Big Brother 14 Power Of Veto Ceremony Results!

POV Holder: Danielle Next POV: Aug 11 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 6 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Aug 9 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Wil and Frank
Current Nominations: Janelle AND Frank
Have Nots No Have-Nots for the Week
Last Evicted Houseguest


11:40am Janelle and Danielle are up in the HOH room talking. Janelle is really shocked that she is on the block. She continues to say that she is not coming after Danielle. Danielle says that other people have told her that you are coming after me and that you said I was going to float to the final 5. If other people have come to me and lied about you coming after me I am very sorry. I think they are pretty reliable people. Janelle asks if it was Boogie because he has ulterior motives. Janelle says you have been lied to. Danielle tells her that she will probably stay over Frank. Janelle asks do you really think you made the right decision? Danielle says I don’t know. Janelle asks do you really think if I won HOH this week I would actually come after you and put you up? Danielle says I don’t know, I just didn’t know and I felt really hurt. Janelle says that she is really shocked and I never would have come after you. I thought we were friends and that’s why we do make-up together. Janelle says that she talked to Dan yesterday and that I told him I really wanted to work with you. Danielle says that she thinks she is going to throw up. Janelle says don’t worry about it. Janelle heads downs stairs.

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11:50am Dan comes up to the HOH room to talk to Danielle. Dan tells her that she did are really great job, that she kept it short and sweet. Danielle tells Dan about the conversation she just had with Janelle. Danielle says again that she felt like she was going to throw up. Danielle then tells Dan about her conversation with Wil. Danielle tells Dan that Wil is coming after you but that she tells him that Wil confirmed that he would not come after us for one week. She says it will be a 8 – 1 vote to get Janelle out. Danielle says that Janelle was glaring at her so hard during the ceremony. She says that Frank was playing it up so well he looked sad. Danielle says that she wanted to kill Boogie though because she looks at people in the eye and caught him smile. She says that luckily Janelle didn’t see it. Danielle talks about how Dan tells her that she is about to get out one of the best players to ever play this game. Danielle says what she said in the diary room was that Janelle called her a floater but I won HOH, the POV and just got you a first class ticket home to see your husband and baby. Dan says that the whole time he was looking at Joe’s face to see his reaction.


12pm Janelle, Ashley and Britney are down in the arcade room talking. Janelle tells them the conversation she just had with Danielle. Ashley says that she doesn’t understand what just happened. Is this a punishment?! Janelle tells them that Danielle had said that she thinks I will stay over Frank. Britney and Janelle speculate on who would have said Janelle was coming after her. They wonder if it would be Joe. Janelle says I need 5 votes to stay …and at least I am up on the block against Frank. Britney heads outside.


12pm Dan and Janelle are in the storage room talking. Janelle asks him what the hell just happened?! Dan says remember when I said you needed to talk it out with her? He says that he talked her out of doing this. Janielle says I fell asleep. Dan says I know, but I talked her out of it and went to sleep. He says that he can’t rationalize this, I just don’t understand these girl feelings. Dan says that he thought he extinguished any plan to put her up. Janelle keeps saying I can’t believe she did this, I am so embarrassed because I told them in the diary room that I didn’t think she would put me up. Janelle asks do you think there is any other reason why she would put me up. Dan says I don’t know I think it was just people saying stuff and she had a girl feeling about it. Janelle says do you think it was because I didn’t work out with her? Janelle says I don’t think Shane and them will vote to keep me if they are all trying to get a coach out. Dan says well you’ve got 3 days to get the votes. Janelle says at least I am on the block with Frank. Janelle says that Frank and Boogie are going to steam roll through everyone, you know that right!? Dan asks so what’s your next move? Janelle says to get Joes vote. Janelle asks Dan if he would vote to keep her. Dan says that she needs to have the votes, I can’t just throw you a vote. Janelle says that she thinks she has Britney, Ashley, You, and maybe Joe.
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12pm – 12:40pm Frank is up in the HOH room talking to Danielle. Danielle tells Frank the conversation that she had just had with Janelle after the ceremony. Frank says that we are going to reciprocate it 10 fold going forward and you know that! Frank says that he dropped off his spirit-tard in the diary room and told them to fix it. He says that they asked him to explain what he wanted them to change on it. He says that he told them that the skirt is below my junk, I need it above my junk! Frank says that he told Janelle that at least she is up against her sworn enemy and not her best friend like in her previous seasons. Danielle says that she knows for a fact that Janelle spreading lies and then people came up here to tell me about it. She says that Janelle said Shane was coming after Dan and that I am a floater and should not even be in the game. Frank tells Danielle that Janelle sealed her fate with spreading lies. Danielle wonders why Janelle would sling her name through the mud and especially before the veto ceremony. She is attacking me personally! Frank says that is one think that I would not do, I would not attack someone personally. They hug and head downstairs.

