Frank says Dream are like pictures, if I am not in them or someone’s not naked, then I don’t care!

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: Aug 4 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Ashley and Joe
Current Nominations:
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3 (Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO


9:15am – 10:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Mike, Frank and Wil are in the kitchen. Mike starts talking about how Britney doesn’t clean at all. He says that he heard Britney say that she doesn’t need to clean dishes in August because it’s her birthday. He says well what happened to July?! Mike says that as soon as veto is over he will hand Britney a dirty bowl and say Here Britney, wash your Sh*t! They start talking about her poor husband having to clean up after her. Mike starts telling them a dream he had. Frank says Dream are like pictures, if I am not in them or someone’s not naked, then I don’t care! He says that heard that off a tv show. They head outside to sit on the couch. Joe joins them. The talk about coffee and Joe start talking about his dad’s house and how he used to do Elvis impersonations. Mike asks what Franks Dad does for a living. Frank says that his dad went into business with a body and opened up a used car dealership. The conversation turns to talking about cars and cops.

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10:20am Shane is up in the HOH room getting ready for the Big Veto Ceremony day..


10:30am Shane and Britney are in HOH room talking about what will happen after he nominates Frank as the replacement. Britney says that they will be working Ashley for her vote, and they will be coming after you. Shane says that pisses me off IAN… THAT LITTLE FAGG*T! Britney tells him not to say that word. Shane says sorry I should not have said that! Shane says that Ian is going back on his word and he doesn’t like that. Shane says that Ian said that he does not see putting up Shane in the foreseeable future. Shane says that he can’t trust him; he can’t give me a definitive answer. Britney says that Ian didn’t say he was coming after you. Shane says the fact is he would not say he wasn’t. They consider that options and Britney tells him that he will be taking a lot of heat. Britney says that hopefully Janelle’s players will stick by you when Frank and Boogie start ripping into you. Shane says that he thinks they will. Britney says that what Shane can tell Frank is that he didn’t put him up on the block, you got a chance to play for the veto, … Britney talked to Ian and he gave her a shaddy answer … so I had to secure the votes. Danielle said that she would vote for you and I trust that she will do that. I don’t think you are going home, but I trust that you have the votes. Shane says that the risk of doing this plan is if Ian wins HOH. They both don’t think Ian can win HOH. Britney brings up how Ian came in second in the POV.


10:45am Britney tells Joe about the plan and how they are going to be after Shane like nobody’s business. Britney says that Boogie will be coming after Shane for blood. Joe says that he has Shane’s back and that he will do anything in his power to save him. Britney then goes inside and tells Janelle about the plan. She tells Janelle that this is going to be really good for you and I! Janelle says really good!

10:50am – 11:10am Shane and Frank are in the arcade room talking. Shane tells Frank about the conversation about Britney had with Ian. Frank tells Shane that Ian is just a kid and me and Boogie have been coaching him what to say, so I think he was just trying to be vague. Ian hasn’t talked to Boogie about next week so he didn’t really know what to say. Shane says that he isn’t sure what he is going to do but that he may need to secure the votes by putting up one from his side. Shane says no matter what happens you are safe and Joe is going home this week. Frank says that he is still on board with Shane and Danielle going down the road. Frank says that Ian won’t vote out Ashley, he has a crush on her. Shane says Ashley and Joe what do they bring to the table …nothing. Frank says that he gave Joe the opportunity the other day to be honest with him about throwing him under the bus but he didn’t take it. Frank says that he is happy that he and Shane have been able to keep this secret because then if Jenn got wind of it she might try and put you up. Britney joins them and tells Frank what Ian said to her. Frank explains again why Ian answered the way he did. Britney says the only way we know the way the vote will go for sure is if someone from your side goes up. Frank says that he is 100% sure Jenn will vote out Joe and that he is 98% sure Ian will too. Britney says that she is just unsure about the votes and that they need to secure them.
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11:10am Frank says you not putting me up on the block shows me and my team that you are trust worthy and that we will roll with you! Shane and Britney keep talking about how untrustworthy Ian is and how they just don’t know what he is going to do. Britney says that it’s scary because the next 4 days is a long time and no one needs to talk to Shane. All the whispering and lies will be happening down here when we are up there. Frank says the only thing is that if you put up Ian or Jenn they might take it negatively and come after you. Britney says it’s a risk but we need to secure the votes. Frank leaves. Britney and Shane talk about how that went well and that at least he knows it is about securing the votes. Britney says that Frank is going to be pissed. Shane wonders if he should say in his speech that he just needed to secure the votes. Britney says no, don’t even give much of a speech. Just says in this game .. Big Brother cuts the feeds…to TRIVIA.

