Nomination Results! “This is the best case scenario for Clay to be on the block!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & LIz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 11-07-09-467

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9:50am – 11:05am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the nomination ceremony.


Vanessa put up: Clay & Becky (With the intention of them winning and dethroning Vanessa)
Jackie put up: Liz (Julia) & James (With James throwing the Battle of the Block)
– Austin is the main target with Steve being the backup target.

11:05am – 11:40am In the HOH room – Julia and Vanessa are talking. Vanessa says when you two trade next you can talk about all this. At the end of the day you’re not the target. Vanessa says Me, Shelli and Clay have your back. You’re not going to tell her about Austin being the vote against Johnny Mac. Julia says no. Julie tells Vanessa that Austin’s alter ego is Judas in the diary room. He says that it was Judas not Austin. Vanessa asks don’t let Austin know that anything is up. Vanessa ask do you know when you’re switching again? Julia says soon. Vanessa says If he asks you what we were talking about… I was just telling you that you’re not the target. Vanessa asks do you care if I tell Shelli and Clay about the vote? Julia says no I don’t give a f**k. Vanessa tells Julia that she loves her and their her ride or die! Jackie joins then and confirms with Julia that she isn’t the target. Julia says and its no more blood on your hands because I put you up. Julia leaves. Vanessa tells Jackie that Julia just wanted to know that she wasn’t the target and I told her there’s another target but I didn’t tell her who. She said there’s something else she wanted to tell me but didn’t say who it was. Shelli joins them. Vanessa tells Shelli that this is the best opportunity for him (Clay) to be on the block. This is the best case scenario for him to be on the block right now. No one can ever say no that he hasn’t been on the block. And he has the BOB and Veto to take himself off. He even shot me a dirty look. Vanessa laughs. Shelli says that Austin is now acting like “I don’t know why she didn’t put me up, I told her to put me up!” Jackie says but he is so okay with me putting Liz up. Vanessa says the easiest reason for you (Jackie) to put up Austin as the replacement is that he lied to you about the twins twist being real when you asked him. James joins them. Shelli says I will freak out if you (Vanessa) remain HOH. Vanessa says I am backdooring Austin no matter what. Jackie says from a womans perspective I would just be so mad .. he is saying he wants to get rid of one of them (twins) to get to the jury with the other. He even told me that I would be fun to be in jury with. Shelli asks did he say that recently. Jackie says he just said it last night when we were campaigning. Shelli asks can I tell Liz that? Jackie says I’ll tell her.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 11-41-44-135

11:25am – 11:40am Comic bedroom – Austin talks to Julia and tells her to send Liz to me so I can fill her in. Just get her to me first. I’ll explain everything to her. The best thing is you’re not the target and you get two chances to save yourself. If you win today (BOB) then your safe, if not then I’ll win the veto and take you off. Austin says we need to act nice with her (Jackie) and not ruffle any feathers because we still need her to put up Steve. Austin says I won’t let you guys go, don’t worry. Austin says the veto will be used by anyone but Steve. Me and her are on really good terms now. If Steve gets to play in the veto I will try and get him to throw it. Julia says we could have been going home this week but its good everyone is doubting Steve.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 11-29-45-764

11:35am – 11:45am HOH talk continued with James, Shelli, Jackie and Vanessa. Shelli says if he (Austin) ends up against James he needs to feel safe. Jackie says he think I’m putting up Steve so Steve needs to be in the know before it happens. We can just tells Steve everything Austin’s said about him. Vanessa says game-wise if we know the twins twist is real and he has a showmance with one of them then it would be dumb not to put him up. Vanessa says its best if Austin never know he was the target so that he doesn’t campaign. Vanessa says if you get house guest choice then you can pick me and I give you my word I will gun hard for it and use it on you if I win it. Jackie tells James to not get caught throwing the battle of the block because that would be bad too. Steve joins them. Austin tells him that if Julia gets chosen to be a havenot I want to do it. Steve says I wanted to do it as my second time around. Austin says I think it would be cool if it was the two couples. Lets just see who they pick.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 11-36-05-380

11:50am In the kitchen – Johnny Mac tells Vanessa and Jackie I just figured I would talk to you guys in the morning because so much changes and if I’m on the block then I’ll just take it once it comes. Vanessa heads up to the HOH room. Jackie tells Johnny that after the BOB we can talk after we see who wins. Johnny asks if they’re throwing it. Jackie says she didn’t want to ask anyone to do that. I don’t want them on the block. I don’t want James going.

