Big Brother 14: Britney says she is just waiting for the BOMB to drop!

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


12:45pm Wil, Joe and Janelle are in the arcade room. Janelle tells him that Danielle had wanted to work out last night and I told her okay, then she took forever getting ready and talking to someone so Britney and I worked out and when I was eating she asked me if I wanted to work out and I told her I already did. I guess she took that as a threat? Janelle laughs. Janelle says that she thinks it is pretty clear who I am coming after and she isn’t even on my radar. I still can’t believe she nominated me. Janelle asks if she has Wil’s vote. Wil says yes. Janelle says thank you. Wil leaves the room. Janelle asks Joe if he thinks she has Wil’s vote. Joe says that he will find out but that he doesn’t think Wil is telling her the truth.

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12:50pm Shane and Danielle are up in the HOH room talking about the Veto ceremony. Shane tells her that he was worried about her being alone in here with Janelle. Danielle says at least she wasn’t yelling. Shane says that he thinks Joe got a little fire in his eyes; it’s his coach after all. Danielle says you want go home Joe? They then get in the bed and she lays her head on his chest.


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1:20pm Britney joins Danielle and Shane in the HOH room. Britney tells them that Ian wanted to confront Boogie about his bad breath. She says that Ian had to go sleep in the have-not room because Boogie was breathing on him and it stunk so bad. Britney says that she wanted to watch Ian confront Boogie but Ian said it wasn’t a spectator sport. Britney tells Shane not to repeat things that they talk about up here. Shane says that he doesn’t. Britney says that right after veto ceremony she was in the kitchen and Wil said that he was shocked and Ashley said well maybe some people should not be so mean to people. Danielle talks about how Wil threw Janelle’s name under the bus before I even mentioned who would replace him. Britney says that she is just waiting for the bomb to drop. Britney says that she needs to distance herself from Janellebecause if she tells a lie people might associate it with me and think I am telling her information. They notice Janelle is reading the Big Brother Manual at the kitchen table. Danielle says I bet she is trying to figure out how far she can taunt someone before she gets in trouble. Britney says that Ian is our secret weapon and if he gets HOH on a crucial week we can use him to do what we need him to do.

1:30pm – 1:50pm Joe, Dan, Jenn are in the pool. Ian is in the hammock putting on sunscreen and talking to Britney about how going bald and how it is passed on through a person’s genes. Frank is in the kitchen eating. Janelle gets called to the diary room. (They want her reaction to being nominated while it is still fresh.)

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2pm – 2:25pm Britney and Janelle are talking on the backyard couch. Britney asks Janelle if she is upset? Janelle says no, that she is just surprised. I was just not targeting Danielle. Janelle says that it would be like me putting you or Ashley up or something. Britney says it’s like a freaking blindside or something?! Janelle says yeah right?! Janelle asks what was said when you were up there last night when I could not come in? Britney says that Frank was saying he was loyal and that he doesn’t lie and that they would keep Dan and Danielle safe next week, never targeted them. She says and that they forgive them for last week, that last week is water under the bridge. Janelle says well all these stupid things that people said I said about her from week one.. Janelle says that she said Danielle would go far. Janelle says that she thinks Joe and Wil sold her out or something. Britney says obviously they knew I would tell you stuff so they didn’t tell me anything. Janelle says whatever, if I leave, I leave, I get the same money anyway. If they are going to send me home, fu*k it, I don’t care! Janelle says why would I want to stay anyway, I am such a huge target! Janelle tells Britney that Wil told her in the arcade room that she has his vote. Janelle says that she has your vote, Ashley, Shane and maybe Dan’s vote. Janelle says that if they think I am a bigger threat than Boogie and Frank then screw it!


2:30pm – 2:40pm Janelle is in bed reading the bible while Britney sleeps beside her. Frank, Jenn Ian and Ashley are out by the pool talking about random things.

2:50pm – 3pm Ashley, Joe, Dan and Wil are in the kitchen making and eating lunch. Frank and jenn are talking by the pool. Frank tells Jenn that he offered Janelle an olive branch last Friday and says that she was so stubborn, she wouldn’t take it. Frank says what you see is what you get from me. Jenn says she just knows that Janelle would be hard for her to beat because Janelle is a strong competitor. Frank says at least you know what I am saying you can take at face value, whereas with her you can’t. Jenn tells him that she thinks the plan all along was to get Janelle out.



