Adel “she acted like a f** fool and they came over the announcements saying She be snitching “

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-26 16-20-47-880

7:19pm Hot Tub Rachelle and Sabrina

She 100% she was going to put our a$$es on the block if she won HOH.. Sabrina is worried they are trying to make her look worse than

Sabrina is worried that the house is thinking she’s looking for attention. Rachelle tells her it doesn’t look like that. Sabrina says the crying was real and is pissed that Adel was saying Sabrina should stop crying.

Sabrina – “I cannot wait until Adel goes home, and IKA”
Rachelle – “ugh her smirk is so annoying”

Sabrina – All she kept saying is shut the f*** up Sabrina your f*** lucky I don’t put you and your pet up on the block.. she kept saying Shut the f** up Sabrina you’re a f*** snake”
Rachelle – “She’s such a conniving little b1tch”

Sabrina retells the story about the fight..
They both agree IKA is a very intimidating person and they are scared of her.

Sabrina – “I get it I lied to her we all did.. thats the game”

Rachelle – “we gave her the satisfaction and told her she was going on the block and she’s still mad at us”

Sabrina says here are people in the house that have done 10 thousand times worse than Sabrina and Rachele.
Rachelle – “she’s a peice of crap”

Sabrina agains says she’s worried production that thinks she was making up lies to make IKA look to be worse.

Rachelle – “calls IKA a disgusting human “
Sabrina – you kicked my letter you kick my mom’s letter” (Yesterday there was a challenge that IKA competed in. There was houseguests letters involved and IKA gave a very colourful performance. it will be on tonight episode)
Rachelle calls IKA a psychopath says she feels no remorse for kicking the letters, “You know the that’s the sign of a psychopath.. shows no remorse”
Rachelle now claims she would have snapped on IKA, “Who are you.. she’s mean.. why is she doing this”

They agree something is up with Neda, Sabrina says she’s looking at her weird like she thinks she’s making things up.
Rachelle says IKA doesn’t deserve the 5 thousand she won, Sabrina says her kids deserve it not IKA.

Sabrina knows it was the ultimate betrayal what they did to IKa but it’s only a game. Sabrina tells her not to say anything but everyone is targeting Adel next week.

Sabrina says Allison is worried about them because everyone likes them, Sabrina thinks Allison will put them both up. Rachelle – “That gives me chills”

They start talking about the power Adel is holding. Sabrina asks her if she is nominated beside Andrew would Rachelle use the POV on her or Andrew. Rachelle says Sabrina of course.

Sabrina tells her she can’t play in the veto either because she won HOH.
Rachelle – “HUH”
Sabrina – “YA you can’t”

Sabrina going back to the fight saying she misunderstood something IKA said.
Rachelle- “It hasn’t crossed anyones mind that you are making things up for attention.. they all love you”

Sabrina – Adel cannot win sh!t
Rachelle – Those boys will not let him
Sabrina starts praying to god to not let Adel win the Head of Household.
Rachelle – He won’t win he’s a piece of crap

Jon joins them.. asks her if she’s OK. Sabrina says she is just stressed because people are thinking she’s making things up for attention. Jon tells her not to worry about that nobody thinks he believes her. Jon leaves.

Sabrina says she loves Jon and says she will never vote him out.


7:51pm backyard IKa and Adel
IKA – “Ahh man what a game”
Adel – “What this game big brother.. it’s easy so easy”
Adel – “I’m so happy she (Sabrina) came out she made this big f** deal acted like a f** fool and look they came over the announcements saying She be snitching “
IKA – “She be lying.. I’m not saying I’m innocent but I never said all those things ”
Adel – “She be lying.. it’s good she embarrassed herself”
IKA – “She embarrassed herself and I’m the bad person”
Adel – “No NO it doesn’t matter that is not going to change”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-26 17-04-08-818

7:52pm Hot tub Sarah and Jon

Jon says what he heard from Sabrina that Adel put the sugar in the slop then after he heard from her that it was IKA, “Makes you think what was said through this whole game”
Sarah says what she say on teh stairs between Sabrina and IKA was valid.
Jon – oh no doubts that she came out here and IKA ripped her a new one
Sarah – 100%

Jon couldn’t believe that happened “When they said after reviewing”
Sarah knew the stairs thing was going to be debatable because IKa didn’t jab her it was just like she walked into her..
Jon – was inconclusive ya
Sarah – “I totally agree with the decision if it was any other people it would be nothing.”

