Andy plans to plant the seed with Howard/Spencer that Amanda really wants Kaitlin to stay.

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, GINAMARIE (MVP – America)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


CBS Interactive Inc.

9:30am – 10:15am Big Brother switches to the we’ll be right back screen to wakes up the house guests. When the feeds come back Helen and Jessie are in the bathroom. Jessie heads out to the backyard to put her feet in the hot tub. Candice and Elissa join Helen in the bathroom. Candice is wearing the pink onesie. Candice tells Helen how Gina downed two spoonfuls of cinnamon. Helen says that is disgusting. She is awesome. Helen heads out into the backyard and talks to Jessie about how she has been a havenot 3 weeks in a row. Helen says that Aaryn and Ginamarie have to be havenots next week. Maybe that is part of the deal that I make with Aaryn that she has to be a havenot. Helen says she we cant tell Spencer, Howard of Candice about the deal Aaryn is making with the house because they are the ones going up. What I don’t want is that people know why we are taking her out, because she is so strong. Judd comes out and Jessie tells him to about not letting Howard/Spencer or Candice in on the deal made with Aaryn. Helen comes over and talks to Judd about the deal. She says that Aaryn has agreed if she wins HOH she will come to us (Judd, Helen, Jessie, Andy, Amanda and McCrae) for her nominations. Andy joins them. Helen says we can get Aaryn do what we want her to do for nominations. Helen says we will tell Aaryn Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Candice joins them.


10:15am Up in the HOH room – Andy and Judd are talking. Judd says that Candice is so annoying. Andy says she is such a lingerer. Judd says he told Gina that he thinks Howard is MVP. He gets called to the diary room so often. Judd says that Ginamarie said and he put me up. Judd says that he isn’t sure what to say to Howard and Spencer to convince them of why we need to keep Aaryn. Judd says I am so confused with all of the alliances. Andy wonders what he should tell Howard and Spencer to convince them to vote out Kaitlin. I will just plant the seed that the house is getting nervous. Judd figures Andy to tell them that Amanda wants Aaryn out so bad. Judd agrees because Howard and Spencer hate Amanda. Judd says that Howard needs to go. It will be hell if one of them got HOH. Judd tells Andy to really try and make friends with Ginamarie, we need her to trust you. Andy says she already likes me. Andy says I can’t stand Howard and Spencer. I will put the two of them up in a second. Judd tells Andy to tell Howard/Spencer that Kaitlin is with Helen and Elissa. Andy says that Amanda and McCrae will be loyal to us till the end. Even though Elissa is a loose cannon I trust her more than them and Helen too. Judd says that he doesn’t know how much he trusts Helen. Andy says that Helen doesn’t know that I am with you, Amanda and McCrae over her. And if anything comes up about you I can warn you. Judd isn’t sure he can trust Helen. He says when he came out into the backyard this morning Jessie and Helen were talking and then scattered. Judd says that its so annoying to have to go along with Howard/Spencer and Kaitlin. Andy says how is it possible that Howard and Spencer don’t think we don’t talk to each other. Judd says that Howard is the quiet one because he just sits there and listens. Me, You, McCrae, Amanda, Jessie, Helen. Judd says and hopefully Howard and Spencer. They laugh about how much Ginamarie hates Kaitlin. Andy heads down stairs and says that he will plant the seed that Amanda really wants Kaitlin to stay. Judd says that he will talk to them later too. Andy leaves and Judd goes back to sleep.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL


10:50am – 11:05am Out in the backyard – Andy, Helen and Jessie talk about Howard and Spencer. Helen says lets tell them that Kaitlin is coming after me and see where their loyalties lie. Helen asks where is Howard’s loyalty to Candice? Andy says he has none. Helen says she is going to win HOH and put them up. Helen says the problem is with Candice is that you can’t tell her anything. They continue to speculate on how next week will play out depending on who wins HOH/MVP next week. Jessie wonders why America would vote Howard asks the MVP. Helen say because the black vote is strong in America. They will want a minority to win. Andy and Helen agree that they would rather take Gina to jury than Howard/Spencer. Andy heads inside. Helen tells Jessie I need to go to confession after this show, I don’t lie but I twist things.

CBS Interactive Inc.

11:10am – 11:15am Out in the backyard – Andy says that he will tell Spencer that Kaitlin has repeatedly told me that she is after you and Howard and I don’t want her to come after you. Andy and Jessie talk to Helen about how she is so obvious they are talking game when someone walks in the room. They coach her on how to act and how to switch the subject so that it’s not obvious.

11:30am Andy, Helen and Jessie discuss how they think Howard is the MVP because of how he was treated by Aaryn. Helen says the African America vote is strong in America and not just them the other minorities too. Helen says if she was watching the show and saw people talk to Howard and Candice in a degrading way, she would be offended and would have sat there voting over and over again for them. Jessie says that she thinks Aaryn’s comments make the whole cast look bad. Helen brings up how when she was young she was teased and called pancake face and other names that make her cry. The conversation turns to talking about how there aren’t the opportunities for veterans that should be there when they come home. Helen heads inside and her and Andy stand in front of the memory wall and talk about the house guests. Who’s photo looks best and who’s doesn’t look
11:50am – 12:10pm Judd comes out into the backyard and tells Helen and Andy that he wants to vote out Ginamarie. Andy asks what?! Judd says that he thinks Gina is a family practitioner or a doctor. Helen and Andy are surprised. Judd then says just kidding. Helen and Andy laugh. Helen heads inside. Judd laughs at how shocked Helen was. Could you imagine that would be such a waste of an HOH. Andy says when we talk to Howard and Spencer we will name out alliance to make them think we are with them. Judd says just name it something really ignorant. Judd apologizes to Jessie for putting her in a bad position with Spencer and Howard last night. Judd says he needs to really work Gina before nominations and after because she has already told him sloppy nominations. He says that Gina said she would put up Candice and Amanda. But what she doesn’t realize is that creates 4 enemies. She just gets wild ideas in her mind. Andy says congratulations Kaitlin you are going to be evicted having never been a havenot. Jessie says that will probably be a question in a competition later. Andy says everyone evicted hasn’t been a havenot. McCrae joins them and tells him its about time he got that bed off his back.


