Big Brother 21 Week 4 Recap and Live Eviction Results

This week of Big Brother was full of potential, full of hope, but turned out to be full of sh1t. Blame Cliff, Blame Christie’s power, Blame poor casting .. or just blame all three! It’s telling when 9 people are below 2.10 in the rating. Just FOUR  of the 13 players left are viewed favorably.  This must be rivaling Big Brother 19.

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Summary of tragic events

Last week Cliff was evicted by the 6shooters ostensibly because “Nicole was unjustly treated by Bella and Nick” The real reason is Christie convinced them all that Cliff is targeting the couples and he’s building an army. An army containing Ovi, who is evicted and Nicole who was on the block beside him.

In a huge shocker Cliff wins the camp comeback then goes on to win the Head of Household competition. For the first time since week one, the fandom is happy. Cliff’s plan is simple. He wants to reduce a number on the 6shooters by temporarily teaming up with Nick and Bella. He makes it clear this is their last chance to turn the tide. Cliff nominates Jack and Jackson and we are all filled with hope.

Jack burns his power to redraw the POV players. Jackson goes on to win the Power of Veto.  It’s obvious Jackson will use the veto on himself. Christie might use her power on Jackson allowing him to pick the nomination in his place. Cliff starts going limp chicken.

Christie convinces Cliff if he nominates Bella she will not use her power and he gets 2 weeks of safety from her, Jack et al. Cliff accepts her deal and nominates Bella. He then turns around and tells his high and dry outsiders all they need to do now is Win HOH and turn it around.

Cliff forms up a new alliance from the ashes of ZING called Cliff’s angels. A pulling together of strategic masterminds like Jessica, Competition beasts like Kat, and fan-favorite Nicole. They discuss getting out Jack over Bella. Jessica doesn’t want to “Christie’s trusts is broken. we lose the ability to bring her over here. we now make enemies with that WHOLE side”. Kat doesn’t want to because what would her mother think watching back home if she votes to keep the mean girl in the house.  They decide to lay low and hope the 6shooter breakup while fighting Sam and Nick.  A Winning Strategy!

To be fair to Cliff he did turn his game around a lot. Thanks to his back to back competitions wins. At this time last week, he was a dead man walking and now he’s now straddling the cool kids alliance and the outsiders.

The house is going to vote Bella out tonight and then we get to watch a Head of household competition on the live feeds. These past endurance competitions have been a real let down I don’t see why this will be any different.  Going into the next week you will most likely need to double your supply of Kraken. Get your feeds using this link Stream the HoH Competition. Try it FREE!

Results from the show

Bella – Who is a bigger threat in this game?
Bella points out the 6shooter alliance.

Jack – I hate speeches .. I am thankful to have met all of you in here. I just want to have fun, I’m a team player

Christie Votes to Evict: Bella
Sis Votes to Evict: Bella
Michie Votes to Evict: Bella
Nick Votes to Evict: Jack
Sam Votes to Evict: Jack
Nicole Votes to Evict: Bella
Kat Votes to Evict: Bella
Jess Votes to Evict: Bella
Holly Votes to Evict: Bella

Bella evicted

Nick takes it hard. Holly and Chrsitie are rubbing him as he cries he breaks away and goes to Sam.

Head of Household Competition

If you fall off you pull a punishment and two houseguests will receive the poison ivy punishment.

Stream the HoH Competition live on CBS All Access. Try it FREE!

Don’t really need to tell you this but Jessica fell off first. Second player off is Nicole

A fan vote is coming up: You can send 3 houseguests on a field trip putting one of their games on the line

