Big Brother 19 Premiere Part 2

Josh says he’s getting anxiety..

Mark tries to calm him down

Megan thinks the guys are forming up

Josh says the girls and Ramses are forming up

Megan says she likes their group of four

Megan says she will nominate mark, Paul and Cody

Alex doesn’t trust Paul

Josh feels wrong for voting against christma “she has a big heart”

Tells her he doesn’t trust Megan.

Nicole enter the house to host the HOH. Hurray..

They compete in teams. The top 2 team continues on to the next round.

Josh says he doesn’t feel good about his position in the house. He’s not building relationships. He goes for the “golden apple”. Meaning he’s safe for the week but his entire team is out of the HOH. His team is pissed at him .

Mark dislocates his finger.

Pink Team wins.

Blue team comes in second.

Cody is pissed that Josh took the golden apple calls him a coward.

Josh calls Megan a snake and a bully.

Next HOH is between one person on each team.
Paul and Cody compete.

Cody wins HOH!.

Josh calls Megan out. Says the way she’s playing is disgusting. Accuses her of trying to get people against her. Says he has “Common sense”

Kevin recommends Josh calm down.

Cody sees Paul as a threat. Wants to take him out.

Cody wants to form up with Mark and matt “till the end”
Mark – I love matt

Josh apologizes to Megan.

Megan starts to campaign. Cody says it’s begging.

Bikini time.

Cody says Alex is the biggest threat out of Megan, Jillian, Alex. the “outside’ girls. Cody wants to Backdoor Paul.

Cody Nominates Jillian and Megan
Tells Megan he doesn’t like her that much and Jillian is allied with Megan so …

We find out Sunday who wins the temptation.

Links to the ranking system

For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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Welcome back guys!!!!!


Second day in and Josh is already crying, paranoid and having tantrums. Uh, oh is he Audrey2?


We will have to see how he is on the feeds. He seems to be different in that Josh seems to have wide mood swings


Or Devin Shepherd, BB16

Ricky jr

I can’t not send josh


Cody line of the night:

“If there’s one thing I don’t respect, it’s begging and selfishness.”


I thought Josh was a strange dude last night Tonight he went full blown off the rails. He may be safe this week but if he makes it to week 3-4 he need a miracle. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard ole coin slot sssssssnake’s voice when she sssssssslitlered in 🙂


I can’t say I love Cody, but I like the villain I think he will turn out to be this season lol. I have to say I’m impressed with Cody’s gameplay thus far though. His alliance w/ Mark/Matt and pulling in some girls could take him far.

Josh has got to get it under control. Hopefully he’s laid low and started making relationships because freaking out day 2 is NOT a good idea.

Looking forward to this season and feeds!


Cody – lighten up, dude !


From the edits, it certainly seems Cody is cold and distant to those he’s not interested in working with in the game. It’s a similar flaw several early evictee’s had. The feeds may show a more interactive Cody because he has to have some kind of personality to make it on the show.


Did you hear his comment when rushed passed the yellow team during the comp? “Move it, Loser.” What a jerk hole.


I’m entertained by Cody, and I usually respect and appreciate strong villains in all other aspects of entertainment. But in Big Brother, a strong villain just equates to 6-8 weeks of unbearable predictability and boredom, with underdogs getting picked off one by one. I don’t know if I’m ready for that. Hopefully there’s some parity this season. It’s promising.


His alliance is just based on looks. Guys that work out like him and hot girls. He even said it people who aren’t like me are the outsiders. He’s a douche, he isn’t even a good entertaining villan, he’s as dry as old toast.


Cody is one weird guy… Don’t see him lasting long, very awkward social game.


Cody has a creepy racist homophobic vibe and just uptight turd.He seems to only be intersted in talking to good looking enough people.


I can’t not send josh at all

Bring Back Zac Attack

OMG all that talk about Cody shaking things up and he nominates 2 girls already on the outs. I was looking forward to an explosion with Paul going straight up. Also, who gives a speech like that during the first week?!

Cody is just mad Alex wouldn’t give up the first comp to him so now he’s permanently against her. He will crack once he loses control after this week.


I agree, I feel like if he really wanted to make a statement he would have nominated Paul; instead he’s deciding to play it safe!! I can’t blame him, but I doubt if he’d nominate Paul even if one of the girls wins the Veto and comes down!!