11:55am – 12:15pm In the bathroom – Austin tells James that the plan is in motion to get Steve out and it will be unanimous because he won’t be voting. He annoys the f**k out of me. Forget all that sh*t I just don’t want Liz to go. Austin tells James you need to win today because then you’re pretty much assured going to jury with Meg. I’m not saying things are going to happen in jury but its possible. James says I want to win it. Austin says my job is to make you a trained assassin. You have pretty much the toughest match up you could have but they could have a bad day. James says I’m just hoping Liz and I come together and have a good day. If not then we’ll deal with it. Austin says yeah its not the end of the world because you’re not the target. Austin says the only thing he wouldn’t do is shave his head. James says he wouldn’t be a hill billy asian with out his hair. Austin says that he wouldn’t let Liz shave her hair either even if she was in danger of going home. Austin says you’re not the target, you have double chance to fight and there is a backdoor plan. You can’t be mad at Jackie. James says oh I’m not. Austin says that might be the dumbest move in history .. him not taking the opportunity to feel those goods. That’s a once in a life time opportunity that will never come across his board again.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 12-01-01-815

12:15pm Austin and Johnny Mac talk in the kitchen. Austin says if I do havenots this week I probably won’t have to do it again. (True statement in more ways than you know.)

12:25pm HOH room – Jackie says that John did ask if I asked James to throw it. He was worried about Becky. Isn’t that cute. Vanessa says that is cute. We need to fill him in on it. Jackie asks do you think he figured it out? Vanessa says he might of but I don’t think so. I think the reason he didn’t come talk to us was we told him we didn’t want to put him up again. Jackie says that Clay gets to prove himself and get a win. He’s got to do something for himself too. When one person is the voice for the other .. that’s when you get left in the dust. This is his opportunity to win something and prove it to himself and the rest of the house. Jackie says the only weird situation is if Liz wins the veto… then Austin has to go next to James. Vanessa says that Austin is not stupid and will not believe that I was oblivious to what the plan was. He will know I knew and so I can’t lie about it. At that time I will have to have a talk with him. You can tell him that a showmance is a big threat and it would be stupid of you not to make that move. If you make it to the end it will be a big move you can talk about. Jackie says I had to lose Jeff but I got over it. Vanessa says I’ve done so many things for that guy (Austin).

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 12-28-18-826

12:40pm – 1:25pm Second HOH room – Vanessa tells Shelli that Julia came to her and said I am really concerned about Austin. He told her that he was the vote for Audrey. And he did it to stir up sh*t and point the finger at Clay and Steve. Shelli says I am going to kill him. Vanessa says you know the JS tattoo on his back he told me after I told her. They are going to trade in a few hours and I have to tell Liz. That tattoo JS really stands for JUDAS. Judas is the biggest traitor in the bible. That’s what alter ego he used in the diary room to cast the vote to keep Audrey. Shelli asks why would he tell her that? Vanessa says I don’t think he is thinking with the right brain. He told me that Julia has to go because with her here Liz will never work with us. Does he think I’m dumb!? I wont tells Jackie yet, its too much information. You can tell Clay if you want. The twins will love you once all this comes out. We will have them in our back pockets. At the end of the day he is a man thinking with the wrong brain. Shelli says he knows that Liz is on the block and he says we need to get rid of Julie.. he doesn’t care at all! This girl is a twin and I would be pissed if someone was messing with my twin. Shelli wonders if Austin voted for Jeff to stay and if he convinced Liz to do it also. Vanessa says we 100% know that Clay and Steve didn’t make the America’s Player vote. Vanessa says that Julia won’t tell Liz anything because she might get spooked and run to Austin. When you see her you need to tell her to come talk to me. You have to make sure Clay beasts this sh*t. Shelli says he’s resting up like a little baby. James is going to throw it beautifully. Vanessa says that Austin said his JS tattoo was something like “just slumber” an old wrestling name.. which didn’t make sense as a wrestling name. Don’t tell me you’re working with me and then do all this shit behind my back. It makes me sick. Austin doesn’t even need to know until the very end because he has a lot of information. SHelli says he (Austin) will think he has me, you, Liz, Clay, Steve. There that’s all he needs is 5 votes. I think he will go to Jason because he told him about the twins. He’ll think he has his vote too. We’ll just have to tell everyone to tell him he has the votes so he doesn’t freak out. Then he will keep throwing the twins under the bus giving us more reason to get him out.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 12-47-34-354

1:40pm Big Brother tells the house guests during a block out that they should be well hydrated for the battle of the block competition. They speculate on why and it if it woudl be an endurance Battle of the Block competition. Meanwhile in the storage room Johnny Mac asks Becky if she is going to throw the BOB. She tells him no, she’s going out to win it.

