Adel tells Neda that the boys from Newfoundland will not f**k each other over..

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

BBCAN2-2014-03-27 06-26-01-763

9:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the main bedroom – Neda, Ika and Adel talk about who’s the bigger threat. Neda says that Andrew is the bigger threat than Kenny. Andrew has more connections. Adel and Ika think that Kenny is the bigger threat. Ika says that Kenny has more connections. Neda says Andrew controls Sabrina, New Girl, and Rachelle. Neda asks how much control does Sabrina have over Rachelle. I swear to god Andrew is a bigger threat. Kenny is smarter but I think once you take out Andrew from that pack Kenny is going to be like AHHH… Ika says once Kenny is gone ..Arlie does not like Andrew. Neda says If he’s gone he is going to put up me and Jon. Adel says if I win HOH – I put up Kenny and Sarah. Adel says I tell Andrew that if anyone wins POV and does anything … I will put up one of his two girl friends.
BBCAN2-2014-03-27 06-26-05-502

BBCAN2-2014-03-27 06-57-00-244
In the kitchen – Rachelle tells the others that she has to wear the HOT DOG suit during the live eviction tonight. Rachelle is pissed off. Kenny asks her if she can wear clothes on top of it. He tells her to add some scarf’s and a vest on it. Rachelle tries to dress up her hot dog and big brother tells her she can’t put a vest on it. He laughs. Meanwhile – Jon walks into the bathroom and says he loves seeing girls transform into their face from their non-face! Get your face on Canada!!
BBCAN2-2014-03-27 07-03-33-237
9:45am IN the bedroom – Adel, Neda and Ika continue to talk about what the best strategy is for tonight if Neda or Adel win HOH. Adel tells Neda that the boys from Newfoundland will not f**k each other over.. they are like this. Adel says that Jon won’t win anything.. he has a bunk shoulder and a bunk knee. Neda says I don’t want it to be a double eviction and then I am fucked because I didn’t know what to do. Neda asks Adel if he would use his power. Adel says I have to or I lose it. Neda asks so who would you put up? Adel says I put up Kenny or Andrew. Neda asks so we have the votes? Adel says 1 million percent.

In the kitchen – Kenny and Andrew talk about who to put up on the block if they win. Kenny says Adel and Allison. Kenny says that Allison is still a big question mark. Andrew says that’s fine, I don’t care. Kenny says if Adel has a power then he uses it and we flush it out and we get rid of Allison. If he doesn’t have a power then we get rid of Adel.

10am – 10:25am Adel heads down to the kitchen and makes his breakfast:
BBCAN2-2014-03-27 07-14-49-624

BBCAN2-2014-03-27 07-26-18-508

In the living room – Andrew talks to Sarah and Jon about the girls he misses from back home. He says that last night he couldn’t really sleep because he was up thinking about feeling bad about what he’s been doing with Allison and how they can see it. He asks Sarah if she thinks it will be okay since it’s just kissing and cuddling. Sarah asks if they were open relationships. Andrew says yeah. Sarah says then its probably fine except for the fact that they have to watch it. It’s different if you don’t see it.

BBCAN2-2014-03-27 07-31-33-923

10:45am Meanwhile – Big Brother tells Heather that if she does her 10,000 steps today before the live eviction then she can change out of it and wear regular clothes. All of the house guests are getting ready for tonight…

10:55am – 11:10am In the bedroom – Adel tells Jon and Neda that they are going to laugh when they see what he is going to do to be a havenot this week. (Adel plans to throw the havenot competition if he’s on a team with Andrew, Sabrina, Kenny, etc.) Neda asks if he would do it with her on his team. Adel says oh hell no. Jon leaves. Adel says I talked to Heather and she is 100% on board. Neda says okay good, I like Heather. The one thing is I would want to go to the end with Heather because I could beat her. Neda tells Adel that if he makes it to the final two – he is going to win.

Up in the HOH room – Allison, Andrew, Kenny, Sarah and Sabrina talk about how they don’t think this week will be a double eviction. Andrew, Kenny and Arlie head into the kitchen. They comment on how they can hear Big Brother building things in the backyard for tonight’s competitions. They think they can hear a large air pump blowing something up. Arlie talks about sponsoring a child for 0.99 a day.

11:50am – 12:30pm Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back – Sarah is talking about how Kenny gives her looks but that they’re nothing like the look she saw him give Talla. Andrew talks about how the oldest woman he slept with was 43 years old when he was 24 years old. He says that her son was a year younger than him. He said he was going to go hang out with him and she told him he wouldn’t let her son hang out with him. Andrew yells what kind of logic is that, I just slept with you! The conversation turns to talking about random things and tattoos they’ll want to get. Meanwhile in the bedroom – Neda and Adel talk about how they trust each other. Neda says it’s so hard to trust in this house. Adel says not for him’s easy to see who’s being fake and who’s not. Neda says that she hates she has to be fake with some people..

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once Ika leaves all I ask is for Sobrina, Andrew or Kenny NOT to win HOH for the love of this game!

