Big Brother 14: Kara asks Ian if a girl tried to rape you, you would say no?

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 20 (Friday)
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 15 (Sunday)
HOH Winner: Willie Next HOH: July 19 (Thurs)
Original Nominations: Frank and Kara
Current Nominations: Frank and Kara
Have Nots /Slop Danielle, Shane, Ashley, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Boogie, Ian is safe


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12am Willie, Ashley, Janelle, Kara, Jojo and Shane are up in the HOH room talking about the last Power of Veto competition. It’s mainly Willie, Shane and Kara talking about how they did in the competition. Jojo heads downstairs because she wants a break. A few minutes later Janelle heads downstairs. Jojo and Ian then come up to talk. They ask Ian about how his date was tonight. Ian says that it was good, good servers, good food. The conversation turns to talking about how they think the next Coaches competition and Have/Have-not competition are going to be on Friday. Willie comments on how once Ian gets out of the house he is going to have no problem with the ladies. Ian says that its kinda been by choice. Kara then asks him so if a girl tried to rape you, you would say no? Everyone laughs and is stunned that Kara asked the question. Ian said that if it was a really beautiful woman then yeah he would do it with her. The conversation turns to Willie and Shane talking about how they can finish if they’ve been drinking. Jojo says maybe it had something to do with the girl, maybe she just wasn’t doing her job right, ya know?! It’s 80% mental for a girl, they are too much in their head, if they just lived in the moment they would be fine. Willie tells Jojo that she should have been on The Jersey Shore. Jojo says don’t say that to me, I would be the only real italian on there. Willie gets called to the diary room. Britney joins them. They talk about random stuff. The big brother cuts the feeds for a half hour.


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12:55am When the live feeds come back on, most of the house guests are going to sleep. Kara is in the Arcade room with Wil. Kara tells him about how Mike hit on her and asked her out. She says that she would never do that with Mike, I don’t trust him. You saw how he played the girls in all stars. He plays dirty, he is ruthless.

1am Janelle and Britney are in the HOH mentor bed talking with the lights out. Britney says that she talked to the diary room and asked to see her contract. She says that on Monday it should be there and she is going to scrutinize it. Britney talks about how Kara told someone that she wasn’t happy with Dan because he s. Janelle brings up how Danielle told her that she has feelings for Shane. Janelle says that she told Danielle that she shouldn’t because its so much more intense inside the house. Britney says that they don’t even talk, Shane came out to backyard and didn’t even lay by her. Janelle says that Danielle said that in casting they asked her a lot about showmances and so that’s the direction they want me to go. Britney says oh god!

1:10am Jojo joins Willie up in the HOH bed and they watch the spy screen and talk with the lights off. They see Ian on the spy screen. Jojo asks if she should go on a date with him. Willie and Jojo talk about how it would be good for Jojo to win the next HOH. Willie says that problem with Dan and Boogie is that they are trying to control their players so much that its causing friction. Willie says whether Frank or Kara goes home this week, we have to make sure we win HOH so that if Kara stays this week we could put her up with Ian next week. Willie explains that one of them (Mike or Dan) would be down to one person if we win HOH this week. Willie says if they win HOH they would put one of us up from each team to cause strife.


2am Out in the backyard Dan is talking to himself on the couch. Dan says that he can’t play favorites between his two team members, it makes things worse. Dan says that he and Danielle were talking and that he should have known better, we were whispering and we stopped when Kara came up. He says that caused a full on meltdown between two women. Dan says to himself that he is not used to coaching females. Dan says that he thinks the one that talks the most has the better chance at staying in the game. Dan says that he would love to get one of them a half a million dollars… that’s the end goal.


2:15am Meanwhile, Ashley heads up to the HOH where Willie and JoJo are laying in bed together in the dark. Willie invites her in to talk. Willie gets Ashley to go with him into the HOH bathroom to talk. Willie tells her that their teams Janelle and Britney need to stick together, they will stay safe that way. He says that their two teams will win HOHs and keep them all safe. Willie says as long as our six is good were good. As soon as someone goes against the grain is when we will have problems. Willie reassures her. Ashley tells him she feels better about everything. Willie tells Ashley to stay strong, it’s better for her if he stays in this game. Ashley agrees. Willie assures her that he will win the next HOH after this one. Willie tells her that on Wednesday night when the two teams have their meeting listen for how hard Janelle will push to keep Kara. Willie says that Janelle is putting all her effort into getting Wil as far as she can in the game. That’s why she wants to keep Kara, because that is a vote to keep Wil. Ashley says that she definitely thinks Kara has to go. Willie says yeah. Willie and Ashley making a pact that their alliance (Willie & Ashley) needs to stay secret, their teammates can’t know.


