Big Brother 19 Premiere Part 1

It’s Finally here.. Big Brother 19.

“The most tempting season of Big Brother Begins, Right now”

3 Tempting Offers could turn the house upside down

  • 25 thousand Dollar temptation
  • Former fan favorite get back into the game
  • Will someone be sent packing tonight

First Group to Move in

First Grouping to find a bed = Alex, Mark Ramses and Elena

Second Grouping to Find Beds = Jason Dom, Kevin and Christmas

Second Group to Move in

Third Grouping to find a bed = Matt, Jillian Raven and Cameron.

Cody, Jessica, Josh and Megan are the final 4 to bed beds

First Temptation

Be the first person to hit the buzzer to win 25K dollars. There will be a consequence. Kevin was the one that ends up hitting the button.

The person that claimed the 25K can’t win the HOH they will have to throw it
Second consequence that affect the house will be detailed later on the show.

Paul enters the House

Paul is taking a houseguests place in the game. It’s called the Big Brother Swap.

Paul gets a bunch of friendship bracelets. He gets to hand out 8 of them to houseguests. those houseguests are safe from tonights eviction. The houseguests have to “tempt” Paul to be safe.

They Tempt Paul..

Paul makes his “friendship soup” containing: Kevin, Raven, Dom, Mark, Jason, Jessica, Ramses, Elena

The 8 that didn’t get a bracelets have to compete for safety.

Jillian is the first one down.
Megan = 6:05
Josh = 7:25
Cam = 9:40
Christmas = 22:02

Matt = 1:12:39
Alex = 1:25:52

Cody wins the competition and is safe tonight.

They open their apples.

Alex = Safe
Matt = Safe
Christmas = Nominated
Cam = Nominated
Josh = Safe
Megan = Safe
Jillian = Nominated

Third Temptation is Power and offered to Christmas, Jillian and Cam. Do they let the houseguests vote or do they compete in a competition to determine their fate in this game.

Jillian picks a House vote.
Cam picks a competition.
Christmas picks a House vote.

They Campaign for votes.

First Vote of Big brother 19

Cameron Evicted with 8 votes (Jessica Megan Keith Dominique Alex Raven Elena Ramses)
Christmas had 2 votes (Josh, Jason)
Jillian had 3 votes. (Matt, Cody, Mark)

New Twist Drops on Sunday called Den of temptation.. Beginning tonight fans vote 1 houseguest to enter the Den and be offered a temptation. Houseguests are only eligible to receive 1 temptation through the game.
The Pendant of Protect.
Protected for the next 3 evictions. Every temptation comes with a consequence that is unknown.

Links to the ranking system

For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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Captain Crunch

Another year on BB is here, hopefully they’re no Zakiyah’s (Worst BB player ever imo) this year and contestants actually came to compete and not to lay in bed all summer or float thru the game b/c they’re in a huge alliance thats controlling the game. I hope they have some backbone if u don’t like a certain move speak up, don’t just go with the house to fit in or so u don’t become a target we just gotta wait to see how it plays out.

Cindy Withanesse

For fucks sake. Episode 1, and we already have a former houseguest involved.


At least it’s Paul. Like him or not, he makes things interesting


The den of temptation vote. naturally favors Paul as he is the only player everyone knows.


They should have brought Derek back! I guess that wouldn’t be fair though


Right, I am not a huge fan of return housemates and the whole “friendship”, “your boy” crap but if they were going to do it at least it wasn’t Pee Pee Pauley or some of the other bad, bad players of recent years. I would like to so Vic if I had to pick I guess.


Say what you want about Paul, but he’s a competitor, and someone who we can count on to play the Big Brother game to the best of his abilities. That’s really all I can ask for as a fan.

Not a Paul Fan

I can’t believe they brought damn Paul back. He had his chance and he doesn’t deserve to be there again. He’s not my boy! I didn’t like him last year and won’t like him any better this year. Cameron the new guy deserves a chance. I hate it when they bring back people who have competed before. It’s so unfair to all the new contestants. I’m going to quit watching if they don’t quit bringing back the repeats. It’s so unfair.


I think part of the reason they brought Paul back was the producers knew they screwed him last year trying to protect Nicole.


