Andy asks if someone can ask for a Diamond Power Of Veto for him so he can put Candice up.

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 27th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, GINAMARIE (MVP – America)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


(FYI – the live feed time stamp is wrong. It is 2 hours 13 minutes behind.)

CBS Interactive Inc.

12:35pm In the kitchen – Andy is talking to Candice. He says that he watched a number of the seasons before coming in here and made a list of the top reasons why people were evicted in the beginning of the game. He says that the top 2 reasons were not making big enough connections with people and playing to hard too fast. Andy says think about it – David didn’t make personal connections with people, Nick played to hard too fast, Jeremy played to hard too fast! Boom Boom BOOM!

Meanwhile out by the pool – Helen and Kaitlin are talking about the twist. Helen says that she doesn’t think the twist has happened yet. That it is going to be something totally different that what we think it is. Kaitlin agrees. Over by the backyard couch Amanda is impersonating Jessie trying to clean up and no one helping her.



1pm In the kitchen – Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jessie and Amanda are talking about random things and making food / eating. Kaitlin says how bad would it be if the twist was that all three of us got evicted at the same time and – David, Nick and Jeremy walked back in the door. The conversation turns to talking about how Katilin said she was asexual. She laughs and says that Jeremy was so upset he had to have a conversation in the hammock with me about it because he thought I wasn’t attracted to him. Kaitlin says I am just going to go ahead and throw up the sign for him just in case he is watching.

CBS Interactive Inc.

1:20pm 1:45pmOut by the backyard pool – Aary, Candice, Howard, Andy, Kaitlin, McCrae and Helen are all hanging out sun tanning and talking about random things. They asks Amanda why she isn’t wearing her ring. Amanda says she didn’t want to get it wet and ruin it. Jessie joins them. All the girls start freaking out about a bug that keeps flying around them. Helen tries to swat it with a fly swatter. Andy comments that Howard hit it with his had and it was fine. Aaryn says okay that was traumatizing, why do bugs always want to mess with me. The conversation turns to talking about the havenot competition where they had to eat ice cream. Aaryn says when she saw it, she knew Gina was going to do good at it because when she eats ice cream she doesn’t even take breaths. Jessie asks how many week are in a month? 3 and a half or 4? Aaryn says next person that goes into the diary room should ask for tanning lotion. Andy says and a diamond power of veto for me. Andy says that he will wait a week and then use it on Candice when she is least expecting it. Amanda starts talking about he dog. She imitates how he acts when he’s in water. (See the photo below)

2pm – 2:10pm Howard and Candice get into the hammock together. Howard looks at her foot and asks if it has ringworm on it. Candice says no it doesn’t ringworm is raised up – Jeremy is gone and so is the ringworm. Candice says I feel like Ginamarie is blaming me for her mouth. She got herself put up not me. Howard tells Candice to just stay tight with Jessie and Andy. It broadens out chances of winning HOH and one of them going home. Howard says just be prepared for whatever it could be a crap shoot. I haven’t watched too many seasons but what I noticed was that they even out the game with the competitions.


2:15pm In the havenot room – Howard tells Spencer that Candice and Jessie both have said that they are on the same page with us wanting Amanda out. Howard tells Spencer that Amanda and McCrae are being super nice to people now that their bluff was called and they don’t have the numbers. Spencer says that he is going to head out to the backyard. Howard says yeah take over, it’s your shift. Spencer heads outside to join the others by the pool. Andy asks if being in the pool counts as a shower. Spencer says I think it counts. Candice says anything counts when you’re a havenot. Amanda says Ew, I smell like a slop ball.

2:30pm – 2:45pm Elissa and Helen head up to the HOH room and find Judd and Gina still sleeping. They head into the bathroom. Helen tells Elissa that she thinks Howard or Spencer might be the MVP. Helen says that it might be better to send Kaitlin home this week – She is more likely to win HOH and Aaryn will always go up a target. Elissa thinks that Kaitlin is more pliable. Helen says that Kaitlin told her today that Howard is playing both sides. Elissa says that she is going to see if she can talk to Candice. Helen tells her to wait until Howard isn’t around. I think Howard is lying to Candice. Elissa says Howard and Spencer are definitely working together. Helen says if we take out Howard, then Spencer and Candice will be alone so then we can get them to come work for us. Elissa says that she doesn’t think anyone would have voted Gina as MVP. Helen agrees and says that wasn’t the twist, there’s another twist coming. Elissa says that she (Kaitlin) said something to me and Amanda that was really immoral that I don’t even want to say and it makes me not even want to look at her any more. Elissa says that she (Kaitlin) told Amanda and I that she just got an abortion before coming on the show. The leave the HOH bathroom and talk to Judd and Gina in the other room. Helen and Elissa tell Gina that she isn’t going home. The head downstairs.