12:15pm Helen takes McCrae into the storage room to bring him up to speed on what the plan is to try and get Howard and Spencer to vote out Kaitlin. McCrae agrees with the plan and says okay. McCrae then heads out into the backyard to talk to Andy and Judd. Andy says you missed dictator Helen talk about Spencer and Howard. Judd then fills McCrae in on how Gina is 100% loyal and how he just needs to get her away from them. Judd says that Howard was getting suspicious and so I just pretended like I hated Amanda. McCrae says okay. Andy asks McCrae who he would put up if he won HOH. McCrae says Spencer and Howard. We all have to be on that band wagon. McCrae says I think Gina likes Amanda and I. Judd and Andy tell him that she likes you but not really Amanda. Judd says he thinks it’s a jealously thing. They talk about whether or not Howard has been throwing competitions. They wonder if he threw the Havenot inner tube comp. Judd says I hope not because if he did I would punch him in the face because he was on my team. Andy tells Judd you are going to see me being such a fake bit*h today. When really inside I am wanting to .. (He gestures punching his hand.) Jessie finds some H&M shirts and says she things they’re Nicks. Judd takes them and says I don’t have many shirts. Is it stealing, I’ll turn them in at the end. Jessie says no it’s fine.

12:30pm – 12:35pm In the storage room Helen tells Elissa and Amanda that we need to take Aaryn’s deal. Helen explains that Kaitlin is working with Howard and Spencer so she needs to go. Amanda and Elissa say okay. Helen tells them about the final 5 deal that Judd, Spencer, Howard, Gina and Kaitlin made. Amanda leaves. Helen tells Elissa that we can’t let Candice go down in hell with Howard. We have to protect her but we can’t tell her anything. Helen and Elissa leave the storage room. Elissa laughs to Amanada can you imagine an alliance with Ginamarie, Kaitlin, Howard and Spencer? They laugh. Elissa says that would be the worst alliance ever!!


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I have never understood, nor will I ever understand why being a floater is considered a bad thing. It is a legitimate and viable strategy and if played right(as Andy is doing) can and SHOULD get the recognition it deserves. Every1 entering the BB house wants to be the next “Ultimate Player”. Manipulating others and getting them to do what you want done whether you ever win a comp or not. But that just isn’t in the cards for every1, and the ones that can realize that and change their strategy and approach in the game to find a spot they can manipulate the game in a more subtle way are just as good of players as the so-called strategists.
The most difficult way to play the game successfully is being the best floater. You need to have every1 trust and like you at the same time. Not an easy task when put in a house with 15 others who are all hand-picked to get on each others nerves and annoy each other to the point of having fights.
It has been said by many former players of BB and Survivor that the biggest key to winning the game is to know where you stand at all times. And the only way of knowing that is to know where every1 else stands at all times, and Andy is doing both to perfection so far.
Also would you people stop foolishly saying that CBS does this and that to the game. The only thing CBS does with Big Brother is use it to fill time spots in between potato chip commercials 3 times a week for 2 1/2-3 months every summer. That’s all it is to them and if they believe another show will get them more money from advertisers Big Brother will be gone and something else will take its place.
Allison Grodner and her production staff are the ones that manipulate, rig, and everything else the game.

BB15 letdown

But you have to be able to prove that somewhere in the course of the season you “played the game”. Floaters may get to the end but they don’t win. Adam a few seasons ago was a prime example of that. I don’t think that Andy believes he is a floater though. Maybe I am wrong but he seems to think that he is in the controlling group and making the tough decisions. He really is just super annoying and, as GM would say, a rat. I wish someone would make him be honest… him out!


Different definitions of floaters… A floater (to me) is someone like Adam who had no social/manipulative game and he also couldn’t win comps. Andy is not a floater because his social game is spot on. So far he has kept himself off the block by his social game. He is probably the best social game player in the house. That is not a floater to me. People who can win comps over and over put a target on themselves immediately. You have to have both in order to win this game. You will never win it by being good at comps and not the social aspect of it.


A “Floater” in big brother is a term originally coined by the participating houseguests to refer to people that “float” to whoever is in power that particular week. In Adam’s case, he had a weak social game, and was weak in challenges. That doesn’t make him a floater, it makes him a shitty player.


Thank you all for your responses. You made me realize I left out a very important part of my point. I referenced Andy because he is the most talked about floater this season(and he is, watch him run to Howard, Spencer, Candice if they win HoH).
The truest floater this season is Jessie. Someone that for whatever reason was never able to find a true alliance and is considered a joke. Both inside the house and out(viewers). She is in a position where she is considered a doorstop by every1 in the house and she knows it. She knows she will never have any1 on her side for real, and she has to deal with it. Every day she has to go around having people tell her what to do, how to act, and even who to talk to. She has to do this because that is the only game available to her. Yes she will float to whoever is in power each and every week and she will also float to every1 else in the house also. She has no choice. In her position she has to swallow down the bile that is welling up from inside her from whoever is treating her as the yard dog at the moment, and smile while she does it.
How many of you out there have that personal strength to keep soldiering on each day under those circumstances?