Oh please. He made it to final 2 and didn’t get the votes. The producers didn’t do a thing to his game.


Especially this early in the season. Give the newbie a chance! Paul played all last season.

Botox Pelosi

I think the cast looks pretty good so far. Hopefully they bounce Paul soon.


It has started off awesome. I am finding myself rooting for Dominique and being dismaying Cody


***Dismayed by Cody


Hated everyone as it was, and now one of my least favorite HGS from last season is in the house. Also I was kind of rooting for Cameron and Christmas and both are in danger. RIP

sunny dee

the boys voting did pretty much as expected, i guess they didn’t discuss ahead of time which girl they planned to target to ensure that a girl went out before a boy. typically, they want the females out first.,

i agree with whoever said they were dismayed by Cody. kind of want to like him, but his sitting there blowing up his opportunity to get safety from Paul was just a big dumb guy move.


I don’t think he blew his opportunity. He stayed true to himself. As soon as Paul came in the house he said he didn’t like him. I don’t blame him for not sucking up for a braclet. I think maybe that will turn around for them later on in the game but I would rather have seen him stay true than sell himself out like the others and not get a bracelet anyway.

So far, I like him…I think. LOL


Oh please! This is a game and you don’t come on Big Brother to be true to yourself if you want to win. Cody looked like an idiot sitting there – it would have been better if he hadn’t gone in at all. Time will tell if he has a any kind of social game at all.


Typical. Pretty much the only person I liked even a little is gone. Haven’t liked more than 1 newbie since 16 and I can’t stand Paul. At this point I’ll probably just tune into the finale or casually follow this season and hope someone becomes a Vic that I hate at first but us my fave by the end.


Perfect game is just getting started and the bitching has begun!!!


I’m going to follow the rule of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it”. Just needed to get a couple of rants and negativity and I’m hoping to find more positives in this season.


My line of the night goes to Cody, speaking on Paul:

“I’ve never liked this guy. On his season, all he did was scheme his way all the way to the end.”


Cody’s strategy: stare into space all day except when called into diary room for commentary.

Jeezus & Nem

LOL SHboogie

Cody’s Game Strategy : 1. Apply my Laser-Psycho- Beam stare until HG self-evicts..or
2. Apply my Vulcan grip to HG necks until they sell-evict

Jeezus & Nem

TRANSLATION: “I’ve never liked this guy. On his season, all he did was actually PLAY BB all the way to the end.”


I thought it was an excellent opening episode. Not sure who I’m rooting for. Cody seems pretty boring. Don’t know how he thought Paul would give him a bracelet when they didn’t really even talk. I think it’ll be a good season. Thanks again to this site.


What is up Simon and Dawg? Good to be back for another season ! Hope you are all stocked up on the Kraken. Sure was glad to see Paul over the butterfly boy or some of the other cucks from seasons past. Looking forward to your posts and the comments form the regular gang of happily miserable viewers.


Go Christmas!!!!!! I kinda saw paul coming into the house coming people have been saying paul is coming back for while i don’t have a problem with him coming back i don’t want him to win because i want the vets winning on a non-all star trend to stop this always happens if it’s just all-stars i wouldn’t mind if he did win because it’s fair game but it’s against newbies.


Bruh, Cody bothers me. Between the victim noises and the talk of not liking scheming and manipulating, yet using “psychological warfare” in the competition and the boring personality, I’d like to see him go


Ok so dnt get al this season sucks already. Ha

Seems decent. And remember first nite feelings on houseguests the season etc…usually totally change.

Ok I am not locked down knowing all the names yet…but

Heres who I like night one.

Kevin- Seems laid back enough to get far. Now you may say he sucks because he took the 25 grand and that will be known by all soon enough but I still think this cat could go far.

Paul- Hated him at beginning last yr but loved him by the end. I dnt however see him going deep this time. Though a lot of these ppl seem easy to manipulate this season.

Jess I think is her name- No question the hottest girl this season. Wow. And she seems loyal. I like her riding a wave deep in game.

Gray haired dude Matt- Seems smart. And will be game to knock out morons like Cody and Josh.