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Shaniqua Golden

I love how danielle complains about people saying she’s in a showmance but she’s always cuddling with shane or giving a massage or kissing him. The girl is clearly an idiot. She needs to go home next week! By the way what a horrible move she just did. She keeps pissing off housguest.. Boogie or frank need to win HOH and put her and dan up.


I completely agree with you. She needs to be evicted next week. She just made a horrible move by nominating Janelle, and keeping Frank safe for another week. Loser!


well I think it was a gutsy move, a move that no other HOH has thought of doing. Danielle will stay but beloved janellle will be taking the next BB bus out of there… couldnt have happened to a nicer person.

Dark Horse

OMG I feel the same way, not sure why…

If Boogie wants to get rid of the coaches…then Dan will be up if Boogie or Frank win for sure

THEN I can’t wait to see the look on Danielle & Dan’s face!!


Boogie and Frank don’t give a damn about Danielle. She isn’t a threat. They may keep quiet for a few weeks to thin out the numbers, but their targets are Dan, Shane, and whoever they think can harm them.


What??? Your comment is sheer idiocy.


Do you really think that Boogie wants to keep a strong 6? He even slipped yesterday or before yesterday and I’m surprised no one in the room picked up on it. He said he would loooooooooooove to be in the last two with a player like Ashley. It’s because a floater like that who can’t win anything and does nothing significant isn’t a threat to beat him. He wants a floater in the end. He wants to take out the few top threats and then thin out the rest of the weak herd till there is nothing left. Why on earth would he want to take a strong player like Dan, who can beat him, to the last 3 or 4? It’s stupid. I don’t know how much more Danielle will keep winning. If she does, she’ll become a threat, but right now his main focus is on Dan and on Shane just from the physical aspect. He’s just waiting for the right time to strike.

Janelle's worn out lip

Anyone would love to be in final 2 with someone like Ashley or Jenn. He wasn’t saying that was his plan – he was saying in that situation, his odds of getting the 500K vs the 50K would be good. It wasn’t a tactical slip or strategy leak – more of a Captain Obvious statement.


It was a tactical slip


Goofy I think you and me were the only 2 people that caught that. The great Dan completely missed it


It was a brilliant move!


I agree man. I can’t WAIT to see this stupid alliances face when Boogie puts up two of their people!! I mean, Boogie just entered into an alliance with them and he’s already been planning to put up Dan/Brittany or Dan/Daniele etc etc!!! If Janelle had won HOH next week she would’ve put up Boogie or Frank for sure. I bet you anything Boogie is laughing at what he made them do in the diary room. Didn’t anybody learn from BB all-stars?! Boogie and Dr. Will always stabbed their ”alliance” members in the back and manipulated them to make nominations that suited nobody but Chilltown!


I don’t see anyone pissed off about Janelle being on the block. It looks to me like she will be lucky to get a vote, everyone wants her to go, so kudos to Danielle.




The HGs keep saying about how hot it is – so I pulled up the temp in LA. It is 84! Guess they would all melt away if they lived on the east coast this summer. 84 in the summer in the Washington area is almost sweater weather LOL! I realize that they don’t have much of a breeze going thru the backyard, but seriously???? Janelle walking outside saying oh, it’s so hot….it’s like 100 degrees.


I live around St. Louis and this summer our average temp. has been about 104-108 degrees. About 95 actual degrees, but the humidity pushes it up a lot. I can’t let my kids go outside for more than about 10-15 minutes at a time or else we risk heatstroke. I would love for it to be 84 degrees.


CBS is located in the San Fernando Valley, where it is over 100 today. The SFV is always a lot warmer than downtown LA and Hollywood.


I can’t wait till Janelle’s ass is out the front door. I wan there gone and I’ll celebrate when she is.

Dark Horse

Wow…after all that

I am somehow jumping on the Boogie Band Wagon *tries to resist* …

If they vote out Janelle, I kinda hope that Boogie or Frank wins and puts Danielle & Dan up LOL

If Ian wins I hope he does the same…

What a twist and turn, I’m really not sure how I feel right now.


Let’s see. Janelle’s DR goes something like this. I hate Frank, Boogie is stupid. I am the greatest BB player ever. Joe, Wil, Trixie, Britney, and Jenn will vote for me, because I am awesome like that. I’m going to win HOH next week and put up Frank and Boogie and make them pay. I am the Queen of all Big Brother. Bow to me! Off with their heads! Do these sweat pants make my ass look big? No, Janelle, but we would like to watch the reward movie off your ass. Goodbye, Janelle. 3 time LOSER!

anonymous 2

but she’s readin’ that Bible..