2:50pm – 3:10pm Out on the backyard lounger – Helen, Kaitlin and Elissa are whispering. They ask her what she thinks about who the MVP is. Elissa asks so you don’t think Spencer would have it. Kaitlin asks why would America vote for Spencer. Helen tells Kaitlin that people are telling her that Kaitlin is coming after her. Kaitlin says that’s bull sh*t. Helen says it’s fine because it makes it look like we aren’t working together. Kaitlin asks if she is okay. Helen says yes, Aaryn is going home. They comment how Gina thinks she might go home. Kaitlin says Gina doesn’t get it she is up to seal Aaryn’s fate. Elissa asks can we make a 2 or 3 week deal with you if we campaign for you to stay? Kaitlin says yeah for sure. Kaitlin says that Spencer is dead weight. Helen talks about getting Howard out next week. Kaitlin says that Candice is going to FREAK OUT! Helen says but we can’t let him know. Kaitlin says that she thinks the only reason why someone would nominate Elissa is because they would think if they got rid of you they would keep getting MVP. Kaitlin says I don’t think America would have voted for you. Helen tells Kaitlin to be careful of Aaryn because she will say anything to stay. Kaitlin says that she wants to confront Aaryn but won’t. Andy joins them. They asks Kaitlin if she misses Jeremy. Kaitlin says no not really, just to hang out with him. I am not heart broken like Ginamarie. We live so far apart, its not like we are going to date or anything. Kaitlin says that this is the first time she has been single in a long time.


3:10pm The camera switch to McCrae and Amanda in the kitchen – McCrae tells her we’ll talk about it later. Amanda says fine, it’s just annoying. Amanda comments that McCrae isn’t even annoyed or frustrated like she is. She says that it seems like he likes it. She says maybe this should have never have happened. McCrae says oh my god not at all. McCrae says that other people are all over each other and can put blame on others. McCrae says that’s strategizing, baby! McCrae doesn’t want for them to be seen as big targets. Gina joins them. Amanda tells her that she is totally fine, I’ve got you. Gina says thank you.

3:20pm – 3:35pm Candice joins Helen and Elissa out on the lounge chair. They talk to her about who the MVP could be. They are all confused. Candice talks about how Amanda and Gina were feuding last week. Candice says she really doesn’t know because she thought she was going up. Helen says or me. Candice says hopefully we find out during the live eviction. Helen wonders if one of the guys got it to even out the house because 3 guys just walked out. Candice says in her heart of hearts she thinks Amanda / McCrae were involved in the MVP in someway. Candice says that Aaryn was popping off at the mouth without a muzzle like she wasn’t going home. They talk about America being MVP. Helen thinks Aayrn was number 1 because they hate her and then everyone else is just decimals after her. Candice says that Aaryn is just doing random shaddy sh*t. Helen says that you, me and Elissa get along really well. Amanda and I don’t jive well, I talk to her the minimum that I have to.


3:40pm – 4:20pm In the bathroom – Kaitlin tells Aaryn that she just talked to Elissa and Helen and they told her that Gina is safe. Aaryn asks Kaitlin to tell her if she hears she is going home. Aaryn says that part of her game plan is to not talk any more. Kaitlin tells Aaryn she will tell her if she hears anything. Aaryn heads up to the HOH room and says that people in the backyard are talking game and says she doesn’t know what about, there were just a lot of hand gestures. Aaryn asks what do you think is going to happen? Do you think I am going home? Judd says I don’t think so. Aaryn asks can you tell me if I need to campaign. I don’t want to go home over Ginamarie who just mopes around. Aaryn says that this has been a dream of mine and I don’t want to go home. Judd tells Aaryn that he only put her up as a pawn. Judd asks Jessie if she is voting out Aaryn. Jessie says I was never voting her out. Aaryn tells them that they can lie and say you voted me out because that sh*t works around here. Aaryn says I am at the bottom of the barrel right now and I need all the help I can get. Judd cautions Judd to tell people whatever they want to hear. Aaryn says that she wants to work with him. Judd says that was my plan all along. Judd tells Aaryn that Helen has been talking about keeping you. Jessie says I’ve heard that too. Aaryn says that she will not talk and just be fun the next few days. I will just hide out and I think everything will be fine. Aayrn says that Candice and I had the biggest fight in here and all it took was her saying one nice sentence to me and then we were good. Judd tells Aaryn that he owes her one. Aaryn says if I stay I will be the most loyal person ever. Aaryn says once people feel secure in their numbers they vote Elissa out. They comment on how Elissa has been acting crazy lately. Aaryn says that Elissa has been tormenting me, every time I take my adderall medication says tells people its blaspheme. She thinks that’s the only reason why I am good at anything. Judd asks does she think that about Amanda too? Aaryn says no. Judd tells Aaryn that he feels pretty safe for her. They discuss the votes. Aaryn doesn’t think she has the votes but Judd says Helen really wants you to stay. Jessie says that she definitely doesn’t want Elissa making it to jury. Judd says she would be the most bitter jury member ever. Aaryn says if I ever made it to the end with anyone they would win over me. Aaryn says I left a hosting job to come here and that was my dream job. Jessie comments that she owes her mom $3000 and won’t even break even for another couple weeks. Judd says if Gina doesn’t want to be here then why force her to be here. Aaryn says that my mindset was to not be the person that everyone likes, just like how Jordan made it to the end. People want likeable people out now. In my real life I am a real likeable person. Aaryn says maybe the twist is that the MVP thing is over ..then we will bulldoze this bit*h! Helen comes up and Aaryn says oh we aren’t even talking .. Aaryn leaves. Helen tells Judd and Jessie that Elissa told her that Kaitlin was coming after her.. We need to figure out who needs to go… Let me go get Elissa. We all need to be on the same page.