Shut The F-ck Up Sabrina

sabrina is insane dudes

she is a complete and total joke

she is a makeup artist, but you cant polish a turd

please production have ika saved with a twist so there is another sabrina meltdown

adel, jon, or neda win hoh

sabrina, andrew, kenny on slop and all 3 spending time on the block if veto is used

serenity now, insanity later

Shut The F-ck Up Sabrina

who do you dislike more?

thumbs up for Sabrina

thumbs down for Amanda from last usa season


Amanda brought a lot of frustrations but a lot of excitement to the feeds.
Sabrina brings a lot of nose picking with some excitement and some frustration.


imagine the 2 of them together in the same room!

simon how about you break out the dpov pic for ika? ha ha


or Alison either.


Is this the first season where there isn’t a “hunky guy” that the girls can all crush over? I think so. How do I know? My girlfriend doesn’t have a fav this season. LOL


What????? She doesn’t like a man that picks his nose like Andrew!!! 🙂


I love how if Heather does the 10,000 step she can wear normal clothes for the eviction but, Rachelle has to stay in the hot dog costume.

Johhny (the European one!)

Big Brother: “Heather, you may wear normal clothes for the eviction if you do your 10k steps before tonight.”
Heather: “Yay! Thanks, Big Brother!”

Big Brother: “Rachelle, you may wear normal clothes for the eviction if you come up with a single thought of your own before tonight.”
Rachelle: “Oh, you’re so mean, Big Brother. Not fair!”


very funny, maybe production interference is for the good this time….

Please everyone pray that Adel,Neda,or Jon win HOH tonight……they did all the help they can get


Just a reminder BB16 will premiere in less than 3 months… June 25th mark it down!!!


thanks for the heads up!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D


It really pisses me off that the houseguests dont see sabrina as a threat, yes her fat ass wont help her win physical challenges but she really is acting as the mastermind to all of adel’s allies going home

neda, jon or adel for hoh !!


Sabrina is goat the can bring to the end cause she’s going to piss everyone off in the jury, sure she’s an awful bitch but i don’t see her as a threat to win so string her along, but yeah i’d much rather see her voted out sooner than later.


Sabrina will keep being toxic even though she gets evicted if she makes it to the jury because she’s gonna brainwash EVERYBODY to vote the winner SHE wants.She needs to go BEFORE she makes it to the jury.


They find her annoying and they dont see her as a comp threat either.


Yeah, she’s really underestimated by the people outside her alliance.


why does Adel think Kenny wouldnt screw Jon over because he would! I hope that Jon realizes that too!


Jon doesn’t realize Kenny will screw him over; but i hope he clues in fast.

He seems to really like Kenny – and be oblivious to the fact that Kenny is scheming to get everyone out. Which of course is the game. But Jon isn’t part of the first five – doesn’t even know about them.

I’m glad to see heather, neda and adel working together. I just hope they don’t get screwed over either by Arlie, because he’s been playing them the whole time (i hope he isn’t) or by Jon, who i’m afraid would want to impress Kenny; and operate under the delusion there is a guys alliance.

Just to make it safe and interesting, i hope Adel gets HoH tonight. Or possibly Neda; Heather might be ok, but i can see Sabrina suddenly becoming her best friend if she wins – and i don’t know how easily she’ll be influenced.

Adel and Neda are the safest bets


totally agree


Jon is now saying (after speaking to Adel, then Neda) that he’s onboard with backdooring Kenny.

I hope it’s true.

Sabrina, that bitch – she called Neda Janelle in front of Jon.

I can’t stand her. I want to see her freak when her boys start going home.


Hoping somebody good wins hoh tonight! Would love to see Sabrina on the block with Andrew, and if there was a replacement nominee put Kenny right up along side whichever it is. Would love to watch these people fight it out when all they do right now is sit back and make fun of everybody. It pisses me off they’re coasting along and haven’t had to fight for shit.


This is weakness in a house of cards…eliminate the strong players , stop listening to gossip and know your game. They all go in there and after week 4 they are not listening to their own wise words… sad.

I hope that the good ones Neda , Adel , Jon stay …


and Sarah is good, watch everyone she is slowly coming around…..


Agreed. I like sarah. I always have. It’s unfortunate that she is in an alliance with Andrew & Sabrina. But I like her. Maybe with Arlie’s & Jon’s influence, others will like her too.

Shut The F-ck Up Sabrina

i dislike sarah

2nd after sabrina in terms of annoyance factor


NO WAY sarah sucks kenny and jons saggy balls!!


finally sarah admitted that her and kenny like/flirt with each other what a skank she is.


Am I really the only one that likes Kenny? I mean I know he has said some mean stuff (I mean he was seriously out of line with a lot of things he said) but honestly he has been playing a great game! He made an alliance within entering for five minutes, he has Slobrina as a mole that can get him information, He has Sarah who will protect him no matter what, he has Andrew who has the biggest target on his back so the attention is taken of Kenny, and he has managed to get useless Allison on his side as an extra vote and when they do not need her anymore she will be easy to get rid of. He has managed to surround himself with people the rest of the house hates but nobody really has a bone to pick with him other than he is a strong player.