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155 thoughts on “Big Brother 14 Power Of Veto Ceremony Results!

  1. Daniellle is a complete idiot for playing this game so personal. SHe just completely sold her “team” especially Shane out for her jealousy of Janelle. UGH.

    1. she sold out her team, by including her team on the deal to take out janelle?


      mike boogie just owned janelle, and people cant handle it

      if production steps in, ill be ashamed

    2. love how boogie couldnt help himself but to smile. and I love how janelle STILL has no clue boogie is behind this, she still thinks hes “bad at this game”. LOL

      1. That’s what I think is funny too, and she also said he was just a “Robin” to Dr. Will as “Batman” in this game lol…

        1. Well that much is definitely true. He is definitely Robin…And just like Robin, I question Boogie’s sexuality as well. If he hasn’t already tried, he is definitely bi-curious. And if Will was to throw him a bone, he would act out on that curiousity.

    3. I like how she doesnt talk about getting Janelle out because she is a competitor, she always says..”she said my legs are fat”, she says “I have a showmance” (NO YOU DONT), she says “Im a floater”. She is right, after this week, you will float around, you will end up no higher than fifth and I cant WAIT until Boogie sends your ass out the door

    4. Did you not watch BBAD last night? DAN was the one who flipped it, not Danielle – she wanted to get Janelle out from the beginning.

      Dan saw no prospect of the coaches working together after Boogie called Janelle out and basically exposed her “you take a sacrifice this week and I’ll owe you one” plan. Boogie rightly told her to her face that he doesn’t trust her for any sort of “I’ll owe you one” plan, and if she really wanted the coaches to work together, let Wil or Joe go home instead of Frank and he (Boogie) will owe her one. She declined, proving that she was just working for her own best interests in the game.

      It was a classic move to which Janelle had no response, except to look like a deer in headlights while her little house of cards and lies fell to the ground in front of all the coaches.


      1. My point is, Danielle holds all the power this week and worst of all, it ws given to her by Britney!! She could’ve made a HUGE power move by getting rid of Boogers or Frank but no, she instead decided to put up Janelle for the comment she may have made. Stupid.
        They could’ve been both put on the block against each other and I know dan was behind all this but it’s her HOH not Dan’s. Her choice. She sold out her team by putting up Janelle for the possibility of eviction and who was with them, instead of Boogers of Frank who has always been against them. They had the votes to evict who they wanted this week if she would’ve just stuck to the plan of getting Team Boogers out. The opportunity was right there and she just threw it out the window. Need I say more?

        ANd ofcourse those who are anti- DDBS are going to say “great move, Danielle.” when it benefits their player of choice to win.

    5. Danielle is so petty it’s ridiculous………..Dan is really two faced beyond belief……….hope Shane is out next week and Danielle is also on the block. And as for two faced what about that Britney………..

  2. I loathe Boogie and Frank, but now if Frank stays, I can’t wait for them both to makes fools out of Dan, Britney, Shane and Danielle, whether its sooner or later. I really hope actually that production steps in and sways the vote off of Janelle…cause I mean…..special power greed aside during BB13….if they could get Lawon evicted over Rachel, I’ll believe anything with my Big Brother prayer book.

    1. I agree with you Erin. I pray Janelle can stay. And if she doesn’t, I feel the same as you. I hope Danielle cries her eyes out when she is on the block.

    2. I’d appreciate if you’d change your name so our comments can be differentiated from each other. I’ve posted under the name Erin for the past 2 years.

      1. Pretty petty, Why can’t someone use their own name…. you are just because you have been here for 2 years? If you don’t like it why not change yours. I am so sick and tired of people being rude on the comments.

      1. “Janelle asks do you really think you made the right decision? Danielle says I don’t know. Janelle asks do you really think if I won HOH this week I would actually come after you and put you up? Danielle says I don’t know, I just didn’t know and I felt really hurt. ”

        Does this seem like she is taking responsibility for her decision. I don’t think so. She is acting vague and implying her decision was based on what other people told her. If you’re mad over that, then you are the idiot.

        1. Pretty sure she was just telling Janelle that’s the reason she put her up- when in fact, it’s because of the Silent Six Alliance. She made that up just to have a reason to tell Janelle. So no, based on what you said, she’s not an idiot because she really isn’t mad at her or thinks “she’s coming after her”. She did it because it was a decision made with her current alliance.

  3. Still have 3 days waatch Janelle call people out and maybe Frank could be sweating in a few days remember BBAD peoples we saw Britney ask if she can throw a sympathy vote to Janelle so if Shane changes his mind or Dan still wants Frank out to play with Boogie we’ll see Thursday

    1. Wil could be grateful to Danielle but if he gets wind of Frank and Boogies plan he could tell her and than Frank goes home

      1. How? Why would that change anything if she knows? The six people who can vote her out are already in on it. They wouldnt sway just because she finds out.