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7 Seven 7

Andy the ultimate floater “Can someone ask for a diamond power of veto for me” That is like asking can someone win a HoH for me so I can put up..


It’ll be interesting seeing if Kaitlyn goes or Aaryn does this week. I personally think Kaitlyn is a better competitor, and no one likes Aaryn so she’d be perfect to bring to the end. But either way, lines will be drawn in the Superfriends alliance!


No, I don’t even think Kaitlin is any better than Aaryn. She said she was being dragged down by Aaryn and GM. Well, Kaitlin, you CHOSE to hang around with Aaryn and GM. And I noticed that she once again chose to hang out with the same girls for the froyo contest. She chose to swap spit with a d-bag. You are who you hang out with. Not feeling at ALL sorry that Kaitlin is up on the block.

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

@Barb I was cracking up here , I have noticed herharsh Sharpie eyebrows since day one and I post here under this name because only an idiot would appear on tv with charcoal looking eyebrows. Hahahhahahaha.
And you are right, she is a piece of trash and is now blaming who she associated with. She is ” flour from the same rotten bag ” . She is trying to save her Sharpie mug. She should step up and Sharpie around her lips too, to look like a total crack head.


Sharpie eyebrows and 2 – TWO – hair extension pieces.


I would love to know what you look like hmm

Me Again

And one other thing — Kristin Stewart looks like a man if you stare long enough at her too, and looks high in all her pictures fail. So I wish people would stop comparing Jeremy and Kaitlin to Jacob and Bella. Because that just means, Kaitlin that some older and wiser guy will fall for you, you’ll marry him, and Jeremy will want to date your one year old baby.


I can GUARANTEE that Kaitlin is a lot hotter than 99% of the people who post here. So stop bashing like you’re beautiful

Me again

I can 99% guarantee you that I don’t give a sh&t how pretty you think Kaitlin looks. And since when do we care about being polite here, anyway? It’s a snark board, get over it.


You know it’s none of my business you like manly looking women. But more power to ya.


There’s really nothing special about Kaitlin with all if you do take off the sharpie eyebrows. She really just looks like a man if I look at her face too long.

Wpg Fan

Plus hair extensions as well. I saw her getting ready this morning and she picked up what looked like a fake beard, I’m thinking what the heck is that? Then she started to tie it to the back of her head. Duh


Actually, I have told my gf and also my mom a week ago that Kaitlin looks like a MAN, a cross-dresser, when she’s all made up with the red lipstick and the wavy hair. Not hot at all.

Maybe she just doesn’t know how to apply makeup. Too much, for one.

But she does have manly features.


yeah but most guys would put her in the 10-9 category and you.. well I bet my lucky penny you wish u were in there


And I thought I was the only one who noticed those eyebrows from hell! I hate her ’cause of those brows first and then being a royal pain only increases my distaste for that woman!


Kaitlin’s getting fat.

i’m sure i’ll get a lot of thumbs down because U.S. is such a fat country that Kaitlin’s a toothpick compared to many.

But she is getting fat.

In the ass.


I like a nice badonkadonk



Stuff like this is why women (and more and more men) are developing eating disorders. Kaitlin is beautiful. It’s normal that under stressful conditions people might put on weight (every heard of the Freshman 15?)

Btw: I’m an adult male and under 150 lbs. I recognize that many Americans have weight problems, but I’m not one of them, and neither is Kaitlin.

Sorry if I sound like a jerk, but I have beautiful female friends who have suffered from eating disorders for years because of unrealistic expectations from family, society, and themselves. I’ve also dealt with stuff like this professionally, and it sickens me the amount of self-loathing that can occur because these girls take other people’s careless perceptions of them to heart.

Whether you like Kaitlin as a player or not, recognize that statements like these have ripple effects, and other women (and some men) reading things like this might look at Kaitlin and think, “She’s considered fat? Then I’m a cow!” When that is simply not the case.


Well put! I 100% agree!

Tax Obama

Kaitlyn looks great.


This is the first Big Brother season where I dislike more players than I like. Usually there are only one or two that I don’t like. These people are so unlikable.


I know there is no rule against making up your life story before going into the BB House (including job, age, marital status, etc.) but I’m sick of people claiming to be something so successful or humanitarian and knowing blatantly that they are not what they are claiming and they look like a$$holes by even thinking they would get away with it. Case in point: Candiace claims she is a children’s speech therapist but the constant use of the work ‘huh’ is very low-level education, considered rude, and would not be used by someone in that profession. This girl’s mouth gets bigger and her flaws get more glaring. She is loud, and her voice is so annoying. She is really nasty and funky and I haven’t seen her wash much. Blechhh. Can’t wait til her skanky ass gets the boot (among other).