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12:20pm Still TRIVIA

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68 thoughts on “Frank says Dream are like pictures, if I am not in them or someone’s not naked, then I don’t care!

  1. When Julie declares Frank is voted out, the rest of the people should do that laugh that Boogie does where he gets all crazy and shakes her arms and legs.

      1. oh my god. i will cry laugh. that caricature look a like. seriously. is so repulsive. i have a good feeling dan is going to go really far once he is let out in the house. i really hope the newbies form an alliance and get out all the “veterans”… expect for janelle (perfect world lol) but yeah. i hate dan’s face and also boogies. i really hate dan tho. he think he is AN AMAZING BB player. he didn’t do anything but “float” on to the end in his disgusting season. UGH THE GUY! danielle shud have BEEN ELIMINATED!!! im so angry.

        1. You clearly don’t know what the term floater means. Dan is probably one of the most humble BB players and winner ever.

    1. Until it actually happens I won’t believe that Shane has the guts to put up Frank. I like Shane but he is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  2. I honestly think this game will turn out into a player winning, as much as I love Janelle, I’m sorry but I think those players will out play their coaches.

  3. I thought Shane was loyal but I guess he’s just an idiot it’s not always best to take out a strong player especially if that player has your back and once franks gone shane can’t play hoh and everyone but danielle will put him up

    1. I may have felt that way earlier, but I have to disagree now. Reason being that Boogie is a mastermind. He is so sneaky and so intelligent. Everything is going his way. If the other teams lose one or two more people, and then he possibly comes into the game himself, it’s game over. I think Shane has to make a call and, either way it’s a risk, but just watching Boogie on the feeds and how he thinks………. he is so dangerous that I think you have to cut his balls off (Frank) ASAP. The other guys are right when they say that they may never get another opportunity to get Frank out if they don’t do it this time.

      That’s just how I personally see it.

      1. I so agree about Boogie……he is very smart and he knows exactly how to play this game and the other house guests. The best thing about him though is that he is able to control himself. He keeps quiet when he should!

  4. I believe he has misquoted the great Dennis Reynolds….. “I hate listening to people’s dreams. It’s like flipping through a stack of photographs. If I’m not in any of them, and nobody’s having sex, I just… don’t care.”

    1. Sunny Reference!!!! I love sunny bb keeps me tied over till it comes back on… funny would Charlie Dennis Mac and Dee be on BB, that would be the best BB season ever!!!!!

  5. Why shouldn’t Shane get Frank out this week? I wouldn’t trust someone who has already put me up on the block, like Frank did Shane. C’mon Frank is working with Boogie, BOOGIE, we all know he can manipulate people. Joe annoys me but he’ll be easier to take out later on than Frank.

  6. Although Frank seems loyal, he would throw Shane under the bus the first chance he gets. Boogie would insist on it. ALTHOUGH, WHEN the coaches come in, Frank could benefit him. If they decided to team up against the coaches. I prefer Kara and JoJo return over coaches entering game. I DON’T want a coach to win. I really want Boogie to get played right out the door.

    1. I agree. He is fugly!! Sickly looking and a wiesel UGH. way to cocky. I like to see cocky people knocked down a peg or 2. He needs to get over himself. He ONLY won because of Dr Will.

      1. you mustve missed all stars he was by far the best player on that show socially he carried dr will the whole way even with a huge target on both their backs the whole game

        1. I did watch all stars and every other season. boogie would NOT have won it without smooth talking Dr Will and his cruel, heartless “showmance”. I don’t care if the DR sessions are to talk smack, I can’t stand the combo sessions. So obnoxious.

