Nick “I hope I win HOH so that I can put her stupid a$$ up. You thought I was savage with Kemi?!”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson Bella
Power of Veto Players are – Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson used the Veto on himself Cliff nominated Bella

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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8pm Outside the HOH room. Cliff, Nicole, Sam, Nick and Bella.
Cliff – he (Jack) told me that he was going to campaign today but he didn’t. Nick – he said that yesterday. Bella – I think I have valid arguments. If they don’t, they don’t. Nick – even if they don’t do it at least they will be thinking about it moving forward which will help all of us. They all know like sh*t she’s right, we have to take our shot soon. Bella – well not take our shot soon, we have to take our shot now. Nick – well I know, I am hoping so! I would be just as adamant if it wasn’t you.. like this is the best shot. Bella – its literally not even about me. Anyone of you would win against me in the end. Cliff – if we get to 5 votes (a tie) I will do my part and vote him out. They talk about trying to get Michie to vote with them. Nicole – tell him that you will owe him. Nick – tell him that he can put you up next week if he wins. Cliff – if he votes with us I will protect him because that means he’s with us.

8:30pm Bedroom. Christie and Jack.
Christie – even if he (Nick) said that ..just so you know me, Sam and Jack are in an alliance. I would be like really? That’s funny because then why were you and Sam BEGGING me to keep Jack on the block this week?! BEGGING! Jack – good, then I don’t need to explain it. Christie – that would literally be so dumb. Let him say whatever he wants. What is he going to say? He can’t say anything about Flaming Five… you guys all know about it. He can’t say anything about Orwell not that Cliff knows about it. And if he does bring up Orwell it is going to be f**kin epic. He probably thinks we would never tell him that. Jack – what else would it be? Christie – I don’t know, I can’t think of anything. They sealed their fate with so many people. IF he tries to get Jess everyone can vouch for how mean he was to Jess. Jack – to be honest if its a $5,000 or $10,000 prize and a slip and slide ..I am going for it. I am going to take it. Christie – really? Jack – in the hopes that someone else wins it. Christie – she (Sis) likes you more than she thought she would in the beginning. She is also worried about your ex. Jack – I do it for a reason. It keeps us safe and her at a distance. Christie – you and Sis are playing completely different games.

9:14pm HOH room. Nicole and Jess. Jess – why would you feel like you owe him an answer and why … does Christie think that Jackson is going to vote Jack out? Nicole – I don’t know?! Me and him had the conversation and then she pulled me in the room today and said I want you to know that there is a plan that’s being said with Michie, Holly and you .. are going to vote to keep Bella and I want you to know that’s just a ploy, that’s fake. Michie did tell me this is the plan but its not going to come to fruition so don’t bother with it. And then Christie tells me no no there is a plan but its just a lie to make Bella feel safe when she’s not. Like he is just being a d**k basically to make her have false hope. So I am like is there a plan, is there not a plan .. I’m like.. I don’t get it?! Jess – so you’re getting confused as to what they’re telling you? Nicole – yeah. Jess – from what Michie is telling her he isn’t voting for her he is just telling her whatever she wants to hear so that she doesn’t have to scramble or feel like everyone is.. Nicole – I think I said this to you yesterday if Nicole votes to evict Bella.. one of them is going to throw in a rogue vote and say it was me. Jess – yeah they could. Jess – but you know that there would have been no reason for CLiff to talk to Christie and for her to not use her power.. him put up Bella and not vote Bella out. Because we would then lose Christie’s trust .. she has a power. She wants to use it on a specific person that is not you, it is not me and that is not Cliff and that’s all that we can hope for. You have to have faith in that system because it is not a right now ..oh this is looking good. You know that there is a 50/50 percent chance that everything that Nick, Sam and Bella are doing is to me a big fat flop! And you’re going to be stuck in the middle of it again and no one is going to be able to take you out because the know you’ve done it before. Nicole chooses to keep on going that way. Bella joins them and the conversation ends. Bella leaves.

Jess – if Christie knows 1000% that it wasn’t me and it wasn’t you .. she is going to know that it was Jackson and Holly. And she is going to tell Jack. Jess – in CLiff’s eyes I think that Michie is just blowing smoke up her a$$ in all honesty. Like I couldn’t see Holly and Sis are relatively tight and Michie and Jack are tight …so if Michie and Holly are asking you who you would put up. I feel like it would be a potential to throw you under the bus… so that you would be a clear target for next week. Nicole – they haven’t asked me that yet. Just which way I am voting. Michie was just I need to know which way you’re voting so that I can know and I can protect you. Jess – protect you from what?! Nicole – I know that’s what he said to me I like you but you’re going to have 5 very angry people coming after you. Jess – who is the five? Nicole – Holly, Jack, Sis, Christie, Tommy. Jess – people don’t know where you lie. His delivery isn’t the best. Nicole – he is very aggressive. Jess – because Bella’s burned me, they know where I stand. Nicole – I do hear Nick and Bella out when they talk to me and I feel like people take that as I am working with them.