2pm Comic bedroom – Julia is worried is going to have to play in the battle of the block. Julia says I’ll play but I don’t want it to be on me. Austin says I know especially since you played in the last BOB. They will probably have you switch right before. Austin tells her again to tell Liz to come find him as soon as she comes out. Austin leaves and Steve comes in. Julia tells him that she wants to switch. I don’t want to compete!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 14-09-26-291

2:30pm – 2:45pm The big brother house is quiet as the house guests wait for the Battle of the Block competition to start.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-24 14-46-07-707

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Not looking good for Johnny Mac with this 8 person alliance…


I don’t think the alliance is ‘real’. I think Vanessa put it together to ensure that she won’t get backdoored during Jackie’s HOH.


Yep and when Vanessa is ready to break away from Jackie, she’ll concoct some “You lied to me and no one lies to me” story as justification. Vanessa is good, but I can’t see how they haven’t figured out her m.o. yet.


Please let BOB involve water and bikinis


Seeing Clay and James in wet bikinis could be very frightening.


lol. Cuz alliance have such a long lifespan this season?….
Give it a week. There will be another alliance or 5 by next nomination ceremony.


good! serves him right for being overconfident and going to bed early.
goodness knows that doofus needs to leave!
he just irks me.


Odds are that this eight-person alliance will crumble faster than the previous eight-person alliance that crumbled after two weeks.


The Gang of Eight is too big for secrecy. Remember how Vanessa loves, I mean loves, to talk. James is being played. No guarantees they will win veto. Its a long way to Thursday.


i can’t wait till the ultimate pawn is gone !:)


I hope Austin won’t play the veto comp and take liz off on the block!!!!!!!!


Me too.. But if that happens, they will just get rid of whatever aka Steve….


I’m kind of cheering for Steve right now because of the big alliance…

The Truth

If he’s able to do so, perhaps Jackie can take a shot at Vanessa, although I’m not sure she would have the votes to keep James safe…..


OMG seriously Austin?
“When Liz comes in, send her straight to me!” ahahha! And then send her straight up to the HOH room, so they can tell her what’s really going down!


Am I the only one that’s feeling a bit sad for Austin? This is a guy that confessed weeks ago that he had been burned by a girl and affected him and again now he’ll be humiliated in front of millions of viewers. Still prefer him to leave though, his delusions of grandeur is just obnoxious.


I don’t feel sorry for him. I can almost excuse the Liz creepiness b/c she does flirt with him, BUT he has a girlfriend at home, flirts on and off with Jackie, has tried to put a big target on Julia’s back, and, worst of all in my opinion, he bullies Steve. I CANNOT STAND to watch how he talks to Steve. He’s so mean and condescending. That whole convo about being on slop with Liz was just embarrassing to watch b/c he just screams desperate and needy to me.

Quit with the twins Austin wake up

Austin is a lovestruck dummy not a creeper. He has a final 2 with Steven who told him to act like he hates him in order to keep it a secret. Dumb move 1999999999. I wish he never went to Jason with the twin thing, or at least gave him the wrong name of the other one. He could have told Vanessa it was Audrey. Mistake 45555555555. I hope he comes back in the game hatless and aware that Liz made him look like a fool by telling him what he wanted to hear only for game. Then he could team up with the other side and start kicking business. He needs to quit romancing and start playing minus the Amazing Mumford hat!


i hope he does win the veto and takes her off the block, mostly because i also hate any 8 person alliance, and the fact that Vanessa’s socalled loyalty doesn’t extend to telling anyone she is loyal to when another HG comes to her and tells her something about the people she’s supposedly loyalest to.

