If Jack is voted out “Christie’s trusts is broken. we lose the ability to bring her over here. we now make enemies with that WHOLE side”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson Bella
Power of Veto Players are – Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson used the Veto on himself Cliff nominated Bella

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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2:30 pm Cliff, Nicole and Kat
Talking about Bella not getting the votes they should all vote the same way to not rock the boat. They discuss what would happen if the vote comes to a tie and they keep Bella
Cliff – you would be forced to work with Bella for another couple weeks. WE would need all of them to try and get them out after that point you would boot Bella and the three of us Plus Sam and Jess would be a group of five and take it from there
Cliff – if you three don’t want to go that way and join the other group right now and stay in their good graces assume Bella is this week and Nick is next week

Cliff – After that who knows .. what if y’all win the HOH
Kat – this is the first time I would feel comfortable winning the HOH I would put Nick and Sam up (of course)
Nicole wonders how close the 6 are.
Kat – I don’t think they are, to be honest. I think for right now If Nick or Sam would win HOH they would put up someone from that side. Which is fine.
Kat – if someone from that side won right now they would put Nick and Sam up. We’re safe I don’t want to get into the middle of it so much happens.
Kat – 2 to 3 weeks is a really long
Cliff – there’s something to be said about being patient. AS the numbers start reducing that group will start looking at themselves and figuring out who is the weak part that we’re going to need to target next
Cliff – who do y’all trust in that group or do y’all think is tight
Kat says Christie and Tommy are the closest out for the pairs
Kat – Sis and Jack. that’s just a fling. Jack games more with Christie he has her back over Sis
Kat – out of those pairs they’re not a concrete six there’s something bound to happen they will get split up
Cliff – the tightest bond out there and I’m leaving out Christie because she seems tightest with everyone out there
Cliff – beyond Christie Michie and Jack are really tight .. those are the two that worry me. Christie, I hope she’s smart enough to know she doesn’t want to go to final 5 or 6 with jack and Michie in the mix that would be horrific
Cliff – I don’t think I can trust Christie but she’s playing a game too and so I don’t know
Kat – I think I trust Christie too much
Cliff – I feel like that too
Kat – she is a good person she is level headed unless she’s emotional getting her period (which never ends)
Cliff – if we can survive for maybe a Bella, Nic and a Sam than maybe Christie and Bella will be looking for numbers to go after the others
Kat – that’s what I see to
Cliff – if that’s a path maybe we don’t want to rock the boat too early

Jessica comes in. (and the real game talk starts)

Cliff – the only way to get Jack out is for all y’all vote for Bella if that’s not going to happen we should all go the right way
Kat to Jessica “what are you thinking”
Jessica – I’m not thinking. It’s going against your morales
Jessica says there will be 2 votes to keep Bella.

Kat – Nick has been trying hard to get back in with that Six and make it a 7
Jessica – we vote Jack out we now make enemies with that WHOLE side and does Bella have any loyalty to us
Nicole says if Bella goes Nick might be a free agent and that other side will pick him up.
Cliff and Kat disagree there’s been too much damage done.
Cliff says voting out Jack “Divides the house right now”
Jessica says even if they do keep Bella they doubt she’ll stay loyal to them.
Kat says Bella has been the meanest to her in the house “I would hate to cast a vote to not evict her and like my mom is at home watching being like wow you’re keeping the mean girl” (ZOMG)
Cliff says if it comes to a tie it means all of them stuck their neck out and he would vote that way.
Jessica if they vote out jack – Christie’s trusts is completely broken. She definitely sticks her guns with Jack and the rest of the team and we lose the ability to bring her over here (ZOMG)
Jessica – right now she’s playing free agent double agent
Cliff – Maybe we be a little patient we trust Christie a little bit that she truly doesn’t want o go to the finals with Jack or Michie

