Paul “The ultimate end of the plan is to have Cody & Raven next to each other on the block.”

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9pm Bedroom – Mark, Matt, Elena & Raven.
Matt – I’m proud of all of you, this was a tough week. Mark – how it all worked out .. Paul won but it was like everybody. Raven – it was a team win. Elena – I had 20 – 30 tickets. Mark – can you imagine what was going through Cody’s mind just watching us get the tickets and give them to Paul. Matt – he (Cody) looked you in the eye and told you a direct lie yesterday. Mark – I know that which is why I hugged Paul. Elena – Cody came up to me today and said you’re not worried are you? I said its the big brother house of course I’m always worried. He said you’re good for a week, I’ll do anything to ensure I’m the target and not you. I’m sure he hates me now after see me give 15 tickets to Paul. Matt – he hates us now .. after he destroyed all of our games. Elena – I have empathy.. Matt – I have empathy but there are consequences to your actions. There are things you don’t do as a man. You don’t look another man in the eye and lie to him. Mark – yup, when you do that .. its over. Elena – if you want to say in the house you should probably vote where the votes lie. The number of Christmas to stay are more likely because of math, according to math. Elena – I’m not going to be especially nice to them. Matt – I will go home before I look someone in the eye and lie. Mark – I understand its a game but we hadn’t even evicted one person. Raven – I was really happen when Paul won. They all agree. Matt – I would have been so upset if Paul thought that we were involved in that (Cody trying to put Paul up as the replacement). Elena – I’m probably going to make more cheeky comments until I’m over it. They all put their hands in a circle and say friendship. Paul joins them. Elena – I will never trust Ramses. Christmas – he was the swing. Raven – as soon as the vote came out Jason’s head dropped. Paul – Alex did let me cut her in line a few times. I will tell you that. Matt – respect. Paul – I’m putting that point in my head. Jason, nope. He was gunning for it. Elena – because he knew he f**ked up the votes. Kevin joins them. They comment on how he got attacked a couple times. Kevin – first Ramses when I was coming in the door and then Cody came and said Ramses called me a name. I don’t care though, he’s a kid. They thank Kevin for voting with them. Mark gives him a hug.

9:05pm Bedroom. Kevin – Christmas is even less of a threat. Alex – what Josh did… He’s a cry baby and he’s going to cry even more. Kevin – I didn’t want to be HOH because it comes with a lot of other sh*t. Lets just lay low.

9:10pm Lounge room – Cody and Jessica.
Cody – There is nothing I can say. What the f**k do you want me to say. They head into the bathroom. Jason walks in and Cody says brutal! Jason – yeah. Cody and Jessica head back into the lounge. Cody – you’re worried about me going to Dallas and finding some chick. Jessica – I’m worried about a lot of things.

9:15pm Bathroom – Jason and Alex.
Alex – if he gets in my face… tell him to stay away from me because I don’t want to hear his bullsh*t. Jason – just say you’re below me or something. Don’t say derogatory sh*t. Just says I can’t listen to anything that comes out of your f**king mouth. Alex – I want them both gone. Jason – I’ll go to Paul and be like I’ll always be on the block. Fighting, getting off. Alex – if you go on the block I will fight for you. I swear! Just don’t stress about it. Jason – Paul goes up to Ramses and he flips because he’s a piece of sh*t. Alex – I will tell Paul what he has. (the curse) He has a dog tag that says BB on it. Jason – f**k Ramses! Piece of sh*t!

