Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Willie wants to Keep Frank “I’m putting all my eggs in one Basket “

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 13 (Friday)
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July ???
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: ??? and ???
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe

8:49pm bathroom Ashely and Shane are talking about how in the game you can’t play laid back or people call you a floater but it you play hard people call you a powerhouse and target you .

8:51pm hammock- Kara and Frank Talking about how screwed they are, Frank tells her that he’s sure he’s the target, “Do you think it’s possible to get Shane to use the POV” Kara doesn’t think there is a chance. Frank says they need to wake the players up he thinks they can work on Shane enough he might use it. Kara really doesn’t think it’s going to happen. Frank: “We have 15 percent chance of getting him to use it.. I’m going to get a good sleep tonight and start tomorrow”. Frank isn’t going to campaign against Kara because there is nothing mean he can say about her. Kara wonders why Ian doesn’t get called into the Diary Room very much. Frank doesn’t know thinks it could be because there is nothing exciting going on around him.

Kara is worried that people will see them talking and think they are scheming.. Frank isn’t worried they are both on the block they are “Bummer Buddies” Frank laughs.. Kara is worried that she’s been crying a lot. Frank tells her not to worry about it everyone cries in the house and they are not even nominated for eviction.

Frank has noticed that ever since he didn’t win the POV and the house split into it’s 2 groups he’s been getting “distant” looks from people… Kara leaves to use the bathroom.

9:05pm Havenots Kara and Danielle Kara explains how uncomfortable she was talking to Frank in the Hammock she feels that everyone was watching them talk thinking they are scheming. Kara talks about Franks plans to get Shane to use the POV, neither of them think it’s going to happen. Danielle says Willie made a douche bag comment to Danielle about her performance in the Power of Veto Competition.
Kara: “I wish I had won.. I’m worried that Frank will cut some deal and the votes will split”
They count votes Kara thinks that Shane and JOJO will do whatever Willie wants she’s worried it’ll be close. Danielle says that JoJo wants frank out of the house.

Kara says that her and Dan talked to Shane about using the POV and he said that he will think about it. Danielle comments about how Frank has the worst Body Odour she’s ever smelt. Danielle says that Shane and Willie were upset with Danielle for talking to the Frank. Kara is now worried that they will be mad at her she plans to talk to the tomorrow.

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9:15pm Hammock Frank and Willie Willie tells him he’s a sinking ship right now. Frank asks Willie who the target is next week and Willie says it’s Wil. Frank says he trusts Willie 100% Willie reciprocates says that he’s putting all faith in Frank “putting all my eggs in one basket”. Willie says that later in the week they’ll get their crew together and decide on what to do.

Willie tells Frank that Boogie and Dan are very close. A few weeks down the road Willie wants them to pull the rug from under the mentors. … They get alcohol and head inside.

9:34pm Guys get alcohol tonight most of them sitting round the backyard couch chit chatting.

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willie dont be silly kick frank to the curb because mike “boogie” will have no trouble kicking your ass onto that curb eventually (MIke “boogie” aka backstabber) and I know a lil about putting a knife in someones back (and front and sides 🙂 LOL


Simon/Dawg …just wanted to say thanks for this site and slice canada will be airing the feeds now from 1am – 4am (mb canada) time :):):) (just incase no one else knew)


Is this the creation of the FrankenWillie monster, I mean alliance?


What is going on with BBAD on Slice. It is not LIVE at all. It is showing stuff that Simon reported on hours ago. Whats going on? Anyone?


RJ – You seem to be right about it not being live for us on Slice Canada (so far, anyway.). BBAD just started for me, and I was reading the first couple of paragraphs in this update…and, what I was watching is the same as what I’m reading. o.0


Danielle’s constant whispering on BBAD is driving me nuts. Speak up girl! Seriously, after two night of BBAD it seems like she whispers almost every conversation (more so then the others.)


I’m afraid Willie’s ship is going to sink soon after he’s no longer HOH. He’s cutting too many deals and he’s letting his paranoia take over.


He’s to scared people will find out he’s related to Russell.

Big Brother 14 fan

Simon, I have a question for you… Jeff and Jordan has a new show what time does it start and also what channel?? And if I have the channel but it doesn’t have the Jeff and Jordans name on it can I watch it on Will it have ALLLLL of the episodes on it because I really want to see Jeff and Jordan on there and see if they get engaged. I would love to see them:))

Big Brother 14 fan

Ok thank you so much:)) That helped me out alot!! :)) Oh and by the way I seen the 1st episode of this season’s and I like it. My favorite is Ashley so far so im hoping she gets far in the game:)) But thanks


I honestly can’t believe how stupid these people are being. Listening to Frank talk game with Janelle and seeing him in the competitions, he is clearly a huge threat, but they are focusing on Dan when he is not even in the competition. Meanwhile, Janelle & Britney are turning a blind eye to the real reason Willie would want to keep Frank. Janelle is not impressing me right now with her game play, especially attaching herself to Britney.

Godless Monkey

Just a thought based on the apparent likenesses of some HGs to known celebs and/or their roles/previous HGs/reality stars. What if one of the twists is just that — relatives or look alikes? There’s Willie/Russel (Survivor, brothers); Frank/Carrot Top; Shane/a young Tom Cruise; Kara/Marcia Brady; Jodi/Kalia; Boogie/An elf from any movie; Jojo/Jwow, etc . So many HGs this year resemble other people.

Big Brother's Big Brother

Yes! Like Dan = carbon based life form. I totally know what you mean.


Oops! My name is Captainwedgiearchnemesis, again
Ian=Carl of Phineas and Ferb!