“I tried to cast a spell to expel Audrey’s juju and I got sick.. I got the spirit inside me”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & LIz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 14-47-20-766_jpg

2:54pm Austin and Vanessa
Austin saying he’s cursed now he tried to banish the Audrey spirit and all of a sudden he got sick.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 15-31-59-966_jpg

3:27pm Austin and Liz
Austin tells her the BOB might be in 20 minutes (Twins have switched Julia is out Liz back in)
Liz – I don’t know what to do I’m literally dying right now
Austin – Steve threw the HOH
Liz – what a dumb f***

Austin says he wanted to go up and throw it to keep Liz safe but vanessa put Clay up . The plan is to backdoor steve so she should be OK.
Austin says if she doesn’t win the BOB he still can win the veto and get her off the block. (No idea he’s the target)
Austin thinks no one knows he voted for Audrey everyone thinks it’s steve they are all sick of him. The house thinks Steve is America’s player. (The story the house is telling Austin)
Liz is freaking out. she’s worried she’s going home if her and James stay on the block.
Austin says the house is getting really cliquish with social groups but it’s good Liz is part of that social group.
Austin keep telling her she’s safe this week.

Austin says Julia hangs out with Steve and JohnnyMac. He was trying to tell her to stop doing that.
Austin lets her know he told Jason about the twins.
Austin – I tried to cast a spell to expel Audrey’s juju and I got sick.. I had to cast it out I got that spirit I got the spirit inside me
Liz laughs “It’s bad juju”
Austin – you are not going to go there’s no way..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 16-40-21-928_jpg

(Seconds before Austin kisses her they get called for the final wackstret boys performance)
3:43pm they move to the bedroom…
Liz – why didn’t vanessa put up Becky
Austin – you are not going anywhere..
Liz – did you die when you say Jackie won
Austin – yes, I went up there and really talked to Jackie..
Austin is pissed that Julia is spending so much time with Steve and Johnnymac.
Austin tells her if she’s up against Steve they have the votes to keep her. Counts Shelli, Clay as votes.
Austin recaps his conversation with JAson when he told him about Julia and said he wants them both in the game. Austin makes it clear that he told jason he knows he’s caught in the middle of the twins.
Austin explain he was trying to open the doors with Jason trying to make him think they can communicate together, ” I can be someone who can be reasoned with and talked to”
Austin doesn’t know if any of this got back to Vanessa or not he’s never told her the full story and she brought it up with him, “I didn’t tell her EVERYTHING”
Austin adds he never had a real chance to talk yet. “I’m not trying to keep anything from her I just don’t know what to say about anything right now.. I’m scared, I’m scared for you..”
Austin says he voted out Audrey he did. It was Judas that voted out Johnnymac,
Austin recaps the finale show says the music wasn’t playing in the house only in the studio so thing were messed up. Austin adds that jmac’s speech was funny.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 15-34-38-917_jpg

3:32pm Clay and Shelli
Scheming against Austin Shelli says Austin has a tattoo on his back that says J S that means Judas

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 15-46-33-936_jpg

3:44pm Jmac and Steve
Steve says the question they have to ask themselves do they want the twins or do they want a Jace, Da or Audrey. He would rather have the twins
Steve expands the question asks if he would rather have a jury member come back or the keep the twins,.
Jmac says he would rather have a jury member come back because it might be him
Steve – that’s a good point..I never thought of that;.. hmm…
Jmac tells him to chill this week and don’t play the game too much.
Jmac leaves..
(A Jmac, Steve, Liz, Julia, Becky alliance would break the internet.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 15-58-59-397_jpg

3:56pm Final performance of the wackstreet boys on the elusive sky bridge

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 16-05-39-666_jpg

4:02pm Vanessa and JAckie
Vanessa says Austin knows what is up she can tell how he’s smiling at her.
They start a heart to heart Vanessa says she never lost her virginity until she was 19 she got married early he was her best friend he was an amazing professional gambler. “I loved him until the day he passed away.. I met him when I was 22.. we broke up when I was 27.. but we stayed best friends. even when I started dating women”

Vanessa says after they got divorced her ex got diagnosed with terminal cancer and died. “even though our marriage didn’t work out we were best friends till the end.
VAnessa says being a gambler never made her feel good she was just finding little loop holes and exploiting them that is why she went to music being a DJ.
Vanessa – I’m attracted to guys but i’m better with women for a relationship ..I’ve realized what works for me.
Vanessa really plays up how much she likes Meg
Jackie says she likes Julia more than liz
Vanessa agrees says Julia has her head in the game more but Liz is fun and goofy

