrent for Michael with Indy isn’t their personal relationship it’s the mean girl sh*t & b/c he’s friends with Taylor & Britt (neither of whom she likes very much) it stops her from wanting to work with him.

In her mind, this alliance will mean she OWNS Joe & Monte – not anyone else & I’d put good money on there being a scene this coming week if Joe is spotted spending too much time with Taylor!

It was notable, Monte straight-up told her that he & Joe can’t overtly defend Indy too much bc people will see that and want to get her out!

Something tells me Indy could be part of this duo’s demise (especially if they don’t tell the Leftovers about it). I know Jas already approached him about this alliance last week & I think Monte might’ve mentioned it but it faded away shortly after. But, seriously, I see Indy causing some sh*t that will end up leading to conflict & it will put one of Monte or Joe in a bad position. She just carries that type of energy with her.


Who knew that explosion would come as early as today!

un autre nom

It’s really late.
And yet…
Popcorn Misery cams.
Elvis and CopChef have realized that she’s being sent home.
They lament how there is nothing they could have done… they didn’t have power….
record scratch…. veto.
It’s starting to sink in that they screwed themselves because they’ve allowed their overwhelming need to hate cloud their ability to play the game. They sought to control the house by creating outcast after outcast by spinning vitriol. Taylor first, then Britt. Will they understand they were the assholes, or will they blame the house?
Here’s Elvis saying he told producers he would be against the alphamales. Remember his HOH?

  • Let’s target the oldest guy and the gay guy… that’ll teach those alphamales.
  • Let’s join the alphamales because 6’3″
  • Let’s be creepy obsessed with the youngest girl saying she looks almost 18. shudder.
  • Let’s renom the girl that ride or die is crushing on because the alphaboys and Lolita said so…. even though she wanted to work with him.

Yeah… he showed those alphaboys. Asshat.
Copchef starts her usual floorshow:

  • great family
  • cop for 10 years
  • great job

wait…. she left out 41 years old. no. wait… she always includes 41 years old… i feel cheated. someone create a clip of every time she told someone she’s 41 years old.
Put it with the honor honesty integrity clip.
She’s so bitter and she’s never watching big brother again because it’s not fair. Oh right, like this is a Helen was pushed situation. Eyeroll.
Elvis and Copchef are sure if they fall, Jasmine will win the game. Jasmine had a hard time winning a pie eating contest everyone threw to her.
Let’s be clear: Daniel has applied 10 times to be on big brother, but told everyone he was recruited because someone in casting this season likes musical theatre. I blame Tommy. So which is it? Do i really give a fuq? No. He’s an asshole. He’s crying, not because he has caused his final 2’s eviction… but because he finally gets on the show and people aren’t playing the game they way he wants them to play it.
Daniel wants to realign with Jasmine. I give it ten minutes. Ain’t no way in HELL that Jasmine is going to jump and be Elvis’ emotional security pitbull. She’s got her own hates to hate, and Elvis isn’t likely to be her butler. Only way she entertains his stank ass is if he’s HOH, and even then, it’s only to use the HOH snacks and Bathroom.
Daniel promises if he wins HOH he’s targeting Monte, Joe, Michael or Turner. Let me save you the trouble: he’ll target Michael and Turner telling himself that taking them out is taking away from the alphamales numbers so that’s the bigger move. Fear based Strategy.
AGAIN WE GET THESE PEOPLE ARE HORRIBLE LIARS…. Remind me, was she or was she not told NOT to volunteer to go on the block this week by the HOH????
I actually had hopes for Nic in week one UNTIL she 100% dropped her own game plan because Daniel said jump. From that point on, she’s been a pitiful pastiche of a thug or an enforcer and a complete bitch for a fear driven whining pissant. She’s an embarrassment.
Current vote: 8-2… one NOPE down, one to go.