Living room. Sis and Tommy.
Sis – she’s trying to be ditsy but she’s really not. Part of me is thinking its only a matter of time until she wants to do something crazy. She probably wouldn’t but I think she is a lot smarter than.. she leads. Tommy – I am pretty sure she knows… like when I was in the RV and heard her and Jackson talking.. the way he treats her.. its kind of like she knows he treats her like sh*t. And she is just allowing it because its part for the game and not like she is falling for it. I wouldn’t be surprised when we get out and see her in her DR’s like this f**king tool bag thinks he can talk to me like this?! And I am going to keep batting my eyes and playing dumb. Sis – yeah I think she is really smart and if she wanted to take shots at Jackson or whatever its on her and then we don’t have to do it when it gets down to it. Tommy – I didn’t think so until two days ago when I heard that joke .. that’s like not a joke that this person would make. I think she is more political and everything too. Sis – I think she is very political. Tommy – its funny.

9:22pm Storage room. Sam and Bella.
Sam – Christie pulled Nicole in the boat room and she didn’t give specifics but she knows you were campaigning to keep Bella, Michie and Holly and they’re f**king with you about the whole they’re going to flip thing. And Christie came to Nicole and told her but don’t flip, we still have your back. And I was like but why would Christie tell you that unless she had a feeling that was going on and she was screwing with Nicole. I told Nicole that she should be aware of that but that they might be f**king with you. Bella – okay, but I have nothing to lose though and she is probably scared. Sam – she said that Michie is f**king with Bella. Bella – he hasn’t talked to me at all… that’s a great thing and other than the campaigning he said I brought up some great points. But ever since then he hasn’t said a word to me.. so she must be nervous. Sam – so if you talk to Michie and say if you’re going to flip, let Nicole know. Nicole is worried that if they try to flip they’re going to pin it on her again because she already did it.

Boat room. Christie, Jess, Nicole and Cliff.
Christie – From everything that I hear everyone is on the same page to get Bella out. Cliff – I think we’re all on the same page. Christie – Bella is trying to use a fear tactic. Nicole – maybe my problem is, I listen too much and hear people out. Maybe I shouldn’t be such a listener. Maybe I should just get up and walk away. Christie – no you have to be you. You owe everyone the time a day. Cliff – there is nothing wrong with listening to everyone .. you just have to weigh why they’re telling you.. Christie – they literally did this to you two weeks ago and they’re trying to do it again now. Its up to you to break that cycle. I don’t think anyone is going to do anything because I literally threatened everyone’s life.. like lets be mature, lets do what we set out to do and lets move forward. Christie – this week is really showing me people’s true colors. And I see how people play now and I have no problem standing up in a room if things did go funky and saying … if it puts a target on my back then it puts a target on my back. Like we’re all still on page to get one person out and I don’t believe in pinning people against each other just for you own self benefit or fun or lets just see how this will go. Even if you think that Bella will go, why would you give her a vote? Nicole – exactly. Christie – you would be dumb to just do that to support.

11pm Bedroom. Bella, Nick and Sam.
Nick – Christie told Tommy if you did sit next to Jack there is no way you would have gone home. Tommy said don’t say that. Now its funny if I do win HOH…and then we win the veto I would put Tommy right next to her and be like you told me that no one would go home next to Tommy so have fun taking your power home with you. Bro its on and if I hear one more person talk personal with me. I am done with the personal sh*t.

12am The house guest are holding up a bed sheet over the boat room door and they’re sticking their feet under and trying to guess who’s fee they are. Next they guess who’s hand it is?

1:05pm Boat room. Cliff and Bella.
Bella – I think from here on out I will be able to separate game versus personal. Like how lucky are we. Like CBS is literally the best thing that has happened to me. I can’t get over it. Cliff – think of how many 10’s of thousands of people would have given anything to be in our shoes. If you go home tomorrow that would be unfortunate but you still had 5 weeks in this house. That is amazing! IF you go home, there will be a couple more behind you. Bella – I KNOW I AM GOING TO BE HERE ON FRIDAY! Cliff – I would be grinning from ear to ear. Bella – and I hope I win HOH! Cliff – if you do it, more power to you. I wouldn’t have said it was possible a couple days ago but Michie is enough of a wild card especially if he and Christie are on the outs. Bella – seeing you smile like that makes me think it could happen. Cliff – I see the possibility. Bella – I am blessed that I can see hope.

1:30am Nick, Sam and Bella.
Bella – throw me this next HOH! I want to win it so bad! Sam – for how much of a spiritual person she is .. she is getting so witchy for use of a better term. Why is she getting so cocky about it. Nick – I hope I win HOH so that I can put her stupid a$$ up. Dude, you thought I was savage with Kemi! Sam – I wouldn’t be surprised if they rally up all the troops and come in here and are like just to let you know we are not flipping. Nick – I will tell them to get the f**k out of my room. Bella – I saw Michie and I said regardless of what happens I just wanted to let you know that I would do anything for you if you need my help outside this house just let me know. This is not me talking game. Then Tommy comes around the corner and sees us talking and then walks away ..super sketchy and then come back and hugs me …like f**k off!