In response to Name says: I’m enjoying McCrea saying he’s a pizza delivery person and saying that delivering pizza is his only aspiration in life… when in reality he’s more than a pizza delivery person. Genius! 🙂

Name says:

July 22, 2013 at 2:01 pm

I know there is no rule against making up your life story before going into the BB House (including job, age, marital status, etc.) but I’m sick of people claiming to be something so successful or humanitarian and knowing blatantly that they are not what they are claiming and they look like a$$holes by even thinking they would get away with it. Case in point: Candiace claims she is a children’s speech therapist but the constant use of the work ‘huh’ is very low-level education, considered rude, and would not be used by someone in that profession. This girl’s mouth gets bigger and her flaws get more glaring. She is loud, and her voice is so annoying. She is really nasty and funky and I haven’t seen her wash much. Blechhh. Can’t wait til her skanky ass gets the boot (among other).


I really think you’re overestimating McCrea – he’s no genius. Just a slacker.


I would not be a bit surprised that Candice is not exactly what she says she is. The girl was Miss Louisiana USA and Miss Louisiana Teen USA so I am sure she got quite a bit of money when she won both titles.


I actually work at the same hospital candice works in houston: Texas Children’s hospital. she is an intelligent and smart girl, leave her alone.


So cool! Is that also the hospital that Dr. Jen from The Little Couple works at?


Name, that sounds so judgmental and mean-spirited. Are you Aaryn’s sister/brother? Could you please post your mug here so we can judge you by the standard you have set for others? Thanks


Sorry to disappoint you, but Candice is a speech therapist. In addition to her pageant titles, she was also a cheerleader for the New Orleans Saints.


Really….you are forgetting that Candice is not at work or in a professional setting. She is on a reality show called Big Brother…maybe you heard of it? Also uttering “huh” hardly deems someone as unintelligent and having as you say a “low -level education”. I happen to talk to my employer and my professors differently than how I talk to my friends in a social setting.

Jeremy Looks Like Shrek

@Name-a speech therapist helps with the proper pronunciation of letters and words. It really has nothing to do with taking pauses between words.


I don’t expect anybody to read this but it would be appreciated: To the people who responded to my commentary on Candace earlier, I was misquoted by one of you: I did not state that she was unintelligent, or uneducated:
Maybe what I was projecting on Candace that I’d like to see her set a more assertive example for others based on the information she’s given us.
She alone had and has the ability to rise above what happened without the constant protection and neediness of Howard.
She could set a better example for others: because I do have a certain amount of respect for her as with all people who give others respect.
I certainly would not propose to call any of these particular people unintelligent.
The all have game.
It’s just one dynamic I chose to comment on today and I am not very ”popular’, I know but I don’t strive for popularity so that is OK.
Thanks – Don’t forget I’m human too.


By the way, I just realized how hilarious that comment was. Right on. @HUH?

Kayla J

“She is really nasty and funky and I haven’t seen her wash much.”

Well, well, well, Pot… meet kettle. I mean, did you even bother to proof read your sentence before posting it? You are the epitome of “low grade and uneducated”
oh! and deep down, you are also a pervert.
“I haven’t seen her wash yet”. .. So stupid.


anyone think it’s hilarious that gina marie is napping with judd alone in the hoh room after being nominated when gm is the one person judd actually wanted to go this week?


judd now has gina as pitbull to help knock off amanda

gina hated the way amanda and mccrae disrespected judd this weekend using his room and food whilst judd was in solitary and blamed amanda


“How bad would it be if the twist was that all three of us got evicted at the same time and – David, Nick and Jeremy walked back in the door.”………I’d say pretty damn hysterical!


CBS dominated SUNDAY nite’s ratings… HQ is on air!!!!!!!

60 Minutes was strong, BB had a strong demographic
and not much of a drop-off but Good Wife at 9 p.m looked
“wet blanket” by comparison. BB’s sunday numbers are
almost as good as BB’s 9 p.m show peak thursday numbers.

Zap2it had the Nielsons for each primetime hour of CBS NBC ABC + FOX


Only reason that BB is doing good in the ratings is because they are going up against reruns. No big surprise there.

Jean A.D.

a few weeks back (correct me if i am very wrong)
BB on CBS was being smucked by the reruns on the
other three mainstream channels. the leap of 10%
between one thursday and the next thursday does
suggest that if a similar increase happens this thursday
as aaryn is to be most likely evicted, CBS will try to keep
up the momentum despite the PC incorrect brouhaha!!!!!!


Better line up on Thursday on some days than others. No surprise there.

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

Homegirl Kaitlin needs professional help, this trick has been paranoid about everything, now she thinks that there will be some twist taking three losers out and bringing three losers in, when it does not even make sense since the three a holes already know what is going on because they are now watching…
This beach not only has the nastiest Sharpie Chola Eyebrows, but she is also psychotic.

Elissa's cute little dimples

Ha, ha, ha, love the eyebrows blurb!


Wpg Fan

Elissa should be voted Most Shallow. She just walks away from conversations without even a reply! The arrogance! She thinks she is above everyone else. Send her back to her husband next week! Go Jessie 😛


Out of curiosity has anyone come across any photos online of Elissa’s husband or kids?

