Big Brother 14: Wil says if Britney did a trade for me, I would make her life a living hell!

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12:15pm Frank and Jenn are up in the HOH room talking. Frank says that he does think that Shane will be loyal to us if we brought him over. Jenn comments on how Ian only talks about the experience and how its fun …she says that she would like to see some fire in him. It would benefit us to have another power player on our side. Frank says that Shane is a smart guy and a power house but he can’t really talk game … he just doesn’t really think that way. If no trades happen and Shane is on the block and I throw the Power of Veto to him so that he can come off the block then he will owe us and come over on to our side. They break up the conversation and head downstairs.

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Janelle and Wil are in the bathroom talking about the coaches challenge. Janelle asks if she wins who should I save, should I just draw straws. Frank tells Janelle that they need to make sure Britney doesn’t win the coach’s competition. Frank tells then that he told Britney if you do win today, and you do trade with someone other than Dan …then I will still put two of your players up. Frank says that because she thinks she is down either way …I don’t think she will do that good. Frank says that he was really pushing for Britney to trade Willie for Danielle so that we can get rid of a manipulator player and coach. Janelle tells Dan that if he throws it to her she will keep it the same. Dan says but I need to keep up my rep at home.

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12:45pm Britney and Wil are in the Have-not room talking. Wil says that he needs to protect himself and that he does not want to be traded. He tells her that he has been promised safety this week and even if he is traded, there is no way he is going to trade his alliance. Britney tells him that she thinks Ashley is mad at her. Wil says that Shane is a great guy but JoJo and Willie are not his cup of tea. Wil tells her if she trades for him that it would not going to be a good move. Britney says that she thinks she is the only coach that is considering trading one of her players. Wil then leaves the room. Britney says to herself, “I heard them say you go talk to her, she likes you”. It’s so awkward.
1:10pm Dan and Mike are up in the HOH room talking. Mike is telling Dan about everything that has been going on and all the conversations. Dan asks if he should go bum rush her. Mike says no, because you don’t really have anything to offer him. I think you, me and Janelle just have to try our a$$es off to beat her. Mike asks if he should trade if he wins. Dan says he isn’t sure because Shane is still a marked man. You could always go gangsta and get Wil. Mike says that he just doesn’t want to rock the boat. Frank joins them. Dan says that he thinks Jenn is aces. He says that no one would put up Ian at this point, especially not Ashley. They talk about how Janelle loves her team and won’t trade. Ian joins them. Mike tells him that the nominations will be Willie and Shane, as long as Britney doesn’t win the coaches challenge. Ian says that he is looking out for Ashley. He says that he is hurting to get this room next week. He says that he doesn’t care if he had to sit on a stick and rotate for 5 hours he would do it to get this room. This room is sick as sh*t. Mike says yeah as long as you or Jenn get it, it will be perfect.

Janelle joins Mike, Ian, and Jenn up in the HOH room. Janelle says that she is so nervous that Britney is going to take Wil. Mike says that he did his job to intimidate her this morning. Frank joins them. Mike tells Janelle the entire conversation of is talk with Britney. He then tells her that Dan said that he will not trade, we own him. Mike says that if Dan has Willie it will be like he is not even here it will be so unthreatening. Mike talks about how he had a conversation with Shane too. He says that he told Shane that he was the one guy that could have gotten Willie in check. Mike says that Shane isn’t that smart. Janelle comments on how Shane is a beast. Wil and Ashley join them. Mike asks Wil if he had the conversation with Britney yet. Wil says that he did and that she said that she wouldn’t give him a straight answer. He says that if she did trade for me, I would make her life a living hell! They all laugh. Mike says that there are going to be three of them against her in the competition and they are going to crush her. Wil says that he told Britney that there is no way in hell he would work with Jojo …that chick is garbage. He says that she told people not to call her a slut and then she took of her shirt and was in her bar straddling Shane giving him a massage. They talk about how Jojo told them that she likes to take it in the a$$, especially when she is on her period. Jenn says just don’t let me go home before her, because I am the real New York sh*t. The conversation turns to talking about Joe and how he gets all riled up about things when he needs to just lay low.

1:30pm Big Brother cuts the live feeds to TRIVIA.. Most likely the coaches challenge is happing now.

2:55pm The Big Brother 14 Live Feeds are still showing TRIVIA…

3:10pm The Coaches competition is still happening..

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Did JoJo really announce it on TV that she likes it in the a$$ when she’s on her period?


I KNOW! Have to say she is refreshingly honest!


jojo can take it up the pooper as long as she doesnt give someone a chili dog 🙂


Weren’t these the people that were just saying they were getting bullied and made fun of? Funny how power shifts bring the ugly out of people….


joe and wil and frank and booger and jennell have made fun of everyone in that house .. and nothing is said… they also have done nothing but threat and bully … and yet here they are continually saying willie is the bully and the slanderer ..ect… parents always said those who do the finger pointing ect. are usually the true guilty ones… this cast are yet the biggest liars going. After this I am glad Jodi went home the first day because i am sure those four would of slung that girl in the mud. and she seemed to nice a person to be subjected to the crap those four are doing … love to be a fly on the wall when others go home and hear what these four LOW LIVES said about them … GO TEAM BRIT.