For some reason, the word “floater” has become a dirty word. Floating is a perfectly legitimate strategy, and very entertaining to watch if executed properly.


Candace was filling out forms at the welfare office. Under “Number of children,” she wrote “10,” and where it said “List names of children,” she wrote “Leroy.” When she handed in the form, the woman behind the desk pointed out: “Now here where it says “List names of children,” you’re supposed to write the names of each one of your children.” “Dey all named Leroy,” said Candace. “That’s very unusual. When you call them, how do they know which one you want?” asked the welfare worker. “Oh, den I uses the last names.”

BB fan

Since when does Candace have children? Does Howard know about this? If she does have 10 kids then who is taking care of them while she is on the show?


Are you that stupid? LOL


You people are so gullible!


GM says to Howard. “Show me it’s true what they say about black men”.
So he stabs her and takes her purse.


I’m ashamed to admit that I LOL’d.


You’re sick!


Aaryn’s Mother I presume?


If you think about it, Amanda is a lot smarter than we give her credit. (And many people already give her a lot of credit.) She hooked up with the first HOH and someone she could influence. She understands that Showmances can be a good thing when it comes to the viewers. If she and McCrea can make it a bit farther, then she could turn this into something more than just this season. The “engagement” thing was pure genius. If CBS airs any of it, then viewers are going to suck it up. Even if they don’t win, She can turn this into a stint o the Amazing Race like Rachel/Brendon or Jeff/Jordan. And she and McCrea might be invited back as a couple to Big Brother. She is pushing McCrea about his feeling because if he stays interested in her, then this could be something long term. All she needs is for CBS to continue to give her good edits and they will if they think she and McCrea are the real deal.


I beg your pardon? ROFL

Your kidding right? These 2 have NO future after BB15. And I mean NO future. Did you read here where Amandas lifestyle was/is 200K a year. Pizza boy has no shot with her after BB finishes. I seriously doubt she ever appears on the amazing race, but certainly not with McCrae.


That;s an old, old joke.


Yes, that’s what happen at the welfare office with Candice, but when my daughter Aaryn went to Unemployment Office. They asked Aaryn what was her occupation. Aaryn asked them what an occupation was? Aayrn felt that the Negro worker was getting all uppidity and told that colored man just give me a job. Now Aaryn has a good job. She works at a Gentleman’s Club. I asked Aaryn explained to me her job, sounds like she does a lot of dancing. Aaryn was always a good dancer.


No more of these please, they’re offensive.


Okay, what is going on? Aaryn is going home or Kaitlin is going home!!!!

lil ole moi

i’m assuming if there is a double eviction, BOTH Kaitlin and then Aaryn could
be out the door Thursday! Simon is correct… Kaitlin has the votes stacking up
against her and has NOW pulled ahead of Aaryn on the informal four~way poll.
My dark horse for the top two this Thursday is Spencer if he does not cover up
his genitalia and spends the next 48 hours being over-exposed & snarkily lazy!
i am trying not to think of Spencer being totally nekkid and sunning his~self in the
BB hammock like a beached Sperm WHALE! the very image! Aaaaaaaaarrrrggg!!!!


If Howard and Spencer are really that dumb then I cant feel sorry for them anymore. It shouldn’t be that hard to convince Helen and Elissa that the only reason Amanda wants Aaryn around is b/c she will be loyal to her and mccrae..Last week Helen wanted Jeremy out for “America”” this week its okay to be a racist as long as u say your sorry … The entire cast at this point just disgusts me… Everyone loves when the “villain” survives eviction night.. but Aaryn is more than just a villain she’s a racist who made disgusting comments about other houseguests and allowing her to stay reflects the character of the other houseguests Because of Amanda the racist will stay this week and the two black houseguests are now target 1 & 2


It’s not racist to want Howard or Candice out of the house. If they were another race besides black would you care if they were targets? Besides the black houseguests usually don’t last in this game and it has nothing to do with racism. People are getting out of control with this crap. I can’t imagine if Dan would have voted the black girl off the first night THIS YEAR, I guess he would’ve had death threats.


You sound really stupid. There a difference between being discriminated against because of race and being racist. What about if the next season has all miniorities except 1 or 2 whites. The whites would have to play the game from outside of the circle. That’s a disadvantage. What makes it discriminating is if the others purposely excludes them because they are different. Because they are white. What makes it racist, is when racial slurs are being throwing around left and right during this.


I don’t get how either one of them thinks in their approach to certain observations and social aspects in the house. Maybe Howard is a delicate genius and I’m missing something. As for the racists staying. I’m starting to think that the shadiest f*ck is how the show was cast. I thought the demographics could have been better as far as occupations and life experiences and maybe even having people from varying parts of the country that are more street wise so to speak.


I think you’re falling into the same trap that EVERYBODY except Howard and Spencer are falling into. Aaryn or Kaitlin…it doesn’t matter. Neither can be trusted, neither are instrumental in anybody’s path to victory, and both will go to any deal that gets them to the next week or a better shot to last longer. Howard and Spencer have been smart NOT to give Aaryn more information than she needs (unlike Judd, Amanda, McCrea, Andy, Jessie) or demand complete fealty (Helen, Elissa). If Aaryn survives, whoever wins HOH is who she will spill whatever she knows looking to survive…just like Kaitlin would do. And if she wins HOH she will look for the deal that gets out the biggest threat to her, not the biggest threat to anybody else…just like Kaitlin. Like I said, it doesn’t matter.

