Big Brother Spoilers – Britney: “Get ready Shane this entire game is going to change tomorrow”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: July 28 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 30 (Monday)
HOH Winner: SHANE Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Original Nominations: Ashley And Joe
Current Nominations: Joe And Frank
Have Nots (Cereal & Salmon) Joe, Ian
Coach Competition Winner Janelle (Wil SAFE)
Next Coaches Competition August 3(Friday)
Last Evicted Houseguest JOJO

3:25pm Cam 1-2 Arcade Frank and Boogie Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Britney told Frank that she think that tomorrow’s competition is side by side endurance with coaches and players. Frank told her that if he goes home then Boogie will want to trade one of his players for Shane. Britney told him that he wasn’t going home. Frank is happy says things are looking up for him.

Frank switches to his talk with Wil.

Frank talked to wil and told him the plan was for them to backdoor shane next week. Frank told Wil that Boogie wants to trade to get Wil next and the 2 of them can roll thru the house. Wil said to him that he’s done with working with Janelle.

Boogie brings up that he walked in on britney, Wil and Shane and they were obviously talking game.. he’s worried that Wil is telling them about their plans to backdoor shane, Boogie: “If they finds out our entire plan breaks apart”

Boogie wants Frank to tell Wil that they will trade for Wil and put Ashley and whoever they trade away up for eviction.

They start talking about Janelle being super depressed lately. Boogie notes that he’s been watching her body language and she’s very down because she feels like she’s losing WIl.
Boogie comments that Janelle is getting sick of the players in this game.

Boogie and Frank both are confident that Frank will be safe this week. They agree not to tell Dan anything about Wil , Frank cannot imagine why Wil would roll with Shane over them.

Frank jokes that Ashley broke up with Ian today.. boogie: “What? .. like in front of everyone?”

Frank: “ya.. Ian was taking it pretty hard”

(What do you all think is Wil better off keeping Frank or Joe?)

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3:45pm Cam 3-4 Janelle and Frank

Janelle saying they have a live in nanny that is taking care of her daughter right now.

Frank says she’s been acting pretty bummed out lately..what is wrong.
Janelle says that she’s just tired of seeing the same people.. she adds that at home she’s not a very social person anymore and interacting with people exhausts her.
Frank: “Believe it or not I’m a bit of a lone wolf”

Eagle Eye joins them.. tells them what he’s planning on making for dinner.

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Cam 1-2 britney and Ian
Britney asks Ian if he’s going to try for HOH tomorrow. Ian says he tries every time he just sucks. .

ian telling her that 2 RA’s in the same building are not allowed to date.. Britney keeps asking him random questions about his dorm life. ian says that he’s also not allowed to date residences but once he had a “Flirtmance” with a girl like what he had with Ashley.

Britney mentions taht the Willie stories are getting a bit old (Whose Willie?) ian agrees says that he heard Shane talked some trash about Willie in his blog.

Ashley comes by tells ian she hopes things are not awkward between them. Britney asks what si going one. Ashley: “He made a quack last night at dinner and I got mad and I broke up with him” Britney asks ian if there is anything he wants to say. Ian tells her he’s going to make her dinner and won’t quack anymore. Ashley jokes “I don’t want you to change” and she storms off.
Ian: “this is just a joke right.. I really hope so”
Britney I think it is…

Cam 1-2 HOH Shane and brit HOH Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Shane: “you and Ian are getting close”
brit: “I’m trying to suck up incase he wins HOH… I think if he wins HOH he’ll put up Janelle’s people”

Shane and Britney agree that a lot of people are being mean to ian right now so they are taking this opportunity to get closer to him. Britney mentions that her and Ian are close and if she gets dropped into the game she wants that relationship to continue. britney thinks a lot of what ian does rubs people the wrong way but he doesn’t do it on person it’s just the way he is.

Shane thinks if Ian wins HOH he’ll put up Joe and Wil. britney agrees she thinks that people are pissed at him for things he does like the quacking..

