Big Brother 17 House pics revealed Sky Bridge, Sand Castles, Night Club Bedroom

This morning the Big Brother 17 House was revealed by ET. To our relief they have gone beyond the standard cosmetic changes and have done some interesting structural tweaks. The ceiling was extended 28feet allowing for a “Sky Bridge” to be positioned on the top floor. A new area for houseguests to hangout 155 square feet to be react. (Lets just hope they actually use it) The house looks fine after the first couple of days on the feeds it all becomes a blur any ways 🙂


Up until this year, the Big Brother house had an angled ceiling above part of the living area. Storey ripped it out and moved the ceiling up to its actual grid height, 28 feet, and extended this area – the Sky Bridge – out to the wall. “It’s a little unnerving to walk on,” he admits. “It’s like you’re walking on air.”

More seating on the new bridge, adding an extra 155 square feet to the house.
From the ET Article.



The Lounge seems to be made more comfortable this year. If you all can remember the lounge room was very Angular and uninviting last year. This year they’ve put in a hammock that seats 3.


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Backyard has your basic cosmetic changes, this year they have a 5 foot tall sand castle and a beach theme to go with it. The Outdoor circular lounger looks comfortable.

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The HOH bedroom is lined with plexiglass to give it a “Box in the sky” feel. The other two bedrooms are themed “Night Club” and “Comic book”

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Cast reveal tomorrow

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Hey Simon! Looking forward to this season


So tired of all these dumb twists. Just get back to the basics

Kenneth Chow

what can the brand new twist possibly be after 16 seasons???…rumor has it that someone is going to be evicted in the premiere episode which is not a brand new twist, it’s been done already…if someone does gets evicted on the premiere episode, i wonder if they are doing what they are doing the UK big brother where there is a fake eviction and the “evictee” gets to live in secret room and when they come back, they get to nominate people or what not…just a thought….i could be so wrong…and i will be so wrong…

Pinocchio Obama

The house looks modern now. I like it and I’m excited to see the new cast and hear about the new twists.


Grodner talking about lack of alcohol in the house:

*Eye Roll* Grodner is continuing to be the worst.

The Truth

Wohoo!! It’s almost time for BB17 to begin!!! The bridge and the indoor hammock is cool. Still a little crazy with the multicolored panels and chatzkis but a major improvement from last year. I’m so so excited!!!!


At the end of day, I can’t wait for the new fruit loop dinguses to enter the house. Beastmode.


The house to me isn’t big a thing for me but it does get me excited because at least it gives us our real first thing from the the new season. I love the new theme and I love this house way more than bbcan just because it’s soo traditional and brings back such good feelings. But anyways for the twist, My ideal twist would be for the previous evicted houseguest to nominate a third nominee. The first evectees get to nominate the third person and they stay in a somewhat jury house. Then they compete to comeback in!


Can’t wait!! I liked the idea of super fans. Please no Victorias or Jen whatever. I hope it’s back and forth. Not one side dominating the game. Big moves, blind sides and twists !! I know no matter what I will enjoy. Looking forward to coming here everyday to read and comment!!!


As usual they did not show the have not room.
Since it seems to be a beach theme this year
I bet the have nots will be sleeping on lawn chairs.


The HaveNots might be sleeping on slippery/well-waxed surfboards! Fun! Hang Ten Everyone!


The house is beautiful this year, very chic and modern. I just wish the US house was bigger. CBS seems to be working on this finally. I’m really digging the Sky walk.


Enjoy the house now because it will soon look like a pigsty…no offense meant to lovely pigs!


I had two quick thoughts: One is the Sky Walk doesn’t look like it has any comfy chairs, if not it won’t turn into a hangout. Secondly, the fridge in the kitchen looks like a big new one which they need but I can’t see a dishwasher. I have never been able to figure out why they won’t give them a dishwasher, its gotta be the only house in the entire state without one. It always leads to major ant problems too.


I think not having a dishwasher is their way of stirring up drama … in the beginning everyone lets the sloppy house guests get away with not doing their dishes and then half way through the season people start freaking out about a dirty cup.