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2:30am – 3am Willie head downstairs to the backyard. Willie tells her that he is so glad she came to talk to him, he didn’t have the numbers to save himself if he goes up. Ashley says that Willie needs to act like he has no respect for her game to keep their alliance secret. Ashley says she had the realization today that Janelle isn’t going to fight for her, she doesn’t have her best interest at heart. Willie says Janelle is a schemer. Willie says that Janelle is trying to keep Kara so that she has the numbers. Willie asks her if she could get Ian to keep him if he were up, even though he maybe jealous of their relationship? Ashley says she could get Ian to save him, he knows all of the date stuff is just fun for the cameras. Ashley asks if him if he is going to mention this stuff to Britney. Willie says no because she would tell Janelle. Willie brings up how Shane is about to get into a big time showmance with Danielle. Willie then talks about how some people are letting their coaches play for them. We need to play for ourselves and forget about the coaches. Willie convinces Ashley that she is just a pawn for Janelle. Willie tells Ashley that she is expendable to Janelle. Ashley says that she is 100% with Willie. The conversation changes to guessing about what the next HOH will be. Willie says that if you could swing Ian to the dark side. Ashley says if they work to include Ian then he would come with them. Willie says that he is going to stop telling Britney everything. Willie say that the coaches are playing so hard and so fast because they only have 3 chances to win so it doesn’t mean that much for them to lose someone. They end their conversation and head inside to go to sleep.

6am All the house guests are still sleeping..
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Good move Willie…Let see how Ian (Carl) have the weakness! Oh yeah! Shane (aka Tom Cruise) is the next Jeff! Danielle would be the next Jordan! Jeff & Jordan already have America sweetheart! Now, Danielle & Shane have America sweetheart part 2! Coming Soon…..TAR: Ian (Carl) & Ashley (Porsche 2.0) and Danielle (Jordan 2.0) & Shane (Tom Cruise & Jeff 2.0)!


LOL…..And I thought I was the only one who thought Shane looked like Tom Cruise yo.


Are Shane and Danielle starting a showmance? What about Willie and Ashley? I read they have an alliance right now, but anything else? Can anything be told by the feeds right now?


I was thinking same thing! My other question, Is Willie Married? I just want to know!


Willie has a girlfriend who he told he is doing whatever he wants in the house, even if that means hooking up with a girl to win the 500k.


Kara then asks him so if a girl tried to rape you, you would say no?

Ian, the correct answer was, “You don’t have to rape me, Kara. You can just ask.” or a simple, “You offering?”


Willie is turning into more and more of an egomaniacal douche every day. It will be interesting to see if Ashley relays this conversation back to Janelle or if she bought this bullshit and keeps it to herself.

Dark Horse

I’m wondering that too.

Red Lampshade

I’m imagining the fun possibilities of a Ashley-Willie-Ian alliance. Me likey.

It’d cause some fun drama between the coaches too.


These guys are only a few days into the game with only one HOH behind them and the paranoia is running wild. Willie is gonna get bed sores if he doesn’t get out of that bed a bit more often….seems every feed his got Willie in bed holding court and full of paranoid chatter. His poor mind is all over the place. Get a grip got a long way to go…if your lucky.


You’re totally right.. Every year now there seems to be one “Super” group that totally destroys the other group up until there is only a few survivors than the super group implodes.

It’s going to be interesting to see willie when he’s not living in his HOH room and is on the block. THere some good feeds to come.


Except for the Brigade. I seriously was shocked when Lane voted Enzo over Brit. It nearly went south before that, but they evicted punkrock Matt before he could implode it.


Sorta off topic, but I really want some opinions. Am I the only one that keeps up with Big Brother through this site and BBAD and not so much from the horribly edited CBS program? I think the best idea BB ever had was doing the showtime stuff for those that don’t have time to watch the feeds.