Britney thinks Wil would nominate Janelle if the coaches come in. Britney retells janelle’s plans to team up with britney and go to final 2 with her. So far Britney has just been agreeing with everything she says.

They both agree that dan doesn’t want to work with Boogie because he was brunt week one. They are sure they can count on Dan for awhile. Britney reminds him the only person she trusts to the end is Shane. Shane says he only trusts Brit.

Shane: “I’m really banking on the coaches playing for the HOH this week” Britney brings up something production told them about 20 minutes ago which led them all to believe the coaches are playing in a comp. (She never says what it was)
Britney warns him they cannot trust anyone on Janelle’s team.. if Wil is HOH and wants to work with Shane than do it but do not tell anyone you are. she adds if Wil doesn’t win HOH then don’t act too close to him because he’s most likely a big target.

Britney tells him she’s been really downplaying Shane’s mental game because after Frank goes he’s going to be the biggest threat in the house. She told Janelle on many occasions that Shane doesn’t really talk game and doesn’t have a strategy . Shane appreciates she does that.. says he’s going to try to do the same.

Britney: “Please let Danielle win the HOH so she can do the dirty work and but Janelle and Boogie up”

Shane and Britney both Agree that Wil can be trusted this week. Britney asks him where is Shane and Danielle relationship wise.

Shane explains that he talked to her and told her he wasn’t interested in a relationship he was very nice about it and told her he didn’t want it to ruin their game. Shane: “I told her after the show she’s moving back to Alabama i’m moving make to vermont” britney warns him that it’s a fine line if he pushes her away too hard she’ll be pissed but if he embraces her they will become the biggest target in the house. britney thinks it’ll get harder and harder as the game progresses., “she really likes you” Shane: ‘Yeah I know” (poor Shane)
Shane: “My original feelings were for Kara.. Danielle is sweet and all but personality wise kara and me really click”
Britney: “OMG never repeat that if Danielle hears.. if the twist brings back Kara will that Cause problems”
Shane: ‘Yes that will.. I’m physically attracted to her”
Britney jokes that she’ll pick Jodi to come back.

Britney mentions her talk with Janelle about entering the game and she told her 100% she is. Janelle reasoning is she knows Boogie and Dan will be entering the game and she doesn’t think her players stand a chance against them.

Britney: “You know who is the best social gamer right now… Dan.. his social game is 24/7 everyone likes him.. he’s been really really careful with his words”

Britney says she is really surprised with janelle she had no idea she was this type of person. Janelle was her favorite player of all time. Shane thinks Janelle is a pretty shitty person. Shane is surprised by Boogie he thought he was going to be an arrogant douchebag but he’s not Shane thinks Boogie is a stand up guy. britney agrees thinks Boogie’s Diary Room seasons are douchey but all other times he’s pretty cool.

Britney: “Joe and Ashley will go with Janelle… Jenn and Ian will go with Boogie”
Britney: “Get ready Shane this entire game is going to change tomorrow”

They briefly discus what will happen if Wil flips and Frank stays. Britney thinks that Shane will still be in a good spot because all the heat will be pushed onto Danielle. Neither of them like this outcome.

4:46pm Cam 1-2 Dan, Shane and Britney
Dan comes in tells them that they are playing table topics. britney: “It’s Official we’re boring”

Dan asks them what did they think of the announcement. They all agree that Julie will tell them they are getting the choice to drop into the game. They are starting to think that there will be a competition between the coaches with the first coach dropping leaves the game. Britney doesn’t see all four coaches coming in because they would have too many players.

Shane points out that production has been working on the competition since 4am.

(They are talking about production telling them that the live show will be different tomorrow.. the “Speeches” are being cut)

5:27pm Cam 1-2 Head of Household Brit, Dan and Shane Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

They are planning out the endurance competitions. It seems like they think the coaches will be allowed to play the endurance comp. A popular theory is the first coach to drop will not be allowed in the game but the coaches are eligible to win the Head of Household. Shane points out that Janelle will most likely be at a disadvantage because she’s a bit bigger than the other players. Dan thinks he’ll be if the contest endurance weight bearing.