And in my opinion, Aaryn, GM, Amanda, Andy, and Helen are all pretty racist to varying degrees and McCrea and Elissa are fine tolerating it because it either helps their game or doesn’t impact them directly. I know speculation has been rampant that production is rigging this for Elissa or Amanda…but with all the race talk, they have a much bigger vested interest in ensuring that Howard and Candace at least make it to jury. BB allowed the racism to flourish, made it a storyline (which made Amanda and Helen convinced Howard created the drama…the furthest from the truth), and now being black is used against Howard and Candace in the more traditional, subtle racism of modern times. Now Howard and Candace are playing the race card for preferential treatment and undeserved success and racism doesn’t exist except as a tool to be used disingenuously for their own advancement…except that’s not remotely what the audience is seeing, especially from Howard.

I enjoy Amanda’s game but she might be the truest racist in the house (Aaryn and GM are just dumb, sheltered, and oblivious). She went to Aaryn and gave her a heads up that the minorities were taking her jokes out of context (thereby implying Aaryn was not wrong) and basically covering her ass for all the “jokes” she made. When Aaryn led the mean girls in the racially charged attack on Candace after Nick’s eviction, which for me still remains the most repulsive, Amanda had nothing to say about it (which is all the more suspect given how hard she came to Jessie’s rescue over a stupid bed) and is simply smart enough not to be open with her racism. Instead she has mounted the campaign that there is no racism except of Howard’s creation in order to manipulate and vilify…and the majority of the house is in total agreement with her.

If BB does not see this land mine coming up, with Aaryn staying and Howard and Candace being public enemies 1 and 2, especially having shown exactly what happened with regard to the racism in the house, then I have my doubts if BB will be back next year without a complete overhaul of production. I don’t doubt that production wants Elissa and/or Amanda at the end…but having to broadcast the house ganging up on Howard and Candace should be a much bigger concern.


Bobsky….very well said.


Always a pleasure to read…

Who do you think is playing the best game?


Jessie made one of the better moves, this week, when she suggested Aaryn make a deal with Ellissa/Helen/Amanda. .


They are not being racist. They are finding out that Howard is not loyal and dragging Candice. Howard and Candice were with their group but Howard kept on trying to go against them. Howard and Spencer were caught before and now Howrd is at it again. The majority alliance is not picking on them. Why don!t you try to go bak o the feeds from the start.


Well Said, except for the race card part. It’s not the race card if its true. it’s called complaining. Julie Chen’s husband has already insinuated that there may NOT be another big brother season. I think they got some serious heat from the sponsors. They should have just removed Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin, Spencer and found some Previous HG’s to come back. they could have paid them extra to do so. They Had 14 years worth of HG’s to chose from, Im sure they could have found 4.


I didn’t thumb up or thumb down your comment, Bobsky. Because I’m 50/50.

I 100% agree with *every* word of your final paragraph. My only confidence is that AG is extremely well aware of the “disaster potential” you describe. It’s real. And since AG wants to keep her job, and have a BB16, the “Save Aaryn Plan” cannot be allowed to happen. And what you correctly see as a major concern for the entire BBUS franchise is just one reason why, in the opinion of those that count (Production) that Aaryn *must* go this week.

But I 100% disagree with your premise that Aaryn and Kaitlin are interchangeable in the BB game. The two are both extremely physically attractive. But the similarities end there. If the house perceived the two as being equal, then why the sudden HG push to have Kaitlin evicted Thursday, and save Aaryn? Because the two HGs are *not* equal. No how, no way! Personally, I view Kaitlin as *the* strongest female comp competitor. And so does the entire house. By a mile. (Aaryn’s co-comp win/HOH, with Jeremy, was a total fluke.) The last 3-4 comps, Kaitlin has proven her skills, be it mental or physical. And the other girls have clearly noticed. Two recent tie-breaker question losses have cost Kaitlin dearly.

Helen’s logic (to get Kaitlin on their side last week, after her losing Jeremy) was the 100% correct play for her the Superfriends. And not just due to her comp ability. Kaitlin is 5000 times more socially savvy and thoughtful a person than Aaryn. What’s made Kaitlin both the house target, and the object of such fear this week, is her strong *overall* game, and the damage she could do, were she aligned with the other side. What’s hurting Kaitlin now, big time, is the HOH switch, from Helen to Judd. Suddenly, ALL bets are off in the house. Helen’s sincere “handshake deal” with Kaitlin is now null and void. Helen meant it. But Helen now has no power to enforce its terms, and to protect Kaitlin in the game. Judd is wishy-washy and stubborn, at the same time. (But that’s exactly who Judd has been in the game so far.)

Basically, it feels like the house has no HOH this week. No one has any idea who to trust. With the house so nervous, the HG are relying on established alliances. With that, the big loser is Kaitlin, who needed this week to solidify what she thought was her new, rock solid, post-Jeremy alliance: Superfriends. But Helen has no power/can’t control the Superfriends this week. So Kaitlin, to her total shock, found the “Superfriends front door locked”, when she tried to enter. Kaitlin: “SH*T!!!! Now what? Where do I go? Who can I trust?” Howard/Spencer were the only HGs extending an olive branch to Kaitlin. It’s not her best offer – it’s her only offer. Kaitlin *had* to grab that life raft. She’s in survival mode, Kaitlin’s looking for anyone who will show her solid, short-term support. Just to survive the week.

