Podcast Mashup – Big Brother 17 After Show episode 8 hosted by Kevin Zelman, Ryan Hooks, Ashley Iocco (BB Season 14), Jen Johnson (BB Season 8) – all super fans! On the Block – With hosts Spencer Clawson and Mccrae Olsen from Big Brother 15 talk with Clay Honeycutt about last nights double eviction and Jason Roy gives his rundown of the game thus far. Unfortunately AM 2 PM did not produce an episode this week but stay tuned for one to come out soon. Also Simon did another podcast guest appearance on the Kill Show last week.

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Big Brother 17 – After Show – On The Block – AM 2 PM – Kill Show! Podcast Mashup!

A podcast mashup with the After Show – On The Block – AM 2 PM – Kill Show! Where Big Brother alumni and superfans discuss and analyse the game. The Big Brother After Show – Episode 7 – hosted by Kevin Zelman, Ryan Hooks, Ashley Iocco, Jen Johnson. On the Block Podcast with McCrae Olsen and Spencer Clawson with special guest Clay Honeycutt. AM 2 PM podcast with Twins Andrew Monaghan and Pete Monaghan. And the Kill Show featuring OnlineBigBrother’s Simon.

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Big Brother Alumni Jen Johnson TV Appearances

Jen Johnson lasted until day 55 on Big Brother 8. During the Show Jen won a head of household competition after which she nominated Eval Dick and Joe Barber. Joe went home and Dick won the season. Jen was one of the more interesting houseguests during that season and will be remembered for her frequent (Ice tea incident) clashes with Eval Dick, crying about her memory wall picture and Looking killer in the unitard.

Jen has made a lot of TV appearances since her time in the BB house. With her help I’ve we’ve been able to compile a list of some of these. There is a collection of Jen Johnson pictures on our Google+ Page.

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BIG BROTHER 2012 Ultimate Houseguest Twitter List

Complete list of BIG BROTHER Houseguest Twitter Accounts, The best way to keep up with your favorite past BB player. All accounts have been added to a twitter list. Don’t forget to follow @dawgsbigbrother and @bigbspoilers for all the Big Brother 14 Spoilers

Twitter is the best way to catch up on what your favorite past Big Brother houseguest are up to. You’ll be surprised how different many of them are when they are not stuck in the stressful BB environment.

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