“Haleigh sprayed me with a hose and I said Scottie is winning my heart right now”


JC joins them..
Brett – I am literally at the point of voting her out
JC – we can do it.. you want to do I’ll do it.. (NICE)
Brett – B1tch you are on the f*ing block and you feel comfortable enough to spray me before eviction.. then I make a joke and you get mad..
Brett – I was truly kidding while I was out there..
JC – I am dead serious… sleep on it..
Brett – she’s up there ranting and raving like she’s in a position of power…
Jc – if you are going to make a move like that bring in Scottie..
Brett – I know..
Brett – I was completely kidding then she turned this into a thing
JC says for Brett to wait how he feels in the morning.

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Sam “I would honestly feel like I couldn’t take it over you” Tyler “That’s not up to us”

1:58pm Bedroom. Tyler and Sam. Sam – What is supposed to happen? What do you want to happen? Tyler – I don’t know. Sam – you’re not going to tell me what to do? Tyler – I don’t know. You have to ask like Kaycee and JC. Sam – why? Tyler – I know what I want to happen but I don’t know what everyone else wants to happen. Everything is different so.. Sam – Oh well then what is it? Tyler – I think I want Scottie to stay but I don’t know if he is going to stay. Sam – Why because Kaycee and JC don’t want him to? Tyler – well not them specifically but I don’t know I think everyone is just scared of Scottie because we already voted him out. You’ve got to win the HOH next week.

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