Kat going on about Sam coming after her. Cliff, Nicole, and Jessica convince her he’s not he’s going after the other side
Nicole – Sam very much fits in with us
They are all agreeing that Bella isn’t someone they want in the house
Jessica says she’s not going to sacrifice her game for Bella she would for the people in the HOH room.
Nicole says if they keep Bella she’s not going to be loyal to them and Cliff losses everything he got from his HOH.
Kat – the other side wants Sam out for other reasons .. he won two back to back vetos umm but he is funny and likable so he’ very threatening .. he could win the whole thing .. so people are gunning for him for other reasons other than Nick and Bella
Cliff – sounds like we’re in consensus. I’m not voting .. are you going to do you want to what do you think about Sam would you tell him
Jessica – he’s going to do it anyway .. I don’t think anyone is going to look at him more or less of a target
Jessica – if it’s going to be all for Jack it has to be all for Jack because anyone who is not part of their six is going to be targeted and know where that vote is coming from (Shoot me now)
Jessica says they will pin the votes on them like last week
Nicole – what if they do it again
Cliff – the best way to avoid it is to make sure not to tell everyone this is a done deal
Cliff will tell Christie beforehand they are all voting to keep Jack (Becuase that won’t get twisted)
Jessica thinks Sam and jack are close and Jack looked at Sam like an Ally
Kat disagrees
Jessica – they were close

Cliff – If we can survive for the next week or two than Christie, and Tommy are our path to ford some stuff and get those guys out
Kat – I really think that 6 will break up that won’t be the final 6
Jessica – Christie will get out. just watch out talking with Jack and Tommy
Cliff – yeah very very tight
Cliff says don’t call targets around the other group because it will come back to bite them.
Jessica talks about how they have to win the next two HOH’s.
Jessica says especially the HOH after the next one they have to make sure Christie is on their side because she’ll want to use her power.
Cliff – we got the potential to lay low and sneak in a bit. let that 6 go after Nick and Bella and SAm buys us a few weeks and see where it goes
Cliff – I’m trying guys, it chaffs my a$$ they wanted me to go back and break a promise to anyone in this game
Kat – it was disgusting
Cliff – I wouldn’t do that for myself in this game

3:07 pm they form up Cliff’s Angels alliance.
(This will rival Foutte)

3:33 pm Jessica and Jack
Jessica – I’m not a threat to anyone game. I’m as honest and upright as I can be and physically I don’t think I can beat .. I do believe in myself. Endurance I’m scared outta my mind

5:47 pm chit chat

(Tommy, Bella and Nick did talk)

6:12 pm Christie and kat
Kat – I know my mom is watching it I know my friends are watching it.
Christie – I could totally see you win HOH
Kat – Nick, and Sam, I need them out but they’re not my targets.
Christie says Sam wants “Jack and Jackson gone”
Kat says her plan would be to tell Jackson he’s a pawn but he’s not.
Christie – the only people to keep Jackson would be Jack, Holly, and Sis
Christie – If I won HOH I would do the same thing (take out Jackson)
Christie – I don’t like the way he chasses girls
Kat – I don’t like the way he’s treating Holly. She’s starting to crumble
Christie – He’s not nice .. Just hearing all the things he does to f* with people he is peeing on the floor. He says he takes extra extra long hot showers.. he just stands there

Feeds flip

6:57 pm Studying days Nick, Bella, Sam with Jackson cooking in the background

7:04 pm Holly and Kat
Holly tells her something not in the place of jealously or gameplay
Kat – I want what’s best for you.

Kat brings up Jackson saying how hot Kaitlyn was because “she’s so small .. .kaitlyn slide into my DMS”
Holly – real world I would be like BOY bye
Holly says Jackson is going through a lot more than they know of “Personal stuff”
Kat – is that why he was called in
Holly – yes
Kat – has he said anything more that has caused headlines
holly – no
Feeds flip

7:10 pm COOL KIDS

7:41 pm Sam and Tommy
Sam – I just want to make sure we’re on the same page
Tommy – I know the relationship I have and I trust them.. you’re one of them
Tommy – I would have loved the flaming five could have be real because I love you all

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That girl that used to be a BB fan

They have to be the dumbest players ever! This is your chance to be the majority! Take out Jack! I honestly don’t think I can stomach this season any more. These players are morons! I wish it was possible to get a good season like in the past. My once favorite show is now a thing of the past….the only redeeming thing would be a penalty nod and Jackson goes back up for all the eating

Dalia Hobelman

Hit nail on hammer.