As others have so smartly commented, the lines of alliance are SO blurred this season. Kaitlin is simply a victim of circumstance, and bad timing. She’s a strong player. The whole house is on edge, and both sides right now think she’s aligned with the other. But AG will fix all that by Thursday. Because she has to. For several key reasons.

Bobsky, Aaryn and GM (aka the Blonde-Tourage) should’ve been the two names you mentioned, as “most similar/interchangeable HGs”, although Aaryn has truly set herself apart this season. They’re not similar in life; only in the BB game. Aaryn is alone, and GM can be disposed of at any time. As is so often the case early on in BB, Aaryn’s weak overall gameplay, and current position in it is, by far, her most desirable feature, to the other HGs.

Enjoyed your post, Bobsky. It’s clear to me that each post you make has much thought put into it. Your friend, Jim.


Agreed. Great comments.


Thanks for the contribution I really enjoy reading yours and Bobsky comments they are awesome. Wish I could give more that just one thumbs up 🙁


love your site just made contribution.


Jim, I disagree with your perspective on Helen. She has stated numerous times that she has had a big hand in all the evictions thus far. Her extension to Kaitlin was that we (&I) will protect you. Helen does have the capability of honouring her deal with Kaitlin, as hollow as it was, and pushing for Aaryn’s eviction before Kaitlin’s. If Helen had more scruples and she truly believed in her strength within her alliance, she would shield Kaitlin and get the same deal from Kaitlin as with Aaryn. Kaitlin has already proven that they can rely on her to some extent. Aaryn is a wild card for the superfriends.
Helen is the loosest canon in the house.


My favourite posts too. I always flip quickly through first to see if you’ve posted.


Actually Howard and Spencer are the two main targets, and last I saw Spencer was caucasian. Sounds to me that you might be a little racist yourself: “Because of Amanda the racist will stay this week and the two black houseguests are now target 1 & 2” it goes BOTH ways dude. And if you don’t think Howard isn’t getting a favorable spin from CBS because of the comments and his skin color, then you are blind. He is playing a game too, he doesn’t deserve any special treatment!!


Also Amanda don’t know what’s going on out here where we are, all she knows is that Howard wanted her out the first 2 or 3 weeks. All he talked about was wanting Amanda out, kept saying cause she was smart & was figuring MC out. Well Candice had MC figured out before Amanda did & Howard knew it but he wasn’t talking about getting her out, maybe cause she’s black? maybe cause Amanda was with McCrae? She would be crazy to not want him out cause he does have 2 other people that will vote however he wants & the numbers are dwindling. It’s not because he’s black it’s because she knows Candice & Spencer will vote with him. They all lie, that’s what they’re all supposed to do & they all know it. I’m not all pro Amanda either, I was, & I might be again but after all the laying around her & McCrae have been doing I switched it to JUDD FTW…


Finally someone said this! I’ve been thinking for over a week that Howard was getting a beyond favorable cut because of the comments made. And I agree 100% that racism goes both ways (especially in this house).


You are so right Joe. It’s getting beyond disgusting to allow a racist to stay in the house!


My language earlier in this thread was more colourful but I agree with everything you wrote. Leaving Arryn the racist means Helen is herself no better than a racist. The targeting of Howard/Candace further shows Andy, Helen a few more friends are racists, but in the closet(:P) variety. Helen saying she doesn’t lie….OMFG! She’s a pure lying douchebag. I’ve gone from 1/2 liking Andy to vote him out before the jury. Problem is about 9 of them need to go before the jury!

Bob Saben

I hate Andy almost just as much as McCranda..he is a weasel and a snake..but damn if he isn’t playing one of the better games


And, all I can think every darn time he shows up is an old Jack in the Box toy…


Andy has the wizard power. 😉

BB15 letdown

I literally cannot watch the feeds when Helen/Andy are on them. The sound of their voices is painful. And they think they are so smart! So in control. Ugh. Please someone put up Helen vs Amanda!!!!!


When Kaitlin was on the block and won the power of veto she was told that if she didnt use it on herself she would be voted out. The house voted and wanted Jeremy out but she would be protected for weeks for her loyalty. SUCKER


Ikr, like you need a deal to take YOURSELF off of the block…DUH!!!!! =)


Why, because they found out her secret alliance with Howard.


Omg,Lol, I hope they tell them that “America/Possibly Production” was the one that voted MVP before the eviction Saturday. I want to see their faces. And really Helen? The black vote is strong. First it, was America wouldn’t vote a mom for eviction acting as the MVP. I can’t tell if Helen is for real or if her head is in the clouds somewhere. I’m really not sure what the demographic is for the show. I guess she’s assuming blacks will vote for Howard when in actuality some make not even like him and think he’s shady or don’t give a damn enough about this show. After Sunday’s episode, I could see some wanting him to win to see how he shakes up the game since Amanda’s edit included Howard as every other word the other night. But by the time that air the MVP America’s choice was over.

I like to check the recaps just to see what’s being said these people seem all over the place trying to figure things out. It’s like some sort of implosion can possibly happen with the way things are settling and with these people’s personalities and views collectively.


Is it just me or does anyone else think Jessie and Elissa look alike sometimes?


OMG, this has turned into the “I Hate Howard Show.” They are so stupid! If Judd was smart, he would target the real threat: Amanda/Mcraee. It’s so disgusting that they all have this hate for Howard for no reason. Why the f–k would Howard put up Gina Marie instead of Amanda? does that ever cross their thick head!