2:11am Bathroom. Holly and Kat.
Holly – Did the Christie thing actually happen? As soon as I heard that I was assuming that it was true because you and I just had that conversation. Kat – I’ll be honest its more than just Christie that have that same (she points to her head) thinking. Please don’t tell him.. (Jackson) because if he honestly believes that he doesn’t give off that vibe then he can just be himself. That’s all he can do. And a lot of people share that same thing. Holly – because of how he acts with you? Kat – please don’t tell him this .. unfortunately it has been given life. Holly – like what? Kat – that its a thing that people are talking about. Holly – oh like outside? Kat – MMMhhhhmmm. Oh no I don’t know outside.. No it is a little bit top of mind for people because of how he treats me. I think it started when he blew up on me and then walked outside and like ran my name. That’s when people thought whoa he’s super f**king reactive! I am afraid to say anything.. well not to you but… he is reactive. Holly – well I know that now. Kat – I just don’t want him to come and target me because of something I am telling you. Holly – he is not going to target you but I know not to tell him stuff. Kat– its not only how he treats me but the little things like Holly are you going to make me some slop patties?! Its tiny things like that .. like go make me a sandwich! Holly – really, he does that? Do people pick up on that but they don’t pick up on how he cooks everyone dinner? And brings people coffee in the morning. Kat – also when people are telling a story he interrupts and tells his version of the story that is better. Yet if someone interrupts his story he gets really mad. Its less of how he treats women and more of how reactive he is with everything. And everyone walks on egg shells around him. And everyone picks up on his douche bag stories and that coupled with other things and he says derogatory things about Jess and me. Holly – what has he said about Jess? Kat – I don’t know I haven’t heard anything but.. Holly – the only thing that I have heard him say to Jess was how loud she is. Kat – and people picked up on how rude he was when he broke up with you like he wouldn’t even look at you. Holly – I just don’t want to look weak idiot.. because this is not the real world.. you know?! Big Brother switches the feeds..

3am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Deez Nutz

I am hoping for a flip..Christie is a joke!


You and me both! Sadly I think Christie will be around for awhile since she’s production’s pet, her edit last night shows that’s who they want to spotlight. Her voice is annoying, not as annoying as Jess’s, but pretty darn close. I’m rooting for a Nicole, Sam, or Nick HoH and veto win, that’s the only thing that can save us from a 6 domination


One of her diary room spiels on last night’s shows you could see he eyes moving like she was reading off a cue card!!


Bad move if Bella stays.

Cliff has to link up and align with Christie and Jack if he has any hope of winning.

They seem sincere and interested in working with him


Christie has been especially smart and determined she should sit at the end with the loser side people in order to win. Cliff is one of them, I think she said her perfect final three is with him and either Jess or Nichole. She’s cultivating them for that reason. I don’t know if Jack is that smart but he for sure knows winning against the six would be difficult at the least. So yes, they are very sincere about bringing cliff along with them for the reason anyone could win against him. Cliff is eager to be a part of the Cool Kidz so is very happy to be warm and sincere with Christie and Jack.


Yeah that was ONE of her “dream team” scenarios. She also had different iterations which ALL include Tommy. So with those 2 for sure the trio’s I’ve heard her call her absolute “Dream Team F5” are:

1. Jack, Sis, Kat
2. Jack, Jess, Cliff
3. Jack, Sis, Jess
4. Cliff, Nicole, Jess
5. Cliff, Kat Jess
6. Cliff, Jess, Sis
7. Jess, Kat, Sis
8. Jess, Sis, Holly
9. Kat, Sis, Holly
10, Nicole, Kat, Jess

And I’m sure I’ve missed some b/c she also said this to Sam prior to this week. I think it might have been Sam/Cliff and either Nicole or Jess.


If Cliff teams up with Christie and Jack he’ll have zero chances of winning. Both of them will cut him early plus everyone will see him as the lapdog.


Cliff with a hope of winning? HaHaHa.

The Beef

I think all of you are selling Cliff short. He did have two huge comp wins this week to save his own a$$ from eviction and to put himself in power, despite his chickensh@t turn in the end. He’s won as many comps as any other HG at this point in the game, and who knows what may happen going forward. His social game is solid, and I believe he is liked by everyone in the house. Someone who “drags” him to the end expecting an easy win, may get an unexpected surprise on finale night, although there is certainly a looooooong way to go.


That’s a good point he did win a lot and totally changed the game around for himself.


i do agree with you to a point cliff has a decent social game and had a great week but i chalk it up to good timing and luck.. moving forward i don’t see cliff as some sort of comp beast especially if its endurance or strength and he will always be an easy target for the block.. 6s is just using him (smartly so) he should have struck while the iron was hot its just a matter of time for the old guy as numbers get smaller i believe he will be sent packing by the cool kids

J e t s jets jets jets

Nobody on the misfits side of the house except Bella/Nick/Sam seem upset or concerned about his putting up bella. It just doesn’t make sense. Maybe if we’re in the room we’d understand better.