Indy is proposing the alliance that Jasmine proposed earlier this week: Monte, Joe, Terrance, Indy, Jasmine. Monte and Joe think Terrance, Indy and Jasmine are the best jurors for them to win, so of course they like the idea. Kyle secretly knows those are Monte and Joe’s jury picks, so would like to take them out (he told Alyssa those three had to go earlier tonight).
Nicole is informing her voters that she doesn’t have the votes. Like it’s something the house didn’t know? It wasn’t a long trip… she only had to tell Indy. Elvis and Nic thought there would be drama with the announcement… people are chatting. Hey, Indy is afraid Elvis is going to yell at her and she’s scared to go to her bedroom. Didn’t mind when he was yelling at Taylor like a crazy asshole, just a reminder.
Why is Terrance trying to get Nic and Daniel to fight to flip the vote back? Part of me thinks a floater needs two determined sides in order to adequately float. Now he’s to blame for Nic being tipped off in Monte and Joe’s books.
Why is Daniel still obsessed with Paloma? Priscilla was 14 when she started dating 25 year old Elvis.
Even the d/r isn’t willing to deal with Nic’s bullshit right now. They announced d/r isn’t available when Nic tried to get in (I’m assuming keep me or I DOR was going to be her tactic… what you don’t think spoilsport theatrics and attempt to control production aren’t tricks she’d use… really?)

un autre nom

Indy is reconsidering her vote now, because she thinks the boys flipped the vote after Nic said she’s target Indy, Alyssa and Jasmine… and the boys like them too much to let Nic target them. She’s still afraid Daniel is going to scream at her.
Daniel is getting angry that he can’t get a 5-5 vote. Terrance is egging him on.
Terrance is now ratting to Joseph when he’s supposed to be getting Alyssa so Daniel can browbeat her… he doesn’t know what to do… he’s being dragged into this against his will…
Terrance is trying to get the target shifted on to Taylor.
Terrance just tried to get Joe to flip his vote to keep Nicole.
Joe has already informed Monte and Taylor.
Daniel has already backed off targeting Monte and Joe and said Michael. eyeroll. who didn’t see that coming a mile away.
Current vote: 6-4 Nope still going.
So, Daniel and Terrance want a tie KNOWING that Monte will evict Nic still.
That’s what this comes down to?
SO is this where they hope to get Kyle to join them? Threaten Michael or Britt? What?
Oh. Turner. They’re trying to flip Turner? Good luck Nicole.
They’re trying to make Monte the face of the flip for some odd reason.
At least she’s not rolling over and dying… but Nic is still an embarrassment. Now saying she’d never put up Turner.
Turner is full on giving Britney Haynes “help me’ duo d/r with Brendan vibes as he stares at the camera as Danile buddy pals him and Nic rants.

no really. this house has been arguing about muffins on and off for hours. Hell if i know. Jasmine is mad someone ate half her muffin. Eyeroll. She wants d/r to roll back the tapes. I shit you not.

The Ladies Auxilliary Clown Posse begged to know the target so they weren’t on the wrong side again…. learn the target and still want to be on the wrong side? Make it make sense.
Jasmine is rat floating to Joe and Monte now. Nicole was the one pushing for Joe to be the renom with Pooch during Jasmine’s HOH. Nicole says her then Daniel then the girls.
Monte says they aren’t after the girls, all they are thinking about is surviving next week.
Jasmine is telling the boys it is their duty to protect the girls from Daniel if he starts screaming at them (Gee, she had ZERO problem when he screamed at Taylor… oh. i see).
Jasmine is either a) voting for Nic to be evicted or b) voting for Taylor to be evicted and setting up her lie the way she told the girls they should lie about their votes… all three of their votes. Too soon to tell. She thinks Alyssa is voting with the Leftovers, so guess who’s vote she intends to claim if she’s lying. Just saying.
Who will save the poor muffins though??????
For that matter who will save Turner from this complete bullshit fest???
Nic has spun Jasmine asking Nic to take it easy on Indy into ‘People are trying to stymy her campaigning and insinuating that she’s too intimidating’.
BTW: TURNER ATE THE MUFFIN BECAUSE OF THE FUSS THEY MADE ABOUT THE MUFFINS IN MUFFINGATE EPISODE ONE. Those two muffins were her eat in bed muffins and now she only has one and a half bed eatin’ muffins. Seriously.
Alyssa is now fine with Indy going she says to Kyle. I don’t think Alyssa is down with the Nic Dan now that bunny has told her he wants Nic out. Just sayin.
Joseph is reporting that Terrance is a rat.
I think the only people sleeping tonight are Britt and Michael. They know they need an HOH win.