@ Kayla Or are you upset that it hasn’t become the “I Love Howard Show’ even though CBS is really trying to make it that, very obviously imo. Amanda will go when it’s herr time, she’s too bull-headed to win the game, but she won’t win any comps so what’s the rush?


Really 12:11 pm, I was just voicing my frustrations, as I have every right to do..right? Not saying I am a Howard fan, I’m just frustrated that every word that comes out of Amanda/Andy/Helen/Ellissa/Judd/Mccrae’s mouth is the name “Howard,” that’s not annoying to you? Js!


Howard keeps on lying and trying to turn people against the alliance. He was caught before and caught again this time. He had a chance to go far with the group but he keeps on trying to throw people names on his own alliance and always trying to form a new one. Excuse this term and I am not a racist but he does not quit on being judas escariote on his own alliance.


Interesting that Howard and Spencer are targets again. Helen changes her mind so much you can’t really trust anything she says on any given day. One day its amanda/mccrae the next day its Howard/Spencer


Josh if you follow the feeds from the start of the show you will know why.

Aaryns raspy whisper

im staying in this game bitches!


Elissa is the most worthless cast member in recent memory. To those that support her, know this, Elissa would never condescend to know or like you. She is way too upiddy. You all are just her sheep.

Roisin Dubh

Wow, Helen, what’s with this black vote sh!t? So if you win MVP did the Asian vote come out strong for you? Helen gets more and more disgusting everyday. I see why they all hate Howard and now, he’s the only ones that plays the game and not make it personal. Helen is now with the cool kids and her true colors are showing. Andy is just a worm in need of a good squashing. It’s gonna be great when he gets caught and his alliance will just sit there and let him hang. I feel sorry for anyone that makes the final 2 because this year’s jury is nothing but D-bags.

Howard's Biceps

Why is it that the “black” man is blamed for everything? It’s very pathetic how everything is being blamed on Howard! It’s even more pathetic that Helen said that Howard got MVP because he gets the “black” vote! That’s ridiculous! Helen sounds just as bad as Aaryn and Amanda right now. I hope Howard or Spencer win HOH so that they can shake up the house!


Helen says Howard probably won MVP because he’s black? Come on now, I dislike the friendship alliance and too me or is ruining the game for the fans. It is making everything less fun and dramatic. I need a power shift this week, I can’t deal with another week of the friendship alliance running around like they’re better than everyone.


Well I hope these idiots are happy when aaryn gets 50k at the end of this since after this week they will be targeting people other than aaryn and gm. Sure those 2 will float to the end while the others take each other out.


Cant stand how Helen,ellisa,Andy,mcre and Amanda all think Howard and Spencer are horrible for lying and making final 4 alliances.Duh!!! All of you have done the same,but that’s different.Helen states she hasn’t lied,but she just twisted things,you told kaitlyn you would protect her for 2 week if she used you are leading the charge to vote her out!!! How is that just twisting,your worst than the 2 you keep griping about.she’s a complete moron!!!!


I would like to see Howard or Spencer win HOH and have MVP , put up Amanda. Mccrae and Andy.


Along with Andy, Amanda, and Mcrae on the block put them on slop with no access to the HOH room.


please let that happen


Come on people, keep vote for Aaryn!!!!!!!!!! She needs to be evicted!!!!!!!!


haw haw


Why Kaitlin? Aaryn is going home!!!!! Votes don’t matter. Aaryn is going home.


“Helen say because the black vote is strong in America. They will want a minority to win.”

Wow Helen, just wow…..

That only applies in elections dumbass,
“black vote” wouldn’t touch Big Brother.


She is stating that black votes are important to this country and they are not being left out.


america needs to take time to vote its a waste to target one person cause a good person can get put up if the hated ones are on the block i didnt know what to do so i split my votes up with kaitlyn gina marie and aaryn there may be alot of haters of elissa but at least she has a heart she cares deeply what america thinks of her she doesnt want to come off as a villian she puts her foot down on derogatory comments and racial slurs and skank play yes maybe alittle self absorbed but with good intentions i would still like to see aaryn go gina go howard go and spencer i felt sorry for howard at first but hes dumb he hasnt tried to win anything and hes playing a crappy social game and he playing on candices emotions and im tired of spencers filth mouth and calling women the c word


Her so-called good heart don’t apply to why America put her up, they put her up because she’s being protected by production.


So now everyone but Spencer and Candice are against Howard? Who is true to who? Are any of them smart enough to know that no one is truly loyal to anyone except Amanda/McCrea, Spencer/Howard (and maybe not even those two) You all may not agree with me but I am beginning to only like these four because at least they are loyal to each other. Everyone else will follow whomever has the power. I am not even sure if Helen is loyal to Elissa or just using her because of Rachel/Brendon fan base. She is hoping for their support if Elissa ever leaves.


Amanda and McCrae wants to get rid of Kaitlin, because they can’t control her. Hopefully Aaryn don’t follow through with the deal and wins HOH and jumps ship. I wonder will Howard and Spencer listen to Andy?