Shelli did the same. Instead of listening to Jackie tell her version of what Austin said then going to austin and telling him what J said he said, she believed Jackie, a person she isn’t in an alliance with and didn’t have any sort of relationship with. The same thing happens with Jason’s coming to either of them, telling his version, and again neither talk directly to Austin to see what his version of events were.

when you watch after dark or live feeds directly and see the entire conversations, then the version that is being told afterwards, you know what these J’s are doing. i still can’t tell if they are deliberately lying, or if they are hearing things that aren’t actually being said. Plus, there is always the person who is trying to build a relationship with a new person, they are going to lie about what they really think or feel. Had either Shelli or Vanessa bothered to deal with this like adults, directly, they would have heard a different story

plus, when you are supposedly F2, ride or die, loyal to the end with someone, why at the first sign of someone you do not have that deal with whispering in your ear, you going to believe them over your long time friend and ally? to me, i’d want vanessa and shelli out just for flip flop floating like that.

Austin City Limits

Looks like Austin’s series of unfortunate moves may be coming to an end unless he gets drawn for the Veto and wins it. In review:

1. Buddied up with the obnoxious Jace, and nearly got ruined by that.
2. Talked too much to Jeff and Vanessa bailed him out of that.
3. Fell in love with Liz and started making even dumber mistakes.
4. Coup de grace: telling Jason about the twins and coming up with a scheme to get rid of Julia, which is just so stupid in so many ways.


Don’t forget about voting to evict John over Audrey so the house will think Steve is America’s player. . Vanessa and the twins know and Vanessa is going to tell Shelli and Clay. That plan lasted less than 1 day.

I survived last seasons BB

Julie tells Vanessa that Austin’s alter ego is Judas in the diary room. He says that it was Judas not Austin

Too funny !! The idiot gets betrayed by the Twin of His lovesick crush (Liz) and He gets evicted because of His babbling about some doofus alter-ego


Austin is a tool. Just like Caleb. Thinking Liz would like him. Won’t shave his hair, it’s a moral thing. Really? It would look better than the rats nest he tries to straighten all day long.


I watched a 2011 video of younger Austin. His hair was half as long and straight-ironed. It looked better. He looked like a Fabio. I think he’s gone into “yogi” world too far. I liked him until this last dumb stuff.


this is really nothing like Caleb. Caleb did all that with someone who barely talked to him, and was never alone with him, and gave him 1000 signals that she wasn’t interested, including telling him she wasn’t interested.

watch some After Dark or feeds, with Liz. iF she is not interested in Austin, she is doing a bad job of letting him know that. She eats with him, sleeps with him, snuggles with him, holds hands with him, talks to him one on one all the time, tells him she likes him a lot, tells him she didn’t like Jeff and that Jeff was creeping on her, she at no time has told him his attention was unwelcome, nor backed away from it, or anything else. in fact she admits that she is doing everything to show him she is interested in him, very much so.

that is nothing like the Caleb situation. she also never tells anyone else that she isn’t interested in him, only Julia isn’t interested in him romantically. there is a HUGE difference here, there is absolutely NO reason given what Liz is doing around Austin for him to think anything other than she is completely and totally interested in him.


I agree. Liz brought any “unwanted” attention from Austin on herself.


Yes. Liz is leading Austin on but he’s coming off as pathetic as Caleb because he is too arrogant to even consider that he is being used and she has no real interest in him. She has said she intends to play with her sister and that is where her only true loyalty lies. This week couldn’t work out better for her than if Austin goes out the door as Julia comes in.


What you said, “he idiot gets betrayed by the Twin of His lovesick crush (Liz) and He gets evicted because of His babbling about some doofus alter-ego” is HILARIOUS! Brilliant.


I hope this week goes as planned and Austin is gone !!
PS Simon/Dawg, I love your own thoughts in brackets when reading this site, honestly
they are some of the funniest things on your site 🙂

brotalk to human dictionary

I’m confused.
Did Vanessa ask Julia if she was going to conceal Austin’s vote from Liz? Hinging the plan on twins in the game lying to each other?


Come on operation back door Austin! Get this no good, wannabe Judas creeper character out of here! Free the twins from his nasty clutches lol! Karma Judas-sticking & twisting the knife in the old back door on out!

Zack attack take over!

Finally J-Mac the muppet gets a break! I am really looking forward to this week playing out. It will be super interesting to see Austin go out via Jackie. I cheered when she won the HOH. I actually am rooting for Julia and not Liz. Julia may be a bigger bitch but she will not play Liz game when she comes in next week. Looks like it will be a good week.