          1. I was talling about Danielle finding out about it from Wil about Frank and Boogies plan to go after them following week Because Wil is the biggest mouth in the house so Frank needs to stay Quiet I’m not or will never be a Janelle fan its just BB production tell the houseguest what and how to react to things and if you dont think they want Janelle to stay somehow like Pandoras Box or secret power will show up Thats all, I really want Boogie gone but thats not happening this week so relax

  4. Hahahahahahahahaha:):):):):):):)
    Good bye coach number 1!!!!!!!!!

    Now if the smartest player will, pls win the HOH and put up 2 more coaches I will be happy.

    1. Why is this a dumb move? It just made a really solid alliance(for probably 3 weeks at most) of 6 and got rid of whiny liar with fake tits. This could make a hero out of Danielle if she doesn’t cave for now.

      Really like the gameplay I’m seeing out of Danielle, Dan, Shane and Brit lately. Having the Silent 6 at the same time as having a secret alliance with Ian is brilliant. It only ends up as a bad move if Ian, Mike and Frank catch on and then flip the table on them. Not to mention Danielle has near complete control of Will and his little alliance.

      1. Well because 2 players strong(Frank/Boogie) > Jan. And Frankd and Boogie are already having thoughts of turning against the alliance, this morning, before the POV.

      2. Game out of danielle ?
        This was all dans idea. If she was smart would have listens to Will- coaches first but no!,,,,
        The bimbo is listening to other people instead of thinking this out!,,,,

      3. If anyone trusts Mike, then I have some land I’d like to sell you. Can’t wait to see their faces when they find themselves on the block because of him. Danielle can’t take credit for this HOH. This one is all Dan’s. For the first time after many years of watching BB, I have no one I like enough to root for. On another note, Instead of giving HGs past seasons to watch, I’d like to force Alison Grodner and Production (and Casting) to watch them so they can recapture the magic. The past two seasons have been a major disappointment. Stop with the bikini and six-pack people and give us some real people! Simon/Dawg, what do you think?

  5. And here we go, the games have begun. Danielle stuck to her guns and sent Janelle up and after Thursday, bye bye you fake blonde, fake boobed, fake person that you are :).

    1. YES YES YES!!! im so glad danielle stuck to her guns….janelle is like a third grader…i thought we were friends we did make up together…OH SHUT UP JANELLE U KNOW DAMN WELL U WERE GOIN TO PUT UP HER AND SHANE

    1. Exactly….. Great job danielle, im happy a coach is leaving… Noobie for the win… Even u dan, britney.. I cant believe she didnt let dan sway her abt not putting up a coach.

  6. Yeah Jani is up on the block! Going to be entertaining with her running around making deals and lies the next few days :)

  7. I thought we were friends and that’s why we do make-up together

    Janelle can be Danielle’s friend after the game is over right?? I love the sour puss picture of Janelle.

    Who’s the tattoo chick and other blonde chick, where did they come from? Were they dropped in with the coaches?

    Well AG how are you going to sve your queen B? I’m guessing plently of DR sessions and a pandora’s box is about to make an appearance.

  8. I’d have given anything to be a fly on the wall to see the stunned look on Janelle’s face when the Veto was used and her fake ass was now on the block!

  9. Don’t worry Janelle fans. With this group, I’m sure that by Thursday night they’ll have changed their minds five more times and switch to voting out Frank.

    1. Not going to happen. They will stick the plan & make sure she will be leaving. All Janelle fans need to stop posting & move on!

      1. I am so sick and tired of your rude comments. If someone is a fan of Janelle’s and IF (and that’s a big IF) she goes home why can’t they comment? Just because you are obsessed with talking crap about her, does not mean that we all want to see it. Maybe you should learn how to use proper English and learn sentence structure so that we can all understand what you are trying to say.

        1. Last time I checked, we’re all aloud to say whatever we want about the HGs been like that since forever. We’re all very opinionated….. Let’s not turn on each other OK?, let it rip on the HGs, they’re on TV showing they ass for mediocre 15mins of fame…

    2. Doubtful, Janelle is leaving, UNLESS production saves her, somewhat like they did Rachel, when Brenda came back for a week, how she calmed down so fast when he got evicted, when she was on the way to walking out, she probably knew he was coming back, so she didn’t go completely psycho

  10. Janelle is so fake..this is a good move to win in the long run if Danielle can make it to the final 3. Every vet voted out in the next 3 has a newbie vote in jury house. Someone commented earlier..can you imagine the damage Janelle will do to a newbie in the jury house? I want a newbie to win BB14.