Sarah says Adel has a bleeding heart with people that are leaving.. Jon “BLEEDING”

Sarah says she feels the same way as Adel she doesn’t like how the house has been treating people when they are on the way out, “That’s going to be us”

Jon tells her they are still good with their side alliance. Sarah doesn’t want Adel to know about her because he doesn’t trust her.

JON – do you think the boys will turn on me .. Andrew and Kenny
Sarah hasn’t caught whiff of it but she’s not close to Andrew, “Eventually we have to turn on each other”

They both agree Adel will use his power this week and put Andrew up. Sarah says she’s scared of it happening so early, “I don’t know enough people that will vote him out and if he goes up and doesn’t leave we are f***”
JON says the difference in votes can come down to one person

Sarah thinks they should wait a week or two more (Big mistake ask Helen
Sarah wants to get rid of some traglers firts like Heather,.

JOn says the numbers are very close, “We need to talk to Arlie to see where his head is at”
Sarah says Sabrina, Kenny and rachelle will not vote him out, “It really depends on who wins HOH”

JOn counts the votes says htey have 6 votes to evict Andrew and Andrew only has 3, ‘It completely depends on who wins HOH”

Sabrina rolls in and Jon leaves..

Sarah says “Oh my god Sabrina.. He was sitting here wanting to talk game and I feel so much guilt”

Sabrina – “I felt so bad about IKA.. ”
Sabrina says they will have to use the guys to get rid of Jon, Sarah asks if Allison is the target this week. Sabrina says yes but next week it’s Jon.

Sarah says Jon has been asking if the boys will turn on him?

Sarah rehashes what she told Jon, she adds how upset she is lying to Jon.

Sarah tells her if anything happens to their alliance it’s going to be Andrew who goes out.
Sarah doesn’t think any alliance has Heather and Sabrina control Rachelle. Sabrina wants ALlison gone, Sarah agrees.

8:17pm Arlie and Heather bedroom
Arlie is advising any of the three girls would be great targets to put up, Allison, Sabrina or Rachelle.
Arlie – “you like that”
Heather – “Ya ”
Arlie – “I like that to and at least you don’t have two scary guys after you”
to make sure it sticks Arlie asks her. What she will do if she wins HOH during and it’s double eviction. Heather thinks she will put up Allison and Sabrina. Arlie agrees that is a good idea.
Arlie doesn’t know who he would put up. Heather – “I thought I would ask cause i’m rooting for you to”

Arlie says he’s thinking of putting up Sabrina, Allison or Rachelle.
Arlie leaves – “Good chat keep them short and keep them often”
Heather – “You got it dude”

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I would eat slop for a month to see sabrina have a massive block meltdown!!! Sabrina need to leave, glad they called her on her crap.


Sabrina needs to go!!!


Queen Ika must prevail <3


I really wish Rachelle would shut up, I don’t care for her input. Her only purpose is to be Sabrina’s “yes woman”. By the way i dislike it when people try to defend Rachelle by saying “she’s only 20”. I am 20 and i have a mind of my own, age is not always relative to maturity, or independence. I mean, look at Andrew and Sabrina, both immature, insecure and self-absorbed. I also don’t understand why these houseguests feed into Sabrina’s drama.
Jon knows Sabrina is lying, but is keeping his mouth shut ( as he should since he is trouble next week).
Also Sarah touched on the fact that Andrew berates people,particularly Ika yesterday. I hope they show what an asshole he is on tomorrow’s episode.
I really hope Adel wins HOH this week…pls…pls….pls. I like Arlie and Jon but they look like they might play it safe next week because of adel’s “fake power”
Urghhh this game is so frustrating!!!


Cannot believe IKa is going.. The game is soo lame..