The only sincere bone in the three is the sin part of the word cereiously

Just sayin'

Holly is trying to defend Jackson because she doesn’t want to look pathetic on TV, too late. This years crop of people for the show is almost unbearable, most are only there for social media and the rest don’t know what the hell is going on in the game. I do feel bad for nicole though, she seems to get messed with alot during these eviction votes


I know, I want to say Holly, yes we pick up on how he cooks everyone dinner. He cooks everyone dinner so he can control how the food is cooked! It’s not benevolent in the least. She’s not too bright. Better than Jess and Analyse, but she’s not bright.


Keep in mind that when BB started, way back when, no one knew how to play the ‘game’. But someone always won. It is what it is. (god I hate that cliche)

Just sayin'

I agree but I feel like back then people played big brother to actually play the game and win. Now people in the house care less about playing big brother and more about getting more insta followers or starting a tshirt company or start a YouTube makeup show. I just miss the simple days when people were there to play the game

Franks fumes

Has there every been a thicker skulled contestant than Jess…’s stunning how clueless this woman is. She cannot see it’s a numbers game at this point…. I think she’s just hoping that she will be dragged to the final 2 because she’s impossible to vote for….I dunno it’s so disheartening to watch…..


Last nights episode had Jess in the room several times when Christie said group of 6 and the camera zoomed in on Jess to see her reaction and nothing. Has there ever been a season that people at this point are saying we can get them to our side or work with us…he’ll Jess does it look like Christie is alone???

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Victoria? But Victoria didn’t annoy me the way Jess does.


I never been this far into BB, where I can’t figure out who is who, Who is Sis, analyse or Holly, and I just realized last HOH, that Jackson is Michie, lord these folks are as confusing as their names. … I hope I’m onboard by the time we get down to Jury 9?


On Sunday’s episode, at the end you hear “will Jackson, Jack or Michie pull themselves off the block”….they made it sound like 3 people were on the block.

Fred Sanford

Victoria from BB16.. She was a doozy . I cannot remember how far she made it, but it had become so apparent she was naive of the entire world existing.


She made it to final 3…Derrick took her but made Cody pick


I will not stand for any Victoria slander in this comment section. Shes my favorite player of all time. She was trash at every type of Comp…but she gave it her all every time. And also she made it to 3rd place. Where all the greats get taken out lol…I’m not even trolling she’s legit my favorite and she was the real winner of BB16 and got robbed

Jack's Dirty Scrunchie

Her stunt casting is just one big disingenuous virtue signal by CBS.

It’s nothing more than exploitation and it isn’t fair to Jess, the other HGs and especially BB fans.

“Go woke, go broke!”


They don’t usually show have not stuff on the actual episodes (maybe they did because it was the first round). I am hoping that they referenced it on the episode because they will announce a penalty to Jackson on Thursdays show and his vote will be revoked!! If that happens, hopefully the others will take advantage of that opportunity….but probably not 🙁


Oh yes please

Dalia Hobelman

Christine and fake ass Tommy come on Kat plant them seeds Tommy hugging kissing everyone hope he and crusty get on block together she is too cocky and Cliff needs to shut up he pissed me off this week lol…did anyone see bb after dark whenKat picked her face smelled finger and licked it lol.

Franks fumes

No I didn’t see that and I am grateful…….

Jack's Dirty Scrunchie

“How vivid!” – Auntie Mame

another name

When Holly is giving arguments in defense of Jackson to Kat, I was wondering if big brother has a neighbor that will poke his head over the fence one day and say psst, Holly, do you need me to call someone for help?
Do they notice that Jackson makes dinner? Yeah, So he can control their food intake, guard how much food is being used, snack while he cooks, and keep others from actively knowing just how much the food stores are depleting? I think a couple have noticed. It’s not out of the kindness of his heart. It’s so that he has a sense of control over everyone else. Not a good argument.
Do they notice he gets up and makes coffee? He has problems sleeping because he’s an opiod addict in withdrawal (He’s the one that said he was taking the medication he was prescribed long before the doctor prescribed it). Silly question i know, but during the casting process they do have medicals and psych evals and background checks…. don’t they? How did a guy that seems to have a checklist of current and past medical, emotional and past history issues get on the air exactly? This isn’t a get him out question, this is a how was he cast question.
Jackson must have told Holly about Nick’s spill. It’s hard to tell, because Jackson convos on feeds have been pretty few and far between for a bit. I’m having a hard time remembering a Jackson game talk on feeds from yesterday. At all. I’m having a hard time recalling much Jackson game talk since he was called to d/r from the hot shower while he was eating.
So, would Jackson take out Jack in order to weaken Christie? I’m still not 100% on that. My brain does momentarily go to the place that asks would production want Jackson to flip and vote out Jack so that their press problem is alleviated? They do sort of have him over a barrel, since they have the golden edit and the have not infractions and multiple warnings they can hold over him. But, that might make Jackson’s behavior stand out even more, because problematic Jack wouldn’t be more of a focus than problematic Jackson.
I guess we have to wait until someone retells Jackson’s next conversations before we know what’s going on.

