Big Brother 21 Spoilers – Live Endurance Competition

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – HOLLY
Have note are:
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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7:06 pm
First – Jessica
Second – Nicole
Third – Sam

Fourth – Christie
Fifth – Nick

Sixth – Jack

7:31 pm Tommy loses his left foot holding and can’t recover. Tommy is seventh out.
The poison Ivy chips are given to Tommy and Christie.

7:52 pm Jackson pees
Jackson – F* it we’ll do it live

8:00pm Holly, Sis, Kat, and a newly bladder empty Jackson still in it
Christie – Holly you look great!
Tommy – Holly is KILLIN’ IT!
Jack – way to go Sis!
Christie – Rock solid Jackson! Rock solid!
Christie – I know you want it Sis!
Christie – Lookin’ comfy Holly!
Holly – Comfy wouldn’t be my first choice of words ..maybe top 35!
Christie – you got this! I didn’t even last 10 minutes!
Everyone congratulates Kat on losing her footing but getting it back again.

8:21pm Jackson falls in his piss puddle..

8:22pm Kat falls off.
Its just Sis and Holly left hanging ..

Holly – I’ll let you live in my spare room.
Sis – I’ll give you my spare room.
Holly – do you have one?
Sis – no..
Sis – I’ll give you a massage every day and I’ll cook for you.
Jack – don’t budge Holly I can give you both of those.
Sis – I can stay here all night!
Holly – if I can stay 16 hours on a horse, I can do this…
8:30pm They’re still hanging on..

8:45pm Holly and Sis are staying strong.
Jackson – Hang in there Holls! Keep going Holls you got this girl!
Holly – You just want a comfy bed. And to think you pissed your pants for nothing. Sorry I’m just really bored up here!
Jackson – no, I love it. You can talk sh*t all you want when you you win it! I had to piss before we left.. they said we had no time!
9:02pm Still going.. Holly – I just really want that letter.

9:12pm Sis falls off!


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Poor livers…


This sucks


Hahaha at least Tommy and Christie have the poison ivy punishment, karma


Jackson s legs have been straight the ENTIRE game!!! Not once have they stretched them. Rigged or technical glitch? BS


Jackson just peed himself, because of course he did

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

He’s so gross.


Anyone else notice the extra strength knee supports on both Jack and Jackson? Can you say “grodner trying to put in a fix”?


They are wearing compression leggings under their athletic shorts that many active men wear during any physical activity.. Basketball, football, many guys wear at the gym!

Tommy Sucks

Holly’s in trouble. Sis will win this

Tommy Sucks

Wow! Holly did it.


Of course one of them thinks of that music video


At this point I hope Kat wins HOH. At least she’s entertaining.


Yes so we can watch her hand the victory to one of the six shooters and groan collectively at the stupidity.


Our only hope is Kat winning and going after Jackson. Not much hope there and I’m a little sick saying it.


She won’t because of her fellow whore holly. I’d say maybe jack but who are we kidding. It’s nick and Sam… maybe nick and Nicole depending on whether she is friends with Sam I can’t remember.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

It doesn’t matter,Nick and Sam go up.Wake me up next week.


I’m hoping it’s Kat, but have a feeling it’ll be Tommy


Welp I’m wrong, come on Kat


I think Kat just wanted to beat Jackson


Yes, but with Holly as HOH—she in essence still lost to him. 🙁


Tommy so far has been good in this comp due to Broadway


And there he walls leaving 4 houseguests left in the comp


Tommy probably threw it because he has said before he doesn’t want to be HOH.


Exactly, Christi and Tommy aren’t worried because of her power.


Tommy hasn’t even been mentioned at all or hardly shown the last few episodes. He’s probably playing the best game but only because everyone else is playing so so terrible.


I’m not saying I like him. Because I don’t. At all.
He’s a rat.

On another note, I hate the stereotypical gay men cbs finds and puts on the show… playing up the flamboyant over the top types.


Why is he a rat? I’ve watched ask season… what am I missing? Seems to be just playing the game.