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9:40pm – 10:05pm Bedroom – Paul, Mark, Elena, Christmas, Dom,
Christmas – that competition showed our solidarity. We took another leap of faith. All he (Jason) had to do was I know I voted with Alex but I committed to Jillian. I will tell you what Ramses said that to me. And I am okay with that and I didn’t approach him again. I let it lie because he had the balls to say it and not lie. He at least earned a point with me. Where Jason broke my f**king foot and can’t even give me damn f**king vote! If he had just said I committed to this, I would have respected it. Paul asks them if they can turn it up the next couple weeks so that he can go back on standby. Christmas – I’ve stepped it up. Paul agrees. Christmas says that she has surgery on Monday. This was the worst possible break with the longest recovery time. Everyone is going to know I’m getting surgery when I leave on Monday. Paul – just say you’re going to a check up. Christmas – they’re going to have to do pins and screws in my foot. There is a 6 month recovery time. I am here and you have my vote. Don’t put me up or I will murder you in your sleep. If America gives me the temptation, if I need to share I will to strategize. Paul – once you know what my plan is keep that in the back of your mind if and when the temptation presents itself. Its a great plan but I don’t want to be a bad guy and send someone else home because I f**ked something up. I need a really strong group. If we have a strong group Cody is gone 100%! If not Ramses is gone. Its about Raven and I can’t have her go home on my eye. She’s a trouper. The ultimate end of the plan is to have Cody and Raven next to each other on the block. Good luck campaigning homie! Paul then give the middle finger. You already look like an a$$hole. Christmas – are you going to backdoor him? Paul – hell yeah. I am going to give him the same chance he gave me and you.

9:50pm – 10pmCody & Jessica start moving their stuff into the havenot room. Kevin asks what they’re doing? Cody – I know we’re going to be in there anyways so we might as well move in now. Jessica and Cody head into the havenot room. Jessica – lets just wait and see what the curse is. We can’t be hot headed right now. We need to be careful. Cody – how about this let me tell Kevin and Jason when Ramses isn’t around because I want to keep those guy’s trust. Jess – okay if that’s what you want to do.

10:15pm Cody, Jessica, Alex, Jason.

Cody – I said I want to make a deal with you. Make us havenots just don’t put Josh in there with us. Who the f**k knows if he can even respect that f**king deal. Alex – I can’t even tell you how much they hated the fact that I respected you. They hated it. For one why are you so afraid of a girl?! And two, she deserves to be here.

Jessica – I literally can’t listen to him (Josh) lie to my face anymore. I’m like you look like a f**king ret@rd! Alex – we stuck to the plan. Cody – I looked at everyone’s face and Kevin he looked destroyed. Jessica – This f**king little tw@t (Josh) is going to be an outsider no matter what group he goes to. At least when you say something to someones face, at least be honest about it. And not sit here and f**king b***H. He was like oh I voted on an emotional level. No f**king sh*t you did. Josh comes out of the havenot room and says you guys haven’t spoken to me till Wednesday. Jess – oh my god then don’t be a f**king liar. Josh – I haven’t said anything bad about you. I’m not going to argue with you. Jess – stop crying about everything and acting like a f**king victim because I am sick of it. Josh – I’m not acting like a victim. You haven’t had a conversation with me since day 2. Cody – you’ve been a victim noises this whole time. Josh – how am I a victim. Cody – you act like a child and make pouty noises all the time. Josh – god bless you. I wish you the best in life. If I’ve acted like a victim its because I’ve been through some real sh*t in my life. Cody – get over it, everyone of these people has a story. Josh – I had a lot of respect for you, I did. And you guys are making this game very personal. Jess – I’m in my room unpacking and you want to keep telling me lies. Cody – and this is after we said don’t talk to us anymore. We don’t want to talk to you on a personal level at all and yet you keep talking. Josh says cool and walks away.

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Jessica – I’m going to go in that DR and tell them that if they don’t get Christmas to shut the f**k up I am going to SNAP! Cody – I knew Christmas was poison from the start. Jess – just because you say something with a smile on your face doesn’t make you a good person. Cody – Paul said its nothing personal.. bullsh*t. I hate you and I hate you and I hate you. Jess – this is like really challenging. Cody – I feel you. If someone says something to me in my real life I would say something back especially to these losers. Jess – I can’t stand bullsh*t. I’m allergic to it.

