Angela “You can say it all you want but unless you get HOH next week, you’re going up.”

8:53pm Bedroom. Brett and Angela. Brett – Sam just gets on her tangents. Angela – oh my god, she drives me nuts. Brett – I feel like I haven’t hung out with you guys in ages. Angela – I know. Has Scottie pitched to you? Brett – he thinks he is the pawn so he thinks 100% he has you and Kaycee because he thinks you and Kaycee will do whatever Tyler wants. So he thinks he’s confident there’s two votes and all he needs is mine. He is also pretty confident will have Sam. Angela – yeah. So he didn’t really pitch it that hard because he thinks he is good either way. Angela – I think so too. Brett – I think he thought that he didn’t even really need mine.

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“let me shave your face.. don’t be scared.. just let me do it” – Sam to Angela

***updated ***

12:02am Sam and Angela
Sam – let me shave your face
Angela – NO
Sam – don’t be scared
A – hell no
Sam – just let me do it
A – absolutly not
Sam – you might be surprised and pleased..
A – no I won’t
Sam – you do it then
A – I don’t want to shave my face I’m not a man
Sam – it’s not.. it’s the same.. you would do the same thing in a spa I promise

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