Big Brother 15 David Girton – American Ninja Warrior Audition


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New Big Brother 15 House Guest David Girton set to enter the Big Brother house with the rest of the cast is an extreme athlete that will surely be a beast in the physical competitions. From his Big Brother 15 Bio we already know his favourite activities include surfing and skating but what you might not know is that he is an American Ninja Warrior want to be. You might be wondering what the heck an American Ninja Warrior is; it’s a competition that challenges the most elite athlete on the world’s most difficult obstacle course where the winner wins the grand prize of $500,000. It is unclear if David was successful in being chosen to compete from his audition video below but none the less it shows whatever Big Brother throws at him, he’ll be well prepared.

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The following video is his audition video to be an American Ninja Warrior:

Check out this video from one of the American Ninja Warrior episode:

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Chilltown Fan

David strikes me as a Brigade type player. I’m afraid that this cast will have an alpha male alliance form while the hot girls all turn on each other ie Rachel/Janelle style. So far I prefer the women out of this cast more(not just for looks), Nick is the only male cast member I like so far. Of course, my opinion is subject to change. I value strategic and social players more than I do comp King and Queens.


He will be good at physical competition with 3 HoH wins 2 PoV, but he might have a weakness in Q & A Competition. So, just look out for his strength & weakness.


I really like this guy. I think he’s this years Hayden. He seems like the showmance type for sure. He’s athletic and I see him winning most of the physical, endurance competitions. I think he’ll make it pretty far. Seems like a chill, like-able guy.