  7. Does anybody know the status of Americas Choice? Are the Coaches coming in?
    Is the Veto Ceremony today?

    Frank needs to take off Ashley and put up Frank. Hoe will manage to make a big enough a** of
    himself to qualify for his target. Take your opportunity now to get out Frank. Janelle said it best
    “Boogie will take a woman to the end with him.”… Frank would do the same thing. I think you have to
    look at what is good strategy. Did they not learn the lessons from past seasons of Evil Dr. Will, Evil Dick, Rachael Riley, Allison and June. Did any of those ever sink in. Take the person out with the big scary target on them, it is there for a reason. Keeping the “bad guy” around
    as a target does not work. Please note: That in NO way do I believe that any reality tv person is necessarily a
    villain in the real world. My friend has told me that he has met BB good guys in real life and they turned out to
    be jerks and has also met BB villains that where the nicest people at the convention.

  8. I have never liked Boogie. If I see another Frank/Boogie DR session, I’m gonna puke. Over with done on that bidness [slang word]

    1. The strategy behind the bizarre Diary room sessions that we all hate…. is to get it out of their system in the diary room, so they do not do it in front of the other house guests. Too many people walk around the house and show that around the other house guests. Better to get it out in the Diary room and put the mask on and the poker face on around the rest of the house. You get to see at home, but do they ever do those obnoxious and douche crap in front of anyone outside of their group, No they don’t.
      As much as I hate to give Boogie a compliment, it is actually a good idea to get the crap out in the Diary Room instead of the house guests that walk around and cry, call people out or otherwise make fools out of themselves in front of everybody.

    2. This may be a weird question, but i do not recall if it was given as an option to the coaches. I think if America votes for them to enter the game. They are going to enter the game. Their only way they do NOT enter the game is to leave the house, and not win anything. I think they are getting a chance at $500,000 or if their player wins they get $100,000 if one of their players wins the game.
      The question I have is there going to be a separate sequester for the coaches? If they go to the jury will they have a vote?
      I do not think that it would be fare to allow them to have a vote or be placed in the same house as the jury, if they still have a chance at $100,00.
      Can you imagine someone that is campaigning for votes in the jury house so that they can win $100,000. Especially doing that in a house filled with people that do not have that same shot.

  9. Danielle is SO DUMB that:
    ….if she we’re to win HOH, she’d be up in the HOH room crying that she might get back-doored and put up on the block that very same week!!!

    OMG….. who picks these stoopid ass players??? Just when you “think” you see a glimmer of intelligence in that girl you’re returned to reality. And this dim-wit gets to play for a half mil??? Really BB??? That girl cries every single week unless SOMEBODY, ANYBODY makes her feel like they “need” her for something.

  10. With Frank gone, Boogie will definitely say yes when Julie offers for the coaches to come into the game. Shane is going to feel stupid. He’s taking out a competitor that could help him compete against the coaches should they enter the game. But I guess he can’t plan for something that he doesn’t know is going to happen.

  11. At first I thought that getting Frank out was a mistake. I thought it would protect Shane to have him in the game. Then, when Janelle was talking about getting him out before the coaches enter the game, I thought he should stay because the noobs will need him. Now I think that he should go. If the coaches enter the game, Boogie will use Frank against the other coaches. Also, I think the other noobs will rally round The Beast (aka Shane) initially since they will need his power to help eliminate the coaches (if they enter the game).

  12. Lol, you know, backdooring Ian might not be that bad of an idea. You take out a somewhat mental competition threat, one of Boogie’s team members go down, and Shane would have still kept his word to Frank. And plus, Dr. Will predicted that Ian might win the show and at this point, he’s only serving as that one dorky kid that entertains everybody once in a while, so if nobody notices him, then that’s bad news. Frank & Boogie are talking so often that I forget Ian and Jenn are even in the house at times.

    1. The best way for Shane is to keep the nomination a same and I would love to see Joe getting pissed. Who will having meltdown first? Joe or Ashley? I would love to see Joe having a meltdown. Bye Bye Joe!

  13. IF Frank and Joe are on the block. Dan will tell Danielle to vote JOE out., so that Frank goes after Shane and so will Wil after he thinks it through. Dumb move by BRIT again being pushed by Janielle. Then, Wil, Frank, Ashley or Ian will win the HOH., and Shane’s azz is OUT. I was kinda wanting Ashlee’s to be voted out and just watch her cry about all her dumb decisions in the game when talking with Julie.