Lol you are dead on about that one. This girl thinks she’s the queen of BB all because she wins an HOH and POV. Meanwhile 2 weeks ago she was crying that she had no one in the house and she was all alone.


BB should put Kara back in the house just to hang out with Shane for 24 hours just to spice up Shane and Danielle’s horrible showmance.


I’m going to repeat this from the other post. Not sure how many people get to page 3, but I would like a little input on this:

Boogie came in to Danielle’s room one day, talked for a few minutes, changed the entire game. Got the other side to fight among themselves (Danielle vs Janelle) and they’re not even thinking about Boogie/Frank right now. They think they’re going to work with him. LOL. That’s pretty much the summary of what happened. It’s insane. Even if they don’t trust Janelle, screw it, no one does anymore, take out B/F first. Nope. They trust him. It’s brilliant, if not a picture of how dumb those people are.

anonymous 2

i’m sure you would have made all the right moves.


Why does it become personal for some people, instead of actually discussing the game?


Your comment was great! I don’t even know who I am rooting for but I’ll tell ya this…
NOBODY (CBS production excluded perhaps) Knows what will happen, who can be trusted and what anybody’s game plan is…
So to fight with anybody on here or get personal like “I suppose you…” is childish and pointless…
Hey Anon2!
You wanna go? we can end this Willie style! : P
Rock on Goofy it’s ok to have your own opinion.


What the matter Janelle? Sovereign 6 can’t help you this one. You on your own. You got gotted!


Boogie just dropping the hammer and manipulating all. Janelle will go out just like Willie, classless. Shane and Danielle are sheep to Dan and Britney. At least Boogie and Frank will make this season entertaining.




Taking Frank off would have made it more obvious that they were working together. Taking Wil off, on the other hand, will come in handy if they want to get him out. Some will assume that HE is the one who is working with them. Brilliant move!

Godless Monkey

I enjoy the game for the game itself, although clearly having faves and those I dislike, but any big upset like this clearly makes for great viewing! Here’s hoping Boog/Frank get HOH next just to see some more scrambling as they’ve made it clear this morning that this fake alliance they’re in is just that, fake.


I don’t think it is a fake alliance. Of course they will have to go after each other for awhile, but Boogie, he actually begged, and yes I did watch his previous seasons. I have also listened to the conversations between Frank and Bookie .


ian. tell boogie to go brush his teeth, its not like hes going to care, he will say “Thanks bro, good looking out” and move on.


I know. Ion the stick boy is getting more annoying by the day. Perhaps he should take the hint and find a new berth.


I have a feeling Janelle is going to provide us with some great tv in the next few days hahaha…

anonymous 2

yeah maybe she’ll cry.


or cheat on her hubby by, taking a note from Boy George(Rachel) and “blowing” the asshole who is obsessed with her….


Do you think Booger & Dan really have a f2? I hope so, I like those guys… I would like to see Dan screw over Danielle…. she gets on my nerves.


i can’t believe im saying this….i trust boogie. Season 14 just started. Allison don’t fu#k with the vote this week.


Frank and him have been very honest, in my opinion…Dan and Britney are shady this season…I’m sure others will see it differently than I do…


All I can say is when I was watching the coaches meeting I was like damn, Boogies’s actually making sense, and he seemed really honest in what he was saying. That guy should be a lawyer, he was good. And we all know he may go after Shane or Danielle it’s to be expected I mean they Shane/Dan/Danielle/Britney have a side alliance with Ian, it’s just a matter of who will strike first.

Tickling the Berries

Daniele is a fool, who constantly thinks people are talking crap about her, seriously. If Kara was still in the house she would see exactly who Shane preferred. What annoys me is she thinks shes all big and bad now and that her and her group will win every single comp from here to the end. I hope Boogie or Frank get power next week and put up Shane and Daniele, the two people who annoy me the most, even more than Joe now


Why is everyone so threatened by Frank? He hasn’t done anything but just win HOH once. Vote the coaches out and get back to Big Brother. I wish they had never had this whole coach thing, but actually like Boogie for being the only one who wasn’t greedy and didn’t hit the button. I hope he stays a while.