Anyways, sorry. I agree Simon, right now Willie is living it up in the HOH room and feels a degree of control. Last year, the super group of vets had control over the house through its wins, I hope this season isn’t like that. I am hoping a team member of Dan’s or Boogie’s win. It would be REALLY sweet if Frank can some how survive and get the HOH, that would spin the super group on it’s heel.

Red Lampshade

For awhile I had been just watching the CBS episodes, but I discovered this site last year and sort of became hooked. I don’t watch BBAD as much, but I also find the edited episodes a bit grating. It’s nice to watch that as an overview though, and I still watch it so I can see the competitions.


The game would be a lot more interesting if one from Dan/Boogie side win the HOH. Most of Britney/Janelle’s group would just nominate Ian and Danielle if they win it.


Yeah, I’d kinda like to see whoever survives this eviction, be it Frank or Kara, win HOH, assure Willie he’s safe, then nominate him and watch him implode.


I keep track of BB through this site, it’s much more informative than the episodes. I got the feeds for BB11, but they cost too much so I don’t anymore. Watching those you really see how much gets edited out. I like this site and getting the info. before we see it, so I just have to catch the episodes to see the comps. I don’t have Showtime so I don’t see BBAD, and it comes on too late anyway for those of us who have 6-year-olds who think 6:30 a.m. is sleeping in, even on summer vacation.


I love that in Canada we finally get to watch the BB After Dark on cable TV, 3 hrs is great, even thought I gottta DVR it, b/c it airs 2a-5a, I don’t care, its 3 hrs extra of the bb guests i did not have before!


Just out of curiosity did anyone buy the Dick@NIte subscription?


No, not me. Not paying for that yo.


I haven’t heard of anyone who has watched it yet. I was a fan last year but I don’t think I’ll have the time this season.

Big Brother's Big Brother

LOL I watched the youtube video of Dick stating that he would be charging this year and “if you think it’s too much go F*** yourself”.

I don’t think many successfull business ventures start out that way. You? Ha!


Actually, it would happen if HoH is a question or Puzzle! Who has advantage? It would be sucked if Ian wins HoH and Janelle/Britney team is in Big Trouble!


I would love to see Ian win it, he is funny in a goofy way. Was the best part of the show last night. If he wins we would get 2 things. We would see what kind of sack he had for making a real move, he is a game master so he should know what he should do, justy a matter is he man enough or will he just go for an outsider. Would also shake things up a bit and would get Britney and Janelle into doing more than falling all over themselves for their alliance.

Dark Horse

I agree captain…

but it would be interesting to see if Ian wins HOH, who would he put up? would he have balls or just listen to Boogie? It would be funny watching the others even talk game to him.

I STILL cannot believe that he knows the order of evictions from season 1…I would have to befriend him, just thinking that the next HOH is questions haha


Hey Simon and Dawg I just want to say I am in love with the iPhone app. You guys do a great job at telling us what’s going on in the house, and this is way easier than watching the feeds.(although I do have them but I’m always too busy to watch)

Anyway who do you guys think will have the fist real FIGHT of the season. Right now I feel that any one of these may happen soon.

Jojo/Danielle -because Danielle is pushing up on shane.
Ashley/Ian- because Ian is going to creep Ashley over the limit.
Frank/team britnelle- because joe went back and told everyone, everything frank said.
Boogie/production- because his herpes will start flaring up again.


Hey Ronny, Thanks I’m glad you like the iPhone app it took a huge amount of work to get rolling this spring and it’s nice to see people using it. (please leave a review on iTunes if you have time)

I think the first fight will be centred around JoJO and Danielle.