    1. Danielle is too tied to Shane for her to be protected if Frank does not get voted out. Voting for Joe to go would actually hurt her in the long run as Frank (or his team) will put up Shane and Danielle to get Shane out. Then, once he is gone – Danielle is next. If they nominate Frank as a replacement, he has to go for Danielle to survive.

  14. Shane is an easy to manipulate idiot. The guy doesnt think anything through at all and can be swayed by anybody–if he goes through with this plan to switch it up and bd frank both boogie and janelles teams will aim to get him out because of his flip flopping and his untrustworthiness.

    I hate hate hate bad gameplay and this is just terrible–for gods sake he is going against his own plan and nominations from 72 hours ago and his ‘secret’ alliance! What a dumbass.

  15. Frank is going up on the block, him and Shane just talked for quite a while and it didn’t change his mind, Boogie and Frank are gonna have to work over the rest of the house hard if Frank wants to stay in.

  16. I believe taking Frank out now, would sound like a good move now but has major potential of bitting Shane in the ass down the stretch. If everyone are willing to backdoor Frank this way, what’s stopping them of doing it to Shane later on in the game? He’ll be the next Frank (number one target). It’s way too early to start pulling some power moves and keeping an equal or bigger target in the house does in fact help you out if you play it right. If Shane backdoors Frank, he’s got balls to do it but he’s got no intelligence doing it this early in the game. At least when Frank put Shane up last week, he told he was going to put him up anyways and he did so to give him a chance to get himself off the block. I think it’s cowardly of Shane to backdoor Frank this way, especially considering the circumstances.

    1. Taking out Frank now is a biggest mistake & Shane will be the target. The only reason of Shane keeping Frank is that he needs him to making it to the final 2. What if Frank is gone? Who will watching his back? No one but himself. That why, Shane trust Frank more than Janelle’s team to be pushing in. If I was shane, I would keep the nomination a same.

      1. I think Shane can unite with Wil just as well as with Frank. If not for Boogie, it may have been a good idea for Shane and Frank to work together, but make no mistake, Frank is with Boogie, not with Shane. Boogie will direct Frank to get rid of Shane as soon as he can, IMO.

        1. I disagree on that. Frank & Shane having secret alliance without the coaches are present. Shane doesn’t trust wil because the way he causes many drama. So, the best way is keep Frank and get rid of Joe. Your points are invalid.

  17. if shane puts up frank he ll be gone in the very near future! dan could tell danielle to vote out joe. after that all of them targeting shane. or he ll be out simply because he is the only target left. simple and easy. the only thing that can rescue him will be if the coaches coming in. but even in that case, boogie and dan will target him.

  18. My question is – how do you think BB wants this Season to play out?
    Shane has become a hot commodity for CBS. (Next AR teamed with Frank?, Survivor?) So I expect conditions will be made favorable to ensure he’s stays for a while. Also think they want to keep Mike, Janelle, and Frank around and maybe cause he’s so weird, Wil. The rest of the players seem to be fillers and expendable.
    If BB rigged it based on them following social media, who would be the final five?

  19. Either the coaches are coming back in or they will have the evicted players play against each other to get back in the game like last year. Which means Frank could be back because he is a physically strong player. Would be funny to see Jodi compete and beat them and be back in the game. That’s good for a laugh.

  20. Shane had the NERVE to call someone else a derogatory term for a gay person?!?! How ironic… Shane is not only GAY, he is a complete fem bottom! unreal… I dont really care for Frank, but I hope he stays in the house long enough to throw Shane’s in the closet ass out the front door!

    1. The fa*got comment was derogatory but not as an anti gay term. Enough with spinning everything to be anti-gay, blah blah. How about calling someone a butthole??? Does that really mean the person is the hole of someone’s butt?????? NO

  21. If the coaches weren’t in this season, I wouldn’t be watching at all… these people suck so bad (as in the new players).