Agree with everything you said. TEAM BRIT FTW!


Yeah, because Britney never says anything nasty about anybody (sarcasm). well not to their face, she waits till they leave the room then she bashes them. Yeah, she’s sooo much better than Joe and Wil (sarcasm). Team anybody but Brit…


yes i total they are all bullying britney..I hate those fking people..i wish bb will fix for britney whole team can stay and they get hoh again. Im starting to hate wil all over again. MIKE looks like the troll he is.Frank cut that hair off you look like a butch lesbian.


Jojo is disgusting and nasty


I said this before and I must repeat, this house is the craziest house in the series as far as I am concerned…I’ve never seen this much flipping and flopping. Frank has a big choice once the comp is other with the coaches, either major shit is about to change or things will continue to go the way of the “new chilltown”


Are the feeds still on trivia?


Lol. At Dan telling Janelle “I need to keep up my rep at home”. I’m happy at least Dan realizes how he is viewed.I really hope he wins the coaches competition.It would be nice if Dan could trust Janelle,but she changes her mind to often.Jenn said,”Ian only talks about the experience and how it’s fun.She would like to see some fire in him.It would benefit us to have another power player on our side.”Maybe I missed something,but I hope Jenn isn’t including herself as a power player.She hasn’t done anything.She seems like she’s on the same level as Ian.Lastnight,when Julie was telling the house guests that the coaches will be competing,and who ever wins will be able to trade a player for someone else player.Boogie looked scared,but when Julie said since Frank is the HOH,no one can pick Frank.Then Boogie said booyah.His comment made it clear,that Frank is the only member on his team that he plans on taking to the end.Boogie obviously thinks that Frank is the only power house on his team.Which means Jenn is basically on the same level as Ian.Is boogie working with Dan or not?One minute he seems as though he’s with Dan.Then it doesn’t take him long to talk about Dan to other players and Janelle.And if he’s just pretending to be with Dan.Does Dan know this?


What’s going on? How long the coaches competition end? I will post up the mentor standing on Big Brother 14 Highlights.


Man, I need a new hobby. Not missing any of these trivia questions. And I don’t have a photographic memory like Ian.


Just purchased the feeds, from a link on this website of course. Figures it would be non-stop trivia loops.


Thanks! it’ll get good tonight I promise 🙂


Off Topic, Did a marathon of BB2 and BB7 just to get some background on Boogie and Janelle but Dr.Will stole the show. Wow, what a compelling individual. If anyone hasn’t seen him they got to watch, since I started watching at BB9 there hasn’t been anyone who can hold a candle to this guy. I’m a straight guy and i have to say i love him. I’m surprised Janelle talks so much shit about Boogie cause it was Dr. Will that played her like a fiddle not Boogie. Question for those who have been watching since the beginning. Dr.Will wasn’t voted in to Allstars by the fans, he was a late selection and Janelle won Americas Favorite that season. What gives? Was Dr. Will not loved by the viewers? I’m surprised because he was indeed the Puppet Master and the best by a landslide to ever play this game. In my opinion of course..


@RJ. Well,I don’t know about the viewers not voting him in,but I think I remember hearing that CBS/Big Brother only wanted Dr.Will to come back for All-Stars,but he didn’t want to do the show with out Boogie coming to.So they agreed that Boogie can come.Which I think shows who CBS/Big Brother likes more out of the two.I also remember either two years or a year ago,Dr.Will and Boogie came on Julie Chen’s show The Talk.Julie asked Will if he would ever play the game again?Will,basically said he doesn’t see any reason for him to come back.Julie then still tried to get Will to agree to come back on the show,but he repeated what he told her the first time.I’m sure this season CBS/Big Brother wanted to have Dr.Will come back over Boogie,but like I said as of now Will doesn’t want to come back.Your right that Janelle was played by Will not Boogie.But I think the reason why it seems as though she hates Boogie than Will,has to do with the fact that even though Will lied to the other house guests,Will had this like ability about him.Which made the other players respect his game play.The same thing can be said for Dan on season10.Dan played the entire house and from what I can remember,every jury member voted for Dan to win,because they had respect for his strategic game play.And Dan was extremely likeable.Boogie is just not likeable,which makes it easy to hate him over Dr.Will.I think Boogie won All-Stars because he was Dr.Will’s sidekick.Lol.If you haven’t seen season3,you should watch it.Danielle Reyes was awesome on that season.


what the fuck is going on with this website


I think it’s fixed now