    1. Danielle will be up next week. Mike will make sure of that. These ppl are ignorant. Mike boogie is going to win again. I am a Janelle fan. Be have ppl.

    2. This was a BRILLIANT move by Danielle. She was 100% going up if any of Janelle’s team or Janelle herself won HOH next week but that is definitely not the case next week if Frank or Boogie get HOH. Very smart SHORT term move–long term it is very dangerous but you have to survive early to get to the end and this helps her do that so this it is a fantastic move for her.

  11. That was fun. Not going to lie I didn’t actually believe it b/c Danielle is pretty weak-willed. Janelle did this to herself and if the HGs are smart for once they’ll vote her out. Joe and Ashley better remember what happened to Britney’s team when they went with Willie.

    1. u r so right…janelle did this to herself…she had dan and britney on her side until boogie exposed her for a fraud…all she had to do was put a poker face on and say lets get joe out lol…but instead she is heading home…its ok janelle…im sure ur baby misses u…janelle seems like the type of girl that would suck ur best friends wiener and then kiss u on the mouth

    2. Janelle fans, are loyal and I respect that, but even they have to admit, she had this coming for weeks. She may be great in comps, but she has shitty social game….. she got that plump booty though, I’ll miss seein the 2 phat asses in the house, but Dani is still there

  12. Janelle <|3 noooo!!!! Well. I am offically done with big brother for this season. Frank gets a free pass and the first week of being in the game, janelle is up and probably out… BS

  13. So Danielle believed Wil today when he told her Janelle’s been talking crap about her. This is a guy who thinks he may go home in 3 days and Danielle isn’t bright enough to know he’ll say anything to get off. Regardless of whether the accusations are right or not, this is how little Danielle thinks in this game.

  14. I hope Danielle, Brit, Dan and Shane get what is coming to them. Danielle has done nothing except complain about janelle jealously for sure. Brit is two face witch……get over yourself Danielle and Brit. I hope Janelle comes back and sticks it to both of you and Dan you are worthless piece along with both girls. I now hope boogie takes you all down fast………without janelle you are done. Go Boogie get rid of them all and take Ashley to the end.

  15. Danielle isn’t making it personal you guys are just buying all that bs Dan said so she wouldn’t put him up…Dan only said that because he wanted Janelle to stay to make a coaches alliance.
    She isn’t playing personal.
    Also, he whole real alliance (Brit, Shane, and Dan) want Janelle out. SHe can’t go back on her alliance.

  16. GOOD MOVE DANIELLE! SMART MOVE! It’s about time to send dumb blonde out of the door. wtg! Bye Bye Loser!

  17. I don’t like Janelle anyhow, so this makes the season easier for me to watch. Janelle may be a decent person outside of the house, but inside she kinda gets on my nerves yo.

    1. Who is the silent 6( danielle, dan, shane, britney, ??????) and who came up with that alliance??? Geaux newbie for the winW

  18. danielle is gonna feel like a fool when she realizes how dan and mike used her to do their dirty work when dan cuts her loose.

  19. Awesome move Danielle and it shows you truly can make decisions on your own. Well played and whatever happens on Thursday it shows everyone in the house you are not going to deal with people treating you like dirt.

    1. Treating her like dirt? What are you talking about?. I suspect Danielle might have had a traumatic childhood to lead to her deep insecurities or she might be crazy

  20. I don’t think it’s personal. Janelle is a damn good competitor and would be hard to get out any other time. Besides, Janelle herself has stated if she is to leave, she’d rather it be before jury so she can be with her daughter. Jani’s game isn’t over, and neither is the season. No one knows how this is all going to play out. Frank could still be the one to go home, and for all we know, Janelle & Danielle may end up working together. It’s highly unlikely, but possible. If I were in Danielle’s position, I would do the same thing. Janelle DOMINATES in competition, and she plays a fairly good social game (when she isn’t being a condescending a**hole). There’s no difference in getting Janelle out as there is getting Frank out other than Frank had a chance to win POV.

    1. I don’t like danelle .she is such a bad sport .she wanted kara out in the first place because shane liked kara .she needed to get her out of the way .maybe Janelle will return .they said someone will be back.

  21. Said it plenty myself last season, but this season, I’m sorry, but I just can’t get behind those of you who are saying that you think this season sucks, or that you’re going to stop watching if Janelle goes home, if anyone in particular goes home. It took me several seasons as a viewer to realize this, but I’ve found that loving the game more than individual players this season is proving to be a win-win situation:) Not asking anyone to stop bitching or praising about things that have happened… I’m just saying that I am reallllyyyyy enjoying both!;)

  22. Britney is not trustworthy, she would keep Janelle if she could…On BBAD last night, she originally didn’t like the idea to get rid of Janelle…It wasn’t until they had the group pow wow that she came around to the idea of evicting Janelle, but you watch, she’ll try to make a few attempts at keeping Janelle…

  23. Stupid move to not split up Frank and Boogie. What an idiot. I don’t like Janelle this season but loathe Boogie more. UGH

  24. Can’t wait for Danielle to go, then I might actually like Shane’s game. As much as I hate Boogie, I hope he backstabs Danielle next week.