Omg that’s like choosing how you want to die. After they all turn on each other and it gets down to the last two episodes I’m not watching because I don’t care about them nor want to see one of them win.


I have a bad feeling Jackson will win this HOH.




I want to know why Jackson was not penalized for breaking rules and eating while on slop. He should not have been allowed to do this comp


The same reason there is an endurance comp tonight that favors the six shooters.


im not a sh*tshooter fan, but not for nothing, all the endurance comps favor them…they are the athletes…


I was just going to say that this is Tommy’s challenge to win……Guess he should of took the challenge more seriously instead of showing off so much. Bye Bye Tommy.

At this point I hope that Kat wins even though we all know she will put up who ever the Jacks tell her too.


He didn’t want to win. My guess is he threw it.


More pics of the comp PLEEAASE

Tommy Sucks

See that. You rock!


lol. Comments on here are literally the only thing entertaining about this season. CBS should just run sarcastic comments during the show at the bottom of the screen.


So while the hamsters are doing comp let me share this. I had to step away to write NBA stuff so it’s not complete but is a good look at comps over seasons 17 through to present broken down by winner. I didn’t include everything but it does note key types of comps & shows who tends to perform well in specific types of comps.

Notably the swinging comps (similar to tonight) finds men doing better than women particularly guys in great shape but not too big (like Victor/Tyler). That won’t bode well for Sam but this comp is tailor made for Tommy – however, does he really want to win? If it weren’t for Jackson’s ankle he’d beast in this. Taller people don’t tend to do well in these comps or ones w/o any core strength or arm strength, which means it doesn’t look good for any of Sam/Nick/Nicole . And I just checked to find out they are all down except Holly, Kat Sis & Jackson (which kind of makes sense given the ladies are in shape as is J-Hole but not too big. BOO (can I hope if J-Hole wins he would take everything said & target Christie via backdoor?

If Holly wins it’ll likely be Nick/Sam (unless J-Hole tells her otherwise). If Kat wins would she target the same or J-Hole? Sis is the only one I think who might target Nicole/Jess b/c she has a relationship with Nick/Sam but is she strong enough to stand up to Christie/Jack?

Wall Competitions:
*James S17, *Victor S18, *Alex S19, *Jason S19, *Paul S19 (P1), *Sam S20

Swinging/Flying Comps:
*Vanessa S17 (P1), *Julia S17, *Victor S18, *Cody S19, *Tyler S20,*Tyler S20

Slip & Slide:
* Becky S17, *Corey S18, *Jason S19, *Faysal S20

BB Comics:
*Steve S17, *Nicole S18, *Paul S19, *Kaycee S20

Balance Beam or balancing comps:
*Paulie S18, * Kevin S19, *Tyler S20, *Kaycee S20

Catching balls/running back & forth:
*Clay S17, *Nicole S18, *Angela S20, *Kaycee S20

*Vanessa S17

Chicken Wire:
*Vanessa S17, *Victor S18

Chance comps:
*Austin S17, *John S17, *Julia S17, Steve S17, *Victor S18, *Paul S18, *Corey S18, *Natalie S18, *Paul S19, *Josh S19, * Alex S19 x2, *Jason S19, *Kaitlyn S20, *Bayleigh S20, *Angela S20

*Becky and Shelli S17, *Steve S17 x 2 (2nd one P2), *John S17, *Mark S19, *Scottie S20, *Angela S20

Face Morph:
*Vanessa S17

Q & A/Memory :
*Steve S17 x 2 (P3), *John S17, *Liz and Shelli S17, *Jackie and Vanessa S17, *Vanessa S17 x2, *Steve S17, *Liz S17 x 2, *Victor S18, *Corey S18, *Paulie S18, *Corey S18, *Bridgette S18, *Paul S18 x2, *Paul S19 x6, *Alex S19, *Christmas S19, *Josh S19 x 2 (P2 HOH), *Haleigh S20,
*Tyler S20, *JC S20, *Kaycee S20 (Final HOH Part 3)

*Michelle S18, * Mark S19, *Tyler S20

As for Julie’s parting shots about picking 3 players & one’s game being in jeopardy let’s just hope this isn’t TPTB throwing in something hinkie to help their pets. If in fact it’s for someone to get booted I’ll be voting for Jack, Jackson & Christie!!!!