Can you believe the crazy last night? BUT through it all Turner took another giant leap upward for me – I absolutely LOVED he ate that muffin. LMAO.

When he & Taylor were talking in the bathroom about how these people hate her – b/c she wore high heels this week (I mean they aren’t wrong).

At one point Turner was sitting alone with Michael & Taylor & said that when he’s around thm the silences aren’t awkward bc he feels close to them. It was my awwwwwwwwwwwww moment of the night. That group is there to play the game – but they genuinely like each other & have interesting (non-game related) conversations and always have fun.

I can’t wait till they rid the house of the nasty quintet with the first out the door tonight.


Don’t know about you but Jasmine would be pissed at me if I were in the House for saying the Following:” 1) People took his food 2) Look at him. He’s practically disappearing. He needs those muffins for extra cushioning!”


bed eating muffins has me rolling hahahahahaha

un autre nom

The showmance is defiling the storage room.
That’s where they keep the food.
Oh Kyle’s mom is going to be so unimpressed…. he’s going to be grounded for months.
Turner and Taylor are bonding over the weird hate factory of Daniel and Nicole. They make some quips about Jasmine as well.
In most ways i feel that things are cooling down.

Alyssa and Kyle are voting out Nicole and are celebrating by doing unclean things near the food…. When a bunch of Elders bust through the door to retrieve Kyle and deprogram him from that Jezebel’s wanton ways… we’ll know why.
Terrance screwed his float game to keep Daniel on his side and make the house target Monte… he really misread the memo. How does he expect to get back in the middle? I don’t get him at all. GOING TO JOE BEHIND MONTE’S back was DUMB.
Indy…. hmmm how do you say megabitch in portugese? That tonight.
Every woman is afraid Daniel is going to yell at and threaten them. No really.
Jasmine’s vote is up in the air.
Michael and Britt are unaware of MOST of the drama. Expect them to be threatened tomorrow… oh i mean campaigned. eyeroll.
Taylor still plans to call out Nic’s behavior in her speech.

No Name


Let’s Play Fair

Just to be clear, Nicole and Ameerah will NOT be invited to be on The Amazing Race, right? If I have to watch her backstabbing and sabotage of other pairs, I would cringe and fast forward! Please tell the CBS production team that the viewers want participants for whom that they can root to win, not root to fail!


generally speaking they’d need to have a pretty big connection to be invited (most likely a showmance, but i could see a strong platonic duo like dr. will/boogie being potentially invited). i don’t really see nicole and ameerah as having formed such a connection.

Guy From Canada

Boogie said they were invited and Dr Will declined if I recall…and boogie went more crazy.

The Beef

Went crazy is right! Ended up with a restraining order against him for threatening Dr. Will and his family – all because Will chose not to accept the invitation, and therefore Boogie lost his chance too. Dude totally lost his mind over the whole thing!


OH — I can’t forget – how about narcissists Evil Elvis who kept repeating how I WON THE POV over & over this past Saturday?

I seriously thought he must’ve done the yeoman’s work to win that POV & he literally had Kyle to thank for winning it. Of the five questions asked – Delusional Daniel only provided Kyle with the information necessary to answer ONE of the answers. He guessed on the other four & got them all correct.

But if you tuned in last Saturday, he made it sound like Kyle was standing around while he went out & won them the POV.

YET another reason why this guy is so annoying.

He claims if Cruel Chef leaves he’s going to get in people’s faces & call them out & plans on having house meetings. Take it with a grain of salt b/c this bully is all talk no action unless it’s a woman or man he feels he can overpower.

Can’t wait for him to start spouting off about alliances so Monte or Joe can toss back Old Skool in his face or one of the many things Terrance has spilled tea about!

The thing is it’s doubtful he’ll take that route unless it’s only women & or Turner in the room. All I know is his days are numbered – and MAN would I ever enjoy a Taylor or Britt HOH win so they can get his nasty a$$ out of the house next!


Oh – Terrance is really feeling his oats now – he’s pushing for Monte to be forced into making the decision & thinking he has some sort of position in this game.