Yea what a big nothing burger that was. He talked like he was “going to make a big move and show them how I play” then puts up two of the weaker girls? If that wasn’t a puss move enough he has to throw out that “I don’t like you” to one of them. I bet he really put up Paul and Alex but CBS collaborating with the Russian’s …………………………………….


Josh is unbalanced and Cody is a cocky ass


We all know Paul will get safety for 3 weeks. (rigged much).


I musta missed something, I don’t get why Josh went off on Megan. What did she say/do?


I was wondering that too. And why was he crying? Does anyone know something I didn’t see or hear?


No one knows. The house guests have been in the house a week now so it could be all sorts of things now. Plus Josh seems to be very emotional and unable to handle stress well. It’s rough knowing everyone in the house is manipulating everyone else and not knowing what the truth is. Josh isn’t ready for that. I think he’ll pull a Derek before Audrey.


Megan—I’m lost for words. You and Cody served our country and you are not using that to build a relationship. Megan could at least tell him her branch of the military and where she served. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!


I don’t think either knows about the others military service.


Megan tried to, but talking to Cody is like talking to a computer terminal with no keyboard.

Texas Deuce

Hahaha! That is perfect! He has no personality at all.

Captain Crunch

Josh thinks he’s all that. His mouth is gonna get him sent home, Its always best to lay low the first week or two and not draw any attention to yourself i guess he never saw Da’Vonne or Paul play the last few years even tho paul made it to the end in the beginning no one like him b/c of his mouth and Da’Vonne got sent home both times for it.


Cody is way too intense. I would guess that he is not to far removed from a combat situation. I have seen this type of person lose it completely and easily become a loose cannon.(no pun intended)


Cody reminds me of that ex assassin John Reese on the show Person of Interest. Played by actor Jim Caviezel. Very intense, has an attitude and wears it all over his face. He won’t be HoH forever. Lets see if he knows how to beg.

Daenerys Stormborn

Josh is a nut! Cody lacks people skills and hopefully will be gone in next few weeks. Paul will win the opportunity in the Den of Temptation, especially now that the viewers sense he’s in danger. One of those two girls is going home, probably Megan…


Is Matt/Mark/whoever was wearing the Texas Longhorn shirt, injured or are they covering up a bad word on his tattoo?


That covered up tattoo is driving me nuts!


I think Cody’s picture needs to be replaced with a picture of Dexter. The character of Dexter and Cody seem to have similar behavior


You hit that nail right on the head. Except even Dexter had more personality. This guy is a robot.


Cody is so strange and creepy. He’s probably got one of the worst social games ever. He reminds me of Monte from Over The Top. Boring and no personality.


Wow Cody you totally made a statement by nominating Jillian and Megan on the block if you wanted to make a statement you would’ve put Paul on the block straight up instead of “backdooring” him .


Yeah, that was weak for someone who claimed to be such a lone wolf tough guy.


Josh is plain crazy. Wouldn’t turn my back on that Momma’s boy for anything. His temper will be his downfall and all of his whingeing and tears will not help. And really, a player named after a condom?? Most likely the condom was defective hence the name.


he seems like he has autism


What happened to “who wants to see my hoh room” lol

Anonymous User

I can’t say i was happy to see coin slot in the house hosting a HOH competition . Cody is really bad at interacting with people jesus i would think for someone who was in service would be good at interacting with people i guess not…… and what was the “I was gonna make a big statement ordeal” putting Jillian and Megan on the block is a big statement mmmmmhmmm k.


Is it just me or is Cody really unlikeable?


He has a military background, a lot of these people takes life very seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I respect people who serve our country, but they need to lighten up.

Great cast

Cody is going to be awesome to watch this season but I can’t get over how he got so upset with Megan, like dude people are going to beg in this game. And I feel bad for Josh it’s his first time being away from his family I hope he can get it together and not have another psychotic attack and go off on another random person.


He’s terrible, no personality. Butni guess it will be fun seeing him imploding as soon as things Dont go his way and his pretty people club turn their backs in him when they realize what a shallow pos he is.


I may be mistaken but didn’t Cody say he’s all about respect, hates cowards, and that he is basically there to win. And he puts up Megan and Jillian. Even if he plans to backdoor Paul it doesn’t seem like that is something he would do. It doesn’t agree with the character he is describing himself as. And it just makes me angry that he nominated people basically on the outside. He is an interesting character though, glad he was cast over all.


Cody sucks. Lighten up, my god.


Cody sucks.


I know that people in the military can be extremely intense but goodness Cody seems unhinged (like a lot of military people) I think production need to check his mental state once again.