Britney says she has it in the bag as long as it does not include water. Shane: “Shhh don’t say that they can hear you”

Talk to whether or not Ashley is as dumb as she acts. Dan thinks she really plays it up. Britney comments about Janelle saying AShley is really dumb. Shane reminds them that Ashley can cry on cue he doesn’t think she just works at the spray tanning salon hr thinks she’s also a actor.

They bring up Janelle and how rich she is. Shane points out that she had an apartment in New York that was 5grand a month and hat ‘White Glove Service” britney adds that Janelle had a Mercedes and complains about missing her miami home while in New york then missing her New York Home while in Miami.

Janelle and Boogie join them.. Chit chat starts…

6:03pm HOH Cam 1-2 Ian, Brit, Janelle and Shane
General Chit Chat.. Shane does say he now knows why Porsche gained so much weight her season.. he’s starting to gain some. Janelle gives him a hard time.

6:04pm Cam 3-4 Frank and Wil

Frank saying that he felt bad for Janelle because she spent so long all by herself. Jenn joins them they start talking about Janelle leaving her 7 month old baby at home with with Nanny. they all agree they would never do. Jenn adds that it shows them how strong a person janelle is.

6:12pm Kitchen Dan, Frank and Joe
production told joe that they saw him put his finger in the food he was preparing.. they told him to stop it and if they catch him again it’s a extra day of being a havenots.

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Brit it really stepping up her social game! I’m impressed.


BB announcer gives it away and says expect a big change will joe or ashley be saved :) we all know the answer to that.


Strap in It’s going to be a bumpy ride I can’t wait


watching this ep of BB is kinda pointless because of the outcome. (but it is funny the way Shane is talking to Joe, jus a lil cocky)


Goinna be good


Yeah this episode is pretty pointless


Why was Shane wearing a pink bra in tthe diary room? When is Janelle telling everybody that he/she is a tranny?


Shane was so wrong for wearing that tank. Not because it was pink but because it was shaped like a tube top.


Joe please go mute for the reminder of your time lefted in the BB house. Talk civilized.


No, Joe needs to go mute for his reminder of being into the BB house.


Joe reminds me of that Foghorn Leghorn cartoon rooster every time he talks. The animated shouting just makes him a caricature.


Joe reminds of that creepy guy in that m&m commercial, hungry eyes


Wil, please don’t. Ever ever ever bring those black panties from behind close doors. Keep those in the closet.


Dang, Brittney. What a way to motivate. Brittany do not know how to coach . “Oh,I’m scared”. put on your big girl panties and motivate your “one” player. Shane doesn’t need hear or see your fears. Shane best play his own game because Brittney sucks at the BB game.


Just because Brit said she was scared doesn’t mean that she is. Remember, most of this game is mental. She makes Shane think she is scared about something, he is going to sit up and pay attention and perhaps takes what she is saying more seriously.


At this point I just hit mute whenever Joe talks


oh I know he should go on Redneck island and play that show, it’s more suited for him.


DAMN BB really our does itself with the POV sets. you can’t even tell it’s the back yard and they spare no details.
My guy Jenn finally gets some air time. :)


I don’t think that POV was THAT hard wow house guest step it up! hahaha


Next comp will be to color between the lines as fast as you can.


What I think is gonna happen is that they’ll reveal that no hg is going home this week, then the coaches comp/ HOH comp will be played, 1 coach will go home the other3 will be dropped into the game, a new HOH is chosen now there’s 11 house guests after 3 weeks.


nooo0 more friggin predictions please:) ( no more wire hangers)


Brit says they need to get joe’s recipe’s before he leaves too funnnnnny! Is Wil trying to show he is more feminine than Janelle (barf) LOL
Janelle offering her Cubic Zirconia ring and knock off earrings was too funny.


on tonights episode Janni is right you gotta put your pride to the side and kiss ass.
All the best and worst have done it even Dan, thats why Wil wont last long in this game.