No takeover this week? AGAIN? They said every week?


Hopefully Clay throws the BOB so Vanessa can remain HOH and then she can backdoors Jackie


Said no one ever…


While I want Jackie to remain HOH, it would be amazing to see Clay sweat on the block under Vanessa’s reign.

Austin can leave the house without fame, jury fucking, and going to his girlfriend.

unanimous 2

I’d think it would be even better if Clay gets evicted this week.

Ian's lament

I still confused as to why it was question comps in back to back weeks. I was sure this would be an endurance week. This season I am positive is being geared towards a female winner. AG has also been showing blatant favoritism towards the LGBT community.Andy Herein runs game. Frankie treated like a little prince by production. Audrey given special treatment. Vanessa is going to intimidate her way to final 2. I have no issues with women or gay but I hate these agendas. So transparent and douche


I think it’s still questions and not endurance because of the Battle of the Block. It would take too much time to tear down an endurance comp and still be ready for BOB.
Once BOB is done, then you will see endurance.

BB Drafter

I doubt there will be any endurance challenges while the BOB is still around. Once BOB goes away, they will have a few endurance HOH challenges.

Twin Fan

Get Shellie and Clay OUT. Austin will be easy to get out. I hope
Clay loses BOB and then Vanessa puts up Shellie with him. The whole dynamic of the game will change. Plus JohnMc can win it all..!!


I want Shelli and Clay out. Clay loses BOB then Vanessa puts Shelli up next to him after Veto. Austin can be sent packing next week. Get Shelli out. Clay can’t win anything.


Is james smart enough to throw the BOB comp? It takes some skill to tank and not make it seem so obvious. So many things could go wrong. It seems this plan to get rid of Austin is too good to be true. Someone or something will f##k it all up. Hopefully Austin goes, but I dont wanna get my hopes up.


I hope that Austin gets backdoor.

I don´t understand the hole thing about shelli and clay. why people treat them like royalty??


Oh my goddddddd, please don’t get of Austinnnnnnn. He’s my protectorrrrrrrr, I mean seriouslyyyyyyy.

I survived last seasons BB

11:55am – 12:15pm In the bathroom – Austin tells James that the plan is in motion to get Steve out and it will be unanimous because he won’t be voting. He annoys the f**k out of me.

Hey Austin..Now You know how We feel about You, ..And trust Me its unanimous…LOL

Van the man

I really think that Vanessa is doing all this but really when it comes to the vote and it James and Austin she’s going to try and flip it to get the original to vote out James then the lines will really be drawn

JMac Attack

Yeah, if I was Johnny Mac, I would have gone to bed early, too. If he stays up, he gets put on the block so he can throw the BOB. It was too close for comfort for him last week.


Vanessa is overplaying her hand, and hopefully she gets caught, and out the door.
I really don’t think Jackie trusts Vanessa,{ I hope she is just playing along,} she knows what Vanessa and Austin did to Jeff, and she told him she would revenge him, she couldn’t put Vanessa on the block, so Austin was her second target. Vanessa, Shelli, & Clay I hope are underestimating some of these players. I hope it bites them in the derriere!

Stop stealing my nic damnit! - AKA "Twistin for the win!"

Ok – so Austin officially smoked Caleb in the “creep” department with “Austin says that might be the dumbest move in history .. him not taking the opportunity to feel those goods.” I’m so grossed out I can’t even finish my afternoon cup of DD coffee! What a nail-polish wearing pervert. Shit’s gross.

Did he really say that? I don’t have the feeds.


While I am enjoying this BB season, I’m still having a hard time finding a favorite in this group! There are no stand-out personalities this season! No Dr. Will, Boogie, Jeff & Jordan, Rachel & Brendan, Evil Dick, etc. When this season is over I won’t remember one cast member. Ugh!