Christmas- I’m torn on. One she sexy. But rubs me wrong way somehow. She a wildcard but for now I have her on like list.

Mark- Same.

K this post too long. So I will end it-


Sorry another post down below Hate that! Ok site a little diff “I’m confused”

Ha bye. Won’ t happen again


What’s with Cody being so surprised that Paul did not give him a friendship bracelet. Really? He didnt even talk to him except to ask how old Paul is. I wanted Cameron to stay around longer….poor guy. Glad to see Paul back! Glad the old guy (Kevin) is safe. I wonder how long he will last. Probably not too long but then again look how long old Jerry lasted (forget which season)–. I think he was the third last to be evicted. You never know with BB!


All in all a good first episode …i like paul i thought he shouldve had won last year but in all honesty why is he back … id rather have them bring victor back then paul … he was in the final 2 and hes already rich ..poor cameron ..dude probably had game but he got screwed on that terrible twist…was bb that desperate for views? The show does fairly well regardless of whos on


Cody- Sucks


Kevin- I think can go far. He my fav so far.

Jess- Smoke bomb. Can ride a wave deep into game.

Matt- Seems smart but may wanna be a leader too much. Could hurt him. Like him so far though.

Jillian- Seems nice but could be a “omg I’m so scared. I’m so confused” chick. Hate that. Hope she not so she can go far before I wanna stab her.

Alex- Can’t stand her already. Go away.

Raven- Annoying. Go away.

Christmas- Hot. She thinks her poop doesn’t stink but could go far with the right people ie Matt Kevin Jess.

Megan- Talks too much. Trying to be leader.
Death Wish. Will be out sooner than later.

Jason- Token Cowboy. Seems a little much. If calms down could be final 4.

Elena- Fake boobs. Prolly wants showmance and dnt see her being around deep in game.

Ram- Token gay. Like him so far. Good cat to be loyal. Seems to be quiet but that’s good. Another possible F4.

Dom- Token AA. Nothing there. Hope she surprises me but seems dead behind the eyes.

Paul- Still annoying at times. But great player. And if they dnt get him out early. Could manipulate these fools and get to end.

K post too long. Sorry.


Josh & Cody seem to be the most annoying. It depends on Cody’s interactions with Paul whether he goes early in the season or Josh gets evicted before Cody


Someone tell Kevin he is not Deniro.

Botox Pelosi

Wait, Kevin is your favorite? The dude looks like the villian in a Batman movie.

Jimmy 64

I’m glad Cameron is gone he was an annoying little putz
Unless they do what they did last year he first 5 out battle to see if
one can come back in .


Cameron looked like Alan Harper on Two and a half men. bye dork


You could be right given he didn’t come out and talk to Julie


Excited Paul is back. Loved him last year. I would have went for the money too…hoping the older guy keeps it to himself. He is a character and lol’d several times. I think he could go far. Not sure of anyone else just yet.
Hi everyone! Here’s to a great season!


To bad Corey Brooks wasn’t on this season he’d love Christmas since that is his favorite holiday lol


I think this season looks like it’s going to be a lot better than last… so far. Good to see some of you back again.


Frankie is on candy crush. Thanx for the warning.


My thumbs down was for Frankie. Never want to see him again.


Not really liking any of the cast so far. The cowboy looks like that ‘gonna hang me in the mornin’ dude from 3:15 to Yuma.


Cody sucks.


Yea I think he is a meathead. I don’t see him going to far. With the Start tailored for Paul to get through the first few weeks, they may look to get rid of Cody. I could have appreciated his refusal to drop to his knees to worship Paul but don’t be all butt hurt later that he didn’t give you a stupid bracelet.


And yeah Cody is a creeper. No social game at all-wont last long. Alex GO AWAY. one of those dolts that think they are just so adorable doesnt notice people keep leaving every room she goes into.


Raven, Matt, and Mark seem likes people who won’t irritate me this season. That may change when their true colors come out though. Not a fan of Jessica, Christmas, Megan, or Jason. Alex, Josh and Elena seem to be trying too hard and it seems like they are playing a part (more than normal). Production seems to be pushing the Cody has no personality story right now. Kevin has a chance now at least.