Because he keep saying he will nominate or even backdoor Shane and Danielle

Didn’t he remember he put Shane and Danielle up week#2?

And now he’s like “I am so tired of Danielle..”

You started the fire you curly asshole!!!
and now Shane and Danielle work their ass off to save your freakin stupid ass

I am no team Janelle but I don’t like Frank thinks everyone will just bow to him!
Get REAL! You’re on the block all the freakin times! You’re JESSIE 2.0


Excuse me, Frank?

Didn’t he remember he put Shane and Danielle up week#2?

And now he’s like “I am so tired of Danielle…”

You started the fire you curly asshole!!!
and now Shane and Danielle work their ass off to save your freakin stupid ass

I am no team Janelle but I don’t like Frank thinks everyone will just bow to him!
Get REAL! You’re on the block all the freakin times! You’re JESSIE 2.0


I agree Holly. Get rid of the coaches. They had their shot. Get back to the game. I hate when they keep bringing people back.


Why doesn’t it surprise me that Boogie has bad breath? It must be pretty bad for sweet Ian to say something.

I’m a Janelle fan, but if she does go home this week, I hope that Boogie, Frank or anyone will put up that dimwitted Danielle.

I can’t even look at the pictures of her snuggling up with Shane…she’s going to be so embarrassed when she sees how NOT interested in her he really is.



unless ian just came up with a PERFECT way to get mike 1 on 1 for a minute to see where hes at


I agree with everything you just said. Booger is creepy disgusting…

For the first time EVER I actually wish there would be a twist where janelle got to come back – even if to just wreak havoc on dimbette Danielle… I hope Danielle and gay Shane get voted out on a double eviction on the very first week of jury so they can suffer through an entire week together ALONE and then sit around for the rest of the summer…


So happy that Danielle, etc are pushing Janelle out the back door this week. But I fear my happiness will be short-lived because through an “unexpected” twist, she will return by defeating all other evicted houseguests in a competition. Do you really think Jodi, Cara or Jojo can beat Janelle???

Then it will be as difficult to get Janelle out as it was during her season. In the meantime, she will likely focus on evicting Danielle, Wil and Frank. I almost wrote off this season last week, but it is getting interesting now- we’ll see for how long.


jojo is home tweeting, she isnt in sequester


the only thing he didnt tell danielle, was DONT OPEN PANDORAS BOX.


I would LOVE if that little twit Danielle opened a pandoras box….


EVERYBODY open’s the box.. nobody will ever refuse it, I remember the “surprise” pandora’s box, that was clearly planted to save Rachel and Jordan

Janelle is a Vet, just like Rachel and Jordan was I wouldn’t put it past production to attempt the 2nd 100 Planned Winner..

Last season was BRILLIANT, they really had the “gullible” eating it up, that Noobs had a fair chance and could actually beat a veteran. Kalia the Hut was a plant, she was there to attempt AG’s record of Eating everything in the fridge, and has us talking about her, while they worked to lead a Vet to victory…. The only thing they didn’t count on was the “Technotronic Extraordinaire” Jeff getting screwed by the “clown shoe”, he was their 1st choice of winner, so they could say America’s Sweethearts both won Big Brother, then a TV show would’ve been all about how they each fell face first into wins, and now are getting married…

Mark my words, a Vet will win it again…


The production will never let Janelle leave just like that! They will bring about a twist to save Janelle. They have to! Remember last year, when Rachel and Jordan were saved by the duo twist? I hope something happens and Janelle stays and gets to evict Dan and Danielle by herself! Amen!


True, the FIX was IN last season….


I think it’s telling that EVERYBODY in the house dislikes Janelle except for Joe. Can that many people be wrong? I don’t think so. Personally, Janelle doesn’t bother me, I just think she’s boring. She’s not even going off on people, she’s reading her bible. If this was Rachel Riley, she’d be having a nervous breakdown or calling people out in the middle of the house dressed like a sequined harpy.


I don’t think even Ebola Joe like Janelle- he just likes jugs!


lmfao, *sequined harpy*, crackin’ me up!

I could not stand the sound of her voice, the looks on her face, but goddamn she was entertainment gold when she was pushed to the edge!