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another name

It’s eviction time…. get ready…. for revisionist second cousin under house arrest.
i’m guessing five minutes of recaps. Lots and lots of Jackson clips.
The veto still has me confused. at 1:41 Jackson has his shoes and socks off. his total time was 2:59? that’s a little side eye.
Cliff d/r says Cliffomania is the strongest force in the universe… but wait… the universe speaks through Christie’s magic bladder? error. error. logic error. and a little ew. okay more than a little ew. Does Crusty’s bladder have Cliffomania? Do they make a cream for that? Quick, someone ask Beth.
Nick is correct, for Nick’s game when he talks to Cliff. And if Cliff were playing to ensure Nick wins, that would be great. Ongoing theme when it comes to Nick’s perceptions. Nick relates to people arguments that are the best for Nick, without really considering others. And tells too many people his perceptions while thinking he only said it once.
It’s I love you time. for the girl he took second choice because Sis didn’t bite. Well. she might have. just not Nick.
The Jack d/r. i can’t help it. when it comes to Jack d/r i find it creepy scripted. like used car salesman serial killer.
Wait. Holly. she spoke. on an episode. Hey episoders: Meet Beth. she’s been there for the whole time. really. They didn’t just drop her in. I think they are downplaying the relationship with Kat as one of those oh we know of not we know each other. Have they even shown that she’s the new jackson stress relief toy and emotional punching bag?
Oh. Bella the pool shark moment. Man… it was a slow couple of days wasn’t it.
Cliff asking what he’d do with a tie vote? in d/r? can i put up my hand and say cave?
The campaign trail. with a jess d/r with the hair,,, who put a squirrell on her head? Non continuity d/r outfits for reactions. oh somebody is going to bring that up. might as well be me.
Cliff family visit? Really? oh. They cut Tommy’s attempt to get camera time from the moon landing out? oh my. he’ll be beside himself. snicker snicker guffaw.
Vote time. we know what feeds were saying when last we saw them… has there been a shift? Is the Grod liking the press?
votes against bella: crusty, sis, jaws commercial break, nicole, kat, jess, beth, tommy (doing the home alone schtick again. shoot me).
votes against jack: nick,commercial break, sam votes to evict jackson: kat
thought: if she’d stayed… who would bella have betrayed first? My bet was Nicole. lol. with an accidental slip up gutting Sam.
Oh Nick. play up that crying. Sorry. I don’t find him sincere ever.
I have the same feelings about Bella. Not sorry. She can turn on tears like a light switch.
is it a wall???? nope. punishment box? oh… hmmm. poison ivy? i can think of someone that’s already got the lotion.
when did Jess fall? oh sorry. still on commercial so guessing. yup.. she gone.
Nicole last until credits. as everyone’s wires are pulling up and down… oh. Jackson’s are staying aligned? prove they can move.


Plus Jackson with a little help! Being the only one wearing knee supports…hhhmmm


Made me giggle a couple times Another Name —-

Only thing I might not agree with is Bella did tell Nick she’d vote for Sam if it was Nick/Sam at the end & she wasn’t kidding. Mind you just about everything she said she’d switch on the flip of a dime but I kind of bought that part from her.

Conspiracy: they said there were others who knew each other prior (like Christie/Tommy, Kat/Holly) is there a chance Bella/Sam knew each other too? Nah – no way she’d have kept that quiet lol

another name

oh i didn’t think she’d backstab Sam on purpose. i thought she’d motor mouth and say something she shouldn’t and get Sam gutted.
Regarding the pre-existing relationships, they still haven’t revealed Holly and Jackson. not the ig part. the jackson’s
room mate is Holly’s friend part.


Scotch bourbon ? beer ? kraken liver shut down here we come.


This recap is stellar.

The Corey's

So is bella going home or not.


It would take an act of nature for Bella to stay


Or a meteor hitting jack


Please work your magic and send Jack home


So I’m watching Dr. Pimple Popper and it seems less gross than the Big Brother televised show…


Lol. I did the same thing. I love dr pimple popper. So much more interesting. Can’t even be bothered to watch big brother this season. It’s so boring and predictable and if I have to watch Christie have another meltdown or hear her mouth yap and yap and yap, I’ll scream. Lol.


I can’t — the OBB board is sooooooooooooooooo much more entertaining than the actual show!


For such a smart guy I am really surprised Cliff chose the path that he did. Long term it makes zero sense, but hey maybe all he cares about is making jury like most of the nonsensical cast every year. SMH.


this season is really awful. Usually it takes us the audience a while to figure out how bad a season is like 19 and 20 but my good ness, after the few episodes it went down hill and went downhill fast. This season Is BYFAR in my opinion the WORST. It’s not watchable, the cast sucks, the game play is nonexistent, the racism is beyond despicable. It’s so horrible. I wonder if cbs reads what we’re saying and if they’re bored and they agree with us. This season messed up the big brother summer. I’m beyond disappointed!


What happen today before live show?

Dalia Hobelman

Who was screaming at the tv when all them fake bitches were hugging on Nick Bitch ass people


Poor Nick. He literally loved Bella


I liked how Julie kept saying ‘boyfriend in the house’. Because Bella had one outside of it lol. Good luck with Tiger Mom, Bella will be reminded about her Big Brother conduct for many years to come.


Unless Bella is Meryl Streep, she got me. I feel she did a great job of redeeming herself. I would be quite content passing it off as a young girl thrust into an unfamiliar situation. (The relationship outside the house with Nick. Yeah, I ain’t got much faith in that one.)

another name

I think she is able to cry on command. I think had she stayed her d/r if one of the 666 had won would have been ‘too bad suckers’ about the underdogs as she ran to tell the majority everything they said and a few things she said but pinning on them.


Wish it was one of those slippery surface competitions instead of this

Dalia Hobelman

Jessica first to fall big dam surprise her the floaters out


I’d hate to do that to the driver…can Paul drive a bus?