That nasty individual who thinks he runs this show intends to target Monte or Joseph or to backdoor Michael so he can’t play in POV — I told you that scumbag can’t stand there is a better player than him in the house.

Just like JasMEAN, Indy & Nicole can’t see straight over their jealousy toward Taylor it’s a similar plot line with DISGUSTING DANIEL who feels similarly toward Michael. He can’t bear that someone has the ability to play the type of game he wishes he had the character, ability & cojones to deliver.

I’m praying Ally rises to the occasion & serves up the extra vote needed but more importantly learns of the full plan so she can download to the Leftovers & they gun for HOH.

Next week Disgusting Dan is the primary target but not far behind are Jealous JasMean, Tactless Terrance & Ignorant Indy – this quartet (quintet if you include the Cruel Chef) are some of the most despicable crew BB has assembled all together in one season. I look forward to each of their exits from the house!

If it wasn’t for Turner I’d put JasMEAN on slop again next week but he doesn’t deserve that type of ire.

Because both sides feel they need Ally – I hope she gets the full download so she can run it back to Kyle/Michael & they use that intel to get her safety within the group – to know Disgusting Daniel is coming for them & to win HOH.

There are sides to every season but this season is separated by a group of mean people who function primarily on threats, bullying, and nastiness. JasMean & Indy want Taylor out of the house & can’t DEAL with her being allowed the freedom to just exist. Likewise, Disgusting Daniel can’t handle that he wasn’t presented with copious alliances & wants to take down Michael in a similar fashion (his preference would be for Michael to be ostracized from everyone too if truth be told).

I hope the Leftovers CRUSH that side of the house. I hope Taylor SLEIGHS with her speech & fwiw I did warn of this yesterday — like me — Taylor is worried that Daniel will attempt to get physical with her. She told Turner that early this morning. So I’m not sure that’s a good thing that we have the same instinct about this man & TPTB better f*cking be paying attention that she is concerned that could happen & warn the hamsters ahead of the eviction tonight.

Channeling the BB Gods for a Cruel Chef 6-4 eviction but more importantly Brittany or Taylor for HOH!

If Britt wins HOH – I hope she puts Indy back on slop (as long as Taylor doesn’t mind going on slop).

I’d aim for Disgusting Daniel as the primary target & if not take out JasMEAN.


Hoping a leftover doesn’t win hoh just to keep things spicy this season. Ideally someone like jassmean or Daniel I know I know it’ll be insufferable but so is a dominate alliance running things.


I just want all the bullies gone first!


You are missing one area of excitement : A Taylor HoH. That will be fun to watch in terms of several other Houseguests


I’d rather Alyssa won.

I do wonder who she would nominate since presumably Taylor joins her and Ignorant Indy so both are safe.

Would she really go after Daniel if her piece of meat would be at risk?

The only option seems like Monte/Joe/The Couch 2.0. I’d love that since The Couch 2.0 doesn’t deserve jury either and I’d be surprised if he wasn’t evicted. Although I could see people like Michael/Brittany/Taylor/Kyle seriously question not using that opportunity to vote Monte out.

I don’t dislike Monte or really like him but that would be another shocking Thursday eviction so I’d be for it I guess.

Although again people need to get rid of The Couch 2.0 eventually.

The Couch 1.0 was dragged to a 9-0 loss to Xavier at Final 2 because that model was so useless (so much so he couldn’t even say ‘I vote to evict __’ correctly smfh)…

Ignorant Indy and JasMEAN are in similar situations in that people should be weary of people dragging them to the end for a layup victory.


The only reason I don’t want Alyssa to win (even though I think they are kind of cute together), is I don’t want to see constant make out sessions or hot and steamy showers in the HOH.


It will happen and Production will love it if either become HOH.


What, you don’t want a juvenile version of Rachel and Brandon ? Lol


Would be great to see Daniel win HoH only to put Michael and Brittany up first… then later realize that his noms will be vetoed no matter who wins PoV and he will once again be the reason why one of his allies go home. It would truly solidify him as one of the worst and most clueless houseguests ever. Given his shitty gameplay so far, I think it’s a legitimately plausible scenario.


Unfortunately, he already said he WON’T put Michael up initially – he doesn’t want to give him a chance to play in POV.