Jackson seems like the type of guy to fake his ankles being messed up as an excuse if he doesn’t win and then if he does to brag about how he won with bad ankles.


Ewwwwwwwwwwwww Jackson – urinates himself – seriously? You are up there with 2 of your 6S alliance & your other alliance (or rather 2 girls you did the nasty with plus Sis) and you can’t drop, trust them & go to the bathroom?

So – when he falls it’ll be into his own urine– if I’m a hamster I’m running for bathroom right away & hugging him after – b/c NO —just NO!

Thing is we KNOW it’s not b/c he doesn’t feel safe it’s b/c he needs to be in control.


it was jackson.. doing the pissing .. real class act .


You meant Jackson, not Nick


Yes thanks to you both – typing too fast while also watching something else & didn’t look before I hit send (my bad)

Tommy Sucks

OMG. Jackson you really are a douche!

another name

did. he. just???
did he just wet himself? i gotta be wrong. i’m saying i gotta be wrong and don’t nobody tell me different.
nope he just winked.
winked at mama grodner to thank her for not punishing him for have not rule breaches.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

That’s her golden boy.Can you imagine what the Sunday and Wednesday shows would look like if they showed the real Jackson.


These people really don’t use the bathroom before comps. Lol I would lose before I pissed myself

Tommy Sucks

Can’t wait for the fan vote. Hope it’s Christi, Tommy and Jack.


I hope not if it provides any rewards. If it’s like a fan punishment sort of thing then cool.


has jackson got any other poses then the arms stretched out and the legs straight .. dang the girls are put in all kinds of positions… this is not right ..


Also of note, when Kat said she might be done – Christie told her to hang in & encouraged her by saying Brett is already typing up a letter.

Could this be b/c Christie wants Kat to take out Jackson & Kat would be perfect person for her to push to do it?


Hey parents…don’t Baby your kids, give them everything and treat them like they are 5 when they are in their 20’s because if you do, you will have a Jackson. Momma must be proud of this piece of crap!!!!


go kat? i think she’s the only person left not in the 6, though i can’t really see her targeting them.


One positive form this (we get them so rareky) is now the underdogs will finally view Sis/Holly as more dangerous than they have been.

Twitter is lit saying Jackson is cheating by the way he’s holding the ropes & that his ropes haven’t swung the entire game like everyone else. People are furious he got no penalty for eating in have not, hot showers, was allowed to vote & now this.

I didn’t hear the rules so no clue if how he is holding ropes is illegal or not – but I’m living for Kat’s straight up Cirque du Soleil swinging sh*t.


The only thing left for me in this game is the punishment and watching people I loathe get them.

This season I have for the first time half watched episodes, last night I skipped it. And tonight I watched half, got bored, and turn it off halfway through to check this.

Let me know when the six shooters turn on each other because the next few weeks are going to be awful just watching Nicole same nick and cliff get picked off.

Producers wanted it this way since they gave a biased physical comp. hope their ratings suffer. Morons.

Tommy Sucks

Jackson down in his puddle of pee. Perfect!

another name

Is it laundry day already? wonderful. the pillowcase and the bedspread are left hanging on the clothesline.

Tommy Sucks

Jackson and Kat down. See ya


So J-hole down & Kat shortly after, but based on how easy it looked for her I think she just wanted to beat Jackson.

Holly told Kat she’d be safe (& so would Sis – Kat took the deal/dropped) but Sis is REALLY trying to push Holly to let go. The thing is for as much as Sis agrees with S6 she has really great relationships with Sam/Nick & maybe she wants to win to take out someone else?

