Talla says I will stall the sh!t out of the HOH competition, I will have a maze melt down!

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV March 30th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: March 28th
Original Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Current Nominations: Aj & Suzette
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots No Havenots this week

Big Brother Canada March 27 2013 1124pm
10:50pm Jillian and Talla are in the kitchen talking game. They talk about scenarios of what could happen depending on who wins HOH tomorrow night. Talla says that she know she needs to win tomorrow to secure her safety. She says that she won’t be scared to make moves to keep her people safe. Talla says that she is scared if Gary wins because we don’t know what he would do. Jillian agrees and says that Gary is one of the least people we can trust. Talla says that she doesn’t think Gary would go after Emmett. He would go after Aj, Andrew, me and you. Jillian wonders why her. Talla says because you are part of a power couple and because of your physicality. Jillian and Talla both agree that they will help each other regardless of what happens tomorrow. Talla says that she hopes it won’t be a double eviction tomorrow. Jillian says oh it won’t be. Talla asks how many double evictions are there 2? Jillian says yeah. Talla says lets just make sure we win. I will ask questions and stall the sh!t out of the game… I will have a maze melt down! And then win! And then have another melt down because I am so happy. And then we will drink my alcohol and get trashed! Just kidding. Emmett joins them and them and the conversation turns to Emmett drinking all of their milk.

11:20pm – 11:45pm Jillian, Emmett, Talla, Gary, Peter, Suzette, and Andrew are in the bedroom talking. Gary is flirting with Peter and Andrew. Gary and Talla head out to play a game of air hockey. Gary gets his glitter all over the air hockey table and says that he can already see Emmett cussing at him. They get bored of the game and Gary says lets go creep on Alec & Topaz. Talla says they are busy. Talla hides in the bathroom to scare Gary. He comes around the corner and she yells BOO!

Big Brother Canada March 27 2013 1141pm

11:50pm – 12:05am Alec and Topaz are talking. Alec says that he knows he isn’t as good looks as Emmett or as funny as Andrew. He says that a lot of fans probably think I am a cry baby after that whole Tom incident. topaz says that he thinks he has fans that love him but also fans that think he is super douchey. She tells him that it will be 50/50 people that like you and hate you.
Video is uploading:


12:17AM HOH Topaz and Alec

(Simon here) Topaz is saying that everyone is afraid to put Emmett on the block.
Alec: “That is why we have to backdoor him”
Alec: “Any type of quiz challenge I will win.. you were pretty quick last time”

Alec:”I haven’t chatted with Peter in a long time”
Topaz: “Really?”
Alec: “We use to chat all the time.. maybe i’ll have a date with him tomorrow”
TOpaz: “It’s probably only been two days but in here it feels like forever”

Alec: “Good night life feeders good night slice”

Alec says it would be cool if they brought in the final 6 of last season Big Brother US to compete with them. Topaz: “Oh that would be cool”
Topaz: “You know what is going to bug me is we jumped into the showmance really early.. it’s different we kiss a lot.. even with Rachel and BRendon it never showed them making out all the time.. I feel like I feel like.. I feel like.. I really like you.. once you kiss a person 3 times it doesn’t matter how many time you kiss them” Alec mentions that she’s making no sense.
Topaz thinks that people will like Jillian and Emmett’s showmance more. ALec: “I think they will be liked because they are more likable characters” Alec doesn’t think he is very well liked so by association Topaz may not be liked.

Alec says Emmett and Jillian do not talk game like Topaz and Alec does. Topaz knows for a fact that Jillian and Emmett talk game.

Alec: “we’re in a showmanve whereas they are in a showlationship”
Alec tells her that once they got over that one hump they can trust each other again. Topaz: “I trust you”

CAm 1 is dead
Cam 2 Alec and topaz – Sleeping
Cam 3 bedroom lights out audio off – Sleeping
Cam 4 Topaz and Alec..

I predict little feeds this weekend.

1:00AM Aj roaming around

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What the f*** is Gary wearing


Stop traffic–everybody’s in bed again after a day of absolutely nothing happening! This show is really starting to become a fail for me. I liked it, then POWERSHIFT, then they got rid of all the shit stirrers, I stuck with it, and now I’m afraid I’m becoming apathetic. I really don’t want to b/c I love BB, but I find myself checking out what’s going on less and less because every time I do, nothing’s happened–besides, forgive me, that POWERSHAFT where Gary can replace a *nom* in *next* week’s veto *fart noise*.


