JC “What is going on with you & Angela? You have to tell me right now!”

8:30pm HOH room. Angela and Tyler are laying on the bed holding hands and chatting about random things. Tyler and Angela see JC coming on the spy tv so Angela runs to the couch. At 8:39pm JC rings the doorbell and walks straight in without waiting to be asked in. Angela – hey little girl. JC sits down and looks annoyed. Angela heads downstairs. JC – what is going on with you and Angela, you have to tell me right now! You have to tell me. Tyler – how many times? JC – you have to tell me.

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“America loves Level 6 we’ve been a very successful alliance. strong and loyal since the very beginning.”


Kaycee – America loves Level six we’ve been a very successful alliance.. from the very beigning
b – and we’ve been against all odds every time
T – every time..
B – nothing has been ohh this will be easy..
B – Battle back.. cool ..
Kaycee – we’ve been so strong and so loyal since the very beginning.. everything we said in between us is just between us it never got out of our F*ing circle..
Brett – other than Rachel
T – if only we had Winston..
Brett – guess who’s leaving because of that.. Justice is served..
B – I feel so bad Winston didn’t make it can’t wait to party with him.. Hope he feels the same..

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