Vanessa inquires if Jackie was every interested in Austin.
Jackie says she was never into Austin at all it was just for fun.
Jackie feels bad for breaking up a showmance
Vanessa says She’s doing the twins a favour getting rid of Austin he was fine with the twin leaving That is such a douche mood “he’s wanting to get a$$ in the jury house”
Vanessa says Austin only cares about getting a$$ in the jury house he’s being a super douche
Vanessa – I find the whole thing gross.. the way it was said
Jackie – the Julia one talks a lot .. the other one is with Austin all the time. that’s why I like her
Jackie is going to share something “My parent .. I never said what they do… you’ll see.. so my mom she’s a sergeant in the LA PD my Dad is commander of the LA PD.. they are both retired.. “
Jackie – My dad like ran LA the whole west side.. like the commander’s’ daughter.. my dad was the captain of internal affairs.. you have to be on your fucking sh1t..
Jackie highlights how loyal and lawful her dad was.

Jackie says she’s been close to James since Day 1.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 16-48-07-885_jpg

4:32pm Liz and Austin

The BOB is going to start soon Liz is so nervous

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 16-34-44-464_jpg

[envira-gallery id=”123787″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-24 16-36-12-468_jpg

4:50pm BOB Competition has begun

6:52pm Feeds still down

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Can Liz just stop hugging Austin or being next to his creepy ass ugh! She’s making me dislike her. Grosss


Liz is playing that idiot. They deserve what they get. ( I hope )

JMac Attack

Austin is a 30 year old man acting like swooning 16 year old virgin. At his age, it comes across as so vile. Really hoping they send his butt back to Hippieville or to wherever they found this weirdo.

Vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

Austin has tried so hard to be “cool”. The tattoos, the long flowing hair, the Black hat, the Judas comments. It just aint coming off. Someone on here said he looked like Screech from Saved by the Bell, I totally agree. He is the furthest thing from cool. Kind of like an insecure dork play acting at a persona.

Shelli's Chompers

Don’t you mean grosssssuhhhhh! Lol

Im With You

What creeps me out soo much with Austin is that he is always trying to rub on Liz. Then you throw in that he wants anyone removed from her so he can have full control of her. The list goes on and on with this creep. And the Austin supporters wonder why hey gets so many thumbs up if you think hes a creep comments. But Liz should go out right behind him just for playing a whore game.


I understand her using the Alliance with Austin to keep her safe, but what was unforgiveable was her flirting with creepy Jeff! That was over the line to me!
When Vanessa tells Liz what is happening with Austin she will run back to him in 2 seconds flat!


Flirting was going to be part of Liz’s plan to win, and I think she did not realize how possessive Austin was going to be when she flirted with Jeff…He flirted back and at that point she tried to ditch Austin by voting for Jeff to get Austin out of the house. I think she is just trying to play along until her sister gets into the game at this point


That picture of Austin and Liz in bed and the expression on Liz’s face says it all, don’t you think?
Austin going in for the kill!

Teri B

I know, right? Total cringe.

Double D

Hey Austin…two words…BEASTMODE COWBOY….she’s not into you dude


OMG poor Liz! Austin, get your nasty slimy hands off her! That just makes me sick. I have also been the victim of unwanted touching and fondling so I know how she must feel. I wish she would open her mouth, but I can understand why she may not want to because of her game. I hope for her sake that Austin leaves this week.


okay am i the only one turned on by Liz, she is down right sexy!!!! Hahahaha


Judas will have your neck!

Red Dead Redemption

Vanessa is a hater…who cares what other people do in jury…if Liz wants to hook up or doesn’t hook up with Austin so what….none of mine…none of yours…..none of Vanessa’s business.
I believe it’s best for Vanessa never to make jury…..she should go this week….Vanessa will have everyone’s ear…She’s a good bullshitter I give her credit….Vanessa will have jurors voting her way

Red Dead Redemption

I also wanted to mention I’m no Austin fan…..he won’t get far anyways….nor I’m a fan of the twins…..


no you’re not. there’s this other disgusting creepy loser called austin who thinks just like you and makes himself look like the biggest idiot just like you do with writing this shit. hope at least you’re thirteen not thirty. only possible excuse.


BB. FAN RATIO….says ur probably female…and probably drooling over Clay…but that’s ok?
Liz is hot!
People have the right to express their opinions without being put down or cropped into a negative stigma!


