Big Brother 19 Spoilers – Head of Household Competition on the Feeds

The Head of Household Competition has begun. Christmas is rolling around on the ground collection tickets not much talk going on. Cody looks pissed. A lot of people appear to really be trying.

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7:48pm Cody tells Jessica he’s sure they are both going up and Paul is going to pit them against each other.

8:07pm Cody, Paul and Jessica
Jessica weeps.
Paul – it’s just a game guys don’t let it get to you, I don’t want to see you upset. I like you guys.
Cody says nobody knew the move he made last week, “She’s feeling the exclusion from all the chicks”
Paul – the game gets hard the game gets worst
Paul – I lost hair last time.. this game is f***G hard dude, it sucks
Paul leaves.
Jason comes in says it was Ramses and Josh that voted to keep Christmas.

8:12pm Cody, Josh and Jessica
Josh – if you…
Cody – Josh no personal stuff.. just grab your stuff and leave.. and walk away..
Josh – I understand..
Cody – conversation is over..
Josh – I’m going ..
Cody – Josh shhhhh
Josh – all I want to say
Cody – will you shut the f*** up.. that’s all I’m asking you to do right now Josh Shut the f*** up
Josh – that’s immature .. I want to be in peace.
Josh leaves..

Talking about how Cody just talked to Josh. (Josh has told them). Paul says that last season Paulie almost punched James. They had to hold him back.
Paul says one of them needs to go up as a pawn against Jessica. Sounds like it’ll be raven.
Paul – the chances of him even getting picked (for POV)
Paul – has to be up against somebody that is impossible to campaign against.

Paul says against Raven Cody would have zero chance of getting votes to stay, “I know it’s scary and weird the idea of a pawn, I was a pawn three times last year”

Paul says Ramses has to go up as the third Nomination because he has a curse.
Paul calls his plan a “Checkmate”
The bring up what Xmas told Jessica really embarrassed her on TV. She was shook during the HOH. Paul says he told Christmas to drop a bomb right before the competition.

8:46pm Paul and Kevin
Kevin says Josh and ramses have big mouths. Paul says ramses will be going home soon.
Paul telling him to stop it with that “smart shit”

Paul tells him to not let his emotions out.
Kevin – you and me we’re going all the way.. all the way to heaven
Paul- or hell

8:55pm Kevin and Alex
Agreeing that Ramses and Josh were the ones that voted Jillian out.

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Jimmy 64

Cody and Jessica you are in trouble


That’s putting it lightly! Lol


Lame. Paul gets the obvious completely rigged contractual power to remain in the show.


I completely agree with you Jim. It is rigged for Paul to win this season. He was NEVER my fan favorite !!


Dissappointed!!!!! So unfair that Paul is in this game and running the show. I didn’t like him last season and dislike him even more this season. I think BB designed it just for Paul. In time he will turn on his gang of followers. Just watch!!


They need someone with a personality no one will watch Cody he is like watching grass grow or paint dry. At least Paul is fun to watch.


it cant be rigged … everything is layed out before they even start … think people ..are they gonna have people punish them selves so someone they want wins .. I DONT THINK SO .. geesh .. watch the show .. scream at the tv when things don’t go your way .. but please stop saying its RIGGED …


It can’t be rigged in the traditional sense, but in the past house guests have called production out for trying to influence their decisions on nominations and whether or not to use the Veto.


but I think they set it up for some people to win some competitions….


big brother is not rigged, now other things in life are rigged….


“Don’t be hating”


They can’t give the HoH to a certain player but they can and most certainly provide advantages to whoever they think might give them the best story line for the week or season. You think “America” voted for Paul to get the power of protection? No way. I like Paul – and there’s no way he would have lasted without getting some kind of time in order to build relationships so they obviously had to step in. Whether he was provided an “advantage” in this HoH only they know but it wouldn’t be hard to let him know in advance which balls would have tickets.


I absolutely voted for Paul to get protection. He’s the only one that seemed like he needed it (besides Josh lol) because he was a vet and Cody openly talked about how he didn’t like him, so why would I give something to somebody else that didn’t need it?
Some people like Paul, get over it please (:


Exactly. I voted every day, 10 times. A lot of people like Paul. I loved him last season & was thrilled to see him back.


Ditto. Paul was the obvious choice for that imo.


Please let the feeds be explosive… Jess and Cody are gonna be losing their minds.


Sorry they won’t be at all, it’s gonna be the house talking shit about Cody and Jessica all week one of them going home. This is going to turn into vote what the house wants don’t make any big moves bla bla bla.

No fave yet...

Jess will keep the tears rolling.


Big brother got what they wanted… this is going to be such a boring week and next couple weeks.


