Alex “We’re not going to show our t*t$ and shower together for votes. We’re not sk**ks and w****s!”

HOH = Cody

Megan – Self Evicted

Alex & Jillian are on the block

Havenots: Josh, Ramses, Jillian, ?

10pm HOH room – Cody, Jessica, Raven, Matt
Jessica is snuggling up next to Cody. Raven – did a fish actually die? Jessica – no, they took one. They’ll probably take one every time someone leaves. Raven – ohhhh. Cody – do you think they’ll take mine when I leave? Jessica – you mean at the end. Jessica then kisses his chest. Matt – how much do the live feeders pay? Jessica – 10 or 15? Raven – isn’t it less or more without the commercials. I can’t remember. Cody – I remember one of the years that this was out and I attempted to watch the live feeds and I was f**king bored out of my mind. Jessica – because if there wasn’t any of this (she pretends to je*k o*f Cody)… If there was some of that you would have enjoyed it more. It hasn’t started yet .. so that was my last one.

10pm – 10:15pm Lounge room – Alex and Jillian.
Alex – we’re literally on the block. We’ll go over that whole conversation again so that the live feeders can hear it and so they know where we’re coming from and why we need their help. So there’s another temptation and there’s another bring back or something. Jillian – who do you think got it? I think Paul or Kevin. Alex – Kevin looked pretty stressed out. Jillian – if you go by faces. Maybe Elena got it. You know if Josh could have gotten picked.. he would have. Josh is too emotional to be in this game right now. I feel like he is going to snap any moment. Alex – he is trying to get it together but he is getting really close to Raven and Dom. And those people are very good with their words and very manipulative. Jillian – he is going to have another emotional breakdown again which would be good for us. Sorry, but it would send him packing next week. He came in the room when I was sleeping and said we should cuddle. Saying he’s lonely and needs a showmance … that it would be good for him. Alex – He said he is worried about the showmances. He said he talked to Cody. That motherfu**er might out us. Josh came in this room and he didn’t want to talk. His information is like jiZ* now … f**k off. Like honestly we’re not going to show our t*ts and shower together just for votes … Like we’re real people. We’re not sk@nks and wh*res. Watch all these b*tcHes and then you’ll understand all my stories.

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10:50pm HOH room – Paul, Cody, Jessica, Mark, Raven

Paul – he (Josh) was like how do you go 3 months without… Like these girls are beautiful. I’m like dude you’re making me uncomfortable. He was like weird. He was like I’m a good person yo! Cody – he said he talked sh*t about you? Raven – no he said he trashed me. Mark – he keeps asking about booze. Paul – I told him if you talk about it, they won’t give us any. And right after he was like so do you think they will give us booze? He’s asked me the same questions six times a day for the last four days .. and if he asks me again I’m going to loose it.

Kevin joins them. They continue talking about Josh. Paul – If I hear him say he is a good person and that he has a good heart one more time .. I am going to loose my mind. They watch Josh on the spy TV. Paul – look he’s pointing at all the cameras.

Kevin heads down to the kitchen and asks Josh why he’s yelling. Josh says that he was talking to the cameras telling his family that if they see him crying all week its because I shared with the house that my grandfather has cancer. Kevin – you just need to be cool. Josh – I am cool. This is my voice, no one is going to tell me who or what I am.

11:05pm HOH room – Paul, Raven, Christmas, Mark, Elena, Cody, Jessica, Dom.
Christmas shows the house guests how firm her butt is. They feel it. Paul – It’s like a stress ball.

11:15pm Josh heads into the lounge room to talk to the cameras. Josh – so your boy has been in the dumps since I got in here. I have family problems back home. I just want my mom and family to hear that I am a strong person. Jillian comes into the room. Josh starts talking about his why he is explaining to the cameras about why he’s been crying. My grandfather has cancer… why does it bother people if I talk about it. Jillian – they’re mean. Josh – this is high school. I don’t understand what I did to all of them. Jillian – they’re in an alliance. Josh – I’m not in it. Jillian – I’m not either. Josh – I don’t get why it bothers them that I’m talking to my family.

Jillian tells Alex – Rames was bit by the snake upstairs. Alex – oh no. Jillian – and he told me that he can’t tell me the curse. But that we’re going to know in time. But that the curse can backfire on somebody else … so he said to stay away from me. He said we can still be friends but give him space because he doesn’t want the curse to affect me. That’s what he said. Does it sound fake? Alex – I think its real because he remembered the words .. it will happen in due time. Jillian – what do you think the curse is?

Jillian – Jessica is a B***H .. she is a big B***H. Like she literally went after you. And she stares at us like .. Alex – like we’re peasants. Jillian – like I’m going to kill you. Alex – she wants to be on the bachelor. At the end of the day we won and she has to live with herself. Jillian – to go after you because you’re (Jessica) jealous is really stupid. Jillian – basically Megan quit because she (Jessica) made it like Megan was lying and then now they put you on the block.. which in turn makes me think that she (Jessica) was lying.

12:15am Jason stuffs Christmas into a suitcase.
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12:35am Lounge room – Paul and Matt are talking. Paul – I am telling you the girls are fiercer than the guys this season. Teddy bear, teddy bear and a marine. Ramses joins them. Paul – Megan is practically still here… her hair is all over here. Megan you blew it! Megan you botched it! Ramses – yeah that sucks. Paul – I hope she is over it now. You have to stay true to yourself or it will come out.

1:05am Bathroom – Raven, Matt, Paul, Mark, Christmas, Dom and Elena.
They’re still talking about d**k size. Paul says he’s a hard 4″. I have an acorn attached to my hip.