So – unless the Leftovers on the block won POV & were willing to STAY on the block it’s the only way to protect him. They’d have the votes though – so we’ll see if Michael figures that out.


No Jasmine, please! Daniel winning would be awesome!


honestly best case scenario is probably taylor winning (assuming she joins alyssa/indy), daniel winning veto after being initial nom, and jasmine going home as replacement is probably best case scenario of jasmine not getting dragged to the end.


The only reason I DON’T want that is Michael will be the most vulnerable – Daniel can spout all he wants about going after Monte & Joe -but he won’t he’ll target Michael b/c he’s jealous of him IMHO.


Get the popcorn ready! Nicole is starting to blow up! This is going to be GOOD!!!


I raised my rating of Joe because of the work he has been putting in. I would raise my ranking of Monte but he had a few stumbles this week and if it weren’t for Daniel, Alyssa would have been mistakenly evicted


Cruel Chef is about to have an episode. She woke people up screaming in their faces – saying how unfair it was that people were accusing her of intimidating (UMMMM).

Ranted & raved about being the ONLY ONE who knows how to play the game. Says SHE’S NEVER LIED or spoken bad about anyone.

I mean it goes on & on.

Then Indy went on her only personal rant trying to get everyone to flip to save Nicole b/c Taylor should’ve been gone 6 weeks ago. Apparently, she despises Taylor so much Indy wanted to evict her when they were in sequester!

It was the liveliest she’s been all season but made a fool of herself.

Taylor did NOT sleep at all- & was sitting at the top of the stairs crying this morning while Terrance & Dan were talking.

I think Terrance’s betrayal rocked her harder than what everyone else has put her through. She treated him with respect, and always had his back so to find out he was the one trying to push the flip really hurt her.

When she said to him what happened last night, he told her they were scrambling (of course he left the part out about him being the one to stoke the fire to get them to scramble). She straight up asked him if he told them he was with them & he lied to her face saying “he just wanted them to think that.”

She knows differently & that she can’t trust him again & you can tell she’s really hurt.

un autre nom

They live in a world where gaming had to stop…for Muffingate.
Let that sink in. Round three… Turner ate 1/2 of the 1/2 muffin. The D/R refuses to run back the tapes. Someone hide the chickenwings… I want to see if Jabba tries to go CSI.

Nic and Daniel have definitively decided that this current state of affairs is in NO WAY due to Daniel using the veto to put his BFF on the block. Oh now they’re just being idiots. Daniel and Nic are the only people playing the game the right way. Really? If you don’t adapt to your house zeitgeist… who is failing to be adaptable?

I have to ask… Nic’s rant to Alyssa. The one where she was all: Now I’m being told I have been intimidating people. If you are telling me I am intimidating people and I have paranoia, maybe you have paranoia. That one. Did that come across as… whatstheword…. batshit kookoo to anyone else? This woman used to be paid to carry a weapon. Sideye. Whistle. yeeeesh.

The person i see most at risk leaving if Daniel gets his way is Britt.
Let’s think that through: why? Kyle Alyssa are more with Michael. Joseph and Monte are more with Michael. Turner is closer to Michael. Jasmine and Indy vote to save Britt? fat chance. Indy thinks Britt is too ugly to be on her season. Jasmine… never met another woman she wouldn’t hate. If the idea is to keep the one that has better odds to take revenge and get out Daniel? That’s Michael.
The house says Britt and Michael have to be have nots this week. Okay, mostly Indy.

A Kyle HOH gets rid of Jasmine, or Terrance… unless Kyle decides to pre-emptively fire at Joseph and Monte. He’s itching to be the alliance breaker because the alliance didn’t make him the Derrick.

Indy… what the hell is her purpose? I understood when she was trying to gain meat shielding from Joe/Monte. I understood when she was all girls while having meatshielding.
I DON’T understand why she’s dying on the Nic hill. Blind jealousy that Taylor talks to Joseph? Is that actually the root?

Terrance. Does he actually THINK he can still ride the middle? Yes. Yes he does.
Given his conversation with Taylor today, he honestly thinks he can ride the middle after trying to swing the vote last night. What he’s got to depend on at this point… everyone being too scared to take a shot at Monte and Joe so he’s shielded.