Team glitter,he’s hilarious .


alec i have no patience for a man like u .a man that cant act like a man topaz already has a pussy she dont need a man that acts like one …. he acts worst then us women when we are menustrating …. yet i think he has been on his period all along one mintue he’s sucking face all over the house with topaz the next his ipod gotten taken away and whines like a bitch to all the house guest i dont believe that bullshit dream he was telling gary he only wanted a apology bullshit he cried over that musci just like he cried over the shower incident to put it nicely he’s a pussy …. talkin but he cant date no one like topaz ,but he dont associate with people like her outside this house .. then next he want her gone oh i change my mind that aint no reason to want her gone she’s loyal to me…. oh she’s mad with me i want things back the same she aint coming to sleep in hoh room with me ….. now i trust her again i trust her and gary peter was like wtf ….i am sick of alec,,, topaz,, gary,,, suzztte …..the women dependecy on men in this game irks me all they had to do was stick together ….. alec loves attention and loves to be chase bitch u aint money ……


This is unintelligible


Precisely Dickie- that grammar is atrocious. I would be embarrassed to post something that poorly written.


gary is a hot ass mess


LOL @ Alec wanting the final 6 of last season to come in to compete with them. Dan would have them so misted the first day they’d be hanging on Powerhouse’s every word. Shane would fit right in with this bunch, though. That’s what the rest of this season is going to feel like: 10 Shanes in the house.

On a side note: it just dawned on me that they’re inside all the time. Is there some sort of skylight or something? There is no way I could go that long without seeing natural sunlight. No way in Hell.


I think you can see the sun in the hot tub room, but that’s pretty much it.


They didn’t want the weather outside to affect the houseguests so they built an indoor backyard. However, the hot tub area is outside which is why it is the only area that they can smoke.


Makes sense. Canadaian weather in March/April probably isn’t as reliable as LA in the summer.


Big mistake forcing the house guests to go to bed by a certain time.
Ever since Topaz has been going to bed early the live feeds are EXTRA boring now.
Aside from the feeds going down this thing is literally 17/7.
Thank goodness for the onlinebigbrother updates.
Should have #LetTopazSleep


They make them go to bed at a certain time? I can’t imagine why they would do that; this isn’t summer camp.


How do you explain the buzzer / alarm when HGs sleep during the day?


When someone is spotted napping (guess who), outside of the hours set out by BB Rule Book (yes, there is one) they sound the alarm.


What they do is start dimming the lights to indicate sleepy-time. They don’t HAVE to be asleep by any given time it seems, although the hours they want to film all houseguests interacting are mandatory .The houseguests have absolutely no cognizance (sp.) of the hour. In the ‘morning’, they start brightening the lights. They give a certain amount of time to those who don’t respond and sound a horrendous alarm and keep doing so at intervals until that houseguest is up and about. They do consisitently allow (up til now) about 8 hours of sleep ( for those who go to bed at the ‘dimming’ time).


Just like I predicted, BBAD has become a snooze fest now that Topaz retires to bed early! Lol #letTopazsleep


Announcement!! You won’t have to be worried about the feeds being boring. As of Monday April 1st the free feeds are over. Anyone going to pay thier hard earned money to watch HUSH>>>>HUSH>>>>HUSH


i Don’t think so. I believe that Slice, the tv station, is in free preview this month. So anyone can watch it now. But previews of channels come with a time limit.

So i think that the free preview of Slice ends March 31. If you want to see it after, you can subscribe.


(should have added)… That is probably what you heard. So the feeds will still be free, it’s just that the channel won’t be free any more


I just got done watching 2nites episode of bbc the veto episode and all i have 2 say is i am officially over this Emmet and jillian show. The whole episode was basically about them its like get a room already i wanna watch big brother not the love connection. If something does not change and these 2 are still in the house next week i will officially boycott the show cause so far this first season of bbc is a failure in my oppinion.


1. Jill & Emmitt don’t make out any more than Alec & Topaz. They can’t help what the editors choose to structure the episode around.
2. You’ll boycott if Jill & Emmitt are still there but continue to watch after production cheats and takes away the integrity of the game?
Another person who doesn’t respect the game. If you want entertainment, there are plenty of other shows out there. Games aren’t entertaining 24/7 unless producer manipulation is involved.


Relax ok i luv and respect the big brother game i have been watching the us version since season 1 since chicken george days. As for the the jillian and emmet show i could care less cause never have i seen such an annoying showmance at least Alec and Topaz did not have sex within the second week of knowng each other which is all over youtube now and at least Alec and Topaz are not ajoint at the hip and 2gether 24 7 and making out during veto comps Alec and Topaz are tolerble. Now dont get me wrong i love a good showmance jejo is my fave they were cute with the whole no booger or even kissing on cam heck even brenchel is more tolerable than Jill and Emm.As for production manipulation i have come to except that producers will step in as part of the big brother game hence the term expect the unexpected.And finally yes i will boycott the bbc tv show and live feeds simply because the show is starting 2 get a little 2 predictable and some of these people are annoying such as Jill Emmet and Talla however i will continue to read this site 2 see the updates thankyou so much SIMON i truly appreciate the time and effort you put into this site on the daily dont know what i would do without it.