My Two Cents

he not an Opiod addict, he addicted to Benzos. Valiuum, Xanax, Ativan. Opiods would be uppers, Vicoden, Percocet, etc…. He cant sleep cuz he needs the Benzos to bring him down to relax enuf to sleep.


A benzo addiction is HYPER dangerous.

Jack's Dirty Scrunchie

“Like literally!” /sarc

another name

sorry. i didn’t hear what meds he was on. I remember 4mg (is that right? the 4 i remember for sure) but not the drug or the context… maybe a gratitude thingymabob. guessed with the multiple pots of coffee it was up not down he had a problem with.


I haven’t heard him say anything about benzo but the hate on twitter seems to point that he had an addiction. I have heard about his eating disorder.

another name

I remember him saying he took them long before he was prescribed to take them. I’m sympathetic to the eating disorder, but not to the behaviors, such as volunteering for have nots… that’s rattling a cage and asking the demon to come out, or attempting to gain control by controlling other’s food. If the problems he is having are severe enough that most of his conversations are off feed, and mention of his conversations get fished, and mentions of his problems get fished… should he be in a pressure cooker where he has agreed to give up all control to the producers? That is something they should have determined long before he entered.


If he has a legitimate reason for taking them (other players have came in and have been on meds) I can understand (NOT 4mg Xanax at once like Jackson said though). I have a disorder called Panic Attacks, have since I was in my teens (I am 60 now…yeh I know…eww God you’re old 🙂 ), have been on Xanax around 20 years now, but my dosage is no more than 3 mg’s in 24 hours. Its caused by a misfiring of the adrenal glands. My son inherited it from me, but his anti-depressants they put him on, help with his (never did with me). He’s 26 and only takes them when the flight or fight kicks in (extreme anxiety from hormones released by the adrenal system), some of you may have experienced the sensation in very high stress or fearful situations…its not pleasant when it happens for no reason. IF Jackson has some disorder like that I can see production giving him the meds, but NOT at that dosage.


Rechecked some video. This afternoon Jackson said he has been trying to stay calm this week but … Says that Kat is pissing him off (apparently, he yelled at Kat off cams again earlier) and feeds came back with Kat crying. He said something about medicine which they cant let him have anymore (in DR). He says if its a wall that he is winning it (my guess is pain pills for his foot…not Xanax)

another name

from what i caught between the cuts to fish he said ‘wouldn’t let me bring my insomnia meds either’. but that was part of the Holly Christie Jackson that had more fish than a koi pond. I wouldn’t swear on it.
Kat got mad that he farted. Jackson got mad that Kat got mad that he farted. Ongoing theme this season from first two days of feeds: Jackson has really rancid gas. It’s been talked about more than once. The beginning of the argument can be heard from the bathroom Crusty in the mirror. Bella sitting on far right. someone sitting centre front. the two starts arguing and Crusty tries to interrupt the escalation by calling out to Jackson repeatedly to thank him for the coffee he made this morning. please don’t ask me to time stamp. lol. i can’t even remember who the third person sitting there was, i won’t remember time.

An ornery mouse

A common misconception, but although opioids can deliver a sense of euphoria, they’re definitely not “uppers.” They’re pain-killers that have a sedative effect on most people and kill by depressing one’s respiratory system.

Any physical effects from benzo withdrawal will have long since passed after so many weeks in the house, but lingering psychological effects could still be disruptive to sleep.

Uppers (or stimulants) usually refer to amphetamines (like Ritalin or Adderall), or my personal favorite, coke.

Tired bbfan

Thank gosh they switched the feeds because I can’t the only reason holly is defending him like these because she doesn’t want to look a clown on tv newsflash holly : you already look like a idiot and so does everyone else who aren’t trying to take the shot at jack even though everyone talks mad crap about him .


The TV edits don’t have her or Jackson looking that bad, so when she gets out of here the majority of people will tell her how amazing she did, blah blah blah. But if Jackson doesn’t leave her during the show, he will do it as soon as they leave the studio lot.


I think she realizes he’s a nut bar but is afraid to end it with him in the house because she saw how awful he was to Kat and she doesn’t want that directed at her! Plus they are locked in together, no where to hide. I think once the show is over she will run for the hills to get away from him!


Man, I get that nobody likes Jackson I don’t either he’s a dbag but the people on twitter are brutal to him about his eating disorder. It’s really ugly to see.