Hopefully she won’t just roll over & do what J-Holes/Christie want if she does win

The OTHER positive is Holly in particular (but both of these ladies) have been super worried what the outside world thinks & “IF” the hamsters learn fans voted for the 3 people & one of them will be put in jeopardy b/c of it = then it might lead to them re-thinking the 6S alliance. We’ll see.

another name

as Holly says she’s spent 16 hours on a horse so this is nothing
I think of Sis’ shower retells, and apparently she’s spent time on a horse as well.


Sis really spent time on a Jack-ass


It’s not a pissing contest Jackson!
Although it sums up tonight’s show.


Well he did urinate longer than Jess stayed on the ropes!


Omg… too funny!




Did she even get in the ropes?


I just really really hope Sis isn’t trying so hard to win this HoH because she wants more Jack time in the HoH room/shower. Please God no!!!!

Miss Conception

If Sis wins………..Jack is in control,Holly wins………………Jackson is in control(except of his bladder)! What a pisser that will be!

another name

Sunday’s episode of Big Brother:
Welcome to BIIIIIIG brother. Meet Holly and SIs.
audience says who?


I’m figuratively hanging hanging on with one foot out of my stir up wondering should I keep struggling through this or drop…..

I’m dropping out guys (guuuuuulp)…. ahhhh

This ones easy, I’m dropping but not before my last sip of Kraken

Kat will win, but with this new holly/kat alliance who cares…. she can act like she hates Jackson all she wants, she ain’t sending him packing no way…. and kat winning is a best case scenario, which sucks anyhow

Cliff, Kat, Jess, Sam, Bella, Nicole, and Nick
Minus Jack would be looking pretty good this week coming off back to back hoh…

Thanks for that big hogg… u had a chance to be Americans fave and be have all the numbers while most likely being the leader of the alliance… instead you chased after the power and screwed the game in your wake

More of the same
Can’t wait to see how cocky Christie becomes
No one will ever put me up and I feel so comfortable telling u all that straight to your faces

CBS is fixing the comps and I’m certain Kat more than likely won the most recent veto

CBS made no mention or apology for recent racist remarks as now the only evicted HG to actually leave that house were all non-white, I’ve seen production get involved over and over through the last 15 years, and somehow swaying a negative opinion of jack who was conveniently on the block would have been the right time to get involved like they love to do…. but that’s ok, because I used to like believing that the game wasn’t fixed and swaying voters against jack would go against what I want to believe…. how about maybe a Julie apology to any offended viewers…. nothing

This comp was built for the final 5 left standing and I knew that when I saw it so I know they knew it…. Nicole is a disappointment and should have been in the final 6 of this comp

But Sam and nick never stood a chance

Worst season since Aryans which ironically also included a lot of racist remarks and bullying from a large ego driven alliance

Cliff ruined the season and he WAS my favorite going into his hoh and I was so pumped this time last week

Christy still has her power which she won fair and square? We will never actually know because they don’t show us every second of these times events as feeds are down….

This comp shouldn’t be on the feeds, but all the ones they don’t want to show us should be

I feel like I’m watching Wrestling and believing that each wrestler isn’t following their scripts

Jackson cheated as HN and I haven’t seen anything happen to him, christy is blessed with invincibility, jack can make not one but 2 comments that are really offensive to people who aren’t white and threatened to kick a mud hole into a woman.

I’m very offended and disappointed and this was the one and only time production had to get involved be it a punishment eviction behind the scenes sway or just a simple apology….

Bad year BB see ya next year


Can u imagine if someone sends Jess this week…. omg

May the best Caucasian win I guess

Shame on u BB


Man Twitter is killing Sis/Holly saying things like great I stayed up to see whether a chair or a lamp is HOH & that’s one of the nicer tweets.


LOL Zing!


Oh please let zing bot have an entire episode to just knock these fools down from their pedestals.

another name

Production meeting:
Story line writer: so, what kind of comp would we do if we want Holly or Sis to win? What can they do?
Feed editor: well they’re not very good at keeping their knees together.
Comp Producer: Eureka!




Jackson is pee soaked and hugging Holly. Everyone has no idea they are standing and walking through his pee puddle area:- ugh

another name

just to continue the tradition:
sis was pushed. 😉


LOL yup! Verified! I saw it.