Lol Andy is so fake, all he does is go to both the alliances and talk crap about the other, but then again he is the ultimate floater, smh.


he floats through walls like a ghost

he is very sneaky


Helen is such a control freak! What difference does it make how they vote if they have the votes to get out the person they want? Why does she insist EVERYONE vote the way she votes! So what if Howard,Spencer, or Candice don’t vote the way she does? She thinks she just has to in total control of the whole house! Blood on her hands? That’s been said since 1st eviction, save that worry for who ever goes to jury! She can’t play it “safe” through the whole game…


you don’t want to be on the side that voted for someone who doesn’t end up leaving, you want to vote with the majority. so in some ways, it definitely matters to know which way ppl are voting. i think if the majority are on the bandwagon to vote out kailtin (i think convincing elissa was the end for kaitlin), howard and spencer will vote with them. still not sure about Candace, no one seems to include her and she really hates aaryn, but maybe howard will convince her if he’s convinced. itll be crazy if aaryn gets 0 votes to evict a second week in a row! sometimes it pays to be enemy no 1!


It is unfortunate for Candace that she is not still having her private conversations with Elissa. When she did, she had more influence with how things went. This may be one of Howard’s errors in not encouraging Candace to continue with that relationship.


I know, I was all for Candice til she started acting like trying to prove Howie is her man was more important than playing the game, she’s pulled a GM. She wants everyone to know she knows Howie better then anyone else & that’s keeping that target on both of em. When really, deep down, she’s not sure when it comes down to the nitty gritty if Howie will keep her or Spencer. She’s more concerned with being all over him than trying to keep herself secured with Helen & Elissa…these girls & their showmances this season has made it look bad on young women…& i just wanna smack Spencer…didn’t want to leave that out.


How does getting called into the diary room equates to being MVP? I don’t understand their logic they are trying to find every excuse to get Howard out. And howard told Elissa the truth that he wasn’t MVP and she still doesn’t believe her. I hope on Thursday Juile tell them that America was MVP and it will be interesting to see how the outcome will be afterwards.


Ellissa is basing it on how often she was called to DR and the timing of those calls when she was MVP.

Aaryn's Mom

Aaryn has taken a lot of heat being on this show due to all the distortions of her comments by CBS. Yes, she is young and needs to mature a bit but Aaryn has a kind heart and has always been good to others. I am sure she will continue to show her positive qualities and her true friends will always be by her side. When she wins Big Brother she will know who her real friends are.

Angry Mob with pitchforks



does bold work here

what about blue

Floating With Andy

CBS does not control the live feeds mom


I personally wouldn’t vote Howard for MVP because he’s black, I would vote him MVP because he’s honestly one of the most like able people in the house. That and I want to see the Amanda and mccrae show mance split up, I’m getting annoyed with them always making out and laying down.


Amanda & Aaryn….AA = KKK.


ugh, they all suck

-helen for scumbagging kaitlin
-elissa for being kind of weird at times and not sticking to her guns regarding aaryn
-amanda for being a pushy bitch who talks bad about everyone in the house and being the biggest liar
-kaitlin for not playing the game at all
-howard for being too dumb to tell the other side everything and falling for their tricks
-spencer is the same as howard, but also a rude and sleazy perv
-judd and jessie for protecting aaryn. plus i think judd lied about what he supposedly overheard regarding kaitlin’s targetting helen
-mccrae for being nothing more than a totebag to amanda
-candice for being too clingy to howard and not using her brain
-andy for being a crazy gossip to everyone
-ginamarie for all her hate and being a psycho when it comes to nick
-aaryn for being a little entitled bitch who lies to so many people in between crazed racist talk


Aaryn not getting evicted is just productions way of not wanting to send her out to the world yet…that entitiled bitch will probably go to jury…prodution prob will keep her til all this GZ trial angers over.


That’s the game. Aaryn is super target due to her views, but she isn’t a threat also because of her lack of a single ally. Its the game. We Are not in that house, and we see conversations that the houseguests never know about. Its smart moves. Amanda hasn’t won jack. If Howard and Spencer were smart, which they aren’t, they wouldn’t have thought that they can start new alliances on the fly and think they are solid. Its not about getting the black people out. If Howard wasnt muscle man and Candice wasn’t up his ass, the target wouldn’t be them. With candice its personal. Put mcmanda on slop because her boo is a target and GM and aaryn because they haven’t been. It does suck that the minorities are playing poorly. They don’t deserve the comments and the target, but you reap what you sow. Howard saying he threw competitions wasn’t a smart move. The house fears the beast. And because of the spenhowcand obvious alliance. Its 3 people trying to gather others. Judd brilliant telling GM about final 4 with qmqnda and McCrea. Because she doesn’t have a solid spot either. Remember, she is on the block.


I think I get CBS game, in the real work it;s stereotypical for the black man to blame the white man for everything that’s wrong in the world, so in Big Brother, everyone is blaming the black man for everything that’s going wrong…. CBS think they’re slick, but I can see through their BS.

Howard game isn’t even that strong as they’re making it out to be, they act like he’s the almighty in there.

lil ole moi

duckies, Howard with sincere conviction and clean diction talks to the Creator Being and then
he receives a reply that sounds like Marlon Brando’s legendary case of the mumbles and has
to spend the next 12 hours figuring out what he should do. He clearly has a pipeline to God but
the acoustics are often lousy! they all know the Good Lord tells him things on a regular basis!!!!


A floater is a person who doesn’t play the game (either socially or competitively). They just sit back and “float” along. This is what people hate because we want people who are actively trying to play the game and make moves. And you don’t have to win comps to play the game because the social aspect is just as important. Like this season Amanda hasn’t win anything but I wouldn’t call her a floater but somebody like Jessie who has done nothing at all and has sided with whoever has the power would be a floater


Dawg, your screen captures of Candice, and then later Andy are to funny. 🙂

Andy's Lips

I can’t stand watching Andy’s mouth move when he eats and he always seems to be chewing on something.