J e t s jets jets jets

“I’m not thinking “


These people are fools … they think they’re gonna get Christie to come over to their side? Jessica is just beyond words … she is so completely out of it. This is the most pathetic “alliance” and now I just want them picked off one by one!


Do people not realize that even a penalty vote cancellation or Nomination against Jackson would still make no difference this week. As it currently stands Jack has 6 guaranteed votes out of a possible 10 votes, so no tie breaker vote as it stands.

If Jackson gets penalized and loses his vote then that leaves 9 possible votes remaining meaning there would be no tie breaker in that scenario either. It would be 5-4 vote in that scenario and Jack still stays. If Jackson gets a penalty nom then that becomes a bit tricky it’ll come down to what Christie wants in that scenario does she hate Bella more or Jackson more. As much as she can’t stand Jackson she hates Bella far more.

You would still need 5 votes to evict one of the 3 nominations in that scenario and Crusty will ultimately decide which way the votes go. If she sticks with the 5( 4 remaining shooters+ Kat) Bella goes, if she flips and sides with outsiders Jackson goes, highly unlikely. In no scenario does Jack go home this week unless by some miracle Kat decides to suddenly flip which is unlikely considering she is all team Crusty atm.

J e t s jets jets jets

I’m way ok with Jackson over Jack


Yeah, I said the same thing. It sucks and I blame casting. We need to see less millennials and more educated people who are a bit older and have actual life experience. I really miss BBUK. At least they knew how to cast for the show. Let me cast the show. I know I can do a better job than those doing it now!


This is what you get when you need people who can just walk away from their jobs for the summer. Older educated folks have bills to pay.


They aren’t millenials. Millenials are in their early to mid 30’s now. Stop using it as a scapegoat for every young person you hate. Vapid young people are vapid young people no matter the generation.


Millennials are born from 1981-1996 so no not all millennials are in their mid thirties. Millennials are 23-38 in 2019.


I am 38, and for a very long time, I was considered a Gen Xer. All of a sudden, I’m a millennial! There is nothing about my life that is in any way similar to a 23 year old, no common threads, historical or life experiences, no shared political or social philosophies. In fact, I have much more in common with people 35-45. This label is a bizarre construct.


They are considered millennials.


I agree, I LOVED BBUK! BB Aus was good too!


WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???? Cliff is the sole reason this shitshow is happening!!! He is the farthest thing you can ever get from a millennial and he is the one that set this stupidity in motion by just not playing BB and lying to Christie’s face. Great HOH Cliffy!


These are the dumbest players ever, it’s so freaking annoying. I’m just hoping Nicole, Sam, and Nick can f sh*t up next week. I can only count on them now. I wish that it was a twofer this week, whoever gets voted out whether it is Jack or Bella, Jessica gets the boot too. She absolutely sucks, it kills me thinking we could have David, Kemi, or Ovi in her place, instead we have this numbskull.


Cliff not flushing out Christie power will come back and bite him in the ass.


Yeah but he is safe for two whole weeks!! He’s a genius because in the two weeks it will be him and the six shooters left and all that matters is he gets to two weeks. They won’t target him after that. Plus the game ends in two weeks right?




Sarcasm? Lol

Casi Mahlberg

Why is he safe for 2 weeks?


That was the deal Cliff made so Christie could keep her power and Cliff could be a lap dog. He got scared and sold everyone out for the promise of 2 weeks of safety. I doubt the 6 will honor it and if they did it just means he’s out week three.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Cliff can’t help that his only win would be if Kat & Jessica weren’t so stupid because he needs their votes to execute. And Last runs back and tells EVERY thing. Jessica’s morals translate to “I can’t win at anything, so I pretend like I’m good with anyone who wIll talk to me. #girlpower” Bella is no longer a threat and she is no more annoying than those over grown spoiled little boys.


if i was six shooters and won HOH , bye cliff your f n moron . u thought christie spoke for all of us , LOL . bye old man you had your chance and you blew it by not voting out any of the people who targeted you from day 1.


Yep you know it. Just because he won’t lie doesn’t mean they can’t. He deserves to go after that dumb play.


