Alex “That’s why I blew up on Jessica because she made Megan look like a r@cist.”

HOH = Cody

Megan – Self Evicted

Alex & Jillian are on the block

Havenots: Josh, Ramses, Jillian, ?

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1:10am – 1:25am Bedroom – Josh, Alex, Kevin are talking.

Alex – Megan ruined our game. Josh – she did. Alex – all of our games. She tried to throw a racist thing in there. It’s 2017! Kevin – is that what she said that you said something racist? What happened?! What happened there? Alex – when I was talking to Cody at the pool all those girls were like ohhh.. go get your man. And I guess Jessica said I don’t want to go over there because the f**king panda is over there. And I thought it was like because I was wearing a black and white bathing suit. It turned out that it wasn’t true and she made it up. Megan made it up. Kevin – so what does a panda mean? I don’t get what it means. What the hell do you have to do with a panda? Panda’s are from China. Alex – yeah I’m part Chinese. Kevin – yeah but you’re from Hawaii, I thought. Alex – I think it was to make a derogatory term …like when you call a black person a monkey. Or anything like that, its just a derogatory term. But she said it and Jessica confronted me in the storage room and said that none of it was true. I went and told the producers that if that’s the case I want you to… Big Brother blocks the feeds.

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When the feeds return: Alex – things like ch!nk, go0k… you know what I mean. Jap… so I didn’t know what it was so I went and told the producers and if that’s the case and Jessica called me a Panda .. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Alex – So I told them… they were talking bad about me but it wasn’t a racial slur. I mean they might have… they won’t let me see the video. Kevin – WOW! Alex – that’s why I blew up on Jessica because she made Megan look like a racist. When I came back in the house Megan followed me .. because she’s nosy and I say Jessica and Cody. And so we confronted it and it blew up into a huge argument. Before all this happened I told Cody not to trust Jessica because she was lying about stuff.

Havenot room: The havenots (Jillian, Josh, Ramses, ?) have to sleep on spiked beds.

1:50am – 2:10am Bathroom – Christmas, ELena, Mark
Christmas – what’s your highlight of the day? Elena – probably being safe. Mark – cuddling with Elena to make her feel better. Christmas – I have two favorite parts. Seeing Alex going on the block because I couldn’t f**king wait for that sh*t. Mark – I forgot about that.. nomination was today. Christmas – we’ve had such a big day. And then 2 – shower time with Elena. Elena – oh my god I forgot about shower time. That was my favorite part of the day. We were both in the shower, pulled curtain back, completely naked. She washed my back. Christmas – I did. I’ll wash your hair next time. Mark – I heard Josh was a complete creep with you guys. Christmas – Josh was a complete creep twice tonight… I almost slapped him. My n****e popped out … and I know we’re super touchy but Josh and I don’t have that relationship. I don’t have that with Cody. Rubbing is like you two and Paul. So I had a n!p s*!p tonight and I was in the bed and Josh lunged at me super close and was like let me see it! I swear to god I almost slapped him in the f**king face. I was like get out of my face. Elena – I caught him looking at me a couple times.

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2:20am – 3am Kevin, Christmas, Paul, Elena and Matt move into the lounge room. Paul – These girls have clearly drawn a line in the sand. Kevin – a line in the sand .. they’re being lined up to be shot. Kevin – tells them that Alex said he isn’t going to win because the “showmanships” are in cahoots. Paul – if Jason was to win it (veto), I could convince him not to use it. They continue talking about random things. Kevin then heads to bed. Paul asks Christmas to rub his head. Paul rubs Elena’s head and Mark rubs Elena’s back.
Christmas – I should rest up so that if I get picked for the veto I can shove it in her (Jillian) f**king face as I stomp on her and cross the finish line. Just kidding I just want to win the veto.

3:10am Mark and Elena lounge
(these two appear to have been gotten close not much is said..)
Mark is saying he hasn’t talked much game with Paul.

Mark – I love Paul
Elena – yup Paul is my favorite.

Mark – how are you so sexy
Mark you have a hard exterior
Elena – you calling me a bad ass

Good night..

Paul and Christmas have a late night pizza .. Paul says he hates hot food unless it’s a steak.

Matt and Raven? in bed..

CHristmas Paul and Elena Snuggling.. Paul jokes that he’s trapped in a love square.

COdy and Jessica share the HOH bed

3:48am Everyone appears to be sleeping now.