Not Jackson instead of Tommy? I’m not complaining I’m just wondering why.
*Is that to put the fear in Tommy
*Point out he can’t be trusted since the house already dislikes Jackson privately?
*Or maybe show they are a trio?

I just worry the pets (Jack/Christie would be saved) & Tommy would be TPTB scapegoat (although I don’t really care for his fake ass either lol).

I was just thinking what if it’s a comp geared to men & Jack/Jackson get to out battle her & she has to leave right there on the spot & never gets to use her DPOV — LMAO

another name

If you send Jackson, Grodner will remove his name and add someone else’s anyway. Or give a special prize in a watermelon eating contest.


“Don’t really need to tell you this but Jessica fell off first.”
Hahahhahah! I’m cracking up!
I yelled at Julie when she cut to commercials because I knew Jessica would fall first and I wanted to see it. Naturally, by the time commercials returned she was already down. If you could please post a video for our viewing hilarity.


see next page for past 5 seasons of comp winners (from most comps not all) for an idea of who wins what types of comps


Jackson has to go. Since when are racists rewarded for his behavior!!!


I thought Jack was racist -What did Jackson (Michie say)?

Also who wanted to stomp a mud pie in poor Kemi chest ? I saw it on TMZ

another name

As a whole, this season has some really problematic statements. There are very few in the house that have not participated in the activity.
The Atmosphere has been negative. Many times i get the feeling that some of the comments and actions happening are not being conceived as overtly racist acts, others quite possibly are. As a collection they show a negative environment and implied bias issues for sure. In the cases where I doubt active racist intent, I definitely see intimidation and mob mentality threat.
I think it was David that Jackson wanted to mule kick in the teeth? Jack used the bb20Sam line (that had people thinking she should be removed from the house last season) stomp a mudhole in regard to Kemi. Added to the dog shit and bitch descriptions of her. Nick wanted to spit in Kemi’s face. Ovi was creepy and touchy and inappropriate as per Holly and Sis, and they doubted he could have a girlfriend (especially an attractive one). Jackson and Jack discussed whether or not David has been an inmate. There’s the infamous but thus far controversial n-word possible use by the jacks (controversial because of sound quality so there’s the it was it wasn’t camps). There was repeated allegations by Christie every time she misplaced anything that Kemi had stolen it. Kemi must be jealous because she doesn’t have straight hair like Sis. There’s one of the girls questioning Kat if she could actually showmance with David with the question is it because he’s unattractive? For each of Kemi and David and Ovi there was the description ‘they (sic) scare me.’ added to ‘they’re creepy’ or ‘they’re dangerous.’ Most of these comments were made in larger groups. most of the larger groups agreed or laughed or joined in. There was never a dissenting comment or anyone calling for rational thought and civil behavior. Production felt it necessary after week one to call the house guests together to inform them of the perceptions of media and feed watchers. For a week, the energy was still there, but it was a play nice week so that the show could clean up the issue. They had them saying “FEEDS, FEEDS, FEEDS” to each other when subject matter was approaching profane areas. it didn’t stay clean. It just taught them to try to hide it. When they were going to, as a large group, go down to Nicole and put her in her place, someone (Tommy?) said no not as a big group, do it in small groups so that it won’t LOOK like bullying. Not so that it won’t be bullying. so it won’t look like bullying.
This is mostly long before the rice pudding. or Christie’s old chinese money stereotype,

For Kemi’s part, she said some pretty nasty things as well, usually insults about Kat (there’s a lot of them). A few days ago, it was posted in a response to me that there was a threatening comment that Kemi had made as well. I believe the comment was about Jack or Kat, Because i did not hear it myself, it has escaped me at the moment, it will hit me as soon as i post, i’m sure (i remember thinking it was offensive as some of the things said about Kemi, I wish i remembered). There was a comment she made about Bella and ‘I thought asians were supposed to be smart’. The d/r asked her to say things she didn’t feel comfortable with (much like Kat tonight saying she was uncomfortable with something a d/r worker was asking her to say to Bella in a version of her goodbye message). David was problematic in saying the r-word (insult for mentally challenged). Ovi and David in camp comeback discussed the oddness, and the implied bias appearance in the house. david mentioned how colorful camp comeback looked to Kemi. Many of the comments made by Kemi David and Ovi were done in isolation. Much of the time because they either isolated themselves, or they were actively shunned by the rest of the group.
Jessica has said a couple of times ‘did you know there’s still racist stuff happening’ the still caught my attention. When asked about Jack or Jackson moods people have asked ‘more headlines?’
This season has a marked lack of civility and mutual respect when it comes to group dynamics that, at it’s worst. nears season 19 levels. It could very easily become the love child of season 15 and 19 in future reference. But it’s being sanitized to episode only viewers.


Cant wait to see Jackson fall into his own piss