    1. That’s exactly how I feel. I hope Boogie wins and puts up Danielle and Shane. I heard him tell Frank that last night. He can’t stand Danielle. I didn’t want the Coaches in the game. I knew everyone would vote to give them a choice. This sucks. They should have put Boogie up, because it is going to be very difficult to get him out. Big mistake, Dan, Danielle, Shane, and Britney. Out of the five, I like Dan, but he is acting like he has a little B#%^H in him. Good luck newbies!!!!!!!

  25. Danielle should have known better than to believe Boogie. He’s the worst of the group. She must have never watch BB before.

    1. Better believe if Janelle goes home, she’s going to expose some secrets. It would be great right before getting evcited she exposes the silent six alliance (such a stupid name), leaving the rest of the houseguest stunned drawing the battlelines. She’s not goint out with a bang, and I can sense people’s mental states are about to be tested, we’re about to get a taste of season 13 with what Daniele did to shake up the house. Thursday night of BB will be a treat to watch

  26. I love it! Way to go Danielle! But I won’t be surprised if Janelle mixes up a batch of koolaid and gets people to drink and flip. It’s not a done deal yet, but it’s looking good. It doesn’t matter if Boogie says he will go after Shane and Danielle, the chances of him winning are not great. He will be competing against Shane, Wil (who desperately wants to win). Even if he puts them up, it will just make him a bigger target, as if he didn’t already have a big bullseye on his back. Go team newbs! I love watching Janelle when she is in a bad spot. She will turn it on, but I don’t think she can get the votes. Everyone knows about her lies and everyone knows that the longer she stays the harder she will be to get out of the house.

  27. way to go danielle

    SO CLOSE, get rid of her, and I will do a happy dance

    edit it so that chilltown looks amazing please, because boogie last night made me more than a believer.

  28. Dont trust boogie or frank, they are already talking about maybe if they win hoh put up shane and danielle or maybe even dan, see i understant danielle and shane not knowing how boogie rolls, but shane ought to know better, hope his ass get bit hard. dumb move, frank should have left. now shane better be on his A game the next two wks cause i see them backdooring him sooner than later.

  29. Absolutely ballsy.

    Like others have said, this week is still very young. If production CAN get in the way, I agree, they may just try and do so. Here’s the thing though, and I’m sure some will disagree. I think production is caught between a rock and a hard place now. They want BOTH Frank AND Janelle to stay. Well, that’s going to take an OBVIOUS miracle for that to happen at this point.


    1. @ItAllSucks.I don’t think this will be a difficult choice for production.It’s not like Janelle is up on the block next to Dr.Will(he’s another popular player,with the viewers&production)Even though I’m not a Janelle fan.I’m aware that she has a huge fan base and Big Brother/production loves her.I don’t think production planned on allowing the coachs to play the game,and then have one of the most popular players(Janelle) of Big Brother to leave this early in the game.I think the moment production heard(production can hear everything that the house guests say) this plan to back door Janelle,they started thinking of ways to save her.I think they(production)want the battle between Janelle&Boogie to last longer than a week.I know they’ve been in the house longer than a week.But last Thursday is when the coachs were allowed to play the game.

  30. please dont interfere cbs. seriously. let this go down. if danielle opens a pandoras, or if say an america’s vote comes, I just…NO

    get her the heck of out this house. now.

    do not add more twists to the darn game with 11 people still in the house

  31. those saying janelle has days to work….not really going to matter

    what mike boogie did last night was not just put her so far out of the picture, but he made it so that the alliance was firm, had a plan, had a name, and that there was no going back. danielle now has it in her head about taking out the best bb female ever, it was just perfectly played

    seriously, if janelle ends up out that door because of last night, theyneed to bring dr will back on the show just to show him cheering on such an incredible early move.

  32. Danielle is a fool. Boogie is playing them all..if they dont remember his history then they all deserve what they get. Geeez…3 weeks Frank (playing with Boogie has escaped eviction..pattern..anyone..anyone…So i know why Britt didnt win the first time.