Even though she’s not your favorite, I’ll bet you’ll never forget Audrey. lol


True! Lol

waka waka

Thats the reason the last few seasons have been not so great, because production has been casting personalities over game players. I’d rather remember the big moves over the players. Some fans probably don’t remember Marvin, and possibly maybe Nakomis, but ‘back-dooring’ players has become a staple of this game.

is it just me

sort of off topic but is anyone else annoyed with Jason.
Him crying that “that bitch” didn’t let me win HOH was something else
Ummm correct me if i’m wrong but its only because of “that bitch” that you are still in the house to cry about it and not watching the next episode from your momma’s basement you fruitloop dungeon troll.
Had she not used the veto he would of been sent packing. And to show his grattitude he badmouths her that she didn’t let him win hoh wtf


I really do not get the obsession with Jason. He does nothing else but whine around. I don’t really have any favourites but I just don’t like the whole Jason, Meg, James, Jackie crew… they just give me the vibe of being very entitled. Meg whines and complains non-stop b/c she might be put on the block.. umm Meg win something and then you won’t go on the block!

Good Grief eh

He does display narcissistic personality traits. Me. Me. Me. His answer during the live eviction about not wanting to sit on the block in his white outfit. Good grief eh.

Oh My

sure wish the girl’s spent more time with Audrey to learn how to put their make-up on right, that girl did know how to do it right made her look great got to give her credit for that.


well she sure looked like hell without any on!


ok one question if Austin goes home this week
in steve an Julia or liz wins hoh
who the target that what I want to happen
they do know only one person win this game do they
im about 50-50 on Austin going home cause when he goes
whos the target everybody be friends the safest person in that house that wont get send home to me is johnny mac and meg to me shelly an vennssa is untrustworthy they will throw any body under the bus they talk about Austin not telling them what about the time shelly want to backdoor Austin in the time you told clay an shelly you don’t trust Austin that’s when shelly said she don’t trust Austin I do no think vennssa going to win this game
I think Jason or meg will figure her out in clay an shelly will turn watch

Are you for real?

OMG, learn spelling, grammar, and punctuation or please do us all a favor and don’t post here anymore!

judd's granny

bully alert;!


haven’t played BOB and pretty much everyone knows Austin is the backdoor target

good luck keeping that quiet.

Sarah's weed stash

I personally hope James and Liz win BOB and Austin wins POV and Clay walks out the door with not a single comp win under his belt.


In that picture of Shelly, doesn’t she look like Spock’s blonde love child? (lol)


Hoping the creeper Austin is sent packing. Your alter ego, hat wearing Judas is not at all entertaining, just weird.

The golden power of chetto

After Audrey, Austin is the second biggest cancer in this house. If they can get rid of him, the twins will be voted out back to back unless one wins HOH.


Don’t you dare think that Vanessa trusts Jackie fully as of yet. Why do u think she said to her that “anyone who has me as back up backdoor plan that would be f’ing betrayal”

Nessa knows very well Jackie could be thinking of backdooring her still. She is telling her “bring it bitch” and you will be having breakfast with Jeff Friday morning in his flea bag apt.

Jackie should be loyal to Nessa it is her ONLY chance to go to final four in this game.


Jackie needs an alliance with Vanessa like she needs a hole in her head.

Vanessa’s previous two closest allies were Audrey and Austin, and she just sent one home and now wants to get rid of the other one.


Austin like the guy in class that thinks he cooler then he really is he be bustin mad jokes hitting on the lady’s making nicknames for himself. But in reality he annoying as hell not funny and all the lady’s think he gross #friendzonedandhedunevenknowit


Soooo question….If Austin played for the veto and won, and used the veto on Liz, couldn’t they still put Austin up?
He would be using the veto on her, not himself. How can winning the veto gaurentee the safety of the person he uses it on AND himself??


If you are the veto holder, you are safe unless you were on the block and didn’t use it on yourself. That’s one of the rules of the game.


Somehow it does. Your safe if you win veto even if you use it or not.


Whoever wins the Veto can not be nominated, they are safe. So if Austin plays in Veto, wins the veto, he is safe no matter what, and can then save Liz.

Austin's Hat

I hope hgs realise that Austin is not as big of a threat as Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay.

Twistin' for the win has no job or life

Why is everything Becky says so friggin’ boring? No wonder all she has is “exes” and she says she needs this show to get her dating life going. I don’t think she helping herself being a boring twat who thinks she knows everything bout every topic that is brought up. Then when she starts talking everyone falls asleep.

Nice fake jugs. Decent looking. Boring as death. Rather hang myself than spend a hour with her.


gotta love liz now. so funny how she is secretly totally grossed out by austin. wtf was she thinking lol?