Wpg Fan

Her husband is originally from Regina Sk (White city). I grew up an hour away from there. Not sure what he sees in her, she’s a golddigger..


She said her husband was 40! BS, that guy has to be close to 60!!! She must of married him for money, and not sure what he married her for. UGH!


(CatSheyld) I would say money plays a major part of the relationship. On the flip side she’s probably a real sweetheart to him. He owns a medium sized business so he’s most likely working day and night.. I always thought they were married for longer than a year … learn something new every day.. lol (/CatSheyld)


LOL I could barely read that, so the cat people won’t be able to see it.


opps I had it in blockqoutes..

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

f**K that is just too funny…

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

will one of you lovelies give me the low down on the new alliances?? I have been out of it for two days and there is soooooo much to catch up on!


I wouldn’t necessarily say money is the basis for their marriage. That makes her sound like a gold digger. I do think that she wanted an old fashioned/traditional type of marriage where the husband provides. In this day and age, that would require that he has a decent income. Also, I do not know about where they live in Canada, but I do not believe that the cost of living where they are in NC is real high…therefore, I would not jump to the conclusion that she is rich. They are definitely well off. For the person who said that he looks 60, I say WOW! I haven’t seen many 60 year old men that look that good. He is definitely 40ish.

old man

If you think that looks good, you need glasses. He is definitely upward of 50, and she is 27. Um that is a golddigger.


She is 27 he looks around 50. It’s for love and not the money, ya right lol


Some men like a trophy wife.They don’t care.Other than too much botox, I think she’s a pretty young woman and at least she seems to do something with herself like in the case of her yoga and fitness.


He looks better in the pic with her and the kids. Maybe his weight goes up and down because of work stress.
Thanks for the photo link, I was wondering what he looked like after reading the comments.
He’s not that bad, just some bad pics. I think she needs to stop messing with her face and do yoga with him instead.


Thanks Guys!

I don’t think the yoga guy in the photo with her & Rachel is her husband, from what I can tell her husband is quite a bit older than that gentleman. From looking at photos she def married for $$ and not looks…not shocking, someone has to pay for those boobs & botox.

Her wedding website said about their proposal:

“Everyone would be too jealous to know how I got proposed to. YES IT WAS THAT AMAZING!!”…………. *gag*

And not that anyone cares but they had 3 receptions in 3 different countries….I am thinking she is not on this show for the 500k either….


Yea the old dude in the 1wst link Simon posted was her husband, and yea she obviously married for the money, just look at him, that’s what the gambling industry calls a “whale”….


I always find it so amusing that women (or men) who marry for money take so much s**t. So if somebody loves somebody for some mixture of physical attractiveness, their intelligence, their sense of humor, their similar interests, or enjoyment of the same activities, this is deemed as both true and substantial. But if somebody also includes the lifestyle and security a successful spouse can provide and that their success might also signify ambition (another attractive quality) and if they are older, they might be much more settled in life (and less likely to stray), this is somehow derided as being a gold digger.

It’s absolutely ridiculous. If my wife loves me because I’m smart and funny or because I’m highly ambitious and in a career that will provide security and comfort, there is no difference between the all the purely subjective attributes. One is not more meaningful or substantial than the other because they all make me who I am.

Elissa strikes me as a very vapid and self-centered person, one so self-consumed that she largely sees people as vehicles to get what she wants…and there are MILLIONS of people just like her. So maybe for her, she wanted a safe, steady and secure mate. Somebody who would dote on her and provide her with the life she always dreamed of. There’s nothing wrong with this.


better to walk away without saying anything than to start a fight.


Her cockiness comes from her knowing she’s protected. She got drunk on the Live Feeds and spilled the beans which is why the feeds were cut. Production needs to put a muzzle over her mouth.


i hope elssia win hoh in get the golden power of veto in save it to she need it i want kiklan to go home in next week or two amanda howard then ayran




Name, they have the votes. Aaryn gone.