LMFAO Boy George, hit us hardcore with the entertainment for 2 seasons, and she just was showing us what type of person she is. AND they brought her on another show American Race, to show us again what type of person she was… Rachel will ALWAYS be PURE COMEDY GOLD

jay marks

Got to watch of the feeds for a little bit at lunch, and Jani was complaining that she didn’t even have her make up Uhmm you just got blindsided and that’s what your thinking about.

Wasn’t there something in Jani’s contract about not going to sequester? I thought I remember reading some stuff on that here, if you can please refresh my memory.


boogie IS being honest. hes not going to screw them for at least 2 weeks, maybe 3, and he WONT screw dan til f4 at the least, I think they both would be fine riding to f2. boogie knows he probably won’t win this game. its not likely at all. but this move is huge.

its smart for everyone really, there is not a real downside to doing this, leaving frank is not such a big deal with so many numbers on their side against any boogie manipulation. he also put it ALL on the line, and let them get wil on their side, let them spin it how they want, let them feel in control. just well played

I hope CBS gives boogie the credit he deserves for putting together one of the best early flips in BB history. taking out a player like janelle in this fashion is no joke. big move, and for boogie, likely his only real move in this game that he will be making unless dan can keep him around

I sort of see boogie and dan sliding through while both sides fire shots at each other eventually in the f6-8, then they will protect each other through to the end, using frank and ian as their votes. it could very well be dan/boogie/ian in the final 3. its the smartest play for dan, he can take out ian in any endurance leg, there is only one final hoh question part, and he would then take boogie.

still, this is a fantastic move for danielle, say she makes f2, she is the girl who had the HOH that took out the great janelle, its a solid move, and she does it without anyone who matters, giving a darn.


I see it like that as well…I can see Mike going far in the game aslong as someone like Joe doesn’t get HoH next week…I agree, Mike and Frank will mostly lay low after this..Maybe bring Ian or Jenn onboard into an alliance of their own…Ian still sees himself as working with Mike, Britney had a convo with him about it…


if big brother production wants lets it go, it is the best coach to go.

frank and boogie=boogie DR gold will happen and he will produce the goods
brit=dr gold
dan=their fav, likely winner

janelle isnt bringing much as the hg’s don’t like her. she can’t play house and pull danielle to her side because danielle is locked to shane. she cant break that wall. she tried to make boogie the target, he knew this, and flipped that on her, he made 2 coaches who didnt believe him, believe him. thats good TV, janelle is not providing good television other than the blow ups that will soon happen.

they could bring her back in a few weeks if they wanted to, but I think she needs to get sent home to her daughter.


In all the Danielle bashing about how bad this move was and how Boogie and Frank will be coming after their alliance members….one big thing stands out to me. Comp wins by Frank – 1 HOH of 3 comps played; 0 Veto of 4 comps played. Comp wins by Shane – 1 HOH of 4 comps played; 3 Veto of 4 comps played – Comp wins by Danielle 1 HOH of 4 comps played; 1 Veto of 3 comps played (note she finished 2 in the hockey HOH and threw the HOH that Frank won) – Comp wins by Janelle – 2 of 3 coaches comps – Comp wins by Boogie – 1 of 3 coaches comps (Dan threw this comp for sure). So, my point is, Frank and Boogie have to WIN competitions to pursue their agenda. So far, it is not looking good for them. I think Boogie may actually be better than Frank.


I hope to god Ashley wins HOH and nominates Danielle and Shane. No one thinks she can win anything, she’s like Porsche from last year.


You mean Porsche who floated her way through most of the season???? Who waited to win comps until most of the competition was gone? Who spent most of the summer sleeping and eating? Yep, you’re right. Ashley is like her in that respect. However, Ashley is not a mean girl and Porsche went to the “School of Janelle”


Porsche only floated in the beginning of the season. If your saying that have you took a glance of last years top four 3 floaters Adam and Jordan being the biggest floaters of the three. Porsche won 2 POV and an HOH and part 2 of an HOH. She was a good player. If I do remember Janelle started going beast in her season near the mid point of the game during her first season. Then she came back for all stars becoming the Queen of Competitions.


I think she’s playing a decent game, and is smarter than what she’s given credit for…Hopefully she does win some comps…


I said before that Boogie’s reaction after the HOH ceremony and after nominations was brilliant. I know he did not do it as a purposeful game move, but it worked that way. He was so unbelievably indignant at the thought that there was lying going on behind his back and that they were going to vote out Frank who was truthful and loyal (which for the most part I think is true) that he couldn’t talk about further game moves or joining alliances. He just could not believe they would lie. I think this constant banter got into everyone’s heads that he was right, they were all the ones lying and Boogie & Frank were trust worthy, which then put a huge spotlight on Janelle.