I don’t like the douche canoes, don’t like Bella either, I’m ok with Bella going just because her presence is annoying ;when she thinks she can “ hang out with Kemi after the show?” I think the Bella you see in the house is the Bella u see irl…..shallow & manipulative. Her live-in BF is the real winner here. I’m sure she’ll b welcomed with open arms by Nick’s mother when she’s needing a new place to live. :p

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Quote of the season “I’m not thinking”.


It really is impossible to have a logical game discussion with Jessica in the room


They are smart to get rid of Bella.

They can form trust with the others and perhaps pull something off in a couple of weeks.

I think cliff is a genius with this hoh.


What show are you watching?


As much as I don’t like Jack, I don’t like Bella either so I don’t care which one of those 2 goes 1st as long as neither ends up winning the game overall


Are you serious? What planet are you from.

Dalia Hobelman

Jessica needs to get slapped in the head she don’t know wtf is going on and after how stupid they are talking they deserve to go home lol when I saw the pic of them four I was like yeah they got smart and came to an agreement on getting Jack out then I read and said these are about the dumbest group I’ve seen lol.


Right? I mean, I feel like there is a universe where these people could come together and work as a team, but they are NOT willing to stick their necks out to save Bella. Just too much personal negativity towards her I think


not one of them can do the math. Get Jack out there’s only 5 and you guys have 7. Biggest cowards in BB history. Led by Cliff, should have flushed out Christie’s power.


no should have put her on the block after he knew she didnt use it ! that is how u play BB ! cliff should have said at the veto meeting > oh christie you thought i was dumb enough to believe and go along with your nonsense to put up a person that didnt want me evicted , lady . SADLY HE WAS TO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND


I think Jessica is actually the biggest moron of them all, and that is saying a lot.

Feeds Gold

nicks back to wanting to nom christie/jack


Doesn’t Jack have the other power? Nominating them both would be a good wY to get the powers out of the game. Or does Christie get to nominate the replacements?

Cancel this season already

@Darling1 Jack used his power this week


Oh go back to doing your make-up Jess ! What a horrible BB player. She has no idea what is going on. I had hope once they started talking in the HoH room with out Jess but once she came in, the all hope of getting Jack out were dead. Like I said before, Jess is going to eat her way to the Final.


Kat is such a moron. Holly supposed to be her friend, but hooking up with Michie who treated her like dirt… even making moves in Michie while kat with him to lure Michie away. Horse face holly is a tramp.
Why is kat at all loyal to those two. They are only loyal to each other. Kat is like a third wheel on a bad date.

Feeds Gold

kat told christie she wants to backdoor jackson

Nick's Dirty Scrunchie

I thought that was Tommy? Oh wait.


I agree with the face comment, don’t understand why so many men think she’s beautiful


From the comments I’ve read on many different sites, most people don’t think Holly’s that attractive. She does look like a horse and she also looks much older than she is.
Analyse is very beautiful, and most people (again from what I have read on various sites) think she is the most beautiful woman ever on BB (I agree, because how else did she possibly get cast, she is an absolute moron). But Holly is blah.

Kat and Kemi are cute too.


So what’s the shelf-life on the Cliff’s Angels alliance? I fully expect Kat the rat to tell Holly, Jackson, and Christie all about it before dinner….

Roll Tide

I think that Jessica has a big crush on the Jacks. They talk to her, she might think she has a chance with them.
She would do what ever the Jacks want.


Yes! Jessica, Cliff and Nichole all really believe they are “in” with the Kool Kidz now. The Kidz are playing them, realizing they are desperate to be liked. It’s pathetic but it’s real life too, the top people will always have groupies.


Something I missed adding to the daily which occurred last night merits noting – just for the shear audacity of Jack-hole.

In the running for misogynist low point of the day: & yes there are so many misogynistic comments made daily they can be ranked.