Twitter is generally a cesspool. If you post an image of a sunset someone will compare you to a genocidal maniac who eats children at some point.

another name

I still wonder how somebody with so many trigger points in med and psych was able to be cast. I mean… he’s a checklist of warning labels. i’m baffled. (Not a get him out but definitely a how did he get in question)


casting is trash for BB.

another name

yeah, i’m seeing their new (to bbUS ;)) formula. I’m not impressed.
Of course, the one article asking JC to comment on racism, bullying and problematic behavior in regard to this season… really? Why not ask ginamarie for a pudding recipe while they’re at it.


Glad you said that because on other sites people are also making fun of him, and it’s a serious mental illness. I think a lot of people don’t understand that. Another reason CBS should be more responsible and take him off.


Depending on where he is in his recovery, it could be irresponsible to put a person into such a high pressure situation. There are simply too many things putting pressure on a person in the game normally but to have to deal with mental health issues early in recovery in that house would be brutal. Lies, paranoia, stress about how you’re perceived, and isolation do not make for a positive environment.


The best Black Mirror ever was about turning twitter death threats into reality.

There is a cycle with BB:
1. HG does something offensive.
2. This makes social media.
3. The offensive content is described in increasingly harsh terms.
4. Attacks on the HG increase to the point they might as well be some murderer. At this points the attacks are well meaner and offensive than the statement that started everything.
5. The season ends.
6. People reflect and begin to see the HG is a flawed human.

Christie suggested that Jackson’s mental health is worse than we suspect. Kat was in tears about getting attacked.

He shouldn’t be in there.


Last ditch effort to get out Jack
So, while we know Jack-hole & Holly are only pulling Bella’s leg there is a path to taking advantage of Christie’s mouth & spin this game on it’s end. Albeit, I’m not putting much stead in any of these hamsters having the savvy to pull it off BUT fwiw this is what they need to do.

NOTE: I wrote the majority of this & had to skip out to get up NBA content (but what happened since only served to give this argument legs so I’ve added in ***notes to the original in terms of a few updates). As per usual this is long winded (sorry – it’s just my way lol) so if you want to skip it – feel free.

Cliff, Sam, Nick & Nicole pull Jackson into a room alone & tell him they have something important to discuss. The group then downloads everything Christie has done/said:
* Has ZERO intention on going to the end with J-Hole/Holly & actively planting seeds on how he is a misogynist & tries to run everyone’s games. *** This is something which was given more fire last night with Christie fueling the lead.
* If Jack had won POV instead she had no intention of using the DPOV to save him
*Her “Dream Team” is with Tommy & 3 others which NEVER includes J-Hole or Holly plus has F3 with Jack/Tommy proving she’s covered in every direction & keeping a LOT from 6S. AND prob why she’s actively telling everyone she knows she won’t go on block or get voted out.
* Worked each of Sam, Nick, Nicole, Kat, Bella to target Jackson to get him out next. They need to make it clear this is an active plan of hers. Further they need to tell him how she is constantly painting him with a dirty brush – he’s eating & isn’t allowed to be as a have not, he tried to look like the hero to their group by volunteering to go on block with the expectation Christie’s DPOV would save him. And how he treats women is a big narrative (***again fueled this argument further last night).

This next section is key – They reinforce above by saying you might think this is all just game talk to cover her ass, & even if you elect to avoid how she is painting you or that she is trying to make you the target there are palpable facts she’s shared which prove she isn’t protecting you or loyal to you:
Specifically, Christie told us you were the hinky vote & how you tried to pin it on Nicole AND Christie immediately ran to the group to tell us Jackson & Holly were JUST PLAYING Bella which just happened (proving how quickly the information is being passed along). ***Of note, when Bella talked to Jackson this morning or Nick late last night I think this information may already have been shared with him.

Cliff might be the key for this to work & he needs to reinforce Christie’s plan to take out J-Hole. Cliff needs to tell J-Hole prior to the POV Christie was fine with him leaving this week & her only concern was Jack, her & Tommy being safe. They also have to tell him they know Kat shares everything with him but Christie is working Kat hard saying how he treated her was wrong & she wants Kat to target him & take him out next by promises of taking her to the end. And that she is also doing this with Jess. *** with Christie pushing the J-hole misogynist narrative they need to tell him how Jess will be influenced by that type of talk & how Christie is trying to align all the women in this regard in order to have them nominate/back door J-Hole and votes to take him out.

Nick/Sam have to say that’s why we did/acted like we did b/c she was fully in on Flaming 5 as the true F5. & they have to tell him the biggest reason we were pissed over the vote is b/c we truly believed F5 was a thing b/c she spent all last week saying if any of us won to backdoor you & she wouldn’t use the DPOV. Plus ask him why is she pushing hard for Nick/Sam to go next? Could it be b/c she knows everything we can spill about her?