Now let’s see how Jessica & Cody play now that they are not in power. This is where the fun really starts


Let’s watch all the sniveling cry babies pile on Cody and Jessica. Cuz boo hoo Cody didn’t tell them what he was doing…. Of course tuff guys Matt and Mark will listen to whatever Elana and Raven say. Paul and Christmas will be obnoxious and controlling because of course they know what’s best for everybody. Ick


Hmm it’s a game of trust – so how do you trust a person you’ve known for a few days to not turn on you randomly. Clearly he turned on two people his alliance thought were on his team. He’s a loose canon and all over the place week 1. I am torn on whether I want him to go cause that would mean no one to wreck havoc on the house and the chance of the game becoming boring and predictable but there’s no way people would be lining up to team up with Cody after what he pulled.


Why would Cody tell these followers what his plan was??? It was his HoH so ultimately he can do whatever he wants. Hopefully Cody knocks them all out of the game 1 by 1.


Because you’re trying to win the game…???


He has a good chance to win POV if his chip gets pick even though some people don’t like him he is a straight shooter and makes the game interesting to watch I would like to see him play with out a showmance.


I agree that I like his game play. He is playing solely for himself and others should take note. You go into the house alone to play the best game possible and not to make friends or start a romance. I like that he doesn’t let anyone influence his game play (not even Jessica). I just hope that she leaves soon so that he can play strategically without her interference. If everyone knew his moves, it would make for a lame game. Imo, he and Alex play a respectable game.


YAY – Paul is HOH.


Is it bad that I was thinking about Willy Wonks when I was watching the competition? Paul= Tv Mike, Raven= The Gum chewing girl, Jessica = The bad egg, Mark = Grandpa Joe ( He seemed to be walking slowly throughout the comp)


ok…..I had enough of PAUL…..


I would like to see Jessica go home next and Cody and Alex start working together to throw a wrench into Pauls plan. Paul has got the Paulie complex. Puppet Master needs to be taken down. At least back to being bearable. Like Paulie all his lying and talking crap about people will come to a head because he’s over doing it. Can’t wait.


This sucks. If Cody goes home the house will be so boring. The sheep will follow Paul’s wishes and get out the other side. Boring and predictable. Cody needs Americas vote to keep the season interesting.


So not only is Paul safe for a month he also gets to play for HOH and wins as scripted, LOL

Paul fans are the worst

Well, this season’s in the toilet. Him and Christmas are unbearable


Your comment is unbearable lol


Don’t watch it then


Hopefully this week is great (feeds wise) we’ll see and Christmas will win the Ring Replacement.


The feeds are gonna be explosive tonight!


Imagine that! Didn’t like him last year an sure ass hell don’t like him now! So rigg!


Ahhhhhahahaha, good lord this next week…this show is aging me!


Paul won so boring


I am not going to get into the ” show is rigged” debate. It’s not. Every reality show has writers. Ok..moving on.

Those of us who have watched every season can smell when production is more involved than other times.

I do indeed think CBS is very aware ratings are down and they think the producers know what ppl want. Maybe the average person likes what comes from production steering the game at times…but us BB freaks love no meddling by production. And the ratings would actually be higher with none.

Now again, every reality show has writers and this type of production steering. I can tell you with some knowledge that BB has the least of any reality show.

This a good season so far but I do smell alot of steering the game this season. Hopefully ratings go up and there is less as the summer moves along.



Why not just end the show and just declare Paul the winner. This show is getting unbearable with the obvious manipulation. Sad, used to love big brother.

Enough With the Drama Queens

If it’s so unbearable, quit watching.


Not happy with Paul in the house. Why even watch? We know who BB wants to win? Can’t stand him.

BB Bug

Bye Cody


What’s with the big muscles on Kevin? Is he really some athlete we don’t know about?


It’s from lifting all those kids.


Cody wins Veto, either as a nominee on the block or a selection made by someone on the block.

If the plan is to backdoor Cody and he still gets selected to play in the Veto then wins it, who will be the two nominees left on the block after he pulls Jessica off?


Paul will put Cody up with Raven as the pawn. If Cody wins veto…bye, bye Jessica!

To all those who say Paul will run the house for the rest of the season & make it boring, I disagree. I don’t think Cody or Jessica are dangerous to him. They are not strategic players. Big egos make big mistakes. I think his most dangerous opposition is from Alex. Second place…Kevin. Both are strong players. Alex is up your face kind of player. Kevin is close to the vest..friends with all kind of player. Of the two, Kevin is more strategic. I think Paul’s challenges are just starting.

I like Christmas. She’s tough. Doing her best to overcome adversity. Good for her.

So anyway...

I like everything you said. I agree.


I was wondering about that scenario too.


Ramses will be voted off.


I know it’s BB but so disappointed in Kevin lying and not owning his vote.