Jack-hole to Holly “I broke up with a girl after 3.5 years , over night — DONE for the same reason (her putting him down like he felt Holly did). Look 24 hours later I’m giving you conversation.”
Holly: “I am still learning.”
Jack-hole: “Break the cycle , make the change”
Holly: “My words are not ill intended.”
J-Hole: “You said the words.”
Holly: “Besides puffy and what I said last night, what have I said?”
J-Hole: :You have to work on how you talk.”
Holly: ” I’ll work on complimenting you.”
J-Hole: “Vocalize it.”
Holly: “I’m not as bad as you are making me out to be in your head.”
J-Hole: “There is no reason I should get more compliments from Kat then you.” OMG someone just shoot me now!

Jack-hole is implying SHE needs to change how she speaks to him, what words she uses AND that she needs to be more complimentary of him. This from a guy who apparently NEVER says anything she can call into question let alone anything to anyone in the house.

Is this guy related to that a-hole Luke P that was on the Bachelorette – I swear they are related.

That girl that used to be a BB fan

He is such an a$$! Jackson I hope you read this —you need to learn how to treat women and people in general better. Idiot!

I’m sorry for my language today I am just so pissed At these pple and they ruined my summer guilty pleasure

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

How do women fall for someone like him?I know Holly has had multiple concussions but come on.

another name

Skuttlebutt is Holly doesn’t just know Kat. Holly didn’t just become ig followers with Jackson, and know of his ex-girlfriend. Holly is also friends with Jackson’s room mate (think they mentioned on feeds wondering how Brad,i think ?Brad?, is doing).
It’s just one more weird little lazy casting coincidence. Like Christie knowing someone in casting from past seasons. Or Tommy being an alternate from bbott which was cast in part by Christie’s acquaintance. Or Tommy’s ex knowing the pink flamingo. Or Cliff’s brother being on another reality show a few years ago…


Adam, I think.

another name

You are Probably right. I don’t know why my brain thought Brad….


What does it say about Holly that she engages in the conversations and actually continues to stay with him. Baffling.
As for Jessica…I just can’t….

SD Girl

That conversation was so cringe worthy that I couldn’t watch any further interaction between them, nor any defense Holly makes. That scene should be memorialized as a teaching tool of how a toxic relationship snowballs down a slippery slope.


Jackson is a full-blown whack job! He’ll be the one killing his spouse for not smiling as she served him coffee that morning! Disgusting human that one!


For the last few seasons a mega alliance just runs the house. I have been watching since season 7 (all stars) and it just seems to be the same old thing. The people they cast are just plain cowards and have absolutely no guts. There seems to be a couple of pricks or prick every season that everyone bows down to. Cliff, Kat, Jessica, and Nicole need to just throw in the towel because they suck and they are not part of the “cool kids” now and the other side could give a F about them and they will be putting them up as soon as they can.


These people are handing the game to the 6 on a silver platter…who the heck cares if Bella is a wildcard…they know for a fact Jack is part of the 6, thinking he would ever go against the 6 is absurd. Logic is lost on these people. Also who cares if you don’t like Bella Kat, this isn’t about who you like personally it’s a game and a numbers game at that. Let’s see who will be out next week Sam, then Nick and then Nicole then the rest. Cliff wtf are you thinking as a super fan you should know better, oh wow you have 2 whole weeks of safety something he probably had already had since they are really coming for Sam and Nick first. These 6 aren’t even good at this game they just have no real competition. Is Nick crazy why is he always crying???


And who better to shield you than Bella? She’s a walking bullet-magnet.


That’s what I was thinking – getting rid of such a huge target just means you are moving up in the line of targets. And they know that! They are literally counting the weeks they each expect to picked off! Sure things can change, but the likelihood is that if another one of the non-6 win HOH, there will just be a repeat of this week.



another name

Thinking ahead:
We know the next HOH will be endurance. None of these people seem especially capable of enduring. It’s like if they can’t have it and have it now they don’t have any interest or emotional fortitude to get it.
No worries about a Jessica hoh, we can breathe freely. I don’t dislike her as a person (though i become annoyed that she constantly wants to make excuses for others). I really dislike her lack of awareness in the game.
For argument sake, let’s say the comp is a wall based comp.
Past winners (in non throwing seasons) generally had shorter statures or lower centres of gravity added to appropriate grip strength and generally a more equally distributed muscle mass.
in the past i have seen them end have nots early before an endurance hoh. Not sure if they would this year.
While everyone is saying Nicole is perfect for the wall comp, i’m thinking her grip strength when the wall leans forward could be an issue.
I don’t think it’s cut and dried who would win an endurance comp. The worst performances have traditionally come from bigger guys with higher upper body muscle mass. On the women’s side, i’m trying to be kind, the more upper body …buoyant… seem to have issue usually stemming from shoulder discomfort as the wall moves.
Then again… never discount the Helen factor. Anyone could be pushed. I’ve got a list of people that could be pushed. :)


I think Nick will have a strong shot at the wall, either him or Sis.


