Big Brother 19 Bikini Pics

Backyard swimsuit pics are always fun!

Big Brother 19 Starts tonight! thank god the rumours about who comes back will stop. And if someone is coming back.. Kraken

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For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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Jimmy 64

Hey Simon & Dawg it’s just hours away .
Are you ready for a new season .
Let’s hope for more fun this year.


Maybe these folks will be interesting and have a bit of substance to them and not be complete fame whores. We’ll see tonight.


I do like this years cast….seems like a lot of good “players” in the group this year. Anyone going on Big Bro though…I think the whole point is being a “fame whore” as you say. They are all just playing out their own dreams and going about it they way they now how…going on Big Bro. Even super fans go on the show for the “fame”…I just think it is all part of the experience.


So glad to be back with Simon, Dawg, and the OBB family!!! #summerhasbegun


Hi Simon! I live on the West Coast and would love to stream tonight’s show at 8 EST. Can you provide any links for us living on the west coast?


Lol these are all kind of awkward. Love it though!


Some of these guys will lose focus on their game because of how I see them reacting to these women


And then there were sixteen…..


Paul seemed a little quite Or maybe others were just LOUDER. Can’t wait till everyone shows there true colors. P.S. Really looking forward to your updates Simon. Missed you!?


Thanks Simon, glad to be back. Seemed like forever.


Merry Christmas to me! So thankful Christmas didn’t exit day 1….hope it is Christmas season all summer long! Would love to see Christmas and Dominique get to the end!


Christmas maybe…Dominique meh…not so much her personality rubs me the wrong way at the moment…maybe that will change as the season plays out…will have to wait and see…I liked that Kevin got the money just sucks that they made the amount that big to ensure Paul got back in…did not want to see a vet come back…imo it would have been good if one of the alternates was used to replace who go evicted…poor guy that really sucked for him


OK can we talk about Josh’s picture? Can we say suck it in? Good God! He’s trying too hard to be a macho cubano….it’s friggen annoying.

Welcome Back, Everyone!!!


Yes, we can! “Suck it in” was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw that pic. Ridiculous!

Some of the other pics are awkward as well. Mark’s pic look like a head placement; Matt looks strange because he didn’t put effort in trying to shape his body and looks too “woodeny” as if he was an airplane about to take off; Jessica has the photographer to blame because I wonder how s/he could make a skinny girl with big boobs look like she has no waist… she doesn’t look fat but gives the impression she’s in early months of pregnancy; Kevin seems like he’s holding in a fart; Cody seems to have a back pain in one of the pics (and his duck feet give me nightmares!); curiously Ramses managed well and so did Alex, Dominique, Elena. Christmas giving booty is amazing. But the best set of pics is definitely Raven’s.