To reinforce the move say- “Look I’m not sure if you’ve thought about this but for the moment Kat/Jess are in the middle ground but have begun leaning toward Christie/Jack/Tommy b/c of these promises. Since you told Christie you were just playing Bella you are covered but what if you two voted to keep Bella & blindsided Christie? The people in the room plus Holly could make it a tie – Cliff could send out Jack & you two act surprised. We paint Kat/Jess with the votes & you stick to your story. Then we shoot for HOH. We’ll work to pull back in Kat/Jess but we target Christie & Tommy for the next two evictions & flush her power. I know Jack is your friend and a bit of a scapegoat in this situation but since you never knew about their F3 & likely other secrets between those 3 how tight are you really?” (cue the thought bubble going up over J-Hole’s head that Jack didn’t share he had the Chaos Power until this week).

It probably won’t work & it’s a big time risk. The reason to only tell J-Hole & keep Kat/Jess/Holly out of the room is in case J-Hole goes ballistic & shares this information. Then that group feigns ignorance & pin it all on Kat and tell Christie we don’t know what you’re talking about Kat must’ve told him those things- what did you say to her (cue Christie spinning out over Kat).

Again, it probably won’t happen or work given the parties involved but that’s what I’d do. To be honest I could care less which hamster leaves (other than Nicole/Sam & sometimes Cliff) they ALL SUCK but at least Jack leaving gives Sam/Nicole a better chance at advancing.

A few other things…
Leave the personal at the door: I can’t stand when players start this crap about “being deserving” or their outside circumstances should weigh into whether they should be allowed to win, or their eviction expedited. Unless the player themselves starts using their personal situation as strategy then it’s off limits. Ever notice the same players who say things like Christie did about Bella’s family having money are also the first to bring up why a player should leave b/c having kids will pull on the juries hearts. Equal opportunists. Every player that walks into the BB house should be afforded the same opportunity to win. It’s how they PLAY the game, not where they came from that matters.

Jess is playing something but it sure as hell isn’t BB: Let’s look at the obvious — Jess was told by people she trusts about ALL of Christie’s alliances which means she has something with everyone in the house. But Jess is so driven to align with Christie she would blow up everyone’s game in the house just so Christie could say lie down b/c I need to clean off my shoes on your back. Who knows maybe Jess thinks she’ll get dragged to the end. And fwiw, while one of Jess’ main reasons to evict Bella is b/c Nick put her up on the block ummm SO DID JACK!

Christie-isms of the day (insert rolling eyes:
I don’t think anyone is going to do anything because I literally threatened everyone’s life..
I don’t believe in pinning people against each other just for you own self benefit or fun “. (RIGHT)

The other notable on Christie is while she LITERALLY (just using her favorite word) works the entire house to turn against J-Hole she has a discussion with Jack about the potential of Nick calling her out & she can’t imagine what it is Nick could say since she shared the “fake Flaming 5 alliance” with them. What she’s not realizing is the underlings have all talked & know how much crap Christie is spouting about virtually everyone but especially J-Hole.

For as much as I wish the above would happen just b/c my least favorite people in the house are the J’s, Christie, Jess (for other reasons) & Tommy has joined them recently b/c of how fake he is I just don’t think J-Hole will pull the plug today. Therefore — I’m hoping Bella calls out Christie either in her speech or on her way out just so she has to go into HOH reeling.

Of course it goes without saying if the above plan miraculously comes to pass to take out Jack this week – one of Christie/Tommy next week (hopefully Christie) then the group turns their attention to taking out Jackson. HEY — it’s Big Brother -expect the unexpected!

Have a great day all.


like your long winded posts as there’s tons of great strategy to weed through most of which i agree.. problem is theres not a player in the house even close to that savvy.. the will boogie dan’s funeral days are long gone now its all about the gram yo.. 6s should evict jack replace him with cliff keep the numbers and eliminate arguably the biggest threat in the house.. cliff has proven he’s easily manipulated and no doubt would turn on a dime against his former wrecking crew.. once jack is gone the 6 (especially jackson christie tommy) stand a much better shot at 500k which is the point isn’t it??? not sure why cliff hasn’t pitched this angle to them guess he’s too busy trying to be a cool kid


That would be brilliant and I agree is exactly what they SHOULD do but none of them have the brains or balls to I don’t think. Would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when they all watch this back and see how played/stupid/cowardly they all really were!

I just love Tyler from BB20

There are many that I want evicted but please let Christie be the next to go..!


Am I the only one that thinks Jackson looks like Bevis from Becis and Butthead? Once you see it, you cannot unsee it….




Can someone with quick tech skills get us a side by side? I need a laugh cuz this season is depressing me.


I thought the same thing in the first two episodes watching Jackson and Jack. Every time I saw them two I thought of Beavis and Butthead.


Jack makes another racist comment? He has been warned once but does it again. The others just stand around so they are all guilty. Tired of racists getting a pass on Big Brother!!! Bella not my fav but no one deserves that!