  33. Janelle does have a shot. Frank sometimes panics when his back is against a wall and tells unnecessary lies. If he plans too far ahead with Boogie and accidentally slips to someone, the house could easily flip on him. I’m not sure who I’d rather see go home, but I don’t think that Janelle’s eviction is set in stone

  34. If janelle goes home I hope boogie wins HOH and puts Dan on the block and let them know they completely got played n voted someone out because danielle has fat legs and is sensitive. Btw who in their right mind would believe frank does not have a grudge after almost been sent home and then put on the block again, Dan is stupid.

  35. if Janelle leaves i hope wil wins hoh next and put boogie up
    this is so annoying
    now frank is staying again?
    he’s so cocky. he’s the freakin jessie
    hope britney,ashley,wil,joe,dan,shane,even jenn vote him out

  36. Janelle was never going to win this game – she was doomed to self destruct. Janelle in jury house with her nasty lies would have been bad for Danielle and Shane. She has been all about her “team” and the coaches. Janelle is a typical mean girl and would have tried to take out EVERY woman in the house so that she was the only one left. Her game talk has been devisive, destructive and downright evil. I think that Danielle and Shane should step back and think awhile…I think that they should allow their alliance to take out Joe and Wil and then I think they should take out Frank. That takes out all of the physical players. Shane will need to start working on Danielle to break the connection with Dan. He needs to get her to see that 1) Dan came into the came to coach, not play so keeping him from winning the $500K is not so bad 2) Dan has already won the $500K 3) She has already said she would take care of Dan 4) They can’t let a vet win again. I think that Shane, Danielle and Jen at the end would be great for them. Jury – Wil, Brit, Dan, Ian, Ashley, and maybe Boogie.

  37. If you guys remember yesterdays episode, Danielle said in the DR that Janelle is intimidated by her and was upset that she didn’t cheer for her.
    Danielle is only doing this b/c it’s personal. Janelle was never going to come after her. I really don’t like this season, why are vets always coming into the game. I think next summer CBS should just make an All-Star season. I feel sorry for the newbies, vets have already had a chance to play the game. I love this show but it’s so rigged. Let things be, what do you guys think? I love to hear any opinions. :)

    1. @TARA Are you kidding me? Look what Janelle did to Danielle! Call her ugly, fat & even floater. Danielle won HoH & PoV and Janelle didn’t cheer for her. Janelle needs to go home.

      1. but she is.. did you see her without make up last night SCARY!!!!!

        and since when is mandatory to cheer… if thats your reason to evict someone you are playing personal and need to go..

    2. honestly, as someone who has watched a lot of boogie in BB, I dont think he plans At THIS point, to backstab them for a couple weeks. he may have said it to himself outside or to frank BEFORE, but after that meeting, im pretty darn positive he sticks by his word, as he knows dan plans to use him as his final 2 partner(great plan by dan, you keep boogie as a total shield, and bring him w/ you to final 2 because you can EASILY beat him in the vote, like, so what if you keep frank and he gives boogie a vote, it would still be a dan sweep outside of that.

      boogie is not going to backstab them immediately

      but before you get too much into thinking boogie is the only one who would do this, right after they discussed the deal, frank and others mentioned going back on it themselves as soon as next week

      few seem to realize this isnt so much a final 6 deal. this was dan firming up a strong alliance with boogie and frank til at least final 6, and it was a group coming together basically saying for the next 2 weeks, janelle, then joe or wil, we stick together and vote them out. period.

      1. shane* and others. for whatever reason I keep getting frank and shane confused even in my mind, not the people, but just with the names.

  38. Here are my votes
    Evict Frank:Joe,Ashley
    Evict Janelle:Britney,Shane,Mike Boogie,Wil,Ian,Jenn
    7-2 to evict Janelle! Have fun talking to your baby!

  39. My prediction:

    CBS needs to get rid of players.
    Pandora’s box will be offered.
    It will be double eviction.
    If Danielle actually has a choice (and it isn’t rigged), she will not open it.

  40. boogies plan is working right now. if FB team up with DDS and take out noobs….FB will back stab 1st…no questions about it. Im now watching the season to see who wakes up and puts a wrench in their plan. this could be a great season!!!

  41. IF they did not work with boogie….he would have turned the rest of the us against them – it was a good move to keep Frank. If Janelle was smart, she would have sacrificed Joe to go home this week and then they could continue to pick off the weaker…

  42. now if Frank stays i know this game is fixed….i heard his dad was friend with someone on production he was save last week and now this!! come on ….yes i am a Janelle fan and I do think this is a great move for Danielle but on the other hand…..guess i will be watching me last episode of BB once Janele is voted out….i wish they would just let the game play out with all new player and no help from production!!!

  43. This is a smart move. Why would you not want to work with Frank this early in the game. He has been nothing but loyal to the people he has played with. Why get out one of the strongest players in the game when you can use him to your advantage for awhile. Janelle can not be trusted. everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie or bad mouthing someone. Get her out now, and then take down the floaters. It is a really really really good move.

