Big Brother 16 – Devin says “I know in my heart what I need to do, I want to send Donny home”

POV Holder: ? Next POV June 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: Frankie HOH Winner Team 2: Caleb
Battle of the Block Winner Brittany, Victoria Next HOH/ Next BOB ?
Original Nominations: Caleb noms (Donny, Paola) Frankie noms (Brittany, Victoria)
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Cody, Hayden, Joey, Brittany
POV Players Donny, Paola, Cody, Zach, Caleb, Victoria (HOST = Jocasta)

Big-Brother-16-2014-06-27 03-56-36-554

3:50am Up in the HOH room – Frankie gets ready for bed and climbs in to the “birds nest” with Caleb. They turn on the spy screen and flip through the 3 camera views. Frankie tells Caleb about how Amber was cleaning alone in the kitchen for an hour and a half.

4am Camera 1 & 2 In the living room – Nicole, Jocasta and Brittany are praying. Jocasta is leading the prayer and asking god for protection over the people in the house. After praying they chat about random things for a bit and then head to bed.

4am – 4:50am Camera 3 & 4 In the hive room – Devin is talking to Amber about how bad he feels about how Donny will likely be the one going home. Devin says it hit him hard when Donny said that he fell in love with the love he’s gotten in the house because he doesn’t get that at home. Devin says that really got to me. Devin says part of me hopes Donny wins the veto tomorrow. Devin says that he doesn’t want to send Paola home because she’s a weak player. Did you see how fast she gave up. I want to back door Joey. Devin says you send Paola home ..then no one will care but it will make it harder because she’s a weak player. We keep her here we can put her up week after, week after week. Devin says Donny would have to go home eventually too, unless there’s a jury of 9 then he could come too. I think he has your back and my back too.

Devin says the only logical thing I can do is to backdoor Joey and send her home. Why are we sending Donny home? Because we think he is dangerous but we don’t know for sure or not and we won’t know until we go home and watch. Joey tried to start an all girls alliance. Amber says what worries me is that she came out and said that but what if there was really a girls alliance. Devin says don’t say anything ..lets just wait and see how the POV plays out. Then after maybe the three of us go up there and talk. Amber says that obviously everyone has to go home, its just a matter of when. Devin says you don’t think I know I am playing too hard and too fast… but I am doing it because we have strength in numbers. Devin stops and says you know what after talking to you .. I know in my heart what I need to do. I want to send Donny home because he is another male and he is a warrior. We want weak players here. Devin says if we win the POV and have the ability to pull Donny or Paola off and back door Joey. Then we go to Donny and say if we save your a$$ this week then you can’t put up any of the 8 of us. (The Bomb Squad Alliance) Because if you do win HOH and put up any of the 8 then we will dethrone you and send your a$$ home.

Devin talks to Amber about not having feelings for anyone in the house. He says this is just business, I have a two year old daughter that I am doing this for. Amber thinks that sending people home will get easier. Devin says it won’t get easier, it will get harder. Devin and Amber hug and leave the hive room.


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4:10am – 4:50am Camera 1 & 2 Brittany and Nicole get up and head to the bathroom. They talk about how they can’t sleep and think about taking a shower. Brittany decides to put on a pot of coffee. She then starts cleaning the bathroom. Devin and Amber join them. Devin says he’s going to lay down in the havenot room. (He’s not a havenot but thinks the other sheets are too dirty and refuses to sleep on the other beds.)

Big-Brother-16-2014-06-27 04-49-05-263

5:20am – 5:50am Cameras 1 & 2 Nicole, Amber and Brittany talk about how they can’t sleep. Nicole says that she wants to sit in the living room. Amber and Brittany follow. Amber tells them she’s going to bed. Nicole complains about being stuck in “the dungeon”. I’m going to be stuck there the whole time. Brittany asks do you know how you’re going to vote? Nicole says no. Brittany says its hard you know. Paolo asked me if I would vote for her. I love her but… Nicole suggests they go into the bee room to talk and do their makeup. They head into the hive room. Brittany says I feel so bad for Pao. It’s a crappy feeling. It totally sucks. And then I felt bad for Donny too. Nicole says I know me too. Brittany says there something about him, something mysterious.. I don’t know what it is. Brittany says I don’t want to have to go in the havenot room now with that monster (Devin). Nicole says no he’s not. Brittany asks what’s that one movie The Green Mile. Nicole asks Fried Green Tomatoes? Brittany laughs and says no… Its that movie that takes place in jail. They laugh. They start talking and laughing about the crinkling blankets. Nicole comments on how she thinks Donny slept right through it. Brittany says she doesn’t think Donny will be going home.
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Well it looks like Zach is in Frankie’s good graces now…


Who is in the “Bomb-Squad Alliance”?


Too many, it’s about half the house.


Too many, over half of the house.

Killer K

Whats up Simon and Dawg!! Summer is officially underway way! Love the revamped site!


i think, frankie/zack/caleb/cody/derrick/devin/amber/christine


You know I was just thinking if Victoria can’t sleep in the same room as men I wonder what she will do if she becomes a have not cause there is a chance it wouldn’t be all girl have nots .


So anyone know why Frankie put up Victoria? They seemed very Chummy last night on the show?


Wait, I’m pretty sure Donny wasn’t the 2nd to fall off??? I think he was like 5th.