And Tommy.

Nick's Dirty Scrunchie

This is a Tommy challenge to win because of his dance background. Major muscle flexibility and use (to avoid cramping), endurance, pain tolerance and of course, his height.

another name

Isn’t he still in his i need to throw everything so that everybody loves me phase?


Tommy will likely win.

Nick's Dirty Scrunchie

Tommy may win, but it will be Crusty’s HOH!


Christie doesn’t want to win – Tommy said he does want it in order to put up Sam/Nick but I’m not sure he has the balls to do it b/c he’ll have to do what he said to the 6S —- AND I don’t think Tommy will deal very well with Nick/Sam telling the S6 all the back gaming, lies, promises he’s made or that Christie/Tommy ACTIVELY made alliances behind the S6 back and both stated they have no desire to go the end with the J’s. I suspect once challenged Tommy’s mean boy side will come out & suddenly he’s no longer the happy go lucky guy everyone likes, right?

If it’s the wall for sure Jess will go down first. Jack’s sheer size will make it hard for him. Jackson will depend on if his foot/ankle(?) is still injured. Sam may also have too much height or upper body weight to hold on & I’m not sure Nick has the core strength.

Each of Holly, Sis, Kat & Nicole should do well. I doubt Sis wants to win b/c she likes Nick/Sam & won’t want to put them up. , If I had to guess I could see it coming down to Tommy, Kat & Nicole with Nicole possibly making a deal to not nominate either of them to capture the HOH although that wouldn’t be an ideal situation b/c her ideal scenario would be having both J’s, Tommy & Christie as available noms &/or renoms.


aren’t they all? LOL


Matt, James & other smaller guys have won the wall comps but the smaller in height/frame females like Dani Donato, Sam (the welder who won last season remember her?) or females with athletic bodies like Danielle Murphy from Season 14 have won as well. I can’t remember for sure but I’d guess comp beast Janie must have won one. Hmm — I’ll have to check that out.

another name

The smaller proportionate guys and the athletic but not overly top heavy women were the two types i thought would do well. Sam: we’ll never know if she would have won since she told Tyler to throw it, but got mad that others might have thrown as well. Janelle’s first season… i don’t remember a wall. i remember many of the comps from season 6, but not a wall specifically. i remember that season’s face morph, and the spinning comp, the chess type comp and the pressure cooker. That was… hmmm 2005? was it 2005? I missed a few seasons in the early teens.

Feeds Gold

i was amused by bella getting pissy in her dr’s in the sunday episode about her alliance being shady haha

karma for the black widow

another name

If Bosley’s buddies had sense and wanted to test Christie / force her hand:
Pull her into the room and say so Bella said your name? and you have a secret power advantage? Jack has said all of ours. We ain’t got bupkiss. You want to work with us, now’s your chance help all of us get further in the game while you have protection, or quit peeing on our legs and calling it a tsunami. Let her get defensive and paranoid and scream bloody murder as she runs from room to room saying that four people cornered her in a room and threatened her with machetes. Who is going to buy that spineless, clueless, too nice, and too dumb (that’s what they think of them) had it in them to be threatening anyway? They’ve got the spy screen to see what she does from the hoh once she goes emotional chernobyl.
They don’t want to know. They want to hope.

another name

Goes right along with bending down in the shower after pulling something from his pocket and coming up chewing last night in the hot shower as he was eating and got called to d/r. or the smuggling of what appeared to be cookies into his towel before going to the shower the day before (palmed them to the bottom of his cup, washed cup while the palmed wrapping was shoved into the waist band of the towel). or being in the fridge, putting something in his robe pocket and heading to the shower two showers before the “cookie in the towel” smuggle. All while complaining about hunger and other people having to eat at the regularly scheduled times.