Kevin fell in line with The Pied Piper Paul. Paul is already telling Kevin exactly how to play and be his puppet. Shame on Kevin I had hoped for something better from him. Disappointed

Good Grief eh

Paul may be telling Kevin what you do, but I don’t think Kevin is listening. It certainly looks like Kevin is weighing his options before making decisions.

Bunny Flop

Me too. I still love, love Kevin. But, because of this I don’t love, love, love him anymore. I just can’t find anything about Paul to like.


He’s riding on Paul’s coattail and doing what Paul says…literally Paul telling him do this do that don’t say this. I thought Kevin would hold his own stand up and be himself…not some follower. Let down


Nooooo… exactly what I didn’t want!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr #pisssssed #yagirlispissed

Butters Mom

For those of you thinking Paul is going to put the “popular crowd” in their place… you are confused. Paul is running the “popular” crowd. Those that jumped ship from their original group showed their true colors. NO, Cody didnt tell them who he was nominating but, then again… who has ever had to nominate 5 people in their first HOH and I respect the fact that he didnt try to go with “what every one wants” and also that he tried to keep his group safe in his negotiations. He also didnt have but a moments notice to make his decision after Pauls prize was revealed. Production screwed Cody when they made him replace someone who quit the game week one. Production screwed everyone else when they gave 3 WHOLE WEEKS of safety to a return player AND he’s still allowed to compete for HOH… thats not right. Im not really interested in the Watch Pauls head explode from extreme power show… thanks bb.


It would have been a good move, if Paul didn’t get the pendant. Cody didn’t know Paul had it. I like Paul, but it is dumb to keep the vet in the house. Too many players are BB star struck. Alex, Ramses and Cody know this. I am not a Cody fan either.

Native Texan

Tired of BB bringing vet players back into a new season. More interesting when the whole cast is new. Like previously suggested too many new players get star struck or like in Paul’s case keep making comments about his first season strategies & players games/moves. Really bored with that as most players have watched seasons before. It’s like he is educating them along to try & run the show.

BB Bug

Sorry but Cody was the first to jump ship when he nominated one of his own teammates. Cody has no loyalty to anyone but himself and everyone knows it now. One of the dumbest players I’ve seen on Big Brother. He obviously doesn’t know the game. You can hate on Paul all you want but he knows how to play Big Brother. And btw Cody basically got 2 Hoh’s if you think about it. Got rid of Megan like he wanted and got to stay HOH and try to get someone else out. It’s his own fault that he made bad choices with his nominations. He blew it plain and simple. Won’t be sorry to see him go.


glad Christmas stayed love that chick.


Dissappointed!!!!! So unfair that Paul is in this game and running the show. I didn’t like him last season and dislike him even more this season. I think BB designed it just for Paul. In time he will turn on his gang of followers. Just watch!!

BB Bug

At least one of the power couples will be broken up if all goes well. I really hope it’s Cody walking out the door. Have disliked him since he walked in to the Big Brother house. So arrogant and no personality. Paul may be arrogant but at least he has a personality. Has a great social game something Cody never had. I see Paul going far in this game. He really is a master manipulator. Love watching him work.


Cody and Jessica are sore losers…period!!!!


It’ll be interesting to see what Cody does without power and how quick his side of the house will turn.


For those of you complaining about pauls inmunity; im bb canada season 5 canada voted and a returning player(Neda) was granted safety until jury. The night her safety was up, she was voted out and became the first member of the jury. If anything, it made her a bigger target


True but Neda was arrogant, cocky, and entitled..oh wait, good point


Love it. Let’s see how the people in power last week handle being targets. Jessica & Cody are getting what they deserve. If they can figure a way out kudos to them if not peace out.


Ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun


If Paul didn’t have the pendant and safety .. it would have been a whole different ball game. The group wouldn’t have turned.. The boys wouldn’t be as controlled by those little egotistical fake girls…they would of stuck with Cody. Jessica (not a fan) doesn’t control Cody. He plays his own game and literally owns it. It’s going to be same ole BB when rebel Cody leaves. Girls acting like middle school brats Boys smitten and Paul and Christmas running the show. Kevin coasting with Paul.


What did Christmas say to Jessica to get her rattled before the competition?


I really wasn’t a fan of Xmas at first, but she has grown on me. I admire her spunk and tenacity.


Cody and Jessica are sore losers. They were on a power trip, and now at the bottom of the barrel. To bad so sad… bye Cody. What a tool.


This Season is the best in years. Sure Paul is back…. who cares he is jury at best, this isn’t a spineless Season. I was all set to like Cody as a player… as a person not so much… any guy who feels the need to tell people he is an alpha male, isn’t an alpha male, just another douche. His targets so far woman not dating one of his buddies, woman not dating one of his buddies Paul and woman that wasn’t dating one of his and he was afraid of. He is dating the Hot chick but really wants the woman who told him to f off. When in bed with Jessica straddling him he called Jessica, Alex. He also says he hates pathetic people that beg to work with people in the game… Mr Alpha Man you begged Alex to work with you. He is now being the special little snowflake he is having a temper fit.