Any predictions on who will be the last two standing?


Josh continues to be a whackjob! He is definitely the Audrey of this season. I really liked Cody until tonight. He is so awkward and a total cocky shit talker. “Oh, I’m going to shake things up” by nominating the girl who had a bunch of votes last night and the girl that psychojosh singled out because I just don’t like her mich after knowing her for only 2 days. Loser. I hope he goes next. I’m not all that impressed with anyone yet, couldn’t really care less who goes. The guys are so dumb…completely worried about a chick with fake tits distracting their game? As a gay man, I think a few of the guys are hot but I don’t care how big their eggplant is, they aint getting in the way of my 500K! Idiots.


More Derek, I’m here for my daughter, from season 16 than Audrey.

Dani Cali

Holy cow Cody lack interpersonal skills. #thecringe


Jessica and Cody are in the HOH bed hugged up and she whispered I love you to Cody, can we say slut…


I would bed cody and Jessica.


Cody the Cyborg and Josh the Weeper, how entertaining. We’re all going to need Prozac and Purple Haze each and every episode this Season !!!


They won’t be around forever. Josh is gone next week, Cody has a target the size of Mount Everest on him too.


So far on the live feeds people are saying in chat that Megan has self evicted


How do I see your updates?


Megan walked out!!!!!!!, self evict lol


SIMON or DAWG: Do you have any info as to why Megan self evicted? Now Alex is on the block and Josh tried to self evict also


Why did Cody put Alex up? He said he’s gonna put Paul up as replacement. Weird…


So Megan won POV? Jillian and Alex are saying they are the noms on feeds


Mean said see ya later. They should bring Cameron back in and straight on Blick in her replacement let him fight to.cone back


KoNo she went bye bye


Veto isn’t till tommorow and Megan self-evicted and Cody had to name another nominee so that’s why Alex is on the block.


I agree with Cody’s assessment of Paul’s game, but other than that, I really think Cody is going to be the uber douchecanoe asshat a la Paulie of the season. He’s getting a lot of d/r play in episodes so far, either to play that up, or to make him the voice of the season (yeah, he’s got the most d/r segments of anyone in each episode… wasn’t that Paul’s job last year). If he’s the voice of the season, i don’t think i’ll be sticking around. Of note: his complaint about somebody buzzing in for the 25k in episode one. Rewatch the comp. the red lights showed who buzzed in and didn’t get the money. Cody buzzed. He complains in d/r about it, but he was one of the people that tried to win that money, consequences be damned. Hypocrite. If he’d won instead of ‘where’d they dig up that weirdo’ Kevin, it would have been a different tune.
Elephant / rubber ducky in the room: Paul. wasn’t a fan the first time. Watching production tailor twists in order to keep him in the game longer (don’t even… we all know that’s exactly what they are going to attempt) in order to meet the obligations of the vet contract, making his separate pay scale worth the expense to the network (again, we all know this has been the case for vets, they get a different pay scale), isn’t bound to make me like him any more this time. Before feeds even come on there is a vote on who will get the temptation safety for three weeks. Gee, i wonder: A bunch of strangers or the one guy viewers have seen before, who’s going to get that. insert eye roll. oh look: it’s the bbcan Neda prize.
Part of me wonders what medication Josh is coming off of… part of me wonders if he has any more… and the final part of me wonders if Big Brother will give him some, or just hand him a blanket and sunglasses and give him a weekly segment to show how much they care about mental health.
Gee, I’m actually not liking these people very much. It was interesting to see that at least some of the women in the game realized giving a numbers advantage to the men, and sending out a woman first was going to be the loser play for the week. No surprise the “underdog outsider fringe” people think the muscleheads will form an alliance. No surprise the majority of the muscleheads ARE forming and alliance. No surprise the first targets are the ‘fringe’ people: as in aren’t testosterone junkies or eyecandy (okay that’s my paraphrase of Cody’s assessment of the house dynamic). I’m definitely feeling a combination season 5 and season 6 vibe brewing, and not in a good way.


Agreed. They’ve already ruined this season. Throwing Vets in just makes it feel like a repitition. Boring! Paul needs to be the first to go.


According to a couple sources and twitter: Megan has left the building.
She self evicted.


i’m impressed with Alex so far.


So they are saying she came in playing way too aggressive, got caught in all her lies and decided to self evict. Huh….


So, I guess the Megan Twitter rumors are true since she is grayed out??