8:26am People are starting to get up

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For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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Jessica hottest girl ever on bb?

Alex swears she not mean but man she hates on people alot!


I picked up her mean vibe on wed show when Alex was being interviewed when Pauly didn’t give her a friendship bracelet. I said oh oh. I’m getting “Christine” vibes from this one.


Jessica looks so delicious …Christmas ain’t bad either.


Cody and the Big Dude are deliciius


The live feed cameras are a little glitchy


Mark and Elena are so cute!


It’s almost like fate is setting up Christmas & Paul as well as Mark and Elena to be coupled if you saw their snuggling session overnight


Get rid of Paul! Boring repetitive garbage. Lets see a season with completely new people only. Vets create a predictable boring dynamic.


Absolutely not!He is basically the counter to “Dexter”. If Paul doesn’t get rid of him, maybe Dominique will.


I agree whole heartily. Why, ever season do they have to bring back a has been. Fan favorite my ass, and, Paul, you are not my boy! I hope he is just a flash in the pan and gets back doored next week. Let’s hope the producers haven’t any brilliant ideas to bring back someone else. Please no Jesse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I usually loose interest in the show as it progressed, but this time I have lost interest early.


It should be called “The Paul Show”. He’ll be there until at least final four.


They should call it “The Paul Show “


Yeah, one guy is gonna ruin the whole season. Stop obsessing.


i just want to say that cody is quite simply the most disgusting, egotistical, douchebag this show has ever had on it and that is saying something. i am so thuroughly disgusted with him. he’s a douche. i was hoping jessica would reject him so i could laugh at him pining over her like caleb did over amber but thats not the case.

i want cody to leave soon though. he has absolutely no redeeming qualities. he has no sense of humour, he’s stuck up and he’s boring.


I could not agree more.


At first i really liked him, But he is P#$$SY …putting the 3 women on the block? GROW some balls and throw some big guys on that block.


Wow, I cannot believe Megan walked out! People would kill to be on Big Brother (myself included); and she wimped out?! Lost alot of respect for you, gurl!!!

sunny dee

she could have asked everyone to vote her out, and leave that way rather than doing this and ensuring someone else is going to be evicted as well as her leaving. even audry stuck it out and she was a hot mess.


Yea that is pretty bad when you are worse then Audrey was. Like you said she was a total mess. I thought Megan was a tough interrogator now she will go down as a wimp!


I don’t think she had any other choice. She was bullied out of the house


I really dislike all the guys this year. I mean, go on the show to play Big Brother not to find yourself some tits. Damn.


Your comment made me spit out my coffee. Thanks for that! LOLOLOLOLOL loudly!

Bring Back Zac Attack

Wow – wanted to root for Jillian and then she said Vanessa is her BFF – don’t need that again! I’m worried Alex is going to go home before Jillian though if she doesn’t get the POV. Also can’t believe I find multiple people (Jillian and Josh) more annoying than Paul.

Josh talking nonstop saying he’s been quiet and NOW he’s gonna start talking?!?!?! What?!?!?!

Mark and Dominique definitely growing on me, especially if she called out Josh. Already sick of Jessica and Cody.


Hey y’all! So nice to be back here commenting BB with you. Last time I saw some of you was on BBCan. Anyway. I just watched the 2 first BB19 episodes and I’m impressed that so much has already happened and find out now here on OBB that Megan is already out. LOL! So much for a specialist in interrogating people. What a mess! I love those people that brag for having been in the military and turn out they are a hot mess. Puts things into perspective when it comes to what type of people are being sent to battlefields. God help us all! LOL.

So far it seems like it’s a season with potential but I’m already rolling my eyes at the “outsiders” that will allow the popular kids to take over – as it happens often. They’ve got the numbers and they can surely stir and change but will hey? Cody makes me lazy… it’s like: you again? Last time I saw BB US – it was BB OTT – and Monte was in the house filling the Cody quota: that dude that generally come from TX (or neighboring states) and have been in the military, likes to hunt, practices sports, and is generally quiet and a bit awkward. That’s Cody. Can’t hardly wait to see him go.

Other than that I’ll keep watching because quite frankly, it’s so early in the game and hard to get a sense of what’s gonna happen especially with so many temptations being thrown at them. Josh is also extra… Jeez…


I don’t think she was a “trained” interrogator. She said she worked at a prison and learned how to interrogate. I’ve watched people fly planes and helicopters but don’t expect me to be able to keep one from crashing into a mountain and killing us all. I think it was more to pad her resume than a real skill.