Now if Cody foes go, you will still not have a boring Summer because… Cody was not the only backbone in the house. You will still have Dom (Dom for the win.) I want Dom to win, Alex, Jason, Christmas, bat crap crazy Josh, A Queen who lost her king Jessica (all of the other hot guys are taken… what’s a BB Queen to do. I know go crazy.) You still will have Kevin… maybe Matt will do something. You still have Elena who freaking hates Jessica. My personal favorite solely as a person is Mark… big ole muscle cuddle puppy, a truly nice guy. I want Dom and Mark in final Two…. probably will not happen. Don’t forget the floatters. Who will be this years Victoria or Meg? My guess Raven and hmmmm just Raven, the Victoria was evicted. Bye Jillian

Not today

Paul’s voice is getting to me. Everytime he talks I feel myself flinch. He just doesn’t shut up. Grating


Not sure what Kevin’s game is yet but it’s definitely interesting!


If Cody and Jessica go on the block, this would be the perfect opportunity for Ramses to put himself on the block. I doubt if he will be voted out right now


Lol can I just hey y’all!!!! Hey Simon and dawg and looking forward to seeing who will turn first… Cody or Jessica??? My guess is Jessica and that’s because she gonna get mad at Cody for being around Alex lol


Thank you Simon/Dawg. That comment was just over the top!


Somewhere Pablo is happy his boy is Hoh…


Ok, what did Christmas say to Jessica that embarrassed her? I couldn’t hear anything but hollering at each other. Simon/Dawg? Anyone?


Paul should put up Jessica and Alex. If Cody gets picked to play and he wins, who would he pull down? Paul wouldn’t mind sending Alex home because she is a tough competitor. And Alex honored her commitment to vote out Christmas. And Alex would have a good chance to win and Paul could backdoor Cody. He is not thinking this through.


Josh might be annoying but the way Cody speaks to him is disgusting. Lol what a great guy…he betrays two members in his group…he lied and hid things from everyone else and went against his alliances wishes…he tried to strong arm the other side into a ridiculous deal…he was already making plans for someone else to take out Jessica. Besides being an awful awful game player, he is just a rude disrespectful human being and I can’t wait til he’s off the show and sees how people really see him. I don’t care how annoying josh is and he seems pretty annoying but Cody didn’t have the right to cut him off and talk to him like that. Just truly disgusted by him and from the start I was rooting for him from episode one and then his treatment of everyone in the house just make me feel like an idiot for ever wanting to see him get far. I’m glad he dug this hole for himself and Jessica. If she was smart she would’ve abandoned ship when everyone else did because he betrayed her the same he did them but clearly she’s not that smart. Can’t wait to see what they have coming this week!


Well said Murray. He’s not just a bad game player but looks an all around bad guy too. Karma is a b*tch and he’s got it coming.

It’ll be hilarious if Jessica or Cody think they’ll get the temptation this week. I really don’t think they get how awful they are and can’t wait for them to leave the house and find out!


She is having too much sex with him to leave for a better game opportunity lol


Hey! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to get the feeds in Canada. I have an American Express gift card but it is not working. It says the card is declined. Thanks 🙂




wtw? why haven’t you posted the nominees? aren’t they obvious?


Paul needs to put up Jessica and Cody up or Jessica and Raven.

Cody then needs to win POV
Jessica needs to be evicted to Alex and Cody can solidify an Alliace with Jason and whoever else they can recruit.

We need some opposition l.


A lot of people seem certain it’s going to be The Paul Show all season, but I really disagree. With the temptations and curses each week, in addition to who know what other temptations that may come up, and the unpredictability of HOH and POV comps, plus random unplanned for drama…there’s just too many possibilities each week. And Paul is a great player, but if Matt and Mark, for example, turn on him…he’s easily toast. Matt, Mark, Christmas, Dom, and Alex are all looking to be tough competitors, and I think Kevin and Jason may also be, in different ways. As it gets closer to jury, and especially closer to the win, people will see Paul as a threat. Of course it’s possible that someone will still want to take him to the end, since he’s already “won” before and isn’t likely to get voted to win this time. I’m definitely team Paul, but I think the odds are pretty set against him.

About to upset people

This is stupid obvious. The only reason not to put Cody next to Jessica is to save the showmance. We all know Cody will play and he will win. Saving Cody and sending one of the guests that doesn’t draw ratings home.

Paul isn’t that ignorant or is he? Maybe I give him too much credit.


Paul is no master mind. Just a mofo who received a really big get out of jail pass. He can afford to be cocky. He has nothing to lose.
Some if not most of these HGs are star struck. I don’t know why ,but they are.
It’s embarrassing for them. Why bother coming on the show if you’re going to let someone else play your game for you.