I agree. Not a big fan of Janelle but on the episode she really worked it ,so when Shane nominated Frank I was like she really deserved this coz she busted her ass to protect her players and it paid off. She’s really fighting for her players and doesn’t outwardly crumble when shit happens. So I gotta give it to her, and if Frank goes we can safely say in this round, she beat Boogie.


Did anybody get on tonight’s episode that Shane likes Janelle’s Chanel earrings? OK my gaydar is starting to go a little higher now especially with the tight pink shirt and the fact that he is ridiculously tan. I mean I know he is a house flipper but come on there isn’t enough sun in Vermont to get that dark. Home boy is going to some serious tanning sessions.


I am not gay and I tan. straight guys like to look good too.
But I agree he said last week to Brit when she asked what type of girl he liked and he said he didn’t have time for girls my gaydar antenna went up.


He said he was physically attracted to Kara. Maybe he’s bi? I don’t have a radar like that. I have a few gay friends and I had to find out later. Not that it would have mattered either way.


Lmfaoooo @ the Ian/Ashley kiss and the Danielle/Shane kiss. and Ian is an idiot


Funny how they didn’t show Ashley and Boogie making out isn’t it?? Huge tongue kiss…


Totally, Ian goes in for the big kiss, hand on the back of her head. Ashley just threw up the force field like, no bitch. Almost feel bad for Ian, until I remember that he apparently walks around the house quacking. No one wants to make out with the guy who quacks.

And what’s with Shane. If he was so attracted to Kara why did he not have done everyone a favor and been the voice of reason telling everyone it’s ridiculous to nominate the goddamn playmate week 1 and put up Danielle instead. He could have eliminated a stalker, added scenery to the house and saved poor Simon the poison of listening to Danielle pining on the feeds.


im thinkin that if frank goes home and the coaches drop in boogie is going to be able to win an endurance comp on sheer hate for the rest of the house he always has proven he can win when he wants to


Lmao. If this Frank thing blows up in Shane’s face, then all of Britney’s player’s exits will ultimately be her own fault. And I bet that Britney will find SOME way to put the blame on him.


oh my gosh….Brittany’s best line…..why is frank the only one in the Bozo wig!!!!!!!


I don’t even really like Britney & I thought that was hilarious too!

Beyonce Fan

I don’t think shane gay he more of a mama’s boy to me.


I really hope that the coaches don’t come into the game, since they’re all basing their strategy on them coming into the game. It’ll mess up whatever plans they had but I can’t see AG passing up on this opportunity to implement this previously failed twist that she seems to love so much. Ugh.


Fuck dis
BB blows this season. Doneh


If Frank goes Shane will be screwed because Boogie will destroy this house.. Shane may go down as a beast but chances are he’s going to be lunch meat after the coaches enter the game. I do not want coaches in and instead should just not have an eviction this week… but we all know former players apparently are favorites among Big Brother as we all saw a small time all-stars cast last season ruin the show. When will these unfortunate players get a chance to win without bringing back past contestants? It’s insulting to say the least… hey we got into the game only for big brother to screw us over by bringing back past players… thanks for the slap in the face Big Brother!


I wanna see Boogie’s face when Frank gets evicted. Boogie is too arrogant and cocky for his own good. I think he forgets that he got as far as he did because Dr. Will was in season 7.

As for Shane… he has Daniele and Janelle’s team + Dan and Britney if the coaches enter… Not sure how Shane will be screwed? Boogie’s team is in trouble imo. And I agree. Don’t wanna see coaches enter the game. CBS is ruining the show. Last season vets were in the game since the beginning but this season it’s just fucked.

DON'T Eat at Joes a.k.a. JohnnySik

AG is screwing up this show, she runs it. CBS just brodcasts it.

My point is…

Allison Grodner is terible at her job and shouldn’t even be allowed near a public access TV studio!!!



Shane should have kept the nominations the same…when they bring the coaches into the game, he is going to miss Frank as a strong ally…he just screwed himself.


Exactly, because Joe is really far up Janelle’s ass as well as Ashley. There are just some players that I cannot see turning against their coaches, even if they do come into the game.