10:20pm Josh goes to the bathroom and starts crying. Dom and Raven comfort him. Josh – how am I the victim? Raven – Don’t let them take you out of this game. Dom – Don’t entertain it at all. Its best to just walk away. Mark – who can they talk to? Elena – no one. Mark – who can you talk to? Elena – all of us. They’re the ones that are isolating themselves.

10:40pm Lounge room – Josh talking to himself.
Josh – I’m 23 years old and I’ve grow so much in the 15 days I’ve been in this house. I think I am playing alone and honest game. I don’t owe anything to Cody and Jess. In 15 days they have not looked at me. They have conversations and don’t look in my eyes. So when you need a vote is when you come talk to me? And then I don’t vote your way and you call me a coward and this and that?! I am not going to act out of character any more. I’m not going to back down to nobody. I have a lot of respect for Cody. The little conversations we’ve had I had respect for him but for you to say that I am acting like the victim. I know everyone has a story and other things going on. Josh starts talking about his grandfather and dad and then starts crying. I know who I am, god knows who I am and my family know who I am. I’m a strong motherf&*Ker.

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Cindy Withanesse

Of course Paul won HOH. Hope that dick wad gets Neda’d real soon!!


Why are you being so hateful? I respect your opinion tho, you’re a real nice girl thi


Hold up.. Christmas gets to leave the house to have surgery on her foot and then come back? Is that actually allowed?

Cowboy and kevin

Season 9 I forget her name but want to say Amanda fainted and went to a hospital then came back I’m sure they stop them from interacting with others

Bunny Flop

I don’t see how that’s in anyway fair. I also don’t see how she’s going to be able to come back and play.
Are they going to go with her to pre-op, the into the or,, and then to recovery? Medical people watch BB too.
What if someone talks to her about the game?


It’s BS if she comes back anyone could say anything outside the house…not like she will be under BB surveillance in a hospital 24/7. The whole Situation is ridiculous.


There’s nothing to say at this point. Nothing to give away.


Jessica is a six year old

sunny dee

paul is going to overthink this, cody will win POV and take jessica off the block and the whole plan goes wacky. ramses won’t put himself up on the block, so paul will have to put up jason or something.

never helps to overthink this, just put cody and jessica up, no one else winning POV will take either one of them down.


No way to say for sure Cody will even get picked to play in the Veto comp, with this many still in the house the odds say he won’t.


I love how Josh, unintentionally, trolled Cody and Jess, LOL!


But production will make sure that he does


Alex might be willing to pull cody down

Harley D

Not if she’s on the block herself.

So anyway...

Cody and Jessica are horrible. I just don’t see what anybody sees good in either one of these people. I cannot wait to see them go!


I didn’t watch the last 2 shows, I couldn’t stand to watch them all just bash and complain while they give the game to Paul…i just don’t get it, Cody made a big move, it blew up. So his entire group leaves, but somehow he is disloyal??. Paul made it to the final 2, but they all just want to keep him. I don’t get it. I’m team Alex and Jason


They all are so starry-eyed with Paul — the lyingest backstabbingest piece of crap ever to enter the house — and they all want to s*** his @&#^! And a house full of know-it-all floaters except Cody Alex and Jason — and did that SNAKE Kevin work for Whitey Bulger?!?!?


This is why, from the get, Cody didn’t trust or like him. That isn’t playing personal, that is playing informed. These people are so damn star struck, it’s pathetic. The only reason that I see that Cody put Christmas up is, because it’s Paul’s closest friend in the house. I can’t wait to see this Paul’s “friend” club, crumble on its self.


His group abandoned him because Cody didn’t include them in his plans. No one had any idea he was going to target part of his own group. They ditched him because Cody acted like he didn’t trust them. It had nothing to do with the move to put up a big target.

Elena's Bra

He also didn’t explain his actions after the fact. I need to go back to the feeds and see if there was some crazy edits because it appears he never even attempted to justify his reasoning. Just said, all you should do is trust me.