The women of the house are in different levels of fear that Daniel will yell at them or lay his hands on them. Grimace face. oooh boy. Well, they know damn well Daniel will NEVER step to a man the way he will to a woman. Honestly… he might at Michael but even that is doubtful.

If the Leftovers last through week 6 I’ll be shocked. A pre-emptive strike is going to happen as soon as jury is announced, if not sooner.

Feeds return post Tech lockdown. There are Mic pacs in the storage room. Micpacks are usually used for physical or water involved HOH comps.


1) The DR would not cooperate with Jasmine if only for the reason that they are happy Turner was eating something “healthy” and probably annoyed that Jasmine had part of the protein shakes HE was told to have. 2) I would agree with you for the competition but weren’t they allowed outside up to earlier today? Could be a mental and not physical competition


For sure production was ALL OVER THAT -did you see in the kitchen as the camera kept moving to the table (to lure him to the table).

If she treats the staff/production like she treats everyone else they were probably loving it. I enjoyed every second on him milking the fact it was him. LOL

When he asked Nicole if she was the one who ate it amid all that tension I was like this kid is the absolute best!


So – muffin gate came to a close sadly but not before Turner provided copious highlights for the crazy melee occurring inside the BB house.

While Daniel was yelling at different people calling them sheep and citing three or four different winners Turner kept us laughing.

Last night when Joe entered the BR to find Turner & Taylor there & Turner fessed up to eating the muffin but they did some strange thing counting to 10 (maybe someone can fill me in on what that was). Anyway, Joe lost & was sworn to secrecy.

So JasBOOT is still interrogating & people keep saying it’s Kyle but then Turner accuses Joe but he can’t say anything b/c he lost the game.

Not five minutes later in a room where you could cut the tension with a knife, Turner accuses NICOLE of eating the muffin.

Suffice to say — coffee spewed everywhere.

In between, Kyle/Michael were talking impending targets & Kyle sadly said “they” (assume Monte/Joe) want Daniel & then Ally out next. Bit of a shocker there since she was the first to agree to vote with them when Monte was worried about the split vote. Kyle finally admitted his fear of going OTB but said he’d do it & Turner has offered to go up so they can take out JasBOOT (Hallelujah).

So just as I’m hoping that happens & Turner uses his good bye message to tell her he ate the muffins the tweet pops up that he confessed.

Ah well, it sure was fun while it lasted!


I have a question (and I apologize if this has already been addressed): Does anyone knows what happens to the surviving Festie Bestie? I know last week Terrance got to pick a pair to join. It seems like most people are assuming the same thing happens this week (i.e. Taylor joins Alyssa/Indy). But what if the the surviving Festie Bestie plucks Monte, Joe, or Terrance to team up with, once again having all pairs? Just something I’ve been wondering about.


They haven’t said if it’s the same scenario – & the hamsters discussed Taylor could join Ally/Indy or potentially have an option to take one of the trio from Monte/Joe & Terrance. If she has a choice it’ll be the former & if not it’ll be Terrance.

It's me

not a fan of showmances
not a fan of hoodies on their heads or sunglasses
OK I’m done …. for now


Right? Shoutouts last Thursday were out of control

un autre nom

Indy: it’s only a muffin.
Jasmine inner monologue: Shut your fool mouth, this is my chance to get screen time and have the country think i’m wholesome and folksy and a comedic genius…. so back off balloon bod.

Nic thinks running to production to say they cast three people with previous connections is unfair to her….. bitch wouldn’t last five seconds in a bbcan house where there’s so many pre-casting connections that you’d think Kassting just takes one person’s socials and recruits their friends and followers. Don’t make me pull out the chart.
So now Taylor Monte and Jasmine are in cahoots????? Oh. She also plans to threaten a couple of the guys… but if she stays she’ll protect them ( she’s going to protect the people she is threatening…. whu?)

Daniel has begun targeting Michael already. He’s mad at Monte and Joseph but he’s a coward… So he’s going after Michael. This is the fact. What does Daniel do? He spits out some bile into the group to get a ball rolling to manifest hate. This time it sounds like a compliment but it’s a passive aggressive target notification. From a game standpoint, he’s trying to get the rest of the house to go after Michael instead of him. From a human standpoint, he’s afraid to target alpha males so he picks at people he considers weaker than him that won’t fight back.