Frank must be the best social player ever if he gets the votes again this week


LMAO him getting the votes to stay has nothing to do with him. (Did you not watch tonight’s show) :)


Joe reminds me of that guy from the m&m commercials, hungry eyes


that is just sick…I hope all future BB players are learning something here…if you want to know whose fingers have been in your food, always prepare your own LOL


Are you for real Simon? If they did good for production. I remember in season 2 (or) 3 one of the HG’s put anothers toothbrush in the toilet and used it to clean the toilet and production did not do anything.
Joe is so fucking gross he probably pickd his ass then prepares the food with those hands and production noticed.
Next season BB should do a check on the peoples hygiene habits as well as all the other things they have to pass to be on BB


agreed it should just be slop

Carol & Steve

I’m no Ian by any means, but didn’t a hg eat a mint or something & penalized in the next comp? Can’t remember, seems an extra day of have nots isn’t so bad. I do wonder if the have nots menu will change when the coaches get dropped in. Perhaps they didn’t want to make it too bad for the have nots until after the big twist?


That was Shannon (of Chilltown season 2) using Hardy’s toothbrush. She was made to admit to it, apologize for it and production replaced the toothbrush. Also in Season 6 a drunk Janelle and Beau had a physical altercation that involved shoving and scratching and she was not expelled from the game. Things change and production will allow what they want.

I think that Shane saw Joe snitching food and that is why he got the BB rule book.

DON'T Eat at Joes a.k.a. JohnnySik

They most certainly did something about that! Guess you just don’t rember!


maybe it has been almost 10 years since I watched that season guess i had other things going on in my life for that time sides BB show.

DON'T Eat at Joes a.k.a. JohnnySik

Well I saw it 12 years ago and rembered it pretty clearly!

LOL @ nothing better to do than watch a reality show from a person who trolls the forum and posts 1000 times a day.

DON'T Eat at Joes a.k.a. JohnnySik

You think they read this site?

Earlier you pointed out that he was sneaking tastes of the cheese cake he was making.

Now they are calling him on it.



they should tell him to stop putting his fingers in the food after he puts um in his butt

BB King

My feeling is that when the coaches are put into this game all the newbies will unite to oust the vets first. They can’t be as dumb as they were in BB 13, or can they?


Wait why did Shane act like he liked the Kiss with Danielle, i thought he didn’t? Someone please adress that to me ;)

Bad Things 999

They edited it out big time. when I saw it on the after dark he really hesitated. and they had to almost force him. He’s gay. That’s what it is.


@Cooper. That had me confused as well.Lol.

Beyonce Fan

What do janelle husband do for a living? And britney is a snake and I love it lol.


You mean Janelle’s husband married to two time loser. what a loser? That’s why Team Janelle sucks!

Go Blue! Go Dan!

What does Janelle’s husband do……


Shane isn’t gay, he just has no fashion sense whatsoever, which is a good hint that he’s NOT gay, he’s just not into annoying clingons. I feel bad for the guy, he’s trapped in the house with her and can’t outright reject her, cos of the alliance. Remember that’s how the Chima thing started. Russell turned her down and she went crazy.

I hope Kara pops out of a cake in a bikini to return to the game simply to watch Shane’s face, then Danielle’s. ;)


chima went nuts because she was nominated not because she had a thing for russell (which she didn’t at least not that I remember)


She absolutely had a thing for Russell and was flirting with him all in the beginning, then they were laying in the bed together and she kept pushing up on him, and he wouldn’t kiss her and THAT’S when it all went down hill.


Chima went nuts beause the twist that Jeff had more power than her and switched the nominations to get out Jesse


exactly nothing to do with russell i have that season so I am gonna go back and watch soon.


She went nuts for a variety of reasons, all of them having to do with her not getting her way, but go ahead and rewatch. knock yourself out. I’m right, you’re mistaken, end of conversation. :)


For a while, I’ve felt Ian’s best chance at remaining in this game is to flip on his alliance. Do it, Ian! Take Britney’s bait!