anchovy yoghurt

Amanda impersonating livestock.

~~~~~~~me again~~~~~~~~

CBS in manipulative mode makes “auld scratch” down in hades look shy + retiring!

CBS savaged any connections to the heyday of the network under walter chronkite

as it shamelessly let the live streams be even more politically incorrect. Will they lay

a double eviction on one and all after i do presume AARYN goes out the door first if

only to diffuse her new found notoriety? Are SPENCER and HOWARD the next evictees?

in order to oust howard, ought one to evict spencer VERY carefully? amanda is too bold!

lol what

why would Andy want Candice gone she has done nothing to him rather than a guy who called him Kermit the fag?!? I want to see andy on the block … to me he is the ultimate floater

7 Seven 7

Lol jessie said “How many weeks are in a month 3 1/2 or 4”

anchovy yoghurt

Jess is from Texas. They do things different.


Well, we should also ask her how many days she thinks are in a week.

Wpg Fan

She actually said that? It’s so annoying when the person you’re cheering for does or says something stupid. I still think she’ll be in the final two tho. Go Jessie 😛


calm down she could be doing a talla from bb canada, with the tactic of making people think she is less intelligent than she actually is, so perceived as less of a threat in mental comps


Wish Talla was on this season.. heck all three stooges would be great


i know simon, despite the twists, i really liked the characters of bb canada

stooges and jill were awesome

alot more laughs and humour than bb usa

andrew and talla banter was just brilliant – both very uniquely hilarious…totes brutes


i forgot to mention i would enjoy seeing talla, andrew or jill as a returning player in february next year or a future season


Elissa, better win that HoH! I know you can do it.

Shiny Happy People


I hear next week’s HOH is who can do the best downward dog while making duck face, all while drunkenly relaying everything they know about production and their families.

Now, some people are saying that this competition is rigged for Elissa, but those people are HATERS. This is clearly an HOH where her skills will shine through, but there’s absolutely nothing suspicious about that. I mean give Elissa some credit people! She’s been blowing these comps out of the water all summer!

I swear, some people act as though production just plucked Elissa up and dropped her in the game and are protecting her to boost their ratings. The audacity! As if corporate, big-wig, faceless, Nielsen rating obsessive bean counters only care about ratings and lack integrity…the nerve!

Butters Mom

I can’t believe someone who went to the University of Texas wouldnt know how many weeks are in a month. You have to be in the top 10% and have very high scores on the SAT to attend that college. Not sure I believe she goes to school there now.


Unfortunately, the token gay houseguest always has the worst game play. My favorite was Dustin (BB8), who played a role in his own eviction. The look on his face was priceless.

Jean A.D.

SURVIVOR… a show that has a neat + predictable format where one works like a dog to
be the “house guest” of a lean to a.s.a.p. and secures fire in short order like an eagle scout
as a most excellent vehicle that let richard hatch’s latent male macho and EGO emerge!!!!

Elissa's cute little dimples

Are you kidding me??? What about Marcus playing a role in his eviction? He might as well have cast the votes to evict himself! And the look on HIS face was priceless, I thought he was going to come out of the closet as a heterosexual!!!


Dustin played no role in his eviction. Eric(America’s Player) was forced to evict him and drag Dick & Danielle farther along in the game. Why does every1 want to forget the Eric was the best player that season and not ED? Why do people include ED in the same category as Will and Dan when he wasn’t even the best player the season he won?


Um, Dustin elected to go on the block as a pawn.


From what I’ve seen and heard so far most of these people have a poor education. How many weeks in a month? The u. of Texas should be embarrassed. If Jessie is top 10% how many brain cells do the other 90% have? A few weeks ago Aaryn couldn’t divide 28 by 4. Elisse can’t spell and has a memory disorder in which she can’t remember names. GM makes up words on the fly and thinks they are real words. She also has a learning disability with an inability to falsely remember things for example thinking the muppets are called the muffets . Howard has a hard time vocalizing thoughts in a organized fashion. Candace obviously became a speech therapist so she could better understand her problem but it didn’t work. Spencer reminds me of either beavis or butthead.

google to the rescue

It will only be a matter of time before brain dead morons will be able or forced to get chips implanted in their brains to help with all these deficiencies. Hopefully this happens sooner than later or America is in danger from intellectual collapse.


prob a 2 weeks of slop brain freeze moment


If the average costs $30k, then half cost more and half cost less correct?
If the average house costs $150k, then half cost more and half cost less correct?
Now think how stupid the average person is and realize that half are even stupider.


If the average *car* costs $30k….I messed up the joke…..doh!

Jeremy's Boat

Whoever is voted out does not matter. What matters is who wins HOH. Even if Kaitlin goes home, all Howard and Spencer will do is adopt Aaryn to take her place. Spencer-Howard will be going into the HOH comp with the numbers. If it’s endurance, I think Howard will finally go beast mode and win something.


exactly after this next eviction

judds crew will have a 7-5 advantage in numbers


as havenots they are having some sort of mayo alfredo sauce pasta? bbcanada have-nots had it soooooo bad!! i feel like alec being on just canadian slop for 3 weeks in a row (+ poutine 1 week) was borderline illegal.

Janelle pov queen

I just got done watching last night epsiode. My God Amanda is soo annoying, I wonder if anyone took a account to how many times she mention Howard?!

I won’t lie, I laughed a bit at her last DR. She just can’t help mentioning his name

anchovy yoghurt