Caleb nominated the first girl and the first guy to fall off the log (on his team)


Why is Devin talking as if he is HOH? I don’t get it at all, but he talks as if he is the one controlling the noms and deciding who gets backdoored…


I hated him in the interviews, and i just hate him more on the show LOL. ugh good lord.


I was thinking the same thing. I was thinking did I miss something. Devin’s a little too arrogant for me. I still don’t understand why he is not playing baseball anymore


He’s not playing baseball anymore because he wasn’t good enough. He played in the minor league not the major league. He left that out so he can brag he plays “pro” baseball.

Day Yum Yum

He is not playing baseball anymore because he had a drug/alcohol problem and the St. Louis Cardinals put him in rehab then cut him loose shortly thereafter. And along those lines most addicts are dual diagnosed, thus we are seeing his bipolar, manic- depressive illness at full steam right now!

Amanda's dog Woofy

These guys are all closet cases, except Donny. They all love Frankie.


A Guy that is secure with his masculinity has no problems being friendly with a gay guy! The closeted ones would be more likely to make fun and be scared of him..


Hey! Just wanted to ask, will you be uploading videos this season or just pictures?
Thank you! Appreciate all you do! 🙂


Hey Jay, No videos for the US shows CBS doesn’t allow it.


I hope Caleb in team America alliance so he will made in final 2 either Amber or Derrick!! Frankie will end up America favorite houseguest because of Ariana Grande!!!


i know it’s early and the talk will change hourly, but it’s not lookin’ good for donny or joey, two of my favorites in the house (so far). i hope one of them wins the veto and uses it on the other – i’d rather see pow pow, chad, devin, caleb, or jacosta go out first.

nicole, derrick, christine, amber and hayden might surprise me, but again, it’s early. all in all, a great cast this year, what a relief! (whew!)


I don’t even know what is going on. I just really hope Donny goes home, because Pow Pow is hilarious.


Frankie PowPow Brittany Zach Victoria Christine are the next people i want gone asap.


As much as I like Donny and don’t want to see him go, Pow Pow staying should keep things a bit more interesting. The out come of Veto has to happen first tho I suppose


Why are they already targeting Joey? Do they know she’s part of team America? did I miss something?


Sounds like she outed the all girls alliance. Or at least got blamed for it.


I just wanted to say hey to Simon and Dawg….Hey guys the site looks great. I’m looking forward to an eventful Big Brother summer and you guys and your awesome updates and everyones opinionated comments make it even more fun to follow. Its a different game when you follow whats going on in the feeds. So far some people like Devin are playing hard and fast…its fun to see them crash and burn which usually happens rather quickly, Thanks in advance for the great job you guys do….I’ll be donating next payday!!!!!


Hey Scallywag glad you are back for another fun year!


For the life of me I don’t understand why do people keep these weak players in the game. This strategy backfires every time and a weak contestant always win Big Brother


If you’re a guy who plans to “win every competition and throw nothing” like Caleb, why would your target be a floater like Donny who will most likely vote with the HOH every week.

JulieChen's Little Chen



My early takes thus far:
Frankie is like nails on a chalkboard!!
With respect Brittany defines a MILF!
Amber looks just like LoLo Jones an Olympic hurdler .
TV is making Victoria out to be a horrible human being-not even top 5 of the best looking.
Zach is a giant tool.
Donny and Derrick seem like good guys!

I think the token old guy Donny is gone unless of course he gets veto,


Am I missing the benefit to getting rid of Donny? He seems benign.


I suspect Devin wants him out before he outs the fact that Devin is making alliances with everyone and their mother. But then again Devin just can’t resist doing that all on his own.


Just curious if Frankie has told anyone who his sister is yet?

How long before he slips up y’all think?


I know that he’s anxiously awaiting to find somebody that he can trust so that he can drop that bombshell on them. Unfortunately, it will lead to his demise very quickly on the show.


I have no idea who Arianna Grande is…..and I read that there is video footage of Caleb doing very cruel things to animals? Not sure, but that is what I read.


A lot has happened we don’t know about, so the alliances we saw from the 1st episode probably didn’t last… BUT Devin is a snake if he has a hand in getting Donny out. I can see him getting a villain edit for backstabbing his Double D alliance. Donny comes off great on the telecast. I wanna know how Devin “lost it” which I have heard referred to on the feeds but not gotten the details.


and what’s the deal with devin outing his “secret alliance” with donny??? wasn’t that their original strategy, to keep quiet because no one would suspect their teaming up?

devin is working his way to my short list for hg’s i’d like to see evicted before jury, and way ahead of joey or donny…

Teri B

Is it my imagination or is the the exact same crew as last year (and the year before) only the names and faces have changed? Token gay guy….country guy w/beard….hunks….beauty queens…..token hispanic girl….”typical” new york girl…..and so on.

Anyone else bored with this? I’m not even sure I’ll watch this season. Sorry if this has been posted before. Cheers Simon and Dawg….great to have you doing what you do SO WELL!


Thanks Dawg & Simon for helping me get back on the site after I forgot my the new look..its going to be an amazing summer!!!




SIMON, you welcomed me back to the site the other day, but I forgot to tell you that I never left. I was there with you on BBCanada2, I just didn’t make any posts

BB15 Howard's Fedora

Woo! Great to be back on here for another season 🙂

This season is shaping up real nicely. Would be a bummer to lose Joey this early on but I want to see Donny stay.

I have a feeling Paola is going to win POV


I want to see Caleb go home soon