Ugh. The worst..


But isn’t that what Paul said to them. Blindly give me HOH and I will tell you then. These people are ridiculous. Might as well all self-evict and give Paul the money.

Spartacus Jackson

Actually the group knew about nominating Megan, Alex and Jillian. The group was pissed because for some odd reason they like Paul on a personal level and let that effect their games. Once Paul pulled out the 3 week safety from CBS it was too late. Paul would have went home tonight but hey it turns out the cool kids like Christmas too (non pun included.) ironically Cody was looking out for the couples because Paul and Christmas are playing both sides., but Matt, Raven, Dominique and Elena are too blind to realize it. Or don’t care…

From the looks of it right now: Paul and Christmas will make a run at minimum final 5 and both of their butts should have went home week 1 and week 2, accordingly but CBS had other plans.


While I really wanted to like Cody, among other things because he was the only one not going goo goo ga ga for Paul, I just can’t. How can you trust an ally who will go so rogue week one? And you do not just put Paul up without having the votes and let the chips fall where they may. Even if, even if Paul did not have the safety pendant, how the heck did Cody know he had the votes to kick him out? The bottom line is that he betrayed everyone in the group for no reason and said – you should trust me because I made a deal with Jason involving half the house – very reminiscent of Aubrey when she kept pulling people in the HOH room and being like – you are in our group now. That’s not how BB works.

While i wanted to see Paul up on the block, any smart player would not have done that week 1 without making sure they had all the necessary votes and then some, especially with the sh*t show of a week this turned out to be. Also – any smart player would take into consideration that HEY, maybe Paul has the safety pendant because he has the most fans (established fan base) out of all of them. Their best guess was that Josh got the safety pendant – likeeeeeeeeeee


Cody and Jessica…most annoying, irritating, revolting showmance in BB history?


rach r


At least Brendon and Rachel were civil with everyone and in their second season they weren’t even bad.

Anonymous ca

No. I would give that title to Amanda and pizza boy. What was his name Mcvee? They were gross

Pretty Little Liars

Agreed! They were gross. Cody & Jessica are just straight up mean. I had high hopes for him before he showed his colors. He’s not a team player, more of a dictator.

Bunny Flop

No. I think that was Paulie n Max-Z. Maybe Austin and that twin.


Lol maybe Austin and the twin on a personal level together – but they both seemed like decent people at least.

superficial fan

I disagree. They are the best looking couple in the house and Cody is the only one to stand up to Paul and his annoying #friendship garbage.


Remember how Caitlyn and Jeremy were just mean people – well Jess and Cody are 100x worse.

Vivacious Victor

I’m not quite sure if I’ve ever seen someone get screwed over as much as Cody did. Dude had to make 3 nominations right off the bat. Decided to make a smart and big move and try to evict the vet. The vet gets the 3 week safety power, then he nominates the person closest to the biggest threat (Paul). Then his entire group turns on him by keeping Christmas. To put the cherry on top, it sounds like Paul was just gifted the HOH. I’m not a fan of Cody, but for god’s sake, the dude got f’ed really badly. I have no clue how these clueless houseguests want to keep the veteran runner up around. Not only does Paul get the 3 weeks safety for literally no reason in the first week of the game, the next few weeks are giftwrapped to him when it comes to evictions. Unbelievable how this all flips on a dime.


Why didn’t he nominate Ramses and get rid of him?? That would have been a very popular choice in his alliance. Paul I understand, but putting Christmas up was an extremely dumb move.


Do you watch the feeds? I can tell you that Cody’s ENTIRE strategy/plan was based on getting his alliance members out so that if Jess or Raven or Mark were ever on the block, the opposite alliance (the outsiders) would vote them out and he would be left standing without looking like a backstabber. He explained this to Matt on the feeds but I don’t think CBS showed. That really worked. He’s SO brilliant (eye roll).