The newbies need to run the game. The only thing they need the coaches for is to win the coaches challenge and keep one of them safe, well, unless you are Danielle or Kara, they need their coach to tell them what thought to have next. Little by little the newbs are realizing that the coaches are forcing them to play too hard too fast because they have three chances before they are out, and they don’t care if they burn one or two players along the way if that helps one of their players get to the end. Most of them are expendable in the coach’s opinion. So the coaches are burning their second and third picks to protect their favorite horse. It’s really not fair how they are ruining certain people’s game for their own benefit. I think Ashley sounded legit last night talking to Willie. She realizes that Wil is the horse Janelle wants to ride to the finals, and that she shouldn’t expect Janelle to do much to save her if Wil is in danger. Joe sees it too, and I think he is playing Janelle. The lie he made up about his conversation with Frank and Jenn was brilliant. He turned the house from being on board with keeping Frank to chaos and uncertainty about whether to go for Frank or Kara. I will be watching to see if Ashley tells Janelle about the conversation with Willie or not. If the newbs start playing like there are no coaches and forming alliances of their own, what can the coaches do about it? I would have loved to see how this group would have played without the newbs.

As for the coaches, Dan must be regretting his choices now. The way things are going Danielle and Kara are headed for a cat fight. Brit needs to stop telling Janelle everything and Janelle needs to put her revenge and bad feelings about Boogie aside and realize that this is a different game. Boogie is still a douchebag. Janelle was telling her players yesterday that Dan and Boogie are the best players ever, but that’s not true. Will and Dan are the best. Boogie got to the end because of Will, and he wouldn’t even have made allstars if he hadn’t been with Will in season 2. Boogie wants to prove that he can win without Will, but even his own team doesn’t like him and doesn’t trust him. The coaches are not playing a good game, and the newbs can turn their game plans upsidedown by playing like they aren’t there. That would bring the four of them back down to earth.


to be fair, they dont like him because of previous things he did in other big brother events to win all stars etc. what he did to the women etc. so its tough for mike to be liked when they know his BS. its a lot less interesting. and dont even begin to say boogie had nothing to do with what he and will were able to do.


I also think the Janelle and Boogie will be more apt to bully their own team and even sacrifice them as pawns before Brit and Dan would. Eventually, as the season comes to a close, somebody’s going to have to go under, but I think Jan and Boog will be more likely to throw their own under the bus too early.


First of all Simon and Dawg – GREAT website and I love your updates!! Keep up the great work 🙂

This conversation between Willie and Ashley is funny. They are re-stating what Ian said to Ashley (and Frank to Willie), but they are making it sound like they are thinking of it for the first time. “We need to play for ourselves not the coaches….they don’t have our my best interests in mind….blah blah blah”. DUH!!!

I’m mad Ashley ran to everyone and spilled the beans to what Ian discussed with her. As a Pittsburgh girl myself, I think she and Ian should create an alliance.


does anyone know why britney wants to ‘look at her contract’?


I agree with RSC I want see the other side win hoh. I hate when one side gets to full of themselves. Anyway they need to realize the game just started and its a marathon not a sprint.

Jedi Jani

What’s up with the live feeds….can’t get them to work at all….anyone?


Are you getting an error?

Jedi Jani

#foreach($f in $errors.getFieldErrors())

Jedi Jani

Everytime I try to log in it says that and the background is red lettering…really weird….I watched from this computer on Friday … not sure what is going on…..any assistance will be greatly appreciated….and as always….Simon you and Dawg Rock!


weird are you using b3v or the superpass website?

Jedi Jani


Jedi Jani

Welcome to SuperPass!Log In
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Jedi Jani

Not sure what happened but went to B3v and somehow can see them now….Thanks Simon…..Carry on Soldier!


B3V is the only way to view the feeds.. the superpass site is messed


People seem to forget that this is a 3 month game. It seems one sided now, because the first HOH is so long. If someone from Boogie or Dan’s team wins next week or even the following week, these so called alliances will scatter like rats. History shows that people who play too hard, too early get to go have their chat with Julie early.


I just see little way mike can make an impact in this game because of what they know about his dominating performances of past. its a bit like hantz(russ) in survivor the third time. since they know you are a snake, its basically impossible to do anything. its basically now happening to boogie. kind of sucks, hoping something happens that helps him out, but you can’t change these people who already have it made up in their minds that they wont trust him ever


Can anyone tell me if they are having problems with live feeds? I log in and they come up fine. I choose a camera feed to bring up and it goes along fine for three…four mins then it freezes. Once it freezes, I have to shut down and reboot to do anything. I’m using a Motorola Zoom (iPad type devise).


feeds work great for me I use bb3V for watching them and the superpass website to record for the image gallery. Contact superpass support they should be able to help you.