You’re not the only one. I like Kenny, Arlie & Sarah. I know a lot of people with give me thumbs down, but I don’t think Neda should win. She has the ideas but puts nothing into action. She could have called out Sabrina many times and she doesn’t. She doesn’t even try to save her allies. She has not been useful at all. Nice Girl but that’s about it. Hope Kenny, Sarah or Arlie win.


I agree with you on almost everything except the Neda thing. I feel Neda will know when to make a big move that is not only strategic but also good for her game but that moment will be when she wins HOH so she really wants to win so she can take out Kendrew and she was the only one that was smart enough to suggest removing paul from the block and putting Andrew instead but Ika (who is by far the most entertaning but people seem to have forgot she was horrible to Heather) just wanted to take Heather out (even though that brought her no strategic advantage!) so she dismissed Neda. So in summary Neda is also one of my favorites.


I think he’s playing the 3rd best game. He does have a good sized target, though. People know he’s the brains behind Andrew. My opinion is that Arlie and Sara are playing the best games, right now. They should be safe for a while, unless they mess up and win something. That would expose their true alliances.


I hope adel wins hoh . Shake things up. A little predictable


Up on the block you go Kendrew and Sarah!
Best moment/move ever.


Please god let Kenny and Jon stay a little longer. Jon is funny and very likeable. Kenny’s dad lives on my street so I have to root for him


i have a gut feeling that NEDA will win HOH


I think you are right. Production may fix it to make that happen and stir things up.


i hope so!


For HOH they’ve done; endurance, physical, questions, then endurance. It’s probably going to be questions again tonight, so…….
Andrew- too focused on himself to observe others, unlikely to win
Allison- new to the house and at a disadvantage- unlikely to win
Arlie- very observant, but doesn’t want to be HOH, unlikely to win
Adel- not an analytical thinker- too emotional, small chance of winning
Heather- airhead, unlikely to win
Kenny- observant, wants to be HOH, good chance of winning
Jon-big goof ball, unlikely to win
Neda- observant and seems cool under pressure, good chance of winning
Sara- doesn’t want to be HOH and reveal alliances, unlikely to win
Sabrina-depending on question style, she could be competitive. If it’s knowledge based, good chance of winning. If it’s opinion based, small chance of winning. She is a narcissist and has trouble discerning peoples true feelings.

If this is a question HOH, I think it will be between Neda, Kenny, and Sabrina. Likely winner: Kenny.

If it’s a crapshoot style competition; Jon. That’s a guess based on absolutely nothing other than the fact that he’ll be an interesting HOH. He’s still conflicted with his loyalties.


so what does Kenny’s Dad think about him on the show? and his disgusting beard? (sorry I can’t let it go people LMAO)


I actually love that beard! When I see it all I want to do is us it as a pillow as I hear Slobrina being put up for eviction.

bb is a house full of crazy

So andrew talks about his conquests……hitting up the cougars because he cant get any his own age. And notice how the conversation had nothing to do with him but he found a way to talk about himself. What a goof?


Twist coming tonight, it will be Canada’s HOH, There is a reason that it hasn’t shown the IKA letter game yet, as its being used tonight in relief of the usual HOH. There’s a reason BBCAN’s twitter was letting people know about the viewer points and twists coming at anytime


if thats the case we have to do the Deli Meatball plan and shake up the house.

Shut The F-ck Up Sabrina

to quote the fearless leader Paul…

that would be insane dude



I was wondering: does anyone think that, after the big blow up between Ika and Sabrina, some of Sabrina’s “friends” might now be questioning her? Maybe Ika could be saved, just to mess with the Picking Princess… Thoughts?


They know she is a lying witch they only keep her around because she is good at getting information but she might not be so good after that blowup.


Good point Pablo. As petty as this sounds, I hope that she exposes Sabrina on her way out!!!!!!! At the very least, I hope she plants serious doubts… Sabrina deserves to have a real meltdown where no one will buy her crap.

Shut The F-ck Up Sabrina

one of sabrinas friends posted here the other day saying they were questioning if they still wanted to be friends with her…no joke


I can’t imagine how shocking this might be for friends/family members to see. The way she behaves in that house, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has gotten away with this kind of thing her whole life.


I don’t think so as I watch I see the truth about followers , I’m really saddened that people are so treacherous and mean.
Playing a game is one thing but downright degrading is another . How is this healthy for people.
Yes Canada needs to vote to show the house guests a bit of humanity and truth..even if just to re evaluate-

Much love Canadians


I hope Adel wins HOH….so that he can keep his power for another week and whip it out when the housmates think it expired.

Also, if Name a few posts earlier is right and it is Canada’s HOH (which I hope it is) and Adel wins….it would be awesome, but still put a target on his back.
Maybe if Arlie or Jon won and kept Adel safe that would be awesome.
I think if Heather won…that would be hilarious!