All opinions will more than likely change once we see them unscripted on the feeds.


unreal lets give friendship a chance but i cant stand not watching after dark after they enter the house they need to go back to how it used to be. All the friendships and even game long alliances are being formed and we wont know why!


Probably going to vote for Christmas for ‘pendant of protection’, but TBH it looks like it was made for Paul -__-


Well since Paul is back I guess I’m not Pissed anymore

Right On!

Thank you Simon and Dawg for the best website on the planet. My favorite show is back on. Great to see the leader of the Friendship club Paul back to mix the bowl again. Great move to get the arrogant nerd out before he learns how to play the game.
A glass of Pinot Noir, Online big brother, and Simon and Dawgs playground, Summer is gonna be awsome!


This was a great first episode and kick off to BB. I don’t mind that Paul is back in the House, at least it’s only him and not more Returnee’s!!! – Plus He’s enjoyable to watch for the most part.
You just know with the theme for this Season being TEMPTATIONS that there is going to be a lot of fighting going on within the House. There will be lying, secrets and backstabbing at a whole other lever because of this. I for one am looking forward to seeing a lot of chaos because of that.
So far from what I have seen from some of the HG’s is – Cody looks like he was in a PISSY mood from the start. Look for him to go on a power trip and try and control the House at some point, he won’t like it if he doesn’t get his way. I would love it if him and Christmas butted heads ( opposite sides of the House )!
Christmas keeps downplaying how fit she is and not a comp threat?! OWN it!! Because people in that house aren’t stupid. She will want the girls to follow her ( good luck with that too many strong opinions this Season )!
Kevin- Took the money, and probably would sell his left nut for 25K as well. This man gives we the willies, stay far far away.
Elena and Jessica- 2 Peas in a Pod, and will sell you out in a moment. Not to be trusted. One will stab you in the back while the other kisses you on the lips.
Meagan – She is my dark horse. I love her because she is simple, walks dogs and she fought for her country. She’s not a threat but can spot one coming. She has a few other’s on her side already and rather it be a typical alliance they pulled in the misfits ( very smart ) so not anyone can join.
Jason – Will be targeted by Paul, because we all know there can only be one over the top, funny guy in the House and that is PAUL.
Matt and Mark – Unfortunately nice guys finish last. So which one hooks up 1st and finds a security blanket to stay a little longer.
Alex, Ramses, and Jillian – Have a good alliance let’s see what happens.
Dom. – I forgot she was in the House ( Bye, Bye. )


not a bad premiere. cant really say im sad to see cameron go. seemed like he was gonna be the annoying type anyway

my thoughts on the house guests:

jason – dont have an opinion of either way. seems okay

megan – i like her but she seems needy. that could work against her or it could work for her if she attaches to the right people

elena – like jason im indifferent so far.

matthew – liked him. seems smart , got a good personality. i hope im wrong in thinking the only reason he voted out jillian is because she isnt as much eye candy as some of the other women

alex – hyper, full of energy. could get annoying really fast if she doesnt tone it down. however she seems strong and i like the idea of a female player not attaching themselves to a man in this game, which she seems she wont

cody – douchebag. seems completely full of himself and has just a boring personality. plus he’s mad at paul for no reason. did you honestly expect paul to give you a bracelet after that awkward encounter?. what a tool. he didnt have to kiss paul’s ass, just make a good first impression. he doesnt seem like he’s gonna do well socially. you wont last long if you alienate most of the house on day 1. im also 99% sure the only reason he voted out gillian is because he doesnt see her as attractive. he seems very shallow

kevin – hate him. annoying. got a bad tan. and guy, you are in your 50’s, wear pants that fit. really hope he leaves early. wish paul hadnt given him a bracelet

ramses – way to hyper.

christmas – im torn. i want to like her. she just seems very into herself. very much a “my crap doesnt stink” kind of person. i lost track of the number of times she mentioned she was a cross fit champion and competition beast. WE GET IT . she’s got to stop bragging

josh – complete tool. meathead. gonna get used and manipulated so easily. the guy that has no idea whats going on around him

jessica – didnt see enough of her to form an opinion

dominique – loud. seems okay but same thing as jessica

paul – didnt watch last season past episode 2 so dont have a pre-exhisting opinion but all this “you’re boy” crap really turned me off

mark – same as jessica and dominique

raven – i liked her. she’s bubbly but not overly hyper like alex or ramses

jillian – i liked her. unfortunately i dont think she’ll last long but i hope im wrong


Why did you bring Paul into the House
dam dam dam


Does anyone know when the live feeds turn on? Is it after the airing on the east coast or the west coast? 10 pm ET or PT?