Dalia Hobelman

But is anyone complaining to CBS if noone does anything then no room to complain they always look out for the bad guys on show


Christie is up and her first comments punctuate her targets: (Jackson/Nick)

First to Kat: While Kat is trying to focus on Nick – Christie begins the “I can’t believe how hard Jackson was pushing me to use the DPOV”

Then she follows up that up by saying: “No one just falls in love with Bella unless they have evil in them.” (WOW)

Segue: just remembered this — Christie has told stories TWICE about having dreams about what was going to happen either after it already did & she knew (but others didn’t) or to plant seeds of negativity toward a player. Both I think occurred on eviction day. So, expect today’s dream to be about something bad either Nick or Jackson have done/are doing.


Nicole, Nicole, Nicole … listening to advice from Jessica?!?! I’m convinced that Jessica thinks she’s on an episode of The Twilight Zone, not actually playing Big Brother, because nobody can be that clueless.


Verified account

I hated the Roadkill comps because they could give anyone any time and we’d never know the difference…
Last night’s POV was a Roadkill comp

I agree…they stopped showing the timer at 1:41 for Jackson, when all he had off was his shoes and socks. Yet we are to believe he got all the rest off in 2:49?


Any single participated event is easy to manipulate. There was the one Corey won when they had to run through a few rooms and macguyver stuff together, I think MacGuyver was being rebooted that year, he mentioned something about one of the other players did although Corey ran last and shouldn’t have known what he did.

another name

that was the one where Cooooorrrr-eeeey had an ear piece and was given direction, wasn’t it?


I’m not saying he had help but he seemed to know exactly what he was supposed to do the second he walked in a room.


So…Big Brother made the news today on TMZ. All about Jack and his ‘Rice Pudding’ comment. CBS didn’t respond. Surprising? Not the way this season has been going. People are not being reprimanded for anything, it would seem.

another name

They responded in people. sort of. but not really.

Backseat Driver

Speaking of CBS……after the Les Moonves issues….I cringe every time Julie introduces herself or signs off as
“Julie Chen Moonves”.

Nick's Dirty Scrunchie

Why? All she’s saying is that she believes and stands by my husband. People seems to forget that in the US everyone IS “innocent until proven guilty!”


Innocent until proven guilty? That was tossed out awhile ago. Now it’s guilty unless somehow proven innocent


I do as well ! I actually say ,oh fuck off , Every time she says it ,


Jackson should be called Snackson


Tomorrow we either hit the Kraken because of kraken HOH win or we hit the Kraken because Sam won it and it’s TIME TO PARTY

either way, we hitting the Kraken


if any of the 6 wins I’m buying two bottles


I’m glad you are warning the liver…

Red in Blue

I don’t do Kraken but I do have vodka and bourbon on standby.


Here’s some hard truths I like Vodka better but toss in some Kraken in the summer to spice it up 😉 Bourbon is a rare treat


I’ll imbibe if Sam wins & just write KRAKEN on the red wine label or vodka label. Tee hee.

Btw – anyone catch what was said to Christie to make her go off? She’s THREATENING Sam that if Nick wins & puts her up she will backdoor Sam & “NO ONE” will vote her out. The girl is acting like she’s already HOH.

Seriously want Sam to win HOH so he can call her out on what she just said. Second/third choice would be Nicole or Nick. I don’t trust anyone else to put Christie up & she NEEDS to go on the block beside Tommy & then both lose the POV to one of Sam/Nick or Nicole. That would be the most rewarding for her not to even be able to use her DPOV — PLUS this would offer great insight for the house as Christie would try to throw Tommy OTB & would definitely be dirty about it.

Beauty of that will be when Tommy tells everyone he already knew her & what she’s really been up to behind the scenes!!!!
Tommy is about the only one who could do that & recover from it.

Secondary option would be one of Nick/Nicole/Sam winning POV & her backtrack thinking she’d convinced them to take her off the block if she uses her power. She does & they pull down Tommy & put up Jack!! In that scenario either way the house gets out one of the bigger threats, flushes her power, causes friction between Christie/Jack and still ends up revealing her TRUE NATURE.

Odds are TPTB would work it for her to stay but at least Jack would be out of the game.


OMG, we need Sam to win so bad.


I can’t help but feel the gifts of Wackmania changed the game too much. Gifts from bb shouldn’t be played for until half way mark and help like the three powers should cost something in return to use like a demeaning outfit like the red unitard or banana of past shows something that has a pain for gain sleep deprivation AND. While at it what’s deal w moochie mooching forbidden food is it costing him for cheating cmon where is the producers backbone for gods sake

Carmen B Shupe

Christy is driving me INSANE!! First Jack was being a dictator now Jackson is being a dictator. She is being the cocky DICTATOR!!! Her versions of how conversations go are classic. Too bad for Tommy that he knew her prior. He is a likeable guy. Hoping Jackson and Holly flip the script tonight?

another name

If it’s a wall comp tonight. I’m checking in with the universe… and my third eye pancreas is telling me we will in future seasons be saying:
It was Helen. Helen pushed everyone.
Jackson: If it’s a wall comp, no one is beating me on a wall.
Me: if someone beat him against it a few dozen times, I wouldn’t tell.