Liz is isn’t hot bro, she looks like an alien, and the messed up thing there’s friggin twins bro, Twins! Double the horror bro. That’s alright bro, you have that, weird looking broads need love too.

Dstarr says

I’m so over the twins. Get them out somebody, anybody. Pleaseeeeee!


Please go talk to Vanessa and Shelli Liz. I cannot watch Austin grope you, and you allow it, anymore!

B-bad owl

But you just hit the nail on the head. She is allowing it. Not only that, but she is going along with it. Hate Austin all you want, but he can’t be compared to Caleb. Caleb was delusional about Amber even with being flat out told no. Liz is leading Austin on instead of having told him that she wasn’t interested from the start.

Ian's lament

This BOB crap is such a waste. It’s just filler for their Sunday show. The competitions are by far less entertaining than just seeing the social game. Add in the fact that they are being thrown every week and every pair off HOHs are working together. Can’t wait for this to end.

Double D

Have we set a record yet for people throwing comps?

vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

So so true!


I think Austin is creepy too, but why is everyone so bothered by his relationship with Liz? If she wanted to she could tell him to stop, he’s not a rapist

Butters Mom

And everyone thought Audrey was cray cray….. I think that Austin might beat her in that department.

Doran Martell

Now I don’t know about that but austin is extremely annoying tho


“Austin says he voted out Audrey he did. It was Judas that voted out Johnnymac,”

Using an analogy someone used earlier, Austin has moved to Audrey’s ZIP code.

another name

Austin has Audrey’s juju inside of him…..
there are so many inappropriate jokes in that. Instead I wonder
if everything goes accoding to plan:
by Tuesday will Austin be having a musical interlude in the have not room?
will he ask liz to leave the game with him if he’s evicted?
will he take up the sublet on the diary room now that Audrey has vacated the premises?
Now that Audrey blew up the secrets, and nobody believed it… what info does he have that seems to scare vanessa and clay and shelli?

Double D

Vanessa is playing like Derek. She is controlling everything. But unlike Derek, she’s winning HOH


Not even close. Derrick never overplayed the way Vanessa does. He had quiet control at all times. Vanessa has tight control this week, but it can easily fracture and spin out. Plus it’s likely to come back and bite her in a week or two.


And also, unlike Derek, she’s not playing with a complete bunch of idiots. Regardless of wether they are “floating” or not, everyone’s head is in the game right now. It was not the same way even remotely this time last season.


basically i want Austin gone because he is no longer playing the game. I have no time for anyone who disrespects their opportunity to come in and play BB which is why i loathe their casting people who have never heard of or watched BB. then those people binge watch 4 or 5 seasons, and they don’t even watch the last season, which makes more sense to know or understand the current game. even the concept of BOB you need more recent seasons.

It’s stupid, and we know Becky is one of those people, because she’s recorded here as saying she binge watched certain seasons.

anyways Austin used to be a fav, now he isn’t, unlike others I am not going to make up him doing unwanted attention on Liz, because anyone with eyes can see the attention is not unwanted or unreciprocated. it is because he isn’t playing the game anymore. I am not sure she ever was.

Lemon balls

Too bad. He started out as a smart player. With a chance of a lifetime of winning half a million , he would rather ruin his game and grope Liz. Jackie IS doing Liz and Julia a favor


I hope Liz wins BOB by herself. That would be gold. I don’t want Clay to win anything mwahahahah. It is Austin’s week to go, but I would be just as happy if Clay did. Btw, they really fumbled the ball on the whole “new twist every week WITH a surprise guest to announce each twist” Well who was the guest/twist last week? and this week? And Meg winning a cruise was really game-changing? I really hope Clay and Shelli don’t pull an Emmett and Jillian :@


While I can’t say I would wish that, I do think it would be hilarious if Clay was this seasons Victoria. Unlike her however he needs to learn how to shut it with the game talk. Shelli got it on lock for him.

vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

Big Brother may be on it’s way out I’m afraid. This stupid idea of two HOH’s, a battle of the block, backdooring people, throwing comps, laying low, barely playing etc. has really ruined a once pretty fascinating idea for a show. Big Brother started in the Netherlands and the whole concept behind it was to lock people in a house together away from society and watch them slowly go nuts, turn on each other and fight. Big Brother no longer evolves naturally. All the $hit disturbers are always tossed quickly every year because everyone wants to conform which leads to the same stupid scenarios every year it seems. One group gets power and everyone else tags along.