I’m wondering the same. I’ve never wanted to order feeds this early, so that’s a good sign. Be sure to order through online big brother!


It starts after Thursday night’s episode.
1am EST Friday Morning ( Thursday night)
12am CST Friday Morning (Thursday night)
10pm PST Thurdsay Night


I thought that was one of the better first episodes in a long time. Excited for this season! Glad to see Paul, but doubt he will get far. Although I said that about vets last year too….

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB 19 HG's

Hello Everyone! Another year another season! Seems like an okay bunch this time around!

Am I the only one who really appreciates Alex? She seems to be really playing to her strengths thus far, so I’m interested to follow her BB journey.

Just Me

Not sure what to make of this year, but I’m excited about the temptation twists. Cody seemed normal in his preshow interview, but totally weird on the show last night. Paul was annoying last year and again this year IMO so I hope he gets taken out soon. My early picks are going to be Christmas and Matthew with Kevin and Megan as the sneaky ones who will probably go far. Cameron would have been a pick, but they got rid of him super quickly…but no exit interview makes me wonder if there will be a buy back or maybe one of the consequences from a temptation would bring him back. Thanks Simon and Dawg!


Here we go again, I’ll bet “people” (production) will give the first den temptation to Paul, so his ass won’t get booted out in next few weeks.


….that is almost stating the obvious. I feel Paul gets the first temptation to at least be around for 3 weeks.

Duck Site Critique


You are posting too fast..

Slow down.


Production loves returning players and giant tits.

Jessica Fan

I’m one out of two on that.


I’m excited about this season. I like the temptation twist – seems like something new and I can’t wait to see what bad things happen with someone is tempted. I enjoyed last nights episode and can’t wait for tonight.

So this is my take on each of the houseguests so far:
Jason – He annoyed me at first but by the end of the night he was starting to grow on me so maybe I could cheer for him.
Christmas – I don’t know about her yet. Just like others have been saying, I kind of like her but she does seem full of herself and that can get old fast.
Paul – Umm……I loved Paul last season so I am OK with him being back in the house. I loved that they played up the friendship thing with the bracelets.
Megan – Not sure.
Cody – I really wanted to like him. I think he is the cutest guy in the house but he really turned me off not even trying to talk to Paul and I swear that in the beginning when Julie called them into the living room it looked like he was sitting in a room all by himself.
Josh – I Don’t like Josh! I hope he goes soon.
Mark – He seems OK. I hope he is smarted than he seems.
Elena – Not sure.
Kevin – I don’t like him and not because he took the 25k but because he just seems like he would bully people into getting what he wants and I don’t like bullies. I hope I’m wrong because I first impression was a good one.
Jessica – Not sure.
Raven – I don’t care for Raven. Although I thought she was super cute at first seeing her run everywhere bouncing her boobs really annoyed me. I really don’t want to see that all summer long. Like get a bra with a little more support.
Matthew – I like Matthew. He seems really nice and I would be OK with him going far.
Ramses – He’s alright. High energy but I think he will calm down.
Dom – Not sure.
Jillian – My favorite girl so far. I was glad that she didn’t go home. She just seems very sweet.

Chilltown 2.0

Feels great for summer to finally start!!!! Rumors were flying about Paul coming back on Twitter all week so I wasn’t surprised or thrilled, but at least for any Vet to return I dig Paul.