SD Bird

I am sure he was wearing that robe inside out so the pockets were not in direct view – easier to carry food if the bulge is on the inside. Without deliberate purpose, Jackson is too ‘stylish’ to be wearing it with the tag showing & left untied.


Rules are just “suggestions” to Jackson. He’s above the parameters that are set for mere mortals, so he eats and takes hot showers and then laughs/brags about doing it, almost as if he’s goading production to call him on it. I’ll bet he has had a life filled with bad behaviors and no consequences for them and someone (perhaps Momma) making excuse and excuse after excuse. He can do no wrong ( in his own mind that is)…I’m gonna get drunk on his eviction night to celebrate.

another name

he isn’t goading production. He’s well aware they will give him a pass. they can’t cover up what feed viewers see, but they won’t punish. If anything they’ll have a sympathy edit for Holly’s abs comment mixed with his backstory, so that the episode only viewers will think poor guy.
though we haven’t heard much about his talks with d/r last night, or today, it’s pretty much a lock that there is no punishment coming or it would have happened already.


You’re probably right about production giving him a pass. That said, I wish every single other houseguest would do exactly what he has done when they are have-nots. I’m at the point that I say we just scrap this season and roll the money over to next year for a cool million awarded to the winner.


Since he can’t get a penalty vote, boy would it be nice if he wasn’t allowed to vote at all. He could single-handedly be responsible for the demise of the “crap-shooters”. I would love to see their ire focused on him. And I would say there is a 50/50 chance he implodes or self-evicts…because he’s a little ………. (you can fill in the rest.)


That’s just not right! What has happened to our favorite show? Production is now turning a blind eye to rule breaks that everyone is aware of? Why? Do they think we LIKE Jackson? I don’t know about you, but nothing would give me more pleasure than to see him given warnings…As many rule breaks as he has committed, he should be escorted OUT THE DOOR! What the hell are rules for if not to be enforced!


Since Jackson has been on slop..he’s eaten everything but Holly…ZING


Hahahaha that just made my night!


Jackson doesn’t reciprocate.


THAT I believe, lol


Why do TPTB not do anything about HG’s breaking rules and expectations?

They don’t want shoutouts during live evictions, yet they all wait to hear “thank you” and then spend more time with shoutouts, even coming right up to the camera (Tommy). Nothing is done, no penalties.

Jackson – all the eating in showers, they can see him and know. There are cameras above showers and toilets to ensure no hidden/secretive game talk gets past them. How many times has he been CAUGHT sleeping during the day while a HN? He even snapped back at production when they called him out and woke him up. If he is also taking hot showers (extra long hot showers) when he is a HN and expected to take cold showers for the week, how is he not being penalized? Why even have HN’s? If he isn’t penalized in any way (put him back on block, take away his vote) then all it does is enforce that all players should cheat their HN weeks moving forward. It makes me think that casting just finds rich, spoiled, affluent kids to play this game and have contracts signed with their rich families that they will take care of their precious, little babies.

Remember when they tried to portray him as the southern gentleman? Yes ma’am, they did try to do that!

another name

just a few minutes ago.
Holly to Kat: Jackson is dealing with personal stuff.
Kat: what… more headlines?
feeds switch.


He doesn’t get the same “juice” in the house as he did outside of it, hence his comments of not being able to lift the same weight in the house as he does normally outside of it (pre-entry interview) and is losing a noticeable amount of mass.

He does eat a tremendous amount. but eats pretty clean. He is only halfway through a slop week and still permitted protein powder, to being losing his mass and definition this quickly….more like he is now 4-6 weeks off the “juice”.

I am not judging, stating facts. Played ball with a lot of guys who did use them; all for strength and appearance, also stemming from feeling inadequate in those areas…it could be a factor in Jackson’s body image issue. His body is in withdrawal, he’s been eating like crazy to keep as much strength and mass as possible. It will be interesting to see him in the future weeks/months of the game. He may not be a comp beast down the stretch.