  44. i love how frank only has to wear the spirit tard as leggings, and not at all in the mornings, then when he does hes wearing a hoodie. nice punishment there. i dont remember kristin wearing the hippie tard without the wig, or half on, with a top.

    go special treatment.

  45. honestly, janelle NEEDS to go home to her kid, not sit in a jury house, she isnt winning this season unless some weird rachel run happened but I still dont see it happening.

    just let this happen, and send her home

    if shane ruins this by overthinking it, or they add in some stupid pandoras, im going to be really angry. the deal was more than made, stick to it.

  46. I don’t see why everyone is complaining… Boogie is got make this show watchable. When he starts scheming, the show becomes amazing. Its tough watching Janelle on this show, good riddens to her. All she does its looking the mirror and play with her hair.

  47. Production isn’t going to do a damn thing…It would look too obvious that it’s rigged if they did something…

    1. @JBmoney.“Production isn’t going to do a damn thing…It would look too obvious that it’s rigged if they did something…” I’m curious,did you watch last season(season13)?Just in case you didn’t watch it or you don’t remember it.I’ll fill you in.Porche won HOH and nominated Rachel&Jordan.Production decided to give Porche a pandora’s box(keep in mind this is late in the season).Porche opened the box and from that moment,the house guests would be playing as duos again.Production made the veto competition the same competition Rachel already won and became HOH.They(production)decided to make the veto competition something they knew Rachel would have a huge chance of winning,because she won that same competition earlier in the season.Rachel ended up winning the veto and was not only allowed to save herself from eviction.She also was allowed to save Jordan.After the veto competition,they(production)put a end to the playesr being duos.Everything that went down after Porche open the pandora’s box,proves that if production ever feel like the players that they like or are really popular with the viewers are ever in danger of being evicted.They(production)will do everything in their power to save those players.The pandora’s box situation last season is the perfect example of production showing they don’t care if there are some viewers that will think it’s rigged,because they(production)knows that most of the people that they save are popular with the majority of their viewers.If they wasn’t popular than they wouldn’t care if they get evicted.But not all the cases have to do with a player being popular with the viewers or with production.What happen last week with production saving Frank is a good example.They wanted to cause drama so they interfered with his(Frank) butt being kicked out and saved him.Janelle has a huge fan base and production loves her.If she walks out that door on Thursday.I think they will think of a way to bring her back.And not just for 24 hours.They didn’t asked her to come on the show,just to leave that early.I’m not even a Janelle fan(I’m rooting for Dan)but I know she has a lot of fans and like I mentioned earlier,production/Big Brother loves her.

  48. sorry janelle fans, but you cant argue this doesnt make sense

    you will then say “you cant leave chilltown in there with 2 strong”. please, you are the same people selling us that “chilltown is dead” “boogie is nothing without dr will” which is it exactly?

    the best move is to take out janelle, not only does she win a LOT of comps, but she can easily win an america’s vote, as she has proven before. so I have to wonder why anyone would want frank out over janelle at this point. chilltown can still serve as a mighty big target, even if they aren’t one, as that is indeed the chilltown MO. but they need to realize that boogie cant win the game, so you have frank, who can easily get knocked out later, with a guy who doesnt win many comps, or the woman with the most comp wins in bb history?

    how is this even a question in your mind. its a compliment to janelle that they think shes such a threat that they must get rid of her. of course some of it is personal with the lies and danielle not liking her, but thats part of life in general, people don’t get along, in this case it does serve everyone’s interests to get janelle then joe, out the door, and ride to jury.

  49. im happy janelle is up this week because you know there is going to be an americas vote on who comes back in the house and hopefully janelle would win that and have everyone scared .

  50. Stupid hillbilly from Alabama. Geez I can’t stand her and now she’s on this power trip. Hope J can pull a miracle this week – maybe boogie will explode. What a sucky season if J goes.

    1. I’m from Alabama, and I can assure that we are not hillbillies. You should really keep your comments to the game and not throw out the insults to the region that a player comes from…really tacky!

  51. Janelle is going to pull a Dani Donato and totally meltdwn on Wednesday night. My guess is that Boogie is going to taunt her so that he can enjoy it rather than wait until eviction where he wouldn’t be able to have much face time with her. Also, she will probably start getting the cold shoulder from folks which will clue her in to what is going on. People will no longer have to appease her since they know she is outta there.

  52. Got to watch a little bit of the feeds while at lunch, and Jani was complaining about how she didn’t even have her make up on. Really. You just got blindsided by a “floater”, and that’s all you can say. Too funny

  53. janelle ask dan if she has his vote dan said u have to have the votes i cant throw u a vote if u dont have the votes … now thats cold dan

  54. I love how Danielle says she “isnt afraid of Janelle” Yet she wants to locks herself in the HOH.. COWARD! lol

    1. Would you want somebody constantly harassing you about something that you have no intentions of changing your mind about?