And btw, anyone who thought a vet was going to leave the game in the first eviction doesn’t know Alison Grodner very well.




Well he dates boys and if u heard his comment about his “ex” its always ex and dude…never girlfriend. Nonetheless…why are these morons handing him a win…he had his chance to play and to win BB.
.its their chance and they are blowing it…paul should go and not ve given 2nd and 3rd chances.


Cody thinks he smarter they everyone and is so arrogant it is painful to watch. I’m embarrassed for him


There were literally zero votes to evict Paul and the HOH has to know where the votes are before he nominates someone. So, putting Paul up was meaningless plus it really insulted all his friends who he forgot to ask. The reason to have a team or an alliance is to protect all its members and Christmas was part of them, in fact she and Jessica were big social buddies. So no, this was not even close to a smart and big move, he had a crush on Alex and wanted to play both sides and made side deals WITHOUT TELLING HIS TEAM. Smart moves do not involve tricking your own team, this was dumb all the way around and driven by his crush on Alex. A very typical matter of not thinking with the head above the shoulders.


Nothing like a game of Big Brother to show people’s nasty sides! I’d like to think I would be better behaved but I’d probably be worse lol. I’ve been wondering how Cody’s old team would of reacted if his “big plan” had worked, I think after the shock they would of been on board with it. I think if he had not put up Christmas (another member of the group) after the Paul failure he may have been able to rally the group back. Hard to say…Paul is just so good at seeming sincere. It’s for sure been entertaining so far! Thanks OBB for keeping us updated!


If he had targeted Paul, then Paul revealed he was safe, then Cody put up Ramses or Jason. His group would have remained solid and Cody would still be in a decent spot. I wonder if Cody is going to start baking him some apple pies…


Cody really gets on my nerves. He attacks Josh and demands he vote for Christmas to leave and when Josh doesn’t he pouts and tells him not to talk to him anymore. Josh should have told him to go screw himself after that. Good for you Josh. You still get on my nerves but at least you didn’t let Cody bully you. And Jessica needs to get over herself.


All kidding aside, Josh seems on the autism spectrum. He just doesn’t have the mental faculties to process dealing with the variety or pace of social interactions, especially aggressive or abrasive personalities. It’s more than he is just an emotional kid with a sheltered background. I think production made a mistake in, or don’t bother, psychologically assessing him.

superficial fan

I have to disagree. Production knew all too well that Josh wasn’t capable of proper social interactions and that’s the reason why he was cast. Josh can’t mask who he is. Casting him guarantees some sort of awkward drama. Even on a slow news day, Josh will be on edge and bring something no matter how mistaken or confused or painful to watch.

All production cares about is a person being a danger to himself or others.


Can’t stand how Jess and Cody attacked Josh and made him cry. After the show is over, I would hope that Josh kick their butts


That P would get lit up by that Marine. Big lying baby who talks like Andre the Giant.


I’m telling you, production wants Paul and Xmas to go far in this game. That’s why they made up this riduculous rule stating that you can give your tickets to whoever you want, when did they ever do that in a HOH comp? I’m not a fan of Cody and Jess, but at least they did make the first week very interesting. I’m hoping that other minions will wake up and vote out Paul as soon as he comes off his paid vacation.


They’ve always allowed it but it doesn’t come up often.


There is the two big BB curses though:

You don’t win the game if you are the first in the house- Alex
You don’t win the game if you are the 2nd HOH – Paul


Cody will campaign against Jess cause he wants a shot with Alex.

Besides… a “babe” is a “babe” in Cody’s mind I’m sure.

Cody is a total jerk.


Josh comes up to Cody and claims Cody has his vote. Soooo he lied just to lie? He deserves to be shouted down. Now Pauline is going after the couple’s that betrayed Cody and Jess. Mark is a lame selling out left and right. People are looking two weeks from now cause of that dumb necklace. They sabotaged Cody’s hoh just like they did Paulie’s for some atheist gnome.