BUT, I feel awful for Cameron, like really bad. Sure he threw the comp to a degree, but he wasn’t beating Cody and that’s just reality. Getting the a safe apple was still mostly luck, and it didn’t help he was on the block with Xmas who wasn’t getting voted out even though she was easily the biggest threat cuz you know she is hot. It is always rough to see the first one gone on the 1st episode but this one really stung. It seemed Cameron didn’t connect with enough HGs or Paul but to be replaced by a vet and not even get his Julie interview aired….ouch. As a superfan around the same age I would be traumatized if I went out like that….but I also would have clicked that 25K button ASAP because you have to imagine at 1 person will GOOD ON KEVIN!!!

Oh and Alex is f*cking awesome. Get it girl! Best 1st episode in a while!

Cleveland Brown

Paul is a decent fellow great game play but cmon he has to be one of the first to go the house should target him first nothing personal hes just had his shot and its their turn now


Interesting cast – I hope they can each think for themselves!


It may be her quirky personality, the red hair or the buns…. But I’m really hoping Raven goes far.

Jessica Nath

The whole premiere night eviction felt kind of mean to me.

Botox Pelosi

I agree with you. Maybe he will get a shot to return.


First impressions…
1.Jason, honestly thought it was Frank under the Clown make up! No feelings either way.
2.Alex, going to get annoyed at her Flash like talking. But, impressive physically.
3.Christmas, one of my early faves. Smart, strong.
4.Megan, filler. Just there to take up space. Despite her background, I don’t see her being a mover or shaker due to the lack of her physical strengths.
5.Cody, serial killer in waiting. The whole Paul bracelet thing was a little ridiculous. Take it down ten notches.
6.Josh, I don’t believe he does anything but barbecue.
7.Mark, seems like a nice guy. Not sure if he has the marbles up top though.
8.Elena, too loud. Again, likely filler.
9.Kevin, dirty. Someone had to do it. Otherwise, ZZZzzzZZZ.
10.Jessica, I’ll be honest. The longer she lasts, the easier on my eyes. Other than that, filler.
11.Raven, LOUD. But, she has potential to be a schemer.
12.Matthew, really like the guy. Strong, may not be the brightest tool in the shed.
13.Ramses, #SMH. I get it, casting has to fill these stereotypical roles. He won’t survive.
14.Dominique, God will show her the door. Soon.
15.Jillian, more filler.

Just my 2 cents.


I am worried for Mark. I think he will be eaten alive in there. Tempted to vote this upcoming Den temptation for him


i feel like cody is gonna go nuts the very second he gets power. he just seems like the kind of guy that wants everything done his way right now , dont make him wait. he’ll end up alienating 99% of the house and go early. He also seems like he might snap at some point. he seems calm but the way he just got so mad about a simple bracelet when him not getting one was entirely his fault was worrying.

Botox Pelosi


I’m hoping you have a photo essay planned for Jessica?

Simon Rules

Good old Simon giving the people what they want. Thanks!


Love that Paul is back! He’s loud and obnoxious yes, but he makes the show fun. I wanted to like Cody… he seemed pretty normal at first. His awkward encounter with Paul, and non-stop complaining about not getting picked is annoying. Like, dude you just said you didn’t like him…. you also barely talked to him. I would like him a little more if he didn’t complain so much about not getting picked… Not really sure what to think about the rest of the HG… Dude that left (forgot his name)… I felt a little bad for him. But he did seem like the annoying type, so not really. Plus someone had to go ¯\_(?)_/.


I don’t understand how anyone would love that Paul is back. The dude is arrogant and obnoxious. Not entertaining. He’s always performing for the camera like he is the star. Ugh!! And….he’s already rich! He doesn’t even need the money. I hope he gets evicted right away. I like that Cody wasn’t willing to kiss his butt for safety. Paul is a punk. At least Cody sees right through him.


So glad that the Prancing Pink Petunia, aka Frankie, has not been brought back YET. CBC seems to have a love affair with him or they have to keep his sister happy. Other hgs seem interesting but will have to see how it all plays out. Too bad BB felt it necessary to evict a hg on day one.


Josh is Such a tool!!! He thinks Paul is so down with him BC they talked b4 & he didn’t get a bracelet.per Paul’s request. Watch he’ll play too hard in the beginning and get booted.


The anticipatory countdown clock was playing at least since yesterday. Saw it when I was looking for the voting area for the Den of Temptation


Do you have a link for the CBS all access feeds–I mean one that will help you?