  55. BOOGIE IS NOT COMING AFTER DAN…he might go after the rest of the silent six…but he WILL NOT..go after dan…boogie knows that the only one that can out talk him is dan….if anything i think boogie takes dan as long as he can…until they have to duke it out

  56. For those anti-Danielle folks, besides the fact that she just won HOH and Veto – 1) you can’t be stupid and be a nurse & she is studying to be a Nurse Practioner (NPs can act as a Primary Health Care provider depending on their specialty); 2) nurses spend LOTS of time on their feet, so they have stamina – shifts are 8-12 hours with a significant amt of time spent on their feet; 3) nurses generally have good upper body strength (a must when lifting patients); 4) she comes from a military family and it sounds as though that may be where she gets her stubborn backbone; 5) she is loyal to a fault (this may also be her downfall). My point, don’t underrate her.

    I don’t think that she is blind to things going on around her and hope that she does not get blindsided by Shane, Brit or Dan. We will have to tune in and see.

  57. if people don’t think production won’t do anything to keep the player they want in the game, just remember what happened last year, first when brendon “won” the vote to come back into the house so rachel wouldn’t fall apart and then the second pandora’s box after rachel and jordan were whining and crying about how they needed a miracle and lo and behold they got one because they got to compete as duos again and for the first time ever they had an endurance pov so rachel would win and keep them both in the game so don’t be surprised if janelle is america’s player or if there is a pandora’s box that says if u open it something good and bad will happen and danielle will get $10,000 dollars or something but she will have to change her nomination from janelle to somebody else.

  58. Boogie came in to Danielle’s room one day, talked for a few minutes, changed the entire game. Got the other side to fight among themselves (Danielle vs Janelle) and they’re not even thinking about Boogie/Frank right now. They think they’re going to work with him. LOL. That’s pretty much the summary of what happened. It’s insane. Even fi they don’t trust Janelle, screw it, no one does anymore, take out B/F first. Nope. They trust him. It’s brilliant, if not a picture of how dumb those people are.

  59. This is what is going to happen Janelle gets evicted, she goes home sees her baby and husband comes back to big brother and puts up Danielle and Shane.
    Karma’s a Bitch!

  60. Don’t get me wrong, I love that this happened and actually went down with Danielle putting up Janelle, I just wish Danielle would have gave a more vague reason why she was doing it. Like ” It’s not a personal decision, it’s strategic, you have lied to everyone in the house and I can’t win this game with you here.” So I hope this whole thing doesn’t come back to bite her in the ass……I hope everyone sticks to their guns and she goes out the door. Well, never mind, Britney just got to wil and squashed that lie….so good. I just think it was a bad move to leave Frank on the block. Who knows what will happen, maybe boogie and dan and britney will all vote to keep her! I could see that happening. I wouldn’t put it past anyone. Maybe that’s why dan wanted her to leave frank on the block….he still has this dream that all the coaches can go all the way to the end and He can beat all of them…..who knows. This house is going to change 15,000 times before thursday! Can’t wait to see how it plays out!

  61. Janelle came into this season but tried to play it differently with a lot of lying. Even though sticking to just her word and swallowing her girl pride and try not to be threatened by every single girl she sees in the house, she would have been fine. She lied, bitched about others and Mike Boogie took that to his advantage and now is in the best position in the house; Frank is staying, Janelle is leaving hence bragging rights and forever silencing the Busty blonde. Last but not least, he’s not got a 6-man alliance.

    Danielle’s decision will only be considered stupid if they all end up screwed by Boogie. People are freaking out like she’s the dumbest person out there but she’s actually got courage for pulling this off. If they play their cards right, they could get rid of Boogie and Frank down the stretch. Still plenty left to be played.

  62. Six pack yo! Best super aliance in BB history! DDSB together can beat freakin Boogie and Frank. Boogie and Dan final 2 yo!

  63. i watch after dark and i use to be a big fan of janies but the game she is playing this year, she has lost me as a fan. She puts down other girls for their weight and they are little! I can imagine how much she would call me names cause i am a big girl. I just dont accept that crap being including in the game! She lost my votes, and my backing she can Go home! She is not the same janie we had with howie…all cute and everything. I have heard them mention all stars like its next so maybe you will see her again those that still like her, i dont, i am done some people move on and should the time has come for the over forty crowd to give it up they are over the hill on this show. I dont think anyone older could win this game, maybe they should do one with older folks all the way just to see if they play any differently, just saying. Boogie is ready to go home anyway so maybe soon he will go, and frank needed to go this week, oh well. Its interesting lately on after dark!

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