For sure J-Hole yelling at Holly will be fodder for Christie.

Holly considered giving it to Sis & Jackson told her to stay up & when Sis said: “Holly, you do whatever you want.” Jackson tersely yelled “NO!


Sure hope the hamsters find out the 3 sent out were voted by fans but NOT for good reasons. I want hamsters to learn the trio who gets sent out are in jeopardy of not returning. It’s important people like Holly (worried about outside appearance) find out.

Plus the oblivious Jess who is trying so hard to sidle up to Christie & Jack – knowing they aren’t favorites might be the ONLY way she backs off wanting to be their door mat. Then again, I’m not holding my breath for Jess who only ranks higher on my boot list b/c of my inability to invest for those ahead of her. Besides she still disappears each afternoon to hang out with Jenn City so at least we get that daily break 😉

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I always thought Jackson was pissy.


And the lamp wins HOH!

Tommy Sucks

Thanks for the top notch coverage guys! Appreciate it!


You’re welcome!


How much makeup will be in Hollys HOH basket?

another name

they’ll be packed on top of the itch relief creams, lotions and sti pamphlets and safety hotline checklists and the canned crab.


More like bucket full of hay.


Foundation and concealer rolled in in a 55 gallon drum…

I’m not a make up person but I think those are pretty standard stuff…

PP Redneck

Holly Hamster will probably have a bag of birth control pills in her basket…maybe a bandanna with the confederate flag for Jackson?

Dalia Hobelman

Watching big brother after dark Christine already in Holly’s face Jackson is acting cocky he will probably run her hoh too predictable


Lol at jack supporting holly over sis in the comp.

Cliff. Fan

When you gotten go you gotten. Go Jackson was true to his. Name he is a piss. Ant

another name

So have nots are over a night early.
Seasons past they had the late night food celebration for the have nots ending on Fridays.
Those watermelons that have been in the storage room for the last couple of days are gone. consumed.
Jackson just got out of a hot shower, applied deodorant to his butt, balls and then his pits.
And i’m ticked with him.
Gee. Send Jackson on the excursion.

Otherwise every veto comp he participates in will be suspect (the time doesn’t sound right for Jacksons win mixed with Kat’s won but didn’t win comment), every hoh comp will be suspect (look at the pictures of the hoh comp, notice anything), every rule breach will be suspect because the edit will cover it up or no action will be taken. Or an in house image fix will be applied.
Every discussion about him will have fish if he’s acting out. Every discussion he is having while he is acting out will have fish. It’s like someone is talking about bbcan6 paras’ showmance and feeds go black. every time it’s mentioned.

This here is some bullcrap.
BTW: changing the rules on an HOH comp after some people have already fallen by saying they can now hold on to the ropes instead of the handles… how is that legit???

another name

additionally complaints the rules stated you can’t wrap the cords around your legs. well we know one person that was doing that. check the pics.

Bring. David back

I think that B&B. Should bring David. Back he didn’t have any time in the B&B. House

Bring. David back

I. Think. B&B. Should bring back. David & O he didn’t have enough time. In the house no wonder why fans think that the show is. Racist.


This is not anything new… Plenty of seasons have people that are voted out within a day or two or even hours after it starts.. Remember Jody.. She didnt even get to stay overnight in the house… He had his chance to come back and even got to stay and play a social game.. so it wasnt like he did not have a fair chance already at getting back in the game.. It could have been anyone that lost that comp. just happen to be him.


I do agree that many seasons have seen someone leave on day 1 but David has said in interviews that he was ostrasized after he came back. So no, he really didn’t get a fair chance. I think BB should have a season where all cast are the 1st ones to be voted out since we barely got to know them.

Franks fumes

So another Crusty HOH…..yawn.

Ugh.. this season...

Maybe I missed someone else’s comment but when Kat said Michie’s name when Julie asked for her vote, was that a joke or is she that confused? She’s turned into one of my favorites only because her shenanigans make me laugh.

another name

intentional. She told Jessica she was going to evict Jackson every week until he was actually evicted.