I hated Boogie prior to this season and felt he just rode Will’s jock for All-Stars, but he is really showing what selling your case can do in BB. It’s not always about winning comps, it’s getting people to do what you want/need.

I’d still have preferred if someone like Ashley, Jenn or Joe left as they are all dead weight or they scream at me in DR sessions. But, seeing Janelle leave will be pretty sweet. Let’s just wait and see what Wednesday night looks like, things are either going to go apeshit when she figures out she’s leaving or somber if she thinks she has no chance to stay. You cannot count on anything with these houseguests though, so Frank might still be out the door.


jani is only reaping what she sowed. all of the mean things she has said and done are finally catching up to her, and she has only herself to blame for being on the block. they all see right through her game, at last. i am shocked danielle had the guts to make this move, but i’m glad she did.


good move dani pigelle needs to go she was the one who started that shit with jo jo saying dani was fat etc… trouble making bitch don’t let the door hit your dark roots on the way out pigelle
team dan


I am no team Janelle but Frank gets me on my nerves

He’s so cocky thinks everyone will just bow to him

Didn’t he remember why Shane,Danielle,and JoJo were up on the block week#2?

And now he’s like “I want to put up Shane and Danielle. I am so tired of her, I want to backdoor Shane”






you okay we don’t want you to have a brain aneurysm just saying :)


That was the obvious move at the time. He had to go with people who were with team Brit because of Willie. He couldn’t show any further gameplay without becoming suspicious. Shane and Dani have put up Frank twice now, it was only through happenstance and Boogie being amazing that he is not sitting at home right now. Honestly, I give this Secret Six, which is a strong alliance of seven votes(see: Ian with the BIDDS) a few weeks at most. Boogie and Mike are not going forgive S&D and will probably pull Ian and Jenn together and take out someone strong, probably Shane or even Dan.


Lol getting rid of Shane is actually a good idea…Frank is not the physical threat, it’s Shane, but this group can’t seem to get that…Frank is surviving on Mike’s social coattails…


lol…at jenn thinking she know shit.


If these newbies had any sense, they would get all the coaches out


those angry about a deal w/ boogie and frank. dont look at it like that. deals dont last any longer than really janelle’s eviction

if you think brit wants to sit next to shane, or dan wants to sit next to danielle who will side with shane over him, no way.

the silent 6 is going to all backstab each other at some point, it will make great TV, at this point janelle only provides good TV if she is backdoored, as such


If Janelle leaves this week i hope she goes out with a bang. but as much as i hate boogie, i hope he wins HoH and puts up Danielle and Britney. I WOULD LOVE IT


janelle cant go out with a bang. what will she do?

that meeting was so ridiculously honest, that at this point there is no breaking up that six THIS week. shes done. all she can do is just further hurt the chances of ashley and others by even associating with them or asking for their votes


This is sad, just like Daniele Donato last season, well time to make a tribute video for Janie


Dan is not as smart as I thought he was. He has missed out on a few very important clues. First last night mike boogie made the comment that if he is sitting next to Ashley, joe or jenn which should have triggered something in dans brain that boogie is basically going to make sure 1 or 2 of those people are around longer then most of the others. Does Dan think boogie is just going to go to a final 6 with a disadvantage of him and frank vs BDDS. It just makes no sense. Now the 2nd thing Dan hasn’t realized is that janelle entire team wants her out which means she has no one. Janelke could never talk those 3 into doing something for her but boogie can get frank to do anything for him. The newbies now want frank around to get the coaches out. So if frank is there Dan would go up only against Boogie and if boogie won veto then Brit goes up. But if janelle was still there then if the newbies put boogie and Dan up and boogie win veto then janelle would go up and janelle would go home.