C’mon girl – I know it’s getting frustrating watching this Big Brother Bachelor/Bachelorette and I feel a lot like you do. Squeeze on a stress ball or somethin’ til you can watch again. Most of the posts I read aren’t real keen on that aspect anyway so who knows, you may not even have to read about it (God willing) —- BB2(US) Bigtime Fan.


thanx girl just gets fustrating sometimes hopefully next year they cast better people


… don’t forget the Peter Show! BBCAN is the Emmett, Jillian and Peter Show


I am so confused who is in an allience i thought alec, peter and emmitt were in sllience but now he wants to back door him. As i said i am confused

Sir Peanut

RUN TOPAZ ……….RUN. While you have a chance!!!! I hope she gets a clue from the don’t associate with people that are going home comment from Alec. Oh I am sick of the Gillian and Emmitt love show too. Gill makes me sick.


Amen and Amen!


At the end of tonight’s episode, they said “will suzette find a way to save herself…yet again”………uhh, she never saved herself in the first place nor she she find a way. She didn’t campaign or even attempt to play the game. Production found a way of saving LOSEette by coming up with some bs “vote”…that I’d only believe wasnt rigged if the real POV for the week hadnt been played already.


Watching After Dark right now and Alec and Topaz are talking about their popularity. It sounds like 2 actors going through a script. How come production hasn’t stepped in to kill that yet. the 1 thing i’m actually impressed about the houseguest is they all seem to really know they’re Big Brother history. Tomorrow night’s vote will be a cake walk, but i can smell double eviction or coup de ta next week for sure. I have never seen Big Brother bring back an evicted houseguest before, so unless they are hurting for ratings I don’t see that happening. good night people.


Talking about their popularity? what I got out of tha conversation was Alec telling Topaz that he does not think the fans like them at all


It is the BBB Big Boring Brother.. Really corny…Reminds me of high school. Sue will be voted out (yawn). Gary willl play to competitor veto…(sign).. Please Gary win HOH and put up Emment and Andrew with Jillian and Peter as rreplacements. Somebody do something related to the BB game….

Mr. Bill

Leave Emmett alone! I like Emmett. He is doing a good job for a man whom was raised by polar cows.


This “reality” show is not about the reality on live feeds.
It’s manufactured entertainment “product”, meant to generate ratings and ad revenue as the public “consumes” it.
The HGs manufacture one reality.
Production manufactures another.
They know the demographic segments they want to reach.
Rating surveys, polling and focus groups tell them if they’re succeeding.
It will never be about the live feeders.
It will never be about social media.
It will always be about the TV audience.

That’s why I was only half-joking when I suggested a Big Brother Network!
Multiple BBs on at once! One show ends, another begins!
Casts of newbies! Casts of Pros!
Casts of bros and casts of Ho’s!
Casts whose gender nobody knows!
Casts of those who’ve lost Youths glow!
Casts from other “reality” shows!


YES Alec, you are a douche and a crybaby! And you need to change your stupid pants.


And can we just add – PUT AN EFFING SHIRT ON – you’re making me sick.


Alec needs a shirt, Peter needs a burger, Gary needs vodka, Andrew needs Gary, Topaz needs to sleep, AJ needs his eyebrows, Talla needs to get laid, Emmett needs milk and Jillian needs Emmett. Suzette needs to go home.


LOL.. Emmett needs milk hahaha


Marlene needs an award for this genius description!


Jillian and Emmett are snore fest,, please send them home.I m so sick of his girl touching things, then chewing on her nails.Its so disgusting and the episode about there love sucks .All they do is make out and talk about getting the uncool kids out of bbc.If your different on this show kiss your ass goodbye.


I’m finding a huge chunk of teh house is turning into a snore fest. Alec, Topaz, Peter, Jillian and Emmett.. Something is going to change this week with Suzette gone all the easy targets have been sent home.


BB: “Emmett, could you please go to the Dairy Room.”

glitter fan

I hope Gary puts up Alex and Jillian this will solve the snore fest BB is becoming. So sick of watching the showmances. Watch how quick Emmett will sway over tallia with jillian gone… you see him watching her out of the corner of his eye.


Totally.. if that happens we got a good week ahead.



I think Emmit has stepped in it big time! I see alot more milk in the house a week from now. He or Jillian better win HOH or goodbye messages next Thursday for Emmit. Alec and Peter abandoned you without you knowing and Gary’s final 2 deal with Emmit looks like a farce.


BBFAN and dickie

yet again if u are looking for perfect grammar maybe u should try huffington


This BBC it terrible Alec, Topaz and Peter all need to go home. Alec and Topaz I don’t think they have many fans he a cheat and a complainer and she sleeps way to much, Peter does nothing but yell in the DR. I will be glad to see BB USA start in June at least the feed are up