Big-Brother-20 Kaleidoscope room

Big Brother 20 House Pictures “Completely revamping this house”

When THE GROD said “completely revamped Big Brother 20 House”. I was half expecting was some structural changes to the house perhaps an addition to increase surface area. What the Grod really meant was adding 10 times the gimmicks into the house than usual. Still for the most part I like a most of these additions and think some will add new tactics into the game.

The Theme

The Big Brother 20 house is themed “technology.. being playful and interactive”. High tech takes over Big Brother 20 in a house CBS says is “inspired by Silicon Valley”. THE GROD and MEECHAN executive producers had this to say about the house.

 “This house is bound to inspire some state-of-the-art strategies, forcing the players to make inspired decisions and form collaborative relationships if they hope to advance through the summer!”


In a press release CBS says the house is inspired by FUN

Building on the themes of interactivity and collaboration, this season’s house is inspired by the fun, colorful and creative interactive spaces on tech campuses around the globe, with a dynamic touch of innovation in every room. Dominating the living room is a BIG BROTHER first

I don’t trust GROD but I do like the house and with the all new Big Brother 20 cast (This might just be a Kraken less season)


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… First off they living room is on a floating platform that moves around to make room for a 22 foot high rock climbing wall (Very Nice)..


Two bedrooms; Pink and blue are separated by a moving partition (5 moving panels). (very cool) They are the mirror image of each other creating “optical illusion” the rooms hold 6 players each.

Pink and Blue Room


The third room is the fidget spinner room. The wall is covered in them.





The Kitchen is “interactive” the kitchen counter is on wheels. 18120 gummy bears can be fit inside the 4′ fiberglass bear on top of the fridge.



Kaleidoscope room contains a pin wall.. it’s interactive. (14276 pins)

Big-Brother-20 Kaleidoscope room



They get four sinks.



Foos ball,  fish,




Head of Household bedroom.. They get spy cams in three new rooms. With a push of a button the HOH can speak to the houseguests in those rooms. Of course they cannot hear anything in return. Only visuals. The walls change colour as well.



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My only wish is that the houseguests would keep the house this clean. It bugs me how clothes, unmade beds, and junk clutters up the house. I would not last long if I could not clean the space…or, keep people from sleeping in my bed. Sharing sheets is horrifying to me, but I have germ issues. Anyhow, it will look like this for less than a minute once the houseguests start getting comfortable. Every season they should let one person who is clean into the house…so it has a chance!
So excited for another season of BB and Simon and Dawg…!


I like these additions I think they will offer some entertainment.


Hopefully, this years cast will spend less time under the covers and more time keeping us entertained.


I thought maybe BB would get smart and make it so they would have the backyard open 24-7 for the entire show and add on a separate stage for the games. Them being all stuck in the house get old and boring.


If I understand correctly, there isn’t a lot of space around the house so creating another area for comps would be very difficult.


I have been full of suspicions regarding some shenanigans regarding the cast. I really hope CBS doesn’t throw a twist and have some previous player or someone from another “reality” show come in for name recognition. I’d like to see what this current cast will do. I’m trying to be optimistic and positive starting now…

Fingers crossed!


Why is Paul in the grid photo of all the new HGs.. Ugh Please tell me he is not going in the house again or I will have to opt out of this season..