It seems to me that Mike/Frank see Shane as the main threat, this final 6 stuff is BS…If M/F get power next week, they’re going after Joe and Shane, and will somehow sell Dan that Shane/Danielle need to be broken-up…


he had a totally 100 percent honest convo. if it went down any other way, it wouldnt have worked

its not news to dan that ashley wouldnt be bad to sit next to in the finals

get real

boogie is not planning to screw them anymore than they are him. its annoying this idea that boogie is so powerful beyond belief that he will backstab you and have no issues the next week. please. if he did that, hes on the block the next week


Ron that’s not true if boogie back stabbed Dan he still has frank to play in the HOH. And they would put all the focus on Britney, Shane and Daniel being a tough 3 so they would deflect everything off of them onto BDS

Janelle's worn out lip

Frank and Boogie have worked harder and smarter than anyone else in this game. Look at their perseverance in changing Dan’s mind, which ultimately changed Danielle’s, Britney’s and Shane’s minds.

In many ways, Froogie are like Jordan and Jeff or Brendon and Rachel, in that they have had the whole house against them for almost the entire time they are there, yet they seem to always prevail…and it wasn’t because of BB rigging things – they did it themselves through hard work and solid game play.

Kudos for that – they are working for the win rather than floating like a lot of others.


True but frank got lucky his 2nd time on the block. He should have been gone. They should have had the eviction first and then asked them to vote if the wanted to return


I can’t wait for Danielle to get out and see how Shane really wants nothing to do with her. He basically turned her down to her face 10 times last week and then said he didn’t want a showmance in front of millions of viewers. Her and britney will have a blast in the jury house


I like Frank’s hair

Simon Says

If you guys have not noticed Dan, Dani, Shane, and Brit are looking out for Ian ahead of Boogie and Frank. Even though I would prefer Boogie and Frank it seems that Ian will inevitably ruin the “Silent 6” and it seems as if Dan is in the best position in the house…



Ok Ashley jenn and will know there is a powerfull 6 man alliance between them. So what is there plan to just sit back and get picked off 1 by 1? My plan would be to act like we hate janelle and we are all voting her out. Then get brittney to give janelle a pity vote. Then I would go tell joe Wednesday late at night about the 6 person alliance and that the 4 of us need to vote frank out. Then tell janelle about the plan 5 minutes before the live show do she doesn’t slip up. Then between there 4 votes and Brits pity vote frank goes home. Maybe I’m just to smart for this game because these idiots won’t do it


Does anyone know if Janelle really said any terrible things about Danielle?


If Janelle said it was hot out Dani would interpret it as ‘she said I wasn’t hot, I was ugly!’ Everything Jani had said Danielle has twisted sometimes with Brit’s help. When Jani talked to her after she was put on the block and said to Dani , ‘ I think you made a mistake’ (mostly because Boogie is untrustworthy), Dani told everyone that Jani ‘threatened’ her. It is Boogie who has said nasty things about Dani, with Frank a close second. Too bad Jani has born the brunt of Dani’s delusions.


I’ve notice that a lot of comments on here,seem as though people thought and want Janelle to act crazy or start bullying people,because she was blind sided.From what I can tell she is handling this extremely well.This wouldn’t be Boogie’s reaction if this happen to him.I’m not a Janelle fan(I’m only a Dan fan)but I’m really impress how she’s taking it.I hope she continues acting this way.Then people won’t get the satisfaction of seeing her get angry she should keep reading the Bible,maybe that will keep her calm.I’m rooting for Dan,but I think he made a big mistake.I don’t think there’s anyway that Boogie will be loyal to Dan and really intend on taking him to final 2.Boogie has no reason to be loyal to Dan,while Frank is still in the game.It really sucks,because I was so happy when I found out Dan was coming on the show and even more happy when they allowed the coachs to play the game.I wanted Dan to win this season.Now, I don’t see that happening.Now,if Boogie was telling Dan the truth and he really will stick to this alliance,than there’s no doubt that Dan&Boogie will be in final 2.But that won’t happen because Boogie seems to hate the idea of working with Dan,and he’s lying to him.Boogie doesn’t want a final 2 with Dan.If he really wanted that,then all Boogie would’ve had to do was cut Frank loose.Since he didn’t do that,it’s clear he isn’t telling Dan the truth.


I agree 100% with this^…Dan is now convinced he can trust Mike, after his soap box speech last night…Mike wont screw him over in the next 2-3 weeks unless it’s obvious, but I have no doubt he would do it of the opportunity presented itself…




Has anyone made a comment to Joe about him washing his hands before he prepares food? Has any of the HG even noticed? I’m even surprised BB hasn’t talked to him….This is so gross…



that is all.



i DON’T want to see any veterans win this season!!!!

but Honestly, I want to see Britney wins more than I wanna see Frank