So anyway...

Mr. Personality, Cody, with his arms folded and stern mean expression while Paul reading his letter from home etc. DR needs to tell him to try to get along in this game. Ugh…I can’t stand this guy!!!

Elena's Botox

Paul will go down as one of the best manipulators in big brother history. He has some help but damn.
Really glad to see Mark vote Jillian out after all. Final 3: Paul, Mark, and Raven.

JODY 4 life

Why in the heck is Paul not planning on putting the jerk couple up together? If they win POV he ends up looking like and idiot. With both of them up there at least one will go home. He learned nothing from last season when he could’ve taken Nicole and her dude out. This is a dumb game move and his group isn’t saying a word. IDIOTS!


Jessica’s actually a bully/c u next turd. LOL.. 8(

PAUL = PLAYING ALL OF THEM AND NOW I LOVE IT. AHAHA NOMINATING RAVEN NEXT TO CODY..? This is in case C doesn’t leave, (wins Veto or whatnot) somehow Paul may ensure Raven’s ass is grass (she’ll be against him in former weeks w/ the big clique wrangling against P and this SKEPTICAL bastard has definitely thought that through) He’ll be fine if either Raven SOMEHOW leaves or Ramses leaves, and he KNOWS the big showmance clique will target his butt after the three weeks. He’s fucking badass. (Ik this sounds crazy but Paul DEFINITELY doesn’t care if Raven may leave/it also benefits him by weakening a soon to be anti-Paul group of hers and Matt and whatnot) It’s not his main goal by far (Cody is) but he’s picking her strategically to up for a pawn than another person.

It looks innocent and good (they’re close/she likes him) and it helps him in case votes dumbly change last minute/Cody wins VETO! JUST THINK ABOUT IT.. BASTARDS COVERING ALL HIS BASES! Shit, man. It weakens a giant alliance which ultimately helps him, not that it’s his main target, but still.


Honestly, these people are making me feel bad for Josh…what is this life.

Jessica's annihilated G spot

I have never seen such poor loser and poor sportsmanship in the history of this game. Jessica and Sgt. Bilko are feeling isolated??? They did that to themselves. I can smell the narcissism billowing from my TV as I watch them try to bait the man boy; notice they did not do that to the other guys in the house. Bully is a disease that they both share. If you are used to being “the man/lady,” and that goes awry, you must be ready to have humility and move on. Paul and Xmas were the ones wronged here, but they handled it way better. Nice character Marine boy and crotch jockey.


Cody, Anthony Perkins ain’t got nothin’ on you! ‘Hillbilly Psycho’ coming soon to a theater near you.

Jessica is as cliche as it gets: dripping with entitlement, oozing narcissism – how pathetic are these showmances?!?! “my dream is to play big brother! Oh, wait, there’s a guy with abs, whatevs… maybe I’ll play another time.” Puh-leeeeease! her outer beauty is strong but her inner ugliness is rock solid

Alex is Marcia Brady 2.0

Paul is lucky there weren’t more witnesses, otherwise the nickname “Banana Beard” might’ve stuck – assuming he wouldn’t have liked the nickname

oh, poor, poor Jillian – naive to the max – then she goes back to her job to prey on the even more naive time share buyers!! what a country!

c’mon Josh!! keep it together!! you’re on TV… ya know?

gotta respect big heart Mark

banana beard

What if Paul put it there to see if Cody would tell him or not. Like a game within a


lol at your name. good one

fine and loyal

Jess is Bae


Oh…the awkward HOH letter reading moment. Cody looks pissed…but he has had the same stone cold look since he got there. I saw him laugh once on the feeds…still looked pissed!

See Through Paul

Pauls plan is no different then Cody’s plan from the first week. Put up your own and if they get knocked off…oh well…they are a number after all. Paul best watch out because Mark looked visibly upset on the feeds and Paul saying someone could flip…well with his plan he is almost making someone going to flip because that is exactly what happened to Cody when he tried to get cute with the noms.