    1. @Anonymous. Lol. You sound like me.The main reason I’m watching this season,is to watch Dan manipulate and smooth talk people into doing what he wants.If Frank actually gets evicted this Thursday,then it will make it that much easier for Dan to get to the end.Here’s why I say this,Boogie is Dan’s biggest competition strategically speaking(Boogie is decent at strategy).Frank is Boogie’s puppet,which means if Boogie lose his puppet then it will kind of cripple him for a little while.I can’t wait for the coach’s to enter the game.Well,I’m really only interested in watching Dan,Boogie&Janelle,play the game.

  22. Why am I not surprised to hear Frank say he used to impersonate Elvis! I sure hope he doesn’t have a chance to show off! I’m guessing he was known as “The Screamin’ Elvis” – LOL!!

    I’m torn between who I want to go home, but still leaning toward Joe. I think noms should stay the same – can’t wait to see what happens!! Sorry – any time you get put up as a replacement player, even if you got to play for the POV, it’s being backdoored. I love how everyone is getting so technical about that to make themselves not guilty of it.

  23. I have a question for the people on here that think if Shane puts Frank on the block.Dan will tell Danielle to vote out Joe.From everything that I’ve read on here,from Simon&Dawg,none of it suggests even a little that Dan would tell Danielle to vote to evict Joe.It seems pretty clear to me,that Dan has been working on getting Frank out of this house this week.So,why do you guys think Dan would flip it,to get a non threat like Joe out this week?I’m just curious.

  24. I don’t understand where all of this “hate frank” madness is coming from. Frank is probably one of my favorites this year because I think he is a cool person and is interesting to watch. I do, however, also like Boogie so maybe that is where my likeness for Frank comes from. Joe, Ashley, and Wil all get on my last nerve. I knew from get go that I would not like Ashley, but Joe and WIl have just begun to irk me. However, in hindsight, I think it would be in Shane’s best interest to stick with his original plan to get Joe out. Joe has a big mouth, and Janelle’s team has a history of flip flopping already. Also, when the coaches come back, Frank being in the game would be a target over Shane (I have no idea why, but he would be). Janelle will, honestly, probably win HOH this week if she’s back in the game and Shane will be on the block. Janelle will tell Shane when confronted that the deal was that her team wouldn’t come after him, not that she wouldn’t come after him. With that said, Shane might as well get rid of Joe this week, so that he will be in good standing with Boogie next week. Janelle will get over losing Joe; Boogie won’t forget losing Frank.

  25. So shane call ian gay no one on this site say anything hmm if it was janelle or joe every one will be tallking shit about them much.

  26. Flash back to Boogie and Frank doing the happy dance and High Fiving each other after the recent nominations. Keep that image in your head as you view the same two after the POV ceremony today. This is why Big Brother is an amazing show giving us fans these hi’s and low’s.

    If anyone watched the live feeds last night it was very lively. Besides the obvious back and forth I thought Ashley was hilarious. She sounded like Rodney King “Can’t we all just get along?” She just wants a BB family and for things to be black and white….lol Has she even watched BB before?

    I hope Ian can play this game longer he is truly a treasure. I was touched by his genuine reaction when Boogie game him $3000 from coaches challenge. Can’t believe Boogie took the larger portion – well guess I CAN believe it but what a greedy move! Jen will need to wear a name tag at the finale if she keeps this up.

  27. I get that maybe people don’t like Frank for one reason or another (I don’t really get it, he’s Sid vicious’ kid for christ sakes), but how can everyone not want Joe gone? He’s awful at everything and he is constantly screaming in the DR sessions. I have to fast forward those now, I cannot listen to him berating the camera. It’s not even like he’s Shelley, at least Shelley’s crazy, going back and forth was interesting, his is just pathetic. Frank has a personality at least. I can’t stand Boogie, but I really liked the idea of Frank stabbing him in the back once Boogie was dropped into the game.

    I think BB chose the perfect contestants for the “coaches” season. None of these people can form a semi-decent plan on thier own or a coherent thought for that matter. Shane talks about not telling anyone, especially the coaches about the 3 (D,F & S), then tells Brittany the second he gets a chance all about it. How Shane could even consider listening to Brittany is hilarious. She is completely clueless to anything, which is only made more apparent by looking at her season.

    When the coaches get dropped in, instead of the newbs having a united front, the same alliances will be there, the newbs will still be taking advice if they get HOH or who to vote for, and they will still be the ones that end up on the chopping block.

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