There still is no excuse for how he behaves.

another name

about a half hour ago the house guests are discussing.
he got yelled at for making sis a shake, shares Holly. (must have been the incident where he was scooping peanut butter and licked his fingers)
Heard he had cookies hidden in the bathroom allegedly. adds Cliff.
That’s funny, says Christie (who was IN the bathroom while he was eating)
I’m not even mad, I’m impressed. adds Kat (who was in the bathroom as well with Christie while he was eating in the shower).
Where did Cliff hear he allegedly had cookies? Ain’t nobody been talking bout no cookies there on feeds that i’ve seen jellyfish, so where you hearing what we aren’t hearing?
Why does this feel a little staged? Did afterdark just come on? Are we getting the houseguests don’t mind so it’s okay with production fix here?
Where’s Tommy to do facial reaction shots as every other have not complains about bleeding butts?

another name

My real question is:
if you’ve had food or body issues, and you eat 20plus times a day, why volunteer to be a have not?

BB Casting Call

Did he volunteer? I thought Cliff chose the HNs?


The HoH normally nominates the HN’s but usually they ask for volunteers if they are scared of the others.

another name

When Jess discusses her dream and then mentions all-stars…
i’m seriously wondering as what? a prop?

Feeds Gold

jess’ massage game is on point haha

Ovi's tongue

I was holding out hope that someone or something would make this season worthwhile, but I am rapidly losing interest. I don’t watch the feeds or BBAD with any regularity anymore and just check the blogs to see what is going on but even that is becoming problematic because this is the most inferior cast in recent memory. I usually have strong feelings every season but these morons are so mediocre I can barely work up any enthusiasm at all. Casting really screwed the pooch on this one.


I had a momentary jolt of happiness when I saw Bella crying. This show sometimes has great Karma.

Feeds Gold

does sam plan on voting out bella so its 9-1(nick)?

Feeds Gold

holly thinking its sus that kat is so close to christie recently after christie openly complains about kats extra sleep special treatment…kat/christie plotting against jackson


Credit where credit’s due, for a recruit, I like Kat’s awareness in the game. She’s positioned well and I think Holly will have her back if one of the six drifts her name next week. I think the patient play is good for her and Cliff. I don’t like it because I’m blood thirsty and want Jack’s (metaphorical) severed head served to Julie to be feasted upon for all of Panem, er, America to see.
But I think Kat’s right about this six. If she keeps working the woman scorned angle with Holly, I think we may have something with this Cliff’s Angels alliance.

another name

Every member of Cliff’s Angels thinks they are number 7 in a six person alliance. except Jess. she thinks she’s number 8… if there were alliances but there are no alliances. Even while Nicole and Cliff say they are aware 7 in a 6 isn’t a great set of odds, Cliff is still playing into that 6th role while Nicole attempts to sink deeper into the woodwork.
I don’t see how an alliance where a minimum of one and up to three of them are selling each other out to the 6 is going to do well.


Stupidest game players ever to enter the BB House.

Feeds Gold

nick/sam want to blow up christies game

now they wanna nom jess/christie with a jack backdoor if renom isnt rickrolled


On Sundays episode it even showed Jackson eating a cucumber. But it never showed them getting have nots did it?

BB Casting Call

We’re HNs named after nominations?

Feeds Gold

nicks about to go off haha

a nick v christie storm is coming in the next few days

SD Bird

If one of the Outsiders could think longer term, not think friendship, think about who’s left in the game instead of who to get out – they might have a slim chance. No one is realizing Christy says one thing to your face and is rockin’ the opposite to the rest of the house. If someone would just do what Christy & Tommy do – Spread a Rumor!! an innuendo! Throw Some SHADE!!! (preferably non specific from who, ‘just heard) ‘I heard there are two people related to each other working together’ . . . . ‘Someone knows someone in Production’. Make up something. They might get real paranoia. Some doubt could form. Alas, they bring plastic spoons to a gunfight.

They really need to entertain the possibility that Christy is working WITH Jack!! No chance of that light bulb going off, sadly : (

The Voice of Reason

Hey Boss Hog,
I’m a fan. But, the move was to put up Christie and her power.