Paul is trying too hard on this one but I wouldn’t be surprised if the ever influential “Big Bro Production” is pulling some muppet strings to make this week a non snooze fest……Yes I know production influences the game but sometimes it is just seems to scripted for “ratings”. That is why no one should ever take Big Bro to serious….we all know its influenced and scripted.


Bloody Hell !
Cody’s reaction when the votes were announced! That Chappie has one mean mouth line. How was his HOH?
It was an epic fail. 5 Nominations..and the most useless player gets evicted. On top of that…he blames it on others.
I’m still trying to get my head around him saying that people lied to him, played him, and..yet….Cody lied, Cody played people. Not least Jason. Cody admits (to some) that his target was always Paul..yet he tricked Jason and Alex to let them think Jason was going on the block.
That’s fine. That part is game play.
But running off (like a victim) to the spike room..calling Josh a girl and a loser…Jessica adding charming but..including calling Ramses a retard..that’s just wrong.
Paul comes to them like a gentleman..even after the backdoor attempt. And all Cody can grind out is * I hate him, I hate him I hate him*
Cody is psychotic with his temperament..his hatred. It’s a bit unnerving to be honest.
I know it must be at best to have your gameplay turn into an embarrassment on so many levels..but this guy has a huge amount of rage.
On a lighter note….oh, the A.W.K.W.A.R.D.N.E.S.S. in the HOH room. Does he not realize he’s being filmed???
I actually found myself giving a nervous little blink.:) And I tried..I really feel some empathy. But as he and Jessica continued their spitefulness…I just couldn’t,
Alex is a true gamer. I think Kevin is hilarious…(but I don’t think it’s great that he blamed Ramses..but the truth WILL out..and Kevin will wriggle out of it, that I’m sure of. And Mark. That’s a lovely person.
And so. We know Production will find a way to keep Cody in to prolong the dramz.
Hold tight. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. HEH.

BB Lover

Where do they get these people at ? You had one person who had PTSD,One person who’s emotionally unstable , and another person who looks like a serial killer ( Cody) They don’t do evaluations no more and they are letting Christmas get surgery on Monday Like really….


Bloody Hell !
Cody’s reaction when the votes were announced! That Chappie has one mean mouth line. How was his HOH?
It was an epic fail. 5 Nominations..and the most useless player gets evicted. On top of that…he blames it on others.
I’m still trying to get my head around him saying that people lied to him, played him, and..yet….Cody lied, Cody played people. Not least Jason. Cody admits (to some) that his target was always Paul..yet he tricked Jason and Alex to let them think Jason was going on the block.
That’s fine. That part is game play.
But running off (like a victim) to the spike room..calling Josh a girl and a loser…Jessica adding charming bits…including calling Ramses a retard..that’s just wrong.
Paul comes to them like a gentleman..even after the backdoor attempt. And all Cody can grind out is * I hate him, I hate him I hate him*
Cody is psychotic with his temperament..his hatred. It’s a bit unnerving to be honest.
I know it must be at best to have your gameplay turn into an embarrassment on so many levels..but this guy has a huge amount of rage.
On a lighter note….oh, the A.W.K.W.A.R.D.N.E.S.S. in the HOH room. Does he not realize he’s being filmed???
I actually found myself giving a nervous little blink.:) And I tried..I really feel some empathy. But as he and Jessica continued their spitefulness…I just couldn’t,
Alex is a true gamer. I think Kevin is hilarious…(but I don’t think it’s great that he blamed Ramses..but the truth WILL out..and Kevin will wriggle out of it, that I’m sure of. And Mark. That’s a lovely person.
And so. We know Production will find a way to keep Cody in to prolong the dramz.
Hold tight. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. HEH.


Sorry. Double post and I don’t know how to delete:(


Why is everyone against rameses?