Excellent comment! The thing i miss is people voting with their hearts, not voting with the house! A few times this season we actually have a real vote! Not sure why Becky is there, except to tell the incredible story of being hit by a train! Jason and Vanessa are my two favorite players this season and I need more of JohnnyMack!

Amanda queefs slop

Liz wants some of Austins cock meat sandwich.


like he has enough to spread around, I think not!


Wow! Really? Liz has family and that is what you say about her? Not too nice!


Liz knows the plan

Misty Beethoven

Bad juju? More like that bad salmon you ate the other night catching up with you.


Bad taste?

Bunny Slipper

Why is Liz allowing Austin to tell her who she and Julia are able to speak to? Perhaps Julia finds Steve and Johnny better conversationalists. Scratch that I know they are. I hate when people let their partners dictate what they do and who they speak with. It shows just how weak both parties are. One, because he/she is so possessive of the other they have to control everything about the other. Two, because one of them lets it happen and sometimes gets off on it.

WWE promoter

Well with Hulk Hogan gone we have a spot on our roster. Austin, give us a call.


james in liz won battle of the block yes yes yes yes yes yes
now Austin wins pov


Week 5 I don’t have a dark horse. Highly unusual for me but since they never get to the end good for the HG’s(hehe) You’ll be surprised some of my likes though.
Johnnie Mac is a god! He’s playing to loose might get the door early in jury. He’s fun, irreverent and silly. Has a little game to.
Shelli/Clay I know cwazy, here me out! Together they combine social and strategy plus they win some. If Van wasn’t in the house I’d have Shelli as fierce. Makes good decisions and stays focused. Clay has social down and seems to talk to virtually everyone. Most power couples roles are reversed. They have exactly 1 thing to fear and that is Nessa. She doesn’t even blink pulling the trigger. Alone in the house Austin befriends her 1st she had no one now bye bye Austin.
Nessa’s not my type of player but she is playing a great game. She’ll have the twins the rest of the season after Austin goes and maybe F3. She is in such a good spot she might be able to punch a F5 ticket right now! She’ll be the reason feed favs like Jason and Johnnie Mac go to jury. Briefly on the twins get they found out and better positioned either very lucky or some good BB play. I didn’t see that coming.

Some of the bad… WTF are the outsiders doing in the HOH comp putting each other up. I just sat there shaking my head. They were lucky to get 1 and further Van wanting to get dethroned. Van’s side taking risk eliminating numbers as technically the outsiders could get together and have numbers next week and Austin gone.
Meg where the F are you. Your from freaking NY no ones quiet, it’s my kind of town! Instead we get Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Freaking red shoes she’s gonna click and sit there with F6 and be everyone’s F2 choice. Don’t laugh the smell of something is in the air. I think I can…. I think I can….F2. JC(not JS :P)
Steve win something or go home. I’m not kidding your not Wee Ian and your getting close to eviction time.
Jason has rallied really well, His humour helps but his social combined with Audrey’s melt down he looks like jury material.
James please start lifting your height is the stuff od Pee Wee Herman. His comments about woman obnoxious the house will remember that stuff after Austin gone. he’ll enjoy a month plus in jury.
Not that tall, little hippy[ 🙂 ], dark hair and invisible. Here comes Jackie with her game on! She’ll be 1 of the next 3 out simply because the outsiders cannot win HOH.
So frustrating watching the outsiders not understanding how to play BB. Shelli and Vanessa could put on a clinic. I don’t want Shelli, Vanessa, Twins and Clay F5 Other than the “Wee fella” been a long time since I had a big smile finale night. It’s like baseball really we all have hope early in the season. By the all star game real truth sets in.


This game started out fast and furious and continues at a phenomenal pace. At this rate we will have the quiet ones, playing low-key, standing in the finals!
Funny to hear Jackie actually play the game, but she is so out of the loop it is a ridiculous farce! I want Jason up in that HOH and watch Clay and Shelli squirm then!
Here’s hoping to a great season!


Hey Simon, (or anyone that saw it on the feeds) how real or fake was this conversation between Vanessa and Jackie? I don’t know that to think, has Jackie been misted by Vanessa or is she playing Vanessa as much as Vanessa is playing her? What do you think?


Austin wants Julia and Liz. That’s why he doesn’t want her around JMac or Steve.

whackstreet groupie

Austin looks like Dan Gheesling…. Are they related?