amanda sez; i smell like a slop ball.


Very interesting eviction ceremony coming. Because it currently looks as if the votes may be split to evict Aaryn and Katalin.

Voting to evict Aaryn should be Candace, Howard, Spencer, Elissa and Jessie. Aaryn goes home.

Voting to evict Katalin should be Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Helen. Katalin stays and is pissed off that she received 4 votes and starts to wonder who voted against her. Sending the knockouts scrambling to lie their asses off that they did not vote to evict her.

Judd would not have any blood on his hands and would be safe next week. Gina Marie would be happy to be there and trying to figure out which side of the house she wants to side with. Howard’s or Amanda’s..

Now this could switch depending if Jessie flips tp evict Katalin. Who does she trust more? Judd and his alliance or Howard and his alliance.

All I know is that this week’s HOH is extremely important, so they all better bring their A games. Because its about to get uglier in that house.


jess would vote with judd

they both wanted kaitlyn out

but now both may want to keep her to team up versus amandas side

after the eviction if aaryn goes home in a 5-4-0 vote…

7 on 5:








fixed it for you 😉


ha nice simon i forgot, cheers!


Out of the three that are nominated I would want GM to leave.

It’s not that I don’t like GM she’s fine and can be funny once and awhile but the other two bring more Drama and Game.


Sorry Simon, but I think most people have had their fill of Aaryn’s borderline racist behavior. It is so ingrain in her DNA that she doesn’t even realize it. That is why she can not admit there is a problem.

Yeah I know Gina Marie is a low class, loud mouth bigot from Staten Island, who is delusional and a boytoy stalker; but she is not intelligent enough or strong enough to be a threat. Unless all the competitions would be deep throating something, which apparently girlfriend can do. Maybe Nick is missing out on something, but its not a risk to have a fatal attraction affair.

Spencer to is just a low class country bumpkin, who does not have good sense to curtail his outrageous and sometimes demeaning words.




Someone is apparently gunning after Dawg.


you need to rig a poll cbs style so dawg wins one of them, like elissa in the veto


Of the four MVP polls Ms. Elissa ended up happily
“winning” as the dust settled each week, the 1st three
gave her a degree of gameplay and the 4th one had
either two or three people beating her vote total! Can
you tell me WHICH one i cleverly rigged like a diebold
electronic swingstate voting machine with no papertrail?
dang, we’d be VERY clever if week two’s fix that was
sandwiched between the legit weeks 1 + 3 numbers
helped us to construct this week four set-up on people!


For me it’s not hate but love for Dawg! I keep hoping that one day everyone on this site would finally let Dawg when a poll… I vote Dawg every poll! :p

Elissa's cute little dimples

What about when Glenn Close walks around the BB house wearing Nick’s hat?? That’s drama, and it funny to boot!!
Correction: Insert “GM” where “Glen Close” name is.


LOL true…

Jean A.D.

i voted. AARYN currently is at 50% and her votes are
neatly equal to DAWG’s + KAITLIN’s + GINAMARIE’s
if they all are added up together. i think CBS’s big
MVP-USA poll did something similar as 3 or 4 people
bunched up under the frontrunner! this poll is a microcosm

Jean A.D.

Aaryn has leaped up to 62% in the new four way poll!

Jean A.D.

i checked again, Aaryn is at 59%

Jean A.D.

A ————- 62.68%
K ————–26.81%
D ————–o5.43%
GM ————–o5.o7%

AARYN’s numbers are twice to three times KAITLINs!
DAWG is possibly picking up the votes from people who are
clearly fond of the other 3 if his totals are like GINAMARIE’s

Jean A.D.

Aayrn is hovering at almost 65%

and GinaMarie is very near 3.5%

there is a pattern in the numbers!


Do you think there would be a house left standing if the final four ended up being Helen, Amanda, Candice, and Kaitlin?


Elissa says that she (Kaitlin) said something to me and Amanda that was really immoral that I don’t even want to say and it makes me not even want to look at her any more. Elissa says that she (Kaitlin) told Amanda and I that she just got an abortion before coming on the show

A. This could explain why Kaitlin joined up with the mean girls. She needed someone to hate on rather than her own-self loathing.
B. The boys should keep their Sharpies out of her Meat Wallet.


I caught that. Helen proceeded to say that she’d blackmail Kaitlin with that information (telling everybody if she ever put her on the block or something), which I think is pretty disgusting. Some people are so self-righteous.


omg! listening to Elissa try to string a sentence together is painful…hmmm, like, i told diary like hmm like i don’t like hmm like want her to like stay cause like mmm like i would like want to like go home like if like she like did stay like i mmm don’t know like…AND that’s SOBER! winning MVP “Aww,I’m so obsessed”! what? obsessed? really? simon & dawg really do her justice transcribing her on here..I can’t stand to hear her voice! JUDD is still my man on here! after listening to baby talk & LIKE every other word & foul crap spewing from Spencer & Amanda, & Howard going in circles & repeating the same thing & Jessie can’t even finish a sentence & Helen who I wish had 8:00 curfew EVERY night,,,Judd has turned out to be very easy to understand now…


meh, i wouldnt get too fussed about it

you could always turn the sound off if it gets too much for you

ha ha


FYI Dawg caught some nude shots of Kaitlin..


Where are they?

julies rice bowl

amanda feels like a slopball. why?


It’s a waste of a week to get rid of GinaMarie so that isn’t going to happen. I think they should vote out Kaitlynn, she is the strongest out of the 3. Aaryn is just annoying and a jerk but is also kind of a waste to get out she will never have the numbers to stay and they can always get her out.


I don’t care what anybody say, having Aaryn next to you in the final 2 is the only thing that can guarantee 500k to the other person. You getting rid of a golden goose for a utterly bulls**t reason.