1:10am In the bedroom – Ramses, Kevin, Jillian and Alex.
Kevin – who do you see in the top 3? You don’t see me there? Alex – They won’t let you get there. I want to see you there. Kevin – I bet you I will be there. How much do you want to bet? Alex – $20. Kevin – $20? That’s what you leave as a tip. How about $2000? When I take my girls for ice cream, it costs $62 and I give $80. I give a $18 tip. Josh – if she (Alex) saves herself, the game changes.

Links to the ranking system

For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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Guy From Canada

So the dog walker walked right out of the house……. not that she had my respect before but weak. Thanks for the spoilers and hope your technical difficulties weren’t no Kraken in your house.


Simon good to see you keeping us updated as usual! I can’t believe the interrogator self evicted. Thought for sure she would fight her way out of it. Hopefullly we get a good season. But we need to start the drinking games early. (The word dude is already on my nerves). ?


Hey Dawg! Am I correct that she is the 1st self-evictee? I think others that left early were booted due to an incident


Damn! Can’t believe I forgot about Evil Dick!

dodo bug

yep, I saw an interview where he said the show asked him to leave. Evel Dick said he wanted to stay

Chrissie Marie

I am so disappointed in Megan. Did she say that she could handle anything? Sigh, maybe the will bring Cameron back! Sorry about your tech issues 🙁




Yeah thought the interrogator would have lasted longer. Oh well. Glad to see Alex on the block. Not sure why yet but she bugs me.


Oh hell no did Megan Just Walk away from this? People have killed or wanted to be on this show and you just walk away from this For Fuck sakes Bring Back Cameron than this man even though he wasn’t my favorite player he got robbed at least he wanted to play the game.


Does anyone know why Meagan walked out and quit? – And what the argument of lies was between her and Jessica? Who started what and was any of it true or another Jost incident?


Think it happened before the feeds started. There will most likely be a semblance of what happened broadcast on Sunday but not the full story


This was on a Twitter post, if inaccurate my apologies- Megan told Alex that Jessica had made a racist remark about her, called her a “Panda.” Alex angrily confronted Jessica , who denied this, because it was not true. They caught Megan eavesdropping on the conversation, put two and two together, and both turned on Megan. Megan realized she was caught in her lie and ran to the diary room. Three hours later, she went out the backdoor never to return. In the midst of all this, Josh had another breakdown, retreated to the Diary Room, and HE threatened to self evoct as well, which would have been much less surprising. Production managed talked him off the ledge, for now anyway.


I don’t if somebody else has suggested this, but I think Megan heard Jessica say ‘Pao Pao’ but thought she said ‘Panda’

Jessica hottest girl ever on bb?

How the hell is Jessica into Cody this much this is why I hate not being able to watch from the real day 1, they all have formed relationships and we don’t know why! # brigadeformedday1


I would guess she was into him once he won HOH. lol I think Mark is jealous of Cody from what I read. He wants Jessica. I hope America doesn’t end up hating Jessica because I don’t see Cody being popular. He always looks intense/pissed off.

9 days in the Big Brother house is like 9 weeks in the real world.

Brew Haha

Right you are. After Cody won HOH, Jessica was the first HG who literally threw herself into him, lept into his arms and gave him a full slammin’ body hug. Cody barely had time to see what was coming at him but he must have thought at that moment that he really won the friggin’ jackpot – HOH + hot chick.

Big Jim

Yes she is the hottest IMO


She’s not even hot. She’s such a s***. How long does she think she can last flirting and using her body?
They will use her as much as they can, and throw her away like a trash she is.

sunny dee

because, as Christmas revealed in a camera chat in after dark, yesterday was Day 9 already. most likely cody has been HOH for almost a week or so, and they’ve spent a lot of time together all of them. we just see the episode take which tries to make it look like this is only day 3, so of course day 2 night time after dark close relationships is going to look sketchy


Wow show just started and they are already in bed with each other. I think they need to find a reason and get rid of Josh because he’s a little unstable. Another annoying thing is how they are all talking into the camera in the kitchen are they afraid they art getting enough air time?


Quite possibly the worst comment I have read on here maybe ever. You need some serious help.


Paul is very good at reading people. He mentioned during the first episode that Josh will lose it soon. I hope he won and gets the first 3 weeks of safety and makes it far in this game.
What is up with Cody and the crazy, stalker “cereal” killer eyes? Creepy doesn’t even begin to describe this guy.


I think you may be on to something


Darn I am a “cereal” killer as well!! Frosted flakes, Honey smacks, Corn Pops, Shredded Wheat, Raisin Bran…….. Killed them all! Now as for a “Serial” killer yes I think Cody is not far from it. Someone else called him Dexter… spot on! I also thought he was too smug and full of himself and when he put up two “weaker” girls after saying he was going to make a big move or whatever he said, I lost any hope he was going to be a good villain this season.


I thought my comment would get flagged on here If I used those words especially in a full sentence, hahahahhaa.

Bunny Flop

He reminds me of Devin. The one with the daughter. I think that was his name. Kinda crazy from the get-go. And someone who was way into crying over family.


I absolutely adore Kevin. Reminds me of “Hey, you’re talking to my boy all wrong. I will smash your face in with a soldering iron.” Or somewhere close to those lines.


And Megan shyts on all the people who auditioned for the show and didn’t get on and quits. Good job casting crew!!!


Anyone else think Cody’s eyes – besides looking crazy and serial killer-ish – look really glassy like he was high on something? They had a very odd high shine to them. He freaks me out – something is off with him.


Jessica is a trash. Eventually they her out like one, when they are tired of her boobs.