I just want to give Simon another quick thank you. I know this site at times and keeping up can be very time consuming but out of all the BB sites this is by far the best thanks to Simon and Dawg!

brit still caddy

its funny how people think brit is such a sweetheart..if anything she is just like janelle…she talks shit, lies to people, messes with daniells emotions. she is in a good postion right now, but when things go sour I cant wait to see her squirm…danielle to cuz her insecurities are annoying as hell


no one thinks brit is sweet. mostly every post I have read on here bout her was negative


@brit still caddy. I still think Britney is catty and a trash talker.I also think she complains to much.


Anyone notice britney is not nearly as mean as she was her season? She was downright evil on her season. She is more tolerable now and i actually enjoy her this season.


Yes, I agree!! I HATED Britney her season, but she’s much better now and I even, sort of like her!


I like Brit because she is clever with her bashing. People like Janelle just do it out of spite. At least Britney puts some thought into it.

MU Tigers

She might not be AS harsh, but she still doesn’t have a positive thing to say about anyone. I don’t think her DR sessions are near as funny as they were on her original season. Her humor, IMO, was the only value she added to the show.


. “They both agree that dan doesn’t want to work with Boogie because he was brunt week one.”What happened between Dan&Boogie in the first?I can’t remember.

Bad Things 999

I’m so sick of these fuckin twits who come on this show who know nothing about it and treat it like some real world/dating show. These type of people don’t deserve to be on. Ashley didn’t even know what backdoored meant for Christ sake! If I were in the house I’d be targeting all Ashley, Danielle, Jen because they know nothing about the game and are just floating. And will probably end up floating till the end.

DON'T Eat at Joes a.k.a. JohnnySik

Ashley said she’s a big fan and has seen every season since the show started. She’s just playing dumb. Dan is right, she’s an actress.

Team Trixie Rises From the Ashes and Kills ‘Em All YO!!!


Yesss. I absolutely agree.
I honestly can’t believe that Ashley has watched every season because she even acts dumb in the diary room, so I’m not too sure about that one.

Danielle and her quest for a man sickens me. She only came for the showmance.

The problem is that the strong players drag along these weaker ones, thinking that they’ll get the vote in the end when they won’t because a lot of the time, the people in the jury vote with their emotions. The stronger players usually burn a lot of bridges & have a lot of enemies in the jury house, so they end up voting for the weaker one, that personally did nothing to them, because they did nothing the majority of the show. ( ex. Danielle , Lisa BB3 )


“Shane is surprised by Boogie he thought he was going to be an arrogant douchebag but he’s not Shane thinks Boogie is a stand up guy. britney agrees thinks Boogie’s Diary Room seasons are douchey but all other times he’s pretty cool.” I guess neither Shane nor Britney watched Boogie’s behavior on All-Stars(season7)?I’m referring to when Dr.Will was evicted.Boogie behaved like a complete jerk because he got played(didn’t get his way).When things don’t go the way Boogie expects it too.He’ll behave like a big baby.Boogie will show his true colors the moment he doesn’t get what he wants(I mean you guys heard what Boogie told Dan what he will do if Frank gets evicted this week).If everything goes as planned on Thursday.I doubt Shane&Britney will think Boogie is nice.How someone behave when they don’t get their way is what counts.Kara was put on the block and Dan tried to get the votes to save her,but it didn’t work.Now Dan only has one player left.Yet Dan is still respectful to the other house guests and we never heard him planning how he will be a arrogant bully,if his key player(Kara) was evicted.Frank is Boogie’s favorite member on his team.Boogie basically said if Frank leaves the game,he will be a jerk.Boogie can’t hide his emotions when he doesn’t get his way.If Frank leaves this week(I really hope Frank is evicted tomorrow)it will cripple Boogie.I’m really hoping Boogie shows his true arrogant,bully&jerk colors to the house guests.


I don’t get how Shane went from liking Danielle to now he’s all about Kara, like dude she’s not comming back. But anyway they were really cute and I’m sad that’s over


Congrats Janelle, for being a totally pain in the a$$. Your afraid of coming back and getting your a$$ whoop again & again & again. Your ring is piece of garbage, trash and piece of crab.