Team Mom Squad

Oh thank god I thought Helen and Elissa were going to ditch Candice, I’m so happy to hear that there going to try and protect her. Candice has to realize Howard is sinking her ship. This isn’t a game for love its for half a million dollars and Candice can be a smart player just not with Howard manipulating her. Come on girl get it together!


JUst like protected Kaitlin?? Obviously their word mean nothing ..hopefully the other hg’s will realize that


Howard and Spencer are in trouble next week. I hate that they assume its Howard that was MVP and are so adamant about getting him out. The only hope Howard Spencer or Candice have, is to win HOH and MVP and they put up 3 of the “Super friends” alliance on the block. Wow they really would be paranoid then.


Unless you are a superfriend you are in trouble..

HOWARD needs MVP, HOH and POV maybe then the superfriends will take a hit.

lil ole moi

Howard + Spencer are the last two totally loyal members of Nick’s moving company still in the house.
earlier i thought AARYN would be the only female eviction sandwiched between the evictions of the
members of Nick’s informal mob and/or gang if we assume and presume acting like a wannabe thug
was thought to be hyper~cool at one point by semi-clueless Jeremy. i thought Helen had the true grit
and moxie to send the 4 dudes out the door! She is not a vote counter, she’s an over~priced talking
head political consultant in real life? she should have done a total sweep of her opposition before she
indulged the urge to bitchfight worse than catwoman and batgirl going at it! McCrae is a total IAN fan?


Yea I agree Simon he would have to win it for two weeks or rely on Candice and Spencer to also win either HOH, MVP or POV. If so they can easier cripple the super friend alliance. But the problem is that they trust Judd & Andy.


I know ugh so hopeless… not liking the superfriends


yay im glad the friends are back on the same page! who knew all it took was 2 things: judd overhearing kaitlin say she was going after helen and the rumour that kailtin is working with howard and spencer, bam, kaitlin is gone.
im glad the friends all see how sketchy spencer is. he is such a sketchy pervert. how does one not realize that if you have your hands down your pants while talking about a girl who is not your gf looks extremely bad?? i dont know why howard doesn’t check him more about things like that.

The Truth

Lol at Andy calling someone else out for lingering. That fool pops into more conversations that a Whack a Mole.


Andy is such a turd! Somebody needs to punch him in his face!


i cant wait for amanda and mccrae’s wedding lol i know ill get tons of thumbs down, but i like watching the feeds when they are all doing something entertaining together. like the cinnamon challenge last night. they should try to entertain us live feeders with group activities more often, if anything they should do it out of boredom! plus you get to see interesting sides to ppl, like elissa’s random excitement about amacrae’s relationship (she really seems invested, doesn’t she?) and gm’s jealousy over it. lol


wheres the puke bucket


Candice’s eyes scare me sometimes!! I really hope that Howard.. Candice.. Spencer .. or Jesse gets HOH.. time to get rid of some ppl.. Arr=yn, Andy.. Amanda.. ALL THE A’s!!


Time to take a break from the feeds for a few days now that the Superfriends are back.

Thanks Simon and Dawg (now and forever) for this site so I can keep up without having to endure the endless bashing.

Does There To Be A Winner?

None of these people can keep their mouth shut. Everybody in the house already knows about the plan to get Kaitlyn out. They should of put someone in the house from the Obama administration. They don’t tell anybody anything. I plead the fifth.

lil ole moi

i admit that BHO is a brilliant populist leader and chicago machine politician whose foxtrot sidestep is like harry s. truman’s
concerning the hoary + ancient homestate prendergast machine. now that nepotism in the GOP is taking cues from elissa
and we may soon see jeb bush, rand paul, liz cheney and tagg romney in the GOP primary debates of 2020 looking very
clever and well connected, do you think the flac Aaryn is getting would be much less if that Florida jury had hunoured in a
British manner a manslaughter verdict? my theory is that aaryn could play a very sweet young paula deen in a docudrama if
she is not totally blacklisted by Hollywood! its either that, or dye her hair red and hire an agent prior to filming the sequel to
GONE WITH THE WIND!!!! can we spell out the word plantation better than pore david? y’all know mitt was behind by only 3%
in the popular vote even though the 2oo8 electoral college map for BHO happily resembled FDR’s better ones from the 1930s!

lil ole moi

i need tto get bifocals.
hunoured = humoured


Spencer’s not loyal enough. He had no trouble bailing on the MC when subjected to minor heat and he will bail on Howard, no doubt.


“spencer is not loyal…” Reply was intended for @Lamar.
(iPad newbie)

Bob Saben

What a horrible cast….Another fail for Grodner


Helen and Andy talking about the lack of opportunities for military veterans? What? Just who do they think they are talking about bigger issues than those in the house? And social ones at that? How could they be so non-self-involved? Out the door for both of them! 🙂


Maybe it was never the plan for Elissa to get the love from production. I think this is a case study onhow to properly cast for a show to begin with. Some mixes of people do not gel well. I am talking diverse perspectives and not race and gender. I’m from a white town, however I would not respond as the Mean girls and Jeremy has done. Nick was onto something at the beginning, only that he should have widened his net to the whole house and not just the girls: none of these girls would meet my standards.”. I can go through and tic off problems with everyone of these folks. You strip away the race and gender, you still get narrow minded people. Race and gender has now taken a backseat to winning. That is why Kaitlin is going home before kKaitlin. The will to win strips everyone from their ability to treat everyone decent.


Howard needs to win HOH.because that fool Spencer can’t..