Girls still worrying Daniel is going to come at them.


I mean we knew this dick would go after Michael -he’s so jealous of him & has been from the start – even something as simple as him being in an alliance called Po’s pack. There is something wrong with these two I swear.

i will note – even though he took a sarcastic shot at him – it was sort of said in respect & while she was complaining about Michael too she was nice to him when he came in.

I think EVERYONE views him as the nicest guy in the house.

So out of curiosity – with so many of the women concerned they’ll be verbally or physically put in jeopardy is there any sort of security on hand for tonight? We’re not just talking about him either. Remember, she made the comment a few weeks back about how she would lose her sh*t if she got evicted & they’d have to come in and carry her out?

Not surprising these two elected to lower the bar via what some perceived as threats, aggressive behavior, intimidation etc.

And it has to be said – most of the same people in “FEAR” had ZERO issues with him going after Taylor. Bunch of hypocrites. It was fine for him to get in her face & constantly berate her but even just the thought it might occur is & these women are running to the men in fear asking to be protected. They should all go to Taylor & profusely apologize for what they turned a blind eye to.

Doubtful anything changes (especially from Ignorant Indy based on that nonsense today) but I wonder if some of the others will have a bit more compassion/empathy for what she’s been through.

No Name

Don’t tease me with a chart.

un autre nom

Lol. I have pre-existing relationship charts for multiple seasons.
BBcan4 was…. All but 4 house guests had an entanglement. Some had multiple entanglements with other cast members.

un autre nom

Kyle has finally said what I’ve been saying was his game all along.
Kyle told Michael he never wants to go on the block under any circumstances.
And he chose Daniel as a partner? Oh.
Gun. Foot. Boom.


He could think that he is Cody and try to whine his way out of it. With this crew, thankfully, it won’t work

Only Reading Feeds

Just watched the veto episode. Hilarious. Nicole and Daniel how are they super fans? The edits were funny. Can’t wait to watch eviction episode. Also they better have security on standby just in case Daniel goes psycho. So far a great season Good entertainment for BB.

un autre nom

DON’T Quote me.
Next week. Double eviction.
Sub Rumor:
Chain of Safety (look at bbcan 10 for reference).

DO I BELIEVE? Double sure. Chain? Don’t know about that.


Who thinks tonight’s HOH will be an endurance comp? I am looking forward to seeing the “speeches” and watching Nicole walk out the door!


Sounds like they got mic packs they would use in water comps.

Taylor considered backing off her speech but based on some overt actions today in her direction (comments Nicole made) she’s decided to forge ahead & been encouraged to.

un autre nom

Let’s just remember the last time they had anything close to resembling endurance… it was premiere and it lasted 3 minutes.


In terms of gameplay, Brittany and to a lesser degree Michael dropped down a couple of notches for me this week. Their entire scheme to get Alyssa out while logical was too sloppy. You don’t launch something like that at 3am with an Alliance of 7. Especially when one of the 7 members of your alliance is in a showmance with the person you want out. All for the off chance Indy will pick you as the feastie bestie. Felt like something a superfan would come up.

un autre nom

i still think the entire bumper pool tournament was an attempt to discourage such a scheme. Hours of time the night before Veto Ceremony where they couldn’t game talk because it was a production induced group game night.


The 3 am gameplans reek of Kyland, lol. Monte really didn’t help in the matter. I actually think it is a good thing that Monte has Joe. As far as Alyssa goes, I actually think it would be good to drag her to the end. I don’t see what value some of them see in Indy as an ally


Kyland ugh **Shudder**


And they did it without Kyle in the room. Shady!


I wish I could have watched today on the feeds.


Turner was fun to watch when I woke up this morning (he was the last one still up). Otherwise there was a lot of delusional talk on the Nicole/Daniel front


I wouldn’t have minded a couple more hours of delusion from Nicole.

un autre nom

Her big theory: The Greek conspiracy. Jas/Monte/Taylor are some Mu-alpha-pi cookout pre-game group.
That’s a choice…