I know I will be in the minority and I’m okay with that. I will not applaud the attitude or comments made by Cody and Jessica(I don’t care for her at all) BUT I will say that it was refreshing to finally have a season start with some fire. The last few years have been so anticlimactic with “I’m voting with the house” and one boring eviction after another. I’m glad that Cody attempted to make a big move. I didn’t care for Paul last season and I like him even less this year. I do feel bad for Cody having to make 5 nominations but production will always get involved. Not sure I have a favorite this year, more like people I can’t stand(Josh, Jessica, Elena, Paul). Thanks for the updates Simon and Dawg. As always the wit you put into them is much appreciated.


Why would they have a person who is emotional like Josh on the show, he is not very enjoyable to watch crying all the time. His family is probley happy to have him out of the house for awhile, wonder if he acts like this all the time. Jessica snd Cody are just bullies and bb should talk to them about that because every where in the world somebody is being bullied and it’s not good. Do they want to portray that on the show? Does anyone know what is the matter with raven?


Who was fighting in the house after the hot comp? Josh and Cody?

Spartacus Jackson

One things for sure…Matt and Mark are NOT “The Brigade” material. I guarantee you if Enzo, Lane, Hayden and Matt was playing this season….Paul and Christmas would have been gone by now. These beta males Mark, Josh, Kevin, Matt are too emotional. However Jason proved that he had a pair with his vote tonight.


Josh does play the victim. I am so over him and Paul, this season sure went down the toilet fast. I can’t imagine spending 3 months with these uninteresting morons. This is the worst BB so far ever. Let’s just write the bearded hipster douche bag a check shall we? It’s obvious production is in his favor to win. I could tolerate him last season but this season his high and mighty I am better then you attitude stinks. Hate him or love him, Cody made for a unpredictable first week. Now it’s going to be sooooooooo boring and predictable.


Josh has emotional issues. He seriously needs therapy or something. Christmas is drama. Paul is a snake. He played all sides last year and he is doing it again. These houseguest are all blind, idiots that are giving Paul a smooth ride to final 2. How I see it is everyone jumped ship. Jessica could’ve jump ship and said I didn’t know but she stuck by him. That’s loyalty. Idk why everyone doesn’t like her. She stood up for herself when was needed. i don’t see them as bullies. I see Christmas and Paul the Bullies. They are so pushy. Cody was pushy and he did what he did and didn’t drag anyone in with it, he was straight up and said no one knew. If Paul is this way in the game imagine him outside the house. I hope Alex Jason Cody and Jessica stick together and one of them wins the temptation,


Cody ruined his game by hooking up first day with a crazy person. Cody ruins game play, but yet him and spider monkey are mad at everyone else?? huh??
Cody can’t even play with his one true love…..ALEX….lol


Jessica is such a control freak. Like the type to kill you if things dont go her way. And shes got a jealous problem, ans those lashes need to go honey!


….and the weave.


I am guessing a lot of you here don’t have the feeds bc you would see that Paul and Jessica are just truly mean vile people, and Cody is just very off mentally. I actually wanted to like him and he has made it impossible, if you really see what he is like. Jessica has gone up to about every one in the house, yelled at them and overtly threatened them – almost to the point where I don’t know how she is still on the show (you saw a little on the live episode). They are not getting a good edit on CBS but they are way worse on the feeds.

The reason people are following Paul is bc he is getting along with everyone and being entertaining for the most part – which you need in that house. Remember, they only have each other, you want to keep the people who make the house a good place for psychological reasons. Paul is just playing the game, maybe he is an a-hole but he’s much better than the tension and conflict that Jess and Cody bring.

Skip Tic

Have you ever noticed that when the names are being drawn for POV competition, the name discs are already in the container? Do you actually see ALL of the names going in? Maybe I have missed it.


Not a fan of Cody or Paul. Hoping they both leave before jury and the rest of the houseguests step up and start playing the game. There seems like a lot of genuinely nice houseguests this year, but that doesn’t necessarily make for entertaining tv.