Aaryn does not deserve the stipend they are paid to be in the jury house and no way should she be entitled to the second place prize money. Send her packing now!!! Only a person who condones her racist and bigoted actions would want to keep her around to be paid for her BS!!!


That didn’t make any sense what you just said, and obviously, you don’t get what I am saying.

You’re going to sit there and tell me if you were in the house with a hated person like her, you wouldn’t; want to give them 50k so you could win an EASY Half a Million Dollars??? You must be out your f**kin mind.

In the game of Big Brother people wish they had a person like her at their side, which would mean you win by a landslide.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Dawg, you deserve to be in that house but not with these crazy people and for that reason I chose to evict DAWG

LOL I just want you to win something 🙂


spencer just completely spelled out what happened with america’s vote this week, except i dont think kaitlin was up there. ive heard andy and helen say that they believe it was america nominating.


It was very immoral for Elissa and Rachel’s mother to not have at least a couple more abortions…


Is it me or is Helen totally clueless as to all the derogatory things Aaryn has directed her way? How could she be the only houseguest not to know this? And why, would she want to evict Katalin over Aaryn? Evidently, as a political consultant she is not always aware of things that are going on around her. Makes you wonder, if she really knows how to play this game: even though she was able to get Jeremy out of the house. But she does not realize she and Elissa are the two lowest people on the Amanda/McCrae totem pole.


Someone who was watching the live feeds, what was up with Amanda and McCrae’s conversation at 3:10? What were they talking about?


“Aaryn says that Elissa has been tormenting me, every time I take my adderall medication says tells people its blaspheme. She thinks that’s the only reason why I am good at anything.”

ROLMFAO Elissa got some f**king nerve saying someone need help to win anything, when she only won POV because she had all the highest numbers in her lane, while everybody else had low numbers.

So let’s be real, if Aaryn need Adderall to win something, Elissa needs Production.

julies rice bowl

do you know if elissa is married to randy travis brother?


Aaawwww Aaryn, you don’t even have a job!! 🙂


Can’t wait for Aaryn gets a reality check! You don’t even have a job hun!


someone needs to check on Andy… he hasn’t busted in on a conversation in a while now…i’m worried…


Candice is talking about her and Howard’s friendmance. She says they bicker too much. Howard “I don’t bicker. It don’t take two to bicker. You bicker with yourself.”

too funny

The Veto

So Elissa thinks Kaitlin is immoral for having an abortion, but it’s OK for her to shoot up botox, inject saline, or cut away perfectly healthy skin, and replace it with plastic. OK. Hypocrite. And how’s she gonna say that Aaryn wins comps cause she’s doped up when not so long ago she was begging Amanda for a hit of Aderall? Elissa’s twisted. So is her BFF Helen. Hypocrites.

And where’s all the Kait-Hate coming from all of a sudden? hmmm… maybe it has to do with what Elissa/Helen said? Kaitlin’s beautiful. Extreme eyebrows are hot. GinaMarie Super Scrub is leaving Thursday. Then Howard, then Amanda. Or Amanda – Howard, makes no diff to me. Elissa will either leave right before jury, or she’ll have jury house to herself for a week. Then Andy needs to join her. He’s annoying.

Aaryn should stay. I’m afraid of what she’ll face in the real world if she has to leave that house this week. I think she deserves another week or two t redeem herself. Everyone getting all hyped up about her racist comments have probably said similar or worse.


How can you compare the taking of a life with an abortion to plastic surgery?


I do like Elissa, but I think it was wrong of her to share that “immoral” personal information. I don’t have the feeds, but those that do haven’t mentioned this news before. I think she should have kept that information to herself. Just my thoughts…

This Season Blows

I assume Candace thinks Andy’s a racist now for wanting to put her up?


Spencer is such a scumbag!!! He throws Aaryn under the bus about racial remarks BUT he has been making racial; vulgar remarks about everyone and the way he treats these woman and calling them the C-word should have him removed from the show.. All he does is sexually harass these woman and talk to them about very sexual topics or hoping that they will show skin is outrageous! And he has a girlfriend BS

The Royal Baby

Why are these “players” afraid to make a big move ? We need some grenades yo.


Jessie supposedly was coming on this show with her longtime boyfriend!! and this was supposed to be a Big Brother Couple Edition but either PRODUCTION changed the show or he backed out last minute SO they changed the format and brought in a bunch of singles to try and make a show entertaining!! She told Judd this that is why he is keeping his distance as much as he can, who wants to be connected to her when she is jumping from man to man lol


judd and jess just seem like good friends, and take game, keep each other safe, nothing more


*talk game

Dr Freud

What are the chances of a double eviction this week?


A couple of days ago some people mentioned on here that they thought Jessie looked pregnant…Did you catch were she asked Elissa if you can miss your period due to stress…and then comes out asking how many weeks in a month, someone may just be prego……


i highly doubt it


is what elissa said about kaitlin having an abortion even true , did anyone hear her say that or is elissa just making this up . i have no idea why kaitlin wouldve told amanda and elissa something like that


because Kaitlin can’t keep her mouth shut. She tells everything. She was taking some medication in her vagina that messed up Aaryns swin bottoms. I never had an abortion but maybe there is soome med that you need to take afterwards? It might be true.


how is it the house knows aaryn has a publicist and agent? is that why she calmed down?


So why are they still trying to guess who the MVP is. Weren’t they told the twist during the nom ceremonies ect….?


not yet…
its a cat
in a bag…
wait til
all heck