As much as I like Ika, she put this on her own ass

Pinocchio Obama

Let the drama begin.


Well it appears evident that douche Sarah is playing this side alliance as BS 101. Jon is in big trouble period! He’s not making jury! That’s really bad as he’s not a terrible HG and I’m betting Canada will get to vote a jury member back in. The next couple of cuts are very important. Allison and Rach or Heather or Adel and Jon? No one can say for sure as the order changes daily and HOH is very important obviously!


Jon appears to screwed if he doesn’t win HOH. Not sure how he would every find out Sarah is playing him other than being HOH and Sarah exposing herself by using the POV or an eviction vote.


I’m going to LOVE when Sabrina gets out of the house and see canada hates her. Well, the same could go for the rest of the Foul Five 😉 Seriously Dawg & Simon, how do you watch this after the only tolerable people get voted out? like last season.. idk how the hell you did that. its almost worse this season.


She’s a spoiled rich chick from Montreal who’s parents obviously tell her she is better than she really she. They will shelter her from the real world and blame it all on editing. Then go back to stroking her ego.


tbh, I actually don’t mind Kenny and Sarah in the First 5. It’s just hard because I LOATHE sabrina and andrew…. i just wish kenny, sarah, arlie, jon and neda would just take over this game.


BB is like a game of chess, and depending on who wins hoh if they waste it on Alison its gonna come back and bite the first 5 big time. Why vote out Alison when shes a vote in your corner and there are bigger fish to fry…


why is sarah third in the polls? I cant stand her


Because all her loser stay at home and do nothing mom friends are cheering her on YAH GO SARAH…even though you have a huge crush on kenny and talk shit about everyone we still love you…BARF




I dislike that this BB Canada show is patterning the last BB US show where Amanda’s behaviour was so low class that I was one who wrote stating that I was proud to live in Canada as I felt then that we Canadians would show more class in our behaviour when playing this backstabbing, manipulative game. I didn’t think BB Canada would recruit low class morons like Sabrina, Andrew, Kenny and Sarah, who resort to calling Ika a whore, slut etc. Who is more whorish than Sabrina trying to get all the men’s attention and Ms. Sarah who as a married woman wouldn’t mind getting it on with Jon (I saw her on the after dark show where she asked him if he wanted a sniff when he laid down next to her on the floor near the staircase) or with Kenny or Arlie. Surely they could have chosen a better class of contestants!


I totally agree i am so tired of her saying “if i wasnt married”cause guess what b#%ch YOU ARE!!!


While I dislike the 4 you mention, you have quite a selective memory about Ika’s attitude from the first three weeks of the show, don’t make her out to be a saint now that she has been pushed aside and discarded from the other mean girls, go back and watch the feeds and you will she her shit started day one. Go back and listen to the way she has attacked other players. She has just as little class as any of the four above. What goes comes goes around, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, etc……


Maybe it’s because the casting company that does BBUS’s casting also does BBCAN’s Casting.


just vote andrew and kenny tom night….ya sab should be nom’d BUT she is great for the feeds…..we will cut her ass later, lmao


Touche Jeff! I’m not defending Ika by no means, what I’m trying to say is that the class of all the contestants on this present show are very down and dirty in the name calling. One can fight and say stuff without being personal about one’s colour, creed, etc. I also remember Ika (black girl) turning on Paul (black man) when he called Andrew out for being a racist and sexist. In my opinion, Paul called it correctly but Ika was so bedazzled with Andrew, Kenny and Sabrina at the time, she couldn’t see further than her nose…….now she is seeing their true colours.


You know what I wish the secret was…..they give Adel a chance do a challenge. If he completes it, his power really becomes “Canada’s VETO” with the power he claimed it has. That would be awesome!


Canada hates you Sabrina. We really do 🙂 Can’t wait to have you evicted next week!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!


Jon is a funny guy, many a drunken laughs have been brought on by his yelling and joking around.
Sabrina makes me puke in my mouth. WHO CUTS UP RAW MEAT ….. Then searches thru drawer for a wooden spoon with unwashed hands. O Slobrina the booger monster that’s who.