She mentioned it more than once. If she had only mentioned the whole resume during her intro, fine. But she brought that up more than once. Major fail. Also committed another major error: said to drama queen Josh that she would forgive and not forget. Giiiiirl, get a grip! That’s BB 101: fake it to his face, “forgive” but then drag him in the DR and to other people behind his back.

Ian's Lament

Cody is that PTSD thousand yard stare guy that I think has probably killed before. He did it out of duty but secretly enjoyed it.


I thought the same thing!

Cody Cruise

Couldn’t be more exact.


As much as I like Jillian this game need alex to stay. She is a fighter, she is able to do well in competitions. She can be a threat to Cody and the douche squad. Most importantly she is a rare case of a woman that doesn’t see the need to glue herself to a guys side. She is strong. We need her to stay


douche squad!!!!! OMG! LMFAOOOOO!

I effing LOVE you guys! BB experience is always much better when I can read comments posted on OBB.


AGREE!!! Alex is her own person. Watched the feeds last night and Jessica, Raven and Elena were so needy for male attention. Especially Raven physically all over Matt and Paul. Wanted to see strong women this season and Alex seems to be the only one.


shieldsparty of 4

Mornin Cowboy!!!


Cody gives me Monte BBOTT vibes


LOL! I called it a few comments above yours… lol


Damn! go to sleep and the whole show changed? popped in here at work to check out the updates and see one girl quit and a bunch of the others are hanging all over the guys already? Some of these folks should just go on the dating game if that is what they are looking for. Trying to hold off on opinions until a couple of shows in and the people with the feeds start reporting on everyone’s “true” self but some of these people are easy to peg. Sounds like Josh (I thought was strange even before he lost his mind) is creeping out the girls. He is definitely not cut out for this game and will be out as early as next week!
Simon and Dawg on top of it as always. It is nice to “see” everyone again. I look forward to what so far looks like could be a decent season. I hope they switch up some of the games and challenges this year it was getting to predictable for us and them. Keep production and the Russians out of it and let them play the game!

Franks fart

Have you ever noticed that they always get rid of the Asian girls first. BB, survivor, even TAR. Weird


I thought they targeted blacks first…and the Faux Texan last season stayed around for ages as he did in his first season. I think the first targets are the ones who’ve stirred the pot and rubbed a few folks the wrong way for whatever reason.


That pose by Elena above looks like Kim Kardashian girl? Why do they need to “strike a pose” Someone else said they are talking to the cameras quite a bit? I do not have the feeds but will watch AD. Paul kind of did that a lot last year and a few others that always talked to the cameras. James and Boom-Boom last season “America look at this” “America did you see what he did?” I find that to be annoying and begging for attention


Elena reminds me of Anna Nicolle Smith…


She reminds me of her and Marylyn Monroe a little.


Very interesting start to the season!
Paul….Never Cared! Although, I did like him last season. Not sure how long he’ll last.
I’m not a Cody fan. He appears to have that awkward PTSD stare. I know that is nothing to mess with.
I like the “Silver Fox” & Mark…they seem like stand up guys and I hope they break free from Cody.
It will hurt them being aligned with him bc I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before that ticking time bomb blows!
Josh seems too immature and hasn’t learned when to keep his cards close to his vest which will only hurt him.
The cowboy seems pretty game intuitive but, I haven’t read all of the feeds yet.
I like Dominique. I hope she makes it far!
I also like Kevin too, not sure how far he’ll get bc of his lack of knowledge of the game but, I think his social game will carry him. Hopefully, he sticks with the right alliance since he is under the radar right now. I have a feeling he can read people well (which is key) given where and who he was raised by. For a man in his mid 50’s…the guy has swagger.
I like Elana, she seems sharp enough & looks like Marylin Monroe.
Christmas is growing on me. She reminded me of Amanda initially.
I’m not sure what to think of Alex but, I do love that she told Cody to eat s*#%!

Big Brother Fan

Please cast your vote to Backdoor Elana the Hoe.

Bobby Broww

The interesting thing is that Alex is a racist and ageist.
She made a comment about her having blond hair and about being a dumb blond. Racist
She said Kevin was senile because he is “old”. Ageist.
Alex is one of the bullies of the season.